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Without mentioning the fanbase, why do you hate this group?

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Fanbase is cancer and boring

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But my oshi is from there

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Fuck you holonigger, stop making these threads

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I dont

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I don't hate it. I just feel apathy towards it.

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rainbow color = gay.

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►Too many talents
►most of the talents don't seem interested in VTubing
►Talents have formed cliques within themselves and don't look after Niji as a whole only personal gain, Mito and Kuzuha will not stream with Fumi unless they could get a gain from it for example
►Too much emphasis on merch not enough on upgrades for the talent
►weak and half assed attempts at globalization that only satisfy the Japanese and Chinese

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i don't
still wish they have tighter standards though

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They keep harassing my Holos to the point of graduation, now even doing to Gura

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Name literally 1 instance

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They are still in bed with the bugs for one

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I'm a fan of some of their talents (Suo Sango) but not a fan of Nijisanji as a whole. Too much talents, I couldn't care less about Nijisanji as a whole.

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Aloe, or are you faggots still trying to rewrite history?

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OP said without mentioning the fanbase. This is an English speaking board so please learn how to read and understand it.

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small numbers bad

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>Talents have formed cliques within themselves
>Mito and Kuzuha will not stream with Fumi unless they could get a gain from it for example
When you have a group with over 100 people everyone cannot possibly pretend to be friends, it's got nothing to do with everyone trying to climb the corporate ladder and everything to do with people simply not knowing each other on a personal basis
For example Ange is a much more well known talent than Mashiro, and she doesn't know him that well admittedly - but she doesn't hesitate to bring him up in a positive light when a fan asks about him, and then you have Himawari and Ririmu who are close and collab all the time despite Himawari having 3 times Ririmu's subs, Nijisanji just allows friendships to occur naturally and the members that don't know each other don't pretend to for a family image

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>This fucking corporate bullshit just to collab with someone just because of subs
What a clusterfuck, how would they even deal with the shark with that bureaucracy?

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none of this is bad unless you're /pol/

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Pretty sure everyone hates trannies infesting the things they like, not just /pol/

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Did you read my post at all? Their friendships form regardless of subs is my point, in fact collab regulations are very loose and NijiEN does guerilla collabs all the time, even with the IDs

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You've never even heard of anyone on that list until the image was made.

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>Muh /pol/ boogieman
Fucking go back already

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>holobronies aren’t cancer and boring

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literally the only reason you would get mad at somebody shitting on /pol/ is if you're in fact from /pol/

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Niji was directly involved

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Yes, the fanbase, not the talents.

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They've never harassed a Niji talent to the point of graduating like the Nijiniggers have, and Hololive is objectively more entertaining than watching Gundou talk about her filthy gash for the 50th time

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Go ahead and explain how then

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>Nijisanji has too many chuubas who wants to watch them!
>btw I will single out 1 out of 130+ to sum up the entire company

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>Another episode of Nijiniggers denying their harassment of Holos and permissions bullshit

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If someone punches someone else for someone else's sake, even if the person who's sake they're punching for never asked for it, is it their fault?

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>All these Niji cope threads tonight
So, how bad its going to be when Gen 2 comes out and mogs their shit even more?

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read the thread, nobody is denying what nijiJP fans did, they're denying the company itself had anything to do with it
it's also directly counterintuitive to the thread's topic

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Why would I address any of the 100+ completely irrelevant Nijis who get less viewers than indies? The only remotely decent Niji is Sister Claire.

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Where even is she? It's been 2 weeks.

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Why do us Nijiniggers get blamed for threads created specifically to shit on the talent we like, it's all so tiring

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>Why would I address any of the 100+ completely irrelevant Nijis who get less viewers than indies?
>then talk about the irrelevant member like Claire

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I don't since I'm not a child who still participates in console wars

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>Why would I address any of the 100+ completely irrelevant Nijis who get less viewers than indies
>Brings up Sister Claire, an irrelevant Niji

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Ofc is their fault you retard, they got zero rights to interfere with it

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>Gets more live viewers than 99% of Nijisanji
Nice own goal there

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Bcuz y'all dumber than a punching bag

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>Another episode of this board being unable to read
Let me explain it to you.
>Without mentioning the fanbase, why do you hate this group?
>Without mentioning the fanbase
I even took a screenshot so you could understand better.

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>Hololive is objectively more entertaining than watching Gundou talk about her filthy gash for the 50th time
Speak for yourself. I'd rather chuckle at an hour of gundou disgracing herself in a language I couldn't understand than spend 30 minutes getting bored to death by 480p's shit taste in everything.

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Bro, you need to take your med, you're not making any sense right now. You might be confusing Sister Claire with Kuzuha.

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Seems like they go for a spray and pay method of selecting vtubers. Seems they can't handle stalkers and just let their talents leave because of it. They favor their male vtubers and let their female ones take the brunt of the hate for just associating with them. Don't think I've seen any original content as they seem to prefer to just copy Hololive instead.

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Designs are either boring or retarded

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I don't remember Nijisanji fans harassing Iofi over "bad translation" in an Among Us game for fun.

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The talents are MOSTLY shit but if you're on the top of Niji, you can do any fucked up shit and get away with it.

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>harassed a talent into graduation
>source: my ass
>objectively better than Niji
>source: my ass
Just admit you’re a tribalist faggot and move on, holobrony

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I'm gay

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>Seems like they go for a spray and pay method of selecting vtubers
NijiEN had only 3 girls, less than HoloEN with great chemistry and people still believe the quantity over quality meme. >Seems they can't handle stalkers and just let their talents leave because of it.
They got several of Lulu's stalkers arrested.
>They favor their male vtubers and let their female ones take the brunt of the hate for just associating with them
Factually incorrect, Niji girls get far more covers and brand deals than any of the males save for maybe Kuzuha and Kanae.
>Don't think I've seen any original content as they seem to prefer to just copy Hololive instead
Mashiro had a 3D today that was a full on horror movie with a proper narrative and an SCP influence, please tell me where Hololive is doing that.

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LMAO dude got real quiet after you posted this

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Said the actual tribalist

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They aren't hololive and my npc brain only likes hololive as the gateway to vtubing

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>Don't think I've seen any original content as they seem to prefer to just copy Hololive instead.
Check out this original song, there's no real Hololive equivalent:

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How is liking Spaghetti and Meatballs and Evangelion shit taste

>Also wrong thread. There are literally more than a dozen shitting on the newbie already.

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>►Too much emphasis on merch not enough on upgrades for the talent
They regularly get new outfits. 3D debuts happen regularly, AND they just started rolling out rigging upgrades to their livers. What are you talking about?

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Holy shit that's a lot of literal whos

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ITT Hololive fans talking to Hololive fans about a company they don't watch.

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>NijiEN had only 3 girls
They're spitting debuts up to 4 waves this year alone lad they're over blowing the scene and makes unhealthy competition, tell me how on earth that's ok?

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Why do Nijiantis literally know nothing about the company they seem to hate so much? At least be like Kiara antis and hate them based on facts.

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I’m not I like both hololive and nijisanji

>> No.6387776

>Complains about tribalism
>Uses Holobrony over a more fitting insult like retard or something

You're sending mildly mixed symptoms anon

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>They're spitting debuts up to 4 waves this year
Cool headcanon. Literally nothing points to all of those waves being released within the next year or even the next. It took what, 6, 7 months alone for NijiEN wave 1 to be released? Don't believe everything you read.

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It's too much effort for some Holofags. Some Nijis are good, some are shit. But there's definitely one thing they're inferior to Hololive and that's numbers.

