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Couldn't handle seeing other Nijis in the NijiEN thread, Pomunigger?

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No, all 3 are good, this is a Pomu thread though.

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Okay, I'll bite.
Sell me on Pomu.

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Cute fairy that is also an office lady who works hard, and is charismatic and full of energy.

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Big PP Energy

>> No.6315561

Pomu? Pomu.

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watch her play kuukiyomi

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Cancer? cancer.

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I don't understand this meme.

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Keep in mind that Cover REJECTED her application to join Hololive English

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>Pomu: *mildly annoyed rant about eating stale popcorn*
>Finana: Fiiiiiish :D

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If I could travel back in time and find the nigger that rejected Pomu and accepted Mori, I'd beat him to death with his own leg.

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Go back Holobeggars

>> No.6316018

Why do you niggers keep going to /hlg/ to spam?

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No. I'll keep watching both.
How about instead you hang yourself, tribefag?

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He wants to make /vt/ hate her.

>> No.6316123

I like Pomu is like me an office slave

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>1 (one) Pomu thread
>meanwhile there are about 900 shark threads

>> No.6316312

As they should, for what purpose should they accept a cancer patient into their own ranks?

>> No.6316344

Learn to read retard

>> No.6316366

>more talented than Mori
Oh I am laffing

>> No.6316385

True. Instead get Mori and have literal cancer in your ranks.

>> No.6316408

I haven't visited hlg on this board before, I just like Pomu.

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The only talent mori has is collabing with anitubers and sucking black dongs.

>> No.6316457

If you like both why the fuck are you begging for her to join Hololive? Fuck off

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>more talented than Pomu
I didn't know shilling anitubers is a talent.
And no, her raps aren't good enough to open a Vanilla Ice concert.

>> No.6316522

Mori has done more to burnish hololive's name than pomu "oh boo hoo I have breast cancer" ever can or even will.

>> No.6316528

Well, enjoy her cancer too

>> No.6316550

Okay, so what exactly is Pomu's talent?

>> No.6316591


And yet she still has the only original song that has more views than Kuzuha's King. What is the breast cancer fairy going do to compete? Upload god knows fifty times?

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Please point out where I begged for anything. I'll save you the time and tell you nowhere.
I like Vtubers and that's why I would prefer id Pomu got in instead of the literal cancer that is Mori.
Now are you going to hang yourself or do you need instructions on that too, tribalfag?

Not being a self-entitled wigger.
A low bar, but better than what Cover chose.

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Baiting pityfags

>> No.6316663

Cringe kino! Your boy! I love black men! Gigguk let's collab! Haha wine! Kill yourself. This is a pomu thread.

>> No.6316696

No instead she's a self entitled cancer patient who thinks that alone qualifies her for hololive

>> No.6316740

>cope responses
So no real talent then?

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>Please point out where I begged for anything
>I like Vtubers and that's why I would prefer id Pomu got in instead of the literal cancer that is Mori
Now go back

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Mori is objectively more talented than Pomu. That said though she's not cut out to be a vtuber

Sure I suppose not. Didn't know vtubing was a talent show

>> No.6316805

Awawawa this is my safe space don't say mean things about my cancer fairy she's so weak and pitiful and deserves cover's dick abloo bloo

>> No.6316819

Nobody likes Mori. People love pomu. Now fuck off to your cringe named general.

>> No.6316903

Hop off nijisanji dick you gay faggot. Tribalist fucking monkey telling others to go back when he should go back to /v/.

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>> No.6316946

Being a whore

>> No.6316966

>Hop off nijisanji dick
>Tribalist fucking monkey

>> No.6316981

Yeah nobody except for her 1.5 millions subs. How many subs does the cancer fairy have again?

>> No.6317062

Pomu is my favorite dolphin themed Vtuber

>> No.6317070

You and the, hmm, seven people in this thread who suck off pomu do not constitute a majority, go pull your "we" shit somewhere else

>> No.6317072

>Hololive general discussion threads left alone
>Nijisanji general discussion threads turn into Holofags attempting to exert their felt superiority
It's all so tiresome.

>> No.6317092

>Sell me on Pomu.
She's an idiot (and I love her)

She's an idiot (and I love her)

>> No.6317227

Is this a pomu thread

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>> No.6317258

Read the thread.

>> No.6317271

Are you all really this gullible?

>> No.6317362

those are all dead subs, holobrony

>> No.6317379

rent free

>> No.6317393

This is the hololive board. Stick to the protection of your general if that fact rankles you

>> No.6317396

Read the thread.

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>> No.6317448

This is a fucking general. The Mori general gets left alone despite everything, the Kiara general gets left alone despite everything, even the fucking Vshojo general gets left alone, but Pomu can't have a thread for some godforsaken reason.

>> No.6317467

Ah yes, dead subs, the perennial cope of the seething nijinigger

>> No.6317472

I only see falseflagger and you being paranoic

>> No.6317528

Seethe, yell, rage against the heavens, it makes no difference. This is the hololive board. Accept it or seethe eternally

>> No.6317593

Explain why the Vshojo and VOMS generals get left alone. Explain why Pomu is the exception that draws ire.

>> No.6317647

>If my side acts badly it's falseflaggers
Of course.

>> No.6317682

They dont spam their shit in other threads unlike you corpse lovers

>> No.6317708

>left alone
You don't visit that general much do you?

>> No.6317757

>They dont spam their shit in other threads
Neither do Pomudachi. No, the Holobeggars who want her to join Hololive do not count as Nijisanji fans.

