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Enjoy the next 7 hours while you can

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What are you going to do, Pekora?

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how did it all end up like this?

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Miko raped pekora

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In 7 hours from this post, it would be 12:45 PM in Japan which is 45 minutes too late for serious announcement, this is not elite OP

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>Serious announcement
I hope Migo graduates

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anon im going to fuck your oshi so hard she cant walk to her computer and stream for a week. I'll pump so much cum into her she'll look pregnant

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what? Is she going to collab with males again?

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Getting married.

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Miko is the soul of Hololive, her graduation will be the symbolic death of Hololive, forevermore a shell of its former self

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The dyke with the annoying voice isn’t the soul of anything.

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Is it so much to ask that chuubas stay active until they die of old age?

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Very high chance this announcement is going to be a graduation

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Shut the fuck up faggot.

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Who the fuck spins up rrats over Miko? She's like the most harmless person in Hololive. Holos with annoying fanbases or who are annoying themselves I understand but Miko fits neither of these categories.

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The rrats with Pekora are inevitable and even understandable, but other than that it's just a symptom of being one of the most popular holos.

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Aren't 35penises one of the most vile, autism ridden fan bases out there?

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You misspelled Fubuki

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anon I...

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>calling the hottest most erotic voice in holoJP annoying
what are you, gay?

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What happened now?

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How fucking new? 35p are cancer.

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Wait what's happening

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The end

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Miko would never graduate she's on record on saying hololaifu is laifu and how she would work behind the scenes even if she couldn't stream anymore.

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The end of the rrats ? This blessed day is finally arriving ?

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Big baby.

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What announcement? What the fuck are you talking about schizo?

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Her next video has a foreboding thumbnail.

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miko miko

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Would be a shame if she graduated before the room review on Thursday

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Where ? I don't see any stream.

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Saying that gets her favor with management. The only holos who don't say shit like that are those who are past their prime and/or just don't give a shit like Matsuri or Ayame.

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No, Miko tried to convince her to have yuri sex with her. Peko accepted and was looking forward to it.

But then Miko brought her boyfriend in and claimed it would be a threesome.

Peko was scared but reluctantly went along with it. Then he mating pressed her relentlessly and drained his balls inside her raw bunny cunny while Miko watched and masturbated in the corner.

Peko had to get an abortion, and hasn't forgiven Miko since.

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I'm Miko's boyfriend

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am boyfriend, can confirm

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There's literally nothing miko related 7 hours after the op posted the thread, it's just pure bullshit and I've fallen for it. I am ashamed of myself.

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VT is the easiest Board to get (YOU)'s at, no other board compares

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>white mode
WTF, anon?

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Yeah, you should really kill yourself for that

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am peko's aborted fetus, can confirm

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Same. Every time I refresh the catalog I dread a Final Yab. You could make a thread claiming [chuuba] is announcing her graduation because she stubbed her toe on the edge of her bed frame and my heart would skip a beat.

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This graduation talk is an understandable but incorrect take on this thread. This is the real Miko, she's warning us that /vt/ will be taken down in 4 hours. Halle-fucking-lujah, about fucking time!

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Migo is ogey

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Keep up the headcanon, schizos. The only thing that's happening at the end of these 7 hours is me laughing at you. Work on your rrats.

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I really hope this hypocrite leech graduates, but fuck you for getting my hopes up, OP. I don't see any streams coming up.

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She did us dirty dykebros

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Good work today, Migo.

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She never said she didn't like someone, so she isn't an hypocrite. Nice try faggot, but you're really the only one here to be hurt by that image.

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You will have sex with your oshi before the rrats stop. That is to say...it will never happen.

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>He isn't fucking his oshi on a daily basis

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>He hasn't started a family with his oshi with many more on the way

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I was the doctor who performed the abortion, I can confirm, it was twins btw.

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I gave this man his PhD at Yale, I can confirm

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Fuck off homoshitfart.

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fuck donkey gaylord

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don't tell me what to do

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OP here, I’m glad my schizo bait has managed to stay active throughout the whole day

This is what happens when you subconsciously crave fearmongering and graduation announcements

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nah i hope you do from life

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nah its your life you are graduating from

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I'll spend the next 7 hours in a state of bitter rage just to spite you OP

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OP It's been 12 hours and there's still no graduation. When will you admin your rrat was lazy and overfed?

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Your thread would have received more traction if you picked a different member. All Hololive fans know Miko is a lifer and 35p would know a long time in advance if Miko was going to graduate as they are deeply connected to her.

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That's what you get for hating pekora

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