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Selen monetization when?

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she is actually, but she didnt turn on suppas yet

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I heard Selen is a predator-ranked?

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not on this account, but yes she's reached Predator. NijiJP's Lauren is also pred.

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This is the real GFE

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She need to stop laughing so much

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Damn she reminds me of Ollie, very talkative and loud, except she's a fucking monster at Apex. Basically an opposite to Ollie's Apex skills

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She needs to laugh even more

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Selen, Ollie, Kiara apex collab when?

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I hate the fucking anon who pointed out her neck

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I'm in fucking love

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You need to KYS

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What about Ame?

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Did Selen mention if she's going to play BF2042?

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It helps her scout out potential prey

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People pointed it out to her too, and she seems sort of self-conscious about it.

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She also has a floating dot nose

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I made this my background, thanks.

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I dont think she is she joked alot about it during the little nightmares stream

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Oh good, a thread for Selen. A bunch of faggots were shitting up the nijiEN thread so i left.

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Sure, but she'd be very quiet all the time due to her social autism.

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Yes I'm being filtered. Laughing all the time is irritating

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The laugh makes Kiara sound like an angel. Shes good at Apex though

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>My one weakness, poles
Nijislut confirmed

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I know she's not but her voice reminds me a little of Artia

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Quit doxfagging anon

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Dont you dare compare her to Vtuber judas but she is half Chinese

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the fuck does that even mean? Selens laugh is S tier

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I like her trash talking since she actually has the skills to back it up

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>8 kills consistently
>2k damage easy every game
shittalking and laughing all game

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Elira has had the same neck for longer

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She's a fucking monster bros holy fucking shit

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Last week but they're good girls so they're wanting for noor to give the approval

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She's so toxic and so good at the game I fucking love it, it's so refreshing, that gremlin laugh when she chases people down and kills them, I'm falling hard

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I dunno, she seems good, but shes also smurfiing, playing against noobs.
Let's see her play higher skill players.

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so this is the true gamer tomboy experience...

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Right? My heart never stood a chance.

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>Kiara will never play FPS
I'm just listing the most chaotic extroverts, wich are live or will live(Selen after a month) in /vt/'s heads rent free

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Wish she'd play against non shitters though

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>Takes out 6 people while talking about swapping guns while giggling
I love you Selen, god bless your toxicity

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>Let's see her play higher skill players.
>she was a 2x Top 500 Apex Predator before joining Nijisanji
why are males so fucking insecure like this? you intimidated that a girl is better than you?

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>no pred ranked toxic gamer gf
why live?

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I want to like her but she laughs so much (and for no reason) to the point that it is grating to listen to

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It's exactly that, they can't except the inferior gender is better than them in a video game.

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>i picked him up and he left? what a BITCH!!
>i ll never help again. helping is for Losers
love her

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maybe he just wants to see her play against high skilled players on stream rather than silver tier players?

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Selen absolutely mogging her older sister

>> No.7113106

Maybe enjoy the fucking stream and watch the dragon raw dog fucking noobs. Who the fuck cares what her "actual skill level" is rn.

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>Pochi in chat
collab soon

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Random Pochi

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You can also try using the "top 500 was easy to get when she got it" cope.

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Why don't you fuck off back to nijiEN gen you stupid fragile defensive little cunt? He's allowed to fucking comment on wanting to see her play against better players if he wants. Stupid cunt. Go drink bleach

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When she played with Finana and they were matched with masters because of her performance she would charge in and get downed first almost every time; but to be fair she was also nerfing herself in that stream via weapon choice.

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>Let's see her play higher skill players.
woman took the last thing incels were confident about. then laughed and laughed and..

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How fucking mad are you anon

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You seem a little upset there champ.

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>itt, shitty plat and below males losing their shit over a girl being good at a video game and coping hard

>> No.7113297

getting 4 kills in under a minute, Jesus.

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God this fucking board is such a fucking garbage place. Literally filled to the brim with retards acting like literally niggers and then are surprised and complain why the threads are so shit. Fuck this faggot board

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The armor grab mid gunfight wooo

>> No.7113363

>I won't win, there's like 5 teams are in there!
>7 kills later
Please let me mail my wallet to this girl

>> No.7113373

Kill yourself stupid niggers. Always have to act like faggot niggers and make threads a absolute shithole where you can't have any proper discussion without you stupid faggots being fucking niggers about literally everything. Die in a fucking fire and a curse on your faggot families too. Fuck you

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It's okay bud, if you keep practicing at Apex, maybe one day you'll be half as good as Selen.

