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Are we sure Nijisanji didn't steal a design? This looks WAY too sophisticated for their experimental branch. It's Hololive-tier design which was supposed to be an EN2 member's.

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Describe Hololive-tier design?

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Hololive doesn’t deserve it. Better enjoy your rhombus riggers because thats all the fucks Cover gives.

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Rosemi's design is more advanced desune

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>Hololive-tier design
What did the Holobrony mean by this?

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As of July 2021 this is the staple for Hololive-tier design

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If you cover up the face it looks amazing. What a shame.

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Well yea, need to add a bit extra to the one that loves cocks.

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>why is there suddenly a increase in niji baits
>oh yea it's nearing debut

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Fucking retards like to reply to obvious bait because they can’t ignore it or else they can’t repair their “hurt” feelings

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>I don't like this post, therefore it's a bait

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I would like to know what surface you hit your head with to think this is a sophisticated design. It's actually as unsophisticated as your bait.

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Sure OP, I’m sure you’re not baiting nijiniggers and causing tribalism. KYS retard

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>It's Hololive-tier design

I have so many questions about what you're trying to imply...

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What the hell is that rigging

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If you can't explain what "Hololive-tier design" entails in strict detail, you're probably baiting.

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Her face is like from 5 years ago.

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They got real quiet after this hahahaha

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Holobronies seething their latest EN looks like this lmao.

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Did you guys know that penguins are real animals? And these fucking HACKS stole design from one!

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I can't believe Petra is a Vtuber just like Gura... what a fucking ripoff artist...

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>penguins are real animals
fish can't just decide to start walking around. it's just a fucking cartoon

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I thought these were supposed to be fantasy, IS NINISANI LYING TO US AGAIN??

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This is a hilarious parody of the most demented Holotards.
Well done.

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She's VERY cute I hope she's funny as well

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>WAY too sophisticated
>Hololive-tier design
>Nijisanji didn't steal a design?
I'd call that bait on any other board, but Cumsharts show time and time again that they are living lobotomies at this point so it's hard to tell...

>WAY too sophisticated
what? a basic hoodie and matching shoes?
>Hololive-tier design
lmao her face doesn't look as fucked up as that vsinger's one
>Nijisanji didn't steal a design?
hot take: this isn't about (you)

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>It's Hololive-tier design
The design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it isn’t that bad.

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What's wrong with her face?

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I thought it was fine till I watched the debut and it looks so much worse in motion
Cover really needs better riggers and/or artists

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>Hololive-tier design
This is what Hololive-tier looks like now

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What's the rrat behind irys' design? Is it shit because irys picked it? Or is this cover trying to appeal to the west with a less anime-like face?

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The quality of a design is determined by how talented the designer is, not how much you spend on it.

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Irys' illustrator is Redjuice, a senior figure in the Japanese artist community. The rrat here is that due to said artist's seniority, the management lacks the ball to say that his design is lacking, and so they just hit the gas hoping that it will just work.

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Penguins aren't real anon

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People intentionally copy success, is the main point being made. Hence a need or desire to copy Gura.

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>a need or desire to copy Gura
>copy Gura
Anon, I think you got it backwards

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The desire to replicate success is common. Nothing is backwards from that. And if a nobody is copied, it is usually unintentional because no one knows the nobody. There is a greater desire to copy Gura, then to copy a failure.

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Moderate Meritocracy is superior. Make good work, get good pay, then retire and live modestly. Make bad work, get retrained and then shitcanned if you still can't perform basic job tasks. It's firm but fair.

As for honor culture and brand loyalism, nips and holobronies would praise Irys' design even if it was a shit-smeared piece of paper that Redjuice literally wiped his ass with. After this debacle, I'd be surprised if redjuice ever got hired to design a other vtuber even if it was the company's fault for not demanding refinements. He should've known that honor culture gives him supreme authority, which is why the first draft he sent should've been treated as his final creation.

No redraws. No redos. Now he's even been disgraced by a literal light novel artist who's working for a far less efamous company. This is the absolute state of RJ.

