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Professional VA

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1419454075867910153

Art by: https://twitter.com/Dakuma_Art/status/1417661184610865159

Previous thread: >>7063732

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No thoughts

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how is she so based bros?

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Empty Thoughts

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ever since that stream my love has doubled and i can no longer contain it

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Any ideas for new rituals? These two are kinda old.
Kiara culo is promissing but it isn't that great imho.

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Today was a good day

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pull out an old one then

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Thoughtsposting will always be a classic for me

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Yes, work is gonna be hell 'til about mid August so if we get lucky the letter I send will get to her around December!

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KFP bros how do you live with the fact that your Oshi is systematically hated, wherever her name appears? I read a little NijiEN thread, and it's just fucked up, all this hatred for her is not justified, and Kiara definitely does not deserve such an attitude towards her.

Pomutori love btw, hope they collab together someday.

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It was nice to hear Pomu talk about Kiara like Kiara really is a 1 million sub youtuber. Like it really feels like she respects and looks up to her and was shocked Kiara was coming down to be with her.
Im ok with it, I see it as she's been cast as the villain of Hololive En, so we might as well live with what we have. This boards gonna get painted orange whether its through people praising or people seething, I get to have fun with the chicken either way

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I've been KFP since her debut (honestly i chose her as early as announcement) and I just got used to it. Just think of our oshi filtering out the worst of the schizos. We have our schizos too, but not nearly as bad or as many as the others.

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Don't worry about it, it's genuinely just a couple of schizos shitposting to no end. After the stream ended and the shitposters left the thread calmed down a lot and was fairly positive overall
t.Nijifag checking out your oshi since she was very sweet to Pomu

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Same way I cope with all the rrats here. Ignore 'em; 75% of the time it's bandwagoning and schizoposting anyway. Glimmers of truth here and there, but you'd have to dig through so much garbage that the experience is gonna mess you up in some way, so... don't engage.

Let them seethe more.

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I love every second of it, but is almost nothing nowadays, back then we had around 20+ orange threads 24/7, i miss those days so bad. Pomu is based i hope they collab too.

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Fuck off retard.

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Maybe KFPniggers should stop shilling her garbage everywhere they go.

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No, Stream sparks or I'll kill myself!

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chicken GoXLR voice > any other voice she has done

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I just see most overly negative things about Kiara as a shitpost and laugh. It does suck when I see people being annoyed that she is in a collab or something, but its whatever, I'm the same about other chuubas.

I'd be cool for her to collab with Pomu and the others.

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you realize like 3% of the vtuber fanbase uses 4chan, right

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Made sure to download a copy from a video that's still up. Can't let these kinds of things be lost to time ya know.
This time in catbox like the other anon suggested.

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Boiling, nice try.

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Thanks Anon!

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That voice hurts my eardrums...

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Well deserve (you)

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how do people not love this with all their heart

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Everything good in life has repercussions

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>A whole one dollar more than the last public stream.
Chickin inclining on supacha

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I don't care about that as much as knowing that Kiara has been here before and probably got really insulted by all of the antis. Even if they're a minority they're still vocal

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Always had odd tastes and I enjoy a challenge. The weird part is that she's actually the most feminine out of her Gen and is the most forward/assertive. It blows me away that there aren't more fans of her since she's kinda the only one to fill those roles, but I guess I shouldn't expect much from a bunch of dorks who want anime tropes as their vtubers.

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I will be honest, Kiara is not my oshi but the more people who hate her the more I like her. When she collabs with people who can match her energy she's awesome.

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I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

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Sorry to hear that, anon.

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tourist here to tell you that the nijiEN threads get raided frequently by a group of schizos or a lone schizo. It's been this way since the thread has started and the only way to really counteract it is to tell them baitposters and those replying to fuck off so I'm sorry if any of you genuinely posted in there with good intentions It's just how we've learned to tard wrangle when things get out of control.

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It's okay anon.

I've accepted my fate.

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Chickenbros, I am on a mission.
Recently I made pic related. Some anons have posted it in general and really like it.
But I want to make more.
I need any and all goslings you have in your disposal. I will then turn them into what you see here: a gooseling. Peak chicken performance. This way, my kin will have more images to use whenever our oshi is live.
Once I finish several I'll post them here in the main Kiara threads for everyone to use.
I'm memeing but this idea is too funny not to add onto

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This counts?

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Guys where can I get a bathtub of garlic?

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It's the same handfull of shizos every time when Kiara is mentioned. Pretty sad but nothing to be upset about.
Many people beyond that still don't like Kiara because of how she is represented in clips since most clippers are flanderizing her beyond believe.
There was a reddit meme on my twitter TL about the reaction of holos to going to a nude beach and Kiara was the sole person in the "pushes you to go to the nude beach" section. Reddit likes Kiara ('s attention) and even they don't watch streams.

Almost every time someone actually watches Kiara they realise she's great and the few people who give her an honest chance but still don't like her are usually adult enough not to seethe about her.
I'm glad the people who shit up threads because of the orange woman are not part of the KFP.

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>Clippers clipped the worse ikemen voice from the SC reading where she didn't even remember what it was like, instead of when she actually voiced that one dude

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2k is pretty good, but her SCs have reclined hard recently. She used to get 3-4k on Yakuza streams

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The schizos are just funny to me and making them mad is even funnier. Especially when Kiara didn't even do anything besides exist.

The only thing that makes me sad is the general popularity gap in comparison to her genmates. I suspect most gripes with her like her voice are shared by normalfags and they just dont voice it unlike antis.
That said most of the lack of popularity is Kiara's own fault in my view, so it's not like I pity her that much, its more like "sigh-worthy"

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"lack of popularity" implies she's unpopular which isn't even remotely true. She's a popular and successful chuuba much like everyone in Hololive is with a few exceptions

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They probably only tuned in after reading KFP going wild on twitter and are too lazy to check out the rest of the VOD.
At least Yuriko Kun did another good compilation, highlighting many of the voices she did:


Clipper focussing on one or at most a few girls are always better than those just grabbing whatever they can get.

>> No.7129375

The Italian Pipit voice. Good thing Austrians are allowed to be racist.

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Looking at Playboard most of her Yakuza streams are about on par with the Zelda stream, it ranges from 1.3k € to 2.3k €.
The biggest outlier is part 3 which had 3k €. I think this is the one she first used the Kiarsenal.
The first Yakuza stream got 1.4k €, Zelda got 1.6k €.

Diablo II was a great series for her with its two parts bringing in 2.1k € and 3.2k € respectively.

Asians are allowed to be racist towards other Asians, Yuros are allowed to be racist towards other Yuros.
It's tough for NA. The US is only allowed to be racist towards Canada and vice versa. Although either of those can have inter-state / inter-province racism. People from Michigan, am I right, haha?

