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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>6476823

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First for me on pomu's lap!!!

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Since it's dead hours consider giving Etna a watch, she's currently doodling her senpai

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>half of the birthday stream is Minecraft
Never change Pomu

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Fourth for me checking out Pomu's ass!

I'm watching Debi/Marin play Nioh 2, I fucking love that game.

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forgot link

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Since retards are asleep at this hour, let's talk about Wave 2. What are your hopes/fears about it anons? Personally I hope they have no overlapping traits with Lazulight so there's no fanbase overlap leading to worse numbers.

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>Debi/Marin play Nioh 2
That's the stuff, I love this playthrough.

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I fear that they won't be friends like Lazulight.

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hayama already beat it and some how she is already playing worse.

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I'm no longer worried about fanbase overlap because that's inevitable to a certain extent and I feel like frequent streaming overlaps between Lazulight members is intended to partially cushion this because they develop exclusive fanbases for each talent instead of creating a general "NijiEN fans" who'd jump ship more easily.

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My concern too. Lazulight had the advantage that two of the members were already good friends and apparently friendly enough to incorporate the third but that probably won't be the case for the second wave. I trust the talent will be good individually but Lazulight's group dynamic really pushed it over for me.

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Pute's channel just got nuked. Fucking Youtube and its stupid bots.

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Me is that green fella who just happen enjoy my Pomu's goddess thighs

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That is the second time now isn't it.

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This isn't a problem to me if they have their own interesting brand/style that'd keep me watching. Not every wave needs to be the same.

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Second time it happened. I remember Ange's channel getting nuked some time ago and she got it back in 24 hours or so.

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I love this dumb horny Mermaid

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I'll be okay with that as long as the talents are good and skilled enough to make up for it. LazuLight's not going to suddenly vanish, and I'm sure their friendliness will be enough to get along well with the other three whenever they collab.

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Don't really fear much. Hope there are some entertaining new members and they all do well that is all really.

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Doesn't matter to me. My hope is for wave 2 to filter the worst holofags.

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My daughterwife isn't dumb! Her brain just works different and l love her for it.

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Seems like her ASMR stuffs triggered the AI

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Her brain is full of sex

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I hope that some of them will stream at times more comfortable for me. I also hope that there is a gamer in the wave. I watch mostly for the chuuba's personality but sometimes just competent gameplay with commentary is nice too.

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beelzechad making it in

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Someone who plays along with Finana

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>I'm watching Debi/Marin play Nioh 2, I fucking love that game.
The way they're on the screen is cute. Reminds me of a mother and child.

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Hope they don't have overlapping schedules, hopefully they stream at SEA/JP but it'll kill any chance of gruella collabs with Lazulight.

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look at this

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EU prime time turns into EST prime time if they stream long enough. Yuro chuuba pls.

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More like a wish, but a chuuba who does a lot of OBS fuckery in a manner similar to Sayo or Gwelu would be based

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God I want to hold Debi in my lap like that and breed him.

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Lazulight's chemistry is an anomaly and shouldn't be something you should expect in another wave. That's too high of a benchmark to be used.

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You mean, so that hey have half the subs as NijiEN 1?

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kek you holofags really don't understand that subs don't matter in Nijisanji after 100k

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That's fine if they aren't. Not everyone who get into corporate vtubing knew their genmates beforehand, it's just as fun to watch friendships form and develop as they get to know each other.

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I really just want more people to follow. It feels a little empty to be following just three people when I'm already used to keeping track of half of Nijisanji.

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>don't even reach 100k

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They're gonna be called AmberDark.

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Any idea how soon after auditions end potential candidates will be contacted? Trying to not be hopeful since I don't have a large following or secondary language but I want to know when I can stop refreshing YT to see if there are any views on my audition video...

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Everyone reaches 100k sooner or later unless they're a major fuckup like Harusaki Air and Naruse Naru.

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As long as team 2 isn't males i don't think they will suffer from this.

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do not call my wife's friend's coworker's mario kart friend a major fuck up...

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>I can stop refreshing YT to see if there are any views on my audition video...
You're giving your video a view everytime you do it, anon...
I think they will give one or weeks max to contact you, after that mark, you can post your clip here for anone give their two cents of thought why you can't get in

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Any plans for outfits for the girl's otakuthon contest?

>> No.6489834

I'm pretty sure they should provide that info somewhere. I think I've seen two weeks upper limit somewhere but it likely wasn't for the NijiEN auditions.

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Only 6 of the 100+ NijiJPs don't have 100K, and they're all people who barely stream.
100K subs is programmed for any NijiJP and NijiEN who's active enough.

>> No.6489909

Or AmberHeavy
members are all landwhales

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I actually subbed to Naru after he showed up for Noraneko's English totsu...

>> No.6489969

he's fun when he's motivated, and he has been lately

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I can almost buy the idea that nijisanji broke wave 1 of EN into two parts as some half assed attempt to make a splash after cover announced some form of en2.

if this special event is the 2nd part to nijien wave 1, has lazulight known about them the whole time, and have they been in contact with them?

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For what it's worth, I've heard some anon on /vt/ (I think it was /wvt/) talk about the first NijiEN audition and she said she was female but her male friend got further into the audition than her. So Anycolor were likely considering hiring males for the first two waves if possible, otherwise they would have just thrown out any male applicants automatically. It's more likely that they couldn't find any good male talents in the first audition, given how little publicity it had. Either that or they're saving the guy for wave 2 but I doubt it.

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I said worst holofags, not the good ones.

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he's in

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EN Ago!!??

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Yes Nijisanji makes all it's business decisions around hololive.

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Thank you for making me laugh every time, anon

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Thanks for the info!! And I'm just refreshing the uploaded videos page not the video itself to ensure I don't give myself views and false hope lol.

And no, I'm not brave enough to post my audition here lol. I don't want to be eaten alive. I will just assume it's because I have way too small of a following for them to look my way.

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It isn’t weird for Nijisanji to split waves. It’s just a standard marketing strategy. You keep the hype around something flowing longer by staggering releases. There isn’t any inherent advantage to debuting more talents at once after a certain point.

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Did the en girls have roommates before being a part of Niji?

