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Vtubers with disabilities

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All Vtubers already have disabilities.

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Wasn't there a Japanese group with the same concept? I don't think it's a bad thing that a group that exists to help the disabled get some cash on the side exists anyway. But the Vshojo ripoff name is a bit sketchy.

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it's time...

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Katawa vshojo?

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Damn if the models also have it....I'm gonna save

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Yeah I’m thinking this is the top of the vtuber bubble

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One of the Papa is asanagi

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An amputee chuuba that fully depends on you...

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Katawa Vshoujo?

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The bubble has barely started.

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>Rin chuuba
I would dump my savings on her in a heartbeat.

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A clever play on words. I'm sure this will activate all the saviorfags to help actual disabled vtubers than the default autistic ones.

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wtf? are they related to Vshojo? if not isn't this very very close to their brand name?

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Seems like Ironmouse has one foot in the grave at any given moment.

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>not VShouganai

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>Vtubers with disabilities
this is a dox within itself

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saviorfags are gonna FREAK

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Did you hear about her getting better

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>not VShouganai

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is this the /vt/uber agency or do they not take retards? need to know before I apply

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Is that gai in shougai as in gaiji? Isn't that an offensive term for retard in Japanese?

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I went to check their twitter and they like Pokemon with a quirk power what the hell

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I dont think you get better from a life long auto immune disease.

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>manager of VShouganai

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Pity vtubers at their highest so far.

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>only deaf
that's the weakest disability possible, just turn on the subtitles lmao, at least the yellow one is a real cripple

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does autism count?

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And this makes them entertaining streamers how?

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>Name: Akihito
>Disability: On fucking fire

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You just know...

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watching their models freak out when they have seizures on camera will be pretty entertaining

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Lose your hearing after having it for twenty-something years of your life and tell me it's no big deal.

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VShougai: Virtual + Shougaisha (Disabled Person) - I got it from their twitter

Also, there are only 2 Pokemons for now

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like that clip of soda falling out of her chair but every day kek

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Ironmouse and nyanners are already in vshoujo though.

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Don't have a problem with the concept but the name being so similar to vshoujo raises eyebrows

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1000 point redeem: seizure-induced memory loss

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That tourettes chick on Twitch is pretty entertaining. They could make it work.

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His problem is he just doesn't listen to people.

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It's crazy she seems to get better the more money people give her and worse when the donations stop rolling in.

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Create you Disabled Vtuber

Gem Item:
Short Backstory

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Oh yeah, Sweet Anita. She might have a pretty socially awkward disability but the fact that she's hot makes up for it pretty well. I doubt she struggles in her day-to-day.

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Hey google why did my peepee get big and stiff?

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That makes more sense then.

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Honestly, it's cool that they're trying to bring attention to it. But if they use it to gain fucking profit, there's a special place in hell for em.

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>Virtual Disibility
Im sorry but KEK

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what are the chances that one of them will die on stream?

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They mean phsyical disabilities, not menhera and ADHD

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Name: Moisty
Gem Item: A bathtub
Disability: Aquagenic urticaria
Short backstory: Fell into a pond when I was a baby. The swelling still hasn't gone down...

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Stuff like this makes me wonder how cheap are full hentai artists to get commissions from randoms.
Asanagi is also the papa of a nobody loli vtuber with voice changer.
Also some hentai artists I follow also get to be papas and mamas of literal who, the thing is that their art is, most of the time, way better than a lot of popular vtubers who god knowd how many their companies spend in the comission.
I kind of hoped that after Cover hired a shotacon artists for one of the ID they will start hiring more hentai artists...but I guess Irys shows that after the Mizuru Key fiasco that bridge is on ashes.

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>Cerebral Palsy
holy shit they are going hard, I thought they'll be, partially deaf, maybe one amputee... what are the other ones dissabilities? Skin Cancer?

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Froot has a cold allergy interestingly enough. It's never really brought up but still.

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This honestly.

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>How dare they try to make good with the shit hand life dealt them!

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You know Mouse will collab with them.

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Mouse has been doing this for years, and I bet what she has is worse than anything these cripples have.

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I know they're going to get donations, but I just hope they don't scam people out of em.

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A large rrat
Severe retardation
/vt/ chan was dropped on the head as a kid while also being born with below 60 iq. The head injury did not help.

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>deaf (lol)
>cerebral palsy
>at least double amputee including their former dominant arm
>severe epileptic that insists on playing video games
>an actual retard
calling it now

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Advertising your disability before your fucking name is a scam. Mousey doesn't do that shit. That's like telling someone your pronouns before telling them your Micky D's order.