>> No.6317774

Please let me enjoy my dolphin oshi in peace

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>> No.6317809

How dare people post about their oshi in other threads. Those dang pomudachi!

>> No.6317839

>If my side acts badly it's falseflaggers
Of course

>> No.6317859

Hololive reject lmao rumao

>> No.6317891

You can see in this thread alone that the people behaving badly are the Holobeggars. This is no conspiracy theory, you can see this with your own eyes.

>> No.6317928

Fuck off tribalist. You're probably the faggot false flagging in this thread. If pomu wasn't a niji you wouldn't like her.

>> No.6317955

Good for you, keep posting your cancer bag all day

>> No.6317962

What the fuck did Pomu do to attract this much tribalfaggotry kek

>> No.6317963

No this is a falseflagger thread, the only actual Pomu thread is the Nijisanji EN general

>> No.6317978

you are unironically schizophrenic

>> No.6317981

whatever anon, take your meds

>> No.6317982

If hating people who can't accept that Pomu is a member of Nijisanji and shit up her threads because of it makes me a tribalist then I suppose I'm a tribalist.

>> No.6317995

Are you SERIOUSLY making fun of her for having cancer? Really dude?

>> No.6317996

You can do that in the nijien general. Head back to the warm embrace of your community, or stick it out in the hostile wilderness. Your choice

>> No.6318026

No tribalism, Elira's oshi is Pekora

just Pomu talk!

>> No.6318033

Look at the threads Holobeggars regularly make about her. It's obnoxious.

>> No.6318042

Fuck off. I'm pomu. Post pomu.

>> No.6318096

>/vt/ only likes Pompoo because she's the least popular NijiEN member and not because she's actually entertaining

>> No.6318107

Some Holofags decided she was the one good Nijisanji member. Some other Nijisanji-antis decided she made good bait. Both of them spammed Pomu in Hololive threads and cried (or pretended to cry) about her not being in Hololive. Now people hate Pomu/Pomudachi.

>> No.6318133

Oh no, people are being mean please stop. Go back to r*ddit faggot

>> No.6318142

Are you perhaps new to 4chan?

>> No.6318146

>least popular
You wish anti.

>> No.6318178

And her cancer. Don't forget about that.

>> No.6318179

A general is a general. It's hardly the wilderness, which is why any of this talk in a Gura thread would've led to half the posters here being banned for "trolling" already.

>> No.6318193

I give you purpose, low sub shitter. You would be nothing without we glorious antis.

>> No.6318215

/vt/ is newfag central, and plenty of newfags think 4chan is just edgy reddit or twitter where they can say nigger and make fun of cancer without getting banned or cancelled or some shit. They'll grow out of it eventually, just ignore them.

>> No.6318285

Having cancer pretty much means that your genetics are such shit that they're rebelling against your weak body. This is nature culling your inferiority.

>> No.6318292

cancer is the only thing pomu antis know about her and they don't even know she doesn't actually have it

>> No.6318303

Are you proud of your shitpost? Stop using pomu to falseflag retard

>> No.6318318

leave tourists

>> No.6318336

Go fuck yourself, summerfag.

>> No.6318339

why do separate thread with nijien?
why everyone responds to bait?

>> No.6318346

Establishing a general dedicated to a single person on /vt/ is a challenging endeavour, akin to erecting a target labeled shitposters and falseflaggers welcome. Doing it for a niji talent doubly so. You and your small band choose to forsake the protections of your general to stick your head into the lion's mouth. Do not complain when the lion bites.

>> No.6318351

Then why pomubronies get so mad then?

>> No.6318359

how the fuck does saying pomu doesn't have cancer make me a tourist you actual mong

>> No.6318444

>Establishing a general dedicated to a single person on /vt/ is a challenging endeavour, akin to erecting a target labeled shitposters and falseflaggers welcome
Except it's not, the Mori, Kiara, and Gura generals are all treated by the jannies like victims under the witness protection program, a single peep of dissent in those threads gets you the banhammer. (You) just want an excuse to shit up a Nijithread and you should own it instead of baselessly claiming "w-well actually generals are made for shitposting".

>> No.6318445

But she has

>> No.6318470

>only 25 ips

>> No.6318478

fans of vtubers get mad when you wish death on them, what a concept

>> No.6318523

Only faggots

>> No.6318527

nigger she has a high chance of getting cancer due to her genes, she's having preventative surgery so that she doesn't get it, she doesn't actually have cancer
i wish pomu antis were more like kiara antis and actually watched her or at the very least stalked her twitter so they could shit on her based on facts rather than memes

>> No.6318535

Is that SodaFunk’s mascot’s voice?

>> No.6318557

Come on guys, you're better than this

>> No.6318565

>waah waah people are saying mean things about my oshi janny help

>> No.6318610

If they truly are "better than this" they would be in the general thread, not out here

>> No.6318622

Maybe i'd cry to the jannies if i thought there was even the slightest chance they'd care. Mods are Nijiantis, I've accepted it.

>> No.6318649

If even the mods hate you then maybe you're the problem. Stop spamming pomu in every thread.

>> No.6318678

I'm a Nijinigger, tell that to the Holobeggars making threads about how she needs to join le epic aidoru group.

>> No.6318686

Why do you write like this.

>> No.6318702

She's Pomu

>> No.6318716

Someone spam cunny so this thread can get thrown in the trash.

>> No.6318745

Is this the anti thread?

>> No.6318778

What kind of cognitive dissonance does it take to hate idols whilst loving a Chuuba who desperately tried to be an idol. I'll never understand reddit's idolphobia.

