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who has the best vtuber design and why is it korone

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...okay thats fair

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I can't decide between Koone, Mio and Pekora, but I think Koone has the most unique design.

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This holy trinity

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and ofc chumbuds are gonna post the shark on every single fucking thread if there's something about being the best in it

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rofl yeah, 'cause every fanbase doesn't do the exact same thing.


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Only in your dreams buckaroo, no one in Hololive can come even close to Nui Sociere's design

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kill yourselves niggers

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rent free

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Hololive designs are too busy

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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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What's good about Korone is not her design, she has clothes made for a baby

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I just tink that niggura has the best design!

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we can all agree that irys is dogshit awful at least, right?

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maybe the more recent ones, but in general? not really

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Please do this in a boxer outfit instead

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Let’s be honest with ourselves here…

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Not sure tbqh, her personality carries her design leaps and bounds

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I disagree but ill take busy over bland any day

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You mean her voice and laugh

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the flesh horns are kinda disgusting honestly...

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the korone okayu combo is probably the best design in hololive, completely standalone though I’d say marine

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>both Toko and Suisei have god-tier designs
kino pairing

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I'm a Polka connoisseur myself

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Good taste

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>best vtuber design
It's unironically Finana.

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fits the person driving the chuuba

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i honestly really like botan too

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This cute sheep

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it's koone.

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This is a hard one, I like both doog and sheep. I like the duck and seal too, why do hololive gotta make it so difficult to pick a favourite.

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Suisei, Ayame and Kanata.

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Kiara is peak vtuber design

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>best design
>not posting her 2nd outfit

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Mio's new outfit is the perfect balance of a comfy mature motherly figure and pure sex

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Ultimate virgin killer

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Not just the design anon. Korone's personality is what sells it and makes it so perfect.

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Mios outfits being almost exclusively symmetrical pleases my autism.

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Seems like no ones agreeing /v/-tardchama

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Pekora is the inarguably the correct answer. There are plenty of designs that are pekora tier, but pekoras features make her the perfect mascot character for hololive. Hell even that carrot logo she has is the best character logo in hololive

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sit taste

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This should've been her default outfit ffs why did she got the zombie one. Such a good design wasted.

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It's rather shocking I think because Olivia actually looks good. I hope Ollie plays with the idea a little more. It'd make for an interesting Halloween stream. Although I do feel bad for her. She has managed to unleash the seiso schizos.

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i want her to sit on me too

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my dick got hard during that stream

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I doubt ollie will use her olivia model often since it can potentially spiral down to the haachama vs haato situation again. Or at the very least splitting her fans in two. I just hope her new costume has her hair down at this point

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Ollie with hair down sounds good.

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Suisei Suisex Suislut Suistacy

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Close, but no cigar OP

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Korone's design isn't the best, but it's utilized well.
Suisei's probably the best designed and I'm not saying that just because it makes my dick hard.

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such a good design wasted on such a boring streamer
inb4 teammates get pissy, she's just not for me, nothing against her

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Fair enough

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Then dont be rude you absolute cunt

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My love
Mio is so fucking hot

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Korone is cute, but my favourite by far is Ina. The squishy hair, the flaps, the beauty mark, the flatness and the asymmetrical socks are godtier.
Also I really like Pekora's design.

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the /pol/ section of my brain keeps seeing the necklace as a star of david

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Lee Roha is SEX

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chumcel detected

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what even engages you to a vtuber design? Is it just personal fetishes?

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>Lee Roha is SEX

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no joke when i was working in japan i have met way too many cosplayers and goth loli fashion chicks who wore the star of david without understanding its relevancy to judaism, so funny. they called it a six point star there.

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For me it looks almost like an freemason symbol.

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That just means she will fuck better.

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For me it's just memorable visual design. Korone is a great example with her appealing color palette and slightly asymmetrical jacket. If she was in a movie or video game she'd stick out, in a good way. Someone like Kanatan is the opposite unfortunately. A fucking mess, no confidence in any 1 motif so it goes in too many directions and ends up being way too busy and oddly generic. Her character is just not communicated well.

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It is the best design though; her personality certainly isn't the reason for her sub count.

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kanatan's design is certainly lacking in semiotics...