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They probably will have the 3rd wave out some time this year. Wave 2 is probably this week in fact, based on the their schedules having a "Special Nijisanji EN Event" the closest Saturday to exactly 2 months (down to the time) since Lazulight debuted.
Your other points still stand, but they absolutely plan to have a ton of livers soon. That's how they always do things, no need to change it.

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EOPs don't understand them. The ones we do understand are boring and low energy. Jp speakers can enjoy all jp chubas to the fullest, who are supposedly more entertaining than nijis. Niji's seem largely conventional and same, so if you're not enthralled by the concept of vtubing then they'll come off as relatively lackluster. Based saviourfags only want small indies who'll notice them and shout them out on stream.

Exactly what innovation does niji bring to the table now that a ton of indies are also vtubing with their own rigs? What niche do they fill? How have they sought even greater heights than simply having a bunch of streamers doing streamer things? It's probably not so much hate as it is disinterest. With the market this saturated, they don't support or advertise their chubas well enough to remain competitive in the evolving landscape.

Also they don't use bots to give their chubas 275k subs prior to their debuts or pump even their laziest performers up to one million subscribers, which gets them largely ignored by numberfags.

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I only watch Holos and Indis, hate Niji by default.

>> No.6387953

I doubt that thing this week is wave 2. Seems more cover, considering finana put "special" in her schedule

>> No.6387993

>They probably will have the 3rd wave out some time this year
I wouldn't bet on it. We're already over halfway through the year, don't forget. I'll eat my words if I'm wrong, though. But based on the sheer amount of time they took for wave 1 to be released? I can't see it.

>> No.6388027

We'll see I guess. 2 months is a bit early, but a wave every 3 months is about right for international branches (based on ID and KR), so I could see it.
>Exactly what innovation does niji bring to the table now that a ton of indies are also vtubing with their own rigs?
If nothing else, Nijisanji has the best 3D in the game.

>> No.6388037

3D stuff, concerts, sponsorships, things that indies couldn't dream of. And don't start listing off vtuber utaite

>> No.6388072

Finally an actual opinion that is completely subjective but I'm not even going to debate it because you're valid just for properly responding to the OP.
Anon, statistically holofags are more often tribalfags then nijifags.
It's clear the anons here who just hate on niji only do it because they're console war fags who lost in the console war and need to feel validated for hating on the oposition.
Anon, niji usually releases waves every 3 months, this isn't head canon this is basic pattern recognition.
Kuzuha is an exception, not the rule sadly.
Debuts happen around the 15th but usually by the 11th announce the new wave is about to happen. It's more likely around august 15th is when they'll debut wave2.
wave 3 will probably be november.

>> No.6388086

>Best 3D in the game
Not really dude, that's a long stretch.

>> No.6388107

>Also they don't use bots to give their chubas 275k subs prior to their debuts or pump even their laziest performers up to one million subscribers
Can you please not do this? For fuck's sake. They're getting subs because they're popular. You're just making an ass of yourself and giving the antis fuel.

>> No.6388119

>niji usually releases waves every 3 months
Lately this hasn't been true at all, their last Japanese wave was released like a year ago.

>> No.6388121

The more correct statement would be Best corporate 3d in the game right now.

>> No.6388134

Was there when they have that thread in dic circlejerking every fucking day on how to take Hololive down
And posting videos over videos to spread bullshit in NND
Fucking disgusting
Glad Dwango got their shit together and kick them out after Aloe shit

>> No.6388165

>Nijisanji has the best 3D in the game.
Have you seen the sake drinking section in Emma's 3D debut where the cups and bottle kept on losing their tracking and resetting to the default position while she was holding them? Just because Nijisanji's 3D mogs Hololive's (which isn't a high bar to begin with) doesn't mean they don't have a long ways to go before they reach the level of Kizuna Ai, or even several Chinese VTubers.

>> No.6388194

Eh, you're right. I got so used to Hololive's that I forgot that it's more them being severely behind than Nijisanji being insanely good.

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For 3D tech it's not so much in the difference because Ai-chan actually have better tracking than them, who knows about the other company beside the big 2 in japan, i didn't watch them. But for the freedom of creativeness in 3D i can assure that Nijisanji 3D have the best in the industry right now.

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They dont appeal to me

>> No.6388277

You don't understand how it works. Hololive fans watch the girls because they're cute. The entertaining part is numbers.

>> No.6388288

Their MO changed. This year they only launched a new wave for KR and the EN branch. Nothing for JP at all in the first half of the year, ID auditions opened last month and so on. Seems to me they are taking at least 6 months between audition and debut, so if there's an EN debut, it's going to be from the first audition. The second audition ends in July and August so those will come at least in 2022.

>> No.6388312

>They're getting subs because they're popular.
No they don't you cunt, they're only popular because Tazumi used nepotism to bought NND algorithm so that they favor Niji over others

>> No.6388356

JP is dormant now yes but i meant like for new branchs until they decided to stop its usually 3 months between debuts unless covid happens and NijiID when longer from wave 3 to 4.

>> No.6388358

What does she do with her best tracking though? Just shakin' her ass?

>> No.6388360

>so if there's an EN debut, it's going to be from the first audition
Oh yeah, of course. Even as someone who thinks Wave 2 is probably this week, I'm assuming they're from the same auditions as LazuLight and were just saved for later. There's no way they'd be debuting the girls from the auditions they just did right now, as much as I want the cunny witch. I mean, didn't those just end today?

>> No.6388365

Elitist Nijisanji Scum Vermin who belong in the trash. The fans are even worse. Disgusting beyond compare. I despise this fanbase.

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If you wanted someone to post a Niji shaking her ass you just had to ask, no need to insult oyabun.

>> No.6388413

Anon do your reading reps please.

>> No.6388419

I'm not insulting her, just literally haven't seen her do anything interesting with that best tracking ever other than using it for dancing (which involves shaking ass, yeah)

>> No.6388448

Your ancestors are EVIL Scum. Do your history reps. Nijisanji fans are bottom level virtue warriors who need to be deleted from existence. Newfags, immigration Niji niggers like (You) should shut the fuck up. And Lurk. More.

>> No.6388449

I don't hate it, but its way too oversaturated for a vtuber group.

>> No.6388454

They killed the 3D vtuber scene right when it was getting good. They focused solely on corporate shit instead of trying for something more unique.

They are the reason why Hololive exists as it is now.

>> No.6388457

I don't hate them
They just have a lot of trash that i don't feel like waddling through to find the good ones

>> No.6388461

>If they graduated half of those niji would have more streamers with avg viewers bigger than the top twitch streamers
Why are they so spread out? There is no reason to have that many

>> No.6388476

I thought the cause of aloe graduation is just a rrat until it happens to their own chuuba...

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Isn't that from March?

>> No.6388492

I don't aim to please. Especially not to tourist Scum like (You).

>> No.6388499

Because in the olden days of Vtubing. The goal of Nijisanji is to bring the commons the power to became a vtuber.

>> No.6388510

>Your ancestors are EVIL Scum
If you think the Nijisanji JP fanbase is watching EN, or even /jp/ that you believe bullied you watches EN, then simply lol.

>> No.6388557

Streamers are not interchangeable. If they graduated the ones I like I wouldn't move over to whatever members were left, I'd just stop watching Nijisanji entirely.
To an extent they're still doing that. The fact that they're trying things like the vtuber academy they're starting in Japan is exciting. Means they clearly still care about the industry as a whole (since they're obviously not going to take everyone that graduates from there into Nijisanji).

>> No.6388563

They brought in literally twitch whore level of streamers into the vtuber scene. I remember that girl who only got in for the free iphone and left after a month or so.

