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>Geoguesser? That sounds fun, maybe the week after the next!
>Should I play Mario, CSGO or Skyrim? I'll make a poll!
>Insult you? Fine, just this once...
>ASMR? I'd love to, I just need to get a proper mic first!
You can literally talk this girl into streaming any kind of content you want.

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Rosemi Leglock

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That's because she's so shallow, she has no real interests and relies on others

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it's Rosemi Lovecock, retardchama...

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She is a woman after all

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>she’ll never play Turok 2
It hurts..

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shes so cute bros

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Fuck that, FreeSpace The Great War is better

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From this comment i imagined how it would go.
Her breasts would get huge, wobbling when they move.
She'd give birth through her contracted nipples.
Twins, one for each.

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You could literally convince her to do anything. ANYTHING. Just imagine the wild things you could talk her into doing like holding hands on a totally not date. Or convincing her to go to dinner with you. Or going steady. Imagine the degenerate things you could convince her to do like getting married after you were sure she was the one. I know you guys think you are sickos but imagine taking her to the room on your wedding night and consummating the marriage. Imagine her tears as you hug her when the pregancy test is positive. Sometimes I wonder how I sleep at night thinking of growing old together surrounded by your massive Rose family.

Disgusting I don't know how I live with myself!

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Call me when lovecock does rough masturbation mengen until the forced orgasms make her collapse into a twitching mess.

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>You can literally talk this girl into streaming any kind of content you want.
While true, I doubt she would stream with a vibrator inside while trying very, very hard to maintain her composure and not give any sign that something is happening.

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Get her to play dorf fort

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She already did that, but was so good at that, nobody noticed a thing.

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what a professional entertainer, prioritizing the audience over herself, unlike a certain other pink-haired girl...

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What do you think I, her boyfriend, have been having her do in every stream since debut?

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i wonder if we could convince her to play Team Fortress 2 casual mode

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Selen's comment here LOL

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She'll literally never play Xonotic.

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>dreamed about holding hands with Ryushien

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How many dicks do you think Pomu has sucked? I'm gonna say 37.

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1 (hers)

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Race ya to it

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in a row???

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At once!

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Pomu is a virgin

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Pomu is Pomu

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This is a Rosemi thread.

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Cute post anon.

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Tell me more about her

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