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I unironically hope HoloEN2 has an African American girl who advocates for Black Lives Matter

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Scouting is harder than you think all of those applications people send in we're just thrown in the garbage so they have to look really hard for who has the highest numbers right now and hire them.

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HoloEN already got one. Unironically.

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why do you want to make me suffer, anon?

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Their pool is really limited if they limit themselves the way they generally do.
I mean look at Mori and Kiara. Both in Japan at the time and bilingual. Mori had an existing small music following. Fuck if I know or care what Kiara had.
Gura was already a 1 mill youtuber on her own back.
Ame I don't know about either.

So Covers kind of shot itself in the foot for its scouting if they're following the same model.
Because anyone who hits high on youtube themselves is generally gonna be leery of signing on with Cover as it gives them no real benefit.
For instance I suggested Amalee a few times as a potential acquisition for Cover since she ticks a lot of the boxes they want. Problem is she's too successful for their typical arrangement to be worth it for her. And they're going to find that with a lot of potential talent in the English speaking world.

So they need to hit some who are good but for some reason unable to get attention. Perhaps those with some flaw that Cover can step in and cover for (like Gura and her inability to hold a rational train of thought for five minutes making it impossible for her to monetise her own success)
But finding people like that is hard. Harder when you consider who is likely doing the looking. What do we know about the EN management? Not a lot. But I can make some good guesses. A bunch of weebs living in Japan or a bunch of Americans with all the psych baggage that comes with being American.

HoloEN2 is gonna be a disaster.

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Didn't the vsinger come out like 2 weeks ago,seems too soon to drop another gen

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I still don't get why they did a vsinger at all.
That just seems a kick in the face to Mori.
If they did a whole group? Then yeah fine. But this one girl on her own?

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>she gets doxxed and it's revealed they are played by a privileged white girl.
I laughed but it could easily happen. There ain't no black people that speak fluent Japanese and speaking DBZ doesn't count.

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>hiring blacks

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They're in my basement, sorry anons I'll let them out after they give birth to my second son each and everyone of them

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seriously, what were they thinking waiting this long, they're bleeding viewers to nijiEN.

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This is a whole lot of words to state the obvious (that vtuber agencies are too small-time to attract anyone who was already significantly successful on their own).

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Am I going insane or did we have this exact same thread a few months ago

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You forgot that she will love to talk about politics and collab with all the males

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mori isn't a singer

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Canceled. IRyS flopping like a dead fish spooked Cover hard.

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poached by Nijisanji

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Mori is a singer.
Her whole dream was being a singer. Well ok rapper. Point is Mori got in because she was already something of a singer with an existing following and live performances under her belt.

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>That just seems a kick in the face to Mori.
Maybe so, but keep in mind that there was no way they could start off a new branch with a mixed roaster of singers and general Holos, as that would make people confused inhowfar they belong together. It doesn't sound as marketable, but then again who could have guessed this would pop off the way it did.
Worse, it's not even relevant. The point of vtubing is to show off one's talents under a distinct and anonymous persona, not someone whose popularity is carried only by their previous life.
>but HER
Just because (You) watch THEM for doxshit, doesn't mean that everyone does.

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This, they took too fucking long like a bunch of stupid faggots and lost a bunch of good opportunities. There are VERY few people out there like Rosemi or Selen. Too late.

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just find a literal who broke smoker autistic gaming genius

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I find it hilarious how excited people were for Miki/Doki to potentially be HoloEN2, only to turn around and find any reason they could to shit on them after they turned out to be Nijis instead

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They probably thought "damn, spending extra time on getting real talent instead of shit like that was worth the wait after all"

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Kiara doesn't. That's all that matters.

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Kek look at this anon

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>Coco graduation
>IRyS announcement in the following days
>EN2 announcement in the following days

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Shion graduation? (Since Haachama returned and it seems she will continue)

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If they arent in cover, I could care less about them. They arent getting big numbers like the introduction of HoloEN, so I cant even be curious about them.

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NOWHERE. I don't want en2. I don't want my oshi to start declining because everyone moves to someone new.

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That didn't happen with JP and it won't happen in EN

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>Gen 2
Probably waiting till after the olympics.