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2-4 has been the standard size of Nijisanji debut units for more than two years now. One exception I can think of is Selejo.
They obviously knew about each other.

>> No.6490172

yes, Finana is still living with her family
Elira too
Pomu is probably not living with hers and only lives with her cat

>> No.6490175

No, they were born in a test tube

>> No.6490176

Pomu had a roomate.

Oh you mean in the holocreole meaning of roomate? Then no.

>> No.6490183

Finana lives with her family.

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And the first thing you ask about is their roommates? Neck yourself out of the thread and never come back.

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She's in

>> No.6490263

I auditioned as well but my internet died briefly during the last minute of submission time so I ended up sending it like 10 minutes after the audition end time so I don't even know if it will get considered

>> No.6490264

Who's in?

>> No.6490274

I love Pomu

>> No.6490279

It wasn't the first thing I asked...

>> No.6490280

Well, you should try getting to know the livers first.

>> No.6490290

shit, didn't think it would be that one

>> No.6490291

They've been like that for a while.

>> No.6490301

oh shit, it wasn't locked when I last checked yesterday, prediction might be correct then

>> No.6490308

People were digging through it yesterday in the specula thread.

>> No.6490328

I am Pomu

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>> No.6490340

Feels like this is just going to cannibalize the growth lazulight has had and dilute the nijisanji brand for all the new EN viewers.

You gotta give the talent like 4-6 months to find a voice and audience, give them a chance to interact with the rest of the company so all those newbie viewers can "get" what nijisanji is

>> No.6490367

I was wrong then.

>> No.6490374

Would it also be cannibalization and dilution if they debuted 6 at the same time?

>> No.6490381

Cannibalism isn’t real anon, don’t let /vt/ poison you. It’s literally never occurred ever since the start of corporate vtuber agencies. Nijisanji survived the warring period specifically because of the rapid fire strategy.

>> No.6490383

Who? Miki?

>> No.6490407

who the fuck is it

>> No.6490417

The thing is....they're in a bit of a bind. Nijisanji has always gone with the shotgun approach, but the fact that HoloEN has such a large presence already does have an affect the growth potential of NijiEN.

If they wait too long, HoloEN gen2 is out and establishes themselves, and the potential for growth gets impacted even further.

I do not envy NijiEn management at all.

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>> No.6490483

Have their been graduation watches for potential wave 2 members like there were for Lazulight?

>> No.6490516

My only fear at this point is that maybe since more people saw that NjiEN turned out to be pretty successful, there will be a bunch of gold diggers who didn't make into hololive applying. They did a great job picking the first wave for sure, but can they do it again with more exposure this time, and with the talent pool more polluted than before?
Lastly, I'm aware that it's difficult to replicate Lazulight's dynamics, so the best they can do is probably follow the same formula and let it happen, by that I mean for example keep picking girls from similar timezones within the group. Like, Lazulight is EST, try making an EU group next, or maybe west coast since no one cares about eurofags.

>> No.6490526

Yeah. It’s messier though because they are certainly brought in through the same audition but the window is way bigger. More start ups and stuff are picking up graduated talents now too.

>> No.6490548


>> No.6490551

There haven't been any more auditions wave 2 would have been selected before the outcome of NijiEN was known.

>> No.6490553

Please give me a minecraft autist that will build tnt duper flying machines that clear out 16x16 chunks to make mob farms

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File: 30 KB, 450x645, 1607723060177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both these anons are correct, it's best to strike when the iron is hot and try to pre-empt HoloEN gen 2. Especially when Irys was kind of a flop due to how badly that fucked up her L2D and screwed over one of the most talented vsingers there's probably a lot of HoloEN fans becoming disillusioned with the incompetent atmosphere of Hololive.

>> No.6490581

Miki's graduation was watched by everyone since people have been speculating that she'll be in Holo gen 2 or Nijisanji gen 2.

Nijisanji is probably hoping someone in gen 2 would blow up, it'll also help Lazulight in boosting their numbers. I doubt Nijisanji cares about catching up to cover as it's almost impossible now as evident by IRyS's popularity.

>> No.6490585

Unironically hoping for a male batch with actually interesting people, someone like an EN Kenmochi would be a godsend, but if they're even half as interesting I would be satisfied.

>> No.6490598

Eli's streaming Breath of the Wild right now: https://youtu.be/lMiHhEkiF0o

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>its real

>> No.6490634

I really gotta finish that game

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It's assumed it's people who graduated around Wave 1's debut since they didn't hold a separate audition for Wave 2. So it's probably people like Dokibird, Fuzuki Miki, and various smaller indies who graduated 3-4 months ago and went totally unnoticed. Could also just be anyone who went on hiatus and just streams less like Mocca but I highly doubt that menhera got in.
Carol also retired her vtuber persona around that time btw.

>> No.6490644

We’re not getting a man until wave 4

>> No.6490653

How big were these people?

>> No.6490657

whale autist, but it's speculated she's a holo gen2

>> No.6490659

How is that read, Futsuki?

>> No.6490665

I was watching Dokibird's redebut stream earlier and now I want her in. I really like her laugh, and she feels like a hag

>> No.6490683

over under on shachimu in wave 2?

>> No.6490695

Any gamer that will min max and apply original thought.
A jazz pianist.

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File: 2.70 MB, 636x640, siskawtf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6490720

Not impossible, just unlikely.

>> No.6490731

these girls are cute and autistic

>> No.6490738

less than 30% on making it in
she probably applied to hololive first and fits with what they're looking for
big name past lives and understanding japanese is what Cover is looking for right now

>> No.6490748

Cover is a small indie company for a reason, nobody expects industry-defining professionalism out of them in the first place. Lazulight is considered a breath of fresh air by a lot of fans, better to capitalize on it while it's still possible.

>> No.6490754

I’d rather stay positive than gulp down rrats, what can I look forward to in said Miki since she seems to have made it?

>> No.6490759
File: 6 KB, 536x132, shachi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear to god her account was public yesterday. Please tell me I'm not developing schizophrenia .