>> No.7129474

Did pomu and kiara have contact? If so when?

>> No.7129599

>Yuros are allowed to be racist towards other Yuros
Well, as a German I am only allowed to be racist towards ze Germans. Just something I noticed. I would not do a fake accent on stream, because I might get some backlash from the twitter pc police.

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Kiara was watching Pomu's karaoke live (and tweeted at Pomu about it beforehand). She was messaging Pomu over Twitter DMs with reactions and comments, and Pomu verbally replied back to Kiara during the stream. Timestamps: 5min, 1hr48min, 1hr56min (might have been one more, I can't recall)

>> No.7129649

How do you guys get the inspiration to write down shit in your akasupas? I'm not good with words, and Kiara hates empty ones.

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You underestimate how strongly twitter believes it's impossible to be racist against white people. Brits and Italians are made fun of by even the most puritan left accounts.

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I only paid more attention to Pomu after her surgery for pity. But she is nice, I gave her a sub and will pay more attention to her. Hope she inclines.

>> No.7129725

Just tell her how much you love her. If you have no words yourself you can use a quote and then apologize for using a quote. I think as long as you don't try to to pass it off as yours she won't mind.
Or just send five orange ones instead so she doesn't feel the need to read your message but you get five times the endorphin when she reads your name.

>> No.7129748

Eggs are super-easy to bait, and I like the hate. If the most schizo and incel posters on /vt/ hate something, it's probably pretty good.

>> No.7130087

I miss Kiara

>> No.7130450

Superchats have likely reclined because there's an alternative now for people who just care about supporting her and aren't looking to attentionwhore in the chat.

>> No.7130494

Well Bongs are easy to make fun of. Have you ever interacted with them?

>> No.7130540

But they haven't really, is the point I'm trying to make.
First Zelda stream got more donations that the first Yakuza stream.

Even for attentionwhores there is a good way to spend their money outside of SCs because you just know she will love it if someone posts themself wearing the KFP apron in a few months.

>> No.7130886

I don't really agree that SC have reclined when you consider the circumstances.
Sure she "only" made 37k in June but that was her lightest month by far and between 1 million and Birthday

>> No.7130950

I think you guys don't know what that word means.

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we're 80k shy from 1M. do your reps.

>> No.7131055

>meanwhile Reflect is at 7.3M with zero shilling

>> No.7131146

This is a Kiara thread, if you wanna numberfag /hlgg/ is two blocks down

>> No.7131237

I'm happy for Gura's success. After nine months the biggest vTuber in the world finally released her first song and the algorithm makes sure everyone knows it.
Meanwhile Kiara released her third original song and seventh song overall and it will hit 1M views in less than a month. That's great!

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>> No.7133002

big ups for keeping the thread alive anon

>> No.7133046

Kiara and the KPF are the last people that need a reminder that they're bottom feeders in numbers, faggot.
Though I do dread to see what the "unique viewers" count is on Sparks... it's probably way, way below any average.

>> No.7133085

Why are eggs seething again? Did Kiara breath?

>> No.7133133

I'm sorry but she Woke up and got out of bed today

>> No.7133150

WHAT? that's it, canceling my membership.

>> No.7133159

ESL retard here. What does this whole pussy/panties smell like gravy meme mean, like yeah...what does it mean? I don't get it but I wanna learn to be less retarded.

>> No.7133201

By the way I'm asking because in the zelda stream Kiara made jokes about Zelda's panties and she said something like "they don't smell like gravy yet" but I hvae heard this meme often before.

>> No.7133205

I just wish Kiara finally accepted that she's on the bottom of Hololive instead of desperately trying to crawl out of it. It's not a good look for her.
Ironically it'd be better if she was just nonchalant about it, that'd attract more people naturally. I mean look at how much the homos have been inclining lately - at this rate, they'll have more consistent viewership than Kiara.

>> No.7133214

Indeed she did. They simply can't go a day without posting about her. Literally obsessed
She can't just say it smells like Zelda's cunny juice on stream now can she?

>> No.7133237

Ah so english people use gravy as a "censored word" for cunny juice then?

>> No.7133268

Gravy sauce is something that you put on chicken meat.

>> No.7133301

Not necessarily. She just chose to use gravy in that specific case since it was talking about something sensitive. It was just the first word that came to mind

>> No.7133317

Kiara's lore is pretty wierd when it comes to gravy. She washes her hair with gravy. I think she mentioned once that she either showers with or bathes in gravy. When Ame asked her how her tears taste like she said gravy. Her blood either is or tastes like gravy.
You can pretty much assume that canonically speaking Kiara and her bodily fluids taste like gravy.

>> No.7133411

Kiara's shits taste like gravy...

>> No.7133447

same consistency too

>> No.7133462 [DELETED] 

>can't go a day without posting about her

>go to haruka hate thread after that bad collab
>3 posts in an egg is seething about kiara
Jannies are doing their best removing Kiara bait threads to safe the 2views from falling off the board but eggs will always make sure people remember this is an orange board.
With how easily their stale material gets BTFO these days I feel they are doing more to spread Kiara positivity than KFP ever did.

>> No.7133759

>I feel they are doing more to spread Kiara positivity than KFP ever did
Delusional. Kiara hasn't inclined since people started hating on her and other fanbases just want her out of Hololive so that they don't have to deal with eggs shitting up the threads every time she opens her mouth. She's too much of a liability and it'll get even worse once EN2 debuts.

>> No.7133819

What's Kiara's "past" that people hate so much?

>> No.7133839

>eggs are still coping
please keep on making threads about her bro. keep her relevant at all times

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I know one of these is you Kiara, your Germanic ways won’t get me into Schize! I refuse to be lured down that path. EVEN IF YOU ARE MY OSHI!!!

>> No.7133854

Trust me, you don't want to know. If you're enjoying her streams, then in this case ignorance is bliss. You won't be able to look at her the same way again.

>> No.7133890

She had a pretty rough debut and technical problems as well as speaking japanese half of her streams, which turned many people away and they watched the other EN's instead. Once you have an Oshi it's hard to go to other vtubers and give them a chance again. First impression is important.
But she improved a lot. That's why new fans of her have zero problems and don't see an issue.

>> No.7133891

It’s a nothingburger. If anything her past struggles should makes you appreciate her success even more.

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File: 315 KB, 455x337, 1627319666268.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure? She just stabbed a pregnant woman in plain sight and that's kinda based imho.

>> No.7133934

Well there's two answers and the second is not allowed on this board but the short them are that her past life is as a pretty basic e-bitch and that she had the most scuffed start out of anyone in EN.

>> No.7133961

Nice deflect but that doesn't mean Kiara wasn't/isn't a terrible person all the same.