>> No.7113420

This is what being bad at apex, but continuing to play does to your brain

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I'll help you two

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jeez, take a chill pill :)

>> No.7113467

All this time I thought Apex made for shitty streams, turns out the problem is just that I was watching Ame-tier streamers.

>> No.7113484

When she plays ranked there will be less laughing with stronger opponents. Gonna be a kino stream

>> No.7113490

Holy shit my dude. I'm one of the ones who responded seriously but right now I think you really are just mad because she's better than you at Apex

>> No.7113514

your insecurity is showing, incel

>> No.7113523

nijien is inclining

>> No.7113539

>you ll never hatefuck Selen
in a second you will take off your pants, she will chuckle out of laughter

>> No.7113578

selen not laughing so much after fighting someone who knows what theyre doing

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Next gen is only going to get better

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>this with her

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These levels of cope these apex antis will go to justify a female is better than them is hella cringe.

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Take your pills. It’s too much of a good thing. She’s already much better this stream than the first solo Apex stream.

>> No.7113711

The fact that she's playing this well while talking with chat and explaining in detail her thought process is nothing short of peak streamer power. Even actual pros have trouble playing lower-level lobbies and talking at the same time.

>> No.7113746

>female is better than them
without even trying hard

>> No.7113813

>"I ego'd too hard"
>"I should've done this instead and I should've played smarter in general."
Instantly better than 99% of Apex players just on that alone.

>> No.7113817

that's how you distinguish high tier player and entertainer.

>> No.7113842

Since she mentioned it and there are more knowledgeable people here.
Is she the most frequently toxic Apex player in Nijisanji? Like in the dissing the opponent for playing bad.
I love it and she's fun, but could it actually cause her trouble for being in Nijisanji and, as she said, might end up deleting vods?
I know Kuzuha and a few others were actual ragers in the beginning but don't see it much now.

>> No.7113859

is Selen as good as Aqua?

>> No.7113867

Is Selen better at Apex than Chihiro?

>> No.7113869

>Actually teaching her viewers how to elevate themselves to be better players while also being extremely entertaining at a high level
She's a home run for NijiEN, Hololive fucked up not snagging her for Gen2.

>> No.7113891

I like Ame, BUT
her multiplayer FPS streams was always shit from the very first one. that's why she stopped doing them.

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Is Selen better than (you)?

>> No.7113926

We don't know. She got used to playing with low tier and is playin too aggressive now, once she gets to Masters again and gets used to that style, we'll see.

>> No.7113938

Of course, I played 2 games of apex and decided I didn't enjoy playing battle royales.

>> No.7113949

Aqua wish she was good

>> No.7113953


>> No.7113954

They aren't even close to Selen.

>> No.7113964

No, there's plenty of toxic players in Nijisanij. The only reason it might get her in trouble is because she's speaking English so the devs/reddit might take notice.

>> No.7113984

>Hololive fucked up not snagging her for Gen2.
as holoviewer, YES holoEN management Really fucked up!(again)

>> No.7114015

There are WAY more toxic players on Apex with 10 to 100x the viewers. If the devs cared about toxicity they'd have pulled some Overwatch shit ages ago.

>> No.7114030

I think it's better this way since if she was in holo ame would have to get the ego check of a lifetime.
At least this way she remains happy

>> No.7114041

She would just need to turn streamer mode on to hide names if she were to get in trouble for it. Right now we get to have moments of MusicalCat and "iddddddddiot" enjoy it while it lasts.

>> No.7114042

She comes off as one of the most toxic. Her bringing up a lot of stuff that pros joke about like they're serious tech is what gets me. If she gets into a team and butts heads with others then it could become an issue but she doesn't seem dumb enough to not learn in the event that it happen.
The hothead tryhard rushing into battle and getting killed without any team play is the worst type of rando to get, but she has the skills to back that style of play up so it's not that much a detriment.

>> No.7114049

Kuzuha's rage was more inline with old tyler1 or Iwilldominate in the sense that he was genuinely salty and angry. Nowadays he's much different and more of an entertainer instead of a lolcow with 100 views. Kuzuha still does playful bants occasionally and people enjoy it, what no one wants is pure psychotic menhera rage.

>> No.7114080

Somebody make longcat vs. tacgnol but with the dragons

>> No.7114087

I say one of the most but it's nowhere near mainstream western youtube gaming and twitch streamer types

>> No.7114094

there s difference between person who constantly arguing and trash talking and person who just teasing and calling it "TOXIC" for a meme.

>> No.7114097

She was even a fan of holoen and hololive in general in her past life and never talked about nijisanji, she didn't even apply to nijisanji till her friends told her she should. Only got to know Nijis after she was accepted and started watching a ton of streams while doing her big dragon art piece.