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the art style kinda reminds me of nekomata okayu do they have the same artist?

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Aren't these models way fucking cheaper than getting Teddyloid for their original song?
Anykara has tons of money.

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Everyone that replied seriously is doing God’s work giving (You)s to such shitty bait
I really don’t understand, why are Nijiniggers like this? I believed they were less mentally ill, but I suppose everyone in /vt/ is a schizo

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I’m not OP faggot

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>sharky hoodie
Why do people even think that Gura's success has something to do with her lame design?

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>Hololive-tier design
do all holoEN look this shitty then? Kiara, sure, but the rest are ogeykd8sa

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The rrat is that it isn't shit. I mean art itself isn't shit, it's great actually, and overall design, thought maybe too complex, is still good too.
Problem is that art style is just stands out too much first, and it has very mediocre rigging unable to compensate for it second. I'm sure they threw a lot of money in it and now they don't know where they even screwed up.

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>It's Hololive-tier design which was supposed to be an EN2 member
Anon I love you never change

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>Close stream

>See avatar
>Throw up
I guess tuning in to singing streams without looking works, and re-designs and alternate outfits can fix it. But there is no fixing voice for Chimkin.

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First reason why I like nijiEN is that there's no one as bad as her. Hope EN2 won't fuck that one up.

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>The rrat here is that due to said artist's seniority, the management lacks the ball to say that his design is lacking

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Do the NijiENs share the same artists each wave? Lazulight seems to have the same artstyle and now Obsydia repeats with a different style. Or am I schizo? t. holofag I don't watch Niji but hope the best for your tribe.

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they all have different artists except Selen who has the same as Elira.
The other 5 all have different mama's.

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As I understand they had auditions on the same time and EN1 & EN2 were planned together so that they supposed to supplement each others lore.

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It honestly makes me angry that nijiniggers have a good design
Can we just pretend she is HoloEN gen2 instead?

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They've gone all in on the international branches this year. Along with the ENs having 2 debut songs and big name artists, they've obviously bought ads, and even on the ID side they've been getting a lot of big sponserships.
In fact even earlier today, they added the international brances (including LazuLight) to the big Nijisanji baseball tournament, which has been known to cause BIG inclines if a chuuba's character does something notable.

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No one knows who the girl on the right is retard, why would Gura copy a literal WH OMEGALUL

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Nothing stopping you from just watching her if you're interested in her.

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Why didn't this guy change up his art like huke did for the vtuber? His art's pretty good but it doesn't work for this type of media.

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>a Penguin girl
Motherfuckers finally got me. Love those dumb birds.

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His will, finally fufilled.
Well, I guess the actual Humboldt being a vtuber already did that, but still.
Can never have too many penguins.

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>He doesn't know of Pina Pengin

>> No.6687521

I like her sneakers.

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>Having a model that bronies dont like and still be more popular than all nijien together
Q-Quickly nijibros we have to use the brand excuse cause we dont have any argument

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I don’t even like this design purple girl is better

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For me it's president lovecock

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I don’t like victorian style clothes but I like the rest

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Huke’s art is good but I hate Kiaras model. The design is shit (probably Kiaras fault) and it makes it look like he doesn’t know how to color, which he usually excels at. I think he should’ve kept his original artstyle, which is leagues better than redjuice anyway, or did a different change of style.

Because the artist knows they can get away with copying a bilibilituber lol. You don’t copy what’s obvious, you pick the good shit from the bottom of the barrel so no one notices and everyone calls you a genius.

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We all know that hololive invented vtubers so really every other vtuber that isn't part of hololive is merely an imitation of the real thing.

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I believe it.
What are the alternatives anyway. Doing it on purpose? Or maybe time constraints?
Maybe they plan to fix it over time.
We'll see what happens.
But I personally don't want that eyesore around during collabs.

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Well deserved desu his stupid hubris fucked up everything.

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Not into those styles either but Rosemi's costume hits different.

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It's pretty similar to Amicia's actually

They even both have the flappy penguins sleeves and shorts. Petra has a zipper and actual shoes though.

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take your meds, faggot.

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