>> No.6388584

Unmotivated, indie tier, garbage bin, Vchuuba desu. Everyone in this image deserves to be graduated for what they did to Ruru and Aloe. Fuck all nijiniggers.

>> No.6388589

Which is dumb as fuck bcuz they bringing in all the no taste into debuts and bought their popularity while the talented Ones got into rejects or left behind

>> No.6388609

there's definitely a part doing that for pomu and elira. Mostly elira who has her jp streams.

>> No.6388613

>for what they did to Ruru and Aloe
What did Kanae do to Lulu and Aloe? I'm very curious.

>> No.6388645

Guilty by association. All nijiniggers are to blame in my eyes. Now since you've revealed yourself as a closeted Niji faggot. Remove yourself from this database.

>> No.6388680

>Lulu and Aloe
Unless you're insinuating the stalkers came from inside Nijisanji or that Aloe was being harassed by livers rather than menhera fans (even ignoring that Delta has said repeatedly her own mental illness and shitty family were the main issue) I don't see what that has to do with the livers.

>> No.6388690

>What did Kanae do to Lulu and Aloe? I'm very curious.


>> No.6388700

Make me.

>> No.6388704

Chuuni poster kys plz

>> No.6388714

Can't remember her name but she was from their first or second wave

>> No.6388732

Are these threads even fun for you retards anymore? It's just the same ESLs making the same fucking posts over and over and over and over and over again.

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I like your energy. But no.

>> No.6388753

People watch multiple streams at once if they're interested, its not like all the viewers gets transferred over to the others as soon as one graduates.
Nijisanji works in niches, everyone has a niche and not everyone appeals to everyone.
No nijifan knows everyone, we aren't bound to the company past using it as a general statement for what livers we like.
Anon is making up bullshit extrapolations from a rrat or 2 he read one time and just assumed was true, thats usually the case with people who say this stupid shit.
So you're saying its okay for us to do this to holofags as soon as hololive falls out of favour for something more popular? because honestly holofags have been way worse during this age of vtubing then nijifags probably were.
And since hololive is more popular more people will remember the shit holofags then the shitty nijifags.

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File: 1.26 MB, 1600x1510, howcouldyoutell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How could you tell.

>> No.6388859

Pretty sure that the anon you were replying to, was calling ppl bs for repeating the stupid rrat that Cover buying subs for IRyS

>> No.6388969


>> No.6389028

If some holofags acts like fags, should you treat all holofans the same? No

>> No.6389064


>> No.6389099

>It's le Meiro boogeyman again
Read up, Holobrony
>Roa is a rare Niji who's faithful to her RP, one she crafted with a friend who's now graduated
>One part of the RP is ending her sentences with "-deyo," which she calls "魔界訛り/devilworld dialect"
>Meiro joins
>Some point after joining, Meiro starts using "-deyo" in her streams despite not doing it in her debut or past life
>Fans notice and start getting on both Meiro's and Roa's cases about it
>This catches Ichikara's attention, and they, knowing that Meiro never used it in her audition, debut, or past life, request that she stop
>Meiro claims that it's just how she talks and requests that they release a statement saying that it's natural
>Ichikara refuses to do it because again, they know that she never used it before and that she's most likely lying, meaning that the statement would be a lie
>Meiro still refuses to stop using it and instead chooses to graduate, sending out the graduation form
>Some senpai Nijis get her to reconsider, and she asks to stop the graduation process
>Ichikara agrees
>Upon coming back, Meiro leaks confidential information related to this ordeal, which is a breach of contract
>Ichikara notices and tells her to take a small break and think about what she has done
>Instead of taking a break, she applies for graduation AGAIN
>And a short while later, she tries to cancel it AGAIN
>However, by this point, Ichikara has had enough of her shit and were reluctant to accept it
>Suddenly, someone clearly on Meiro's side leaks some stuff to Narukami(vkeemstar)
>Meiro is painted as a victim, while Roa is painted as a power-harrassing menhera and Ichikara as a black company
>Roa is cancelled
>Ichikara terminates Meiro immediately, since in their eyes, only she could've leaked it, which is a SERIOUS breach of contract
>Ichikara then puts out a detailed account of the situation from their perspective
>Roa puts out the discord logs that show that, back in summer, she reached out to Meiro to try and have a conversation about it, only to get a single wall of text in response, followed by weeks of ghosting
>With all the information put together, the general opinion starts shifting towards Roa being innocent
>Months later, Meiro('s other identity) releases an ADULT voice drama starring a somewhat familiar-looking agent No. 2535(obvious reference to 2434 — ni ji san ji) of a secret organization called NOA's Ark
>Meiro is now seen as menhera filth and Roa is completely exonerated
>(You are here) Vkeemstar is being trashed for being a retard who believed a menhera's narrative and did serious damage to innocent Roa's career and didn't even apologize for it
>also this is not the first time she did this shit. She once did the exact same modus operandi against Canan. Stealing Canan ASMR style and pretending to be victim.

>> No.6389111

I know you were referencing Niji, but it's scary how most of these can apply to Hololive with very little effort

>> No.6389141

Thank you Meiro rrat killer anon, always there when you're needed.
Though you should probably change the ending of the pasta, it still references when this was written up for a Narukami thread, make it more general.

>> No.6389182

No one from first or second wave graduated in nijisanji....

>> No.6389192

Weak bait

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File: 84 KB, 622x350, 1625825922391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why so many Nijisanji apologists? Didn't you fags start this? Why are you apologizing instead of taking down the Elites and your anti Hololive propaganda on youtube?

>> No.6389263

Time and time again this board tests my patience with Hololive fans but I just go to their generals to remind myself not everyone is insane

>> No.6389298

Your Holo reps total 0 if you think that is bait

>> No.6389334

Based holobros, let's fuck up these nijiniggers not only do we outnumber them 10-1 but we're much better quality wise.
Never forget what they did to us and our oshi back in /jp/ when we were young and weak.
Never forgive how they humiliated our threads dedicated to our oshi and spit on our faces when we offered friendship.
Nijiniggers disguised as "unityfags" will stab you in the back the moment you showed weakness.

>> No.6389387

That ofc the best part but if you watch her concert, goddamn! Kizuna and Kamitsubaki has the highest quality of live concerts, especially their AR stuff, are just next level shit

>> No.6389453

The only one that really applies to holive is them not providing enough for their talents

>> No.6389478

Speak for yourself. Most people are indifferent to it

>> No.6389494

>Nijiniggers disguised as "unityfags"
>Niji people go out of their way to infilitrate HoloEN and mend the fragmented fanbase of Trinity v Unity
>So they can then somehow double cross the already monolithic fanbases united as a titanic power
I'm sorry, what? wouldn't they be advocating Trinity or trying to rile chumbuds/teamates/takodachis?

Your narrative makes no sense

>> No.6389545

That just shown how rabbit nijiniggers are. Harassing each other to the point of graduation

>> No.6389549

>not enough on upgrades for the talent
There are like 5-6 new outfit reveals each month. Hololive goes on months without getting one. Do you actually watch Nijisanji?

>> No.6389557

I like nijisanji, i just hate their fans

>> No.6389568

►Too many talents
Holo JP at the moment, with their new gen coming late this year
►most of the talents don't seem interested in VTubing
Some*, but Akirose, Ayame, Shion, Aqua, Choco for a time, Mel, Anya, Mori for a time
►Talents have formed cliques within themselves and don't look after Niji as a whole only personal gain, Mito and Kuzuha will not stream with Fumi unless they could get a gain from it for example
The reps of most of HoloJP's previous lives can still be seen on certain girls outright refusing to collab with other girls
►Too much emphasis on merch not enough on upgrades for the talent
Hololive currently with a plum
►weak and half assed attempts at globalization that only satisfy the Japanese and Chinese
"We killed Coco Mr. Zhang, are you happy now?"

