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>So, I ordered something...

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Damn chinese gave me my fish half raw again. I ORDERED FILET, NOT SUSHI

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A thread died for this...

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Can Hololive get its own board so I never have to see this ugly fucking piece of shit again? I would stomp that dumb fucking face if I pulled it up on the dock. Fuck your life Brapfish you suck.

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>You will never ERP with her
I'm gonna apply for NijisanjiEN bros

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Sus post.

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Holobronies are truly the most fragile creatures

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post your big 3 lifts faggot

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Stay triggered faggot.

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Three? I'm guessing OHP been relegated from "big lift"?

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And that's a good thing!

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Hololive getting it's own board would improve this place by 90%, so yes.

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F-fishdad? What are you doing!?

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Yes please, leave nijichads, 774chads, vshojochads, indiechads and put holotrash in other board

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This stream won me over. The way she awkwardly delivered this story was hilarious.

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Whats her best stream?
I mostly just watch Pomu but she has a cute voice too so I want to give a fair chance.

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Her face is still ten times better than the ugly shit that was C*c*

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I would love for you to see how little you matter. All alone on a garbage island, necrobumping every thread because you aren’t even worth hating. Anon please I can only get so hard imagining you in a sea of your contemporaries, literally drowning in Shartemis.

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The sheer seethe radiating off of this post is palpable.

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>Holobronies immediately seething knowing they deserve their own containment board

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what does hmong pussy look like?

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Bitch I am the one that suggested it, I hate that doofy ass face and these collab begging leeches. I will gladly bite my tongue and put up with 100 Kiara threads a day if I don’t have to see you pretend these things are even on the same level as Hololive. Fucking amateurs get an audience you pathetic parasites..

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It runs sideways and is full of discharge like a wonton.

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Imagine being so pathetic that you get btfo by someone that hasn’t even debuted yet, kek.

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which stream?

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But will she tell a story about eggs or we're just supposed to masturbate to numbers

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who asked lol

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>the most popular cope of every holobrony: calling everyone else a parasite and putting holos on a pedestal.
certified classic.

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Stop replying to shitposters and post more cute fish

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>He wasn't just shitposting

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hope she sucess

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sell me the fish, only watched her debut
is she good?

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I don't watch her but I love seeing her dumb fish face on the catalog so thanks.

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the one this post is about

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The one they had to do on Twitch because YouTube was fucking up. It was kino.

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she's kinda funny. has a very soft voice and likes mechanical keyboards
I dislike genshin and apex so I only watch like half of her streams

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Shes like kiara but more lewd and likeable with a very asmr'y voice

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>Shes like kiara
Literally how, I can't think of a single similarity

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>with a very asmr'y voice
That's a trap, ASMRbros. If you go to her stream expecting a soothing voice you'll leave with your eardrums exploded after she screams just once.

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I love this pure sexual Fish

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How many time have you seen a member of Hololive haunting other vtubers streams while begging for collabs here every fucking day? Pathetic. It’s not a cope, it’s natural selection to want people be the failures we all know they are. You deserve your obscurity and no one should save you.

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No he definitely is. There's a minor cult of these fucking obnoxious niggers shitting up thread after thread. That or one severely dedicated faggot. Either way they need to get the fuck out of here. They fuck with any thread that's not strictly Hololive and demand segregation.

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>How many time have you seen a member of Hololive haunting other vtubers streams while begging for collabs here every fucking day
When has a Nijisanji member done this? Unless you mean fans, in which case there's been somebody with "KFP" in their username spamming NijiEN chats over the past week begging for a Hololive collab because he admittedly doesn't care about Nijisanji.

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Who in nijisanjien is begging for collabs? Preferably with an example that didn't come from the voices in your head.

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>having so little on the fish that you have to use a pre-debut tweet as an excuse to be an anti

>> No.6252872

Here is a recent haunting. Lesser creatures seem to circle like vultures looking for weakness.

>> No.6252876

>anon believes you can never earn your audience through your own performance and the only thing that really matters is being literally carried by a top brand name even if you are an empty husk of a person.
anon can you at least not sound like a mindless drone? the fact that you would rather side with braindead KFPs and/or falseflaggers is clearly why holobronies are the biggest plague of the vtuber industry.