>> No.7114112

By miles and eons

>> No.7114129

i dont even play apex, i just like her going HAHHAHAHAHAAAHAHA

>> No.7114141

If there was a team of me vs just her I'd still lose.

>> No.7114161

Damn, she's doing numbers

>> No.7114169

lol THIS level of cop

>> No.7114172

She's playing unranked with random teammates. If you watch her past life she played plenty of party games where they coordinated. Don't try to interpret too much from these games that are meaningless.

Now someone like Aqua is more the type that is incapable of playing in a squad and can only solo...

>> No.7114180

She's literally fooling around in pubs. I'm sure someone who was pred knows how to play in a team and play more cautiously.

>> No.7114228

Yes. I'm a CS boomer so Apex filters me

>> No.7114236

>The hothead tryhard rushing into battle and getting killed without any team play is the worst type of rando to get, but she has the skills to back that style of play up so it's not that much a detriment.
Yea, she also doesn't push like this in actually competitive lobbies, this is basically the maximizing stream entertainment style she uses.

She makes it clear enough that she's just joking around that I don't think it's taken all that negatively, plus she does know how to actually play with friends and not prod them if they don't like that.

>> No.7114252

Is Selen one of the top female Apex player in North America? How good is she?

>> No.7114255 [DELETED] 

So how is she so good at this game?

Is xer a tranny?

>> No.7114267

Its actually fun watching her play I didn't think that was possible
and that's with my bias against this game for undercutting titanfall

>> No.7114283

So Hololive fucked up by denying an giant fan who talented.

Man I feel it in my bones Hololive En Gen 2 is going to be shit . Nijisanji took all the good indies and there barley anybody left for holo.

>> No.7114284

She's been playing overwatch since it came out and reached t500

>> No.7114297

>a girl is too good at a game
>this cannot be
>must be a transgender
the absolute state of incels coping

>> No.7114306

I'm not watching regular female apex streamers, I assume there are some other preds but she would probably be up there.

>> No.7114334

Sweat squad

>> No.7114348

Yeah I'm not thinking on it too hard. The question was asked so I'm just offering it as a possibility, but I think she's better than that.

>> No.7114361

Seeing her snipe mother fuckers with the R-99 give me physical pain with how fucking bad I am at aiming.

>> No.7114370

>dunking on sweaty twitch streamers
I kneel

>> No.7114377

>ame would have to get the ego check
this is the reason she almost stopped playing FPS after 1st month.
i like her BUT, Ame is NOT high tier FPS player, she is not a casual or "gamer-girl", but a regular gamer who tryed hard back in a days.
there is nothing bad about it, BUT ppl should stop to be delusional

>> No.7114380

Hard to accurately gauge, in the past she was almost definitely top 10 women playing the game but that more speaks to how few women play games competitively.

I wouldn't call her a giant fan but she did make a cute Gura gif and did watch them.

>> No.7114407

she truly has nothing to prove, she just doesn't give a shit, it's all for fun.

>> No.7114412

>Selen will never tell you sad face in game for not being to pick you up and then still picks you up
Why live

>> No.7114449

It's ridiculous how strong the R9 is when you can control it.

>> No.7114450

>lazering people at 60m with an R99
jesus christ this dragon

>> No.7114522
File: 426 KB, 2200x1237, E6dkmHRWQAAO-Ys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is explains why she didn't talk about how "she want to show ppl who great Niji is" as other members of NijiEN. girl has got some self respect.

>> No.7114541

Ame used to be a CS player. She should've just stuck to it but the streamsnipers she had in the one CSGO stream she did in Hololive ruined it for her.

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File: 1.19 MB, 1300x1100, 1625687745471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Archetect of that disaster collab yesterday casually shows up in chat

>> No.7114557

>Pathfinder with a Spitfire
She should've ditched him to die. Better than me.

>> No.7114580

sounds like cope, anon

>> No.7114609

The time she played apex with gura was the most insufferable thing. Being surrounded by a bunch of weirdos dropping them healing and offering to be killed sucked the fun right out of the game.

>> No.7114662

She literally said she's been watching Nijisanji since 2020 because she watched Sukoya's 3D live. Why are you in the thread of a vtuber you don't even watch?

>> No.7114670

Friendlies in Apex are so weird.
On the one hand it's nice and a good change of pace. On the other, this isn't TF2. I'm here to shoot people.

>> No.7114690


>> No.7114712


>> No.7114717

We doing HololiveEN numbers no boys

>> No.7114753

Fuck I'm cumming

>> No.7114759

cope for what? Champion with 18 kills?

