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If today has made any one thing clear, it's that Pikamee is miraculously able to transcend this board's tribalfaggotry, and be embraced by damn near everyone.

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She would have been basically the perfect vtuber if her new design didn't exist.

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>damn near
Heckin' near as fuck!

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Nice Boat

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Pikamee would have Pekora level sub counts and views if she had the hololive brand power behind her.
She is genuinely enjoyable, both in EN and JP. The only chuuba that has managed to balance perfectly both audiences.
Kiara, iofi, and anya could learn a lot from her.

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wrong, I hate pedos

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>Kiara, iofi, and anya could learn a lot from her
I don't know about Iofi and Anya, but Kiara has been improving, at least when it comes to her EN audience.

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If VOMS had 5 more chuubas, two of them would have personalities you hate. Pika associating with them would get you to hate her eventually.

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Too bad the voms avatars are fucking shit

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why are you even here?

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Suicide is the only escape from pedos.

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lol she ain't gonna learn new things from pikamee

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It's too bad her new design is such a downgrade.

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I'm a holopurist and I approve of Pimakee.
Death to nijidogs btw

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Nope, I just need to wait until the brain scanners that can identify the pedo defect and remove all pedos for a pedo free society. They can already do this via a lab arousal test but that's not really practical.

Pedos are living on borrowed time.

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pikamee collabs with nyanners. that means she condones her.

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She cute naw mean

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So, your uncle touched you when you were a kid?

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I'm relatively upset forced pictures of whores and troons into my feed.

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Pikamee is the Mr Rodgers of vtubing.

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Basically this.
This collab was actually enjoyable from Pika's POV. But those first 45 minutes were impossible to deal with, and if you manage to screw a collab up with Pikamee included you did really screwed something up.
She does well with all kinds of chuubas, Ironmouse, Suisei, Ina, Pomu, that basically covers all companies that people go tribal here. She even made a collab with AI and everything went fine.
Zen basically fucked up a sandwich.

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Terrible taste.

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Nobody below 30 should know who Mr Rodgers is

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anon I'm a 23yo spic and I know who he is.

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She looks like a deformed toddler from a shitty flash game now. She was never a really good looking vtuber before but was at least passably quite/minimalistic. It's a mess now.

I like how nobody even bothers to try to defend what happened to TMSK, if only because there isn't some kind of reputation riding on the opinion unlike how Pikamee is something symbolically important to many. Point out the exact same problem with Pikamee and suddenly people are in wholesale denial about it.

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You kidding?
I'm 28 and remember watching Mr Rodgers every day when I was little.

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She wouldn't last at a cover as toxic as Cover or Anycolour. Pikamee is a wonderful person, but extremely sensitive. I'm glad she's with VOMS.

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>I like how nobody even bothers to try to defend what happened to TMSK
It's because there's some merit to the new Pika design above the waist (the most important part of a vtuber model for actual streaming), while TMSK was just wholesale botched.

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Faggot, I'm 20 AND a SEAnigger. Everyone knows who Mr. Rodgers is.

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Never thought I'd have to use this image on someone who hates pedos, but I never expected to find Nyanners posting on /vt/ either.

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She probably makes more than them, since GYARI doesn't take a cut of her revenue.

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3 is truly the perfect number.

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here's your (you) retard, i have never watch mr.Rodgers and even I know hom just from cultural and generational osmosis

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>3 truly is the perfect number

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it's just not the same without Monoe

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>and even I know hom just from cultural and generational osmosis
Exactly what I mean by you shouldn't know.

"dude Mr Rodgers so nice so kind everyone loves him lmao" when all you've seen is like a 3 min clip and a bunch of boomers nostalgiaing about him in some thread or article somewhere. Referencing him is hollow

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Imagine gatekeeping Mr. Rogers. He wouldn't want you to do that, anon. Also you keep spelling his name wrong, faggot.

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I don't know who he is beyond 3 minute clips and boomer nostalgia. That's why. Besides, Rodgers is the better and most supreme spelling of the name

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>I don't know who he is, so no one my age should know who he is.

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There was literally a recent biopic with Tom Hanks. Looked shit, but Tom Hanks, fffs. Of course people know who he is.

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Nickelodeon-ass looking chuuba

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>I like how nobody even bothers to try to defend what happened to TMSK
nobody defends what happened to TMSK because TMSK's design change was ass and Pikamee's was fine. Pikamee has a cute face and a cute mouth. Tomoshika HAD a cute face, and now she has weird flesh teeth and weirdly short hair.
Pikamee's model transition was smooth, TMSK's model transition was botched, is that really a hard concept to accept?

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nobody watches western movies anymore

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I do.

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does anyone have an archive/mirror? It's not on the usual sites.

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As well as she would’ve been extremely limited on who she can collab with and what content she can stream. Pika being so open and willing to work with nearly anyone is what makes her so great and beloved by alot of the community, plus how much big fun she brings into said collabs and playing the games she like.
I love Pikamee for her cheerfulness and able to see her interact with people. Places like Cover would have been terrible, even if she gets a huge boost. Nijisanji, might be okay but still too restricting although probably not as much. More of a bigger problem would be she’ll just be another one there, which would also suck

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The legendary perfect vtuber has yet to appear. Pika would just be better without the new costume. Still not much different from every other vtuber that plays mainstream games, though.

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Genuinely neck yourself. Even /b/ likes Mr. Rogers you colossal faggot, you're just being contrarian on purpose.

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yea, that's what I always said

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You don't believe this do you? Even ignoring SCs, all the EN girls have 5k+ members minimum on top of their paycheck.

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How many does Pika have?

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Isn't she a literal pedophile?

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Gura... don't look...

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>2D and 3D are different
>It's ok when girls do it

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>She would have been basically the perfect vtuber
Wasn't that Coco?

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>Pedos are living on borrowed time.
Pedos control the world, you know how many rich people scandals there are since always.

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Yeah, but doesn't Cover take a huge cut of everything? GYARI takes nothing from channel revenue, he just pulled a George Lucas and took the money from merchandise.

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I wish pika and tomo used their old avatars, they were so much better....

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Cover take cut from superchat for certain and I think a lesser cut on merch but they dont on membership.
Thats one of the reason the girls are quick to open membership as soon as they can.

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It wasn't, false flagging nigger

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She wasn't, false flagging nigger

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