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she really did die...

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>A tomboy
>A girl
>A housewife
>A bright smile worth protecting
PERFECT WIFE MATERIAL, prove me wrong, protip you can't

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>1182 posts

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Enjoy it while it lasts

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recycling is good for the environment

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>frying the mic ASMR

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>Wake up
>NoelFlare goods with Ina art

Oh shit here we go again. Only getting the acryllic stands so here's hoping I get lucky and don't have to overspend.

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2 of those things are incorrect

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>It's good!!
we just can't stop winning

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This one, I guess
Also I can't believe /hlgg/ is fucking reclining

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Yes Subaru, eat more fried butter...

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Oh god it's all going wrong now.

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How many years is Shuba removing from her lifespan by eatibg this shit?

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gawr is cute

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Bros when will the real chef come back?
I really miss her

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They're just pancakes Subaru they're not that hard to make.

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Its really a dumb question
First thing you need to identify the attackers
The hard part is that the attack is happening on a third party platform (i.e. Youtube, Twitter) so in order identify the source of attack you need to infiltrated those first to get logs, accounts etc.
The easiest solution to identify attackers is if you own your very platform

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stop stalking minor you sick fuck

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Ph hey Pekora is playing that horror game with the surprisingly horrifying rat monster

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The twappi twappers... please just this once...

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post hags

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Flied Talantula never

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IRyS is gonna get mogged hard by Gura and Suisei this weekend
How are you coping IRSkeks?

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Absolutely revolting Shuba

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Teamates will defend this

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Did the thread died at 1100? What went wrong with /hlgg/?

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The BGM is pretty good. Maybe its indicative of the style of music for her debut album?

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Fried butter is a thing? How does that work actually?

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Honestly speaking the DDoS part is the more retarded part
If you can do that you are better off reporting them to government

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She's not got any kind of endurance challenge going this time, hell she's not even playing ranked, so she'll play as long as she feels like it I guess. that said she has an asmr stream in like 2 hours, so she'll have to stop to set that up I guess.

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Anon, the saviorfags are gonna cum themselves to death gosling that girl

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>How are you coping

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In the alternate timeline future...
YAGOO got old and died peacefully in his bed.
Houshou Marine is Forever Seventeen.
Towa went back to the demon realm but visits sometimes.
The Great Dragon returned.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about, and not just because of your broken english.

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I've already posted all the recent stuff...

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How did Subaru go from an absolute normie to this?

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this is correct, Shuba is neither a tomboy nor a housewife.

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Shame about her nose, though.

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Those don’t exist yet, try your bait when she debuts and not every thread beforehand

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I have a Towa that’s been seduced by an angel. Good enough?

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Duck yubis…

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>a tomboy
>a girl
uh...yeah? if it wasn't a girl it wouldn't be a tomboy now would it?

>> No.6254133

>Wake up
>No Sora

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It's basically a pancake on a stick

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>Subaru is one of the few Holos to be fairly mentally/physically healthy
>Starts eating fried butter, one of the most unhealthy things you can eat
Why are Holos like this?

>> No.6254143

This is pretty normie.

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>Adding sugar and honey

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>this stream

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Stop shitposting with my oshi

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I once knew a guy that everyone called Duckbutter and whenever I asked why, people would get uncomfortable and refuse to talk about it

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I've forgotten what she said exactly, the more blue hair the older the Atlantean?

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JWU, what the fuck is subaru doing?

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>> No.6254163

mischievous Subaru laughter... Needs to happen more often.

>> No.6254164

Why ia shuba doing this? Isn't her heart retarded or something

>> No.6254167

>Those don’t exist yet
Pretty sure I saw a couple IRyS fags shitting on Gura in the last few threads. They're already seem like the most tribalistic fanbase

>> No.6254176

I want a twappi you know? Like the twappi twappi twappers, that kind! It's hard to explain but I'm sure Kenzoku knows what I mean

>> No.6254177

>fly in oil

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The other girls have been working on her for a while and finally made a breakthrough.

She's proof a welcoming normie can be broken by constant contact with degenerates.
Did she just say LET'S GOOOOOOOOO

>> No.6254182

I don't understand...

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Foie gras (French for 'fat liver') is a specialty food product made of the liver of a duck or goose. According to French law,[1] foie gras is defined as the liver of a duck or goose fattened by gavage
Ducks are force-fed twice a day for 12.5 days and geese three times a day for around 17 days. Ducks are typically slaughtered at 100 days and geese at 112 days.[4]

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>Wanted to listen to an English stream so I switch to Risu
>She's speaking Indog
God fucking damn it.