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File: 127 KB, 430x240, Haachama and Watame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having an original song hit 1M after less than a month makes you a bottom feeder
Why do eggs hate Haachama and Watame so much? Not to mention poor Flare and Aki...
Do they have a mental illness that makes them rabid every time they see yolk-colored hair?
Never go to Sweden, eggchama, you might go into cardiac arrest!

Sparks is doing amazing. Hinotori was the first non-Mori EN song and it released at the height of the Hololive hype in late 2020.
That Sparks can keep pace with that is impressive.

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Nice cope but that doesn't mean you isn't a retarded person all the same.

>> No.7134065

The closest you get to a controversy that isn't completely made up is that she voiced generic libtard beliefs on twitter

>> No.7134078

How is she a terrible person? Pleas explain.

>> No.7134135

Kek I love this kind of bait. Aiming to make newfags doubtful when literally only KFP browse these threads. You'd unironically find more purchase posting this in /hlgg/ or trying to start a chicken voice timeloop here
Unironically people are retarded enough to think EN is the only gen that matters in hololive so they prop up their successes against other ENs instead of streamers in general. Kiara is still a fucking powerhouse just on the fact that she has a million subs alone. Her songs continued growth months after release is still crazy good which is success that many would kill for

>> No.7134159

She is a terrible person because eggs want her to be one in order to cope.
It's something they bring up time and again when they get bullied out of threads or their bait doesn't get taken for too long.

Fact is outside of their little made-up world of seethe Kiara is so incredibly uncontroversial, nice, well liked and hard working that orcshizo had to make up rrats because she couldn't find anything actually damning about her.

>> No.7134190

Anon you can't possibly be so retarded that you don't comprehend the comparative value of her genmates' numbers. They're literally the only people in the same position as her.

>> No.7134295

But anon, Ina is the weakest link link in EN.

Ina 55m views vs Kiara 71m views. Same sub count.
Kiara also has way way more connections, she has one of the biggest if not THE biggest connection network, she also has the best connections to conventions and way more collabs than anyone else in EN. Kiara is one of the most important people actually.

Yet despite Ina being the weakest EN you never see anyone seething at her, why is that? because it's only eggs that seethe. Only eggs care about numbers and they are wrong on top of that too.

>> No.7134343

Why does this reek of a falseflag?

>> No.7134367

It's not. Eggs always claim Kiara has the lowest numbers which simply isn't true, she is also one of the most important people.

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File: 976 KB, 1500x2128, IMG_20210706_094511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made for gently kisses and cuddles.

>> No.7134444

ogey so what? She gets less views on a stream than Ina so suddenly she's bottom of the barrel and irrelevant? Do you even realise that most streamers out there don't even reach SC reading tier viewership? What about all the JPs that have been at this for longer and still can't crank out more than 5k viewers outside special occasions yet they still get sponsorship deals, 3D concerts and feature in things like Hologra? Literally only retarded eggs make the claim that she's not doing well because they can't cope with the fact that a lot of people love her.

>> No.7134509

She’s actually not a chicken.
I was devastated when I found out and now I spend all my waking hours furiously typing on /vt/ about how much I hate her.
Some say it’s a lost cause but I believe that I’m contributing to the success of Hololive by exposing this.

>> No.7134517

You don’t have to assert that while belittling Ina. I don’t like trying to find a “weak link” when each of the girls is important in her own way. Ina does a lot of design and illustration work behind the scenes, like that NoeFure merch that came out recently. Just because eggs like to shitpost against Kiara with Ina is no reason to stoop to their level.

>> No.7134526

She murdered my dog. Let's go...

>> No.7134557

But she’s supposed to be my chickenwife...
I don’t know how to cope with this information.

>> No.7134587

If someone makes a claim that she has the lowest numbers and I can easily destroy that claim then i have to provide an example. Should I have said "there is another EN who has almost 20m less than views than her but I won't name her" ? Nah too lazy. I have no problems with Ina or any other EN at all. But it doesn't change the fact that Kiara isn't the bottom when it comes to numbers.

Actually, Ame has only 4m more views than Kiara so Kiara is gonna over take her too in 1 or 2 weeks.

>> No.7134608

Kiara criticised a poor Austrian man's shitty architecture art a long time ago.

>> No.7134625

Anon total views aren't indicative of the current state of things.
Ina abolutely mogs Kiara in live views, and in recent collabs has even mogged Mori too. She's definitely above the chimkin right now, odds are they have the same subs because it just became the current base for EN Gen1.
>THE biggest connection network
Anon what you're saying here is that she has bottom feeder views despite having a massive boon. Her connection network isn't some alien factor.

But either way what are you trying to prove here? That someone's slightly bottom feeder-er than Kiara? What's that supposed to prove.

>> No.7134629

>Ame has only 4m more views than Kiara so Kiara is gonna over take her too in 1 or 2 weeks.
Doubtful, Ame is ramping up her streaming hours again.

>> No.7134632

Anon this is the last time I'll reply to you. If you keep on going I have to assume you're a falseflag.
When most people >here discuss "numbers", 99% of the time they're talking about live viewership. And Kiara's live viewership is by far the lowest out of all the HoloENs. This is demonstrable.
It's not a statement for or against Kiara and her content. It's just how it is.

>> No.7134660

>Actually, Ame has only 4m more views than Kiara so Kiara is gonna over take her too in 1 or 2 weeks.

I don’t want to see this board when this happens.

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She's on a serious relationship behind the cameras with Pomu.

>> No.7134707

numberfag timeloop is still a better timeloop than "I'm so disappointed"

>> No.7134726

I didn't even care but you raise a good point anon, I want to see this ground burning itself orange... especially hard.

is it better or worse than mic and voice timeloops?

>> No.7134743

I might even happen next week lel


She gets more views (thanks to her VOD viewers) than both Ame and Ina so it won't take that long

I don't care. Chicken in the end gets more views. Who cares if one person has more live viewers when in the end they get less viewers because less people watch their content over let's say a 7~ days period?

>> No.7134761

>"I'm so disappointed"
Against my better judgement, I'm still here. It's going to take a bit more to drive me away completely, probably because I've followed her for so long now.

>> No.7134765

The only numbers I want to talk about are how Kiara personally burnt all the bodies at Auschwitz, thus explains the number discrepancies.

>> No.7134778

That harlot!
She already has Mori and now she’s cheating on her with Poor Pomu?!
I reckon that whore is only getting close to her so she can be the last person to grope her chest!
I feel the utmost sympathy for the fairy not knowing she’s being used by her oshi like this…

>> No.7134782
File: 166 KB, 266x266, 1625353187698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're being obnoxious. Read the room.

>> No.7134788

>I don't care. Chicken in the end gets more views. Who cares if one person has more live viewers when in the end they get less viewers because less people watch their content over let's say a 7~ days period?
Well you picked the wrong thing to care about there too faggot, because Ina's streams also get higher total views once archived.

