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the hype is over

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Just tuned in, the monotony is palpable. Then switched to some literally who jp-en bear with 4k subs playing minecraft with banter and instant super glue charisma.

I feel like a dick writing this, i hope IRyS finds her footing like the other EN girls but i just feel like im watching paint dry.

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She's never reaching a million subs, is she?

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What's the point of holoapex if you're not astel, tower or onion ?

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>Gaming stream everyday
Remind me what is she again? Wasn't she supposed to be VSINGER? not VTUBER?

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I liked watching Aqua play, but these days I only watch it if it's RBC/Ame

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>When she already shown to be just another enthusiast and not wanting to be a pro which is what Apex autist are looking for
Nice try
But on the other hand she has more viewers than Luna and Hoshikawa who was playing the same game.
She said she want to stream everyday even tho is not required for her
Is obvious she wanted to be in the main branch.

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I'd rather watch Kiara than her. Let's leave it at that.

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So much dead air. Even a good model won't save her

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Ame is entertaining but I can't stand the noises she makes nor her voice

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are you actually calling her model a good model? cmon now

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>plays video games
Classic case of mismanagement.

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That's not what he said.

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This, why isn't she singing?

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he's talking about probability here

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please understand they saw the 100 million views on roommate channel caused by algorithm glitch and thought she can reproduce it again at any moment

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Why Virtual Youtuber?
Just call them Virtual Apex Justin Bieber.

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so much for
>it doesn't matter how incompetent Cover get they will always be gods at talent scouting

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Even her singing is whatever, practically zero vibrato. I guess Cover is trying to prove they'll hire anybody with her, so small-time nobodies will want to apply.

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So tired of Apex. Don't they have other FPS to play?

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>EN girl is doing a stream at 4am burger hours
>gets more views than 99.99% of all vtubers on the planet
>she's dying

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Honeymoon phase is over IRyS Saviourfags. The verdict is in. IRys is a failure. Shame. And people here were quick to call her Kiara's Arch Nemesis. Not even close. Anya tier mayhaps? Yes.

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Wait until she gets a new model she'd at least get bigger numbers than the chicken

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Where's the album? How did queen brap debut with an album and the VSinger has no album? She's dying.

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Same. I only watch Choco now.

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Come on ESL-kun.

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I stay subbed to Azki because I get singing and minecraft collabs with Sora. But this Vsinger spams shit games.

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That was never true since RBC was one of their first talents.

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I love Apex. I'll never complain about apex again.

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I feel bad for calling her boring now. It was fine to be contrarian while the hype was still burning but now everyone else is catching up with that opinion, idk, I just feel like a jerk.

She is still kinda boring though. Sorry IRyS

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>EN streamer put out a guerrilla streams at dead US hour
>Still manages to get 6k+, way more than 99% of other VTubers would get during peak hours
>Obsidia MC collab earlier got 6k live viewers in total, during peak US hours
You guys either are having too high of a standard, or falseflaggers, or concern / doomfaggot. She is doing perfectly fine. Which EN streamer are you comparing her with to call this a failure? Gura?

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Just your usual drama faggot baiting for (you)s, can't believe people are still falling for these kind of threads

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Nah, if anything, Cover learned from their lessons with AZKi. No matter how good you are at singing, you will still need an audience to sell. Streaming games is a good way of building a fanbase

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Is it ever not Gura?

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j-just wait NijiEN wave 3 is definitely going to kill HoloEN for sure.

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Using your brain is kinda cringe bro

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lol at the irys retard samefagging, give up bro she is ass

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>realizes this
>still hires the most boring fucking talent known to man
try again, anon

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Project Hope? More like Project Nope!

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Then fucking apply for main branch and not vsinger. Holy Cope

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>Bad burger hours
>can't get it up pass 10k
She's ded

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Cope. Cover is shit at models

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Cover's scouting was always overrated desu.

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I have nothing against Irys but seriously this, how did Cover not realize that her version of Renai Circulation only did those numbers because idiots mistook it for the official track. You can go to the Youtube comments right now and look at new, and see people talking about this confusion.

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She's doing better than any non-Holo vtuber and you fuckers are trying to shit on her?

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Based Santa, fuck that whore.
Honestly anyone that hates a man that goes out of his way to spread presents all over the globe is subhuman.

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>Which EN streamer are you comparing her with to call this a failure?
The rest of HoloEN? You know, the people she SHOULD be compared to since they're all in the same company? Why do people always rush to bring up NijiEN when you very well know they're behind? You might as well say she's beating VOMs or Prism Project or something then.

