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You have no idea how much I want to fuck Veibae. How badly I want to dom this fucking succubus and make her scream out my name in pleasure. How I want her to start getting uppity with me and then make her feel like a woman by putting her in her place.

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Wear protection

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Imagine taking her virginity since she's a virgin

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good for you. Fuck her, get her STDs & die together with her thereby removing the filth off of this world

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Would she want you to be gentle or rough?

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STDs aren't funny

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The male equivalent of "but I can change him". Enjoy your future relationships anon.

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made for her brother's cock

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Fuck off. Vei is a virgin and a loser. She's said as much herself, she just has a bombastic personality. There is nothing I want to change, Vei is cute.

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Did your other thread not receive attention?
Btw, I’m the anon who started posting Vergil pics

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Nope, too late for that thread.

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funnier than you

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I want to make her submit to my dick after she bullies me for being a manlet

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I am a 6'2" chad, so Vei would naturally submit to me.

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She's like the western equivalent of Kagura Mea, pretty based.

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So she's either a liar, a hamplanet or her standards are unreal.

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I feel like her pussy would be kind of dry but overall I agree.

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Only if you were near her

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You're either stupid, ugly or a virgin.

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I wonder how high her standards really are. She seems chadsexual but I like the idea that the alpha stacy attitude is an act and she would drop her spaghetti if an even slightly attractive guy came onto her. That would be really cute.

A man can dream

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vei probably smells

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Yeah, that's also how I picture her. Louder in her mind/alone than in person, and attractive or not, she seems like the type that'd bend over for confidence/assertiveness.

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well, her standards are 6 inches, 6 figures, and jason momoa

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What does she need 6 figures for? She probably already makes that herself.

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>not only doing anal to keep her pure and make her beg for it

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Subs at 7.5k right now which means over 25k/month before tax
That doesn't even include donos, bits and tier 2 or 3 subs

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>make her feel like a woman by putting her in her place

this is why you'll never have a gf

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reasonable things for an internet anime girl

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stop I can't take the suicide fuel

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She deserves it
She plays video games, watches youtube and talks shit while sitting in her room for like 20 hours a week
That's how you get the big bucks

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I too enjoy plain white bread for lunch!

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Sorry sorry, forget I said anything
I'm gonna be the first person in /vt/ to tell someone this but
-please don't kill yourself

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I bet she desperately wishes even 1 guy watching her is actually hot but resents her audience cause she knows they are all 6/10 at best, 4/10 on average

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I don't want to hate fuck her, I just want to rape her. I want her to feel true fear, disgust, and shame from the experience. I want her to be permanently traumatized, to be unable to ever get wet unless she's thinking back to an experience that simultaneously reviles her. I want her boyfriend to have to deal with the fallout of her crying everytime they have sex and eventually break up with her due to having to deal with her mental health issues. And the thing is, I don't even actually hate this bitch, I just want to use her for my sick fantasies.

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please kill yourself

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vshojo sucks

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Do you really believe?

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based insanity chad

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When did this become a nyan thread??

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I honestly didn't like her that much at first but giving the finger to twittards made her okay in my book. Based rhubarbed girl.

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kneels to chinks too if you're into that

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t. Beta cuck

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>I want to fuck Veibae
she has like 20 STD and her pussy smells like rotten fish with roquefort cheese

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>Pekotard is a schizo

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>her pussy smells like rotten fish with roquefort cheese

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Veibae sounds like she's a lot of fun honestly, not bad looking IRL either.

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Stop posting on /vt/ and go to sleep, Kiara.

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Her stream on bilibili?

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i will back this one>>6978193 week or 2 agor someone posted thread with Official video from BiliBili where Vei thanks bugs who watch clips about her on that semi official channel

video ofcause was real and was made by her specificly for that perpose.

pretty hypocritical from her after whole Vei vs Cover drama, if you ask me

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What drama?

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Vei was very vocal about how she do NOT like Cover and their treatment of Holo talents after Aloe and T incidents. some even spiculate that some information she based her rent was from Atria (famous ex HoloCN/bug-traitor), which is potantionaly funny in retrospective.

and now you have this shit >>6982960
after all this bullshit, Vshojo girls are trying to sneak in BiliBili with semi Official channel AND Vei personaly made a translated video where she act innocently (two-faced bitch) and thanks the Bug-audience.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

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So this is what schizophrenia looks like, huh?

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Posting in a based thread

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Touch grass, freak. VShojo hasn't knelt to China like Holoshit has.
Holobronies are a cancer to the fandom. Everything they hate is based by default.

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I don't like the way she does her makeup, particularly the lips. Looks far too much like a doll for me, though I can't say she's objectively ugly or anything. She's hot as fuck personality-wise, but the looks don't do it for me.

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>attack person not the arguments
>bring 0 evidence in defence to your Oshi
you exposing yourself, fags. keep coping with the fact that hypocritical bitch Willingly sold her INDIpendence for bugs money, after getting "twitter point" and fame for her principled position.

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>he says while posting Chinese cocksucking whore

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my god those feet

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I firmly believe without the filters and lip fillers and pounds of makeup she's probably incredibly beautiful, even with all that you can tell she has a good shape to her face. 99% of women don't need that shit to look good.