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Its not the best design, its a shark loli and japanese happen to adore both of those things. The best character designs tell you something about the character, guras doenst

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The streamer isn't really my taste but I fucking love Ollie's design.

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the stockings are so fucking hot
she was already my favorite EN but that design upgrade put her through the roof

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I think kanatas clothes are a disaster, but her hair, with the shuriken halo and wings commmunicate the tomboyish angel character quite well, her clothes reinforce the opposite which could be the point but its still way too busy

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Being able to differentiate a cast of characters by their silhouette alone

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I honestly really like flesh horns. I think it's a good design choice

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for me it's witch costume Shion.

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Not sure if the anon you replied to was talking about the stockings, or how her legs are bent. That always creeped me out and felt uncomfortable, like her legs are broken or something.

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the lolis and it's proven by numbers

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Numberfag, I think you are lost from your general.

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I prefer Flip Korone.

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I kneel.

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Too cluttered. You can tell She made it herself.

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I’d say so.
1) Korone
2) Gura
3) Pekora

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>you can tell she made it by herself

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what could've been. It's just unfair.

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I think its one of the reasons they are so successful, really appealing designs.

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Casual Sora

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>You can tell She made it herself.

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I disagree. Here's the truly best design fully ranked:
4-999. Everyone else

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Yeah it’s Korone. I don’t even like or watch her, but to me her design is the most representative of Vtubers as a whole.

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The correct choice. There's beauty in simplicity.

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>posting about TF2 in a completly unrelated board
super based

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I agree so much
I want to help her get the daily dose of vitamin D in that outfit, and I'm not talking about cholecalciferol

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Chumbud boogyman

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See here

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Hard to separate favorite design from favorite vtuber

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Migo says koone

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She didn't made that outfit herself, you retard. That one was made by Nari-sensei with feedback from Suisei

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And I refuse to elaborate further

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you....can't be serious. i love redjuice but that design is just....bad

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What? Gura’s personality meshes very well with the design. Small, uneducated, acts tough but is absolutely unable to fool anyone.

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I kneel anon. You just predict today's new fits.

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Olivia but ollie is good too

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The appeal of anime girl + good shapes, colors, and simple clothes like a western cartoon character. Best of both worlds. Pekora is next in line for best design for the same reasons. No one else compares to them

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Her design isn't bad, but let's be real she doesn't even have the best design in Hololive. Nijisanji has better designs in general.

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not sure why people say pekora when there is things like haachama that is so well made she looks like a cake

>> No.6547436

If you ignore the 2020 wave, maybe.

>> No.6547460

Unironically Gura, her original design is very memorable, iconic, easily meme-able, lends itself well to merchandise, and is congruent with her personality. Gura's design is to vtubers what Pikachu is to Pokemon.

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this. if kiara had a similar design she would have doubled her subs

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It's still Koone, now by a landslide.

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Idk, I really like Kiara's design, but there some things I would personally change like removing her white hat. With the single beret it would look super cute, but the white hat kinda ruins it. I would also remove the arm warmers, I just personally dont like the look of them and leg warmers. And maybe shoes, but you barely ever see her feet so whatever.

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Niji designs are very hit-or-miss. A lot of their designs are pretty generic, they just have so many of them that there's also a lot of good ones.
They're also premade, unlike Holo's which are tailored to the specific talent and thus generally match their personalities better.

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There are many but the ones that I would not like would be those of NijiEN, Holostars and IRyS

>> No.6551465

what makes you think holo avatar are not premade?

>> No.6551490

Not anymore lel

>> No.6551615

the first four Hololive gens all had premade avatars. Haachama and Hoshikawa both auditioned for the "Akai Haato" character, for example.

>> No.6551927

Fair enough, I was thinking of the more recent gens there. Holos have had input on their chars since Gen4 at least, whereas Niji still recruits for premade designs.
Doesn't change the fact that I think even the Holo designs are better than most Niji ones though.

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That's because it is your tard. Who do you think rules the world and is running this PsyOp ?

>> No.6552023

D-damn...I kinda like it.

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even the old*

>> No.6553139

> he would keep the sword and shield

>> No.6554736

I was talking about the later...

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Plague did a whole video explaining why her design is so good.
pretty much.
>Not overcomplicated.
>Easily Identifiable.


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Seethe more

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