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>You weren't looking at another girl, were you, anon...?

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no, she has a bag over her head

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Yes, Pomu.

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Looking at your shit past

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N.. no...

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Punish me.

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Yes, your past incarnations and remembering how you abandoned your fans for money and clout.

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I hope you go in Luna threads and say the same thing.

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Anon, she needs bigger pay pigs. You guys didn't pay her enough to stay.

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redpill me on this girl. i see no reason why i should hate her.

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Play poker and then I'll pay attention to you.

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Absolutely, Selen may not be that cute but she's still the best and least phony of the 3.

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I like her game selections but I am not a big bdsm.

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She's a cute rose with an S side who's dedicated to her keyfabe. Lots of rose puns. Good at Minecraft. Seems to be leaning into the GFE. Somewhat comparable to an EN Rushia even with the little we've seen from her.

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Nah that was justified the panda nijinigger bitch was bullying her.

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fuck the double crossing rose bitch

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Rushia is the worst thing to come out of hololive. But yes, that's accurate

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Maybe if you treated the lady properly and didn't disappoint her she wouldn't have left you.

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Luna deserved it.

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is the apple a stand in for a nutsack?

asking for a frien.

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You really fell for that? The Sasaki bully thing was a meme based around how she'd playfully interact with other Nijis and people used her as a way to explain away Luna's graduation. There's a reason so proof of this claim exists, they even went out to eat together post Luna's graduation.

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Where the fuck did this rrat even come from? It doesn't even make sense.

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>so proof
No proof.

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why all the hate
all she did was change companies after getting a better job offer
at this point you just get upset for the sake of it

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Sasaki actually bullied someone from nijisanji, but it's not Luna.

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She did not.

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Selen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rosemi > Petra

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man... everyone knows who she was, she literally abandoned her fans for this, that's not cool, this is goingto bite her in the ass for sure

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She didn't, you really need to stop this. Sasaki is fucking inoffensive. I don't get how you people talk shit about Sasaki and then yet are totally ok with Hoshikawa being a massive bitch.

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>she literally abandoned her fans for this
if you are her fan you can just continue to support her how is changing your model "abandoning"?

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Sasaki bullied Kanae into quitting once and then blackmailed him into returning. The police even got involved.

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That's if they know where she moved to begin with.

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You... rrat!

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She has a boyfriend, supporting her in any way shape or form is being a cuck

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Yeah, after I fucked her in her asshole.

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That's Petra. Rosemi and Selen are both single.

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I can't believe this backstabbing whore, she has gone WAY too far by not saying "hey buds, how's it growing?" at the start of her streams
I will not put up with this much longer, dammit

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The account people claimed to be Petra's boyfriend is a girl...

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Petra's roommate posted on twitter 7 times a day about being with her boyfriend, just Google her other account + boyfriend and it'll pop up

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I'm going to send superchat to tell her to make baby with her boyfriend just to spite you, Holobrony.

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This. She’s on thin fucking ice.

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So she have a girlfriend

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She's like the class clown, plus she helps resolve tensions and isn't afraid to be the butt of the joke. Also this is for (You) https://streamable.com/dkwjgr

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nijifans deserve it so it's ok

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I love how everyone calls sasagy the bitch of Nijisanji when Gundou exists

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Can you really spend time with single girls if you support financially engaged ones?

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Just because you have hearts with someones username on Twitter doesnt mean you're dating. She and her friends are Idol boy fans and they all act this way on Twitter. You can search from:hername herfriendsname and read the replies.

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Eh, she's more like a poser.
>i hate you~
>i'm here in an overseas hotel, fuck you
>no there's no garbage truck, wtf
>*end stream*

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>panda beating the shit out of aqua
wtf i love this bitch now

>> No.6816731

this only makes her hotter and more desirable, seethe more

>> No.6817118

i can´t believe this bitch wants to be successfull and enjoy life
i think i love her

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Yes. She's upset you'd ever think about other girls. The only way to make up for it is to donate to her next stream and apologize for it.

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Bullying is not the best way to describe it, and this is an old story that was resolved, but in the hindsight if she didn't come back, that person was going to retire because of her low IQ that lead her to believe in fake rumours.

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bros i can't stop thinking about her. she's been living in my head since right before debut. I don't know whether to try and stop it or whether I should submit even more. Is this what rushia fans go through? Would she be upset if I didn't become trapped in a parasocial relationship with her? Should I be donating more often like the pathetic pig i am?

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Stop saying "past fans"
Nobody who liked Miki is upset
Even rat/Tsunderia fans would rather just move on
You didn't watch her and never cared about her until she gave you shitposting fuel

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Jokes that newfags and retards took seriously.

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Sorry this is incorrect at least for me.
I was huge Miki fan and her actions put me off to being a fan of her. Not sending her hate or anything
Just ended up not liking who she is behind the character is all.

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Never Mistress Rose....

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need a spoonfeed

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She wouldn't tolerate you looking at any girl. However, there is literally one exception: Pomu. I'm not even kidding
>by not saying "hey buds, how's it growing?" at the start of her streams
...this is literally what she said at the beginning of her Cuphead stream...

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no you weren't, now kill yourself falseflagger.

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Yes I was, and she is better than you in every single way.

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We go out of our way to NOT look at you

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...because we're not worthy of her presence and are all filthy pigs. right anon?

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