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>Katawa Shoujo General #3887
There is an audience.

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definitely not a semen allergy lel

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i want an asanagi inspired disabled vtuber

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Name: 日の男
Gem Item: Gauze
Disability: Burn Victim
Short Backstory: Got stuck in a burning car

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Like I'm sure these people have good intentions. But legit hope they aren't doing this just for a fad, and use it to raise awareness.

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This is the best thing ever.

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I couldn't get hard reading that. I got teary eyed and feeling warm inside.

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Asanagi charges 700 and up for a drawing. If this is true >>6424503 then they are going balls deep with this.

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Katawa VShoujo

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Sauce please. I unironically want to read it for the plot.

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Literally the only non-grim ShindoL story.

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Forgot the code, 332018

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Can barely stand or walk.

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They saw ironmouse's success ...

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Isn't Pomu's whole schtick that she's dying?

>> No.6426126

We're all dying. What do you mean?

>> No.6426159

not anymore shes not, pomudachi saved her

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I don't follow ShindoL's work closely, anon. At best I know he designed a character for Action Taimanin, mods for Darkest Dungeon and made a FGO doujin.
Thank you, anon.

>> No.6426273

no prob mah nigga

>> No.6426357

So you don't know that he also made the most soulcrushing story out there as well?

>> No.6426388

I do, just didn't mention it because it's common knowledge at this point.

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Name: Shizuka
Gem Item: Chlorpromazine
Disability: Schizophrenia
Short Backstory:
Bought dirt cheap weed, forgot about it for a week. Smoked it not knowing it was already moldy.

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>most soulcrushing story
really? you really think that's the "most soulcrushing"?

>> No.6427385

>Name: Brad
>Gem Item: Charcoal
>Disability: Virginity
>Short Backstory
Spent too much time on the internet, slowly spiraling into inceldom. Bitter and sour, now that WHO acknowledged virginity as disability, he joins the roaster hoping he would finally get some pussy.

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I spent too much time on gurochan, not much rustles my jimmies nowadays.

>> No.6427801

They probably had to look pretty hard to find disabled people with the balls to advertise themselves online as "disabled"

>> No.6428430

I wouldn't say it's THE most soulcrushing story, but it will hit sensible people hard. What makes it so heavy is that it is believable, if a little telenovelesque. I've seen way too many girls end up like Saki, so the first time I read the doujin it didn't really get me, for beter or for worse.
Anons... What if a femanon volunteers to vtube as one of Katawa Shoujo girls?

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>get cripple gf
>she can't run away

>> No.6429455

probably saved up all their disability checks

>> No.6429548

Rin is literally perfect

>> No.6430896

Ngl I just read that I’m actually interested.

>> No.6431018

How do you know that?

>> No.6431120

ok, but are they entertaining?
literally the only thing that matters

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The first thing I’ve ever heard about Mousey is her disability she fucking promotes that shit on Twitter.

>> No.6431306

I feel bad for them, not because they are disabled, but because 90% of their audience will be people feeling bad and feeling the need to support them, even tho they don't deserve it.

>> No.6431381

Wait, time out. I think what he's saying is if the people behind the avatars are really disabled and have these disabilities, then fine, but if they're just avatars with disabilities with fully functional human beans behind it, then yeah there's going to be a pretty big fucking shit storm.

If the people behind it are actually disabled tho, then party on Wayne.

>> No.6431404

There's that one with the chick in the wheel chair that isn't grim unless i'm remembering wrong

>> No.6431450

Cancer isn’t a disability she also doesn’t have it.

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>most soul crushing


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Wait so we’re better than Kiwifarms? LETS GOOO

>> No.6431619

Just like us

>> No.6431664

There is a vtuber thread on kiwi farms?

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... Have you fucking been on /vt/ at all in the past 2 months?

>> No.6431896

It makes them memorable which is the first step to being a good entertainer

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“Her” only disability is being a guy.

>> No.6431977

Zenfags keep telling me it's a girl who SOMEHOW can't speak but ALSO isn't mute. If that's true, she's perfect for this group.