>> No.7114766

I love this dragon so goddamn much.

>> No.7114772

how will Elira compete

>> No.7114776

She also said she's a lot less familiar with Niji overall than the other ENs and her getting hired is what prompted her to actually get more into them

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File: 627 KB, 916x783, 1484539521311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the power of gamer tomboy....

>> No.7114785

Did Zen and Finana bring their fans to the stream.

>> No.7114790

>literally wins a 1v3 by herself
this is why I don't play FPS and stick to my trash mobas

>> No.7114805
File: 108 KB, 1023x674, GodDragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You will never be this good

>> No.7114812

>4k 20 Bomb
Time for Masters Lobbies. EOMM's a bitch.

>> No.7114827

23 kills, anon

>> No.7114844
File: 2 KB, 180x43, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even the tranny dragon kneels

>> No.7114850

Isn't Ame more of a CS player? Doesn't seem like she plays apex that much. Even her valorant gameplay is better than her apex gameplay.

>> No.7114856

i never said she was bad, but there is a significant difference in term of Skill Gap between regular player who trying hard and learning, and talented dedicated FPS pro player. plus in second regular player stop practice his/her skill level drop significantly. and there is nothing you can do about it.

>> No.7114858

Back to back wins she’s like the Ninja of Apex damn

>> No.7114874

shes good at fps but i dont hold that in high regard, lets see her play a fighting game at high level like Rosemi. fighting games are based on pure individual skill.

>> No.7114895

this is the weirdest cope I've ever seen

>> No.7114920

of mb... femboy..

>> No.7114965

>Yeah she's good at this genre of high-skill competitive game, but let's see her try this other completely unrelated genre of high-skill competitive game, until then I'm not impressed

>> No.7114968

>Tranny dragon is all "no fun allowed"
>Selen is just fucking around laughing her head off
This piece of shit isn't even watching and just trying to get in selens good books.

>> No.7114969

nobody cares about your tranny

>> No.7114971

Anon, I didn't say she'd literally never set eyes on a niji before. She just didn't talk about them or have a notable interest in them before getting hired.

>> No.7114995

Not wrong.

>> No.7115010

why are you so threatened by a girl playing Apex this well, anon?

>> No.7115040

You think I give a fuck about the catfish dragon? I know he's trying to get into Selens good graces to have a collab eventually.

>> No.7115087

god i fucking hope they never collab. i think selen is too smart to collab with him, lets hope her manager is as well

>> No.7115126

>So Hololive fucked up by denying an giant fan who talented.
>Man I feel it in my bones Hololive En Gen 2 is going to be shit
If they can reject her, maybe they have better.

>> No.7115151

she was CS player, BUT Ame played Overwatch a LoT! So make your own assumptions. i will say:
FPS is FPS in the end of the day. we are not comparing FPS to MOBAS or RTS or Fightings

>> No.7115165

You really think Cover has that kind of planning or foresight? They couldn't even give Gura a proper Live2D.

>> No.7115172

i dont have any faith after seeing irys

>> No.7115177

>You're good at X, but what about Y
This is like when people would shit on Method for world first clearing WoW raids, but not having high Arena ratings

>> No.7115186

Selen revealed she was actually invited to the cursed collab, so you can pretty much confirm tranny dragon is stalking Selen now

>> No.7115201

I don't think Holo management is as interested in indies as Niji is. Only 2 ENs were indies, seems like they're selecting more for specific talents like Ina's art or Mori's song producing.

>> No.7115202

Ame is like a scuffed version of Selene, whereas Selene is a real “toxic gamer”, and Ame is just a pretender and boring.

>> No.7115213

Her BGM reminds me of crash bandicoot.

>> No.7115228

I have no idea what you just said nerd.

>> No.7115248

Eh comparing CS/Valo to Apex is like comparing Starcraft to League. The skills just aren't all that transferable in many ways. Ame isn't especially great at cs though anyway so whatever.

>> No.7115254

Ame is legitimately toxic though while Selen just likes to banter. You ever seen Selen rage at any game as much as Ame rages at fucking Mario?

>> No.7115287

We won’t know until the time comes. I’m just thinking they turned down people they wouldn’t have turned down in the past. Gets you thinking there may be a reason for it.

>> No.7115295

I remember hearing she was relatively high ranked in CS a while ago, but I could just be insane. Does anyone know what her peak OW SR was?

>> No.7115322

>So Hololive fucked up..
by not making new GEN2 befor Vsinger.*
now they lose their momentum. this is a BIG mistake from high level management of hololive.

