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>Host a sports festival
>Don't invite any of the EN members to participate
How long is cover going to keep pretending the EN girls don't exist? They failed to capitalize on their explosive growth and just left them to fend for themselves. Literally any other company would have turned them into the most popular vtubers ever but instead they refuse to even collab with Gura because they're so intimidated.

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>They failed to capitalize on their explosive growth
Says who? and failing how exactly? Cover gets a fat cut from all of them with little effort, it couldn't have turned out better from a business perspective. This is nonsense.

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>covers strategy worked
>let's change it!
This board is so bizarre lol

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invite EN whores for what?

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Cocksucking contest

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they cant speak japanse except for kiara. if hole en gets many members they can do the western undoukai

also you muttd dont know it but japanese companies dont really have the globohomo/neoliberal agendas

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