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File: 286 KB, 1640x1608, IMG_20210702_100915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Miki graduated with 20k subs which is also around what Mint had.
Dokibird has 8k Twitter and Twitch followers. She's really into FPS games, especially Apex, so if they did add a tomboy "gamer" character it's probably her.
Carol was a 2view bottomfeeder that people only watched for her takes on pedophilia and shadowverse. The idea that she got in isn't serious I just wanted to taunt her for bullying Pomu.

>> No.6490797

Give Pomu a couple of months after she goes part-time and she will automate the World server to the point all resources will be available in the millions.

>> No.6490801

Huh, I only checked her main yesterday, not her chuuba account so I wouldn't know...

>> No.6490822

Didn't her main Twitter have a link to her VTuber persona Twitter in the description not too long ago? It's definitely not there now.

>> No.6490830

She’s a full blown virgin killer GFE vtuber if you’re into that. Doesn’t really do anything else at all but she was very good at it. Likes Skyrim and open world games I guess.

>> No.6490859

I had heard miki wasn't planning to continue vtubing at all, but that could just be a rrat

>> No.6490861

It was, but she seems sufficiently popular enough that I wouldn't be surprised if she's HoloEN2. Her account has 1 million subs so there's no way Cover didn't poach her. Why would a 1 mil account join Nijisanji when she's spent a lot of time tweeting about being a huge Hololive fan? Unless Riku threw a ton of money at her, but I feel like they don't do stuff like that since it would be kinda disrespectful to the other talents.

>> No.6490869

Same really. As long as they do good at nijisanji I don't care.

>> No.6490888

Remember when Mint was graduating from vtubing entirely because of "health issues?" Never trust these girls when they say they're done.

>> No.6490897

At one mil subs, if they aren't all dead, they are much better off improving their monetization

>> No.6490906

Fluent Japanese, fighting games, can't sing that well but tries, some people think she is funny, collabed quite a bit with Pomu.

>> No.6490911

1 million subs on a channel she hasnt posted on in over year.

>> No.6490930

Not my type but lets see how this goes

>> No.6490945

She's a has-been, those sub numbers are from short viral videos she made a long time ago and are mostly dead subs. As a streaming persona she had just a fraction of what NijiEN has now in terms of concurrent viewers. So her joining Nijisanji isn't particularly out of the question.

>> No.6490981

You can't really monetize those YT accounts like N*mir*n/Shachi/S*nz*wa had that just do song covers and parodies because of DMCA or whatever. YT will autoflag your videos and give all the ad revenue to the music holders.

It's more like having 1 mil subs is enough of a resume to guarantee her a spot in HoloEN2 since Cover looks at nothing but numbers, so why would she settle for NijiEN2? S*nz*wa was in a similar situation of not posting content for over a year and said she made almost no money off YT, but she still got in and built a ton of hype for HoloEN just through name recognition.

>> No.6490989

Even if you’re a wildly popular and talented indie that doesn’t assure stable income and it doesn’t assure a place at a company. Each company only takes so many girls in a year and I don’t know about holo but Finana mentioned that in Nijisanji they pick up the girls for roles.
All these girls are probably auditioning for both companies and take the one that takes them, that’s all. Hololive might not take her in 5 runs no matter how good she is just because they decide 5 times that there’s another girl with a voice more similar to an image they want.

That’s also why the hololive reject post is retarded. Every nijisanji fan auditioned for hololive because they came here first

>> No.6490995

>Remember when Mint was graduating from vtubing entirely because of "health issues?"
I also remember how she needed to check rules about reincarnation in heaven when asked about it. Both Mint and Nova made it retardedly clear they were reincarnating.

>> No.6491010

Create merch, start livestreaming. Having an audience is the hard part.

>> No.6491055

>Why would a 1 mil account join Nijisanji when she's spent a lot of time tweeting about being a huge Hololive fan?
Do you really think she's so overly full of herself that she didn't apply to both?

>> No.6491073

>Cover looks at nothing but numbers
You're mistaking this board for a tech startup who hires literally whos.

>> No.6491180

nah, cover goes after people with a resume, nepotism or numbers
I always find it funny for people praising their scouting skills when they go for the safest choices

>> No.6491193

She probably did, I'm just saying Hololive would be dumb to pass her up and she probably got the news that she passed the HoloEN auditions before the NijiEN auditions finished their final phase. In which case the choice is obvious between an unproven new project vs the most successful vtuber group ever.
Then again Hololive could have passed her over for having a boyfriend she posts publicly about on her instagram, while Niji don't care about that.

>> No.6491211

they are all roommates because they live in my head

>> No.6491243

Seeing how bad holostars are being treated, (They didn't even get a farewell with Coco) I can see a lot of good male en vtubers apply for nijisanji.

>> No.6491252

HoloEN auditions ended 2 months after the NijiEN audtions.

>> No.6491281

Looks like we'll be getting our first NijiEN graduation 2 months from now.

>> No.6491320

>nothing but numbers
>actually it's not just numbers
Go back to your bait threads, you have enough on this board already.

>> No.6491417

>all females
alright then.... I mean I should have figured since the male auditions don't even have original models to show off

>> No.6491421

Thinks would have been better if Elira was my older sister.

>> No.6491439

You are thinking of wave 4

>> No.6491459

Wouldn't be surprised if NijiEN talents weren't finalized for a while when it comes to Wave 2. They probably decided on Wave 1 fairly early while still in negotiations for the second batch for whatever reason. Like Shachi still has her old YT channel up and maybe they wanted her to close it so she kept her options open to avoid doing so.

>> No.6491462

I know, what I meant was to say that it's disappointing to think that some guys are only going to show up in the 4th wave only

>> No.6491489

Middle design will be a babiniku with an extremely deep voice. Screencap this.

>> No.6491493

We don't actually know, it's possible they picked up a guy who no one was paying attention to because Hololive doesn't hire men and this board is dominated by Hololive fans.

>> No.6491558

HoloEN auditions had male options. It's another question who even applied to that, if at all. Hard to imagine a good Western male vtuber so I'm definitely interested in what we're gonna get.

>> No.6491596

People have been saying this for ages but male vtubers in the west perform extremely poorly. The entire top rung is people who came in from outside with fanbases followed by not regular babis but convincing traps followed by turbo leeches who play dirty as fuck. It’s a different game from the rest of the world.
Nijisanji was always going to put off men as long as possible.