>> No.6254187

Try again later, you’re too early.

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I’m no Kenzoku, Anon

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Shuba shuba...

>> No.6254199

Apologize for what? She shouldn't have been banned in the first place

>> No.6254200

How do we save Polka? She cancelled another collab!

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Suzan is a cunt. I will not apologise.

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This one's pretty close but not quite a twappi...

>> No.6254219

Well that proves it

>> No.6254221

More people need to draw Senchou in breeches. It gives me the boner in my heart.

>> No.6254224

The pillar, and most importantly, the heart of Hololive.

>> No.6254225

>adding sugar and honey to fried butter
What the FUCK

>> No.6254226

holy shit
Ina Ina Inaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.6254231

It's actually pretty tasty if you limit yourself to small portions. Much better than pate. Too much and it gets so oily that it makes you nauseous.

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>> No.6254241

Fucking hell, it's real

>> No.6254245

i personally shitpost about 50% less since the captcha change.

>> No.6254247

i need you to explain what you need
are you looking for cute or are you looking for booba

>> No.6254248

Wow, even Ayame kneels to the dagger. Does this mean Ayamefriend and Damascus...?

>> No.6254249

Anya speaks more japanese than english or ID so Ayame was willing to make an exception for this foreign dog. Anya is also the weakest holo so she poses no threat to her.

>> No.6254253

Gura’s fancy nail art…

>> No.6254254

why did she reply to anya and not to ina?

>> No.6254258

its like adding syrup to a pancake

>> No.6254259

I kinda wonder why Fubuki didn't mingle more, but at least she mingled some at the beginning.

>> No.6254266

wtf i saw subaru face in that temp sensor reflection (she's cute).

>> No.6254268

You did it, Anya...

>> No.6254269

Ayame ignored Risu, Ollie and Aki kek

>> No.6254273

Anon, she was at a date
That's like wondering why AZKi and Sora didn't hang out with everyone else

>> No.6254274

I want one that gives off THAT feeling you know what I mean? Like THAT one, the twappi!

>> No.6254275

Those dislikes really did a number on her

>> No.6254276

Friend seems surprisingly bad in big groups, she's more comfortable taking the cameraman position

>> No.6254277

Anya is a fake tako. If she was loyal, she would've called Ayame a whore

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>> No.6254279

>deep frying butter


>> No.6254289

Bibi cute

>> No.6254295

>subaru 46k viewers
>the next VTuber has 6k
What the fuck?

>> No.6254297

Because she enjoys watching over everyone from a distance, and because she promised her fanbase to spend more time with them.
>Fubuki: It's really nice to be able to watch everyone enjoying themselves like this. I really love watching over all the other members from the back like this.
>Fubuki: I'm enjoying it. I already said I'd be hanging out with you guys today. I can play with the other holomembers at anytime. I promised you guys to spend time with you here today.

>> No.6254302

yeah, no way ojou thanking filthy indogs

>> No.6254303

I didn't know Subaru was American

>> No.6254305


Korone is going to clip a clothespeg on her face everytime she ranks below 10th in Tetris99.

>> No.6254306


>> No.6254308

>by the way next time I want to make
>Chocolate bacon
shuba, weren't you worried about your weight?

>> No.6254309

I hope she doesn't get addicted to butter...

>> No.6254314

>Chocolate bacon
excuse me?

>> No.6254319

wtf is chocolate bacon? what is this duck making

>> No.6254326

this reminds me of that one noraneko stream

>> No.6254327

Obligatory post referencing the rrat of who IRyS is, probably mentioning her voice as Ina-tier or something along those lines.

>> No.6254328

I thought most asians were lactose intolerant. How is she able to eat butter?

>> No.6254329

Anya might be the most powerful holo

>> No.6254330

Manager 100%

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>> No.6254336

Subaru is gonna get fucking huge

>> No.6254337

>chocolate bacon
we truly can't stop winning

>> No.6254338

>oozora police tomorrow
cute english

>> No.6254339

>Violet announced
>Mori released 2 covers
>Gura released an original song
>Kiara released an original song
>IRyS debuted with a full album
>Suisei released a full album
>Violet still not released
Lmao desu

>> No.6254341

I kneel, Anya

>> No.6254342

>Experienced with clothespins. And I will use clothespins that do not hurt, so please watch with confidence!
What did Mr. Koro mean by this?

