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>spent weeks trying to fix sleep schedule
>stream starts at 2am

whats the point anymore?

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Rosemi Lovecock*
Fixed ur typo, don't thank me.

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Simple, dont watch the fucking whore, fixed it for you.
Shes a miserable slut who fucked people over, even Nijiniggers hate her lmao.

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She's a mistake.

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Rosemy dont lurk here.. it's not good for ur debut

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>Shes a miserable slut who fucked people over, even Nijiniggers hate her lmao
Just so you all know there is one (1) guy parroting this narrative that relies on a single greentext with literally zero proof behind it. Unless you believe in schizos with a grudge, Rose has nothing on her. He gets told to fuck off in NijiEN threads as his schizophrenia and lies become increasingly obvious, including claiming Pikamee hates her which was proven false.

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Explain. Give me my red-pilled meds on this issue.
She has the best outfit out of all of them and i was looking forward to her stream

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Rosemi Leglock*

Learn to read, you fucking EOP SEA monkey.

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There's a schizo claiming she fucked over Tsunderia and everyone hates her to which he has no proof, screenshots or clips to back up.

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>It's one person
Saying this constantly won't make it true. Maybe there's one guy who's more vocal than everyone else, but that doesn't mean that nobody else dislikes her or that none of the rumours hold any water.

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t. Schizo
Post proof or fuck off and stop shitting up her threads already.

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So there's a bunch of people who definitely know the truth about the rrats and not a single piece of evidence? Why should I believe it then? Just out of mob mentality because there's more than one schizo with a grudge against her?

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>even Nijiniggers hate her
This might sound alien to a mindless holodrone but we're capable of forming our own opinion, anon.

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if it's true and she's such a horrible person why are you so intent on gatekeeping the proof you claim to be out there? if it's that easy to just 'do reps' and find out how about you show us?

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You're right, it's two people. One person who says some shit, then another person who pretends they don't know what's going on asking for an explanation, to which the first person promptly responds with their schizo greentext.

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I dunno about that. That could easily still be one guy.

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*Suckmi Futacock

Come on you western whaitto piggu, can’t even use your own language correctly.

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she's fucking adorable holy shit

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So there is a rrat going around, describing her PL as someone who ditched Tsunderia when they had invested a lot in her, a music video or sth. She went back to her indie life for a while because it was a lot more successful and graduated to join NijiEN. All in greentext by one guy though.
She was allegedly hated in the indie circles but there isn't any proof except some guys claimed so in greentext and Pomu, Elira seem happy to welcome to her as well. Pikamee hates her or sth bcs Miki didn't reply to Pikamee on Twitter. However, the rrat died as soon as Rosemi made a comment to Pikamee's tweet the other day.
She is said to have deleted Ria account out of spite while SC was still being processed. However, the same guy who parades that idea couldn't provide any proof. Like I could make an argument that she was told she could delete her channel after graduation and she didn't take into account the SC processing.
One more thing to be cautious. The Tsunderia staffs and Miki do post on here so take everything with a grain of salt. As for myself, I want to follow her for a bit. If she sticks around for a like a year or so before jumping to HoloEn then it may be quite disappointing but I understand. Heck, one year of content is still fine.

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>The Tsunderia staffs and Miki do post on here
I don't know if there's any proof Miki posted here except for the one time she tried making a thread for herself, and she didn't seem familiar with site culture or anything iirc, but yeah there's still a chance she's here.

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I didn't give my opinion on her or state that I believed the rumors myself. I'm just saying that dogpiling anybody that even asks about the whole thing and accusing them of being one guy just makes you look like overly-paranoid schizos.

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Indeed, she only posts one confirmed post to introduce herself like any other indie here to gain exposure.

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And I'm just saying shitting up her threads with baseless accusations constantly before she even debuts is pointless, now fuck off.

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didn't pikamee and miki collab...? or was the 'pikamee hates her' rrat after that?

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Wait is she the rrat girl?
Based, that's the other smalltime chubba I watched other than mint.

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The rrat was "Miki's old friends all hate her now because she's a bitch."
Which makes no sense when Pikamee doesn't hate her and Pomu was her friend in her past life and clearly has no issue with her.
The only ones who seem to have a problem with her are Tsunderia, and that's understandable but still stupid to generalize from.

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>before jumping to HoloEn
Fuck no. I'd rather see her retire than join Hololive.

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She's good friends with Pomu and Elvira and I'm willing to trust them over some /vt/ schizos

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like fucking clockwork with you people >>6622885

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It was an Among Us collab with others, I am not sure if they had any other collab. The rrat started out with one screenshot of Pikamee replying to one tweet and Miki forgeting to reply back or sth, that was the only proof lol.
Hmm, Rosemi is Miki/Ria. Miki is her indie persona and Ria is her Tsunderia self.

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Bro, Pomu is a pushover. She needs to be protected from the like of that rat.

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It's fine Elira will keep her safe, she's done so since they were indies

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>Ria/Miki were the same person
I know I didn't keep up with small chubbas as much as hololive but how did i not notice this?