>> No.6389578

Meiro graduated herself, she begged to graduate multiple times in fact and had a hissy fit when it actually happened

>> No.6389601

Yea, the most autistic ones are the most vocal. They overtake every thread

>> No.6389662

>►Too much emphasis on merch not enough on upgrades for the talent
Hololive only has this. The other points not so much. As said by the other anon, weak bait. Get out

>> No.6389666

stop using the word graduation fot contract terminations
jitomi monoe wasnt graduated either

>> No.6389718

No, eat a dick. You don't get to decide the rules of engagement like that. go to reddit if you want to school marm a thread

>> No.6389743

We went from accusing Hololive to being a zhang infested black company when Coco was being forced out, to thinking none of this happens, in less than a month

At least nijiniggers face up to their past

>> No.6389783

>Holo JP at the moment, with their new gen coming late this year
They have 1/3 the people of niji, also there haven't been any auditions for gen 6, the fuck are you smoking

"Some" is not the he same as "most", also it's funny that pretty muchball your examples are from gen 1 and 2, back when they were imitating the niji model

>The reps of most of HoloJP's previous lives can still be seen on certain girls outright refusing to collab with other girls

>"We killed Coco Mr. Zhang, are you happy now?"
Oh, so you are one of those, why donI even bother

>> No.6389862

You could list Irys under the last two, and in the same month as Coco. Innovation is nonexistent. Content is being watered down. Chubas are being hired for their self sufficiency and connections rather than talent, all so cover can save money on marketing and promoting them. Everything revolves around merchandising, sponsorships and farming superchats. The only people still invested are die hard simps, and casuals/youtubers who like them just because they're popular. Hololive is over.

Simps will die for their oshi. Whores don't want the cash cow to crash before they get their 15 minutes. They have a vested interest in shilling for hololive even after this month's happenings. Entertainment seekers shouldn't care. Niji and indies are looking awfully good at the moment.

>> No.6389928

>"Some" is not the he same as "most"
thus the asterisk, and the callback in a previous mention that said "with very little effort"

oh, so you just straight up don't know the history of the first 3-4 generations and just assume they all magically were friends at Hololive HQs doorstep from day1

>One of those
People that actually listened to and watched her streams? who was there when Zhangs were literally her mods for stream after stream?

Jesus, the only thing worse than holo-tribalists are FOB retards who want to pretend they know

>> No.6389944
File: 15 KB, 739x415, baasado.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For you, Anonsama.

>Astonishingly based as fuck

>> No.6389985

Ok dude you're right she didn't quit, they fired their top earner to entice back the branch that made next to nothing.

>> No.6389998

Getting to know Vtubers in the mid of 2019 through HL and haven't gotten into discussions about Vtubers on 4chan that much till earlier this year. Yes, I'm one of those unityfags just because the ppl I like are from different agencies (Rene, Hareru, Fubuki, Korone, Coco, Lulu, Mito, Chima,...). I don't know how much you were degraded by Nijifags back in /jp/. If it was true, isn't (a portion) of Holofans are literally doing the same thing. They are setting the precedence, they are insulting any chuuba outside of HL. Without seeing some genuine discussions, people would be quick to assume "Wow, holofans are a bit toxic"

>> No.6390020

Of course, they had $17M investment from Sony M before Holo had their breakout boom a year ago. That's more than enough to get several upgrades on their music and 3D tech.

>> No.6390042

he's baiting and most likely underage don't bother giving him a (You)

>> No.6390086

You didn't go on /jp/ until /vt/ was already made. You probably didn't even go on 4chan until /vt/ was made.

>> No.6390136

In Summary, when asked why she is retiring:
>Numberfagging herself (EN hyperinflated the value of subscribers, making her question why she got blown out so easily despite being quite popular in JP)
>Lack of help or communication from Management (Most notable during her emotional breakdown on stream when zhangs flooded her chat and the mods were shown to be other zhangs)
>Getting Oidashibeya'd by management in regards to her collabs and future projects (Again most notably with EN, which was in part due to her numberfagging herself but also discovering JENMa and ENMa hard no'd anything She or Haachama offered to do with EN girls)

Then you can theorycraft all you want about the inbetween, but each of these 3 points was clearly referenced and mentioned in her multiple strams, both normal and member's, during the June month

For you to be disillusioned to anything else is your complete and utter ignorance and reluctance to do fucking reps

>> No.6390169

Yea, I should learn to ignore

>> No.6390194

Because they keep posting new threads here. They should have stayed in /trash/

>> No.6390371

>be zhang infested company
>taiwain happens
>axe entire CN branch
>pull out of china entirely
>retards on the internet forgot their meds and think you're trying to apeease the chinese
you are an actual retard

>> No.6390421

Funny how you can twist an event by leaving certain events out, like forcefully suspending your talents and making them apologize in a bid to appease the Chinese, lying and saying you support One-China policy, and waiting months upon months until there was no more negotiating to be had to actually abandon the China branch.

>> No.6390445

so why did they not axe everything else and go full china then?

>> No.6390464

I don't.

>> No.6390501


>> No.6390521

>Talents have formed cliques within themselves and don't look after Niji as a whole only personal gain, Mito and Kuzuha will not stream with Fumi unless they could get a gain from it for example
Not only this is completely false, people are saying this about Pekora all the time as actually a good thing, and in general this is actually more applicable for Holo than Niji.

>> No.6390529

Because CN branch was hot dog shit well before Haachama ever uttered a word, and had the girls not been the perfect scapegoat, CN would have imploded on its won, albeit with some streamer refugees. Coco and Haato talking about Taiwan was just a nudge on an already dilapidated wall segment

>> No.6390594

Funny how you still think pulling out and axing an entire branch is considered appeasing

>> No.6390637

Suspending Haato and Coco was an attempt to appease China. They pulled out when that failed, but that doesn't change the fact that they tried to kowtow as a first response.

>> No.6390687

Pulling out and axing an entire branch ONLY after it became unprofitable and prostrating yourself to initially appeal to said branch is appealing to them, yes. Unless you really think Cover supports One-China as a Japanese company and coincidentally just put it in only their Chinese statement.

>> No.6390688

you're right but still people think coco graduated because the chinese investors forced her

>> No.6390711

i fucking hate nijiniggers so much bros... how do i cope with this?

>> No.6390737

>chinese investors forced her
The fact that they didn't overtly state their demand or request does not negate what was posted earlier on how Coco was treated and how (very realistically, along with RL priorities) Haachama is being treated. She was forced out by having only one remedy to all of her issues : quit

You want a video of a Zhang demanding X, Y and Z, but it just isn't going to exist. They bully through subterfuge, not ransom and threats

>> No.6390756

>apply to be mod
>get in
>delete all topics pertaining to Niji
>sleep well at night knowing no can talk about Nijis in /vt/

It ain't that hard

>> No.6390766

You come to realize most "nijiniggers" are actually Holofags doublle-agenting this drama, because all the actual Oshi-loving Nijifans are in their own thread and sub, and all the fairweather nijifans moved to hololive

>> No.6390781

I like how you single out Fumi as some sort of left in the dark puppy when she appears on tons of collabs, sings with people, has several units, and is doing her own thing peacefully. You closed your eyes and picked randomly on the wiki didn't you. And anyway, Kuzuha semi recently collabed with low viewer Nijis he's friends with and chatted with them on discord casually so what is your point there?