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And McDonalds is the best food in the world

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she is under hololive so of course people expect much from her and as many said before she is a gigantic dud, there's no charm, there's nothing

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My only issue is the personality. I can deal with a shit model, but not the personality.

Also, I wish she’d sing English songs goddamn it.

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She'll probably settle to somewhere between 1.5k and 3.5k live viewers after a month or two. Nice Satan digits though.

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There are several twitch vtubers that are doing better than her.

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I'll become a member to the first one who streams dusk and amid evil

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At least it seems like she gets that people don't like her character art. Her profile picture and thumbnails all have better art with lighter skin. Hopefully we get a redesign sooner than later. I do want to watch her streams.

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You can say what you want but as an indie she still was able to amass over 300k subs in like 2 years and several songs with millions of views each. People clearly like her.

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It's too late, the damage has already been done.

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oh here we go with that retarded shit, what the fuck is that kind of mentality dude? oh yes she has 2 videos with millions of views, SHE IS HIRED!
if that was the reason they fucked up big time

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I wish she was more music focused, all of that hype around vsinger for a wannabe holomyth, her whole music content she is supposed to be focused is basically covers from time to time, not a single music related stream outside karaoke something they all do. They choose the wrong person for the job imho, very bland personality. Sadly she's trying to be like the big 5 and not focusing on her niche gig.

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>have your model done by respected artist
>everyone hates it including yourself
>be the one who commissioned the design
Oh IRyS you were dead on arrival

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good, hopefully, this will teach cover to properly manage their expectation and use their fucking brain in how they use their money.

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cover is a retard, they have a master of youtube algorithm in their arsenal but they fail to utilize that

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The greatest sin was debuting her by herself and leaving her stranded to fend for herself for a few weeks. I have no idea what they were thinking with that one.

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>70k subs vtubers vs 500k subs
Do holofags really

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No, it was making her vsinger without 3d model

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Graduate this fucking goblin already

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Link to channel?

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Oh wow, I never knew Caesura of Despair wasn't an album. I didn't even know Dead Beats was an album either. Wooow.

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A 3D concert on her first week would have been a good idea, that's true. I bet it would have made a lot of holos really jealous/mad about unfair treatment though.

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Beatani https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCArDBJWZGPBtVeXwr4ROddA

Also few hours later by a surprising coincidence i went to /vg/ to look for 4chan cup matches with /vt/ playing ( theyre supposed to play on 24th against /v/) and someone mentioned in passing some japanese girl (not even mentioning her being a vtuber) watching some /vt/ matches. I asked for a link and by chance it was her.

Heres the link to the unarchived stream >>/vt/6683573

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don't fall for the beatani bait, bitch is crazy and so are her fans, the only people watching her are people on /vt

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holobronies are high on copium

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>not even predator
just get good HAHAHAHAHAHA

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>cover investments are in shambles
I'm going to bankrupt LETS GOOOOOO

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Anything specific? She seems cool not too pandery, but yeah her audience seem to be less normie english people

>> No.7053755

>thinks a different piece of artwork looks cute
>uses it for a bit
>repeats cycle every week or even few days
>(You) make a rrat because of this

>> No.7053820

Devil Daggers chuuba please

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>of course we have less viewers, our sub #'s are pathetically low in comparison to yours!
the absolute state of nijifags

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>uses fanart in all her thumbnails after hype worn off
>hype wasn't even week long

>> No.7054727

>reading comprehension

>> No.7054788

>Her profile picture and thumbnails all have better art with lighter skin
IRyS needs to go back to /pol/

>> No.7054949

>Literally stream everyday just like normal branch
What's the point of her being "Vsinger" again?

>> No.7055133

To release a cover song every week.

>> No.7055244

this is another case of "OMG A NEW EN HOLOLIVE GIRL" so they decide to sub and never watch her again

>> No.7055250

cover songs so vastly inferior to the original because her singing has absolutely 0 soul despite being good. Meanwhile Azki has soul AND good singing.

>> No.7055252

>irys plays regularly
why is she playing games, I thought she was a singer
>irys doesnt play regularly
why is she even a vutber, she doesn't live stream

>> No.7055281

Still better than Calli's.
A better gamer & streamer too.

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Yes, herro Artist-san, you know vsinger we ask you do commission for? Market study terr us wstern gaijin rike diversity and minority. Prease changeu design make her more brack and a ressu anime. Arigato

>> No.7055406

Define “soul”.

>> No.7055448

it means that people like Ame and Noel are more entertaining to watch

>> No.7055467

>so they decide to sub and never watch her again
Literally most of Gura's subs

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bonjour, monsieur yagoo, yes i zee wat you want monsieur, here i give you best artzist in ze entire paris
>she debut, domp eet

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yeah but at least gura is entertaining

>> No.7055525

That's a low bar.

