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Which vtubers put the most effort into their craft? I don't just mean streaming lots of hours, but actually doing more than "just be yourself"

For me Pekora is high up on that list

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Well, I already disagree with you there OP. Ame is way up that list for trying different things.

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listen man i love pekora to but she only streams mostly minecraft and that's it, she doesn't try anything new, i don't know what are you getting that from

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>being high up on a list means being the only one on the list

I worded it so people wouldn't be trigger by MY OSHI DA BEST

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What are your thoughts on least enjoying minecraft?

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Ayame making cute noises in one of her weekly streams will bring more smiles and cash than whatever project your oshi has poured their blood, sweat, and tears into.

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What effort is Pekora putting in outside of streaming a lot?

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For someone who claims to love pekora, you really only see minecraft, huh? It's fine anon I like the JP holoserver too.

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Pekora is so good she makes minecraft entertaining

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And not just as Luna
She has been perfecting this character since her NND days years ago

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ok luna is cute and all but

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Kiara is high up on the list

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she loves being told that she is cute.

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Why not?

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Coco before restrictions and after graduation announcement

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kiara just streams a lot, she doesnt bring interesting ideas, i respect the hustle though

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good lord

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Fucking lying piece of shit

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Before and for all the restrictions set upon her, Coco is still the biggest trailblazer on hololive. Pekora knows her craft well and capitalizes on it but she really do have a huge limit on her abilities and doesn't go far outside her comfort zone.

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Pekora is definitely at the top, Marine not far behind. All of Gen 3 put a lot of effort into their streams which is why they're at the top. Subaru is quickly catching up though, she's very savvy about capitalising whenever a clip of hers goes viral.

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Actual nails on chalkboard my god

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She puts a lot of effort into being consistently entertaining during her streams and providing content. There's a reason she's probably the most clipped Holo member despite the fact she barely ever collabs, it's because even when she's solo streaming she can make use of whatevers going on and play off it.

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Did someone say effort?

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The only good piece of content that bitch has done is her goodbye declaration cover

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Vtuber Yakuza Dragon Jesus at full power was just a formidable engine of work and creativity, it took a global superpower and literal retards in management to bring her down

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>Global superpower

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nobody subbed this but do watch if you've done your reps
one of the most high-effort streams I've seen

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t. clipfaggot

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Way to miss the point of the thread

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other than rabbit, there's miko, korone, fbk, kanata, subaru, moona and marine

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You clearly don't watch Pekora then, shut the fuck up

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Yeah because she has to, which in turn makes it kind of sad.
She doesn't really have a niche or any talents. She sucks at every game that isn't Apex, which she not only isn't that great at but isn't fun to watch. She won't learn Japanese to collab either. She's just desperately trying new things because it's the only choice she has.

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>Putting effort into things is sad

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The best effort in Hololive history. NAKIRIUM LOVE.

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In no particular order:
Coco (RIP)
Amelia Watson,
Haachama (RIP?)

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not pekora

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I dunno about Haachama. The whole schizo arc got pretty tired by the end. Would've been better if it was a much slower burn that played out over months rather than the same arc repeated 3 or 4 times. The tarantula eating and other cooking streams are good though.

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In my opinion she got burned out AND got largely hindered by the management, which also resulted in her streams getting less and less creative over time.
But in the greater scope, her crazy streams pathed the way for other Holos to try new things, and brought new audiences.

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She's too ADHD too really do a "Slow burn" as she'd forget it and just do something else as she refuses to do any sort of long term planning.

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Its gura for me. She have better production value.

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Pegor, Marine, Ame, Towa/Mio (they both plan a lot of collabs that they don't necessarily take part in), Coco.

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Creativity isn't "an expansive Steam library"

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Haters will say it's bait but you've got a point, she respects Jerma to an unreasonable simp degree and a lot has rubbed off on her.

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They're not all 10/10 bangers, and the arc stuff was meddled with by management which dragged everything out. I think a thread about creativity is going to have to be tolerant of some failures too otherwise why not just play more Apex and play it safe

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The whole point of the thing (for better or worse) was that a lot of the materials used were fanart. The fiction was being built collaboratively with the audience, there would be no way she could turn around a lot of it by herself.

It's why it more and more devolved into offbrand SCP as it went on too, which was a bit of a shame

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Luna isn't playing a character or putting on a voice. She really does sound like that, see her previous role if you want proof.

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Ayame. Definitely Ayame.

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I love this lazy bitch

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But Pekora is literally is being herself, she just plays games and rarely even collaborate with anyone.

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Anyone who is making an actual content and not just playing games and karaoke.

Luna, Ina, Mori, Kiara, Marine, Duck, Coco and... that's it? Everyone else is just streaming or jumping on bandwagon or do what managers tells them to do.

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I agree with a lot of this thread but would add Reine and double-mention Subaru as people who put a decent effort into making something uniquely "theirs". Likewise I would count Haachama Sunday era Haachama rather than schizo-arc era since she couldn't properly conclude it or turn it into sustainable main content.

I don't think its necessary to be creative or unique to say there's effort in their craft, but to take something and own it and perfect it is just as much high effort. Like, even if there was an Apex-main that managed to make those streams high-effort and had a few other side pieces, I'd still respect that.

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I have to agree, not to downplay pekora's abilities as shes really good at her job, but she isn't necessarily putting as much work into doing it as she would if she were not really good at.
But there's also a factor of complexity and I know others are working with more parts then what pekora is working with.
What pekora does is amazing don't get me wrong but this board often acts like shes the best at everything she does but that does her and others a disservice.

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Thread is about effort, not creativity. She streams long, reads pretty much every super chat, does Holotalk, releases originals/covers, and organizes bunch of collabs. Dont know how she compares to some JP holos, but she is certainly the most try hard of EN whether you like her content or not.

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>out of breath just from singing
Some things really never change.

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>Rarely collab or tries different stuff
>Mostly plays Minecraft
Nigga please

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orange woman is an absolute try hard
it might not always work well
but damn does she try

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Putting effort into things that you fail at every time is sad anon.

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See >>6330374 & >>6331072

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Here you go op, thank me later
Gen 0-1:
Gen 2: Subaru
Gamers: Korone
Gen 3: Pekora
Gen 4: Watame
Gen 5: Nene / Polka
EN: Amelia

Almost but not quite there yet: Miko, Fubuki, Kanata

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Mito and Pomu!

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