>> No.7115331
File: 3.28 MB, 562x413, 1627046467509.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7115339

Just my opinion of Ame. She comes off as pretty tame to me.

>> No.7115349

I like Selen, but you guys are turbo faggots.
Are all niji fans like this?
Why are you so angry and hostile? Because Hololive is more popular?

>> No.7115350

Is she actually the best vtuber apex player right now (save from some small indies that i might not know)? She's legitimately better than Shibuya Hal and the Gorilla, which are the other two Predator vtubers i know.

>> No.7115392

Fuck off NijiSenpai

>> No.7115407

I hate selen and I hate you too

>> No.7115415

Hal was gettiing 4k bombs playing solo in dia lobbies the other day...

>> No.7115429

false flag posting

>> No.7115432

Yes she’s number 1 based on credentials.

>> No.7115438

HololiveEN managment*

ps this time

>> No.7115448

Gotta take into account that Apex is easier on JP servers than it is on EN gones

>> No.7115457

Hololive never really focused on picking up gamers anyway. Ame and Botan were both "gamers" and turned out to be duds when it comes to appealing to people who wanna see high level gameplay.

>> No.7115479

>I like Selen, but are all niji fans like this? Why are you so angry and hostile?
Maybe some Holo fans also like Selene, and therefore the toxicity follows? But my opinion is that you’re just an over sensitive bitch.

>> No.7115496

> suddenly its a holo thread

>> No.7115505

Seems to be a classic case of suffering from success and forgetting they are a vtuber company first and foremost, not all the other projects they are spending their time and money on. Even Vsinger getting unceremoniously dropped without a group shows poor planning.

>> No.7115512

Donate $1000 right now.

>> No.7115520

Yes by default since I suck so badly at FPS in general I barely play them.

>> No.7115548

All threads are holothreads

>> No.7115588

Re-read the sentence to your satisfaction

>> No.7115589

>Only 2 ENs were indies
they ALL was INDIpendent. so i guess you meant smol.
2 small Vtubers(content creators) out of 5 is 40%(a bit less than HALF) of them.
your point is not valid, anon

>> No.7115597

Cover probably wasn't interested in an apex focused streamer based on how their apex spammers do and apex not being as popular overseas compared to Japan.

>> No.7115614

Because Ame sucks at games. I honestly don’t know what her talent is. I wouldn’t consider her similar to Selene.
Also I think if Hololive does want to try out a gamer, it should be an extremely good one. Otherwise, they shouldn’t bother.

>> No.7115629

this is an english language board sir

>> No.7115646

Botan is a high level player but she's pretty much retired in playing sweaty competitive matches and just chills with casual FPS games.

>> No.7115671

>She's legitimately better than Shibuya Hal and the Gorilla
Chill, we know you want to fuck her, we also want, but this is next level simping

>> No.7115680

Vtuber agencies should secure premade streamer accounts in the future so they don’t have to grind characters and rank

>> No.7115684

clean it up, squaddies

>> No.7115702

maybe you should kill yourself you hugboxing little faggot. No one cares about your feelings.

>> No.7115712

>I honestly don’t know what her talent is
Her streams are 10x more interesting than any other HoloEN, and she's a streamer. Shouldn't that be a good thing?

>> No.7115721

Selene talks so much, that when she stops talking for 10 secs, I keep thinking she died or something. I still like her though.

>> No.7115742


>> No.7115745

>She's legitimately better than Shibuya Hal and the Gorilla
As washed up as Shibuya Hal is, he's not THAT washed up, hell Gorilla is insanely good that she can't even actually match up, stop trying to get in her pants, she doesn't give two shits about (You)

>> No.7115772

If they gave a shit they'd drop a tiny business expense on Apex Coins to unlock shit. Also the grind is a flex

>> No.7115773

I mean it's fine if they pick up someone like Korone or Lulu that just does endurance streams and has infinite patience. Those are much easier to find and much more appealing to watch than a sweaty tryhard unless the tryhard is super entertaining like Selen.
Nijisanji recently picked up another Predator rank player in their new JP wave but he's pretty damn boring compared to Selen or even Kuzuha despite being high skill. Just being good at games isn't enough for a vtuber desu. People who want sweaty gameplay will just go to Twitch and pick whoever has the highest view count in the game's category.

Also I don't wanna shit on Ame too much. She's terrible as a gamer but she has some enthusiasm for content creation and at least seemingly pushes the other girls to keep improving otherwise they'll be left behind by her experimental content.

>> No.7115780

I can't unhear this now. Selen playing the remastered Crash games when?