>> No.6390811

You assume Holotribalists actually do research and don't just parrot shit that's been said 1000 times before (And debunked 1001 times)

>> No.6390815

>lulu said on stream she was getting stalked
>the realitiy is that nijisanji wanted her out and told her to come up with an excuse
cant believe nijisanji is a black company

>> No.6390828

wouldn't work like that, gook moot would kick my ass all if i actively shit on nijiniggers so all i can do is leave some d*xx thread against niji for half a day and probably avoid giving them sticky just to fuck with them

>> No.6390836

you assume nijitribalists dont do the same

>> No.6390856


>> No.6390869

>Literal "no u"

>> No.6390875

I see the humor in your post but anon, ALL companies that handle human beings as marketable "talent" are black companies. Nijisanji, Hololive, PRISM, Tsunderia, Vshojo, hell even some "indie" girls have a seemingly odd source of revenue from an investors or 2

I would love to say that too, but since /vt/'s creation, i can't even find a niji tier equivalent since it's all instantly flooded out by Hololive shit for pages on end

>> No.6390895

Sure, Mr 2434 please point out the last Kuzuha Fumi collab or Mito Fumi collab that is not a group collab.

Did you know Gura the highest subbed VTuber has no problems with collabing with Anya who is one of the lowest in HL?

>> No.6390910

As someone who watches a shit ton of Niji and maybe 1 or 2 Hololive, I learn more about Hololive than I ever want to by opening the catalog, especially about Kiara. You don't need to be a Holofan to be up to date with what's happening.

>> No.6390926

I don't. I just don't see anything special about them. Giive me a reason to like them, and maybe I will.

>> No.6390935

No, they really aren’t. Kill yourself you faggot nonce

Reminder that the majority faggots are paedophiles

>> No.6390938

Why didn't Gura collab 1 on 1 with Ollie? Or Fubuki? Or Roberu? Or Reine? Or Matsuri? See, I can do it too.

>> No.6390955

>British vocabulary
>British spelling
>Still clearly an ESL
Disgusting on 2 levels. I guess 3 technically, but the other 2 offenses are much worse.

>> No.6390979

Most holo fans don’t care about coco, just the reddit fan base.

>> No.6391000

>Gura and her company issued "Non EN collab partner"
I see you are not very well versed in the #1 complaint Gura receives being "FUCKING COLLAB MORE YOU ENTITLED SHIT"

>> No.6391001

What appealing about CN isn't local talent, heck ID made a bigger role in developing holo as a whole from their talents compared to CN. It's bilibili as a hub for JP and even EN community in CN that's makes it hard to be forgotten by Cover

>> No.6391029

>company issued
Damn you guys are really full on denial that's fine use some of that delusion to create an alternate reality were Nijisanji worked as an entire team and weren't 2nd fiddle to Hololive

>> No.6391032

1) Until we can get a full dossier or printout of people here, i will assume the 5+ days of 20+ threads calling Coco's graduation forced and Zhang induced is from a large majority of "us"
2) Reddit wasn't allowed to complain, as people with the screenshots will show, if it had even a sniff of criticism or Chinese hate

>> No.6391051

...did you know Kuzuha has no problems collabing with Hajiki, the average-200-live-viewers ex(?)-yab bomb whose reputation used to be so bad he's still having high dislike ratio in his VODs until today? That Mito's own JK-gumi's other members have half Mito's own sub count and even lower viewers? There's not a single Holo who has collabed with everyone else either and they have far fewer members than Niji.

>> No.6391060

>Most Holo shitposters on /vt/
Fixed it.

>> No.6391111

Anon, again >>6390811
This dude doesn't care for facts or information, he is only driven to try and out nijifans for shit that doesn't exist while ignoring Hololives incredibly vast and wide collab holes

>> No.6391162

Because Hololive fans will see his post and believe it because they can't even search something for 5 seconds. You don't even need to know Japanese to find that information out.

>> No.6391202

>also this is not the first time she did this shit. She once did the exact same modus operandi against Canan. Stealing Canan ASMR style and pretending to be victim.
I hate nijiniggers so much

>> No.6391204

just stop caring what nonwatchers think about your faves and you will live a better life. most hololive fans are normal people who don't believe what they read in bait falseflag threads, those that do are retarded and nobody cares about them.

>> No.6391328

Most hololive fans wouldn't even be here. This place is a containment board by nature

>> No.6391381

This reminds me that Hololive's Kiara stole Pekora's mannerisms and some other stuff i can't quite recall

Guess no one from the EN side gives enough of a shit to call her out

>> No.6391433

I don't hate this group. I also see no reason to like this group. I actually tried to watch them because Inui and Chima are pretty good singers so I asked a niji thread about whose the best to watch as an EOP and was promptly bombarded with BTFO and Niji doesn't pander to filthy EOPs and go to Holos if I want chubas that welcome EOPs. I tried a lot of times but one generally doesn't have the patience to endure the hostility for newcomers for many times. This happened before HoloEN. I went and watched Korone and never looked back.
So this is really a hard question to answer without mentioning the pre-2020 niji fanbase you know, cause its part of the experience.

>> No.6391511

Yeah Niji fans were super elitist they had to eat crow once they also gained an EN branch.

>> No.6391518

sasuga elitist.

>> No.6391532

Gatekeeping is a good thing and that should've motivated you to lurk more rather than give up entirely. Saying you're an EOP on /jp/ even last year is like saying you're a Redditor here today. Understand that you didn't align with the community's values, but you could learn to.

>> No.6391588

I dont

>> No.6391599

Based elitists. Filthy EOPs don't belong to this fanbase

>> No.6391613

They did good. You should've stayed gone.

>> No.6391629
File: 978 KB, 1200x1696, eytfct2cu5g51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont. I watch a healthy amount of hololive, nijis and indies. That said, nijifags cant help but sniff their own farts and it makes it much harder to bother with engaging with the community and a lack of community makes it harder to stay engaged with a chuuba

>> No.6391724

>►Talents have formed cliques within themselves and don't look after Niji as a whole only personal gain, Mito and Kuzuha will not stream with Fumi unless they could get a gain from it for example
Here's a clip that blows this rrat apart. Zuha summons fellow Nijis for an impromptu Amogus game and everyone is welcomed even if they're on the lower end of Nijisanji.

>> No.6391760

i find it hilarious that he's the most subbed/watched nijisanji vtuber and yet everything he does is so scuffed

>> No.6391765

> implying any shitposter on this board watches Nijisanji
these threads are obvious bait, literally no point to really take people here seriously.

>> No.6391822

The problem is that some people do, and these shitty baits become gospels. People here still believe that Sasaki bullied Moruru out of Nijisanji.

>> No.6391847

I really hope holoniggers can just keep staying away, they can circlejerk about their eop numbers all day if they want just stay in their containment reddit cancer shitholes.

>> No.6391865

I am a newcomer trying to enter a rather niche hobby from only watching an anime. Getting so much hostility at the get go generally kills the motivation to continue, specially when people don't even tell you where to start. I tried watching a niji talent but was caught off guard when even typing in chat seemed unwelcome. I was ready to drop the whole vtuber thing completely when I saw the holo niji collab and wondered who the pink haired girl was. I went to the holo thread and asked the same question of whose the best one to watch as an EOP and was given Korone, Miko and Towa as an answer immediately. Now I can actually understand some of what they are saying since I've been doing my JP reps. So my answer stands, gatekeeping is cool and all, but niji fans were literally driving potential fans away with their outright hostility to newcomers pre-2020.

For the record, I still watch Inui and Chima's karaokes, but only if I don't have anything else to do. Otherwise, I steer clear of anything Nijisanji.