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She's replying to somebody who follows her who she follows back. Where in this do you see collab begging?

>> No.6252965

In the mirror alongside 'the demon' whispering at him to not take his medication.

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At least Kiara is in Hololive not just hoping to suck up some run off attention. Stand on your own, instead of being another parasite. I can’t stand her but atleast she passed the audition process which is more than I can say for any of these rejects.

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It’s not reciprocated, so it just looks pathetic.

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Mobilefags that showed up to vtubers in 2020 don't get to post Sora, sorry.

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>At least Kiara is in Hololive not just hoping to suck up some run off attention

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Anon, Amelia is following Pomu. It's a mutual follow. It's the definition of reciprocated. Take your meds.

>> No.6253054

I didn’t say that isn’t why she is in Hololive. She is just that much better than all of NijiEN combined, which is even more embarrassing for them.

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Please, I don't have any more laughing reaction images on hand, spare me.

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t. bullied in high school

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Is this all Hololive has? Numbers? Are you people this pathetic?

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Just talk about Finana, please...

>> No.6256034

Finana is a cute mermaid with a pure heart and pretty open, and yes that includes her lewdness

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>pure heart
Yea, pure like ocean waters, right?

>> No.6257238

Sure, whatever let’s you sleep at night.

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You know what, I'll give her a chance. I like your positivity anon.

>> No.6258182

I love her face and expressions. They're some of the best in Vtubing for me.

>> No.6258235

>AmeliaxPomu collab

God let it happen

>> No.6258341

I love this slut.

>> No.6258362

The Medium and Euro Truck.

>> No.6258391

Can't wait for the cope when they start collabing.

>> No.6258568

The yuro trucker stream. Then watch the supa reading before the genshinstream the next day. If you can handle her sucking, watch the Guilty Gear stream, she gets stuck on certain tutorial shit very long, but seems really earnest in her want to improved, it is very cute. She even coverted the fighting game spergs in her chat.

>> No.6258615

Also all of the Finana Pomu horror collabs, but if you are a Pomufan, youve probably already watched those

>> No.6258698

Newfag doesn't remember the days where fubuki was retweeting every major Nijisanji events and 3D debuts as if she was working there

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>Shes like kiara
You want people to hate her ?

>> No.6258786

Get over it

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Are you confusing this fish with the
or something?

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The dragon's voice filters me so much, she's so abrasive

>> No.6262908

it's a pretty normal tomboy voice dude

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Sounds like a regular woman to me.

>> No.6263656

>regular woman

>> No.6263708

I prefer it over fake forced cutesy voices.

>> No.6263781

>aren’t even worth hating

Anon you can’t use that argument when you’re literally doing it rn. It makes you look retarded.

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Angy angy

>> No.6263829

>soft voice girl who likes mechanical keyboards and has a habit of talking about very lewd stuff with no filter
I love her. If Hoshikawa was English she'd be Finana.

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I didn’t know Finana made Holos seethe this much.

>> No.6263880

She sounds like she wears braces but other than that her voice is fine

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This, we truly need a real holoshitter containment thread, but there's already /trash/ btw.

>> No.6263920

There are literally no women who never bought a sex toy.

>> No.6263924

OHP is too much work for peacocks

>> No.6263938

She's nothing like Kiara. She's more like Sen. Down to playing the same games.

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If Vt was never made niji en threads would be relegated to trash, newfag. You niggers are literally post vt creation babies. That goes for everybody else in this thread acting elitist while being raging newfags.

>> No.6264076

Who cares? It would be more comfortable because you wouldn't visit trash to shitpost.

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I know this is hard for tribalist Holofags who started with EN to understand, but just because I like NijiEN doesn't mean I'm into vtubers because of them. I'm only elitist because I've been here long enough to see Holofags turn everything they touch into shit.

>> No.6264628

/wvt/ was in /trash/ for a couple months before /vt/ was made. I don't care much about Rose, Koopa, and whoever else they discuss, but whenever morbid curiosity made me check it out, I always found a pretty nice thread.
Being relegated to /trash/ really isn't as bad as it sounds.