>> No.6254343

She is planning to become an architecture.

>> No.6254344

Shuba trying to become American to fill the void left by Coco

>> No.6254345

>Chocolate Bacon
What the fuck?
I-Is that another burger thing?

>> No.6254346

is /hlgg/ reclining? the thread's never been this slow before, holy shit

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>> No.6254350

Heh that's really cute, very nice

>> No.6254351

why was Anya speaking english in a call to Kiara bday stream?

>> No.6254352

>Subaru has one of the lowest number of EOPs
>Still does her best to include them

I love her.

>> No.6254356

>What did Mr. Koro mean by this?
That she is stronger than your puny human clothespins.

>> No.6254357

Subaru is so nice to train herself in American cuisine so she can be a good housewife to me, her overseas boyfriend.

>> No.6254358

ITT: philistines who don't know sweet and savory food

>> No.6254360

something something kimchi face

>> No.6254361

Butter has negligible amounts of lactose in it, ifs part of the reason why butter was so common

>> No.6254363

Please don't talk about her the very thought of her frightens me.

>> No.6254364

it's been way slower than this before

>> No.6254366

>One on one collab with Gura
>Replied by Ayame
How did she do it?

>> No.6254368

Pretty good chance Kiara is gonna be on Oozora police tomorrow. Got a ton of reports last time and probably this time too.

>> No.6254370

I refuse to believe it was actually Ayame, it was her manager on her twitter account.

>> No.6254371

She'll get it out before Ame gets something out.... right?

>> No.6254372

>Experienced with clothespins.
That's the hottest fucking thing i've ever read. Korone long, beaten to shit, blow out nipples canon?

>> No.6254373

yeah, it's better than it sounds.

>> No.6254375

Why does Moona have subscribers only mode turned on?

>> No.6254379


>> No.6254383

You know who else is very cute? You’d never guess

>> No.6254385

Ame cute

>> No.6254389

Please no, I don't want to see another vtuber almost lose their nipples

>> No.6254390

Just subscribe?

>> No.6254391

It's actually good.

>> No.6254394

Why the fuck did you tell me Mori's ASMR was bad, it's actually pretty cute

>> No.6254395

I love this...

>> No.6254397

Yes more fair food although this is one that people sometimes make just to try it. It's literally just bacon covered in melted chocolate. Usually they let the chocolate solidify so it's easier to eat than just completely melted chocolate on bacon.

>> No.6254398

>Blew Axolotl:青ウパって実在するんですか?
Why did my friend blow an axolotl?

>> No.6254401

Why not?

>> No.6254405

Would Ayame respond to Mori?

>> No.6254408


>> No.6254409

It's because Kiara's had 2 days off, they have nothing to shitpost about

>> No.6254410

You’re Nene, you enter the room and see this. What do you do

>> No.6254413


>> No.6254416


>> No.6254417

At least it's not on the nipples like her case...

>> No.6254419

>go to Friend's stream
>This is a notification
I don't understand

>> No.6254421

It was me in a fursuit

>> No.6254423

I hope so
I have a bad feeling she’s going be on her ass from the coof prick

>> No.6254425

>All the artists I knew from fgo are doing holoEN now.

>> No.6254428

Turn up the heat and harvest sweat.

>> No.6254430

nope, she knows that she will get cuck by mori

>> No.6254432

I think one of the very obvious raiders said that and that's it.

>> No.6254433

Nobody said that though.

>> No.6254435

Dont worry, the second the Gura/Kiara mc reservations comes up they'll be back to timeloop the exact same things they said the first time.

>> No.6254437

It best with sweet chocolate so the salty bacon will work

>> No.6254438

>open Towa's art tag

>> No.6254439

Like mother like son

>> No.6254440

Ayame would ignore Mori even if they were in the same room.

>> No.6254441

Why that bitch Irys haven't tweeted anything yet?

>> No.6254442

Yeah I get that, but instead of telling how long you have to be subscribed to chat, pic related is what pops up for me.

>> No.6254446

Do you think IRyS original is going to get 1mil. faster than Reflect? She's a Vsinger right? Her entire point is singing, so it will be pretty embarrassing if she can't even beat Reflect.

>> No.6254451

Out yourself as new because she's had that there for literally years.

>> No.6254452

What the hell do you want to know, you insecure bastard?

