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>the entire EN gen is having a comfy Minecraft stream
>IRyS wasn't invited

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Collab ban

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Still within her collab ban.

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collab ban

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Collab ban still in place. Also, why hasn't she linked her senpai's channels to her page? She has a community post but hasn't done that yet?

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>streams during kiara's music video debut
>streams during ame's VR dance stream
>streams karaoke after Gura said she was planning to sing again


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>EOP faggots out in force to defend their defunct branch

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Collab ban+IRys wasn't invited anyway, it was always gonna be with the 5 girls.

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Honestly couldn't a manager or someone else on a team do that for her? I don't imagine members work 100% on the channel by themselves.

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Because waiting a few weeks for the ban to be over is impossible, right?

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IRys barely knows any of them, it would be dumb.

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>t. retard who doesn't watch streams and is just here to cause drama

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Some of them still barely know each other.

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Does IRyS know anything about Minecraft yet?

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>Collab bans

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Not since Mori is graduating

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>OP doesn't know about Irys' collab ban
>OP doesn't watch Holo EN
>OP sucks dick
Sasuga OP

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holy FUCK what is wrong with her neck?
and i thought irys looked fucked up.

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Collab bans are so retarded, sasuga hololive

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nijisan just can't stop winning

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>the entire EN gen
Yes. I'm glad you understand it was a HoloMyth collab. But don't worry, IRyS will collab with them a great many, many, many, MANY times. You just have to wait, I'll be finished with her soon.

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"Should we wait literally one single week for IRyS collab ban to be lifted so we can all move forward hand in hand?"
"Haha fuck no, screw that bitch, I know we havent played minecraft in 8 fucking months but it has to be right now specifically because fuck her"

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Good, hopefully she is left out until she sings in ENglish

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Go back dumbass

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why would they invite someone that didn't contribute anything to the server for their grand finale?

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The odd thing is that she could play in Minecraft in a few days as the ban with EN is lifted but as soon as the servers get connected she's once again banned from Minecraft as she still can't collab with JP and ID

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because they invited Mori

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Repeating rrats don't make them real FYI

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>Anti-leech tech making sure new gens always expand the audience
>Using massive Holofan to antipost Hololive

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based fellow JAPANESECHAD

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IRyS is HoloJP.

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it's because she is dead on arrival anon
they are just doing the smart thing and cutting ties with the dead weight before it drags them all down

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collab ban, isn't part of the gen anyway. get better material.
for what purpose? she's not part of the mess with that and they'll be hooking up with the jp server so it won't be deadsville anymore, anyway.
>so we can move forward hand in hand with someone whom is in no way connected with our progress
>we're gonna spite someone we have no reason to spite!
they're not 4chan, anon. they don't make assholes of themselves for the lulz.
>source: my ass

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She got 500,000 subs in no time though, with a poor model to boot. Pretty impressive.

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I don't watch EN. Are there two separate collab bans?

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Irys will always be the redheaded stepchild of EN with the lowest subs but when you doompost this hard you only succeed in making yourself look like a faggot

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copy that

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They've talked about how the one thing stopping them from killer the Ender Dragon has always been lack of time to schedule a long 5 person collab for it.
If they wanted to include IRyS they might have to wait months until they all (Mori) have time for it again.

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This one.

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>comfy Minecraft stream

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She is still in the Two week ban collab retarchama

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But they seem to have rushed out this collab after not doing anything relevant in Minecraft for months. Like they didn't want a newcomer to be able to participate without contributing anything. This would help her channel but I guess they or someone didn't want that.

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>t. election refugee from current year
dear god why couldn't you have just lurked instead of posting.

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so there wont be TTRPG for months then?
oh right you're full of shit and making excuses

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Oh yeah they're doing that, what a terrible timing lol. Poor new girl will have to deal with the bullying from her senpais alone.

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IRyS' collab ban is a bit weird since she's solo
She has a collab ban with EN that's only 2 weeks, so it's likely that her next schedule includes collabs with at least one of the EN members
Her other collab ban involves JP and ID, which is the standard month collab ban

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Collab ban

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I hope Botan hits 1mil soon. I love how much she plays what she wants, the TABS and Payday2 streams are good to see from her.

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Minecraft is trash

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you can be fan of the talents without being a fan of the company. i know it can be difficult for holoredditors to make the distinction

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NOOOOO!!! Don't you understand you must support and love every single thing the company does they're just a small multi-million dollar corporation you can't expect them to do everything right!!!

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What even is the point of collab bans

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To make sure that they don't immediately go into a collab and say something completely fucked. The chances of them doing that after a month significantly drop then a day or two. Plus it gives them more time to get accustomed to the actual rules of the company and chat with the other members on the discord.

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IRyS is a massive bitch and holoEN can't stand being stuck with the whore. Fuck IRyS in her gaping gangrenous cunt with a cactus

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You say this ironically but I wouldn't be surprised if those whores Mori or Gura drag their heels with it and delay the streams for weeks

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Given her FPS ability, she should be able to transition to Minecraft fairly easily

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There is nothing wrong with being Jewish

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I expect her to hit that within 2 months, she's been doing really well recently.

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>collab ban
>New bitch doesn't get to just come in and help with the ender dragon
How retarded are you?

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That's an impressive slow down. Growing at ID rates already.

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This is some good bait. Inspires me to make a book about frying and eating it.

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Begone, rrat.
Shoo, shoo

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