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He's talking about why Holobronies don't deserve to have an opinion when Vei already told us the objective truths about them.

You think they care about Iofi's WuFlu?

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>>he says while posting Chinese cocksucking whore
>keeps attacking person not the arguments
oh shit you caught me in 4K sending a "funny" PNG of chuba I do NOT even fucking watch.

btw what was your point, cuck?

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what about them

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>posting another Chinese cocksucking whore
Keep proving my point, Holozhang.

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ok i see you

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You will always be a gutter oil consuming bug, Zhang. No amount of shitposting will excuse you from having us rediscover our lost trust in Hololive after they fired Coco and have proved Vei's narratives on point.

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Don't compare Kagura Mea to this filth.

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Kys nigger

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yeah what he >>6990534 said

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Vei isn't a Zhang cocksleeve.
Mea is.
Big difference, you bug enabler.

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Kagura Mea is not stupid or a bitch

>> No.6990827

But she's a traitorous Zhang cocksleeve. Which is enough for her reputation to be thrown aside and therefore all of your attention given to her is a win for the CCP.

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I very distinctly recall her talking about having past boyfriends on stream. Why are people pretending she is unicorn material ITT? Well, not as if it matters either way since you ain't meeting her.

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well duh, the whole period diarrhea incident stemmed from her being on birth control

>> No.6991019

>Vei isn't a Zhang cocksleeve.
you were saying?>>6986704
video included btw

>> No.6991088

>already being outed for a schizo he has to double down

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Based and genuinely disturbed.

>> No.6992321

Well how small is your dick?

>> No.6992721

There is nothing mediocre about her is there.

>> No.6992771

I've never measured my dick. Not very girthy, but long. And hard.

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yeah, she has a face that needs little to no makeup.

>> No.6994715

If she was out getting laid she wouldn't be a vtuber. Vtubers are inherently hikikomori because only loners would want to be a character on the internet.

>> No.6995088

She has a face I would nut on.

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Based rapeanon

>> No.6995361

Based psychopath

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Vei is so cute bros.

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womb tattoos are disgusting.

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her design and voice is so hot but I fucking hate her personality

>> No.7001172

>Vei was very vocal about she didn't like Cover, a japanese company
>which apparently somehow translates to her hating China

>> No.7001387

Men's paycheck are taxed first by their woman, then by the government.

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Shut up veibae

>> No.7002535

I've seen Vei's roommate.
Looks like a bitch who uses botox.
No thanks

>> No.7003079

Looks pretty good desu
I really want to rape Vei

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t. Unironic cock sucking faggots.

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Let's play some good old "guess which Vshojo made this post"

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Hello there

>> No.7004850

If I were Veibae I'd be playing with my pussy, not here.

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My wife

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You're objectively wrong. Womb tattoos are fucking hot.

>> No.7022667

Something tells me you haven't actually watched either of them.

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Meanwhile I'm almost 6 figures in college debt, completely dependent on the military, because otherwise I couldn't even afford health//dental insurance. I wish I would've just skipped college, then I would literally have zero financial problems. It's not all bad though, at least I get to see the world.

It's nice that she can do things she likes and make money for it.

>> No.7023330

>6 figures in college debt
How the fuck? Did you want to go to some preppy private school or something? Holy fuck.

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No, just a regular 4 year uni, but I had no scholarship money, very little grant money, and no one to help pay for it. Even just one of those cons is enough to put college on hold, but I was young, naive and, most importantly, didn't even know what I actually wanted out of life at that point. Had I just gone straight into the military I could've avoided all of that bullshit and been literally 5 years away from retirement money (assuming I didn't die), but what's done is done. That's all I have to say about that, this thread's about Vei.

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For someone that has gachi track lists did she play this one yet on her chat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRCvq-l_unE

>> No.7024277


15k streaming? I think she would be screwed if Vei, nyanners and mouse changed from twitch to YT streams

>> No.7027543

i unironically love her personality and how self aware she is about.. everything

>> No.7027775

checked devil trips of sad truths

>> No.7030821

Holyfuck a based aqua poster!?

>> No.7030890

Cry more purityfag

>> No.7031403

hah, its always the ones who shouldn't go to uni that end up going, when I was younger I already figured out that modern universities/colleges are a scam and that money is all that matters when making a living

>> No.7041109

dangerously based

>> No.7041712

You'd think that by how she talks but she has almost a North American accent while living in Britain. Clear sign she prob has few interactions outside of the internet and mostly talks to Americans. Takes a while to lose an accent with out trying. Unless the voice is a total put on which is also very feasible.

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Shut up bro suck my cock. You too Vei. Dirty whore.

>> No.7045073

She treats her job as just one big shitpost, getting mad is just giving her her (you)s

>> No.7045234

Well I would give Veibae kids.

>> No.7048199

She said herself she got Americanized from being on the internet all the time, there's some old clips of her playing Overwatch before she was a vtuber and she does sound more British.

>> No.7048207

don't touch the whore anon, it has STDs

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