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>literally kiara tier, 2 weeks from debut, streaming a buff game
It's over

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That seems oddly flexible within the subjective for a definition, anon.

>> No.7055638

So this is the power of Hololive EN...

>> No.7055676

Subscribing is free and makes them show on your Subscriptions tab to check if they're currently doing something you want to watch.
I get that from the streamer's perspective dead subs aren't exactly a good thing, but I don't get complaining about the people subscribing. Why wouldn't they?
I already check my oshi's twitter manually several times a day like a retard because I refuse to create an account to just see their activity on my feed, why would I add to that also having to check their youtube channels manually, or using some 3rd party website to see everyone who's online?

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>After first gen auditions ended she wasn't called
>VSingers are open and she thinks this is her last chance to join Holo
>EN2 auditions are open just weeks afters VSingers one
Keep trying chumpedo
EN2 will be mostly VSingers rejects

>> No.7055708

>Buff game
Rumao, perhaps if you’re Ollie, sure.

>> No.7055738

>twitch vtubers
>Crossing 5k
Anon...Sodapoppin already dropped his vtuber avatar
And is clear you do not follow Bahroo who is starting to get shit numbers

>> No.7055748

>Goomby gets MOGGED by six girls as opposed to just one
I’m okay with this.

>> No.7055778

>Keep trying chumpedo
kek, i'm glad those cumbuds rent free in your head

>> No.7055917 [DELETED] 

Just like IRyS and sweeden live rent free on their heads.

>> No.7055927

cover fucked up this time

>> No.7055929

>why is she even a vutber, she doesn't live stream
Don't see people talk shit about Aziki

>> No.7055960

>/vt/ actually caring about Azki

>> No.7055970

>She got bogged
My sides...

>> No.7056031

Glad you see you coping. Suicide is never an answer

>> No.7056067

Amon IRyS is EN Aziki

>> No.7056085

she didn't, she land a good contract, getting EP paid by cover
cover on the other hand...

>> No.7056235

graduation when ? Satan

>> No.7056250

Problem is the majority of those people never come back at all since their sub box becomes cluttered and Irys gets buried under other streams.

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T. cumbud who can't get a daughterwife
keep trying failed cunnyseur
The "failed" vsinger already has a more successful songs on sales than your meme shark only fueled by casuals who can't even make her so awaited original reign on the wasteland that is Itunes.

>> No.7056728

thats just because most fanartists are creativley bankrupt and can only draw one kind of (lightskinned) anime girl

>> No.7056746

is there really a reason to watch a girl play Apex if it isn't Selen?

>> No.7056763

I like watching Elira play ranked because she plays like a lost child

>> No.7056772

also a lot of people mistake EN having a global sub base as "dead subs." 100% audience participation will never happen but people keep making Gura numbers threads no matter how many times the archive views prove most of her euro and jp fans just don't catch the stream because of timezones

>> No.7056792

Elira with Selen then

>> No.7057788

Fuck off. This is the worst meme to ever find it's way to this place. IRyS' version of Inochi is vastly superior to AZKi's in just about every way.

When you idiots know a song is good and you can't come up with any legit way to critisize it you just say "no soul". Every single time.

>> No.7057907

uto isn't hired by cover wdym

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Wow those 200 anons surely loved her music.
If you wanna numberfag at least do your number reps correctly and get make some graphs.

>> No.7058930

>IRyS' version of Inochi is vastly superior to AZKi's in just about every way
IRyS literally sang it like AI trying to create a cover and you belive it was better...

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>Can't find the sales rank for "Reflect"
>Goes back to "muh views"
>To counter attack sales rank
Keep seething cumbud
The only thing you can give to your oshi is youtube views but not song revenue...nor SC either.
Watch how goomba nenoroid sell less than Holomyth's standing figures.

>> No.7059184

Keep sweething chumpedo

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File: 179 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20210725-192928_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get fucked in bussy faggot

>> No.7059354

I always knew chumpedos were kpoppers at heart
What's next
Heartseekeer chart?
>Not number one

>> No.7059441

Cope, IRyS didn't even made it onto the list

>> No.7059484

Neither Goomba's song on Itunes

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Lets not fight now, its not a competition. I like both Gura and am indifferent about Irys. Theres no need to tear the team apart over who thinks which number is more important.

>> No.7062845

She decline severely

>> No.7064522

>bitch is crazy and so are her fans
Wait how is this a bad thing?

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>anon doesn't play Apesex
sorry anon looks like you just got filtered. Nothing personnel.

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