>> No.6432025

I heard 'she' was really afraid of her voice being recognised

>> No.6432076

>hurr durr they're attacking us for our disabilities
>muh kiwifarms
Absolute faggots confirmed

>> No.6432334

I know Anon it's almost like money can be used to buy life extending medical treatment

>> No.6432359

OP, I didn't know you were a Vtuber

>> No.6432411

>“Her” only disability is being a guy.
To be fair that's a huge disability for vtubers

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I'm calling BS. There are basically no posts about this on the KF vtuber thread. And the closest thing to harassment I've seen on Twitter is one guy comparing the concept to a 20th-century freak show, One literal who chuuba trying to wokescold them for not being inclusive enough, and Sh*zu posting that the idea seems silly. Maybe there's something in their discord but the whole group is so small I really don't see anyone giving enough of a shit.

I was honestly on board with the concept, but if they are going to cry harassment and beg for pity this fucking early, it starts feeling like a group of attention-whoring grifters who are manufacturing drama for views. And all before we even know what any of the chuubas are like

>> No.6433235

Not sure where you're hearing that bullshit. Zen is not mute and doesn't want to use their real voice. That's what she has stated herself.

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>> No.6433422

if there is a JP group like this i would watch

>> No.6433717

Kinda sad backstory, because when he finally fucks somebody he would be out of the team.

>> No.6433833

Are they actually disabled or larping?

>> No.6433862

>Some are of them
Disability: dyslexia.

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God, imagine the collabs.

>> No.6434167

I'll be honest, if they have a cute disabled loli I would probably watch the hell out of her.

>> No.6434186

>it's this easy to bait out KFfags
Mods, finish the job

>> No.6434370

Can confirm there seems to have been some shitposting on the discord, but it was really lite shit like someone saying "Nigger".

>> No.6434378

so... their avatars gonna have their disabilities too or what?

>> No.6434736

Well one is a pansexual tiefling and that's a pretty huge disability

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I hope the severely autistic vtuber is cute

>> No.6435669

Ironmouse's thing is immune deficiency, not autoimmune. There's a big difference.

>> No.6435825

I'm pretty sure Kani Kanizawa must be on the spectrum. She loves truck simulators and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

t.Autist who loves management games.

>> No.6435848

I assume they don't mean mental

>> No.6436145

True, I remembered the wrong term.

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>> No.6436542

That's the point. He wants to graduate.

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They didn't even bother to hide the character designs. This one is Mia Miaz, a blind girl.

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>And the closest thing to harassment I've seen on Twitter is one guy comparing the concept to a 20th-century freak show

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Is cute.

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This one >>6424802

>> No.6436816

alt world seiso marine

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To think my standards could go any lower... She doesn't even need to have limbs anymore at this point

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>> No.6436955

how can she deal with chat?

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>> No.6437015

Wheelchair girl was also extremely heartwarming. I think those are the only two, though.

>> No.6437097

Ignore them.

>> No.6437117

in the tweet they said that they are "related" to KF so they are probably just using it the name of the website to drum up attention as KF is pretty popular on twitter right now

>> No.6437365

there's a streamer (blindlyplayinggames) who used tts at supersonic speed for that, can't find the clip where he showed it though

>> No.6437677

What's the point of showing a silouhette of your Vtuber when people can figure out who you are on Twitter thanks to you replying to yourself on your main.

This guy did it and i found his main Twitter account within seconds on the VShougai account.

>> No.6437739

He is disabled, please understand.

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File: 118 KB, 367x211, Screenshot 2020-11-23 140231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for some reason i thought they have 1 eye or be wheelchair ridden or something like that,
but goddamn they are straight up vegetables.
I'm interested.

>> No.6437969

I really like that blind one so far, I think I'll support her.

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What in the blue fuck is this shit? HAHAHA

>> No.6438248

I hope the pick up Athena

>> No.6438607

damn this is my brother and will eventually happen to me

>> No.6438955


>> No.6439017

Name: Hinata
Gem Item: Onyx
Disability: Bipolarity Disorder
Short Backstory: He was dropped when he was born and now sometimes he randomly snaps and thinks he's a girl. His mannerism and speech drastically changes.

>> No.6439441

That's not being bipolar, that's having DID.

>> No.6439604

name: ChagataiV
Disability: schizophrenia, penis amputee
Short backstory:
A 35th reincarnation of great leaders of the past, or at least that's what he tells everyone. Not taking his meds makes him start posting rrats on /vt/. Once he felt like Cleopatra VII and cut his own dick off. Lives with his parents under constant surveillance


>> No.6439674

i swear to god if it's american disabilities i will become a fucking rat

>> No.6439728

What we know of them is that 1 has fucking Cerebral Palasy and one is deaf.
So uh, make of that what you will.

>> No.6439959

Interesting if they really have disabilities irl. If they don't they are fucked. If they do, they are fucked anyway, because it will look like them being marketed as such.

