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When will we get a vtuber with tattoos?

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Hopefully never

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Why would you want more sluts?

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Bet some of their roomates do

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what makes some ink on skin slutty

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well shit didnt know about an indian vtuber branch. fill me in pls

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It's the other way around.
Tattoos are slut rashes, only the sluts are willingly putting them on their skin and fight to keep them on.

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be the change you want to be anon

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Tattoos on women never look good

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She already graduated. Better hope for a chuuba with tattoos to debut soon.

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Tattoos are disgusting.

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This guy gets it. Why would any sane person want body art that ages more poorly than you? It's like a man wearing a Naruto headband. You're trying so hard to be cool you just make yourself look like an edgy tryhard doofus.

Men usually got ink for practical purposes like tribal affiliation or to document achievements. Women usually get it to try to emulate these men without understanding that it just makes people think "you will never be a man" unless they're unironically stone cold killers involved with organized crime or the military.

Tattoos are the female equivalent of LOOK HOW COOL I AM NO JUTSU and they're basically branding yourself with shame.

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holoen gen2 baby, where gonna a get a badass that stomps all over the other girls

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actual cuck detected

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Towa and Choco have small tattoos.
Also picrel but she's already graduated.

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Veibae has a womb tattoo. You can kiss it for good luck.

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>I don't want a chuuba that looks like an ink factory accident

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>kissing the cumshot target
You have to go back.

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True virgin powers at work right here

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Just watch a twitch girl. Every one of them will have tattoos.

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ink factory accident =/= tattoos

still a cuck

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Calm down Mohammed

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based. Only libtard scum likes tattoos in the current year meme. It looks like you have a bad skin disease and only gets worse over time.

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NPC response array at work

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guy above the middle bottom dyke kinda cute. No gonna lie.

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Choco has a tattoo

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Vei is a virgin

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You have to go back

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She looks like a hooker

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she looks like my wife

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There is already Noor, but on the other hand tattoos look like dog shit so i don't know why would you want that

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Is this how you Vwhorefaggots go to bed by telling each other lies & turn a blind eye to reality

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my entire upper body is covered in tattoos and i no longer willingly wear shirts. no shirt can ever look as good as my physique, and tattoos allow me to express my form to an even greater degree.

>inb4 "it'll look like shit when you're old!"
i don't plan on getting old. my heart will hypertrophy and i'll die in my 40s at the latest. i'm just here to do whatever it takes.

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correction *Was* already Noor

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I bet you from the future already wants to beat the shit out of the present you for this bullshit.
>my heart will hypertrophy and i'll die in my 40s at the latest
Please go on a diet

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whatever it takes anon

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go take a hike

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All Holo EN roomates have big tatoos so i guess them?

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They didn't even look that bad on Noor, implemented seamlessly.

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I have been forgotten

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hopefully you die sooner.

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