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Why does /vt/ hate them so much?

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Doesn't have the best Vtubers like Coco, Miko, Haachama, Pekora

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Because this is a holofag board

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They're mad about the Pokemon China thing, give it a couple days and the board will be back to normal

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You seriously killed a thread for this? Get your case of rent free checked out.

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you mean holonigger eops

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Because they're not Hololive.

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Holobronies can't help themselves but shitting on everything else.

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Hololive doesn't have Coco or Haachama either.

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>keeps posting endless bait
>why does everybody hate me

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it all started when nijifaggots kicked out holofags on /vyt/

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Black company

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Because Nijiniggers like to enter threads, talk shit and then act like perpetual victims when someone tells them to eat shit.

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Funny cause that's what I always see from Holofags

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many chink insect shills use nijisanji as their ideological shield and weapon against hololive like sjws. also some shut-in eop holo fans are still autistically mad about some ancient incidents.

thats why.

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99.99% of the people on this board weren't around for that

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because /vt/ is /v/ and Hololive = Nintendo. What do you expect from third world kids who are poor?

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No but the nature of this website means that newfags imitate the behaviour of oldfags to try and fit in, so the behaviours get passed down even if the reasons for those actions are forgotten.

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Yeah you see that sometimes from holofags, I'll admit that wholeheartedly, but basically every time I see a nijinigger enter a holo thread they do that shit.

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Your baseless hatred of the Chinese people blinds you.

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it's because Irys is designed by a blind man while Petra actually had a competent mama.

Really, explain this shit.

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>newfags imitate the behaviour of oldfags to try and fit
Maybe a decade ago. Modern newfags don't try to fit in and couldn't care less about site or board culture.

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That one is mentally deranged, you can always tell him apart. He posts in all lowercase and is always redundant with his slurs, like "chinky chink bug", "insect chink", and he's in every thread bringing up China.

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boy nijichinks are hard at work today

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Smartphones ruined the internet.

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I want to fuck Rosemi in her thorny pussy

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/vt/ hates vtubers

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They are alright.
The middleland chink deserve the hate.

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>only one person hates china on this site

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Yes. There are 1.4 billion people in China who have done nothing to you and you hate them for the actions of a small handful.

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I'm not saying it's the only one, but the posting style is too unique.

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It's not Nijisanji's fault Irys was designed by a blind man from tumblr.

On topic, i'd rather they do stuff with vshojo than seisolive.

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Too based for them

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I like nijisanji but hate nijiniggers. They have a serious case of slave morality.
>Unlike master morality, which is sentiment, slave morality is based on re-sentiment—devaluing that which the master values and the slave does not have.
Ie, holofags hate china so all of a sudden china is based. Holofags hate trannies so all of a sudden trannies are based. It's so slimey.

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The small handful use the government supported by those 1.4 billion bugmen to justify thier actions while also using the same government to protect themselves from any consequences, while the same 1.4 billion stand by and let them do their thing, so yes I blame them too.

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only 5 of their 100 chubas are pretty good
the company is retarded and malicious
the fanbase is full of faggots and literal stalker psychos

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If Nijisanji is so bad why does Matsuri try to get Hoshikawa so much?

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More like anon has a serious case of wanting (You)s and this is one of the essiest boards to bait them.

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Yeah shitposting is not a real thing anon

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eat shit

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it's a blessing that idiot EOPs don't like the company. Elira has the best EN chat by miles.

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>shilling for the most pro censorship government in the world on the most anti censorship website in the west.
Do nijinigs really?

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Based anon farming (you)s

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And Hololive is shilling a Tencent (China) game. Yet you want to say Nijisanji is bad.

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You don't know what you're talking about. China is a communist state opposed to freedom and most of their 1.4 billion people are brainwashed to support the state right or wrong.

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>any chat over 100
>the best
Sorry but no. It may be high quality but it's still too fast to allow for proper communication.

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I think some nijisanji livers are neat.

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describes this entire website pretty damn well honestly.

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Because I'm being paid by COVER™ to trash talk the competition.

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Straight out degeneracy and cringe

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>if it's not Cover it's bad
the idiot logic of the holo fanbase. they will never enjoy nijiEN, or indies.