>> No.6491602

I don't think they ever showed interest in an EN holostars. I'm pretty sure they just had that to be inclusive so they can trash every application thats male/trans/etc and not get a reddit shitpost with 50,000 upvotes complaining about the lack of male audition forms.

>> No.6491606

Please let us have a loli in wave 2. I still hate them for not giving fish a loli model her voice would've been perfect for it.

>> No.6491615

Judging by the reactions to distinctly male auditions this time some people didn't realize that Nijisanji is also hiring males back in December.

>> No.6491639

Enjoy your 60 year old smoking grandma voice loli.

>> No.6491673

pretty sure the holo auditions include male gender options so they don't upset twitter and western viewers
it's purely superficial, they aren't going to take a male, maybe keep in contact with stand outs if holostars en ever happens

niji on the other hand, never really specified if they would do single gender waves until recently, so both had a good chance to get in

>> No.6491691

I partially think she was meant to be a loli but management interfered because they didn't think lolis would sell to the EN market. Despite how much all 3 of them openly lusted after Klee/Qiqi and how friendly they are to known lolicon Pikamee they've never even uttered the words "loli" or "shota" even when chat is spamming it. Maybe after seeing how successful Finana's groomerbait personality has been they'll give in and let Wave 2 have a loli.

>> No.6491712

I can't believe the Pomky doxxed themself.

>> No.6491732
File: 459 KB, 704x685, 1624681391947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's fine by me, lolibabas are peak cute.

>> No.6491735

True but it's always important to keep all options in consideration. But there's practically no chance HolostarsEN is gonna happen so I'm fully expecting everyone who bothered sending applications there to end up here and it's for the best. Means there's a high chance someone really good is gonna be in the first male wave.

>> No.6491739
File: 1.00 MB, 1198x985, 2C2F9BCB-8053-4D71-B7DA-67CE4B3F7542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a total shot in the dark, but this Posy chick might be another candidate for wave 2. She graduated in May like Miki and Dokibird. She also nuked her twitter like Nova. Only thing left on her channel are covers.

>> No.6491741

Enjoy your lolibaba

>> No.6491744

Finana mentioned once that she auditioned for the role. The production line on these things basically means that men were never in consideration for nijien1 at all and likely not 2.
The wave 4 auditions are probably real since they went out of their way here but hololive and nijisanji both only included men for safety.

>> No.6491752

>didn't think lolis would sell to the EN
Why tho

>> No.6491762

She is Prism's new flagship girl.

>> No.6491770

She joined Prism Project as Shiki like a week ago. She's currently one of the fastest growing vtuber channels and put the rest of the company on the map.
She also drinks her pee.

>> No.6491772

She already redebuted. Prism Project I think?

>> No.6491775

Nope, she's Shiki in Prism Project

>> No.6491777

How many western guys are trying to target a fujo audience? I feel like there is a chance there.

>> No.6491802

loliBBA sound like old women because of way they talk, not due to the actual sound of their voice.

>> No.6491868
File: 414 KB, 2420x3168, Fish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People in management positions, whether in the west or the east, often have their judgement clouded by ideology and personal biases or are just plain incompetent at reading public sentiment. They probably saw the backlash around Nyanners or Kyuuto and misinterpreted it to think the EN market doesn't want lolis. Or one person in charge decided they personally don't like lolis and applied that bias onto everyone else while using perceived popularity as a pretext.

It's both, Mii-chan talks and sounds like a hag and it's part of her charm.

>> No.6491873

A bunch. They do better than the guys targeting men usually but they still don’t do well.
We talk shit about Japanese unicorns but male vtubers do fine in every non English market. SEA and shit has plenty

>> No.6491905

Mii-chan can do cunny voice but most of the time talks about your mama, alcohol, her OL job and Arnold in raspy lolibaba voice with thick native Japanese ESL accent. I thought it couldn't be done in vtuber format but she proved me wrong.

>> No.6491916
File: 3.16 MB, 3200x1800, 1624013008354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I partially think she was meant to be a loli but management interfered because they didn't think lolis would sell to the EN market.
They must have changed their mind because the cat and bird look fairly loli to me.

>> No.6491957

It's largely because western men just have a worse reputation desu. If a guy is a hardcore gamer like Kuzuha or Kanae it's safe to assume he's also a mental toddler that treats people like dirt in private so it's hard to fujo for them. Now obviously all the kpop boys are just as mentally immature but that's why their audience is mostly teenage girls that don't have these biases towards celebrity men.

It's also just risky in general with how often male social media personalities get caught trying to groom underage female fans or scamming their underage viewers with crypto/gambling/etc.

Genuinely the EN streamer market is a complete shitshow and the only reason female vtubers work is because they leave all that thot culture baggage at the door when they put on the 2D avatar. The same doesn't apply to male streamers whose baggage mostly comes from their personalities and not their physical appearance.

>> No.6492103

A lot of people say we just don’t have any successful western male vtubers because western male vtubers are shit but I honestly don’t think any genderbent holoens or nijiens would be successful here and I don’t in a popular nijimale would translate fine either. It’s honestly just a really hard sell. Like if Asmongold or Ninja were vtubers I still think they’d be debuffed since their dudebro audiences would only watch one stream ironically

>> No.6492108


>> No.6492128


>> No.6492231

I know it's NijiEN but i'd love a jap who speaks broken english like Mi-chan, that's what makes her cute

>> No.6492276

Sukoya exists. Too bad about her hiatus right now.

>> No.6492306

Most males will only watch other males that are really good at the game so that's also a big limitation for many

>> No.6492313

The only way for NijiEN to get a succesfull male vtuber is if they get someone like Yashiro, a guy in late 20s/early 30s that knows a huge variety of topics and is relatable to everyone, and who's gaming taste encompasses classics from NES up to big games of [current_year].

>> No.6492326
File: 709 KB, 702x991, 864DEBE8-E808-401D-870E-2007820D7792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If NijiEN needs a male and the male vtubers that're out there don't satisfy Anycolor there's no reason they need to hire a previously working vtuber. Joe just made funny short Twitter videos when he was picked up. And I'm sure there's no shortage of voice actors in general who'd apply.

