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You jerked it to your Oshii today didn't you?

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I can’t jerk to V-tubers, they’re too real.

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Not yet.

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im a serial adulterer, i rarely fap to my oshi

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I've been edging to her since she left and I am so fucking horny right now.

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I can only coom to women in their mid thirties doing cute voices anymore. I need help.

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Yes I coomed to Beatani twice today using this

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Hentai doesn't get me off. So no

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I dont jerk to my Oshi. Only Ayame, Shion, Hoshikawa, Rushia, Mori, Ina, and Aqua get that treatment.

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I exclusively jerk off to my oshi, regarding vtubers. Jerking it to the others feels like cheating.

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Before coming to this board, I wouldn't have done that, but being here mindbroke me. Seeing everyone being so horny changed me and now I have to live with the shame. I hate you all, I'm sorry to my oshi

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r/hololewd is a good place to start

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I jacked off to A-Chan.

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There probably fucking you might aswell beat it to other vtubers too

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I would never.

I have Matsuri for when I need to jerk off, my oshi is off limits.

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Such would be heresy, so no.

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Not today, not ever. My oshi is too pure to fap to.

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been like, 2 weeks since i last jerked it to Mori. since i last jerked off at all actually. haven't been feeling it lately.

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I have this issue whenever I fap to Ame in which I don't know if I should think about her or her roommate. Anyone else the same with their chuuba?

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Only Coco.

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same here with Moririn..

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Same, i thought i was alone in this.

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That's only the case for me with a few examples.
ProjektMelody is the biggest one since she actually does camgirl-ing.
She's just too cute.

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ive been jerking off to luto for the last 2 weeks. i need help

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The dilemma of fapping to your oshis roommate when their isn't that much material

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I don't

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No. That is too immeraion breaking. I dont actually like these women. Just the role they play.

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of course

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fap to your Oshi cosplaying as the roommate

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Just cum to random twitch thot at this point

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I don't have an oshi yet, but I find Moona incredibly sexy.

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I coom to Kiaras roommate here n there

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I'm conflicted with Coco and Matsuri. I used to feel the same way about Noel, but since I found a certain fantia video I've been fapping exclusively to her roommate.

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Why would you do that to best friend?

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I wouldn't.
I'm asking you why you would.

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I quit jerking off.

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you paid for it?

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Mori isn't my oshi but if she was I'd be fapping so much to her big booba rommate

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I exclusively jerk it to roommates. Chuubas are sacred and I can't see them sexually, even someone as blatantly meant to be bred a la Marine or Coco. But roommates are open season.

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Well OP you caught me!

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like who?

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nta but I jerk off to Noel's roommate pretty often

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all of them

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I do not do such things with my oshi.

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The only roommate I personally jerk off to is Coco, but that's mostly because I had dream sex with her, and I jerk off to the memory of the dream.

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Of course

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I cannot bring myself to jack off to my oshi, everyone else is fair game

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That doesn't narrow it down much, she has a lot of videos. That being said I almost feel bad about jerking it to her roommate. I know that's the purpose of some of her videos but at the same time am I really no better than the pigs in middle/high school that just treated her like a piece of meat?

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Is it the one with her ass? If so we've been jerking it to the same video

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Fucking post it nigger

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search the archive

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where? fantia or nnd?

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the /vt/ archive, someone posted it in a thread about a week or two ago, search up fantia

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Oldest thread on the /vt/ archive is from 3 days ago.

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who the fuck can fap to korone or pomu rainpuff

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anonchama, not the official archive

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what archive are you checking? I found it in about a minute of searching

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I can't fap to any vtubers. Unless its Ange.

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I feel no sexual attraction to my oshi, only love and support

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which archive are we talking about anonchama?

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>been using nyafuu

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I wish you luck in finding the video of Noel's holy ass

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Yeah, you need to be more specific because I'm not seeing anything in any relevant threads when I search up fantia. Relevant threads being horny threads.

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Wait forget it, you're jerking it to one with a pink skirt?

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I have erectile dysfunction.

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Alright, I'll spoonfeed you.
look through this thread

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Sure I did. I will not let her permission go to waste.

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