>> No.6391978

then go back to discord, /vt/ and reddit is obviously more into holos

>> No.6392025

>gatekeeping is cool and all, but niji fans were literally driving potential fans away with their outright hostility to newcomers pre-2020
Seems like gatekeeping is only cool to you when you're not on the receiving end. Hush up, nut up, and understand that the hostility isn't personal. No need to carry this with you as a wound.

>> No.6392030

Things like this are the reason why i think think niji is superior to holo, no disrespect but i'd rather have low numbers than have a bunch of eop ruining the scene.

>> No.6392033

Why didn't you try literally anywhere that isn't /jp/. Of course /jp/ will gatekeep, that's half their board culture.

>> No.6392043

How did you feel that typing in chat was unwelcome? A shit ton of Nijis are fine with English messages. /jp/ being gatekeepy is different than the actual chuuba just sitting there and streaming to an audience. Or do you think /jp/ polices stream chats wity their N1000 Japanese?

>> No.6392131

>I asked a niji thread about whose the best to watch as an EOP
>in /jp/
Anon... try going to a Holothread and asked which Holo is best to watch as a Gigguk/Conner watcher who just learned about vtubers from them. This is literally the same thing.

>> No.6392145

Nijisanji and being Elitist scum. Name a more repulsive combination.

>> No.6392147
File: 2.45 MB, 1374x1795, 黛灰3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to like them, but they really, REALLY dropped the ball with NijiEN, hardly could have been worse
It was their chance to do something different, and yet they went full Hololive lite. Just your usual generic girl who enjoy some surface level anime and at best can kind of draw, with nothing else going for them. Hell one even had literally 0 experience and was just a vtweeter for months. Most of them are just your basic zoomer spamming nonsense.
There was so much potential, yet they went the safest and most boring route. So much for freedom of creation, what made Niji good in the first place, getting various talents of all sorts. NijiEN is just Hololive discount and the only reason people watch them is because they came in the vtubing fandom late and got to follow them from their debut.
I used to like Niji but they've been disappointing recently.

>> No.6392180

Your elitism is showing. Literally the only reason Nijisanji faggots, such as (You)rself of course, are hated beyond compare.

>> No.6392183

Male auditions are underway as we speak homolover, pipe down and have a little faith.

>> No.6392201

I assume you're now going to accept VShojo fans and anitubers with open arms?

>> No.6392202

not very interested in your diary but leave mayuyu out of it next time thanks

>> No.6392222

>Still using the same Mayu image to falseflag against EN, even changing the filename to Japanese to imply you have a Mayu collection

>> No.6392230

>Things like this are the reason why i think think niji is superior to holo

Holy fucking shit. I thought holofags were joking about the Nijifag elitism but this is just pathetic. Literally proving them correct. I can't even imagine how worse the niji behavior might have been when hololive was still a small startup.

>> No.6392247

>gatekeeping is good
Guys wh-why aren't we popular?Holo's don't deserve their fame! Niji's are more talented and fun!

>> No.6392266

>He thinks numberfagging threads are made by Nijiniggers
Simply lol

>> No.6392268

the people gatekeeping and the ones whining for more EOP pity subs aren't the same

>> No.6392282

>Complaining about being gatekept
Christ, this really is the newfag board, isn't it?

>> No.6392285

ITT: Falseflagging, goalposts, and gaslighting.


>> No.6392289

Fuck off vermin. You are hated around these parts. No one likes you and your faggot friends. You give real Nijisanji fans a bad name. Stop embarrassing yourself.

>> No.6392309

>niji thread
>holo thread

>> No.6392313

Real Nijisanji fans don't post on this board.

>> No.6392315

It's not a joke. It's absolutely real. Hololive fans should stay far away from Nijisanji faggotry.

>> No.6392335
File: 49 KB, 720x720, 9643108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6392369

>Real Nijisanji fans don't post
yep. even the thread back on /jp/ was 90% links to streams

>> No.6392374

Kys gay

>> No.6392378

Its more like no one told me about the gatekeeping in the first place. Also I already moved on.

Perfectly understandable. But please do consider that a talent's growth is still based on numbers, statistically wise. Low numbers is comfy and all, but people come and go and with how saturated the jp scene is, sometimes you will need the help from the outside if you want the chubas to thrive with support.

I was a veteran of /a, the only place I found about nijisanji is /jp. Heck, I even looked for a niji subreddit but its dead. Where do you suggest I look?

This was way before, pardon the memory. I believe its because I am the only one typing in english and no one else? I think I also asked the niji thread about this and was told not to do it, only listen to the chuba.

>> No.6392381

wait, there's people who are fans of things? i thought we were all roleplaying...

>> No.6392416

I have no opinion on gatekeeping in general. But complaining about being gatekept while pushing for your own gatekeeping is just low. Holofans accuse Nijis of gatekeeping themselves into irrelevancy while at the same time crying about Cover expanding to the Western market through interacting with mainstream anitubers and Vshojo's Twitch scene are just hypocrites and I will point it out regardless of what you're saying.

>> No.6392424

just like how real Holofans don't

>> No.6392427

I know why Nijisanji isn't more popular, and it has nothing to do with the small section of fans that use this site. You being gatekept and crying about it means very little in the scheme of things.
I'll also admit that talent and fun are subjective, enjoy what you enjoy.
That said, I do believe most Holos don't deserve what they have. Not what they got pre-debut, at least.
>b-but Lazulight started with 10k-
They didn't earn that either, but that's an order of magnitude lower so it's less egregious. Still undeserved though.

>> No.6392432

Well you were told wrong by a bunch of circlejerking faggots. Also if you're an /a/ denizen you should be extremely aware of the gatekeeping culture of a board.
There isn't a single Nijisanji vtuber who discourages English. Many can read it out loud and say thank you. Some can even speak in English back to you. Too bad you had to figure that out now instead of then but you really should have known better than to say you're EOP on /jp/ of all places, I thought everyone on /a/ knows how they act.

>> No.6392449

>Its more like no one told me about the gatekeeping in the first place
You were a newcomer. The onus was on you to learn the rules. What did you want people to reply to you with, "hey sorry buddy, I know you're new here but I'm gonna need to gatekeep you for your behavior as is customary"? You don't go into a place you're unfamiliar with, start acting like a jackass and act like you're the victim when you rightfully get told to fuck off. Come on now.

>> No.6392452

ew an ironic weeb. learn to enjoy things you massive fag

>> No.6392478

english in chat is okay as long as it's on topic and follows the streamer's rules

>> No.6392486

Why though? I mean, language is a universal barrier so I should just ask whose the best for EOPs. Where does Gigguk/Connor logically come in as relevant to the question when looking for a chuba to watch?

>> No.6392541
File: 71 KB, 487x650, 9643148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hololive fans: oh my God everyone should fall into the rabbit hole!!!!. Your grandma, your grandpa. Hololive is the disney of vtubing, No the McDonald's of vtubing.

Nijisanji fags: You people are ruining my pure JP experience. All of you are cringe and are literally a plague. Oh, and also Nijisanji is better and bigger than hololive. Superchats, Views, Subscribers and merch sales. Hololive can't compete. Sorry. Not sorry.

>> No.6392542

You seem new to this board, they eternally raged and seethed when Hololive EN collabed with Gigguk, and when Hololive ID talked to Connor. They thought they were either being cucked, or that outsiders would be interested in Hololive so they wanted to gatekeep from that side of content creators or whatever those guys fall under.

>> No.6392607
File: 81 KB, 1000x800, numberjercker1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nijisanji fags: You people are ruining my pure JP experience. All of you are cringe and are literally a plague. Oh, and also Nijisanji is better and bigger than hololive. Superchats, Views, Subscribers and merch sales. Hololive can't compete. Sorry. Not sorry.