>> No.7134815

And yet she gets less views over a 7day period.
Go away egg. Kiara isn't bottom tier, she will soon be the third most watched EN girl.

>> No.7134817

Unironically Kiara.

>> No.7134819

Yeah, HoloMyth really has no weak link, despite what tribalfags and eggs try to conjour up. All five of them are amazing.
Gura is an exceptional success who no one can compare to and Mori is the most successful vSinger ever in all but name.
Kiara is much more in line with the rest of Hololive and even then she is absolutely killing it in VOD views, MV views and supas.

Honestly I fear for EN2, the girls must be super nervous because they have massive shoes to fill.

I'd substract 3-5M views from Kiara's view count for her "am zoo" playlist. MVs take a lot of effort to produce so counting their views towards the total seems fair but "am zoo" are short meme videos the like no one else in HoloEN does as often as Kiara.

>Ina abolutely mogs Kiara in live views
NTA but Ina has consistently streamed in the same time slot since the beginning while Kiara's slots and fanbase are all over the place.
More news at 11.

Ina is doing great and has definitely inclined thanks to her consistency but Kiara is doing well on a different axis.
Most of Kiara's viewers have stopped getting up in the middle of the night for her but they are still watching VODs and that's pretty impressive.

>> No.7134856
File: 144 KB, 1668x1200, E7R2dQjXMCoOf9Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7134862

She was a twitch thot?

>> No.7134873

Nigger what are you talking about, Ina's VODs still get more views a week, 2 weeks and a month afterwards.
Total views don't tell you shit about how they're currently doing, and Kiara gets a bunch of views from shitposts and music so it's not all streams either.

>> No.7134875

I'd rank it membership seethe > chicken voice > numberfagging >>>> doxxcluck shenanigans

>> No.7134913

Literally click on the link I posted, it shows views over the last 7 days

Ina is last than Ame then Kiara. That's why Kiara is projected to overtake Ame in 1-2 weeks. Unless something huge happens like Kiara getting sick or whatever and can't stream or Ame does something super amazing and reaches like 10m views.

>> No.7134929

Her war crimed are greatly exaggerated

>> No.7134933

I didn’t expect the SS stream to be as entertaining as it was. Her VA was on point, not even counting the ikemen voice everyone went wild for.

>> No.7134948

Going back through the thread and how KFP as a named fanbase is easy to spot.
Stupidity aside, I kinda wish we could have one week "undercover".
Witchhunts, paranoia and absolut chaos once the names pop up again.

>> No.7134975

Same but in reverse.
At least when we skirt the line and talk about roommate stuff it can get interesting since we haven't exhausted all topics yet.
Chicken voice loops and numberfagging discussions are all the same each time.

>> No.7134995

War crimes? How could there be war crimes when there hasn't been a war? Oh, I can understand your wish there had been a war. Your need to indulge some pathetic fantasy of brave Doxxcord soldiers marching to honourable defeat. But in fact, Haatonchama, you and I know there was no war, no glory. Drip didn't resist, it surrendered

>> No.7135019

Anon, you must stick your head out of the sand.
She has brutally murdered our fellow men on livestream for the enjoyment of thousands. Banished those with inklings of free thought to the unusual room where unspeakable horrors take place.

>> No.7135039

Are you illiterate or just retarded. Kiara has shit other than streams anon. Just go to their channels and compare their actual stream views, provided you can do counting an addition by yourself.

>> No.7135052
File: 152 KB, 1412x1378, IMG_20210508_063029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based doxxcluck, we could talk about that PS4 and ringfit ring we saw.

>> No.7135061

>he doesn't know about how kiara opened the doors of baghdad for the mongols
I mean I know why she did it but can that truely be forgiven? Not to mention all the other shit she did just for fun during her eternal life.

>> No.7135067

Roommate stuff is still off topic and should get banned but meidos just take their time to remove it. Fuck you for wanting to enable it, this isn't the place for it The other stuff is at least mostly on topic but still extremely annoying

>> No.7135085

Just cause it was a slaughter of civilians with makeshift barricades doesn't stop it being a war crime Kiara...they had no where to run when the sarin gas fell...

>> No.7135086

>That's why Kiara is projected to overtake Ame in 1-2 weeks.
I can only ask whether you are incapable of math, because I do not quite see how ~60k difference per week is going to catch up ~5 million difference in 1-2 weeks.
Personally I don't doubt that Kiara will at some point surpass Ame in viewcount but that's because she'll continue to release music, both covers and originals.
Even just looking at monthly Views would tell you that Kiara'd need ~2-3 months at the current discrepancy to catch up

>> No.7135090

Will she perform even worse than Ina did? I see her collapsing on the floor in 10 minutes

>> No.7135097

Well, when Kiara was first starting out, she was signed to a personal services contract with this big-band leader. And as her career got better and better, she wanted to get out of it. But the band leader wouldn't let him. Now, Kiara is my father's goddaughter. So my father went to see this bandleader and offered him 10,000 Yen to let Kiara go, but the bandleader said no. So the next day, my father went back, only this time with Jenma. Within an hour, he had a signed release for a certified check of 1000 Yen.

>> No.7135102

>Roommate stuff is still off topic and should get banned but meidos just take their time to remove it.
Do they though? Have you seen /morig/?

>> No.7135143

Only time I went to /morig/ was for the NTR fanfic with Kiara. It actually portrayed her decently, I was kinda surprised.

>> No.7135151


Ok retard. Sort by 30 days Kiara mogs Ame and Ina.
Sort by 7 days Kiara mogs Ame and Ina.
That's the whole reason why she is about over take Ame. So what the fuck are you even talking about? You are calling me illiterate yet you are too retarded to read simple stats.

>> No.7135177

>Please note that discussion should pertain to a VTuber's streams and content, and should not pertain to their real lives, relationships, or appearances ("IRL").

Deadbeats can sort out their own shit but this thread has never had the stance of roommate stuff should be allowed. If it's ever mentioned it's done so in passing and never made a main topic. Moderation has just been very spotty when it comes to deleting off topic

>> No.7135195

Roommate stuff aside, I actually like /morig/ and the deadbeats a lot. It seems like they're the one fanbase who doesn't mind Kiara too much, which is surprising considering the existence of Takamori.

>> No.7135200

Is Coco Don Corleone, or is that Yagoo?

>> No.7135202


>> No.7135241

We must never forget the lives of the men lost in the great harvesting.
Many of our men who begged for their lives were cracked in front of their families as she smiled and made food out of their corpses.
The slew of men tricked into showering and being gassed in hidden broiler, just the thought makes me shudder.

