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OP... subject...

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Will Finana ever play Genshin with viewers at some point?

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Every time I saw that topic brought up to her, she seems to avoid it. maybe it's because she had just started and wasn't commutable yet about her audience yet

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can someone post Finana fetish list again? already searched in the archive and found nothing, I wanna do some art, thanks

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File: 3.64 MB, 2000x2829, __finana_ryugu_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_pumpkinspicelatte__53fb271f72cd33fe72cc007001a1cabb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Previous thread: >>6843278
I absolutely love this Fish
Sweet to a fault, likes and interacts with her fans constantly. She has hit the twitter like limit twice.
Plays a variety of games and is willing to play games outside her comfort zone.
Gamer mermaid and good artist, can most likely sing but gets embarrassed cause she lives with her parents.
No Filters, she speaks her mind even if it's topics people will find embarrassing. We have gotten the egg story and how she has purchased two upgrades.
Super Horny, the list speaks for itself. Goes to comment on her porn fan art and likes most of them.
Adorable voice and can do an extremely sexy voice.
Naive, her humour is the typical zoomer level, finds farts funny, and usual umongus jokes.
She swings both ways, likes lolis and would have wanted to have a more loli model.
Voice tweets

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Forgot to link the Mega collection

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Fucking based

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Maybe you should add Finana's pronouns to the op post. Just so no one accidently misgenders her.

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i'm catching up on her papers please vod and i really love how she get invested on the characters of this game. she is24HXY so fucking cute bro

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The moment the guy insults the drawing and she went full mad is one of the highlights

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Based, are you the anon that has made the lazulight cards?

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Fish a cute but why make a separate thread?

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Not sure why the OP did it but I'm glad for it. Finana just doesn't have enough traction in EN for potracted conversation other than one random ryuguard posting stuff like "Love this horny feesh" and everytime they bring her up its just to shitpost about her being a slut or to use her as a comparison against Petra to sandbag against any form of criticism.
I just want to love this pure feesh.

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Both me, not op tho
And honestly after OBSYDIA debut the thread has mostly been bait and people taking the bait. It’s funny how schizos there can only compare Finana to vshojo and just get ignored. And as you saw last night two threads rapidly went by with people shit posting about Pomu, more comfy here for Ryuguards.

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Not like the past thread had much traction during fish stream hours either. I'll personally posting mainly on the nijien thread.

Either way I'm glad she's simply not popular on this board, just look at how much shitposting Pomu attracts.

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Yea pretty much this. Finana always get posted over and when she is the topic, it's 90% falseflagging or shitposting. Everyone here actually seems to be a genuine fan of Finana.

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I loved it when she started waving the watch in that guy's face to rub it in after she detained him. Probably my favorite moment

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Would you fuck?

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I've had her whispering "pussy" and then averting her eyes stuck in head for a while. She's pretty enchanting

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>ywn have this

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hands off my daughter

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You have no power here

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This image may have awoken my inner fudanshi.

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Too late fish dad you lost

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Why is this fish so sexual?

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File: 3.19 MB, 6080x3040, Finana Finance Ryugu Fetish List.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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youre daughter is a crazed sexual deviant because of your lack of affection. she abuses the seretonin-releasing nerve endings of her tight fish pussy with all manner of intense toys and pornography, all the fill the void of affection you neglected to give your daughter

I will hug my daughters and show them I am vulnerable and able to give physical platonic affection. Thank you fishdad for teaching me this valuable lesson.

Meanwhile, youre daughter is now wife and I will cuck you by taking advantage of the sexual-crazed creature you have raised, but this time, she will never return to you, because I will actually open my arms and give her affection, something you will never do. shes mine now forever.

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Our wife is fighting the server, let’s goooooo

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Finana just destroyed her, Fish antis BTFO

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>Finana is attracted to Faust
Lets go tall boys

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Where did this come from?

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Fish is so bad at math

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> Finana doing a giveaway of her sweaty shirt
Ryuguards... our time has come.

>> No.7207425

What she did with the shirt was fun.
Wish I had been faster at it, I realized but too late.

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Wouldn't be my oshi if I refused

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Why is this fish so horny?

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I am so high right now bros

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I don't watch super chat readings but what am I missing?

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Superchat reading is when Finana opens up a little and show most of her NSFW side.

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You are missing the best parts.
Holy fuck that mature oneesan voice. She's spoiling us.

>> No.7210485

bro I cannot even imagine what she'll pull for her membership stuff at this point... she's driving me insane...

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This stream started as a collab with Rosemi and ended up as the most based stream as of yet
Pic related

>> No.7210871

But yesterday's stream was the most based stream yet.

>> No.7212500

Man Finana

>> No.7212511

Until today's.

>> No.7215398

My fucking dick.
Yes, she knows what she's doing.

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I need an ara ara in that voice

>> No.7215831

>showing a woman you're vulnerable
You already lost.

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I am so appreciative that the feesh is 100% hetero as fuck

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she's bi, she mainly watches yuri anime

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hey OP, I want to fuck your oshi's tight ass

>> No.7216515

Anon she likes Citrus...
Reminds me of Eula

>> No.7216532

Which is the kayfabe voice and which is the real voice I can't tell anymore after today...

>> No.7216759

her streaming voice is most likely her real voice. Remi accidentally got in a post stream discord call after the among us collab live and she sounds exactly the same there

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She's really tiny.

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I like citrus and I'm not gay

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Ever since Finana turned off her seiso inhibitors, she has been getting better and better all around. Her progression is impressive.

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Gotta love this horny dumb fish

>> No.7227213

works in the opposite order as well

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I'm neutral towards Elira.

>> No.7231127

>No FinaPomu horror collab for several weeks more

>> No.7231243

I wonder if we'll a replacement with any of the other nijiens during the hiatus. Probably Rose or Petra.

Elira is out of the question, she truly hates horror.

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Finana’s male counterpart is gonna steal all the girls

>> No.7233785

Wosemi's sweaty pits...

>> No.7233804

some narrative from nijihater schizo, but seems like she isn't popular enough to catch on with shitposter's attention

>> No.7234738

This is a thread for Finana, not Pomu or Elira. Leave.

>> No.7234796

That's a good thing.

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>> No.7239167

Finana Fugu...

>> No.7240290

Is she funny?

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Cute and funny

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I think she's the funniest nijien but first you need to understand her humor is not for everyone, it's only for massive retards like me.
And coomers, albeit I don't think that audience watch the fish for funny.

>> No.7242076

am i the only one who feels like the Nijisanji EN girls actually like streaming compared to other groups? Feels like they actually appreciate the position they are in and support they get

>> No.7242336

They've been forged with fire of being rejected from Hololive so they have motivation

>> No.7244494

Posting here

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This fish is so talented, holy shit

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She has a lot of potential and works hard off camera. People really underestimate her.

>> No.7250496

fina is too cute bros

>> No.7254590


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This is great.

>> No.7255396

Absolutely. I think that's the real secret of why LazuLight is better than Holomyth: they have so much raw passion for Vtubing in general, while for Holomyth its just a job that's more profitable and less objectionable than other jobs.

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>> No.7262141

The fish is setting sail!

>> No.7264483

You forgot to name it.

>> No.7267906

ff14 erp, her actual account name was replaced. do your reps to figure it out.

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Updated Finana card for those that use koikatsu

>> No.7270982

>show them I am vulnerable
that's when your d*ughters will stab you in the back and steal your inheritance

>> No.7276427

Damn this girl really likes sucking her fans

>> No.7276933

>tfw no footplay
>tfw maybe watersports

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And yet she teases us with toe keyboard typing

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