>> No.6392633
File: 50 KB, 680x759, 9643169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hololive fans: oh my God everyone should fall into the rabbit hole!!!!. Your grandma, your grandpa. Hololive is the disney of vtubing, No the McDonald's of vtubing

>> No.6392653

You do this same shit in the numbers thread, what is wrong with you? Genuinely.

>> No.6392663

i have a micropenis

>> No.6392676

I see nothing wrong with the hololive one, if you like something then you're most likely to share it with the people you know.

>> No.6392715

I simply asked whose the best one to watch as an EOP. If that seems like a jackass move to you, then you can't fault me for jumping ship when I asked the same thing to the other thread and actually got some answers. I also never acted as a victim, I simply went away.

>> No.6392719
File: 664 KB, 1081x716, 9682.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because people need to be reminded who the OG of Numberfaggers are. Nijisanji fans are NOT saints. Fuck them. They've been circle jerking this image when hololive was a small agency. Fuck nijiniggers.

>> No.6392774

You're acting like a victim right now, fishing for sympathy in wake of how the hostile Nijiniggers treated you over what you see as an innocent question. Gain some self-awareness.

>> No.6392775

I mean replying to yourself like a schizophrenic, not the post content.

>> No.6392818

No, I knew that. I'm asking why I should mention Gigguk/Connor when looking for a chuba to watch. They aren't relevant to the question, its more like whose more welcoming to EOPs, whose the best singer, whose funny, whose the best gamer etc. right?

>> No.6392851

The OP literally asked why people hate nijisanji. I answered, providing context with my own experience. Why is telling my past experience relative to the question became an issue?

>> No.6392871

The comparison was made to point out that you're marking yourself as something that board hates. Like saying you're a woman on most 4chan boards or something.

>> No.6392880
File: 66 KB, 412x405, painyagoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If only you knew how many falseflaggers are this thread.

>> No.6392888

NTA but it literally was an innocent question though, asking someone where to start in regards to niche hobby shows the person is genuinely trying to get into it why would you even fault that anon?

>> No.6392912

The issue isn't you simply responding to OP, the issue is you refusing to acknowledge where you went wrong and making excuses for your behavior. "No one told me about the gatekeeping in the first place". "Niji fans were literally driving potential fans away with their outright hostility to newcomers". Understand you were gatekept for a good reason.

>> No.6392925

Ah okay, I think I get it. Thanks for the clarification. Probably because niji threads right now are more welcoming than before.

>> No.6392951

why holobronies always rewite the story when it's them who harassed their own chuuba?

>> No.6392953

I've been lurking this thread and I now understand why hololive fans thinks niji fans are elitist and smug.
What a turn off

>> No.6392956

Screencapped for the future Nijiniggers.

>> No.6392980

You can go to the What is Nijisanji? thread right now and ask any questions you want, it's a bit slow but someone will be able to help and no one will care if you're EOP. This board's Nijisanji threads are fine, even the EN thread has calmed down lately.

>> No.6392998

t. Only watches HoloEN

>> No.6393013

so true king you should never watch nijisanji ever, stick to hololive

>> No.6393037
File: 79 KB, 252x265, 1624802176910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>For a good reason
Then tell your elite circles not to cry about Hololive's success alright? And tell them not to whine when people shit on them. You guys are Elite, this shouldn't be problem.

>> No.6393048

It was a good day when they had to take this shit down

>> No.6393049

"Lurk more" is commonly spouted for a very good reasons. Like Redditors should not visit this board expecting to be spoonfed, neither should EOPs visit /jp/ expecting the same.

>> No.6393076

The only thing Nijiniggers cry about in relation to Hololive is how often you fans spam the chat. I can assure you no numberfags calling Kuzuha "Tokyo Ghoul" are Nijiniggers.

>> No.6393079

Where exactly did I went wrong? Bar ignorance, please point it out? I asked a question, got BTFO very badly, went to another thread, asked the same question, got some answers. The end.

>> No.6393080

I'm very sorry to hear about that. I'm a former Hololive fan who got into Nijisanji recently through EN. Like you I tried asking the /jp/ thread about Nijisanji before EN came out and got turned off when they told me to fuck off so much. After EN came out and I liked Pomu a lot, that gave me more confidence to check out the JPs again. If it means anything to you, the Nijisanji general threads on /vt/ are a far cry better than the /jp/ one, they actually support newcomers and give recommendations rather than gatekeeping. If your experience with /jp/ soured Nijisanji for you too much to give it another chance, I won't blame you though.

>> No.6393119

Niji gatekeepers literally don't care about Hololive being successful wdym
Set aside that the only people who could think /jp/ gatekeeping is what causes Niji to be less successful than Holo are literal schizos who have no life outside 4chan

>> No.6393123

Doesn't matter you're on the same team

>> No.6393129

Anon is putting it in a harsh way but being mad at being told to lurk moar is newfag behavior on 4chan. /vt/ is a new board and far more open to spoonfeeding. Different boards, different users. Your mistake was expecting to be welcomed on /jp/. Not defending them as they're incredibly annoying, that's just how it is.

>> No.6393151

They are pretty welcoming, yes. I actually sometimes lurk the nijiEN thread to see if the dragon or the fairy schedules a karaoke. Still skeptical about the jps though.

>> No.6393166

>It's another holobrony vs nijinigger episode
lmao at the absolute state of the vtuber fanbase

>> No.6393175

You went into a thread, revealed yourself as the kind of person the threads are known to dislike - and by your own admission, you did this multiple times, this is not a simple case of one-off ignorance - and are now complaining that you were not spoonfed. You are placing the blame on a group of people for not changing the rules of their community to pander to you. As an outsider it is your job to conform to the rules of a community if you wish to join it. If you refuse to, you are simply a subverter, and that is precisely why you were not wanted and were rightfully gatekept.

>> No.6393209

My introduction to Nijisanji was the spoonfeed thread here which doubles as the NijiJP thread, didn't get BTFO, got reccomended some chuubas with Pokemon playthroughs and male karaoke.

>> No.6393214

There are nonzero chances you're going to be told to fuck off no matter where in Mongolian basketweaving forum, /jp/ or /vt/, Holo or Niji thread. NijiJP thread in /vt/ is inactive enough that you're not going to get piled on too much at least.

>> No.6393383

You claim, you come from /a/ and don't know about the gatekeep culture? No wonder people from /jp/ told you to fuck off

>> No.6393421

Understadable. Which is why I told you I nearly left the vtubing scene in general. But then I tried the same thing with the holo thread which is also on /jp and actually got some answers, yes? Anyhow, this is a personal experience. Maybe someone from the holo thread just had a good day to actually respond normally to a question that is generally despised by /jp as you claim. It still lead to me favoring one over the other. Which lead to me telling it here, in this thread because it is on topic.

>> No.6393481

This was before holoEN. Pre-2020 fanbase. Todays threads are generally welcoming, which is nice.

>> No.6393532

Apathy, but Pomu is cute.

>> No.6393568

Pomu is cool, don't care much about the rest of them.

>> No.6393659

>I got told off so I nearly quit. Woe is me
Jesus maybe you get off 4chan

>> No.6393683

Holo threads are a completely different beast. Hololive's rising popularity attracted newcomers like yourself and drowned out everything else.

>> No.6393712

Holoniggers are the biggest discordtrannies in the world.

>> No.6393900

C'mon 18 letters left

>> No.6394046

Simple, they hate their nonJP audience and act like we dont exist. I used to watch them a lot and was okay with it at first as i did my nihongo reps but after see how hologirl go out of their way to interact with their kaigainikkis last year i jump ship and watch holo more. And with Roa (my oshi) gone and the whole drama shit, i stop watching nijisanji.