>> No.7135266

They have their brand of retards

>> No.7135296

She will not eclipse her in 2 weeks that's true but he is still right. Nobody cares if someone has more live viewers or more viewers in 1 or 2 days, when in the end, the other person has more views in a couple of days. Kiara has been on the rise when it comes to views for a long time. At one point she will over take Ame but 2 weeks is unrealistic. Ina however can't compare unless her song somehow reaches 20 million views.

>> No.7135325

I'd prefer if Coco was the don, but she doesn't really have the same personality as him, I think.

>> No.7135352

Kiara was and occassionally still is a great friend to Mori, of course they wouldn't mind her existence. Many of them should still remember that one stream Mori was super upset about something so Kiara called her off-screen and made things better.

The TakaMori welcome back karaoke is one of the streams I am looking forward to the most when Kiara can finally go back to Japan because Mori bounces off of Kiara so much better when they are in the same room.

>> No.7135392

I agree. Takamori off-collabs were so kino. But at this rate it could be ages until we get another one...

>> No.7135428

In 1975 Japan faced a spree of murders now known as the Kogeta Niwatori no Jiken. It has been the source of several movies, tv shows and manga. Each victim was found with exploded eardrums, burnt lips and covered in gravy. Many people have been suspected of these attacks, including many high profile musicians and mori. But one suspect repeatedly comes up, despite the police never having enough to pin it on her. One detective got close but was mysteriously fired. They found him in his apartment with shit and other nijisanji merch on his walls. Babbling about mixer settings but in the end no one really cared.

>> No.7135432

Dipped in to the deadbeat general for a bit and their calling themselves elitists and poorfags over membership tiers. Fuck 'em.

>> No.7135453

t. deadbeat

>> No.7135458

Takos seem to like TakoTori collabs as well. You have the usual couple anons who voice their displeasure but they usually get ignored or told to fuck off.
Chumbuds were enjoying the last SameTori collab as well.

>> No.7135510

I'm actually a unityfag, believe it or not.

>> No.7135515

I wouldn't be retarded enough to think the split fanbase represents the whole fanbase on /vt/. Most KFP would disapprove of the shit that gets talked about here lately so realistically we only get the schizos that come into these threads. Same is probably true with the splitbeats

>> No.7135558

If the collab today goes well, she’ll have a perfect record. Every pairing involving chicken is pure kino.

>> No.7135559

Actually KFP here represent the community (on /vt/) the best. Because in hlgg you only have KFP who spam I love Kiara and post the same pics all day. There is no discussion.

>> No.7135592

True I pretty much only pop in here and /morig/ to gawk at you guys like a zoo.

>> No.7135616

The KFP in /hlgg/ are just feathered teamates.

>> No.7135633

At least feed us some peanuts anon.

>> No.7135663

Do you make cute noises to imitate us like Kiara does?

>> No.7135685
File: 2.68 MB, 1800x2800, IMG_20210321_080545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How you chickens feel about Kiara membership not being tiered? For me i prefer this way, it's cheap so everyone have the same content, no elitism problems and no stress over Kiara needing to provide content for every tier.

>> No.7135689

please support your local zoos, many are struggling due to covid

>> No.7135693

Am birb

>> No.7135698

Infighting within the deadbeats is somewhere between serious and for comedic effect.
At the end of time they all have their big brawl over who will be the one to forever be with Mori
And I am totally going to be like this >>7135592 dude watching on the sidelines, snacking some popcorn and cheering for my favorite deadbeat

>> No.7135711

I like it, though I wouldn't have a problem if she had additional tiers purely for support like Ina

>> No.7135727

kek imagine genuinely thinking this. The "discussion" that's been happening here is the same fucking timelooping shit that's been discussed a million times before. Anything new that could be discussed here already gets discussed in /hlgg/ and then comes and goes ITT when it's immediately replaced with a timeloop about numberfagging, chicken voice or roommate shit. /jp/ was exactly like this before but somehow the schizos here are the "real" KFP? Fucking lol

>> No.7135742
File: 61 KB, 554x416, 57685856433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7135755

It's good. I never liked tiers. I just wish she would a few more member streams (not complaining right now because we had 3 (or 4?) this month but still. I wish 1 we had 1 weekly member stream. Other than that it's great. But next time chicken, don't fucken make a poll for a members stream but post it in a public stream so every retard can vote. This actually made me seethe.

>> No.7135757

Shouldn’t give birds peanuts
I can toss you some bread crumbs

>> No.7135781

Their first Minecraft collab was a bit awkward because they both hadn't found their groove yet for a collab so focussed on talking.
Clubhouse 51 was suffer kino for the insane chess match.
Super Bunnyman was pure kino all the way through.
AmeTori track record is pretty good already.

Kiara has always been great in one-on-one collabs, her early collab troubles were in fullMyth collabs because of how her personality clashed with the others.

>> No.7135819

>Never paid for a membership
>Never donated anything
>Watch youtube with adblocker
>on a laptop stolen from the office
>with Neighbors wifi
>powered by stolen electricity
She could open up a 100$ tier and I couldn't care less, but in all seriousness this: >>7135711 is probably the best idea

>> No.7135843

After seeing that NijixVshoujoxIndies collab shitshow, Kiara's mistakes in full HoloEN collabs seem small-time...

>> No.7135845

One tier is fine, and she said as much way back at the start when some people asked for higher tiers. I just wish she’d use the member tiers to for things she’s uncomfortable doing publicly, like drawing. Or draw publicly, I don’t care, just do your reps Kiara.

>> No.7135919

I think Kiara saving shadowverse from being a borefest, and the two cons where she basically bitch slapped the MCs and took over changed opinions of her for the better, even if a little bit.

>> No.7135940

I like it. Kiara's member streams are super comfy and special and having more tiers would only get annoying.
Kiara loves all of KFP, including greynames who never SC. Membership is an easy way to consistently support her without bringing too much attention to yourself.

>> No.7135944

How it should be. I have T1 memberships for Kiara, Ame and Ina, and I feel like they're all doing it right. I like Mori but hate her tier system, and as for Gura I rarely catch her streams anyway since she streams at a time where I'm either asleep or at work.

I've heard that Ame and maybe Ina apparently have special posts and polls for higher tiers, and I'm perfectly fine with that - hell if they wanna do an occasional T2 or 3 stream on special occasions that's fine too, but if anyone else moved to a tiered stream format as a regular thing I'd considered going back to a grey name.

>> No.7135956

TTRPG also.

>> No.7136007

Kiara's mistakes are small and her strengths are massive but many people only see that when they have something to compare her to.
Just like how the AX host not doing her job showed everyone what an insanely good host Kiara is on HoloTalk and on collabs like Momotetsu.

>> No.7136014

I actually really liked those early Minecraft collabs. The one where they were talking about Kiara's mom was super sweet.

>> No.7136049

I hate tiers, Kiara is doing it right.

>> No.7136075

Yeah, she started off kinda rocky but by the mid point people were loving Tiara.