>> No.6492368

It's not the same, Mi-chan does mostly EN streams with her broken japanglish. I would recommend you to look for
Tenma Ch. マエミ 天満 but that would be illegal, it's just okay because i used it as an example. If i were to tell you to watch her Blasphemous or Dead Cells stream that would also be illegal so i wouldn't dare to say it outside of an example as i just did

>> No.6492406

>because they leave all that thot culture baggage at the door when they put on the 2D avatar
I thought degeneracy was encouraged.

>> No.6492423

>open the thread
>see more whatever indies discussions
>close the thread

>> No.6492446

There's degeneracy and then there's being scum.

>> No.6492450

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

>> No.6492451

>And I'm sure there's no shortage of voice actors in general who'd apply.
They'd need to know the audition exists first. That's the real catch here. Most of the people who would notice the NijiEN audition would be people who already have some interest in becoming a vtuber if they aren't a vtuber already. NijiEN isn't going to get any male version of Ninomae Ina'nis or Mori Calliope because the audition won't even show up on their radar.

>> No.6492472

Degeneracy is good when they're not acting like a virtual prostitute twerking for subs. At least Finana's degeneracy is based on her knowledge of obscure kink shit and not just flaunting her body for money.

>> No.6492485

>NijiEN isn't going to get any male version of Ninomae Ina'nis or Mori Calliope
And that's a good thing

>> No.6492491

>and the only reason female vtubers work is because they leave all that thot culture baggage at the door when they put on the 2D avatar
Lazulight are the only Nijis you watch, aren't they?

>> No.6492552

Amateur voice actors are people who literally work for food. If there is a job opening they will sniff it out. The issue is making sure that they are compatible with being a vtuber at all.

>> No.6492564

It's not like voice acting has a lot of open positions in general, I'm sure the applications would catch the eye of some struggling VAs looking for adjacent work.

>> No.6492590

can't wait for nijien Gianni

>> No.6492658

I wonder if they still do scouting, if my memory serves me right, they dm-ed Hoshikawa on her twicast and asked if she wanted to audition

>> No.6492719

what a tease

>> No.6492729


>> No.6492746


>> No.6492756


>> No.6492758
File: 240 KB, 1000x1000, PomuBirthday2021.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6492778

Hope they are good and not all NA timeslot based

>> No.6492812

I wonder how big the European market for vtubers actually is

>> No.6492847

not as much, unless they speak french

>> No.6492871

When did Miki stream during the day? Someone said she was JP based but I never watched

>> No.6492957

What's this about France and weeb culture?

>> No.6492962

8PM CEST is 2PM EST and 11AM PDT. You can stream in European prime time and still accomodate NA students, literal children, NEETs, work from home faggots, people watching vtubers on copmany time like Pomu, etc.

>> No.6492986

I'd like some JP or euro hour ones, so I assume they'll all stream at the same time as lazulight

>> No.6493013

we would know if we had any actual streams in EU evening hours when the people that would actually donate are home

>> No.6493027

clearly we need some one who can stream 6+ hours every day around those times, it doesnt have to be in europe
streaming itself is a hell of a burden, especially when living with people

>> No.6493037

You're probably right. The last time I liked a male EN vtuber he got me too'd for manipulating his impressionable femal fans. It's kitty mcpancakes Another good one I can think of is Ais riale, tho I've only watched a few clips

>> No.6493040

I’m debating whether to send Ichikara a concernfag text regarding Miki. I’m sure they have tons more info than we do but I can’t stand the thought of there being a chance of controversy.

Personally I’d be assed to see Pomu suffer any more than she does now. If I’m wrong I just eat crow, no harm done, right?

>> No.6493041

>Fish moved her genshin stream up by 2 hours
guess that confirmed when the trailer drops

>> No.6493080

People have literally nothing on Miki, it'w all speculation, don't worry about it or at least wait until we know she's in

>> No.6493115

We actually have a similar weeb-esque culture with bande dessinée so switching to manga is not a big deal.
Germany on the other hand has no real counterpart to Manga, so the transition is harder (also Germany is / was the only country where shojo is more popular than shonen)
t. both French and German

>> No.6493130
File: 137 KB, 684x960, 1624375822181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6493134


>> No.6493140

Nice triple stream start at the same time that day, hope one of them realized and moves the time earlier, EU time is still better than all starting at the same exact time

>> No.6493209

France also have a ton of weeb conventions. Is there any mediumish french speaking chuubas? Like Im sure there are a bunch of 2views but anyone that has a reliable viewership?

>> No.6493224

It might just be behind the scenes business like preparing for the debuts, it'd be pretty uncharacteristic of Anycolor to announce it at that time. For reference, the wave 1 announcement was on a wednesday at 10PM JST. Pretty much every single debut announcement is on a wednesday.

>> No.6493251

Any movies that tie in with :) ? Last time the delivery was done through Tazumi dropping Fight Club references on reddit, I feel something similar would happen.

>> No.6493290

What does fight club have to do with Lazulight? I didn't quite get it the last time

>> No.6493296


>> No.6493306

I'm maybe not the best person to ask, since I watched English content I kinda cringe at my native languages and I don't even understand memes from my homecountries.
But I think there was a mouse(?) Vtuber in /wvt/ or /asp/ if I remember correctly who is French.
Maybe you can convince Elira to do a French stream.

>> No.6493311


>> No.6493351

Also me

>> No.6493365

They beat up Pomu when we're not looking.

>> No.6493374

Didn't France financially support Saint Seiya from oblivion into international success?

>> No.6493380

Nothing, Rikkun is just a movie geek

>> No.6493384

Nothing. Tazumi just made an ominous post using quotes from Fight Club 24 hours before the actual info dump.

>> No.6493388

Wasn't that Latin America?

>> No.6493393

>unless they speak french
Miki does. If she's in NijiEN, she can stream in late-night JP time, which is EU primetime.

>> No.6493405

Pomu and Finana. Same person.

>> No.6493406

Dude, the rules, we don't talk about it

>> No.6493424

She would probably just stick to JP time since it's her main language.

>> No.6493436

We can't even support ourselves economically...

