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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>6250961

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Such a pretty voice! https://files.catbox.moe/ap63po.mp3

>> No.6271061

fish love!!!

>> No.6271096

Hololive rejects? Hololive rejects!

>> No.6271110

I love Pomu!

>> No.6271138

Eurotruck and yesterdays twitch collab witch someone archived here >>6253670

>> No.6271153

Good. Finana would have graduated by now if she was in Hololive with what she says.

>> No.6271177

It's a missed opportunity to not have the Palette songs for other branches get proper lyric videos on their channels, could be good exposure

>> No.6271197

can someone explain why there is another thread 3 days old but the previous thread was archived at 400 replies?

>> No.6271226

don't the indonesian and korean branch have their own stores for local shipping?
they will probably do something like that for EN, just watch it be NA only

>> No.6271234

I was thinking that earlier today

>> No.6271286

Don't overdose on that copium

>> No.6271302

So apparently Fish's latest stream, gayshit in ass, she was streaming on both YT and Twitch? The YT video is only like 2 hours while the Twitch one is longer, apparently YT crapped itself.
Did she say anything about uploading the whole stream on YT or do I seriously have to watch the vod on Twitch?

>> No.6271317

I'm serious, Nijisanji is the perfect company for Finana to be in with no limiters.

>> No.6271324

Pomu is a qt. I love this OL boomer fairy and don’t care who knows it.

>> No.6271327

>do I seriously have to watch the vod on Twitch?
yes. get over it

>> No.6271356

The bump limit on this board is 300 posts for whatever reason.

>> No.6271364

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.6271369

yes, they said they're going to slowly move over to twitch because youtube sucks
there's also an unarchived zatsudan collab with the three on Elira's twitch

>> No.6271410

Look, I have no problems watching shit on Twitch. My problem is if I don't have time to watch it and it gets deleted. Twitch deletes old videos.
Sure, right now it's just one video, but what happens if there's months of videos on her Twitch that I need to catch up on? Sorry, but I have a life.

>> No.6271436

it's kind of funny how niji en is exactly like I expected: a branch that could be successful in itself but most of its fans would remain just on it and they wouldn't try other branches.

>> No.6271451

Okay, guess I'll stop watching them now before I get too attached.
Back to watching Pikamee instead.

>> No.6271514

I'm fucking pissed, bros, I removed all my browser cookies without thinking and it got rid of all my goddamn filters

>> No.6271526

You fell for the bait...

>> No.6271537

You don't need to. That faggot is lying. Twitch is only there for backup.

>> No.6271559

sorry bro only twitch and mildom from now on, but you gotta protect pikamee Pomu is coming to corrupt her

>> No.6271571

You’ll end up seeing them, eventually

>> No.6271572

Too late, I already canceled my membership and unsubbed and deleted my folder full of NijiEN pictures.

>> No.6271620

Pikamee has streamed on Twitch before, as have many other Vtubers. You may as well just go outside at this point.

>> No.6271627

it's sad desu

>> No.6271629

Seriously what is it with this hour and nijien thread getting so many false flaggers?

>> No.6271636

I am sad there's no Finana stream today, and probably not tomorrow either.

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>> No.6271641

I see it both as a blessing and a curse that these girls have relatively smaller viewerships. Imagine the "outrage" that happened clips of Kiara saying Nigga in a rap song during a member stream or how quick people were to jump on Suisei when she said "ni ga ni ga" which was to be "I'm number 2" in Japanese.

I'm happy the Lazulight girls are now free to be themselves but I can also see them having to rein themselves once they get bigger lest they want to be cancelled by the outrage culture. Only other option would be to move to Twitch because people don't seem to care that much there

>> No.6271656

>45 for Pomu playing Shantae
cant wait

>> No.6271675

Pika has uploaded all her Twitch streams to YT. If NijiEN is going full time Twitch I doubt they'll do the same anyways.
So fuck them.

>> No.6271676


>> No.6271708

They're not going to twitch full time. What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.6271723

this fairy must be stopped

>> No.6271729

What's wrong with that? Nobody wants to watch something they don't understand and Niji's JP branch is one of the least EOP-friendly places. Barely anything gets subbed, streams barely have English in live chat and only select few livers get live TL, a lot of events are tied to Japanese culture and imitate their other media such as TV or radio. Even if you somehow get into it you'll always be limited to clips and won't be able to partake in the actual community. It's just how it is.

>> No.6271739

I need my lewd Finana fix, man

>> No.6271754

bump limit is 300 posts
todays catalog is fast due to spammers so threads at 300+ die faster
that old thread is being bumped slowly

>> No.6271763

you think people would lie on the internet?

>> No.6271784

if moving to twitch would filter the youtube faggot viewerbase, then i'm ok with that

>> No.6271804

There's been an increase in English viewers in ID and KR streams, due to them knowing English well enough.

>> No.6271814

Faggots won't be missed.

