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>be me
>woke up at 7am to watch Beyond the Stage and kept waking up at that time
>studied harder for my course because I was inspired by my oshi and passed exams with an average of 75%
>spent more time working out so I can watch vtubers in peace
>developed a less nihilistic and defeatist worldview
>dad now praises my persistence and resolve which I picked up from Kanata
>get commended at work for focus on tasks
>considering learning a new language because of Coco
>gained a greater appreciation of art and hard work
>overall mood is better, have something to look forward to after a busy day
How are you fags ruining your lives over this shit? Stop simping and start emulating your oshis.

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emulating them by being loser neets? nty

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>He doesn't use his parasocial interaction with chuubas to learn how to talk to real girls
>He doesn't get a girl who is into chuubas to be his live-in fellow-simp gf

And you lecture me on how to live.

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my comprehension of japanese got better
but even if vtubing didn't exist I'd have probably just used a male youtuber instead and most likely gotten more out of it

so, no

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Id say my life got worse. Way less productive

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i start to workout regularly because i live in the same city as my oshi, if by chance i meet her on the street i want to swoon her with my killer six pack abs.

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Having a tight body doesn't cure being ugly

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It is your own choice to improve yourself or not. They are entertainment and fictional, they can't change shit. They just happen to be there when you decide to change yourself and you need to cling on that image to keep going.

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>Oshi is Koone
>Wake up, eat breakfest, stream is starting
>She decides to only casually play for 14 hours today
>Watch stream
>Go to bed

Can't say it did anon, but at least I'm having fun.

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Same instead of maybe cleaning the house after work or somthing ill check whos streaming instead

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>watch vtubers
>don't want to miss a moment of a stream
>end up not eating as much because of it
at the same time this happened >>6967447

>between running 3 mi every other day, intermittent fasting, and not eating as much I've lost 20 lbs almost in maybe a month

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But you can be less ugly, anon.

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No, but I did start waking up early as fuck every saturday to watch holofightz if that counts

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I started working out a bit due to Aki and Sora
I can now do crunches without dying two in

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They gave me temporary happiness that lasted for about 2 weeks. But then I returned to crippling depression even worse than I had before, and I'm thinking about roping myself every minute for the whole last year. I can't bring myself to watch them any more, or I'll start crying. I became too soft after falling for them. In the end, they brought nothing but sadness to me.
I just ended up browsing this board out of habit because there is no other website except youtube I'm remotely interested in.

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Cue the '1 in a million' scene from dumb and dumber

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i think of subaru saying "えええええ、すごい!やばくない?" when i'm doing heavy sets

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no, you can be equally ugly on a bigger body

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>Did anyone's lives improve because of vtubers?

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A couple months after holoEN debuted I decided to go back to school and finish my degree, as of now I have one semester left.

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At first but then I learned the truth. The only lasting impact is I no longer wear clothes at my computer.

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Ina really got me back into drawing and doing 3D stuff. I was in a drought and had no drive to draw or do anything art related for a whole year, then I watched ina art streams and collab art streams and that got me back up to doing art again. So it's fun drawing while she's doing an art stream

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maybe, somewhat. Stopped playing vidya altogether because watching chuubas playing them is good enough, sold my gayman pc and bought a cheap car. Also started learning japanese again after like 5 years or so and I'm still doing my reps, probably because chuubas motivate me better than manga and vns.

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>Got fired from my job because I was watching Vtubers all the time
>Initially tried to learn Japanese, but now I'm too lazy so I just watch clips and EN
>Wasted some money on memberships and superchats
>Too embarassed to even tell people what I'm doing with my time
No, can't say they've improved my life

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Typing this out I already know it’s going to sound ridiculous. A year ago my mom passed away from stomach cancer and I was thrown into the blackest mental state I’ve ever felt in my 30 years of living. I couldn’t focus on anything and I was living my life as if it was happening to someone else, not caring about anything at all. After three months of this, my girlfriend dumped me and I took an extended break from work, and all I did all day was lie on the couch, cry, and play vidya. Some time during that period I discovered Oozora Subaru, and I had her streams on in the background while I was feeling shit about myself just to feel like there was another person in the room. Then I listened to her cover of ”Do my best”, and it was the first beam of light I’d felt in a long while. I listened to that song on repeat for 9 days straight basically, whenever I wanted to cry, and gradually I told myself I needed to do my best. I went back to work, and whenever I felt the haze returning, I’d hum the song to myself. I genuinely credit Subaru with saving my life.

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Godspeed subatomo.

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Unironically, "do your reps" is my way of life since last year. Workout reps, university reps, jp reps.
We're gonna make it, anons!.

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You should supacha this to her. She'll appreciate knowing her work helps people.

