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What do you think of the great Wosemi's taste in women? Is it really okay to like both OLs and lolis at the same time?

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If you're a woman you can like whatever you want. It's only a problem if you're a man and like lolis

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As long as you mention His name you'll be safe from harm.

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>loves loli
what the fuck? I thought Rosemi was based before but now she's even more based!
is she the only Niji EN with the balls to say this on stream?

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Undoubtedly based, we need more recognizable western vtubers announcing their love of lolis and shotas

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Don't care, she likes Kinoko no Yama and that's all that matters.

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Kenmochi would beg to differ.

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>past life was also a loli
she's been based all her life

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*If you’re a woman or Japanese male you can like whatever you want.

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You can get both in the same character.

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Is she actually gay or what?

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She plays Tekken semi-regularly, if you're not into big muscle men after that then you aren't playing hard enough.

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Would you perhaps call her “super based”?

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didn't read, don't care I am literally in love with Rosemi-sama!

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>>loves loli
>what the fuck? I thought Rosemi was based before but now she's even more based!
>is she the only Niji EN with the balls to say this on stream?

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>Shows art that her genmate drew for her
Rose really just threw them away like trash

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Mentally ill Tsunderiafags get the rope.

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Even their name is lame. I would have dropped them like a bad habit, too.

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Some of the others have implied it, and when someone tried to virtue signal over a Genshin character's age in Elira's chat she quietly deleted their messages, but I think Rosemi is the only one who's gone "I like loli" directly.

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why do the French always love their little girls?

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back to twitter

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>when someone tried to virtue signal over a Genshin character's age

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Why can't she pronounce her Rs right?

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I wonder if she is willing to get into soul calibur for RP though

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R's are the hardest letters to master for humans
that's why kids make a Q sound when they're still developing their speech
and why the Japanese just gave up on trying to say it

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Yes, I love busty OLs and cute and funny. Oneeloli can be a great pairing.

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Why do you fags keep forcing her? She is so cringe.

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Actually she's super based. Haters couldn't possibly understand.

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Holy schizo

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Wait, she plays ASSFAGGOTS?

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> 1 Dollar
The absolute state

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Why do lolicons (are they even?) make cope images like this, just admit you like 2d children

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Holy shit, the absolute state of lovecocks

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But that's an anti.

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