>> No.6394072

>Roa (my oshi)

>> No.6394167

This isn't limited to 4chan - even the Nijisanji subreddit and other discussion site's Nijisanji threads collectivelt went on a Gatekeeping sperg when they saw the EOP boom of Hololive

>> No.6394279
File: 57 KB, 227x222, 1623182463769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nijifags sure are something.
>Someone wants to know more about their hobby
>Why do they hate us?

>> No.6394358

At the moment, I would suggest using the Nijisanji Official discord or something. People would be a lot reasonable than here.
From my experience, I never used Reddit or 4chan back then. I just gathered info from clips and stringed them together (with the help of the wiki) to form basic understanding of the different groups and streamers' personalities.
If you are still interested, you can tell me what kind of chuuba are you looking for. I can probably give some suggestions

>> No.6394370

>>Why do they hate us?
who are you quoting

>> No.6394388

ok holobrony

>> No.6394430
File: 644 KB, 821x1024, 1623535509411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related.
Too many males.
Males are more popular than females.

>> No.6394431


>> No.6394453
File: 215 KB, 463x453, 1624277132051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be a newfag
>be told to go to Niji discord because everywhere else is full of gatekeepers and flaseflaggers
>don't know where to find Niji discord because is newfag

>> No.6394505

everytime this is reposted i wonder: why isn't my main man yashiro in the 2nd half of this? he's like the most npc looking dude in the agency along with maimoto

>> No.6394573

They're picking Mashiro as a "regular guy doing regular things", why do you think they did any reps

>> No.6394617

Right now Im actually checking out the ENs dragon and fairy because I heard they are good at karaoke. I sometimes tune in to their streams as work bgm when the holoENs aren't on. Though do tell me something about the shiba inu. I heard his/her (?) KING cover and was kinda intruiged.

>> No.6394634

https://discord.gg/2434club here it is.
You can also use the Nijisanji general thread as well

>> No.6394689

>males are literally the minority
Why are feminists like this?

>> No.6394819

Thanks but I'm just calling out the absurdity of your recommendation. Not every newfag is going to immediately think "Hey, I found this community I like, I should join a random discord that talks about them!".

Reddit and 4chan are as mainstream at it can get and it's quite disappointing that the Nijisanji oldguards are the ones pushing newfags away and then complaining why they aren't getting the same incline as Hololive.

>> No.6394925

>Nijisanji oldguards
They aren't the ones complaining.

>> No.6394950

Niggersanjifags are all retards beyond help.

>> No.6395038
File: 362 KB, 660x654, 110723991415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Were they seriously bragging about shit like this? I was sympathetic towards Nijiniggers at first, but the more i get spoonfed about their shit, the more i realise that they actually fucking deserve whatever badshit comes their way rumao

>> No.6395113

I thought you lot were bad before /vt/ was made, but passing through from /jp/, you've seemingly gotten even worse. You guys do realise this insane hostility is a product of you not actually watching the streams and instead you sit around watching highlight subtitle channels. Maybe if you could understand Japanese, you'd find that the almost every streamer says not to badmouth and gossip about other streamers. If you understood Japanese, you would've seen that almost every Niji streamer was saddened by Coco's graduation and vice-versa with Lulu's. Instead you are new and EOP, so you think you're repping your group by shitting on the "opposition" when in reality, you are hopelessly clueless and embarrassingly pathetic. This isn't a competition, views don't even matter considering the indies I watch can survive for years off a few dedicated thousand subscribers. Find something more productive to do like practicing your reps.

>> No.6395157

I can understand numberfagging being annoying, I got filtered away from Hololive after being Holo-exclusive for a year after endless numberfagging from all the ogeys in this board. I shouldn't have let this board got to me but eh. Fuck the numberfags.

>> No.6395281

Yea I found the link from Reddit as well and 4chan doesn't have the best reputation with a lot of communities. I could suggest going through the way I did, watching clips after clips and somehow getting a general understanding. The general thread for Niji on /vt/ is pretty welcoming atm but assholes will always be the most vocal. I don't suppose I can amend for what the oldguards did but I will try to be helpful

>> No.6395291 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 424x424, 1625379170113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe if you could understand Japanese, you'd find that the almost every streamer says not to badmouth and gossip about other streamers. If you understood Japanese, you would've seen that almost every Niji streamer

>This isn't a competition, views don't even matter
Goalpost again, Nijifaggot?

>> No.6395409

They were dumbfucks back then, should you follow their lead and be dumbfucks now? I spend most of my time watching literal 70 viewer streams, I have and will never give a fuck about views. I don't think Niji's turn at night about the fact that Hololive is heavens above them in relevancy now when all they have to do is a bit of pandering and the 10k yennies fly in.

>> No.6395438

>I was sympathetic towards Nijiniggers at first
Kek you should do your reps on where the term Nijinigger comes from
They are pure scum and have a HUGE inferiority complex

>> No.6395525
File: 49 KB, 424x424, 1625379170113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe if you could understand Japanese, you'd find that the almost every streamer says not to badmouth and gossip about other streamers. If you understood Japanese, you would've seen that almost every Niji streamer

>This isn't a competition, views don't even matter >>6392719
Goalpost again, Nijifaggot?

>> No.6395841

beucase of the fanbase

>> No.6396137

Hmm, I don't follow her that closely. From what I can gather, as a streamer, she is a Minecraft, FFXIV junkies. She usually collabs with Chima, Karuta, and they are quite comfy together. She has to take time off for a few months every once in a while due to her health. She is fine now and was on Chima's stream yesterday.
Lorewise, she was a pet owner who passed away at the age of 22. Her soul and her golden retriever's soul fused together and materialized as Kuroi Shiba. There were a series of videos depicting the event and she later came out with a different model, the woman named Hanabuse Shiho which she used sometimes. I have a feeling if she ever gets a 3D debut, they would use the human model. I hope they make the dog version as well but it may be quite embarrassing to the staff.

>> No.6396707
File: 57 KB, 595x720, I_WILL_EAT_YOU_ALIVE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh great, another bait thread made during the dead hours by SEAniggers.
Holobronies are truly disgusting.

>> No.6397314

Absolutely based
I still remember the OP wars on /jp/ and how jannies kept deleting hololive OPs for /vyt/ despite them getting more posts, just out of spite.

>> No.6397553

Maybe she said her 3D model would be "Kuroi Shiba".

>> No.6397813

I prefer Niji to most of the other groups for their variety and events. Not a day is boring on there. Take Maimoto's last 3D videos with the crew!
But other groups have their merits too, I particularly like Watame, Fubuki ad Shuba-shuba from Hololive. But their content feels a bit watered down imo. Though I understand why...
But to each their own, I guess. In the end, support your oshis!

>> No.6397945

I will seize and redistribute this rrat.
>Astonishingly based as fuck.

>> No.6397994 [DELETED] 

I shall seize and redistribute this rrat.
>Astonishingly based as fuck.

>> No.6398199

This is embarrassing. Everytime I see this, I can't help but feel disgusted. Nijifans definitely jerked off to these numbers every morning before going to bed.

>> No.6398308

Oh sweet, though it would be quite funny to rig person behind to a dog model

>> No.6398578

oof get fucked, hopefully other JP agencies beat your ass off

>> No.6398837

>Search img on /jp/ literally one img from june 2020
>Search on /vt/, multiple repost on numbers thread
Literally no nijisanji fags ever jerking anyone with this picture except yourself.

>> No.6399030

yikes, idolfags are disgusting

>> No.6399569

Bait my ass, you bought your fame illegally with nepotism, then you wage war with others because you can't do the same with youtube, what a fucker

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