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The entire website became like that a long time ago. /vt/ is relatively young and it's already useless outside of generals because we have a flood of retards that bait one another for replies.

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Niji fans were always the most obnoxious tribalist retards on /jp/ (and 5ch) and it only got worse when Hololive outgrew them by pandering to EOPs.
This board started on that foundation and now nobody even remembers why the two fanbases hate each other, they just keep it going out of tradition.
If anyone here actually watched streams they'd realise both companies have members they'd like.

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>He posts in all lowercase
how fucking new

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It still happens, for example 90% of the people on this board has never been on /jp/ before and yet the behaviours that started on /jp/ are still extremely prominent on this board.

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I hate my own people because they are a bunch of chinks dickhead, what's your excuse?

>> No.6867788

and it's made worse by retard janitors that were retarded even before the inception of /vt/, literally a third worlder meido who made no secret of their bias moderating threads selectively in /jp/.

>> No.6867790

Why watch streams? That takes time away from shitposting.

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>Openly partnering with chinks is the same as playing a pokemon game
The absolute state of nijiniggers

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There is not enough nijisanji poster does not mean people hate them. Kiara have plenty of egg poster, but also plenty of people that love her and her cult stuff.

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I love going to these threads to physically feel my brain melt

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Tbh /vt/ is one of the worst boards on this entire site. Idk how it managed to happen in such a short amount of time but here we are.

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Sorry I called you out, "chinky bug chink insect" anon. Maybe try being less conspicuous next time.

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Combination of high activity and shit moderation, it happens to every board

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Sadly just from the events leading to its creation you could predict this sort of outcome. We weren't created in a peaceful and civil manner.

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Low entry bar. Want to be a fa/tg/uy? You have to research dnd and warhammer. Wanna be a litizen? You have to read books. Wanna be a /vt/ fag? Watch a girl play a video game for an hour.

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Does hololive just have permanent unpaid residency in nijifags' heads?

>> No.6867950

hololive EOPs are third worlders, they don't have good education.

>> No.6867967

do newfags even try to hide their samefagging nowadays

>> No.6867993

Stop making constant bait threads about the other company to distract from your own controversies and maybe that wouldn't be an issue

>> No.6867995 [DELETED] 

Holobronies make the nijianti threads though? Every time a niji breathes they get three threads about them.

>> No.6867997 [DELETED] 

it's what happens when you allow ESL posting

>> No.6868006

I guess our experiences are the exact opposite of each other.

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No hate, there are some very good NijiJP. NijiEN however is utterly boring, they went with the safest possible route losing what makes Niji shines usually, completely forgettable. Some newfags and zoomers will convince themselves NijiEN is good because they just jumped in from the start, but they're just deluding themselves.

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i want to have sex with hoshikawa sara

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That's my wife dude. Fuck off.

>> No.6868072

she can be your wife i purely desire a sexual and physical relationship with her and nothing else

>> No.6868080

Don't you usually make this post with a Mayuzumi picture

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By that same logic Nijiniggers make the holoanti threads

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Yes, but I also watch other Nijis, even if he's my favourite.

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Those are also holobronies, shocking I know.

>> No.6868172

Right. Stop doing that because you're a gigantic faggot

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Because of their hipster fans shitting on hololive for absolutely mogging their black company and rejects in every single possible way

>> No.6868184 [DELETED] 

Funny they sound more like nijiniggers to me

>> No.6868198 [DELETED] 

>holobronies holobronies holobronies
yeah, this totally proves holo isn't living in your head

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I refuse

>> No.6868210

Are you baiting or actually this schizophrenic and tribal faggy?

>> No.6868236

Look at how many replies I got with a single line of text and take a wild guess.

>> No.6868254

I mean, if you are told to call an apple "orange" your whole life and every mean to find out the truth is restricted by a body of authority that could just take away your kidneys while you are asleep; you have no chance of fighting back in the mainland.
You maybe saying that 1.4 billion people should stand up with such sheer number like that. However the fact that the majority of people's lives are decent (somewhat, but they have no other way to compare and evaluate of course); they have no desire to risk their lives to start shit. They were also taught/brainwashed from the beginning that the world outside hate them and this is the only utopia. Hate the government all you want, don't blame the people.