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I'm going to make it, you're not. I don't want you competing with me over females

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kek, cheeky fuck

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I don't get how people ruin their lives or get really into simping, or jerk off to streamers for that matter.

I found a vtuber that plays Apex. Don't care about the game that much, but I like how she manages to stay upbeat and cheerful all the time. Kinda helps me mellow out and remember that there's some humanity and kindness out there. Also, helps me not strangle my faggot boss.

Here's a taste:

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I started waking up earlier for my oshi's streams. I've also been taking my JP reps seriously and I'm now N3 after years of being EOP.

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I stopped drinking coffee in hope to sleep more efficiently and thus better incorporate my oshi's streaming schedule in my life. Don't think my sleeping changed much, but my anxiety was literally gone.

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Drastically. I'm actually happy now, didn't think I ever would be.

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>his oshi doesn't encourage an extremely unhealthy lifestyle

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i lost 10 pounds (from 360 to 350)

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>be me
>woke up at 7am to watch Beyond the Stage and kept waking up at that time
>studied harder for my course because I was inspired by my oshi and passed exams with an average of 75%
>spent more time working out so I can watch vtubers in peace
>developed a less nihilistic and defeatist worldview
>dad now praises my persistence and resolve which I picked up from Kanata
>get commended at work for focus on tasks
>considering learning a new language because of Coco
>gained a greater appreciation of art and hard work
>overall mood is better, have something to look forward to after a busy day
> suddenly bored of hololive
> suddenly remembered this shithole
> surprised there's a board just for virtual vtubers
> browse /vt/
> positive effects become negative after reading rrats

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Literally at least 10 to 15 anons got jobs/gym/went to study or worked on getting promoted from the /nina/ thread due to Nina. I'm on of them.

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Based. Through my oshi I was inspired to return to work and learn new things such as Japanese.... that was, until she graduated because of the zhangs and I quit vtubing, and became a combination of workaholic, alcoholic and /pol/tier racist.

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These girls unironically saved me during the most stressful year of my life.

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I quit heroin because of this fucking poopoo gremlin.

There's a lot more but I think that says quite a lot in and of itself. Let your inner Gosling give you strength.

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I use the live streams and Twitter posts as free japanese listening and conversation lessons. My japanese has improved quite a lot

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>unironically devotes his life to a member of the meme sex
easy, boy

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>be me
>play vidya
>lurk reddit
>what the fuck is a hololive
>months pass
>watching marine and coco talk about OL life
>sounds nice desu
>dream of discovering a cute cake OL kamioshi one day
>more months pass
>watching lazulight debut while lurking /vt/
>fish screws up her stream
>search for 'finana'
>autocorrects to 'finance'
>hit enter
>apply to jobs

i start next week. hope the grass is worth meeting my pomu

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While doing it for your oshi is fine and dandy, working out for yourself and seeing yourself getting healthier is the ultimate goal. Keep it up, anon san desu.

Just don't fall for the /fit/ meme

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Only true for women.

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I've used it as the rock to live under so that I don't hear about all the awful and stupid shit that happens around the world.

Still wasting away, but at least now I don't know what's going on in the world, it has improved my mental health.

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That's good anon. Being informed is good, but not if it means you get caught under the unrelenting barrage of fear and hate that all news outlets and social media constantly shove down our throats to draw as much attention as possible. Save that attention for 4chan.

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Nice fanfic you got there anon

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Vtubers have caused me to grow in both length and girth

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>this is your average hololive fan from reddit

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Vtubers are the reason why I seriously studied Japanese so that's pretty productive but it also made me lose sleep because of streams and it's greatly affecting my health, I've been told many times to knock it off but it keeps happening where I'll stay up for 2 days straight. This board honestly made it worse because I can talk to someone about vtubers at literally any second rather than waiting for friends to respond

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vtubers are the ultimate population control

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Kinda sounds like cope, taking care of yourself can work wonders. Confidence, health etc.

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>be me
>wake up at 8am 3 or 4 days a week now to watch my oshi stream
>get more into hygiene because what would she say if she actually see me?
>return to exercise because she started doing exercise streams
>want to make art of her and finally get my inspiration back for other kind of drawings and motivation to complete several other projects
>she doesn't speak any other languages besides Japanese, but she always tries to greet people from other countries, even remembers who is from where and responds in their native languages, motivating me to learn Japanese
Overall, she makes me want to be a better version of myself, even if occasionally I get a bit sad because I know girls like her would never look my way in real life, but the gfe she provides is enough to lift my spirit while at the same time, her being an anime character keeps me grounded in reality. This are strange times we living in, but I'm all for it.

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Not really, tho they pretty much warn to not doing anything under chuubas name because it can give them bad reputation

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To be honest my japanese is more improved by watching vtuber. Back then I study japanese by watching subbed Anime (I'm vocal learner) and it took about 3 years to understand basic japanese

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