>> No.7115812

Holos outnumber other vtuber fanbases 100 to 3, most NijiEN fans are also Holo fans.

>> No.7115819

whats her BGM name??

>> No.7115828

She's talked about trying to get Crash 4 permissions

>> No.7115863

>comparing Starcraft to League
you do not know what you are talking about, lets be honest here
>ignored Overwatch completely
OW mb was her main game before holoEN and you straight up ignored it to "prove the point".
i personally remember Ame told how she grinded OW ranked(also reps)

>> No.7115901

Holo is about creating inoffensive idol waifus. Given the amount of dipshits Reeeeeeing in here already it's pretty clear that being a good gamer is a debuff for the incel-friendly GFE HoloEn is ultimately selling

>> No.7115911

>Is she actually the best vtuber apex player
No, and she has said it no less that 5 times in the current stream alone she's not because
1) She's on a smurf account (because Niji won't let her use her main acct)
2) She's having fun
3) Her attention is divided on talking, reading chat, and talking to her genmates on discord
4) She doesn't want to be serious, that happens on her rank climb this thursday
5) She mentioned theres plenty of pro's in her actual range that maximize advantage (spitfire x2, controller usage, and forced building battles) that she knows she wouldn't be able to beat because of their game sense on top of advantage

You need to actually WATCH the talent you are backhandedly trying to support

>> No.7115922

Nope. Botan applied with her master rank in APEX to get in Hololive. Only to cuck then and never play it on stream.

>> No.7115946

Overwatch is also a different subgenre of fpses bud.

>> No.7115962

>anon who doesn't know what they're talking about accuses another anon of not knowing what they're talking about

>> No.7116009

I'm talking about HoloEN. Botan also has far more credentials than just being master in apex, and I really doubt she promised management to spam apex just to never touch it.

>> No.7116011

thread epilogue: I don't even play the game you guys are talking about and I don't even watch the streamers you are talking about, I'm just here to shit on your opinions because that's how I cope instead of being in a mental asylum. The end

>> No.7116012

Protect Ember

>> No.7116033

I want Selen to speak with a North Dakota accent.

>> No.7116078

Ina was a Vtuber already, they are called the holo trinity becase all 3 of them were vtubers before. So 60% of Holo En were indies.

>> No.7116104

Hololive literally started getting ahead of Niji because Aqua started collabing with Niji Gamers and started mogging them. Every company wants that juicy CR Cup views. It's just that Hololive got fucked by idolfags and had to change focus. Let me give you a little example: First they forced Matsuri in all girls team, her team sucked and Matsuri went menhera. Then they reached the compromise that there must always be another girl on the team and the manager must always be in the discord call during the streams with team and the coaches, resulting in mild and awkward streams but decent games. There was also this incident where management banned Matsuri from APEX after-party because Hal didn't agree to segregate it by gender.
There's a reason only Towa and Matsuri represent Holo because no one else is willing to put up with such bullshit just to play FPS.

>> No.7116107

Nice try Dakota tourism board, we all know North Dakota doesn't exist

>> No.7116123

Why does this woman always keep so many syringes and only 2 bats

>> No.7116153

>Only to secure countless fps sponsorships and Pro event appearances promoting Hololive
It's ok that she only played Apex twice with Nene if she doesn't like it anymore

>> No.7116210

ChaRRRge rifle love it when she drags the syllables out

>> No.7116241

her knowledge and understanding of different situations and movement show her experience
Potential skill level much better than aim or match results. you can not take thouse things from high level player.

>> No.7116280

for zone jumping in and out

>> No.7116314

Kiara had streaming exp as well, so you can say there is 4 of them

>> No.7116351

Fun stream, can't wait to see her play ranked.
I also want to see her raging. I bet it will happen.

>> No.7116354

selen is done streaming.
kill this stream and all the holobronies in it.

>> No.7116367
File: 1005 KB, 1264x711, 【APEX LEGENDS】hey )【NIJISANJI EN Selen Tatsuki】.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This girl is disgusting, I mean it in a good way.
13 kills 2921 damage dealt.

>> No.7116402

You heard the dragon. Go to POMU!

>> No.7116439

Selen... This is not Twitch...

>> No.7116452
File: 21 KB, 548x540, 80912717-0AC4-49B5-99D1-2F0D662AFA27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigger count: 3
Faggot count: 3
Assblasted count: 1

>> No.7116482

Because the ring is a joke and she's confident in her ability to finish a fight without having to batt.

>> No.7116532
File: 401 KB, 1031x2911, E6qqbQLUUAEB0n0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i do not think she will play rank, so
>no raging

>> No.7116533

When youtube adds raids it'll finally be a good streaming platform.