>> No.6271822

We'd get the equally, if not worse, twitch baby viewerbase

>> No.6271841


None of the three would have worked well inside HoloEN, all of the three work well inside Lazulight

Almost like they know what they are doing and "rejection" doesn't imply shit, that's showbusnesss babey

>> No.6271879

I dont think that is true though. The only real collab they have done led to incline for some of the ID and KR streamers. And outside of sukoya in the among us collab they havent collabed anything with the JP senpai. So maybe save the doomfaggotry until they have atleast done a few collabs and existed for longer

>> No.6271905

Twitch isn’t the perfect holy ground you think it is. It’s basically swapping a bad audience with another bad audience. Also, they’d lose their JP audience support.

>> No.6271928


>> No.6271935

Eww gross imagine watching vtube content outside Bilibili and NicoNico

>> No.6271965


Pomu soon

>> No.6271973

And thank god for that, do you seriously want EOP retards AKA (Me) polluting the chat of your favorites with trash they cannot understand?

>> No.6271981

Wait, why are you replying like it's not bait, nobody actually thinks there's anything WORSE than twitch audience, right?

>> No.6271982


>> No.6271990

Just download it. Use youtube-dl or this https://stacher.io/ which is the same thing with a gui

>> No.6271994


>> No.6272007

don't use fucking holo shit on here retarded kfp

>> No.6272017

M-me too. That and I want to see her cute face.

>> No.6272033

For me, it's her giggles. Finance and Eli have the cutest giggles

>> No.6272052

Please tell me someone archived Finana's last Undertale...

>> No.6272057

Watcha gonna do about it

>> No.6272077

>replying to the falseflagger that has been trying this kiara shit for the past 4 days

>> No.6272090

I would be surprised if anyone expected a large carryover between the EN fanbase and the current fanbase for the JP livers.

>> No.6272095

I didn't say anything about jp branch. There's more eop friendly on kr and id. Besides, I only made a statement, no judgement.

I'm no doomposting, only saying that what I thought it would happen is happening.

>> No.6272110

Yeah someone did. You'll have to go back to archives for that day or the day after and search for "mega"

>> No.6272161

Nothing wrong but it is kind of funny how they get less replies in twitter when they are talking about nijisanji or its vtubers, same for when they do it in youtube, the chat becomes slower. lol So many are filtered when that happens.

>> No.6272169

Which Nijisanji member is that? She looks cute

>> No.6272197

>I didn't say anything about jp branch. There's more eop friendly on kr and id

alright then I know you are just baiting because there have been a lot of fans that have gotten interested in ID and KR from their interactions with lazulight

>> No.6272206

time for some pomu

>> No.6272222

I can't wait for Pomu's stream!

>> No.6272248

Nanami from VirtuaReal.

>> No.6272255

>same exact post pattern as the sperg that kept shitposting about how horrible it was that they had ever even aknowledged that hololive existed, and they should all be hana instead
hmm martin, trying a new angle?

>> No.6272311

I mean they could pull a Gura and just say they haven't watch any non-Nijisanji Vtubers

>> No.6272328

Fair enough but ID and KR get decent exposure together with EN simply because some of them already act like EN-lite and so I'd assume at least some of EN viewers came from there.

>> No.6272351

wait I thought it's the Africat

>> No.6272385

I did and couldn't find it. Are you sure?

>> No.6272445

>> No.6272473

I'm not baiting. lol I see a lot of people who haven't gone to other branches on discord and twitter, that's why I'm saying my theory about most not going holds.

>> No.6272479

Finana covering the tags made me laugh kek

>> No.6272495

Found it: https://mega.nz/file/OhIFGCrA#oJ0agnz8BcB0JScWcKmt41BSeSNRlloPBKCPy2PXVms

>> No.6272528

Grass is always greener shit

>> No.6272539

Same retard who think martin, the one who asks for hololive collabs, is the one who don't like hololive mentions, amazing.
And I'm not shitposting, retard, this is merely my own opinion.

>> No.6272551

I'm definitely not Pomu, and I would love to be her husband.

>> No.6272578

v. v. v. v. cute

>> No.6272607

That little moment when Eli and Finana started flirting was cute

>> No.6272614

Thank you so much, anon!

>> No.6272686

Nice try, Pomu, but we're not falling for that.

>> No.6272768

What the fuck is pomu anyways?

>> No.6272796

The ribbon

>> No.6272808

Nanami is cute

>> No.6272817

I was watching a clip recently of a Japanese streamer who only knew of hololive vaguely as "a vtuber company that isn't nijisanji" and it still surprises me how different nijisanji is seen in the west. I saw a couple anons mention it before, but the lazulight girls didn't have as much of an English fanbase to build off of compared to what holoEN already did.
Discord and twitter are weird metrics, unless you specifically mean replies like you meant in the other post.

>> No.6272843

A forest pixie

>> No.6272879

Sharing the vods from last night's group zatsudan on twitch:

Finana's PoV:

Elira's last two hours:

Twitch vods remain available for a limited time, so if you're interested in these, grab them sooner rather than later. The girls have noticeably less of a personal filter in this.
Really nice artwork OP, thanks for sharing it.