>> No.6868266

this is cool and all but would you have sex with hoshikawa sara

>> No.6868269

Their fans.

>> No.6868272 [DELETED] 

I don't hate them, just nijiniggers. to prove it i'm going to have minecraft sex with pomu and cuck every single one of you

>> No.6868284

So what you're saying is that thee are no good chinks and all 1.4 billion of them are irredeemable?

>> No.6868298 [DELETED] 

holoniggers hate anyone who isn't part of their corporate pandering garbage

>> No.6868329

Anycolor is literally a bigger corporation than cover. Do you not realize how hypocritical you sound?

>> No.6868343

Wait isn't this thread usually made with VShojou, Nyanners, Vei, Kiara, Mori or the Holostars as the OP pic? I swear I've read this OP a million times already.

>> No.6868349

>actually offended by "chink insect"

lmao literally go back to re*dit, chink insect. this isnt your chinky safespace.

>> No.6868367 [DELETED] 

Nijiniggers are incapable of having self awareness, please understand

>> No.6868411

I never heard of that company before, pls don't disturb my (You) farm

>> No.6868438

No one likes Chinks

>> No.6868464

Multiple things
>fanatical tribalism for companies/talents creating people easy to bait, and thus people to bait them
>a very noteworthy "behind the scenes" portion of the industry inspiring a rampant rumor mill
>Clippers and translators creating a gradient between what they say/show came from a stream, and what actually came from a stream in full creates a userbase filled with the mostly uninformed users that think they know enough to give their opinions
>because various aspects of every talent and company has trackable metrics, people looking to win an argument will seek out those metrics and use them to their advantage, creating a generally negative attitude surrounding them that also turned into a general superiority complex when paired with the tribalism
>Inherent anonymity on the website paired with the tribalism creates heavily selective moderation
There's more than just that, but those are the dominant ones in my opinion

>> No.6868473

Even if you say their beliefs come from brainwashing, that doesn't change the fact that they believe it, and act based on those beliefs. It wasn't the Chinese government that led a harassment campaign against hololive members, it was the Chinese people and I will blame them.

>> No.6868475 [DELETED] 

Due to it's fanbase. I watch Nijis occasionally and never cared about its fanbase. You could say I prefer watching a nice view, ignoring the retards screaming in the background.

But after the shitshow with Roa. Yeah, I can see why people hates nijiniggers.

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>> No.6868484

I'm not offended, tard. I'm just pointing out that your posting style is too easy to recognize and that you're mentally ill.
All you talk about is China this, China that, China raped my parents. Go outside.

>> No.6868486

AnyColor gives their talents way more freedom, ironiccally

>> No.6868498

Ffs, the people who can redeem themselves probably move out of the country already or under the ocean floor.

>> No.6868596

Allowing numberfag threads and tribalwar threads was a mistake.

>> No.6868649

>create hololive board
>allow nijishits
>board goes to shit
really makes one think

>> No.6868703

It’s called Virtual Youtubers for a reason

>> No.6868781

They're afraid of competitions. They're afraid that the time spent in their oshi will be for nothing if their competitors become more popular than them. Your usual cavemen trait.

>> No.6868797

Are you insane? There are chinese outside

>> No.6868830

funny this time last year this statement would've been applied to Hololive

>> No.6868834

They don't really, they're just more competent about setting limits so you don't notice them as easily.
Around the time of the Sony investment they even hired a consulting firm that specializes in monitoring employees' social media accounts for controversies.

>> No.6868849

/jp/'s natural penchant for being absolute bastards about everything is present in everything they discuss. Nijifags from there are the same way as any other /jp/ fanbase. People think that means Nijifags are like /jp/. They basically poisoned 4chan against Nijisanji.

>> No.6868851

>when all shitsanji does is hire rejects and let them slowly die

>> No.6868927

>go to /hlg/
>anons trash talking nijisanji's numbers/members/drama
>go to nijisanji general
>none is talking about hololive
Really makes one think.