>> No.7116578

She said she's gonna play ranked on the next apex stream.

>> No.7116677

I'd say I was about this good years ago in CS:GO when I actually cared.

>> No.7116696

Who is her competition besides Washed up Shibuya in the Vtuber catagory?

>> No.7116701

All of the Niji EN girls are boring af except Selen, fuck why couldnt she be a Holo. I just want a Haachama and Selen collab where they belittle the audience. Maybe Hoshikawa can do one with Haachama and invite Selen.

>> No.7116788


>> No.7116793

>why couldnt she be a Holo
because Cover is an idol-based vtuber company and don't want genki tomboys because they don't market well when idols are supposed to be submissive and breedable.

>> No.7116854

>There was also this incident where management banned Matsuri from APEX after-party because Hal didn't agree to segregate it by gender.
Wait, what? When did that happen? I haven't kept up with Matsuri in a long time, but I thought the only time something like that happenned was on the last ShibuHal tourney and he did accept to do the gender segregation, was there another eveny where he didn't accept to do it?

>> No.7116903

>fuck why couldnt she be a Holo
Because she only had 200 subs on her roommate channel and cover doesn't look at indies with less than 10K

>> No.7116962

Is Aqua still stuck in diamond? Imagine not even being good enough to get master, never mind predator (top 500).

>> No.7116976
File: 48 KB, 347x313, 1609723508011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is she going to be the biggest in Niji EN? She was pulling almost 5k today

>> No.7117010

There was the Apex Vtuber match a few months ago where HOLO's Astel won. I would wager everyone who competed

>> No.7117045

I just hope she doesn't get the wrong type of Apex crowd, but at least they're only pests during Apex streams.

>> No.7117057

Her and Pomu are top
Elira and Petra are mid
Finana and Rose are bottom

But even bottom gets near 2k now, so the incline is definitely happening, though not as hyper as Holo's

>> No.7117081

>Almost twice the views as a 700k sub Holo vtuber...

>> No.7117086

Her streaming platform was twitch, but also she only had 8k followers there anyway.

>> No.7117225

This is why she is smart to be playing a variety of games. She won't get pigeonholed as the Apex streamer with an audience who only watch Apex and nothing else. She can build a dedicated audience who will watch her play anything and still get big numbers for Apex at the same time. It might be a slower grind this way but it is better in the long run.

>> No.7117560

her main competition is going to be ping across the pacific ocean

>> No.7117658

>for longer

>> No.7117764
File: 1.42 MB, 1064x791, 125412312321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7118611

It would be a problem, but i was surprised that when she got in high level lobbies she immediately stopped trash-talking.

The only people she jokes around with seem to be her friends and all the children / bots she's stuck with

>> No.7118653
File: 961 KB, 4000x3000, E6S4OahWUAEhzes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh, i guess i missed this.
i thought she is ranket player on retirement, because at her first stream she said that she is tired of grinded and just what to chill. (just like Botan)

i will not be surprised if her managment pushed her to do this, since those guys showed theier consernes about her lsast week schedule and demend her to stream Minecraft and ather buff games next(this) week.
fucking gold digers.

>> No.7118705

She can play ranked without being a sweaty grinder. I doubt she will go for pred anytime soon, but getting to dia or even master wouldn't be particularly hard for her.

>> No.7118720

Nah, she set two of her long term goals as ultimately getting into CR cup and ALGS. To do that she needs to grind some ranked. Niji management is very hands off.

>> No.7118755

you can not be good competitive player without this type of attitude.
i will not call This trash-talking. she is just joking around.

>> No.7118848

your spelling is fucking atrocious, are you underage?
it also wasn't a demand, just a suggestion, managers are supposed to give advice on how to grow the channel.

>> No.7118866

Even pre-debut when she streamed as her roommate she was not very good at most shooter the only one i remember really thinking she was good at was overwatch and judging from the one time she did stream overwatch as amelia she is still very good at it, but she barely streams it nowadays

>> No.7118931

Japan wouldn't be able to handle a gaijin shitting on them, so idk if she will get an invite.

>> No.7118966

Does Gen not count because he's Oceanic?

>> No.7119002

>ranked without being a sweaty grinder
i guess you do not know much about high level/pro players. she slready changed her attitude in second part of last stream as soon as good players started to show up.
this is classic competitive mood.
this is true for almoust every player of this type. the only difference is how easy will you brash away disapointment after lose.

>> No.7119003

I mean for CR cup, people will probably bitch cause she's a predator rank and they will whine if her team is "too strong".