>> No.6318789

Then perhaps you should crawl back to your safe space

>> No.6318794


>> No.6318796

Who said I hated idols?

>> No.6318806

Why do holofags have such a seething hatred towards Pomu? Has she done anything to anger them?

>> No.6318818

This is a general. It is the closest to a safe space as this board gets, and you can see how it turned out.

>> No.6318877

I'm a holofag who likes niji en and I have no idea what the fuck is going on here. My money is on one schizo having a meltdown for some reason.

>> No.6318887

She has cancer thats why

>> No.6318895

She's not in their "in-group", that's literally it.

>> No.6318919

Pomudachis love to falseflag with her, this is only the natural result

>> No.6318920


>> No.6318938

I don't. In fact I've just come into this thread and your post peaked my interest. I'm wondering why she seems to get hate. I've watched a few of her streams recently and she seems pretty upbeat and down to earth. Her voice is also my favorite out of the NijiENs. What's there to hate?

>> No.6318941


>> No.6318972

>replying to the bait

>> No.6318981

No it is in fact not, your safe space is the nijien general, where the weight of three fanbases plus the general nijisanji fanbase can protect you from the predations of shitflingers. This is not your safe space, this is your frontier outpost, and as you can see the natives do not take kindly to your intrusion

>> No.6319001

Notice how the only actual negative thing people have to say about Pomu in this thread is "cancer". It's all meta fanbase shitflinging.

>> No.6319013

yes, welcome

>> No.6319040

I saw someone calling her a whore, is that true?

>> No.6319047

i want to save pomu

>> No.6319065

>spam IM POMU in every thread
>shit on mori in this thread
>why do people hate me?
Jewish behavior

>> No.6319066

>No it is in fact not
It is. Generals have always been "safe spaces". The only reason you would have to deny this would be if you regularly use a general outside of this one, in which case, simply lol.

>> No.6319099

In the meme sense that she is one because she collabs with males, sure. In the actual sense that whores have a lot of sex, no. Pomu has never once mentioned having sex or even having had a boyfriend on stream.

>> No.6319101

Is pomu a virgin?

>> No.6319121

This, Pomu is getting the same treatment as Uto did a few months ago. Schizos spam her until she gets hated by everyone, and it's working.

>> No.6319135

The one shitting on Mori was a Holofag begging for Pomu to join Hololive and you're blaming that on Nijiniggers? No self awareness.

>> No.6319137

She's actually streaming RIGHT NOW

Come watch her!

>> No.6319157

and 90% of those numbers are specifically BECAUSE she's in hololive. If she wasn't she'd have 1/100th the views.

>> No.6319158

Perhaps, if one truly wished to be left in peace, one would not have blatantly stoked the anger of the holofags vy shitting on the holos. You sowed the seeds of this hell, now reap the rewards

>> No.6319196

Is that why you seethe that your precious cancer fairy didn't get into hololive? Truly pomu fags are leeches of the highest order

>> No.6319207

>vy shitting on the holos
The one doing that in this thread was a Holofag who wanted Pomu to join Hololive. The ones who do that in other threads are also Holofags who make threads about how much better Hololive would be if she joined. This is not Nijiniggers' doing.

>> No.6319250

at least she could make it into hololive unlike... well you know who

>> No.6319269

Sorry mate, cancer took her first time

>> No.6319310

Man, holofags really live rent free in your head huh

>> No.6319354

Is Pomu the most hateable nijisanji out there?

>> No.6319376

If they talk about Hololive in a Pomu thread, make threads about Pomu joining Hololive, what would you rather me say?

>> No.6319403

Brapfish is worse, but Brapfish has no fans out here so there's not much point in creating hate threads dedicated to her.

>> No.6319424


>> No.6319450

I guess that falseflaggers dont exist in this board

>> No.6319468

I don't see how anyone can dislike Pomu, people misusing her images? Sure.

>> No.6319479

Man that really dedicated anti Pomu schizo really did it. This is the sort of thing that sticks. Pomu will always be hated from now on.

>> No.6319503

Actual Pomudachi would not want the fairy's threads to turn out like this, believe it or not. This Holofag civil war is getting their oshi shit on to hell and back.

>> No.6319538

w-wait, carol isnt dead?

>> No.6319549


>> No.6319571

Actual Pomudachi don't even make threads. Only an actual retard or a falseflagger would keep maknig threads that attract Hololive shitposters and schizos.

>> No.6319585

Why would Pomudachi want her to be hated? Please, enlighten me.

>> No.6319624

The pomudachi dindu nuffin we wuz innocent officer.

>> No.6319659

yeah it's totally them begging for her to join hololive when she's a nijifag herself lol

>> No.6319707


>> No.6319720

Tell me why I should hate her

>> No.6319727

yes, as you can see, this person i'm replying to is most definitely a pomudachi, it is most definitely them shitting up threads

>> No.6319736

>If pomu wasn't a niji you wouldn't like her.
I wouldn't even have watched her if she wasn't in nijisanji.
I won't pretend otherwise, outside of lazulight I don't watch any EN vtuber and I only gave them a chance because of the brand.
>wow so you're just like those holobronies that only watch chuubas associated with hololive
Yeah, can't deny that. I do watch vtubers outside of nijisanji though, in BANS, 774, .LIVE and VSPO. Just not EN.

>> No.6319782

People sing praises of her like she's the second coming oc christ when the only thing she has is being a cancer patient

>> No.6319842

she doesn't even have cancer, the people spreading that are quite literally antis

>> No.6319849

please be nice!