>> No.6254463

this but with chibi AZKi

>> No.6254472

I mean her loading music is good

>> No.6254473

Unsub and subscribe from her channel page specifically maybe? Might be a good idea to do it on a new browser too

>> No.6254475


>> No.6254478

Do you rike it?

>> No.6254479

>competing against Gura's established numbers

You're setting the bar too high dumbfuck.

>> No.6254480

>You subscribed to this channel while watching a video made for kids
What the fuck are you watching?

>> No.6254483

[Architect News] Moona gets black screen on PUBG boot

>> No.6254491


>> No.6254493

is it true that suisei and gura hates each other?

>> No.6254501


>> No.6254502


>> No.6254503

I see Friend is going the Aruran route

>> No.6254504

A lot of ID channels are set as kid friendly or something like that in youtube. Don't remember where you can check it

>> No.6254510

Youtube unironically has an AI that determines whether or not a video is for kids, and sometimes Hololive streams will get flagged for children (I guess the bright colors and lack of English swearing?)

>> No.6254511

Robot time baby let's fucking goooooo

>> No.6254513

Congrats, you managed to unironically get yourself on some type of list.

>> No.6254515

>literally black

>> No.6254519

God damn right

>> No.6254520

Honestly, I think she had been crying about Coco before the stream. I was wondering on the stream why her Live2D seemed off on the eyes - and we know how bad she was after Coco left.

>> No.6254525

this post took me 6 tries, thanks captcha

>> No.6254526

its bugged i think, in my other account I need to wait an hour

>> No.6254531

who the fuck is gura

>> No.6254532

Not him but i just open Moona and i can't use chat, not like i was going to use it, and i am subscribed since the debut.
This must just be more YouTube AI fuckery

>> No.6254537

italian nousagi...

>> No.6254538

I'm seeing a lot of Towa posting... so it's my civic duty to remind you that Towa has

>No Boobs
>No Hips
>No Ass
>No plans to do her Eigo reps
>A "Deep sexy voice" thanks to her smoking habits

>> No.6254540

My request got ignored again...

>> No.6254547

How many deadbeats will drop Mori in favor of Irys? I personally already did

>> No.6254551

they're alright I guess
her Coco nails are interesting
Nail Titty...

>> No.6254552


>> No.6254555

Explain this!?

>> No.6254556



>> No.6254558

It wouldn't be pubg if it worked.

>> No.6254559


>> No.6254560


>> No.6254563

>[英訳/EN] Fubuki : But I wonder what'll happen if the server reset happens. I'll prob have to move them over before the reset happens.
what reset? Big if true, their superflat themepark is pretty soulless

>> No.6254564


>> No.6254568

>he believed the ex-deadbeat poster
roru roru

>> No.6254569

i don't understand it...

>> No.6254572

Speak up, son.

>> No.6254573

>Iryskeks coping already

>> No.6254576

ALL* holos are cute
*robots not included

>> No.6254577

I was a KFP, and I dropped Kiara for IRyS because Redjuice is the better Supercell artist

>> No.6254580

I swear I remember hearing somewhere that she'd had heart problems before.

>> No.6254583

gawr gura is hololive english first generation

>> No.6254584

It's absolutely incredible how this game is still completely broken, even after many years and literally millions of dollars.
It honestly sucks, because I like how the game actually plays and how it isn't an arcadey shooter like most BRs, but I ended up giving up on it like most people since it's still a broken mess filled with chinks cheaters.

>> No.6254585

>JP server resets
>EN still too autistic to play there
Looking forward to it.

>> No.6254591

Moona going to be singing at that convention the IDs are all appearing at.

>> No.6254595


>> No.6254596


>> No.6254598

the new resource server resets

>> No.6254601

I'm not sure if part 2 of the latest Minecraft major update has something to do with it
>The second part of the Caves & Cliffs update will focus on changes to world generation, such as increasing world height, adding more dramatic mountains and caves, and exciting new biomes. Check out the video below to find out more about what to expect in Caves & Cliffs Part 2!

>> No.6254602

Fubuki has the cutest voice in Hololive

>> No.6254611

Watch Friend breeding axolots

>> No.6254612

You'll make Enma mad.

>> No.6254613

Flare has mentioned that they are resetting the server the 1.17 update is on.

>> No.6254614

>check link
>its a containment breacher because she posted her nails on her roommates twitter
she also posts herself dancing with kotaro with towamom recording.. cute

>> No.6254616

She's built her breeding grounds on the resource server rather than the main one and the resource server gets reset regularly so they can get materials/new blocks easier.