>> No.7136092

I always feel Kiara's style and sense of humor gels far better with the JP girls than the EN ones, but compared to Haruka, Kiara could be drunk out of her mind and still come across and nuanced and charming.

>> No.7136228

It makes you appreciate how professional the Hololive girls are. They may joke around, make lewd jokes and innuendos but they know what limits not to cross.

>> No.7136291

One tier is good. If someone wants to support her more they can just buy merch or drop a superchat.

>> No.7136311

Oh, I liked it as well. But it got a bit awkward from time to time.
If I compare it to the recent Gura collab with many more fun moments and a constant string of topics I am convinced another AmeTori Minecraft collab focussed on building would be way better than the one from back in October.
All of the girls have grown a lot.

Definitely. The doomposting when Kiara was invited by Aki to Momotetsu with Sora and Nene was massive. "MEMEME" was still seen as hot but in the end it was... nothing.
Kiara perfectly slotted in because her style is so much more Japanese.
Having four genmates who all get quiet when nervous is torture for her dead air autism but by now many people can see how she contributes to make bigger EN collabs function.

>> No.7136486

Doomposting has mostly gone down as Kiara has done more collabs I think.
Also that’s a big part of the issue, Kiara’s style is very Japanese and relies on her partners being able to banter and talk which didn’t work well during early EN.
Still surprised Sora called in to her totsu to be honest.

>> No.7136505
File: 142 KB, 744x1052, 1616705500993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7136585


>> No.7136673
File: 81 KB, 1080x193, Screenshot_20210727-092123_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's working on new emotes btw.
It seems a lot of people in prechat have problems where their messages don't go through when using the emotes, anyone here experience that?

>> No.7136745

I don't use chat often but I haven't had any issues with the emotes lately

>> No.7136933

Mori's chat had the same issue recently I think.
Susan's small indie company is struggling again.

>> No.7136979
File: 785 KB, 2128x1604, 753759952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The birthday totsu was one of Kiara's best moments yet. Imagine if she had kept up the pictures of all the people who called her on screen. There wouldn't have been any space left.

>> No.7137066

I just generally have problems with sending chat messages. About a third of my comments never show up on the screen. And no, I'm not typing stupid shit either that could be filtered by an autobot or a spam detector. Maybe it has to do something with the emotes, I'll pay attention to it from now on.

>> No.7137144

You missed zombie, but seeing the antis seethe was funny as well. Their rrat of JP hating Kiara falling apart in real time.

>> No.7137207

Ah right, I keep forgetting her because she called later

>> No.7137216

I remember than FBK was still streaming during the birthday and stopped her stream just in time for the call-in.

>> No.7137257

Somebody just tried to call out that Kakun guy for paying in ARS instead of Euros, but it didn't go anywhere.

>> No.7137411

Yeah of course not, he himself was the one who said he is gonna change. How would telling him that do anything. He knows that himself kek

>> No.7137548

Kiara should keep using Derek's Excel algorithm for superchats even though she's not behind anymore just so she can keep seeing the real value of each currency.

>> No.7137562

I think she does, she very much likes that it shows the colors

>> No.7137651

She does already. That guy has been sending all of his money to >that site so I assume that's why he said it became too much and he had to change. At least that's my rrat.

>> No.7137704

Yeah, that happens occasionally with me. I think it's Youtube's anti-spam measures not quite being able to seperate malicious spam from, say, kareoke glowsticks spam.

>> No.7137770

kek just looked it up he is actually her top supporter there. but why tho? is it because of no cover tax?

>> No.7137844

Yeah she gets the full amount of money there while on youtube both YT and cover take a huge cut. But can we switch topics please? Last thread got ruined too.

>> No.7137928

Ok, I hate him less now.
I will seethe silently.

>> No.7138501
File: 1.89 MB, 1904x2000, 1627032136435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys think she'll go full gosling on Ame today? What kind of stuff do you want them to talk about in the collab between all the panic and puzzles?

>> No.7138565

I just want Kiara to press Ame on SSSS like she did to Ina about Violet.

>> No.7138579

There will probably be some lewd jokes

>> No.7138623

I'd rather she keep the yuribaiting to a minimum but I'm prepared to endure a few moments here and there because I know she'll do it

>> No.7138855

I think so. Kiara likes Ame a whole lot right now and she won't be able to hold back.
They play a different game but I would love to have them talk about Minecraft plans. Phoenixton is done, the Dragon dead, Kiara's Elytra acquired. Aside from "exploring" Kiara doesn't really have any goals left.
They wanted to organise an MC event for the JP members and the sooner they take steps towards that the less stressful it will be. But this time it would be nice if Kiara wasn't the only one pushing towards it.

>> No.7138943
File: 28 KB, 740x151, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did she mean by this

>> No.7138969

The stage she showed off in one of the member streams.

>> No.7138970

Live sex with AZKi

>> No.7139059

>my oshi having live sex with my vsinger oshi
someone please make porn of this

>> No.7139116

>vsinger oshi
Aren't there like 2 to pick from right now?

>> No.7139195

Ah, I see. I'm almost caught up with VODs and was wondering if I accidentally missed something. Thanks anon.

t. poorfag

>> No.7139211

In Hololive. Outside Hololive, there's more.

>> No.7139469
File: 332 KB, 1000x1107, 1624395003103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>outside Hololive

>> No.7139512

Cant really have that attitude after Kiara was all over Pomu last night.

>> No.7139522

Do you love the corporation more than the girls?

>> No.7139999

Still hoping for a collab with Lumi someday.

>> No.7140076

Yes, anon, there's life outside hololive. And it's not all utter trash like vshoujo. There are wounderful indie vsingers and just normal chuubas there. Expand your horizons, it's good for you.

>> No.7140204
File: 254 KB, 1448x2048, 1616450650268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I missed her so much. I was away for two weeks working at my grandpa's farm.

>> No.7140254

Welcome back anon. Tons of VODs to enjoy, and an Ametori stream in 2hrs.

>> No.7140641

This is still one of the absolute best Kiara images

>> No.7140902

Don't care, their hatred doesn't justify why they have to insult her and include her in about 40% of threads that don't relate to her activities.

>thread about nijisanEN collab
"man that collab was bad, almost as bad as KIARA!"
>thread about Mori
"Mori is XXXX, but Kiara is WORST
>numbers about another vtuber

You just know that its mostly shitposting if you read through most of the holothreads people its coming from a vocal minority that doesn't produces any productive message. It just encourages me to support her even more and become closer to other KFP members.

>> No.7141241
File: 25 KB, 338x239, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7141623

It will be at least three weeks until Pomu comes back - enough time for Kiara to collab with Momo and Lumi!