>> No.6319872

I could say the same about every fanbase

>> No.6319883

Crawl back to your general or suffer the likes of this thread

>> No.6319892

But why would Pomu hate Pomu?

>> No.6319930

This is a general.

>> No.6319942

I believe that this one is an actual deadbeat. Only they are this cringe.

>> No.6319959

Yes, the shitflinging general. The nijien general is over there

>> No.6319979


>> No.6319994

just enjoy

>> No.6320072

>2 hour old thread
>37+1 IPs
>184 posts
>mostly bait and shitposting
Please stop wasting posts. There is only a finite amount of server space that hiroshimoot can afford and we can't be using it on a thread like this, I'm sorry.

>> No.6320103

Behold the exact moment this thread went to shit.
I do hope you retards have learnt your lesson

>> No.6320129

Then suffer our wrath

>> No.6320151

Behold the exact moment this thread went to shit.
I do hope you retards have learnt your lesson

>> No.6320200

Pomu is so powerful that even her mama is smitten. Mama almost never misses a POMU stream even if it's 4am in japan. The impromptu collabs in Lazulight is the best, I don't think clips do it justice.

>> No.6320218

I like Pomu but I'll keep talking about her on the NijiEN thread, even if the locals there sometimes get angry that Pomu tends to overshadow the other two.

>> No.6320233

Oh look Pomu is crying again, as expected of the leech whose only talent is baiting saviour fags

>> No.6320326

>literal who mama

>> No.6320362

No i fuck her everyday after stream

>> No.6320378

>Am I streaming from my bathroom? Yeah, I have to potty
So this is the much vaunted nijisanji "creative freedom", eh?

>> No.6320445

Fairies have very small bladders.

>> No.6320475

>Poo poo pee pee
And retards were wondering why she was rejected from hololive

>> No.6320496

Ok zoomer...

>> No.6320722


>> No.6320735

Yeah, nothing like Gura's "lol Fartemis" joke and Amelia's "shark? More like shart" tweet lol

>> No.6320769

You mean schizos who want her to be hated on both /vt/ and /jp/. And probably the ones that made this thread.

>> No.6320782

Hololive is not the superior company you think it is. It had a sexual harassment scandal with one of its members and one of its members also literally graduated due to chinese influences.

>> No.6320798

don't you ever get sick of baiting holonigger

>> No.6320799

nah she's fucked by life itself

>> No.6320805

I honestly doubt every opposition to your ideas is a single person.

>> No.6320819

And yet none of them have yet streamed from the toilet

>> No.6320822

>one joke each from two different girls
>meanwhile pomu's entire shtick is toilet humor

>> No.6320871

Is this the cancer thread

>> No.6320874

And that is why you seethe and grind your teeth over pomu getting rejected from hololive

>> No.6320877

you don't watch pomu, if her entire or even half of her schtick was potty humor she would not be shilled so hard
amazing, neither did pomu

>> No.6320930

She is literally streaming from the toilet right now you disingenuous double nigger

>> No.6320973

no she isnt what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.6320976

yes anon, she moved her entire streaming setup to the toilet to enrage schizos like you lol
she's not even streaming right now you actual tard, i bet you think gura really streamed from the bath too

>> No.6320983

Well nijisanji have stalkers that harass chuubas till graduation so they are shit too

>> No.6320990

Maybe you should reread his post to see if he used singular or plural words.

>> No.6321023

What a cancer thread

>> No.6321025

Sure she doesn't, that's why she goes to great lengths to remind you that she's streaming from the toilet while shitting and peeing. If she truly isn't she sure is going through alot of effort to make you believe she does.

>> No.6321044

Her stream ended over 15 minutes ago anon, wait until the next one to make up schizophrenic narratives

>> No.6321050

Just like pomu lmao

>> No.6321054

I dont think I have followed a chuuba whose streams are so different from the perception of them

>> No.6321060

I honestly doubt every opposition to your ideas comes from a single organized cabal of shitposters.

>> No.6321068


>> No.6321086

It's an obvious falseflag thread, everyone who actually likes NijiEN girls is in that thread. This one is just for holobronies to falseflag Pomu because she filters newfags, and guess what most holobronies are?

>> No.6321113

I sadly have to inform you all that she doesnt have cancer

>> No.6321143

it's the only thing antis have, let them play pretend

>> No.6321224

Ogey newfag

>> No.6321229

Where is the lie tho

>> No.6321259


>> No.6321266

They aren't lies but he chose the topics that were easiest to counterpoint with "well ackshually Nijisanji did the same thing", it's just falseflagging

>> No.6321304

You are literally a newfag shilling a post vt creation branch and you call others newfag? Global pre dates nijien general, mouthbreather.

>> No.6321321

Shitflinging general

>> No.6321380

And yet pomu and finana got rejected hahahhhaha. You fucking loser nijifag. Your own oshi likes hololive more than nijisanji.

>> No.6321382

ogey newfag, here's your (You)

>> No.6321385

>No u
Nice argument Holobrony.

>> No.6321396

How new?

>> No.6321398

They abandoned shiba, they are going to abandon pomu too, they like to pump and dump chubas with cancer

>> No.6321432

>Your own oshi likes hololive more than nijisanji
Did all of the falseflagging actually get you to believe this? I know Holofags don't watch streams but Jesas, Pomu's love of Nijisanji is not even remotely subtle

>> No.6321450

>t. Newfags who found out about vtubers when /vt/ was made
Wittle babies trying to diss others awww does it rile you up to know you're newfags?

