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Would you eat it?

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She could do better, but it's not like inedibly burnt or anything. Some butter and honey and it's a perfectly decent stab at a waffle.

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t. rosemi

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Seemed like just a burnt layer on the outside, I'd cut it off and eat that. I'd be grateful for the attempt to make me something but I'm not eating ashes.

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That's entirely burnt. There is a clear line between caramelized and burnt, and this dumb bitch flew right over it. Even with a glob of fat and sugar it will taste of ash.

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Yes, it's a man's duty to eat anything his wife makes

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Is this supposed to be a moe trait or something, not sure how you fuck up waffles with a waffle maker.

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"waffle maker"
you overestimate her
it was an eggo
(in her defense, it was a new toaster so i get not knowing the right settings yet)

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absolutely i like kind of burnt things

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your move

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I’d eat it because she’s my wife. And then I’d eat her out

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Oh god she managed that with a toaster? You can literally see how the fucking waffle is doing inside the slots. You can smell the burnt parts.

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There was an attempt at least.

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wow you really suck at this huh

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i'm convinced she sucks at everything
how did she even get hired?

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