>> No.6493460

Fuzuki Miki

>> No.6493518
File: 851 KB, 667x936, 1578409463159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm starting to really get fed up with numberfags. Go buy an iphone and shut up already.

>> No.6493526

Do it anon, nothing lost.

>> No.6493544

Miki speaks French. No idea if she's fluent but it was one of her selling points.

>> No.6493558

it's way too soon for new people, they were talking about member emotes so im 99% sure it's a membership announcement.

>> No.6493578

Memberships aren't even done yet though. Elira's being a lazy NEET and making everyone wait.

>> No.6493579

Pomu continues to be groomed by Vshojo girls.

>> No.6493587

How many times must it be said that wave 2 auditioned at the same time as wave 1
If anything they're late

>> No.6493588


>> No.6493598

Speaking of memberships how would they name them? Elira already said it was likely going to be membersheesh but I don't know about the others.

>> No.6493612

Is Derem basically the only ID that is willing stay up to meet them in the MC server more than once? I thought IDs would be tripping over each other to collab with ENs.

>> No.6493618

>welcome to membersheesh!

>> No.6493636

Since it's still dead hours, here's Cia being cute and crunching on mysterious things while boppin' music plays

>> No.6493644

I don't see how anything could possibly beat Membersheesh, but they're welcome to try

>> No.6493676
File: 31 KB, 384x600, 1623600826883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's because Pomu is secretly grooming Derem offscreen because of her white hair fetish

>> No.6493679
File: 439 KB, 1240x1854, 1624318900247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This msgk is gonna name her membership seamen isn't she...

>> No.6493680

Well they typically stream when it's early morning in Indonesia and that's sleep time for most vtubers.

>> No.6493699

This is a company that pumped out 100+ talents within 30 months in their main branch alone. They’re being exceptionally slow if anything.

>> No.6493708

Wireless egg

>> No.6493739

I mean, i'm hopeful but I still think with the emote talk it could be all 3 have memberships ready, but who knows.
it could also be both

>> No.6493748

Yes, me is their roomate, we have orgy parties every night

>> No.6493760
File: 72 KB, 547x472, 1623882967131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it genuine autism?

>> No.6493772

Getting drunk off 9% beer? Please, Pomu isn't that much of a lightweight.

>> No.6493802

I think membership is out of the question since NijiWorld twitter acc wouldn't tease about that. Besides they already said they're not ready.

They said they recorded something a week ago and Finana hinted that some upcoming project would be a "banger" so if it's not a new gen then it's definitely a new song or something.

>> No.6493820

Not really, for some seasonal viewers or someone who can't find their niche in Lazulight girls, new wave will keep them fresh in Nijisanji ecosytem until they find their oshi

>> No.6493821

Wave 2 could have a song on debut just like lazulight

>> No.6493837

That's way too much teasing for an individual song.

>> No.6493877

It could be a professionally animated AMV to promote Lazulight.

>> No.6493878

Finana pls stop being a cheeky brat. I like hags and you will not change it.

>> No.6493901

Idk how much the boys play, but I remember Etna spilling her spaghetti and leaving every time EN came across her on stream

>> No.6493930

Debuting a new wave before the previous has memberships up would be a huge error.
The new wave draws attention away from membership reveals, hurting their income
The membership reveals draw attention back away from the new wave, hurting their early sub numbers.

Both are harmed by that arrangement and made to directly compete with one another. That's not just an act of incompetence, it would be outright malicious to misschedule things to that extent

>> No.6493934

Has Pomu seen that yet? Thought it was very cute

>> No.6493944

A song wouldn't really be a "Nijisanji EN special event" would it? It'd be a premiere or an announcement or something but not an event, and it'd be specified as Lazulight

>> No.6493986

Looking back at the jp debut timeline in 19 I can’t help but notice how insanely stacked they are.
I envy the people who could catch this live

Jan20 Roa
Mar10 Gibara
Mar23 Inui / Ange / Lize
Apr29 Lulu
Jul 3 Kagami
Jul28 Ars

>> No.6493993

le fishe

>> No.6494008

Could be a collaboration song w/ the new gen or some misdirection where they hype up the video and then there's a teaser at the end for the next gen.

>> No.6494009

she's sleeping so I don't think she did yet no

>> No.6494035

>Apr29 Lulu
...Lulu senpai...

>> No.6494050

chuuni I guess

>> No.6494067

Either that or a severe lack of irl socialization. She has zero filter, and seems pretty inconsiderate in the oopsie kinda way

>> No.6494083

I can't wait for Pomu to give youtube the finger and debut her membership on onlyfans!

>> No.6494103

If Pomu recorded a song right after her God Knows stream, she might be clinically retarded

>> No.6494107

It's just playful rudeness. Repressed asian girls are usually mean to people they like.

>> No.6494125

holy shit membership is not that big of a deal to hurt other peoples growth. we are only 2 months in they all 3 of lazulight are good on their own right and will find their own audience. besides membership are a personal thing in Nijisanji. if they already set a debut date and Lazulight decided to delay their own membership for personal reason how is that incompetence on anyone ?

>> No.6494151

She's 9cm.

>> No.6494161

She also steals shit in block game without batting an eye.

>> No.6494174

The second world server collab with Pomu and Elira was hilarious, Etna kept dying, and on her stream she really sperged out

>> No.6494217

Pomumama would literally die from cumtobraintatis don't joke like that

>> No.6494250

If anyone who loves them enoug for membership, they will take it no matter what or else they will stop buy it anytime the new shiny toy shows up so there is nothing to lose there

>> No.6494318

NTA and I don't think it is a massive deal, but if the new gen debut before their membership, all of lazulight will get less memberships

>> No.6494340

I only barely started watched NijiEN last night (breaking out of the hololive comfort zone was hard), is Pomu shaping up to be a Minecraft autist? Because if so I might be all in on Pomucoin.

>> No.6494350

I think you think a membership reveal is a much bigger deal than it is. You wouldn't expect it to affect anyones numbers in any significant way in the long run.

