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Lamy singlehandedly destroys the immersion of coomers.
Remember, the bath stream literally just made use of voice echoes and running water sounds while the girls only pretended to do horny stuff.

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Lamy is fun

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And then in another clip she's talking about having a panty party with Nene.

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Haachama did it for real in a member stream.

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Really? I wouldn't have guessed.

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this is the weirdest rrat in recent days, who gives a fuck either way?

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If you actually want bath streams they're on twitcast.

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Based Lamy exposing the truth. Whoever thought the bath stream was real is genuinely retarded

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Was Gura’s stream the same way?

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I choose to believe this ratt, because somehow it makes me even more hornier.

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Gura's actually did it. She's weirder than Noel and Marine combined.

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This. Marine and Noel having lesbian bath time is too good to ignore.

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I'm sure actualy taking bath is easier than trying to trick everyone for 1 hour.

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You do realize that taking a bath/shower would probably be easier then doing all that.

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it was a footbath, so technically a real bath stream

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If that was really the case, why did Kanata have noticeably different audio quality than the other two, as well as significantly less echo to her voice

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>t. Cumshart

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Alright genius, give us logical reasons for not believing it was real.

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Take your meds

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Noel and Marine have been good friends for years, Noel clearly has no issue showing off her body, and Marine is Marine.
Hell her roommates last christmas stream was in the bath, on camera.

As others have said, faking seems like it'd take more effort, it's not much different from a public bath of which both have gone to before, you have some weird obsession.

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Look at their ASMR collab too, neither had an issue squishing their tits together and moaning into a mic while touching each other. Faking that on a KU100 would be nigh impossible.
There's past precedent of intimacy, hardly prudes.

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meds, anon.

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>Gura's actually did
anon, gura's reverb was unaffected by her noise gate. that means the reverb was added afterward. it's just her goXLR reverb but with a faster decay.

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Of course it is. Just like the over exaggerations of noise in ring fit streams. They catering to the saddest invidauls in fandom in these type of streams. These girls know what there doing. High IQ moves

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wa-wait you mean people dont moan as if their getting a train ran on them when their exercising????

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There was no water splashing sounds, no body movement sounds, no scrubbing sounds. Also the water sounded it coming from a sink.

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If you'd watched Tsukino Mito instead you would have gotten the real BRE, complete with an attempt to sing a song underwater, instead of the pretender.

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And there still people who think Gura's bath stream was right

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I think they specified that it was the shower.

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Go watch a ntr stream then

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nothing in the vtuber industry is real

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She just put her feet in a bucket of water she brought to her PC.

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And add reverb

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well it was a fake one but still fun as all hell; and the first vtuber to do it.

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>women who have jobs designed to emotionally manipulate lonely men into giving them money are not being honest about the things they do

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How can 3 (potentially 4 if the rats are true) people even move around in a bathroom, unless it's a huge bathroom but /int/ told me all japanese rooms are super cramped

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What is with the bizarre obsession with proving this bath stream was fake I have been seeing more and more on this board since the stream???? Somebody please explain why you are so invested in believing/making everybody believe it was fake. Why do you think it was?

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But I'm pretty sure haachama is autistic enough to do it for real in her members stream. I remember the sound of her brushing teeth always gets me hard

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Idk about op or the rest here but I think its super healthy to pull back the curtain once in awhile. Too many parasocail relationships and people who believe everything there oshi does is genuine and its unhealthy. Remember their entertainers. Have fun with the bath stream but don't delude yourself either

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>Too many parasocail relationships
Too late anon it's not a joke anymore

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>parasocail relationships
>don't delude yourself either
How do either of those things apply to believing that three close friends, all Japanese living in Japan, the country known for its bathing/onsen culture, where routinely bathing with COMPLETE STRANGERS is considered normal, let alone your friends, as being a real thing that happened?

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You're trying too hard to justify your delusions

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>Hell her roommates last christmas stream was in the bath, on camera.
w-was she wearing a swimsuit?

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Its never been a joke lol

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They did it as a stream though. Think anon think... you might be to far gone

Do you also think girls actually sound like that when they do ring fit streams? Lol

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I cant believe Lamy took her PC into the bathroom and streamed while washing her privates.

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Oh no that's unacceptable I'm going to unsubscribe from her!!

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>basic logic
>trying too hard

You're trying too hard to be retarded and enforce being retarded as normal.

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Did you also know that Lamy isn't really a snow elf? The viewer is intended to be in on the roleplay. Obviously bath streams are just women splashing around water in a bowl near the mic, but deep down you knew that, right? The point is to use your imagination and relax to the *idea* of it.

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Sure, sure. Next you're going to tell me Okayu isn't a cat and Mio isn't my mother.

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