>> No.6321462

>They abandoned shiba
By not changing the terms of her contract without her consent? Meds. She didn't stream so she didn't make money, simple as.

>> No.6321500

You've gotta get new reaction images, shitposter-kun. Anybody can see how hard you try by taking a quick look in the archive. Nice projecting though.

>> No.6321553

Yeah yeah, we know you like to be a bootlicker, now kill yourself

>> No.6321574

You need to work to make money anon. This isn't a bootlicker mentality, this is how the world works.

>> No.6321681

Shiba's just a dog anon...

>> No.6321702

>nijisanji dont support their chuubas when they actual need help
Sasuga black company, sasuga bootlicker

>> No.6321709

Shiba is appearing on Chimas streams and she tweeted on her owners account that shes in good health, touristfriend.

>> No.6321727

Nijisanji hooked her up with a cushy hobby. That's plenty help. If she wanted to turn that into a job she needed to actually stream. You sound like a welfare queen who wants money for nothing.

>> No.6321735


>> No.6321752

You'd be surprised how pervasive, persistent, and dedicated some people are.

>> No.6321754

>burnish hololive's name
>hololive's name
Oh a fucking bootlicker. Enjoy your black company you faggot.

>> No.6321766

Just like how pomudachis think Pomu deserves a spot in hololive because she vomits real good, right?

>> No.6321796

Keep supporting your black company faggot, we know some of you are brandfags and dont care about chuubas

>> No.6321806

There's so much wrong in this post I don't even know where to start. If you think the Holobeggars making threads begging for Pomu to replace Kiara or Mori are actual Pomudachi intentionally shoving antis her way I don't know what to tell you. Any Pomudachi knows that Pomu loves Nijisanji. And Pomu has never vomited on stream - are you confusing her with Sukoya?

>> No.6321815

If it is such a black company why do you seethe so much that your precious cancer fairy hot rejected from it?

>> No.6321835

Yes, it's Nijiniggers making threads talking up vtubers before they even debut and subscribing to them without a single stream under their belt. Oh wait.

>> No.6321848

(You) share the board with this kind of people, disgusting

>> No.6321864

Pomudachi don't. Holobronies do.

>> No.6321890

>it's not us we swear they are not true pomudachis

>> No.6321896

Yes, anon. It's a horrible thing to say that to make money you need to work. Cry about it.

>> No.6321909

Unironically they do but on a smaller scale

>> No.6321913

I'm aware that there's fucking precedent of absolute lunatics organizing shitposting raids on 4chan like the infamous thereisnosanity.

However, I'm talking about posters that worry that Pomu occupies too much real estate on the NijiEN threads, this is way too circumstantial and more or less harmless so I cannot entertain the idea that those posts come from the shitposting illuminati with a straight face.

I'm talking about this mostly, but I've seen the sentiment get repeated many other times in the general:

>> No.6321931

Sure. It's Pomudachi intentionally riling up antis so that they shitpost about her in threads like this. Meds.

>> No.6321943

Shiba is the one crying for having shit people like you bootlicking a black company

>> No.6321957

difference is that anycolor didn't ignore any of it and called the police.

>> No.6321964

It's not the first time nijiniggers forget their place on this board, it won't be the last

>> No.6321976

It is not bootlicking to say that you need to work to make money, no. You're either an unironic shitlib or a NEET to honestly believe this.

>> No.6321988

you don't give a shit about shiba, you're only using her as argument about nijisanji.

>> No.6322001

Yes, Nijiniggers all know that it's (you) people making threads falseflagging as Pomudachi in a bizarre hatred for her. Feel free to keep confirming that.

>> No.6322022

Who is Shiba?
please spoon feed me

>> No.6322058

And this is different from you bringing up the sexual harassment thing how?

>> No.6322059

A dog who signed a contract that Holobronies can't accept.

>> No.6322078

>Despite sending them to jail these stalkers keep coming and coming to my house, its like someone is sneaking my adress over and over
Nice job anykara

>> No.6322095

they ignore the one who was sneaking her info

>> No.6322105

Amazing how you can just go on the internet and make up fake quotes like that.

>> No.6322114

A literal dog chuuba who got fired from his job, and had to beg her fans on stream to send her money or she'll be on the streets at the end of the month

>> No.6322220

Hey since this is the nijisanji dirty laundry thread let's bring up the Roa bullying incident too why don't we?

>> No.6322223

yes, they ignored. and you know that how? what we know from lulu is that they called the police many times but more stalkers keep appearing.

because that one was cover's fault to not fire the employee earlier and to contract him in the first place. Mel warned them before. Shiba situation isn't the agency fault because it's a circumstance outside of their vtuber job with their irl job.

>> No.6322282

You mean the one where Meiro, an exposed plagiarist in her past life, had a fit and demanded to graduate and then went on the Japanese equivalent of Drama alert when she actually got graduated? Sure.