>> No.6868951

Nigger the nijisanji general is so dead they go to the hololive general to talk about new niji debuts

>> No.6868981 [DELETED] 

why should you point it out, chink bug? if you claim you are apolitical and dont give a fuck about chink commie bugs from mainland, or want to sweep chink bug spammers in holo jps chat under the rug, just ignore all anti-chink posts and dont post anything chinky, you chink insect poser. this board is too chink-leaning to have normal discussions, if you ask me. once you talk about coco or criticise chink shit like these ongoing pekora threads right now, some chink bugs immediately attack hololive and japan.

its actually incredibly chinky compared to even reddit or youtube. while nobody likes chink bugs even on youtube, for some reason, chinks are openly pushing their commie agendas on this board.

>> No.6868992


>> No.6869005

Yes, it's nijisanjifags going to /hlg/ to shitpost about how weak and dead they are. It's not a joke when people say that nijisanji has been living rent free in hololivefags head for a year.

>> No.6869010

That's your own tards stirring the shitshow that are holo generals.

>> No.6869020

>they go to the hololive general to talk about new niji debuts
Flawless logic, i too would go and talk about how superior are my favourite vtubers from other company to make people of other company thread like my favourite vtuber.

>> No.6869021

It's me who does that. I don't really watch Hololive or Nijisanji.

>> No.6869047

The fact that this is a common answer shows how far up /vt/'s head is in thier narrative eop asses they can't even factcheck

It's hillarious

>> No.6869056

Sure, anon.

>> No.6869080 [DELETED] 

But it's holobronies who shitpost in niji generals right? Fucking retard. Nijiniggers dindu nuffin

>> No.6869093 [DELETED] 

Nijiniggers lying yet again, why am I not surprised

>> No.6869101

There are no shitpost in any nijisanji general, newfagchama.

>> No.6869108

you don't have to make an account here so there's no way to autoban all usernames with chink moonrunes like reddit can, and hiromoot only uses rangebans to sell 4chan passes

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>nijiEN and vshojo socialize daily, superchat each other's streams
>holoEN stay in a seiso bubble
spot the problem.

>> No.6869117

Literally who?

>> No.6869118

You don't hang out in the NijiEN general often enough

>> No.6869133

There's only retard(s) who would use each girls in rotation to shitpost

>> No.6869134

You clearly do not post in niji en general. But sure call others newfag.

>> No.6869199

Stop shitposting on /vt/

>> No.6869204

Newfagchama... I'm talking about /jp/. You really are new.

>> No.6869216

it's a shame holo fanboys will never enjoy Patra, or Pikamee, or Rosemi, or Selen, or Sumire, or...

>> No.6869246 [DELETED] 

>includes patra and pikamee
Do Nijiniggers really?

>> No.6869250

Look at how shut in this anon's mind is, when it's trivially easy to find truth.
Instead anon willingly deepthroats a narrative that conveniently paints his idol as a helpless victim.
Even this is not in good faith, rather a mental bend to vision himself as a saviour to boost an atom-sized ego.

Don't be like this anon.

>> No.6869264

you global retards dont watch indies or other companies is the point, retarded ESL

>> No.6869281

Give the money back
I'm not an ASMR guy
Well loved by holofans
Apesex = no watch
You got me, dead to rights. I do not know her.

>> No.6869294

patra's non-asmr is good stuff as well

>> No.6869295

Pikamee is doing stuff with Pomu (and has, before) and you shit on NijisanjiEN, clearly your "love" is full of shit.

>> No.6869300

It's ok anon
There are no worthwhile talents outside of hololive

>> No.6869332

It's about shitting on Pomufags more than shitting on Pikamee
Really now. I only hear ASMR so I thought she was a one trick pony.

>> No.6869338 [DELETED] 

Nijinigger once again can't remember what their nijistalker did to lulu? After all, it’s normal fan act for them. It's pathetic to be a nijisanji. nijisanji can't stop winning.

>> No.6869354

agreed with the tradition being kept up, but this board started on the foundation that holoJPfags aka dogfuckers absolutely despised western holoEN whores and their fanbase, nijis we're just an irrelevant punching bag at that point

>> No.6869362

Elira and the others have great chats, why would you want /vt/ idiots in them?

>> No.6869365 [DELETED] 

>Holobronies never shit on Nijisanji thread we dindu nuffin.
Truly the nigger of Vtubers.

>> No.6869372

They hated them because they spoke the truth.