>> No.6272880

Eli and Pomu were playing MC this whole time

>> No.6272883

I want to puff Pomu through cum inflation.

>> No.6272905

POMU IS STREAMING IN 5 MINUTES! SHE'S GOING TO BE AS CUTE AS ALWAYS! I really, really love this fairy, she's just so sweet and fun. I adore how strong she is and how much she loves minecraft! She is amazing! I LOVE POMU! MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD EVER LOVE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! I WILL MARRY HER ONE DAY! I LOVE POMU! I hope she has lots of fun playing Shantae! I REALLY, REALLY LOVE POMU!
Reminder to ignore all tribalfags, falseflaggers, and shitposters! This used to be a respectable thread and I have faith that it can be once more! I hope we can all get along and bond over the girls we're all here to support! Nijisanji EN is wonderful and all three girls are unique in their own ways! If you get in the way of that, you have to put up your dukes against me!

>> No.6272961

Damn this is BASED

>> No.6272990

It's mostly because I talk with other fans in different servers and many still are mostly with hololive+nijien. On twitter I observe how some of the most ardent fans like, let's say, wildnexus or azzam, haven't done it even after the two collabs and imprompt collabs.
Of course many have tried other niji vtubers, but from what I see, most still are remaining on nijien, which is what I imagined it would happen when they announced the En branch. I never thought it would be possible to get the other branches more popularity than they already have in here due to many factors, including of course, hololive already having dominance for 2 years.

>> No.6272992

dangerously based

>> No.6273073


>> No.6273090


>> No.6273096

It's been 0 days....

>> No.6273106

It's Pomus all the way down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_regress

>> No.6273108

>ignoring the numbers increases for ID and KR that recently collabed with them
>brings up discordfags and twitterfags as evidence instead

>> No.6273122


>> No.6273132

Based post

>> No.6273146

>plays micra til five min before stream start

>> No.6273173

Guys I can't stop listening to Trial and Error

>> No.6273184

>> No.6273200


>> No.6273232

anon, I don't mean that they didn't grew or others didn't try those other vtubers, what I mean is that from what I saw, most still are only on lazulight. Let's say from the 100% of followers, like 5% tried other vtubers.

>> No.6273234

even the dragonschizo isn't safe from pomuifcation

>> No.6273313

>Finana grooming me into liking reddit memes

>> No.6273320

Someone posted Hada stream here and now I watch her all the time.

>> No.6273326

Are you retarded? How big do you think the usual percentage is for these sort of things? If Pomu collabs with Kuzuha do you think she will get 30k on her next stream?

>> No.6273352

Same here after her collab with Elira. I love Hada's aussie accent

>> No.6273436

>> No.6273453

I think I genuinely need help. I really really want to fuck Ryugu Finana. Something about her B cup tits and proud pure idol image really turns me on. I really want to rip off her fish clothes and expose how she's just a mere fish woman in front of me, whose only purpose is to be fucked as my personal mermaid whore. I want to ravage every inch of her little scaly body as she tries to resist, only to realize how powerless she is against me. I want to fuck her in every possible position while groping her cute little tits, enjoying every second of her arousing moans. I want to fuck her for hours while she's thinking about what her fans will think of her, now that their cute fish idol is just a sex slave made purely for fish sex purposes. I want to whisper "Help will never come. You will never escape from here. Your idol career is over now and you'll spend the rest of your life as my personal sex slave." In her ear as she cries and struggles to escape until she eventually gives up. After I'm done with her, I won't even let her rest. I'll insert a rotor in her pussy and turn it on, leaving her moaning in my basement all night until the next day, where I'll repeat this process over and over again until her mind is completely broken. A few months ago I didn't really care about her, but somehow these past few days I keep thinking about fucking her. I don't know what triggered it but I'm fucking lusting after Finana now. "Why can't I have a cute fish sex slave" these thoughts always appear at the back of my mind. Please help me to get her out of my head because I think I might actually go insane at this point.

>> No.6273454

booba time!

>> No.6273466

crippling minecraft addiction....

>> No.6273475

Wtf don't play offstream

>> No.6273484

Pomu... Your addiction...

>> No.6273495

of course she played Minecroft with Elira...

>> No.6273500

Add some paragraph breaks so I can rrad this and beat it

>> No.6273501

You WILL laugh at her dumb zoomer humor

>> No.6273521

How big the usual percentages are? Do you disagree that most still are only following lazulight even after the collabs? Because that's my point.
As I said in the initial post, this isn't me crying for others to get into, this is me analyzing and seeing the patterns and how they are going with what I imagined.

>> No.6273528

>when Shantae's planet destroying hips+ass are RIGHT THERE

>> No.6273543

Stop, Finana is going to read that and get even more horny

>> No.6273565

>Slayers mention
Based, Araizumi Rui vtuber when?