>> No.6254618

on what planet is Subaru a tomboy? do you just think tomboy means "short hair"?

>> No.6254619

Why does friend still have the censored shit on her stream?

>> No.6254622

I wish I had more friends like Friend

>> No.6254625

Fubuki on her way to beat he shit out of her freinds depression for the nth time

>> No.6254626

Kek that's pretty nice

>> No.6254629

>new pc
>apex still lags
>all settings on max
doesn't help that apex currently has a 100% cpu usage bug for a few users but she could try lowering settings just to make sure

>> No.6254632

I really think Ame and Ina should have sex

>> No.6254636

Based architectbro

>> No.6254637


>> No.6254640

anon bambino

>> No.6254642

How was Mori's ASMR? Worth listening to?
Why is it almost 3 hours? A lot of talking?

>> No.6254643


>> No.6254649

Was hoping we'd get a guerilla today, shame it doesn't look like its happening,

>> No.6254651

Please kenzoku you gotta post it please you know it I believe in you...

>> No.6254652

Are we being raided by fubukifags?

>> No.6254656

Honestly IRyS existence has brought nothing but shitposting and tribalfagging to these threads so far. I think I hate her already for ruining comfy unity times
I wish EN would just stay as gen1 forever, outsiders will just ruin everything

>> No.6254658

Probably a combination of her voice and the first outfit. Still doesn't mean she's a tomboy though

>> No.6254661

Can you seriously look at Subaru's original outfit and design and say "That's not a tomboy"?

>> No.6254663

There's no way Subaru could learn those recipes without learning them from Pavolia.

>> No.6254670

I wasn't going to watch Fubuki but now I will

>> No.6254672

Yes, SC reading at the end.

>> No.6254675

Anon that’s torture
I’d just tickle the living hell out of them until they start moaning

>> No.6254676

Unfortunately, this is only a taste of what's to come when EN2 rolls around.

>> No.6254681

yeah asmr went great. looks like she took some lessons from the other holos.
also choking/suffocating her partner is her fetish

>> No.6254683

It was pretty good. Not top tier ASMR, but a good and fun Mori ASMR. The second half is a super reading. Supers from that stream were read with the ASMR mic then the karaoke supers were read.

>> No.6254684

one hour is ASMR
then there's SC reading with ASMR mic
then she caught up with unarchived karaoke SCs with normal mic

>> No.6254688

Jokes aside, it's kind of surreal that 2 of the EN illustrators are both Supercell members. I remember someone somewhere hinted at Huke being an EN2 papa. Turned out it wasn't too far off.

>> No.6254689

She was already secure in her Japanese-ness since she called in between a lot of HoloJPs.

>> No.6254690

I wish you could deep fry in an air fryer
yes I know that's literally impossible

>> No.6254692

How are they even comparable? hurr durr she releases more music. Unless she raps and has the exact same style as mori why the fuck is she compared to her

>> No.6254695

Friend has to be the easiest holo to collab with, right?
She's so upbeat and talkative that even the autistic ones would manage to pull it off.

>> No.6254700

I'm not really into nails but I'll admit this is super artistic.

>> No.6254702

Le sad cat is almost nostalgic at this point...

>> No.6254703

Better that she rests
Johnson and Johnson really fucks you up compared to the other shots

>> No.6254706


>> No.6254708

Subaru is the stacy of hololive. she must feel weird when hanging around with femcel pekora

>> No.6254709

Id finger them. Like, a lot

>> No.6254713


>> No.6254715

will she finally catch up on her SC backlog next time?

>> No.6254719

Pretty sure her character was intended to be a tomboy character but they fucked up and got the girliest woman in Japan instead.

>> No.6254723

Finally a good post

>> No.6254725

>> No.6254730

Now Coco will forever be forgotten unless they import the map in

>> No.6254731


>> No.6254732

I wonder if going to conventions actually boosts reach of hololive though

>> No.6254737

Oh no the horror kusoge with the Rratman monster

>> No.6254738

You forgot
>a boyfriend who fucks her every night.

>> No.6254740

Roboco is FAT!

>> No.6254743

>early access horror kusoge

>> No.6254745

Mogu mogu yummy

>> No.6254746

So what are shitposters gonna cling to when IRyS debuts, gets a healthy fanbase, and Gura and Mori aren’t affected at all? And then they are all friends? Do you go crawling back to shitting on Kiara or something? I just wonder if you plan your schedules weeks in advance or if it’s by the day.