>> No.7119040

inb4 she gets antis like Chihiro. She'll probably just tell them to fuck off

>> No.7119062

You're missing my point. Playing some ranked (up to like dia or master) would not feel like grinding to her, hence her saying she's "tired of the ranked grind" or whatever doesn't mean she won't touch ranked at all.

>> No.7119105

easily the best one, EN server is much stronger than JP server as well

>> No.7119145

>wasn't a demand
it was, by her own words
>managers are supposed to give advice
yep, at very least they are doing their job, but i thought we are here value "freedom of creativity".

>> No.7119168

I doubt you watch other pred vtubers. And JP servers are very sweaty and full of cheaters to the point some JP players prefer playing on NA.

>> No.7119189


>> No.7119296

Very sweaty doesn't necessarily mean the player quality is higher. I'm actually curious how Selen's squad would handle a CR cup environment and see how much aggressive playstyles are more favorable than JP campy meta.

>> No.7119372

i watched the stream bro, no creativity is being stifled, look at what games she has been and will be playing, also it's not like she doesn't want to play apex.

>> No.7119375

JP campy meta hard loses to NA Revenant Octane push strat.

>> No.7119385

>sweaty doesn't necessarily mean the player quality
so true
>how much aggressive playstyle
she already said that if she will play against actually good players, she will play much more passive

>> No.7119405

Yeah, but she also hit pred a while ago, it's probably not fully comparable to current preds (either NA or JP). Anyway we will see sooner or later, but saying she is "easly the best" just seems ignorant to me.

>> No.7119409

Her onimusha stream was top tier, and I hope she does get that metal slug stream off the ground.

>> No.7119434

I'm pretty convinced anyone loudly proclaiming her the best is just trying to stir up shit.

>> No.7119459

it really was, i honestly think she can make any game watchable, i'm completely hooked to her streams. hoping for starcraft personally.

>> No.7119471

She also mentioned she would bum rush and crack the enemy to have her teammates clean up and how their gungho playstyle would rage streamers.
So still generally a more aggressive approach at that level.

>> No.7119478

NijiEN is inclining right now, IRyS killed the holo hype, even finana and rosemi are doing almost 3k live viewers now, our moment will come soon enough nijiBros the writing is on the wall for hololive's downfall

>> No.7119513

Tribalism is so disgusting.

>> No.7119549

Curious which Starcraft. I'd like to see if she can have fun with Artosis like Ludwig.

>> No.7119577

i'm not shining on you, her or a management. just a little bit of concerns about NijiEN management policy, because i like Selena.
but i will pick managment who cares about there tallents and their future over shitty managers who don't and just doing a "cash grab" have anyday of the week. (im looking at you holoEN)

thats why i did not understand whole "advertisement controversy".

>> No.7119638

Who in HoloEN is doing a cash grab, is every nijifan infected with Crab in a bucket syndrome?

>> No.7119639

>gungho playstyle would rage streamers
karma inc?

>> No.7119727

gonna be honest, starcraft 2 was my entry point, so i'd love to see her play it, but experiencing the original through her doesn't sound bad either.
either way, the match she wants to do vs rosemi will be fun to watch.

>> No.7119853

Oh so she already mentioned interest? I know they both brought up they liked Starcraft in their debut, but thought it was more to just show their gaming history.
I am hyped.

>> No.7119883

anon.... watch streams doko..... VoD reps onigai

>> No.7120002

yeah i think it was her latest zatsudan where she said that, no date is set it stone, but she does have the permissions for sc2 and said she's working on getting them for sc1.

>> No.7120044

anon, if anything i'm "holofan". thats why I am disappointed that holoEN management takes big cut of girls money despite being inexperienced and incompetent buffoons.
should we really argue about That?

>> No.7120054

Wait ..women can be good at games? I thought that was a meme.

>> No.7120126

stop watching Ame's streams, anon

>> No.7120320

Women can be good at games anon.
Not sure about modern trannies though. They carry too much baggage lately and aren't true gamers like Scarlet, but I'm behind on my esports reps.

>> No.7121223



>> No.7121253

Holy shit I think Selen might be the first English speaking vtuber I like. She's an actual gamer. I dig it bros.

>> No.7123263

I'm only watching Selen, noone else has interested me in Niji

>> No.7123579

If you mean 1.6 and earlier yeah, I know what you mean. It's been literal decades now..how time flies. But it's fine to watch the younger generation play these kinds of games; I live vicariously through their energy.

>> No.7124242

What do CS boomers think about Valorant?
What is about Valorant vs Apex?

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