>> No.6273586

She's trying to hide her true feeling by going with the chat (it's not working)

>> No.6273593

knows the characters
never played the games

>> No.6273606

who do you think is the best cook amongst lazulight?

>> No.6273610 [SPOILER] 

>Pomu's a sucker for zombies

>> No.6273619

I love Elira!

>> No.6273627

they cook?

>> No.6273633

Elira, no question

>> No.6273638

>plays minecraft with Elira
>finds a fortress
>lost their way
I want to smack her board.

>> No.6273654

Definitely not Elira.

>> No.6273676

Fuck. I wish there was more cute belly dancing 2D girls in general.

>> No.6273680

>> No.6273687

Well Pomu is horny

>> No.6273695

Would eat a meal Elira cooks with her sweat as an ingredient

>> No.6273706

Finana would find a way to burn ramen, Pomu probably learned a little bit of cooking as a cake, Elira is either really good or god awful at cooking.

>> No.6273709


>> No.6273713

Meanwhile Finana, "I don't frick with zombies!" from her Medium playthrough.

>> No.6273721

>start with the newest game in the series that was originally a mobile game
>just so you can ogle some tits

>> No.6273729

hot take: facial sweat best sweat

>> No.6273732

Pomu? Reject!
Finana? Reject!
Jannie? Fucked!
Meido? Based!

>> No.6273740

anon... any percentage is better than literally none. The fact that they're getting more and more recognized internationally is a testament to NijiEN's success.

It may be slow and the numbers might not be as big as you'd think... but that's just the Nijisanji way, just slow and steady growth. Before you know it, we'll ALL be Nijisanji.

Remember that.

>> No.6273741

I want Elira to step on me with her sweaty stinky feet.

>> No.6273743

Guess Fish decided to stream anyway?


>> No.6273752

This, I want every meal I eat to have some of her stinky sweat in it

>> No.6273755


>> No.6273792

Oh nevermind, I am dumb, this is just the VOD upload. Youtube announced it like a real stream.

>> No.6273800

>this game is so horny, but I love it

>> No.6273813

She's probably done installing her prebuilt.

>> No.6273818


>> No.6273819

Elira about to take Pomu to horny jail

>> No.6273855

Why is Elira the only Lazu that can control her hormones?

>> No.6273862

They do get a decent boost.
6/30 hada and elira collab https://playboard.co/en/video/SbhHPNJ4Uoo
5x her previous day's subscriber count

>> No.6273868

Why does this game's font look so unprofessional?

>> No.6273870

she fucks

>> No.6273876

Me too anon, me too

>> No.6273879

That's the average pomudachi

>> No.6273887


>> No.6273892

Pikl is stole her libido

>> No.6273895

you could make a good edit out of that.

>> No.6273897

But she can't, just remember what happened to her every time Thanatos showed up in Hades.

>> No.6273907

u should've seen the old games ones
this is good

>> No.6273908


>> No.6273910

second oldest

>> No.6273950

Look at this sweaty stinky dragon
This musky hot dragon
This moisty smelly dragon
This drippy funky dragon
This sticky wet dragon
This odorous muggy dragon
This steamy soaked dragon
This fragrant damp dragon
This aromatic weeping dragon
This dewy odoriferous dragon

>> No.6273954

It just isn't the same, sorry anon.

>> No.6273983

Only BL can get her going

>> No.6273988

pomu is losing it...

>> No.6274001

Pomu will love this game, even the bosses have booba

>> No.6274019

Pomu...just ban the nigger spammer

>> No.6274020

There's a fucking Kiarafag spamming the chat...

>> No.6274027

>falseflagging spammer in chat

>> No.6274031

Pomu seems hornier than usual today.

>> No.6274035

Martin is back...

>> No.6274043




>> No.6274049

It's Martin again, why hasn't Pomu just banned him by now?

>> No.6274052

in almost every lazulight stream for like a week

>> No.6274068

Probably hasn't worn off since last night. She was off the rails and the other girls surely weren't helping.

>> No.6274069

We're not going anywhere with this so let's go with this lol

>> No.6274071

Sweat is disgusting. It sticks to your clothes and since they're girls also their bras. It can also get sticky between and under their breast. And it smells too.
There's literally no appeal to sweat.

>> No.6274078

This Shantae kinda blows, if you're not going to start at the beginning then Pirate's Curse is better

>> No.6274097

She's a fujo yaoifag.
Only gayboys get her going, while cute girls get pomu going and everything gets finana going.

>> No.6274099

I don't understand why none of them have a small slowmode or message cooldown. You shouldn't just be able to ctrl+v enter 20 times and spam a message.

>> No.6274119


>> No.6274122

>It sticks to your clothes and since they're girls also their bras. It can also get sticky between and under their breast.
>And it smells too.
That's what makes it so great

>> No.6274127

You know there's something I like about games without full voice acting and having the streamer act out the lines. Most of JP just reads it in a monotone voice, doesn't read it, or plays only AAA games with full voice acting.

