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How can we end the rampant bullying culture within Nijisanji?

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God I wish Hoshikawa would put me on a leash

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You're not going to get any upvotes, op.

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This is some cute interaction

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You can't. They're rotten to the core.

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Summer Colour Festival hands typed this post

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Cunny on a leash UUOOOOOOOOOH

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Matsuri please.

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Did Nijisanji EN save western vtubing?

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Save it from what?

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I want her to laugh at me as she watches me masturbate.

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She's a JC not cunny.

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No, gotta wait till the males in Wave 4 for that. Then we'll see whether or not NijiEN is either still alive, kicking, and able to have a fanbase than watches both including their collabs, or whether they'll be dead and in the dust before the year ends.

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and what about the brink?
What's the retarded shit the average one thinks?
>Come on Holomen

I've been working on a ton of moonman covers of vtubers, I've been considering releasing them depending on what happens

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The weak should fear the strong.

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but it's better that way

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I love HSKW!

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holy shit

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I am married to all 3 Lazulight

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t. cuck that would eat coom from her pussy after she finished gangbanging

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If the penguin were Japanese she would get shit on so hard for this

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Actually never mind I just realize star told her to do it

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Its sad to hear shes doomed to fail. When will niji learn?

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Tons of Jap Nijis have been doing this

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Every single Japanese vtuber is posting this.

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Ah, the pineapple...

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Fucking Sister Claire was the first Nijisanji liver to do the leash.

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Slutty nun gf....

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the weak should fear the strong

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but does she follow micropage?

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How is Nijisanji allowed to exist with their open support of domestic abuse? What the fuck, Japan?

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even more hilarious is this was when Disney was sponsoring them

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Good news, Pomu literally said on stream that she's cute and funny

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the bullying is what people are in for

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At least this is more understandable than removing the pepeloni for the pepeloni grease flavor. Pineapple texture clashes with the rest of the pizza and can be overly sweet.

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Holy shit this is great.

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Why is Chaika such a goddamn Chad despite dressing like a meido??

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Dressing like a maid with no shame is one of THE biggest reasons he's a chad.

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The definition of Chad is he doesn't give a fuck about basedboy's opinion

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He dresses however the fuck he wants and no one can challenge him because of the chad energy he exudes.

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>dead and in the dust
This is implying they aren't already dead an in the dust

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why would you end something that makes Nijisanji great?

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I wish I could hoshikawa while choking her

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Aren't they doing better than the rest of Nijisanji?

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They hang out around the 1-2k ccv tier, they aren't even mid level nijis, nevermind top tier ones.

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Not better than JP in general, but great for how long they've been around, yeah. Also doing amazing for an overseas branch.

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They're the same as other western VTubers.

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