>> No.6439975

To me part of this screams like "we have a problems, feel bad and support us" but part of me really wants to, I don't think is pity but almost like this primordial thing inside of me of wanting to take care of someone like that since life already has been a bitch to them.

Maybe that's why I feel similar with ironmouse despite me disliking her voice, her content or even vshojo for that matter.

>> No.6440064
File: 213 KB, 1600x900, 1626041574602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6440209

With that said, I hope this whole thing is not a big prank. I think is a cute concept but I can still see it as someone doing an elaborated thing to troll since it kinda feels like it with the little info there is.

>> No.6440446

I think it's more a money grab than a troll desu.

>> No.6441690

He, nigger.
Wokepoints are valuable these days.

>> No.6441901

>and use it to raise awareness.
Awareness of what? What shithole country do you have to live on to not know there are people with disabilities. Like millions of them? the countries that doesn't know about it just don't care, because they struggle to survive. Rising awareness is the same shitty buzzword as any other thing. I don't see them having a good intensions or they wouldn't be advertising them.

>> No.6442394

Saviorfags btfo

>> No.6442616

western shit

>> No.6442882

I checked her YouTube and she's actually playing KS. Talks about how it relates to her or her friends experiences.
So far she is enjoying it waymore than If my heart had wings.

>> No.6443365

she cant see chat

>> No.6443599

>.> ...

>> No.6443629


>> No.6443664

>Gem Item: Gauze
>not flame or Bacon Strip

>> No.6443699

>disability: being black

>> No.6443891

That might have been the Coco Diversity Entertainment group with Hitomi (missing an eye) who's a taiko drummer.
Although CDE is more traditional entertainment company with her being a V-tubing face for the company.

>> No.6443976

I mean it's not cheap but it's not insanely expensive either for his quality
I know this one model he did was shit but honestly it seems it had more to do with the guy's request and I still believe

>> No.6444027

How are they gonna prove they're actually disabled? Or is it just the theme of the models?

>> No.6444095

I don't think they need to "prove" they are disabled, any more than any female Vtuber needs to "prove" they are actually a woman.

>> No.6444106

With gender you can mostly tell from watching/listening honestly, but disabilities are invisible behind an anime avatar unless it's like speech impediment

>> No.6444162

I don't even think it's actually disabled people, just the theme of the models, like HoloMyth, I doubt they're gonna talk about acutal real life disabilities.

>> No.6444172

yeah, but she's getting physical therapy to try and overcome the muscle atrophying she got from being stuck in bed.

>> No.6444177

>Is the avatar disabled?
Questionable taste but who cares people are horny for le blind girl
>is the actore behind the avatar disabled
Who FUCKING CARES? The whole vtubing thing revolves around disconnecting the actor from the cute anime waifu. Making it your fucking selling point that your actors is disabled is braindead retarded.

>> No.6444212

Nah, it's the real deal, atleast for the girl with CP. I've checked out her Katawa Shoujo Streams and she talks about her illness and how she relates to Hisao, or how Hisao is coping with it, while completely shitting on If my heart had wings.

>> No.6444295

>check replies
>first one is something I got
I know it's illogical, but this feels targeted damnit

>> No.6444357
File: 10 KB, 250x372, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My korndolences.

>> No.6444785

Name: Dylan Harris
Gem Item: Oreo Shake
Disability: American
Short Backstory: A man with a big nose cut off a tip of his penis when he was a child. Dylan is now on a quest for revenge.

>> No.6444850

She doesn't see anything wrong with it.

>> No.6445916

Braille, duh.

>> No.6446084

>Disabled vtuber reacts to
Oh, she is milking her condition for pity subs.

>> No.6446189


Not going for Emi. NGMI

>> No.6446342

>1 week ago
Is it worth it to add 1 to this counter?

>> No.6446404

Name: Pekka
Gem Item: A very round sauna stone he stole from a public sauna when he was 13
Disability: Autism
Short backstory: Average Finnish man.

>> No.6446516

I can think of nothing worse than YouTube/Twitch chat being verbalized at supersonic speeds.

>> No.6446525
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You know why I like Mouse? she doesn't have to play up her CVID in stream unless it really hits her hard, it's not even in her lore or anything but this? They are straight up marketing themselves this way and what's worse is that there's not really a way to verity the truth.
>I'm disabled feel bad give me money

>> No.6446586
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fug :DDDDD

>> No.6446880

God damn, I didn't think it would be this blatant. I'm split between pity for her to stoop that low while getting 20 views, and disgust at the total lack of shame.