>> No.6274134

Based finana
>Elira: I'm not saving this VOD
>Finana: I'm saving it and uploading to YOUTUBE.

>> No.6274137

you can't start PC without doing Risky's Revenge. That's like watching LOTR but only the third movie.

>> No.6274140

Thank god kfp faggots need to be gassed lol

>> No.6274149

This is why Lazulight works, their horny levels are properly balanced

>> No.6274180

Pomu's new wife

>> No.6274201

Fish uploaded her VOD to youtube now!

Also includes the kino LazuLight collab zatsudan!


>> No.6274208

kiarafags are so fucking retarded

>> No.6274210

I still havent finished Risky's Revenge cuz I got lost and couldn't figure out what I needed to do

>> No.6274214

Shantae tends to have that effect

>> No.6274222

I have no idea why the chats aren't in slow mode or why they haven't banned this imbecile. They are either too kind or don't want to lose any of their audience.

>> No.6274228

my dick, no

>> No.6274238


>> No.6274247

I want Pomu to rape me

>> No.6274251

Haha yeah true... who would like sweat, a bodily fluid that's salty and makes everything stick to you. Who would want to like that stinky sweaty stuff off another person that's so weird.

>> No.6274255

while that is true, that fag is 100% a falseflagger from here

>> No.6274270


>> No.6274275

wanna eat pomu poops till i die of blood poisoning

>> No.6274287

>Sweat is disgusting
Get out

>> No.6274303

they didn't hold back on banning people on twitch, but are very lenient on banning people on youtube, even repeat offenders like l*d*g and this guy

>> No.6274307

Why do so many vtubers pretend to be lesbian/bi?

>> No.6274308

Pomu is HORNY horny today

>> No.6274310

she found the squid smith...

>> No.6274313

pomu's ribbon has targeted a mate

>> No.6274327

Pomu I really cannot tell if she's pretending lol

>> No.6274328

It's 2021 everyone is gay/bi

>> No.6274334

are all girl idolfags girls as homo as pomu? jesus

>> No.6274338

Haha yea.... who would want that. No one wants Elira's stinky sweaty fujo sweat all over them haha....

>> No.6274342

Because being straight scares off viewers.

>> No.6274344


>> No.6274352

Why would they be idol otaku if they don't find girls attractive

>> No.6274354

Which JP have you been watching?

Anyways I recommend Ngo for high quality voice acting

>> No.6274370

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door. Ringo thread's two doors down.
I think Pomu's putting it on ever so slightly because in her mind she thinks she's pleasing her audience by doing so. It's not my cup of tea.

>> No.6274384

He fucked off to 20k sub indies so he can groom more efficiently he's such a fucking creeper lol

>> No.6274462

He's still on Lazulight as well, he started that stupid 99 bottles thing on Finana's superchat reading yesterday

>> No.6274471

Ass-backwards logic where gachikois think they aren't being cucked if their oshi shows interest in women. Don't ask me to explain it because I do not understand it. Yuri baiting is the number one worst part of vtubing and I really wish it would go away.

>> No.6274477

so who's the new victim of his autism these days?

>> No.6274512


>> No.6274514

Yura and Pina from prism and literally all of cyberlive lol

>> No.6274530


>> No.6274536

saved with one heart
this will be a long one

>> No.6274538

Imagine being bad at a fucking Shantae game.

>> No.6274545

>"Is this harmful?"
>explodes into a million pieces

>> No.6274552

Pomu is so bad at videogames lol

>> No.6274557

pomu fucked herself by saveing after dying in the
water twice

>> No.6274563

Take my upvore friend!! Haha

>> No.6274570

did he seriously think lazulight wasn't going to get big and he could groom them before they did?
What a retard.

>> No.6274573

I say this with complete sincerity, fucking go back and never return. Also kill yourself for good measure.

>> No.6274596

not DOOM, she wasnt bad at that

>> No.6274612

He cycles through them so fast trying to find one that will entertain his grooming.

>> No.6274625

Imagine Pomu playing Super Metroid?

>> No.6274628

I expect someone in this thread to be counting every single death.

>> No.6274629

to be fair when it's your first one yes. The hitboxes are weird. Health restoration is questionable and saving system is very 2000s

>> No.6274633

She was a tomboy, so I won't be surprised if Pomu was naturally oji-sanish at one point.
Also I thought Shantae was supposed to be easy

>> No.6274649

Elira in 20 minutes!

>> No.6274654

Pina basically told him to fuck off in the nicest way she could but yura and the cyberlives are kind of entertaining him

>> No.6274676


Being horny for anime girls has been a standard part of otaku culture from the beginning. If you're young and impressionable when getting into it it's not uncommon to assimilate behaviours from other people in communities surrounding your interest.

That and women don't exactly work like men in being attracted to the same sex. They don't necessarily have to be sexually interested in other girls to find them attractive or appreciate them aesthetically. In Pomu's case it's a combination of both things.