>> No.6869391

Sorry for not being 15 years old

>> No.6869415

Like come on, they are no fan if they resort to such things. Of course, Shion's stalkers are no Holofans as well. Those are pure schizos

>> No.6869453

>There is no inbetween between being an actual whore and a pure idol
This is your brain as someone who was introduced to vtubers through Hololive.

>> No.6869455 [DELETED] 

Because Nijiniggers bite on practically every bait

>> No.6869489

Have you seen a hololive thread? Everyone on this board bites anything.

>> No.6869496

I don't see a problem. What am I supposed to be seeing?

>> No.6869503 [DELETED] 

Because their western fanbase somehow has a bigger rod up their ass then western [email protected]

Conversly holobronies have the IQ of a fruit bat and mindlessly attack anything that's not holo

>> No.6869542

>hololive = lovelive
>nijisanji = idolmaster

>> No.6869546

Again, look at you latching on to narratives, swallowing them whole. Educating yourself on a situation is a good idea before claiming authority on it, it makes you not look like a buffoon. Did you try to make semblance when constructing that post, or did just mash a keyboard? Try read your post out loud, it'd make a toddler cringe.

I'll save myself the disgrace of listing out multiple tasteless acts and how mishandled they were on your end. But no, tribalism dictates they can do no wrong. Good to know how a brain of your kind operates.

>> No.6869662

Consider the atmosphere on the board for a bit. Holofag culture is responsible for stuff like rrats, roommate/doxx posts, schizoposting, falseflagging, numberfagging etc. in vast amounts. EOPs and clipwatchers dunning-kruger discussions all the time, spreading misinfo that sticks for months despite repeated corrections. Hololive is completely dominant in the western vtuber scene, so any newfags on the board, which is already 90% Hololive, are invariably going to be holo tourists. Holofags also constantly break containment on shithole boards such as /v/, inviting incensed shitposters and actual console-warriors over.

/vt/'s small handful of nijifags (and other local vtuber fandoms, for that matter) don't participate in any of this, they just sit in their slow threads and watch their streams. Sometimes some go into the bait threads and try to correct rrats about niji talent, but it's generally a fool's errand. Nijifags don't have a litany of disparaging names for Cover/Hololive like holofags have for Nijisanji (Manjisanji, Zhangisanji etc.).

All in all, I think it's pretty fair to assume that the shoddy state of discussion on this board is very much the result of rampant holofaggotry. Blaming Nijisanji to top it all off isn't exactly unexpected of Holofags.

>> No.6869818
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>> No.6870009

The tribalfags on both sides are pretty bad honestly. I just don't understand how enjoying vtubers regardless of what company they work for seems to be such a foreign concept.

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>> No.6870214

This. I'm not gonna lie and act like I don't watch more Hololive than other companies, but I have plenty I enjoy outside of that bubble. Shiina, Himawari, Lulu (RIP), Kuzuha, Sister Claire, Pikamee, Tsukushi Aria, Patra, etc., tribalism is dumb.

>> No.6870293

I watch mostly nijis these days, but I'd never wish ill on any of the holos themselves. Fubuki, Shion and Aqua were my gateway vtubers. There are definitely tribalists on both sides and it would be nice if everyone peacefully followed whoever they ended up liking without the corpo branding affecting their choices, but it is what it is. The main difference, I feel, is that while nijifags largely stick to their bubbles (partly out of necessity, considering the state of the board) and curse holofags under their breath, holofags are out in the open spreading rrats and being openly hostile towards niji talent in threads created about them. It's unhealthy all around.

>> No.6870309 [DELETED] 

Because the nijifans around these parts are the kind of people who'd bend over and take chink cock up the ass if it'll somehow make "holobronies" seethe.

>> No.6870334

It's a foreign concept because Unity posting stands in the way of pointless tribalism by nature of not being retarded.

>> No.6870362

I enjoy both agencies, but i also like to farm (you)s from retards who cannot control themselves when they see someone shitting on something

>> No.6870420

Well for one, Unity Posts have a tendency of being taken down faster by the mods. Take the Unity General Thread yesterday. That one was taken down relatively quickly, while it's not uncommon to see threads soley dedicated to tribalism or malicious Rrats stay up for days.

>> No.6870484

wait, why is that? What do they have against those threads?

>> No.6870577

You're such a slimy weasel.