>> No.6447229

>Disability: American
that made me laugh autistically for about 1 minute

>> No.6447337

Bet you anything their 'disabilities' are all of the mental variety. 'Self diagnosed', of course.

>> No.6447399
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Apparently not if you read the thread, but it's worse than that >>6444212

>> No.6447516

But isn't that relevant info since the game is dealing with disabilities and she wants to share her outlook on it?

>> No.6447559

I don't know, "Disabled vtuber reacts" just sounds wrong. I guess "plays" or something would have been less trigerring, the "X Y reacts to" feels so overused and clickbait that I can't take it seriously.

>> No.6447734

Ironmouse doesn't even stream at a desk. She can't walk without her legs wobbling.

>> No.6447868

why can't redditfags into sadpanda

>> No.6447952

>700 yen
Damn that's cheap

>> No.6450803


>> No.6454983

Cerebral Palsy girl is actually pretty good, I recommend checking out some of her streams.

>> No.6455302

Doing fanart for this one will be hard

>> No.6455328

NGL memes aside that's a pretty well thought out logo.

>> No.6455501


Struggles every day to not die of Lupus.

>> No.6455518
File: 151 KB, 615x494, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know of this mute vtuber
her singing video is quite impressive

>> No.6455655

>at least double amputee including their former dominant arm

>> No.6456403

I'd like to apply for the position of a fucking retard

>> No.6456487

fucking hell
Must have caught Pat ogling some Melody streams

>> No.6456548

There's also the one where the guy has nabe with the runaway girl, though that does have her being abused by her dad as her backstory so it's not totally non-grim.

>> No.6456694

Ahahaha, I was retarded and mistyped. Asanagi charges 70.000 yen upwards.

>> No.6456713
File: 1.56 MB, 1280x720, 1612021252973.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6456718

I was going too say 700 bucks for a flat png but ended up writing yen instead. Again I'm retarded.

>> No.6456754

God it feels like it was only yesterday I was watching her play Bloodborne with Pat.

>> No.6457188

That's not cause of her disability, that's just her and we get finished having our fun off-stream

>> No.6457966

Vshougai mansion when?

>> No.6460133

I rarely ever see disabled people outside, so it's not that hard to forget.

>> No.6460221

this is the
>why are there no black people in video games
pasta all over again, vtubers are supposed to be an escape

>> No.6460248

>Vtubers with disabilities
So all of them?

>> No.6464032
File: 6 KB, 221x228, crying laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Name: "Tiefling"
>Disability: Cerebral Palsy
>it's real
Also i don't even like VShojo and even i am irritated by the obvious brand baiting.
Also how do i apply for the position of terminal-stage autism

>> No.6464336

>flame or Bacon Strip
Gauze is more useful for covering his burns than a flame or a bacon strip would ever be

>> No.6465366

Are you from Saudi Arabia? They like to hide their endogamic mistakes.

>> No.6465412


>> No.6466464

almost spilled my fucking coffee

>> No.6466736

Has that fucking manlet proposed yet? even Woolie got off his ass and did that WOOLIE !

>> No.6466882

>Disability: Watches Vtubers

>> No.6467067

>Remember thinking she'd be the most cliche and forced route
>Ends up being by far the most compatible girl for Hisako

>> No.6468741

disabled fag here (I can barely walk)
I hate it.
The internet is a fun place where I get to be treated like everyone else, why advertise it? And an avatar can hide it.
I guess it would have to show up eventually if you talk about real life (IE "oh yeah I cant ride a motorcycle/go camping")but making it a focus point of your charter seems wrong

>> No.6468849

>deaf guy
His voice is gonna be awful, he's done for

>> No.6469177

>the other disabled people laugh at him as none of them are virgins

>> No.6469770

Name: D'Quanis Jackson
Gem Item: Watermelon Tourmaline
Disability: Black
Short Backstory: Black weeb who hides from his bleak environment by pretending to be an anime girl online

>> No.6476639

He has from what I remembered, somewhat recently too.

>> No.6477072

Doesn´t Vshojo already has a mute man that believes he is a woman?

>> No.6477155

ZEN isn't mute just doesn't want to use voice live because afraid it will lead to a doxx

>> No.6477440

Or she's just being a whore

>> No.6477559

Zen isn't a tranny or a mute he's just a bloke who's too much of a faggot coward to go full babiniku.

>> No.6480819
File: 1.82 MB, 200x200, 1511244943555.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My nigga

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