>> No.6494383

she already said she would, anon

>> No.6494435

She was brand new to micra at debut and started out way way way worse than the others, but seems to have gotten addicted and spends like all her free time in Minecraft. And some of the stuff she has built recently looks kinda good

>> No.6494445

She didn't play the game before and got addicted. When she isn't at work or streaming she is playing Minecraft off stream. 60% of her birthday stream was a Minecraft collab. I don't know if she has enough braincells to become a true block autist or if it will last but right now she is really into it.

>> No.6494447

>shaping up
She already is, all she's missing is starting to fuck around with redstone.

>> No.6494463

>is Pomu shaping up to be a Minecraft autist?
Pretty sure her schedule is:

>> No.6494482

Ill aka supa if she ever gets to the point of building useful flying machines

>> No.6494506

Micra is a great comfort game when you're a wagie so I get her

>> No.6494507

Speaking of Minecraft, how long will Elira's hardcore run last tommorow?

>> No.6494516

If they leave for new vtubers they are not real fans and likely won't even be buying membership to start with.

>> No.6494535

anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours

>> No.6494538

I give it 50 minutes

>> No.6494579
File: 1.31 MB, 1920x1080, crafting table.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's a different kind of autist, not Ritsukin-levels when it come to minecraft.

Lazulight minecraft are some of their best streams, they sometimes turn from solo streams into full-on collabs.

>> No.6494588

So. Are they creating EN server with wave 2 or will wait until wave 3?

>> No.6494592

Anon she was vice president in her school's anime club or something. She's just weird but had def talked to a lot of ppl.

>> No.6494634

>vice president in her school's anime club
that explains a lot

>> No.6494635

I know Pomu's collabing with Melody but her streams weren't even that lewd. She only makes funny little kid's jokes like PP and stuff.

>> No.6494655

Uhh anon? Anime clubs are not known for hosting highly sociable individuals. They are more or less support groups for the chronically virginal.

>> No.6494694

My fav pomu minecraft moment is when she accidently killed her cat and had a muted breakdown. (one of hers irl cats died recently)

>> No.6494722

it's a joke anon.
Melody's streams aren't even that lewd either.Her CBs are often just zatsudans and she's not even on the level of Fish sometimes on Twitch. For all the reputation Melody gets Veibae is like ten times worse.

>> No.6494727

Yes that's why you do have to be sociable in this kinda club in order to become a president.

>> No.6494740

Anime clubs are where usually antisocial autists get to actually interact with other people, even if it does devolve into sweatiest guys at school drooling over the one somewhat attractive girl who joined cuz of a friend

>> No.6494750

She's professional enough to maintain her composure on youtube but you haven't watched much Pomu if you think she isn't lewd.

>> No.6494751

or be a girl

>> No.6494780
File: 291 KB, 347x391, Pain Pomu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure it was audible. Feels like an eternity ago.

>> No.6494842

I watched all her streams except genshin. She's not trying to be seiso for sure but I don't remember anything lewd. Examples?

>> No.6494845

Melody is only lewd in chaturbate, in twitch she's a cinnamon roll

>> No.6494914

I get the feeling you two are thinking about different kinds of lewd. She isn't lewd in the being lewd to titillate the audience way. She is lewd in the pervy ojisan kind of way.

>> No.6494937

Talking about doujinshi
Gushing over MGQ and alluding to other eroge she's played (e.g rance)
Being openly horny for fucking everyone in Shantae
Tweeting about Shantae ass the next morning after residual horniness from Shantae
And about a dozen different times in collabs with the other 2 lazulights where she's alluded to lewd things while playing off the others.

She's dirtier than Finana, she just does a better job of maintaining professional composure on youtube because she's cautious over her channel's monetization.

>> No.6494952

>Telling people about Monster Girl Quest
>Talking about how she played a VN with a loli in it
>Always drooling when a monster girl shows up
>Made Lisa climb the same mountain thrice just to hear her moan and yelled at her "C'MON DO THE SOUND!"
>When she gets a new Genshin character she checks under their skirt
>She talked about the "mind break" tag when Finana reached 100k and when asked about how she knew she just did a wink
>Actually talked about DLsite and that she knew someone who worked there and got some discounts

The list goes on and on and i don't have more time to list more than that

>> No.6495023

I don’t think people would even associate Mel with her other activities at first glace.
I also saw some footage of her chaterbate and it was weirdly unstimulating and rather wholesome, it felt just like twitch but she randomly happened to have a dildo in her.

>> No.6495049
File: 314 KB, 564x444, 1623641739470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a Finana and Veibae collab just to see how far Fina is willing to go when partnered with someone who can play along with her degeneracy
Maybe even Hime since she already expressed her love for Finana on both her Vtuber account and her Syd account

>> No.6495062

>She's dirtier than Finana
Impossible, Finana has been molded by countless hours of ERP.

But Pomu did say she was looking forward to doujins of her. Maybe that way we finally get some good Pomu lewd art.

>> No.6495064

I love when she plays h-games, she's so fucking bad but future fragments stream was pretty good

>> No.6495142

You don't really watch Mel's CB streams to fap to her. It's more like just having some company while you fap.

>> No.6495149

>She's dirtier than Finana
Finana said she's still holding back considerably so she's still not showing her full scope of degeneracy. I don't think there are a lot of people tat can go against her when all her limiters are removed

>> No.6495191

Anon these are just weeb stuffs... would you say a man is lewd when he does all that? No. You only think so because she's a weeb girlfriend that you'll never have.

>> No.6495193

syd feels quite shallow as a personality, I don’t enjoy people who are lewd only for the sake of it.

>> No.6495206

I think all three are pretty power leveled. Just depends on how they present themselves. Ochinchin motherfucker

>> No.6495223

>would you say a man is lewd when he does all that?
Yes. I believe in modern internet terms, you'd call them a coomer.

>> No.6495238


>> No.6495239

>I don’t enjoy people who are lewd only for the sake of it.
that would be Veibae
Hime is just a degenarate beyond saving

>> No.6495298

Syd is an actual degenerate if you're familiar with her before. It's not just for show.

>> No.6495358

Sounds good to me.
Her design was very close to filtering me since I'm just not into any flavor of knife ear, but perhaps I can get past that.

