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literally makes EVERY stream good

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Elira and Selen, when?

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imagine not being a double predator in Apex when grinding to master every day HAHAHAHA

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Imagine her laughing at you and bullying you everyday of your life

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i thought pomufags were annoying but i changed my mind
selenfags are worse

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Sorry bros, I just find her voice annoying and think her design is way too close to Elira's

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My antipathy for APEX ensures that she'll never quite be my oshi but respect where it's due, she's good at streem

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her voice isn't annoying, it's just ugly and sounds like pig squealing

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you just indirectly stated that you'll never have a tomboy gf

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No shit her design is close to Elira's, they're sisters in lore

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>all tomboys sound like fat sows
you just indirectly stated you've never even met a tomboy

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No need to watch her then you dont have to nijisanji doesnt work that way
But man do i personally love hwr voice what i'd do to get reincarnated into a world where shes my friend

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>literally makes EVERY stream good
literally the ollie of nijiEN, nijisanji struck gold with her.

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Dragons are just built different.

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That would be so good

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I want nothing more than this

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will she become nijiEN kuzuha?
I'm holobro but yeah, she's awesome

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She needs someone else of equal energy before they can sky rocket into populaity then she'll become english kuzuha

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when wincest?

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You can't replicate that autist.

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What do you mean? get a gf/bf and then skyrocket numbers on gossip alone?

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Never. She debuted too late and then got immediately overshadowed by JP debut.

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Kuzuha needed Kanae to babysit him back in the days, Selen is nothing like that.

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this is basically Nagatoro but with a cute purple dragon girl

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her blurred apex screen filtered me

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>all tomboys sound like fat sows
if that's what you think, then so be it. my condolences. she can cook and eats healthy on regular basis. she also does a lot of sports as hobby, so it's pretty much impossible for her to be fat.

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why is her neck so looooong?

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neck ∝ popular

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>t anon describing the sound of his own breathing due to a crushed nasal cavity exacerbated by his sleep apnea, but lacks way too much self-awareness to attribute the noise to himself and so blames random anime waifus on jootoob for the sound of his own insufferable presence.

Sorry to hear about your condition, anon.

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Because she’s a dragon. She makes makes fun of her own neck all the time. I love her.

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>EN garbage
yeah not touching that

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easier rigging elira and ina also have long as fuck necks but elira has her hair and ina just covers it with her neck chocker? thing

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> her design is way too close to Elira's
Because they are related, baka.

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>EN garbage
>yeah not touching that
understandable, but she's actually pretty entertaining

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Not really. She's better than many vtubers, but still not up to par now that the honeymoon phase is over. Her game choice leaves much to be desired. Shovel knight was good, but apex isn't my thing.

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>Not being EOP
Here's your (you) third-world-chama

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Selen really is the best.

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>her face when she sees you for the first time in years and is about to bully you again for old times' sake

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The boardfags seem to fear her the most out of any NijiEN member, and with good reason.

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imagine not losing your shit this badly at least once per stream

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I thought them fables anons. I merely took the notion of a tomboy gamer girl whos actually good at games as a fanciful farse
And yet, she lives. She exists and announces herself near daily and wins me over with her talents and laughter

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i don't even like her that much but she has the best voice i've heard from a vtuber, it's better than the squeaky little girl voice a lot of them do

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>selen anti samefagging
and i thought coco's antis were braindead

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She sounds fat

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>fat makes sounds when talking
kek, fucking delusional incels

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>when she sees you for the first time in years
Nah, I was implying being married to her

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Her voice and mannerisms combined make me unbelievably horny

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I really like Selen, she's made me give other NijiEn girls a shot as well. Literally laughing at everything she says like it's the funniest joke she's ever heard.

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Just make the /hah/ general already.

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Nice thread shill, not watching your zhang chuuba. How much were you paid to create this thread?

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They are the same people. NijiEN is being shilled here. Probably organized on discord or by AnyColor themselves.

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But what about /pff/?

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i still like both pomu and selenfags more than you

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>mogs you in apex
>drags her beef curtains on your dead body

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>does a lot of sports as hobby, s
Yeah, rugby the fat hag kek

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This but for hololive

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mad throat game

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You underestimate just how likely it is for people online to literally fall in love with anime girls.

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>This but for hololive

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I have another hypothesis: 95% of ENtubers are so garbage that a genuinely entertaining one like Selen will get a lot of attention. The vast majority of new NijiEN fans are here for her and some old Pomu and Fish posters have latched on to that energy. That is why you suddenly see so many NijiEN threads at once.

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>I have another hypothesis: 95% of ENtubers are so garbage that a genuinely entertaining one like Selen will get a lot of attention. The vast majority of new NijiEN fans are here for her and some old Pomu and Fish posters have latched on to that energy. That is why you suddenly see so many NijiEN threads at once.

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should've seen /jp/ when holotumors dominated the board

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same. literally the first nijiEN person I've ever watched and then I started watching the other girls.

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Honestly this is a big one, I've recently been listening to some EN girls on the side of my JP ones, and most just aren't that good. There's a few that fill some certain niches (Yuuna from tsunderia does some comfy zatsudans, Rita from prism is perfect mommy tier, mouse has some generally good watch alongs) but there's no real high energy gamer thats filled by someone with actual charisma, most are just schreeching retards.
Having selen fill that high energy gamer niche really goes a long way.

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I like when she laughs because it lets me know when it's okay for me to laugh.

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>Neejeesaanji *GUFFAW*

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There are 2 types of people, those that laugh, and those that are laughed at.

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I wish I could laugh as easily and often as she does ;_;

>> No.7074966

I actually do, but people just think I'm crazy or mocking them.
They're laughs of sympathy not of mocking, get your sand out of your vag.

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I can only wish

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I've been sick and tired of apex streams for as long as I can remember but then Selen made it actually entertaining

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So... always?

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friendly reminder to take your meds.

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NijiEN completely mogged Holo for me, I canceled a bunch of memberships to get ready for the Lazulite / Selen membership. I still have to warm up to the penguin and rose before i decide about membership, but Selen was a stream #1 membership for me.

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she works hard

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tomboy hag fatty

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Why is her neck so long? Elezen looking ass

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hah doesn't really accurately describe her laugh though.

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three words: draenei f**a c***

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I'm surprised no one found out yet, but no "she sounds fat" isn't enough.

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