>> No.6870628

>Holofag culture is responsible for stuff like rrats, roommate/doxx posts, schizoposting, falseflagging, numberfagging etc. in vast amounts.
Clearly you weren't here for the /vyt/ days if you genuinely believe this started or even normalized with Hololive.

>> No.6870766 [DELETED] 

and yet here you are baiting for replies with carefully crafted bait posts

>> No.6870796

They are used as a tool for proxy war Chinks vs Japan/The West. Chinks cant bring their own vtubers here because they are too irrelevant so instead they push Nijisanji here. Its actually incredibly fucking pathetic that this board will probably never go out of the proxy war.

The only solution to the dire situation is that uniroinically clippers and reddit. If English speaking clippers translate many Niji JPs videos and reddit makes many memes about them and casuals flood into Niji, the proxy war will cease sometime soon. This board itself has just become the Chink HQ so cant have any power to subvert the situation.

>> No.6870886

We're discussing /vt/, quite far removed from /vyt/ at this point. These elements are frequently only present in holo threads, bait threads like this one, and non-holo threads raided by holofags. I originally had to go into holo generals to find out what "rrat" meant when I first saw it used here.

I'd argue that even if it didn't start with Hololive, it sure as shit normalized with them while somehow dying out among the others.

>> No.6870941

>Nijisanji is a chinese psyop
Now this is the schizophrenia I come to /vt/ for.

>> No.6871320

Niji itself
>Roa incident
>rampant GFE/BFE(same in Holo)
>shill censored games(same in Holo)
>some like Hoshikawa and Gunrei are Vshito level whores(strong reasons to believe same happens in Holo they're just told to hide it)
>many chink apologists/shills who latched on because it's the biggest opponent of Hololive
>tribal mentality(same for Holofags)
But the biggest thing is mods pushing drama for sake of PPH to make more from ads.

>> No.6871421

See >>6867272

>> No.6871699


>> No.6876478

Rainbows make me angry.

>> No.6876852

Such as...?

>> No.6877208

Because of Chinks and EOPs. If you want to enjoy Niji especially Niji jp just skip English-speaking platforms and learn Japanese. Not all but Niji en members have high skills of Japanese language. They will have many collabs with jp members in Japanese. Western Chink diaspora ideologues who always hate on Hololive and EOPs only watching translated Holo clips are actually irrelevant outside of this garbage board.

>> No.6877457 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 600x547, 1623661012652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Niji itself
>>Roa incident
>>rampant GFE/BFE(same in Holo)
>>shill censored games(same in Holo)
>>some like Hoshikawa and Gunrei are Vshito level whores(strong reasons to believe same happens in Holo they're just told to hide it)
>>many chink apologists/shills who latched on because it's the biggest opponent of Hololive
>>tribal mentality(same for Holofags)
>But the biggest thing is mods pushing drama for sake of PPH to make more from ads.

>> No.6877967


>> No.6878700

/vt/ thinks Nijifags are like /jp/. I no-life all Nijisanji generals and aside from obvious falseflaggers people are pretty open to Hololive. Even in NijiEN general. Sometimes people ask for reccomendations based on their Holo oshi and people try to match it. Only numberfags and shitposters get told to fuck off. Do people who actually hate Hololive exist? Sure, everyone has different opinions. I myself disliked certain vtubers because of the fans here, but I got over it because I actually checked out the streams.
Some JP Nijisanji vtubers have obscured genders or talk about being bi/lesbo/gay.

>> No.6883295

I don't. I watch Karuta and Noraneko often.

>> No.6883745

>I'm an ignorant IRL newfag but let me tell you why your past experiences are fake

>> No.6883918

They have been by groomed by Hololive clippers while quarantined last year and grew attached to Cover and the Holo brand like the tribalistic golems they are

>> No.6886685

/vt/ hates everything, why do you only care of Nijisanji?

>> No.6887251

Pekora is the only good one here

>> No.6888178

/v/-tier console wars, people refuse to look at talents individually and instead shit on anything else that isn't their favorite company

>> No.6888787

>Why does /vt/ hate them so much?

Chinese shills, crap out mediocre vtubers constantly, characters are way too overdesigned, especially the EN branch

Also way too much Apex Legends.