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I find it weird that so many people have an opinion on these 3 girls that "no one watches".

>> No.6264728

this, vshitjo is an easy scapegoat but just about all these tourists spewing garbage takes came through Hololive less than a year ago

>> No.6264755

People watch them alright, this board just loves drama and baiting so someone is always stirring shit.

>> No.6264779

>I find it weird that so many people have an opinion on kiara who "no one watches".

>> No.6264901

shhhh you're not supposed to say that

>> No.6264936

>people watch them alright
1k average viewers. What's gura's average? 21k? 26k?

>> No.6264969

So if Pomu gets less viewers than Kiara she's worse, is your logic?

>> No.6265124

Why are you like this?
You give people like me a bad rep.
We don't need Holoelitism.
if you don't want to see non-holo vtubers you can just hide non-holo threads

why spend all this time being mad when you could be laughing at cute anime girls
Your oshi wouldn't want your to be spreading hate to other vtubers, your oshi probably watches niji-streams baka..

>> No.6265184

My only opinion is that Pomu is cute! and I watch her sometimes.

>> No.6265226

>how do you do follow holofags!

>> No.6265575

I can't complain after all I have the excess to be hanging around in NijiEN threads telling whining holobabies to shut their insecure faces.

>> No.6267219

fish love

>> No.6267373

yes please get your own getto i don't want to see a holofaggot ever.

>> No.6267413

imagine being so brainless that you sub to a vtuber with 0 content

>> No.6267508

did you forget how kiara was gonna masturbate live
on youtube everytime she talked about pekora? it was pathetic

>> No.6267511

I want to bully that fish with sex toys.

>> No.6267549

I keep wanting to call her Finna because I spend way too much time on /pw/.

>> No.6269485 [SPOILER] 

>Pure heart

>> No.6269540


>> No.6269557

This woman is too horny for my sanity.

>> No.6273269

What was it?

>> No.6273411

She pretty much admitted it was a Tenga iroha egg

>> No.6273456

isnt she a teenager?

>> No.6273533

W-Where's the obligatory hololive reject post?

>> No.6273657

Reject-kun, I miss you...

>> No.6274028

barely 18 if i recall, so probably yes

>> No.6274252

If my daughter bought a vibrator while living in my house I'd rape her
Why are zoomers so fucked up? Why is a teen6girl buyimg a vibrator normal? She'll never be able to get off from normal sex.

>> No.6274813

but can she beat the ogey or watamelon?

>> No.6274871

>it was egg shaped
where is the art

>> No.6274921

daily reminder she likes interracial porn

>> No.6275145

>She likes interracial porn
>While being Hmong
So she wants to get BLEACHED, huh?

>> No.6275166

whatever helps you sleep at night

>> No.6275475

So like any zoomer ?

>> No.6275567

I want to rape the fish

>> No.6275684

Don't Ask Questions, Just Consume Holo and Then Get Excited for Next Holo

>> No.6279814

Holobronies are truly disgusting

>> No.6279863

>Being so brainwashed that you sub to a channel with no content
Holobronies are pathetic.

>> No.6280084

Same but gently.

>> No.6280087


>> No.6280138

please tell me there is fanart of that

>> No.6280139

It's sad how many chuubas have to resort to coomer bait just to get noticed.
How do we save this industry?

>> No.6280699

>If my overage daughter bought herself something for her pleasure I'd commit a heinous crime and scar her mentally.
Yes, buying sextoys is normal retardbro, your reaction to someone owning one however, isn't.

>> No.6280760

Just like every second generation asian girl in the US.

>> No.6280779

Shitposter hate
Fish love

>> No.6280874

So this doesn't count Elira? nice

>> No.6281272 [SPOILER] 

>> No.6281411

it's not rape if she does not resist..

>> No.6281537


>> No.6281635

what we need are post IDs so people can stop samefagging a falseflag post

>> No.6281968

You're implying holoEN wouldn't be relegated there too. /JP/ hates EN speaking vtubers period.

>> No.6282284

Wait if it was wireless couldn't it have gotten stuck in hee vagina?

>> No.6282370

virgin anon...