>> No.6274678


>> No.6274697

Based Pina

>> No.6274714

>Hollow knight
Pomu i'm so sorry...

>> No.6274715

so is hair whipping really the best method of attack against the local wildlife?

>> No.6274719

> women don't exactly work like men in being attracted to the same sex. They don't necessarily have to be sexually interested in other girls to find them attractive or appreciate them aesthetically
I mean dudes don't either, but vocalizing that makes you look gay to most people so it's not considered normal.

>> No.6274725

>Also I thought Shantae was supposed to be easy
It is, Pomu seems to struggle with platformers as she also sucked really bad on the platformer sections of Link's Awakening?

>They don't necessarily have to be sexually interested in other girls to find them attractive or appreciate them aesthetically.
So it's like 'mirin some buff dude aesthetics?

>> No.6274739

Men can find other men attractive without being gay, what are you on about anon.

>> No.6274741

I don't think she's that bad, i think she's purposely playing it very loose and dumb because that's the persona she's playing.
Although the hitboxes seem a bit wank, she has to duck to hit half the stuff she's fighting.

>> No.6274746

>They don't necessarily have to be sexually interested in other girls to find them attractive or appreciate them aesthetically.
Neither do guys. I can respect a guy with a well built body. Shows discipline.
Please tell me Im not homo.

>> No.6274756

People underestimated how bad Pomu could be at a platfomer. Also if she beats this in less than 5 streams I'll stop using 4chan for a year.

>> No.6274760

U gay?

>> No.6274777

who are you guys talking about? the KFP false flagger?

>> No.6274778

Oh god anon
"no homo" was supposed to be ironic.

>> No.6274785


>> No.6274802

Why are you being so mean to pomu bro :^(

>> No.6274806

This. It makes no fucking sense since they're still getting cucked. There's no issue with actual lesbian/bi chuubas, but yuri baiting is just annoying.

>> No.6274807

Yes, he spammed COLLAB WITH HOLOLIVE like 20 times in a row in Pomu's chat cause there's no message limit

>> No.6274809

I jerk off to yaoi porn and I'm not attracted to men.

>> No.6274818

Pomu's new wife

>> No.6274827


>> No.6274832

>Also I thought Shantae was supposed to be easy
they are unless you never played one before. It gets some getting used to. It's a bit floaty.

>> No.6274843

>”I’m a baby at platformers so please be nice.”
>playing Hollow Knight
Oh Elira this is gonna be a disaster

>> No.6274846


>> No.6274850

What about it excites you sexually if you're not gay I'm just curious haha

>> No.6274856

you're a closet faggot anon

>> No.6274860

every character in this is her wife

>> No.6274864

lol fag

>> No.6274883

The only Lazulight who does it performatively is Elira, I think she still likes girls but she obviously plays up the flirting with her genmates for performance sake.

>> No.6274888

Elira doing path of pain let's fucking goooooo

>> No.6274924

>this is gonna be a disaster
I know

>> No.6274934

Ah yes, the famous bikini armor

>> No.6274941

ELIRA IS STREAMING IN ONLY 10 MINUTES! SHE'S GOING TO PLAY HOLLOW KNIGHT! I hope she enjoys this game, because her streams are best when she's having a good time as well! I really love this dragon, I REALLY love this dragon, she's just so perfect to me. I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THIS GIRL UNTIL THE WORLD ENDS! I really enjoyed Hollow Knight when I played, so to see her play it is great! To see her streaming at all is great! I LOVE ELIRA! I HOPE YOU LEARN TO LOVE ELIRA, TOO!
Pomu is still streaming, as well! She's playing Shante and the Seven Sirens! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRvEigbT0Mk
You may imitate my messages, but you'll never be able to imitate my love! My love is pure for this dragon and always will be!

>> No.6274942

also somebody tell her to break stuff like pots, candles etc this is the most convenient way to get hearts

>> No.6274954

>Jump King
>Hollow Knight
i cant wait

>> No.6274958

has reddit dragon done anything with the bat or is it just for show

>> No.6274959

the only one that "really" likes girls is fish, and she is maybe also only zoomerbi. For Pomu it is just usual girl otaku 3d straight gay for 2d

>> No.6274966

I love you bro

>> No.6274970

will you keep Pomu on, dragonschizo?

>> No.6274978

like in any other videogame

>> No.6274981

> Slack
Her wagie cagie is showing

>> No.6274997

Name 2 ships.

>> No.6275001

I'll call it, She'll do better progress wise than pomu will at shantae.

>> No.6275002

Pomu about to go full wagerage on elira and finana lol

>> No.6275021

I hope to be as strong as you one day fellow EliraSchizo!
Keep being you!
Elira LOVE

>> No.6275026

except they look like the background in Shantae

>> No.6275027

Guys, help.
I think I'm falling in love with this fairy.

>> No.6275030

This sounds like cope because you want to believe they're straight

>> No.6275069

>Starcreator donated $2
wait, isnt this guy a Deadmate?