>> No.6322307

The dude was fired the moment Mel went to upper management about it, the issue is that he kept doing his stuff afterwards and once he's been fired theres not alot cover could do other than call the cops, which at least they did unlike nijisanji who left Lulu to fend for herself

>> No.6322325

Sure, let's shut down that stupid outdated narrative immediately.
>Roa is a rare Niji who's faithful to her RP, one she crafted with a friend who's now graduated
>One part of the RP is ending her sentences with "-deyo," which she calls "魔界訛り/devilworld dialect"
>Meiro joins
>Some point after joining, Meiro starts using "-deyo" in her streams despite not doing it in her debut or past life
>Fans notice and start getting on both Meiro's and Roa's cases about it
>This catches Ichikara's attention, and they, knowing that Meiro never used it in her audition, debut, or past life, request that she stop
>Meiro claims that it's just how she talks and requests that they release a statement saying that it's natural
>Ichikara refuses to do it because again, they know that she never used it before and that she's most likely lying, meaning that the statement would be a lie
>Meiro still refuses to stop using it and instead chooses to graduate, sending out the graduation form
>Some senpai Nijis get her to reconsider, and she asks to stop the graduation process
>Ichikara agrees
>Upon coming back, Meiro leaks confidential information related to this ordeal, which is a breach of contract
>Ichikara notices and tells her to take a small break and think about what she has done
>Instead of taking a break, she applies for graduation AGAIN
>And a short while later, she tries to cancel it AGAIN
>However, by this point, Ichikara has had enough of her shit and were reluctant to accept it
>Suddenly, someone clearly on Meiro's side leaks some stuff to Narukami(vkeemstar)
>Meiro is painted as a victim, while Roa is painted as a power-harrassing menhera and Ichikara as a black company
>Roa is cancelled
>Ichikara terminates Meiro immediately, since in their eyes, only she could've leaked it, which is a SERIOUS breach of contract
>Ichikara then puts out a detailed account of the situation from their perspective
>Roa puts out the discord logs that show that, back in summer, she reached out to Meiro to try and have a conversation about it, only to get a single wall of text in response, followed by weeks of ghosting
>With all the information put together, the general opinion starts shifting towards Roa being innocent
>Months later, Meiro('s other identity) releases an ADULT voice drama starring a somewhat familiar-looking agent No. 2535(obvious reference to 2434 — ni ji san ji) of a secret organization called NOA's Ark
>Meiro is now seen as menhera filth and Roa is completely exonerated
>(You are here) Vkeemstar is being trashed for being a retard who believed a menhera's narrative and did serious damage to innocent Roa's career and didn't even apologize for it
>also this is not the first time she did this shit. She once did the exact same modus operandi against Canan. Stealing Canan ASMR style and pretending to be victim.

>> No.6322339

Pomudachi are seriously the most reddit fanbase on this site.

>> No.6322346

>The dude was fired the moment Mel went to upper management about it
Cover admitted themselves they kept the guy around lol. Did an apology they had to delete because it was so poorly received.

>> No.6322352

wrong board cocoshart

>> No.6322357

I mean the one where Roa used her position of power within nijisanji to make unreasonable demands of a new and coming chuuba whose meteoric rise threatened her position, and the company who supported her in those efforts, yeah

>> No.6322412

they never said anything about searching the one sneaking the info thats why, they were useless and because of that Lulu had to graduate

>> No.6322421

TLDR, summarise it in ten words or less

>> No.6322424

You need to do your reading reps, Narukami lover.

>> No.6322431

>unreasonable demands
It's not unreasonable when the "accent" that Meiro claimed to have was fake and she was lying out her ass as an excuse to try to steal Roa's original speech pattern.

>> No.6322457

Roa thinks her accent is trademarked, bullies Meiro over it

>> No.6322466

Roa's "deyo" = Pekora's "peko". Meiro copies "deyo". Like stealing "peko".

>> No.6322491

If you join a company and you immediately attempt to ape a popular talent's gimmick for attention you are in the wrong
She's more of a leech than Uto

>> No.6322501

>muh trademarked accent do not steal

>> No.6322525

>they still have Tenshi in their heads
rent free

>> No.6322530

so its true nijisanji has cliques?

>> No.6322535

>dude just let me rip off your gimmick and lie about it lmao you're totally overreacting bro

>> No.6322565

See >>6322466. Just like Pekora ending her sentences in "peko", Roa chose a form of speech which she knew didn't exist anywhere. She's entitled to that part of her character at least within Nijisanji. How would Pekora feel if someone in Hololive gen 6 started saying "peko" all the time, not to poke fun at Pekora but unironically acting like she grew up saying "peko"? It's the same thing.

>> No.6322569

Nijiniggers don't even deny that Nijisanji has cliques, cliques aren't inherently a bad thing, they're groups of friends who regularly collab together, not everyone in a group of over a 100 people can possibly pretend to be friends

>> No.6322609

It is but it's not like they're at war with each other or anything. People just tend to hang out with people they're comfortable with, big shocker. And new collabs with people who don't know each other that much still happen anyway.

>> No.6322620

I thought this was the pomu thread?

>> No.6322622

I think an important part that meirofags (lol more like holofags) ignored itt is that at first it's not really that much of a big deal, roa asked meiro to talk about it but meiro kept dodging and avoiding her, it snowballed when meiro went full menhera over it instead.

>> No.6322624

>not everyone in a group of over a 100 people can possibly pretend to be friends
I know, but I mean cliques in a way like "if you are not part of the popular guys you are screw"

>> No.6322631


>> No.6322646

This ain't /b/ you faggots. This ain't /i/ also. Fuck off

>> No.6322650

No one gives a shit about Pomu

>> No.6322667

>dude my accent is 100% original do not steal, don't talk like me or ill get management to kick sanction you, remember I'm a senior member of nijisanji while you are a nobody.

>> No.6322671

i care

>> No.6322681

Back to your hugbox r*dditbronie

>> No.6322687

Nah it's not like that. But I won't deny networking with the big guys will definitely help your career. But that's just how it is, like Moona's incline when she started getting close to Pekora.