>> No.6282391

quick google search gave me that, so I guess not

>> No.6282484

You know the vagina isn't a endless hole, right? IT terminates pretty quickly.
It's the butthole you have to worry about.

>> No.6282577

If this anon were Finana's dad she wouldn't have to worry about him finding out the package
Because she wouldn't be born in the first place

>> No.6283848

>Yes, buying sextoys is normal retardbro
The absolute state of zoomers coomers.

>> No.6284222

For women it is. Harder to get off with just their hands and all. If you knew a women who claimed not to own any and wasn't a hardcore puritan she was lying to you or used something else as a makeshift one. Hope she didn't cook zucchini.

>> No.6284921

Anon, significantly less normal than buying a vibrator is posting about your fantasy of raping your imaginary daughter for buying one. You will never sire children.

>> No.6285808

Spanking seems like it hurts when overdone or using a paddle, wouldn't want to be receiving

>> No.6286880

>Spanking seems like it hurts when overdone or using a paddle
That would be the point, yes.

>> No.6286907

Evangelistchama.... Please kill yourself onegai!

>> No.6290636

Oh nono fishdad

>> No.6290720

small cock anons btfo

>> No.6290785

And yet she liked a nsfw fanart of her giving a dorito powdered handjob to a small cock. Makes you think

>> No.6293079

Why does it say "nami rin?" Shouldn't it be sh***ga** y*i?

>> No.6293326

There’s multiple versions with different names and that might have been something she used for FFXIV ERP. Pre-debut, someone posted a version with Finana’s name on it. She does have a list on her phone, and what she’s said so far lines up with the list, so either it’s real or just a coincidence.

>> No.6293488

Mods were deleting the first one since it had her name, the finana list one changed the name to finana to avoid jannies

>> No.6299233

Why does this fish sound so innocent and yet I see people saying “sex” about her all the time?

>> No.6299660


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>> No.6303414

OHP hasn't been considered one of the big three since the 70's. Got cut out of basically any serious competition in 1972 due to difficulty in judging. Bench press has similar issues, but is must easier to judge when compared to OHP

>> No.6304016


>> No.6304097

She's cute

>> No.6311550

Just rape your cute and sexy daughter right now anon, your just waiting for an excuse to dig into her tight little body that you helped raise.

>> No.6314760

Artist got some small pp energy.

>> No.6315039

Women are just abominations. Any person who needs power tools to orgasm doesn't deserve human rights.

>> No.6321013

>Dad knows that his daughter bought a vibrator and thinks its fine
The absolute state of modern parents

>> No.6321037


>> No.6321571

>wants to suck d*ck on camera while being called a w*ore possibly while a friend watches

That's surprisingly standard for a woman.

>> No.6321711


>> No.6322029

Go and watch some twitch thosts then, you shoul like it.

>> No.6322108

It makes tribalfags seethe, if you miss out on vtubers you might like just because they're holo/niji/VOMs/etc you're a fucking tool

>> No.6322172

I mean, is it not, comparatively? Not like she's going out and getting knocked up by a bunch of 40 year old Tyrones.

>> No.6324555

Americans literally CANNOT get niggers off their mind.

>> No.6324860

checked, but my point still stands, and it could just as easily be pacos or skeeters.

>> No.6327278

You don't get to make complaints like this while posting on 4chan of all places.

>> No.6331144

Oh no, basic human needs, think of the children

>> No.6331328

everytime you masturbate, your father knows about it in the next room

>> No.6331528

Reject-kun has converted anons.

>> No.6331844

"y-y-y don't get it!! I will literally die if I don't masturbate!!!"

>> No.6332265

>Futanari, Self – No
>Blowjob & Deep throat, Giving – Favorite
I don’t understand…

>> No.6332903

What is it hard to understand? She likes giving head, not receiving its why she doesn’t like to be futa herself.

>> No.6333457

Ah, shit, I mixed up giving and receiving. (t. ESL)

But why is Deep throat a favorite on both?

>> No.6335732

You know I legit have no idea, unless she confused something there’s no reason why receiving blowjob will be no while getting deepthroated will be blue

>> No.6340353

ban check

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