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Learn to embrace archives anon, I don't even watch my oshis if they're at a terrible hour for me.

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It's 10 PM EST which is literally the best time for an English speaker to stream (maybe 1-2 hours before being ideal, but in the same window). Not her fault you live in Morroco or whatever.

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This is it. I'm a lovecuck now.

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Oops sorry, I didn't get your questions but yea, I wasted a lot of time browsing here, saw the same post and wanted to give a neutral take. After all, let's just watch her, if the menhera behaviors persist then yea...

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Let me give you some personal insight on the matter.

I've been with my wife for 10 years now. We met in high school, and I got her pregnant.
She is and always has been a lazy person and a shit cook. I wouldn't even mind eating shit food if she at least made it on time. But she rarely did.

We'd get into screaming arguments constantly about how lazy and worthless she was. I felt like an asshole for it, but goddamn she was a real piece of work. The only reason I dealt with all this was for the kids, and also because the sex is great.

But one night, I got fed up. Not only did she get drunk, neglect the kids, and made me top Ramen for dinner, but she decided to give me attitude too. She was being real fucking bitchy. So I told my grandparents to keep an eye on the kids and told my wife we were going to go out and have dinner together. I drove maybe 3 blocks to a quiet area (we live in Oregon, it's not hard to find a quiet field) and I got out of the car, went around like I was going to open her door for her and let her out, and I just beat the shit out of her while she was still seatbelted. After a few punches, I asked her if she wanted to go back to her parents. She started screaming and yelling and said yes, so I beat the shit out of her again. Then I asked her what she wanted to do. She finally got smart and said she wanted to go home. So I took her home and dared her to start trouble. I even handed her my cellphone and dialed her mom's number on the drive home. I made her talk to her mom, while daring her to fucking say something.

Before that incident, I had never laid a hand on her. But I had always threatened it. I told her "one of these days, if you don't straighten up, I'm going to lay hands on you."

All my meals have been on time, and she just recently tried to make a meatloaf. It was mediocre, but I was just thrilled that she tried.

Do with this information what you will.

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>Reddit copypasta
There's no helping Rose threads, is there...

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I didn't follow her past life at all, but I feel like just about everyone here had a positive opinion of her until it became obvious that she's joining NijiEN.
Some expected her to be HoloEN gen 2, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was just a big, fat, mutated rrat cooked up by some tribal unga bunga Holotards. The ingredients were there, after all.

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based. fuck moroccans.

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The ones starting were definitely genuinely hurt tsunderia fans. I'd believe some continuing it were not.

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So did she ever end up returning what she misappropriated from her previous agency? It's honestly a miracle that she didn't get her ass sued.

>> No.6624508

Using a character model that an agency provided for you is not "misappropriating assets", take your fucking meds.

>> No.6624542

It's not like she stole equipment or somethig. I guess she could have paid them what the rig and song cost, but I can't imagine that she'd be obligated to.
At most their contract might have had a fee for breaking it early, but either there wasn't one or Anycolor was willing to pay it.

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I wanna dick lovecock

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Information Warfare: Issues for Congress
March 5, 2018 R45142

Information warfare is hardly a new endeavor. In the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, Persian ruler Xerxes used intimidation tactics to break the will of Greek city-states. Alexander the Great used cultural assimilation to subdue dissent and maintain conquered lands. Military scholars trace the modern use of information as a tool in guerilla warfare to fifth-century BC Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War and its emphasis on accurate intelligence for decision superiority over a mightier foe. These ancient strategists helped to lay the foundation for information warfare strategy in modern times....

Table of Contents
Introduction: What Is Information Warfare?
Information Warfare Strategy vs. Information Operations
Information Operations
Information Warfare-Related Terms
Types of Information
Information Operations in Cyberspace
Who Is Responsible for the "I" in DIME?
Case Studies: IW in Practice
Information and Guerilla Warfare

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>new ip

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I wish I could fug Leglock.

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I don't care what dumb fucking rrats you guys keep reheating to fuel your pretend outrage I'm going to pollinate this motherfucking lolita flower if it's the last goddamn thing I do on this earth

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guys no this is not traced pls dont ban me i did not steal this fanart whatsoever i made this all by myself spent 3 hours for this had a mental breakdown trying to figure out the color palette and i even did the anatomy by myself! like seriously how is this traced????? is it because i didnt put my signature on it ooooh boohoo im gonna sell this for commissions right now and no one stoping me whether this is traced or not

the fact that this fanart is very different from the other ones are what makes it unique and not traced like seriously this is my original art!!!!!!!!!!! and i literally did not use any referenes youre saying this is traced jut because youre jealous gtfo of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.6624630

Based, that's the right attitude.

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I don't have an opinion here, what I will say is people are going to be pushing rrats hard at debut because then the info beds in and everyone will timeloop that shit forever, so demand a higher standard of evidence before being part of that problem.