>> No.6322691

Everyone who points at Meiro forced graduation as 'black company' shit never mentions how she asked to graduate several times, and kept changing her mind at the literal last minute. She's a freak. If you want to call Anycolor black bring up NijiID or NijiKR merger

>> No.6322698

Sure thing kfp sure you are

>> No.6322713

No you dont

>> No.6322716

My condolences pomudachis and sorry for barging into the Roa-Meiro shit that had been resolved a long time ago. I'm sure in time you can create a stable and actually survivable /pomu/, just get enough pomudachis here to discuss while ignoring holofags and offtopic fags.

>> No.6322717

Holy shit. Newfags like (you) should kill yourself.

>> No.6322720


>> No.6322723

yes i do

>> No.6322725

>dude my accent is 100% original do not steal
This but unironically. It was a cartoon accent, nobody talks like that in real life. Meiro aping Roa's gimmick and sending antis her way and playing victim about it is menhera behavior.

>> No.6322738

It was until retarded nijifags let it get to their heads and decided to court the enmity of holofags, now its just the designated tribalshitting thread

>> No.6322751

NTA but

>> No.6322760

Fucking nijiniggers ruin everything they touch

>> No.6322761

Because they're newfags from reddit. I'm guessing rejects from r/Hololive or r/VirtualYoutubers. Either that or Discord trannes.

>> No.6322774

Good, now follow that rule and fuck off

>> No.6322794

>muh wank superiority complex

>> No.6322798

>be an adult woman
>join vtuber company
>decide to bully a 15-year-old child coworker by stealing her character
>15-year-old coworker goes forth and tries to talk things out peacefully
>throw a tantrum and threaten to quit
>leak confidential company information to Narukami
>get fired
>later release a porn audio series mocking and insulting said 15-year-old coworker
Is this bitch really the hill you want to die on, holofaggots?

>> No.6322799

You really believe anything you read, don't you?

>> No.6322830

Her boss at her OL job molests her every day, so in a sense that's being paid for sex, AKA being a WHORE.

>> No.6322856

>this is what SEAniggers actually believe

>> No.6322868

Fuck off holobrony. If you faggots can have more that one general that's dedicated to a chuuba then so do we.
And no this isn't a Hololive board.

>> No.6322876

What's with this superiority complex? You're just a monkey talking about vtubers like everyone else, you don't have any "power" to brag about. Why don't you just talk about things you enjoy and let others do the same?

>> No.6322909

sorry SEAtranny but you will have to deal with me in the main thread since I'm a KFP

>> No.6322914


>> No.6322935

I'm not shitting on hololive. I'm defending people's perception of Nijisanji from misinformation spread by antis.

>> No.6322979

chuuni go back

>> No.6322994

.. how nijisanji left lulu to fend for herself when they called the cops more than one time until lulu herself didn't want to continue that situation and make the staff and everyone worried. If Lulu was like you said, she wouldn't say on stream that she still loved nijisanji and everyone in it, including the staff.

>> No.6323041

NijiID or IN? And I'm not sure the KR merger has anything to do with black company.

>> No.6323052

You must be 18+ to post on this website.
Also trolling outside of /b/ isn't allowed.

>> No.6323072

>It's another consolewar faggotry thread
Don't remember it ever being this bad in the /jp/ days

>> No.6323077

>The dude was fired the moment Mel went to upper management about it,
You mean when she said she was taking legal action with or without them? Cover's gotten slightly better since the Mel incident, but don't change the past.
>which at least they did unlike nijisanji who left Lulu to fend for herself
Lulu literally said the people stalking her were arrested, and if you think that happened just by her reporting it you don't realize how shit cops are in Japan about that. The problem was that she didn't want to keep taking breaks while resolving the situation.

>> No.6323219

>anything that is not Hololive in this board triggers me.
This is why holobronies should get their own containment board.0s0vj

>> No.6323246

sad... i enjoy both
feels good to be a KFPomudachi

>> No.6323249

Oh, I remember you. I'll just copy and paste my last reply:
>I know this is hard for tribalist Holofags who started with EN to understand, but just because I like NijiEN doesn't mean I'm into vtubers because of them.

>> No.6323274

I think I speak for the majority when I say the new captcha sucks. No Google though.

>> No.6323293

>356 posts
>54 IPs
???? I was excited to go into a Pomu thread to check out why there was so much activity, but this thread is a dumpster fire.

>> No.6323294

I don't even visit Hololive threads unless I want to talk about a Hololive stream I'm watching, and I definitely don't post or bring up Pomu when I do.

>> No.6323308

It worked for the shark and the chicken.

>> No.6323386


>> No.6323505

>this is what chumbuds actually believe

>> No.6323569

the only one crying is you faggot

>> No.6323589

God damn, really breaking out the thesaurus for tribalist 4chan posts about anime streamers, huh.

>> No.6323653

>"What are you gonna do, ban me?" says man banned
Kino. Based. Superlit and dope, even.

>> No.6323695

I'm mostly here to correct obvious misinfo and hope that anyone coming in from outside doesn't believe the bullshit. An attempt at an actual discussion is futile.

>> No.6323708

>55 ip
This board would be much much better if mods just ban some of undesirables from ever posting.

>> No.6323740

Oh well. Not the anon that you told to report you, but you can't blame a guy for hoping.

>> No.6323765

If you go onto 4bans, it's actually pretty funny how obvious it is that the same person was posting numberfagging threads about IRyS' pre-debut subs vs. each individual Lazulight's subs.

>> No.6323893

I'm Pomu!