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I'm giving them idol training (sex), after Im satisfied, expect early August for the teaser

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Problem is most of those with the talents have already monetised them and succeeded or attempted to do so and given up.
Cover has to basically try and hit them in the sweet point of doing well enough to be discoverable but having insofar failed to monetise their talent sufficiently so that their offer is enticing.

People like Gura who have the talent and the fame but are too autistic to properly monetise it are basically rocking horse shit. Remarkable and rare to the point of absurdity.

Problem is most of those are guys.
Not many girls in that category. Plus they got to be capable of being entertaining further limiting your options.

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They're in the mail

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African american ? Sure with great voice and good at singing I hope, BLM shit ? No man get that outta here, I hope she'd be peaceful and dramafree

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Everyone assumed mori was a nigger or something until she got doxxed

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“Only Kiara’s life matters”
- Kiara

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Good going! are they getting there fine?

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>I unironically hope HoloEN2 has an African American girl who advocates for Black Lives Matter

I hope not, that would be awful.

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I'm an intern working for Cover's overseas branch and from a friend who heard from his friend who her from her co-worker in JP heard that EN 2 is coming after all the anniversaries in August had concluded which is probably after the 17th. Baseball arc niji ends on the 13th and the Olympics ends on the 8th. There's really nothing holding them back from debuting EN 2 and JP 6.


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After the 1 year anniversary

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Alright this gave me a good laugh.

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If they can't find good indie chuubas, they should widen their pool to amateur VAs and ASMRtists.

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But there are black people that live in Japan. I guess they just get by with Google translate and sign language.

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Nobody ever assumed Mori was black because everybody knew who she was in her past life, the "nigger of nippon" shit is a meme.

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Deal with it. Kiara will soon be getting Anya numbers when EN 2 comes.

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Only 2 out of 5 of the EN1 girls did some actual vtubing previously. Mori was a niche jrap artist, Ina's an illustrator and Kiara some kinda failed idol/cosplayer/vlogger or sumshit. So guessing Cover is actually limiting themselves to only indie chubas (in their own words, they're looking more for "content creators" in general anyways) just speaks of a lack of anons imagination who can't think any further than the "usual suspects".
(and btw, where did many of anons picks ended up? NijiEN, who seem to follow more that model "let's exclusively snatch up previous indie vtubers")

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I hope they pick her up

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they won't wait for someone to graduate before announcing EN2 right? right?

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do your roommate reps nigger

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Fuck it I'm taking a plane today.

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Would fuck and make babies with.

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Fuck that, just make a black girl vtuber that’s actually white and doesn’t talk about blm.

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Based Chaosfag.

I want to impregnate that chocoball maid so much.

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I want to bleach her womb so bad

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Imagine of they get a trannie too lmao

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didn't you hear Ollie saying that august would be a big month with lots of stuff happening?

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>5 new girls causing the original 5 to drop to 1500 viewers
have fun!

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you just got a vsinger.

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I got hard filtered by her avatar, I haven't even given her a fair chance.

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I don't watch en but i felt sorry for her. Imagine being born with that face.

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one talent has passed away in unforeseen circumstances before debut but do not worry they are finding new one soon please look forward to it sankyu

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I've seen a bunch of anons assumed she was half nigger or full nigger back in /jp/, this was before the info was spread everywhere that she's DD and posting her old music videos everywhere

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Not a singer

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Is she supposed to be good or something

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I can't tell if her channel is satire or not.

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this week for sure

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Cover should've hired ME

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HoloEN2 is delayed a bit because Cover management actually wants to look at the designs first this time after the redjuice debacle

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I don't like Kiara. Nice try.

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Excellent bait my dear sir.

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>I mean look at Mori and Kiara. Both in Japan at the time and bilingual.
>Both bilingual

Bro, Mori can't even string simple Japanese sentences despite living in Japan for 4 years now.

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Look up Sapphire on YouTube.

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To be fair, Mori can't string together simple English sentences either.

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Before a new gen can debut a major yab must occur. You can take part by forcing a graduation by death

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She's not African American but has had enough African American DNA dumped into her pussy to qualify.

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>Hololive EN debuts in September.
>People in July: "Where is gen 2!? Shouldn't it have been here by nao!? WTF is happening!? Reeeeeeeee!!!!"

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Gen 3 and 4 came out in the same year jackass, and gen 5 debuted just 8 months later

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