>> No.6624708

The only two times Anycolor terminated Nijis was when they broke contract. I can't imagine them hiring someone who already did that once, so she's probably clean as far as the official stuff goes.
As for the bad blood or lack thereof, I have no idea.

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Tsunderia fan here. There's a mix of resentment and sadness in our general. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the angrier anons may have started a rrat, but enough of this one rings true to make me wonder. What is incontrovertible is that she never put as much effort into Ria as she did Miki, and she never attempted to grow closer to the other Tsunderia girls as she did with the indies she interacted with regularly as Miki. Just from that alone, it doesn't paint her in a very good light, but the timeline also suggests that she applied to Niji after already signing with Tsunderia. That one is a little tougher to pin down precisely, and Tsunderia is too professional an agency to ever discuss private matters like this publicly

>> No.6624863

>It's not like she stole equipment or somethig
kek. I hope she's been enjoying bitcoin mining at least.

>> No.6627786

Are you a NEET? Sleep schedule doesn't matter if you are, and 2am isn't even that late.

>> No.6628008

Fuckin based. SEX>rrats

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Was solo, did well.
Joined a small company, didn't do so well.
Quits that job, focus on solo career.
Joins new company.

>> No.6630596 [DELETED] 

is this believable? i was mainly drawn to her becase she has the coolest design, didnt have a clue that the person behind it already had a carreer.

>> No.6631063

This is the pump and dump rat huh?
This bitch really made herself look like a complete joke.

graduate already

>> No.6631129 [DELETED] 

Timeline wise she definitely applied to Niji WHILE still working for Tsunderia...

>> No.6631215

Tsunderia fags are pathetic, accept it she jumped ship to a better company

>> No.6631379

Tsunderia manager you can email whatever "yab" you have to Anykara they actually cancelled a Korean vtuber debut because her jealous friend emailed them her past controversies (no one exactly knows what it was). Much more productive that spamming threads here

>> No.6631592

didn't kana leave tsunderia as well? maybe something is going on in there.

>> No.6631593 [DELETED] 

the only "one guy" parroting a narrative is you saying there are not enough proof (beyond the dozens we already have), miki

>> No.6631758 [DELETED] 

>beyond the dozens we already have
Go ahead and post that proof, then. A greentext is not proof.

>> No.6631967 [DELETED] 

don't bait me to get banned, just go do your archive reps

>> No.6632096

Based as hell. Keep on rockin', horny anon.

>> No.6632145

I unironically read it as Lovecock for a sec

>> No.6632391

Kana left Tsunderia before Ria did, and it's because she's too autistic to socialize with anyone besides Purin and preferred to just be solo. Even when she was still with the group she mostly streamed on her own, and unlike Ria the girls still mention her and have said they wish her the best

>> No.6632407 [DELETED] 

Your >>>/out/ reps...

>> No.6632488 [DELETED] 


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>Rosemi Lovelock
This CANNOT be her actual name. It simply can't. My sides won't be able to survive it.

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> hasn't even debuted
> "graduate already"
please get more material

>> No.6633075 [DELETED] 

it literally is one person, its always the same rrat, always calling her a bitch. Plus, a lot of the rrats this schizo post has replies that agree blindly while calling her a bitch... as if thats not obvious samefagging.

>> No.6633176 [DELETED] 

So your saying your full of shit that can't even give a screenshot,clip or link, got it.

>> No.6633187

>Tsunderia manager you can email whatever "yab" you have to Anykara they actually cancelled a Korean vtuber debut because her jealous friend emailed them her past controversies (no one exactly knows what it was). Much more productive that spamming threads here
Cmon Tsunderia, avenge ya self, tell niji to fuck off NOW

>> No.6635128

Are they all doing a relay stream again and then joining up afterwards? And when is 2 am exactly, what time zone?

>> No.6635203

Even without the Tsunderia rrats

As an indie she was sketchy and shady as fuck.

>> No.6635272

Yes, and 2 AM GMT if I remember my timezones. It's 10 PM EST.

>> No.6635345

Thank you. This will hopefully be advertised on the board more prominently soon since I bet there are others who aren't sure either.

>> No.6635596


>> No.6635778

Eh. There won't be a sticky (which is a good thing. I'm saw the Coco one, no thanks), but if someone checks the NijiEN general or the Nijisanji World twitter it's easy enough to find when it is.

>> No.6636240 [DELETED] 

Her numbers with Tsunderia were a little better than her numbers on her indie channel. After the rrat died, she saw a small increase on the indie channel from people curious whether that one was going to graduate too. Maybe she didn't do as well in Tsunderia as she would have liked, but to say she "didn't do so well" is inaccurate

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File: 29 KB, 682x305, ljepilo za miševejpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take this, it's too dangerous to go alone.

>> No.6637466 [DELETED] 

>Joined a small company, didn't do so well.
It was more like
>Joined a small company, didn't even try.

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One day there'll be a GMT Chuuba, I believe.

>> No.6639356

With that name she better do GFE

>> No.6639450

Elaborate or stfu

>> No.6640690

watch the vod in the morning

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