>> No.6254748

listening to sparks. it's pretty good

>> No.6254749

Based on people I know, Pfizer also fucks you up for a day or two, but mostly for people who previously had the virus. Which is weird, but seems to be the pattern.

>> No.6254750

Tickle them and use a vibrator

>> No.6254754

Haven't played minecraft in years but I'm pretty sure there are tools like world edit that can let people copy existing chunks

>> No.6254757

Who said that? Her ASMR streams are unironically some of her best content. She’s still very amateur at the actually ASMR part but she’s always cuter than usual and dorky.

>> No.6254759

That's why we need to make a containment thread for gen2, IRyS included.

>> No.6254760

ME TOO but I’m loving all the new art we have!

>> No.6254761

If you don't want to watch it all some good points.

>> No.6254763


>> No.6254765

This is the same Cover that forgot to pay the EN server bill. There is zero chance they're going to do anything like that

>> No.6254766


>> No.6254770

It's not a raid, I've always been here.
I just really, really like Fubuki.

>> No.6254773

>back to shitting on Kiara
when did we stop doing this?

>> No.6254775

I wish it was an entire gen being announced because I want more diversity in collabs. More diversity and choices on what to watch would be nice. Threads will always be shit so its fine with me.

>> No.6254776

Friend has a lot of people watching her today.

>> No.6254777

Reminder: no Holo hates another Holo. In fact, they like each other. In fact, they fuck each other. All the time. Every possible combination of girls has had sex. This includes orgies.
Source: hentai

>> No.6254781

I'm reasonably sure she's very close at this point, she's being hamstrung with her 'I don't want the SC reading to be longer than the actual stream content' hangup though.

>> No.6254791

Yesterday it seemed like it was Gura and Mori’s time in the spotlight since Kiara was gone

>> No.6254794

I just want an EN that's located in Japan, has good taste in games and good Japanese skills, and doesn't afraid of collabing with JP senpais. And actually streams. Is that so much to ask for?

>> No.6254797

> In fact, they fuck each other. All the time. Every possible combination of girls has had sex. This includes orgies.
I like this rrat, so I'll believe it.

>> No.6254799

This is a good post.

>> No.6254803

>I don't want the SC reading to be longer than the actual stream content

>> No.6254808

>girls having sex with each other
wow, someone didn't take sex ed in school, huh?

>> No.6254813

she only has the most recent ones, pretty sure? from the PSO stream

>> No.6254816

so what does irys mean in japanese

>> No.6254822


More ENs means a livelier MC server, larger multicollabs like mario kart or amongus, more collab potential, etc

>> No.6254830

yeah LOL seriously like
i just fall of my chair

>> No.6254832

>Complains about tribalfags
>Starts tribalfagging.

New blood is good. Also gen 2 =/= outsiders you schizo. They will have more interactions gen 1 than you ever will.

>> No.6254836

and I want to use Ayame's horns as a handlebar while I go to town on her throat, but we don't always get what we want.

>> No.6254838

apparently, yes

>> No.6254839

>he didn't take AP sex ed

>> No.6254840

Anon what timeline are you from?

>> No.6254841

it means that feeling of embarrassment you experience when you remember how edgy and tryhard you were as a teenager

>> No.6254846

Babies come from the factory you retard

>> No.6254848

The Numbers Mason!

>> No.6254849


>> No.6254855

It's gacha and Minecraft, the only way you could make it more addicting to nips is involve horse racing somehow

>> No.6254858

orgies with yagoo and their managers

>> No.6254862

Well, Kiara was most of that
She's in Germany now so the best we can hope for is her collabing with local indies more

>> No.6254863

Sounds more like you want JP gen 6. There's already enough holos that stream at JP prime time imo.

>> No.6254865


>> No.6254875

I wonder if it's going to have a similar reason for the y like how AZKi doesn't have a u.

>> No.6254878

Is Pekora ogey?

>> No.6254881


>> No.6254882

Maybe don't amass a massive backlog in that case.

Also Jesus Christ I don't think literally anybody is better at self-sabotage than Kiara.
It's like she's trying to prevent SPARKS from getting numbers

>> No.6254884

Fuck yeah! /u/NITY!

>> No.6254899


>> No.6254905


>> No.6254909

what's wrong with her face?

>> No.6254910

They’re cute

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