>> No.7141789


>> No.7142935
File: 270 KB, 512x512, cheer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New member's emotes

>> No.7142951

I used to hate Kiara for her overwhelming behavior in collabs and pushing other holos out of the spotlight aggresively. And her voice.

But what happened lately? She seem to have been taking her meds or something. A day will soon come when I would watch her solo stream, probably.

Your oshi appears to be getting better, /kfp/.

>> No.7142999
File: 89 KB, 512x512, sweat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7143015

There are KFP who say the exact opposite. They subbed to her because of her being stacey and high energy in collabs instead of being shy and quiet, she changed to the later. There are always 2 camps.

>> No.7143045

>There are KFP
There is one retarded schizo who says that, there are no "camps". Everyone else is in agreement that Kiara has improved since the Uno/DST days.

>> No.7143091

Speak for yourself. There are always people with different opinions. I also liked her collabs a lot more pre Jackbox games. But yeah there is 1 schizo who completely refuses to watch any Kiara collabs, have not seen him in a while though.

>> No.7143133

They all were super nervous for their first collabs.
When Ame, Gura, Ina and Mori get nervous they talk less.
When Kiara gets nervous she talks more.
Being the most talkative Myth even before that and having her fear of dead air made her easily drown out the other four.

Nowadays Kiara is better at getting the others involved when filling dead air and the other four are better at not shutting down as hard.
One-on-one collabs with Kiara have always been at least decent, she is really good when she can concentrate on one partner and make sure they talk enough.

Biggest problem now is audio balancing. Kiara is loud and most people don't turn her down far enough to bring her in line with the others.
But that's on them, after almost a year they should be able to set Kiara to 20% and Ina to 200%.

>> No.7143156

Are you so self-centered that you want Kiara to speak over everyone simply because you like her better than everyone else? That's not feasible in the long term. Someone had to shut her up for the sake of unity and better balance between all the HoloEN members.

>> No.7143196

No I'm not that guy. But I like high energy Kiara who takes the lead much more than a Kiara who is...just there. Also she is exactly like that in JP collabs (or the Reine one). Only in EN collabs she is lackluster.

>> No.7143228

Not constantly screeching like a hyena =/= "just there"
She contributes now just like everyone else does. Also you can't expect an ESL to effectively take the lead in a collab where everyone else is a native speaker.

>> No.7143235

>Not constantly screeching like a hyena
You outed yourself lel

>> No.7143275

I mean he's kind of right, there's no need for someone to constantly talk over when everyone can pull their weight and we know she does that when she's on edge

>> No.7143290

You outed yourself

>> No.7143328

But nobody in EN talked, that's the whole reason why she needed to fill dead air in the first place. That's also the reason why JP or ID collabs were fine, "she" only had that problem in EN collabs.

>> No.7143350

Even if that was the case, now everyone DOES talk so there's no need for her to forcefully take over for no reason.
Also the other reason nobody in EN talked before is because she didn't give them the chance to.

>> No.7143357

Have you even watched any collab since christmas? That's not the case anymore

>> No.7143407

>now everyone DOES talk
Yep I agree they improved a lot. Still like my high energy Kiara more.
> because she didn't give them the chance to.
false, they unironically simply didn't talk. Ame is still like that for example, or Ina. Mori and Gura improved. Also as I said there is no problem in JP collabs, Kiara is very high energy but the others are very talkative as well so it balances each other out.
So it does seem to me it's a EN girl problem after all? Oh well.

>> No.7143409

finished rewatching ametori keep talking and super bunnyman collabs just in time for we were here. kino marathon.

>> No.7143448
File: 51 KB, 227x222, 1625141230818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even watch Kiara, but it seems like every other recommended video I get is some asshole on youtube doxxing her, or even worse, her roommate's actual channel.

>> No.7143454

Well too bad, that's the way things are now and I prefer having kiara be somewhat relaxed rather than be on edge over having to fill dead air

>> No.7143478

Yeah that's cool. and I dislike the current collab Kiara. That's how different opinions work. No idea why you seethe so much though.

>> No.7143520

I have no idea what the game is about - any reason I should watch both POVs? usually I prefer single POV.

>> No.7143525

Who fucking cares anymore, just subscribe to her roommate channel and you'll stop receiving these recommendations

>> No.7143529

Not really, just telling you my opinion, I don't know why you're getting so aggressive over it

>> No.7143530

That's because you once clicked on a video so youtube keeps on recommending stuff. Just don't click on them if your'e not interested or click on "don't recommend channel"

>> No.7143534

Just click Don't Recommend this channel for both of them and move on

>> No.7143566

We're not seething, we just REALLY don't want to revert to back the old days. We have a somewhat good thing going now, I don't want other fanbases to hate her even more

>> No.7143567

But I wasn't your the one who attacked me in first place, calling her an screeching hyena because you got mad. You unironically insulted your Oshi because someone else has a different opinion. Oh well.

>> No.7143602

and there are other >we people who think the exact opposite and don't give a fuck about what other fanbases think of their Oshi. do you get it now? Anyway stream starting soon.

>> No.7143611
File: 47 KB, 1270x577, bruh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That wasn't even me, what are you talking about?

>> No.7143644

If I wasn't to lazy I could also simply mark/unmark the (you) with 4chanx, but I'm too lazy after all.
Why are you keep on derailing? You won't change my opinion.

>> No.7143657

Shut the fuck up, Chiara has tech problems right now and needs our energy!

>> No.7143669

That's because you're literal manchildren who are probably "that guy" in social gatherings (provided that you actually go to those).

>> No.7143684

If you think I'm smart enough to do that, you couldn't be any more wrong

>> No.7143720

Are you that third world schizo? I remember your typing style.

>> No.7143775

Do we have any idea what her "secret" stream is?

I listened to the TakoTori Hootle collab, and she said that she had something big Tales of related this week, and there was also I think a video that she was working on that got messed up which is why Zelda was delayed til Monday. Could that be the secret stream, or is it a collab?

>> No.7143803

Does this game need ingame microphone support or what?

>> No.7143820

No I'm second world

>> No.7143865

Most likely an interview with someone from Bamco about Tales of.
She asked for questions from Tales of fans, she thought about contacting the one who made the HoloTalk logo for some changes, she said there will be two HoloTalk episodes this week kinda but not really.

>> No.7143869
File: 404 KB, 2048x1262, 1599502559899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7143885

It doesn't need it but it's better with it. They could just play it over discord to be honest

>> No.7144074

I think its the same series that she played with Ina, basically both players are put in separate rooms. I think one has a puzzle, and the other has information for them to solve the puzzle. So its basically them trying to relay information to each other to move to the next rooms.

I wouldn't say its super necessary to watch both at the same time, but you do see things that the other POV doesn't, and you can see if someone is fucking up the puzzle or information feeding.