>> No.6275075


>> No.6275078

don't fight it

>> No.6275087

i genuinely don't understand how you people remember chat names

>> No.6275105

Pomu's favorite girl was the black one, is she a nigger lover?

>> No.6275111

I have no idea what Pomu is like, but I have met many girls who drools over 2d girls and still isnt lesbian

>> No.6275129

>> No.6275130

its time for some conversion

>> No.6275138

attractive? no. it's more like admiration, but not attraction.

>> No.6275150

Although Elira will always be the most important to me, I support her friends when I can, and almost always watch multiple streams at the same time! Of course I'll keep watching Pomu! Unity bonds us all for our love of Lazulight!

>> No.6275157

Sorry Pomu but I like Hollow Knight more than Shantae.

>> No.6275159

Susan HATE!

>> No.6275162

based dragonschizo

>> No.6275184

Elira can't start the stream...

>> No.6275195

it's always the same people donating supershekels on the EN vtuber sphere anyway. Doesn't help that their names are always mentioned on superchat streams

>> No.6275198

I hope elira rescues all of the pomus from the jars

>> No.6275208

>I'm a start

>> No.6275234

>> No.6275238

judging by Doom stream Pomu is decent at boomer shooters. I want her to play Blood, DUSK, Quake etc. This niche is untapped in Vtubing. Could be a breakthrough.

>> No.6275240

If you listen to superchat readings you'll often hear the same names said again and again, especially since many are more likely to send 5 $100 akas instead of 1 $500 aka(because they do it for attention and attention 5 times > attention 1 time).

>> No.6275242

>this is gonna be a disaster
And I can't wait

>> No.6275250


>> No.6275264

That's not a Lamia you plebs

>> No.6275271

where the FUCK is silksong

>> No.6275274

I want her to play H-Doom

>> No.6275294


>> No.6275297

Jesus Christ Pomu

>> No.6275302

>Is this game hard?
Uh oh

>> No.6275318

if anons can jerk it to cunny and claim not to be pedos, you can jerk it to yaoi and claim not to be a fag too.

>> No.6275320

I only remember kei nakamura, wildnexus, uncle biff, nijisenpai and a few.

>> No.6275322

>Is this game hard
Elira I...

>> No.6275327

This Shantae game is kind of lame

>> No.6275338

It's 4AM and I'm choosing to watch Elir instead of sleeping. I have no regrets.

>> No.6275339

What are the odds Elira actually does a full playthrough of Hollow Knight?

>> No.6275344

It's a ported mobile game

>> No.6275348

>Is this game hard?

>> No.6275364

>Is this game hard?

Oh no.

If I go to bed now, will she have beaten the Mantis Lords by the time I wake up? Or at least encountered them?

>> No.6275368


>> No.6275371

I'm thinking very little at this point but I've seen enough vtubers play it already that I won't be disappointed

>> No.6275376


Didn't know he spammed other vtubers as well

>> No.6275383

its hags or nothing faggot

>> No.6275387

we all know that (you) dont like it but at least this game delivered on its sequels

>> No.6275388

Depends if this is a 3 hour stream or a 10 hour stream

>> No.6275394

Normal endings maybe. Pantheon stuff, I doubt it.

>> No.6275395

It's probably too recent to be in her skillset, but I really want to see her play Halo (at least just CE if not the full series), its so weird that no vtubers seem to play the series. I know Aadya (RIP IN) played it at one point, but the only other option I know of for vtuber Halo is a Froot/Zentreya collab series and I don't want to watch that pairing

>> No.6275398

this is the only shantae game that I skipped, pirate's curse was the best one.

>> No.6275400

Depends on if she goes full endurance

>> No.6275403

>you better be sorry
Nobody told me Elira's chat was this based

>> No.6275405

This is what won me over to her.

>> No.6275411


>> No.6275421

Elira stop LYING

>> No.6275423

Elira stop LYING

>> No.6275427

I mean Pomu is into real idols.

>> No.6275428

Elira LOVE

>> No.6275431

3AM Elira stream let's fucking go! I love her so much

>> No.6275432


>> No.6275437

I doubt she'll get to fight the Radiance unless someone tells her

>> No.6275448

>I love girls with purple skin

>> No.6275451


>> No.6275469

Calli and Ame played like an hour of reach but Calli was to sperg to get very far lol

>> No.6275471

Pomu has so many waifus

>> No.6275474

I guess this means Alice is Pomu's favorite MGQ.

>> No.6275477

I like Elira but fucking hate that FAGGOT Pikl

>> No.6275494

It's kind of weird since Pomu's fanbase has teased her for her male childhood friend and the weird guy who brought her to some avant garde jazz cult everyone loved it. She could probably get a boyfriend and make out with him on stream and people would say "Oh, that Pomu!"

>> No.6275504

How "full" are we talking?
One ending? Maybe, depends on whether it grabs her.
True ending? How many vtubers got it, anyway? I can only think of Yashiro.
Godmaster endings? lmao

>> No.6275515

I love pikl and I hate you faggot

>> No.6275517

>We are no switching
>Just a backup
Thank god!