>> No.6495392

She seems like she annoyed a lot of people as Hime though. She barely streams on that persona and is the worst performing vshojo by far. Being horny is fine but don't make it your entire identity. Finana is at least also autistic and a gamer with 0 social awareness which can be cute when paired with her horniness.

>> No.6495464

Fish is talking about her stream being shortened later, will Elira be able to play genshin at her intended time?

>> No.6495515

>The stream might be shortened due to a special event that will be happening near the end of the stream, so I wanted to give a chance for everyone to view it

>> No.6495520

Finana's Genshin stream is on thursday.

>> No.6495529

I honestly don't get getting upset at someone solely because of their vtuber persona. If it's not my cup of tea, I just stop caring about them.
I just want Finana to be in a comfortable enough setting where she'll be completely open about her interests even if it's with someone who I wouldn't watch otherwise.

>> No.6495572

Finana's the medium stream, Elis genshin, both tonight

>> No.6495619

So the reveal trailer will be tonight?

>> No.6495643

according to that Pomu tweet, i really think so

>> No.6495660

Anon, Finana is the one moving her Genshin stream on thursday https://twitter.com/FinanaRyugu/status/1414859706028417024
Which means Elira will most likely have to move her Henry Stickmin stream and Pomu her Minecraft stream. Anon in >>6495464 was thinking she moved her stream today since he asked about Elira's today Genshin stream.

>> No.6495666

A lot of hololive fans trying out lazulight in dead hours, huh?
I will say that the "there is no western audience for male vtubers" is a little exaggerated. While I've lurked in a couple of streams where the guys are overly self conscious of numbers or outward appearances (which I believe stems from being an amateur to streaming and not exclusively a male vtuber thing), there are a handful that are decently popular and others that I genuinely think would do well if they reincarnated into nijiEN. I hope some of the smaller streamers I've tuned into tried applying.
I'm a femanon but none of their streams have ever felt like they were targeting a significant female audience. Chat's more comfy that way anyway.

>> No.6495670

I haven't watched any vshojos outside of some nyanners clips and TTL dragon on the prop hunt collab, but that sounds interesting.
So far Finana hasn't been bad on non-lazu collabs, at least compared to Eli.

>> No.6495701
File: 68 KB, 447x182, 1614190904338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finana is also shortening her stream today.

>> No.6495712

Well shit

>> No.6495788

Kindly give me some recommendations, preferably one with strong zatsudan

>> No.6495802

Layla and Yaoi Man are doing an English hacking the internet together

>> No.6495803

I feel sick

>> No.6495835

I swear everytime I post that they're speaking English they start talking Bahasa lmao

>> No.6495852

Wow I can't believe Finana's announcing she's gonna be the first vtuber to make her JAV debut, so proud of her and Nijisanji!

>> No.6495907

i would have liked some Pomu jav but finana is good too i guess

>> No.6495959
File: 219 KB, 880x900, out-transparent-4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6495979

You know the Japs were joking about her making her debut on FC2 when they found out about the egg thing

>> No.6496017

I'm really curious about nips' impression of her on 5ch

>> No.6496098

they dont really have one, wholesome at most for the EN batch is the gist
lewdness is hardly anything new
also nihongo jouzu for elira

>> No.6496101
File: 187 KB, 335x320, fadvadfbvdfaaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only wish for a streamer that is balanced enough to stream western shit for the japs and jap only shit to en audience

>> No.6496112

They don't seem to know much about her (lack of translated clips) but thanks to this they basically see her as a lewd fish and think she should stream on Pornhub

>> No.6496198



>> No.6496247



>> No.6496265

Suck for them. They're really missing out cause getting the full scope of her character make even the degenerate moments adorable.
I guess we suffer the same thing with with JP chuubas loke EOPs seeing HSKW only as stacy slut

>> No.6496270

special event? nani?

>> No.6496286


>> No.6496305

Damn EN2 already

>> No.6496317

Aozora Mirai should be streaming soon. He focuses on gameplay narration at points but I like how he interacts with his chat. I also like Tora though I mostly lurk.
Haven't found one that I would describe as an EN Kenmochi in terms of zatsudan, but who knows, they might just stream when I'm not looking.

>> No.6496321

But...Saturday is the announcement of whatever it is. Unless...it's to hype the announcement?

>> No.6496333

Fuck, I can't stay up anymore, guess I will miss their trailer debut and reaction from this this thread

>> No.6496347

Why in the world would you think that Saturday is an announcement?

>> No.6496359

Yeah it's actually pretty strange just how little Japanese clips NijiEN gets, I guess Japanese Nijifans prefer to just stick to their own streamers, but I do recall Hana getting quite a few back in the day
There is this clip from today though, looks like Finana's ero side is being driven home even more

>> No.6496367

Stueday is when they will debut in the same style LazuLight did. wave 2 will be announced either today or tomorrow

>> No.6496385

I assumed memberships, but this has me thinking they are teasing something for Saturday.


Why would she reschedule on a Tuesday of all days? Also that's too formal for her usual tweet style.

>> No.6496425

So, something special happening tonight at probably around 8PM ET
Something special happening Thursday at around 8PM ET
And the event happening this Saturday at 10PM ET.

>> No.6496481
File: 522 KB, 832x1280, EqcdawHUcAIQmKZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Layla and Pomu should collab, they both give me ditzy blonde OL vibes

>> No.6496511

Seems a bit much for a song cover, so who knows

>> No.6496548

Actually, scratch the Thursday thing. Finana said "some important stuff", which could be stuff they need to do behind the scenes (rehearsal?)

So yeah, something special tonight, and then the event on Saturday.

>> No.6496580

en>jp translations when the subject is female is exceptionally difficult without breaking their character. Imagine attaching ~wa/~desu/~wayo to every sentence without being invasive to their context. Some amount of jp’s who do understand EN keep up though, they just aren’t on 5ch.

>> No.6496584

Chii-chan just managed to install Minecraft shaders

>> No.6496585

Because Hana replied back to Japanese comment more often

>> No.6496606

I like that the only comment on that clip is "こわい"

>> No.6496702

so this confirms it isn't memberships on saturday, cause you don't have to rehearse "oh hey, we have memberships now".

>> No.6496749

Well the rehearsal thing is just speculation.

>> No.6496771

Will fish give good head?

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