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>birch is a tree
>tree can be made into textile
>rugs are made by textile
>therefore Pomu is a rug muncher

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What did she live?

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I'm glad she is ok

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but at what cost

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She got her boobies removed because of high chances of getting cancer

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I love this lesbian fairy

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mama was worried

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>Can't even swear.
Just another corporate vtuber.

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Her minecraft addiction forbids her to die, she's either soulbound to the game or she's using her copy of the game as a phylactery

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Stupid gay whore

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too bad, one less nijinigger is always nice.

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Try watching streams before posting, heck, even clips

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happy for her

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it's a fairy joke, anon

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How can you say something so horrible

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Nijichink you need a really bad luck to die for this surgery

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Nijiwhores aren't people, so why feel bad for them?

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That's still an actual human, going through something difficult, that you're wishing ill upon
Have you really gotten yourself so caught up in console wars and tribalposting so that you've stooped that low

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She swears quite a lot, but almost never in the first 10 min of streams, because she is scared of Susan

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As far as I know, she had a lump removed, not everything else.

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No sense in getting just a lumpectomy if it's prophylactic for cancer
The breast tissue is what turns cancerous so you don't want to leave any behind

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You're talking to an edgy kid, he thinks he's cool for commenting that, he'll screencap this then go to /hlgg/, post it, they'll tell him to fuck off and then he'll beat the wall until his dad comes back from work and beats him in a drunk rage

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Why are you here?

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She was the only chuuba that really mattered to me. She's just another fag

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Makes perfect sense, I'll inform Kiara

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>projecting this hard

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Nope. Double mastectomy to prevent her over 90% chance of getting breast cancer down the road.

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I hope she has a speedy recovery. Glad her surgery went well

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Consider therapy

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Now draw her living birch

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I lived birch

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Im sorry that you had such a rough life

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Imagine getting mad at someone making you a reality check, geez. I'm not the one saying that people should die because they work at Xbox so you're the one who should consider therapy, samefag

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Wait why does /vt/ suddenly not like Pomu? Because she fucked a chick? Weak.

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It's the same shitposters and false flaggers as always. This board is probably at least 50% tourists who have never watched a vtuber but pretend to be upset at things

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Where in the fuck do you even get the information?

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_______he made it up_______

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I just find amazing how we are just a bunch of schizos who can stick to a rrat this hard and this long

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Gay bitch

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Glad she survived so I can personally kill this bitch.

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It’s rather unfortunate, really.

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nice try buckaroo

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