>> No.6275530

and alice futa art

>> No.6275535

also monsters get the rope

>> No.6275540

I can see myself marrying Elira

>> No.6275544

true unity can never exist as long as the pikl menace exists

>> No.6275548

"Elira" has never streamed on Twitch before yesterday.
Cute hairsplitting Dragon....

>> No.6275551

Elira loves PIKL, so you should too.

>> No.6275558

Ina got the true ending I'm pretty sure

>> No.6275562


>> No.6275586

>That scream
Ah yes, my Absolute Radiance PTSD

>> No.6275595

Oh no pikl, she thinks the knight is cuter than you

>> No.6275596

She said Alice was her favorite MGQ girl, yes, someone asked her

>> No.6275600

>Text on screen

Devs, please, Elira can't read...
Also 100% spoilers from chat RTA?

>> No.6275605

there's literally nothing wrong with this dude here

>> No.6275616

Elira when she sees my cock

>> No.6275624


>> No.6275631

Seeing some of her typing, I know. She's such an adorable ditz

>> No.6275639

I give it 10 minutes

>> No.6275646

I've always wondered but what is that shit on it's head

>> No.6275661


>> No.6275664


>> No.6275665

>Am I a bug?

>> No.6275677

why is shantae so sexual

>> No.6275679

Yeah I remember that, it was kind of a shitshow of a stream cuz Ame didn't know a damn thing about how Halo plays and gave Mori tips based on CoD/Apex gameplay (eg telling her to ADS every weapon when only H5 has that)
And then the playthrough got canned for permissions bullshit (I'm guessing whatever nonsense is going on with the soundtrack) so there went my hope of a HoloHalo arc ever happening

>> No.6275685

Hollow knight playthroughs are like the biggest chat full of spoilers streams of all time, and elira reads chat all the time

>> No.6275686


>> No.6275689

If true ending is the one you get by beating Radiance, Fubuki got it.

>> No.6275711


>> No.6275735

I never realize how much I missed Elira until she starts her stream.

>> No.6275752

I love this horny fish

>> No.6275759

she's so cute!

>> No.6275769

This game is going to take like 6 streams if Pomu is going to try to kill every single enemy

>> No.6275773

Pomu got so old she can't even play simple platformers normally

>> No.6275777

Elderbug cute!!!!!!

>> No.6275784

I already get the feeling this game is gonna frustrate her at some point. She's not naturally explorative at all

>> No.6275787

Where's the tribute?

>> No.6275805

Same here anon. I love her so much.

>> No.6275807

Shut the fuck up Pikl is the best waifu/husbando/cat/dragon/whateverthefuck

>> No.6275820

Her voice is so soothing. It's like injecting a drug straight into my blood

>> No.6275824

These are only going to get worse, too.
I should really stop reading chat.

>> No.6275853

>Not resting at the bench
>Music on low

>> No.6275855

Don't tempt me anon

>> No.6275863

I miss her so much...

>> No.6275871

>Can I eat it? SLUUUUURP
Elira yes

>> No.6275889


>> No.6275927

Why do the two neets keep overlapping with the fucking wagie. They can literally stream anytime they want.

>> No.6275939

>elira at 1.4k
dragonbros...did we get too cocky?

>> No.6275986

Hollow knight

what other games have insufferable fanbases and chat?

>> No.6275992

>Died already
This is gonna take a while huh.

>> No.6275994

They wake up when Pomu comes back from work.

>> No.6275995


>> No.6276004

Pomu dares to overlap with my sweaty dragon queen.
I will remember this...

>> No.6276011


>> No.6276020

You bet

>> No.6276022

Hisupi. I just picked for you.

>> No.6276042

I want to FUCK Pikl!

>> No.6276059


>> No.6276060

Monster hunter the worst ones in my opinion.

>> No.6276064

b-but miyako...

>> No.6276069


>> No.6276078

>Interpretive song
Elira my sides kek

>> No.6276093

>Monster hunter
Mohun chats are only bad when the streamer has no clue what they're doing. If the streamers an experienced Mohun player, they're super chill

>> No.6276111

Chat during these streams doesn't seem too bad, at least for ENs, but I know it gets autistic for japs. You are correct that the fanbase and players are largely dickheads, and I say this as a self admitted Apex adict

>> No.6276123

opposite day? Thread is more Elira than Pomu and Pomu is getting more viewers while Elira is mogging Pomu in supas. [spiler] just kidding Elira will get a lot more viewers in like 30 min [/spoiler]

>> No.6276153

good spoiler retard bait san

>> No.6276154

Anon just use Ctrl+S next time

>> No.6276155

Ctrl+S, friend!

>> No.6276156

I think Hollow knight and Terraria have had the worst back seating communities that I've seen.

>> No.6276179

Man HK is such a great game. This is making me want to play it again

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