>> No.7144100

>Kiara has been fawning over Ame lately
>There's been no Takamori content in ages
>STILL only get Takamori fan art and almost no fan art with the other girls
Artists don't watch Kiara...

>> No.7144125

Most artists don't watch any EN, especially not the good Japanese artists.

>> No.7144131

fucking KEK

>> No.7144313

Ame helped adjust Kiara's mic settings.

>> No.7144332


>> No.7144341

Yeah but like Kiara I hear no difference. Should have changed her mixer settings.

>> No.7144371

The sing of a great stream is having adio problems at the start

hard to hear the difference

>> No.7144375

the one who fucked it up in the first place

>> No.7144396


>> No.7144425

Then they would have changed the mixer settings because her mic is fine.

>> No.7144515

thanks, single pov is fine then.

>> No.7144757

fucking v-sync

>> No.7145092

Feels like she's peaking less but not sure

>> No.7145118

Kinda hard to notice during a collab. She should ask that question in a solo stream where she can pay more attention to chat.

>> No.7146066

I was hoping for the same at the beginning, but didn't wanna say anything too soon, but I do feel there is a lot less peaking.

>> No.7146115

I think she's peaking less too. This weekend's karaoke will be the best way to tell.

>> No.7146304
File: 105 KB, 1200x800, Amemame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything but TakaMori lets GOOOOOOO

>> No.7146832

I just want Kiara with the biggest harem

>> No.7148202

This collab is actually fucking great

>> No.7148719 [SPOILER] 
File: 249 KB, 710x720, 1627420967315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has one third of the JP mems under her belt and will soon accumulate more. In due time, brother. Soon the ritual will be complete.

>> No.7149500

Its good, but I think the push to talk is kinda ruining it. I want them to interact a bit more, but its them kinda talking, then talking to chat while they try an figure out the puzzle.

>> No.7149951

KFP, I just had a dream where I was living a happy life with Kiara as my wife. What does this mean? I don't even like Kiara.

>> No.7150049

Yeah, it's a nice enough collab game but after such a long time without interaction I would have loved for them to talk more.
But sadly Kiara can't just force everyone to build pixel art so they have the ability to talk.

>> No.7150329
File: 110 KB, 257x215, 1626991940872.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back when I was in school, despite the fact that I had a pretty big crush, I somehow had a romantic dream about one of the girls I disliked the most. It made anti-sense.
It's back then that I resigned myself to the reality that dreams mean jack shit.

>> No.7151013

Please Ame, have patience with our retard. We know she can be very much a brute force kind of bird, but she'll get there if given enough time and attempts

>> No.7151272

Ame figured it out. She stopped giving our chicken options and just had her brute force one by one the options.

>> No.7151725
File: 411 KB, 610x646, 1619986728430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what it is but there is definitely SOMETHING different about the mic settings, and it's better than before. It's not a huge difference, but it's noticeable.

>> No.7151849

Honestly, I hear absolutely no difference. There is still those weird popping or peaking noises sometimes.

>> No.7151952
File: 73 KB, 630x630, 08027095-FB64-46E3-AF6B-F5629D7F9012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. “Sparks” hits 1mil views
2. ???

>> No.7151974

I didn't notice as much peaking as other times, but it was kinda a chill collab, so she wasn't really screaming or anything. We'll have to see how it is on future streams, either the papers please, or Zelda stream.

>> No.7152189

Just got back, Kiara on Haachame meme review or something?

>> No.7152238

sunday 10 pm jst

>> No.7152301

>Coco meme review ends with Kiara
>Haachama meme review starts with Kiara
Reddit chicken...

>> No.7152340

This superchat reading looks like it's going nowhere fast. Do I just leave and catch some sleep?

>> No.7152387

It could have been worse. I'm just glad Haachama is the one who's picking up the torch and not Kiara herself. Better to have her as a guest once than be it a weekly thing.

>> No.7152410

She is currently tangenting - what were you expecting from a Kiara SC reading?

>> No.7152454

>he hates zatsudans

>> No.7152567

It's 1 am and she's been keeping me up past 3 am these last few days

>> No.7152587


>> No.7152599
File: 1.71 MB, 2500x4000, E7VKn8CVUAILRg8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me on the right

>> No.7152607

You'll have tomorrow off and can get to bed early, is that not enough?

>> No.7152653

You don't need to actively watch SC readings, there is nothing going on. Just use it as background noise. That's how I do it.

>> No.7152783

>Could it possibly have been a mixer issue?
Our hero...

>> No.7152946

>Haha, no you're wrong, there's no difference.

>> No.7152988

Sleep while listening to SCs?

>> No.7152996

>Kiara just confirmed that they DID change some mic settings

>> No.7153033

like she said in the very beginning of this stream

>> No.7153089

Alright, if any of you have any real advice on how to adjust the mixer, now is the time.

>> No.7153145

Honestly the real advice would be something like
>Kiara, don't consult chat about your mic settings. Ask Jenma/management and they will be able to tell you how to improve the mic, if you bring it up

>> No.7153152

Too late, she walked right through it dismissing most of the positive comments about how her voice didn't hit any peaks today that sounded shrilly and said >>7152946
I'm fine with the character voice to begin with, it's just that sometimes it can get very very harsh.

>> No.7153156

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.7153170

Anyone knows what message got bonked?

>> No.7153194

this guy, no idea why

>> No.7153240

>Ask Jenma/management and they will be able to tell you how to improve the mic
And that's where you are wrong. They need an expert. Or at least someone who knows what they are doing. Jenma has been proven to not be very knowledgeable about technology in the early Kiara arc.

>> No.7153265

Send something on Twitter you faggot, not in a fucking chat spam where everything is going to fly by

>> No.7153273

But the Jenma PC arc gave us a real good saviourfag moment. That Minecraft stream was Kino.

>> No.7153295
File: 200 KB, 1035x421, 1627428362867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, someone posted this also got deleted might be him

>> No.7153301

You just ignore the second half of that sentence? I'm just letting you know she's gonna disregard it.

>> No.7153312

We have to direct her to someone outside of the community. Because if you just tell her "I'm an audio expert, trust me bro" then she'll just ask chat again, and chat will turn into a bunch of yes-men.

>> No.7153500

Biggest problem is this. They'll talk about it in private, but any time it goes against what she'll like, the fucko's clam up and turn into "YES YES YES YES YES".

>> No.7153501

New thread up:

>> No.7153512

>Pomu is Kiara's favorite
>Kiara is Pomu's oshi

>> No.7153541

Vtubers who like each other!

>> No.7153692
File: 73 KB, 853x552, gosling_crushed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to Collab god damn it!

>> No.7154940
File: 436 KB, 1280x2048, E7VKn8CVUAILRg8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It feels amazing how much great fanart Kiara gets nowadays.
Especially when you compare it to the dark october days

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