>> No.6889507

One of holocult rules is that you're obliged to hate them

>> No.6890145

Chink pandering. Used to watch NijiEN until they all played Genzhang Impact.

>> No.6890470

Fear of the unknown. This board was holofag comfort zone for a while until Nijisanji threads started popping up which irritated them a lot and they instinctively started to instantly click every non holo thread and post phrases such as "literal who" or "hololive reject" because Nijisanji lives rent free in their minds

>> No.6890731

People who despise Holo Live on Twitter, Nico Nico Pedia, and news sites. Many of them are Nijisanji followers.

>> No.6890829
File: 95 KB, 840x839, 06B3D8BA-BFD9-4234-9939-75B53C665CB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6890885
File: 2.04 MB, 700x3351, 1626875181855.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6890912

>until Nijisanji threads started popping up
You mean, since the beginning? They were relegated to their thread, though unlike /jp/, the janny didn't instaban you if you posted something that went against the hivemind.

>> No.6890994

>Most people's lives are decent
That's fucking propaganda, most of the Chinks still eat bugs and gutter oil

>> No.6891026


>> No.6891130

The reason starts and ends with /jp/, they're also proud of it.

>> No.6891155


>> No.6891227


>> No.6891250

People hate them because they are garbage quality.

>> No.6891255
File: 1.79 MB, 950x3500, 1626609521755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Double reminder.

>> No.6891478
File: 57 KB, 1084x610, F59E62E3-8F8C-4841-B21B-BFC867137444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6891579
File: 412 KB, 500x1204, 1624558480723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6892185
File: 287 KB, 611x468, madewithNoelmilk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>random 5ch thread

>> No.6892252

haha it's molulu!

>> No.6892864

Her said many, not all.

>> No.6893125

You know ironically the tribalist "Nijifags" on /jp/ were just /jp/sies freaking out over newfags and the 2 or 3 spergs that have always just been there. "Holofags" just kind of went with it because they were mostly new and didn't know any better but vastly outnumbered the older posters so all of the dumb bullshit carried over through sheer memery and ignorance.

>> No.6893216

Again, I I did say even if they eat bugs and gutter oils, they have no example of an actual decent life they can compare tho. They haven been living a delusion their whole life.

>> No.6893284

just stay on your thread nijinigger

>> No.6893446

We don't deserve Finana...

>> No.6893642

same but with holo xdddd

>> No.6894847

Literally every piece of board culture and ritual post is ripped straight from jp, from the bullysanji narrative to the whoreposting and even old narratives. The only bit of board culture that's unique to this board is the "le final yab" bullshit

>> No.6895581


>> No.6896203

Because they can't stand a company where men are popular, it reminds them that they are pathetic incels that will never be loved like the Nijis.

>> No.6896668

Look ma I'm projecting

>> No.6897712

Because she’s hot.

>> No.6897996

I was getting bored bullying Kiara. But now I have a new group to bully. Thanks OP!

>> No.6898652

>Wanna be a /vt/ fag? Watch a girl play a video game for an hour.
Looking at the average poster here, I don't think you even need to watch shit

>> No.6898673

What are you talking about?
Most of the hate and bait threads are about Hololive.

>> No.6898886
File: 70 KB, 600x909, grin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't hate them, but I found them boring.

Until I found Utako.

>> No.6898959


>> No.6903652

Nijifags on /vt/ are actual unironic faggots who cream their pants over men, see .>6896271

>> No.6903705

For how many Nijis there are, there are maybe 5 good designs between them. Meanwhile the biggest stinkers Hololive has is IRyS and Ollie.

>> No.6904245

Because they're more successful than Hololive in Japan.

>> No.6904537

>Zhang pandering
>/jp/ Elitism
>Don't care about EOPs
>Quantity over Quality culture means it's hard to find an oshi

But these are the special cases. Overall, most of /vt/ just finds Niji to be boring. Hololive may have an incompetent management but damn they are hard carried by their talents.

>> No.6904593
File: 9 KB, 225x225, cock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah they're okay. Watching NijiEN and the weekly JP 3Ds help me cope with the loss of Coco. Only schizos and /qa/ shitters like to stir the pot.

>> No.6904730

They try to hard to seem hip.

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