>> No.6323964

>all those deleted

>> No.6324040

>> No.6324041

>Only 2 ip's gone
Haha oh wow

>> No.6324118

It's no lie that the overwhelming majority of all shitposts are done by an overwhelming minority of posters.

>> No.6324135

Hololive reject? Hololive reject.

>> No.6324145


>> No.6324151

>check the deleted posts
What possesses someone to act like this? There is both this anon who keeps getting banned in NijiEN threads (who even admitted to doing this openly), and the fake Astella. They flipflop between vehemently defending and shitting on the same chuuba, replying to themselves, except the Homo falseflagger is really bad at hiding his typing style. Fucking why? It's like witnessing DID

>> No.6324167

>she still hasn't upgraded to Minecraft 2

>> No.6324256

Well now that we can talk about Pomu again, she's just going to sleep now after having played Minecraft since her Kuukiyomi stream.

>> No.6324285

Is this the Pomu transformation fetish thread

>> No.6324292

I can't wait for Pomu to get her 3D and sing VtL.

>> No.6324305

the shitposter is a /jp/ tripfag dedicated to fucking with /vt/ threads he has an IRC that raids threads

>> No.6324353

cant wait for her next stream... her laugh is a blessing

>> No.6324370

I actually don't know what's going on. A lot of those deleted posts in the NijiEN thread are mine and I'm absolutely not a Pomu anti or shitposter. Maybe the janny thought it'd be funnier to delete pro- and anti-Pomu posts at the same time to make it appear like the schizo is playing both sides, but I assure you Pomu has been my oshi since her debut. The guy thats been shitting up the NijiEN thread for weeks usually larps as an Elirafag by stealing the Eliraschizo's copypastas and lamenting the fact Elira collabs with Pomu so much. He's usually really fucking obvious so it's unsurprising when his posts get mass-deleted.

>> No.6324382

Become Pomu

>> No.6324384

Oh wow just bringing out all the boogeymen eh?

>> No.6324453

I'm not talking about today's EN thread which I didn't look at much, I mean this one. But a while ago someone made a compilation image of a falseflagger in the EN threads who kept replying to himself. It looks like the exact same guy because he swapped from all lowercase retarded posting to normal capitalization rational sounding posting.

>> No.6324457

I was waiting for a gruella minecraft stream but she went ahead and played it off-stream...

>> No.6324490

You are already Pomu.
NTA but that's a shame. Maybe the jannies genuinely can't tell actual Pomudachi posts apart from falseflags and get overzealous deleting or something. At least you didn't get a ban.

>> No.6324604

She did say that she doesn't want to talk much while playing, unless Elira gruella streamed it.

>> No.6324621

I'd still watch it even if she mutes her mic.

>> No.6324675

Yeah that guy has been a constant in the NijiEN threads since like the 2nd week. First he started off trying to sow arguments by forcing a "No NijiJP/KR/ID" crusade even though nobody else in the thread agreed with him. He even tried making a copy of the NijiEN OP except with a line about other branches being unwelcome, but nobody fell for it. Eventually he moved on to being a Pomu anti because it got him the most (You)'s.

I don't really mind the lack of guerilla stream. Streaming is a lot of work and she just wants to unwind from a week of wageslavery since it's Friday.

>> No.6324745

>It looks like the exact same guy because he swapped from all lowercase retarded posting to normal capitalization rational sounding posting.
... I fail to see how that makes him the same guy

>> No.6324773

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.6324797

you can just MD5 search or change the 5 to a 1, what is the point of pretending you're from the far future?

>> No.6324802

Because he's pulled the same thing in the NijiEN threads, when he gets banned all those types of posts are deleted at the exact same second. People can change typing styles you know. like this
and falseflag all day

>> No.6324836


>> No.6324839

There were at my reckoning five posters who got deleted here, are you saying all five of them are the same person?

>> No.6324907

How was her stream earlier today? I was able to watch her play the first game but I had to dip before she got into the second one.

>> No.6324930

It looks like you intentionally edited the unix timestamp on a file you saved, in a newfaggy way that wouldn't stop archivefagging.

>> No.6324938

It was quite fun, I enjoyed how she went out of her way to pick troll answers sometimes.

>> No.6324946

She streamed from the toilet and farted on stream

>> No.6324974

>Pomu thread
>seethe about hololive
Why are pomuniggers like this?

>> No.6325003

Yep, good mix of trying to up her considerate score and just fucking with the game. I'll try to catch the second half sometime soon.
Based fairy

>> No.6325045


>> No.6325147

I love Pomu

>> No.6325174

Came here to post this but got distracted by the weird avatarfag.

>> No.6325198

This thread's history is hilarious, oh wow.

Anyway, I LOVE POMU!!!!

>> No.6325255


>> No.6325301

>Pomu hours in a Pomu thread

>> No.6325305


>> No.6325310

If you're just going to do this shit I think I'd rather go back to the shitflinging

>> No.6325672

I think what the signal is, is that threads shouldn't be hijacked for vtuber console wars, meido doesn't intend to take sides and won't care if he pulls your pants down in a wipe and reveals you're shitposting in between thoughtful posts. Maybe that's part of the point. If you're still talking, you weren't banned so it's not that. Maybe somehow got caught in the crossfire.

>> No.6325676

I feel you, Goslingbro...

>> No.6325779

I love her..........

>> No.6325934

my wife

>> No.6325969

Same, I love her so much...

>> No.6326047

Pic related, it's my wife

>> No.6326117

Wait, when did I type this?

>> No.6326376

but who was pomu

>> No.6326460


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