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Nervous panda - edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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I wonder if Nyaru realised I used my viewer account to cheat

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jus a regular girl

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I always viewed LzySusan as one of the bros since she did beer rating streams but now her model is hot and makes me feel funny.

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same desu

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>that perfectly timed abayo

>> No.6231460

Be careful ago you call ugly in middle school...

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I wanna chill out with Susan, watching TV and drinking, and she slowly readjusts her sitting position closer and closer to me, until finally she lets out a little sigh of bravery and rests her head on my shoulder, trying her best not to look up at me for fear of a kiss.

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Does your lunacy know no bounds

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Me n' Lance are doing fucked up movie wacthalong now
Violence Voyager first and then Wolf House come check


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Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
And if you find the time to say hi tiredsquidd won't pass you by
I have spent many hours watching her stream
I like her image on my mobile screen
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
I have never been disappointed by her
Tiredsquidd is a treasure a pearl
She can make bitter coffee sweet
Tiredsquidd I would like to meet
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Vtuber with a passion for games
Tiredsquidd deals her enemies pain
She has killed a god with her glowing stick
Tiredsquidd streams aren't something to miss
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Tiredsquidd if you're reading this here
I'm trying to tell you I love you my dear

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Today's chicken gacha roll!

From yesterday's >>6190059
to >>6207159
to >>6206429

Also in about one and a half hours: more Guilty Gear with viewers!

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Present! What is in need of Krimbo's opinion?

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Walk up to my roomate and start saying "bread? viewers! bread? viewers!"
Roomate is confused.
I start to explain why the meme is funny.
He starts saying "this is one of those vtuber things you're obsessed with isn't it?" and storms off.

We really are the new bronies huh?

>> No.6231965

I need to know what Krimbo thinks about the bread - viewers ritual.

>> No.6231986

a vtuber asset that's a hand picking the vtuber's nose

>> No.6231995

I'm used to it, do not worry

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por la chucha naaaaaaaaaa

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what the FUCK

>> No.6232022

aw that's cute

>> No.6232033

That isn't Egg, that's Chegg

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With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created.

>> No.6232067

It's insane how much effort you put into these

>> No.6232078

Athena just posted a sick cover, did the instrumentals by herself. It's crazy good.

You might know her as the songwriter for the Haachama horror stories.


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Koopa only gets on her knees for one content creator if you know what I mean and it's not the chicken gacha content creator.

>> No.6232149

i-is that genderbent viper....

>> No.6232163

Oh God, I'm sorry.

>> No.6232183

It's what you Argies deserve

>> No.6232204

I had a feeling someone would comment on my reaction image of choice

>> No.6232252

The femboys have all been made into chickens after that femboy arc yeah?

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>> No.6232383

First NTRd the Troopas, then her actual friends... sasuga Koopa

>> No.6232414

AWWW DUDE THAT'S AWESOME! My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard, thanks for including me. You've been putting so much effort into these so I really eggpreciate this.

>> No.6232442

>egg is bartholomew

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>> No.6232469

Yes now everyone can be stop posting femboys please. You've won the loyally now just fuck off.

>> No.6232590

what's the next arc?

>> No.6232647

I hope it's a hate arc instead of a hugbox arc

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>> No.6232673

So how long until we get a chuuba thats just a a slice of pizza with pineapple on it?

>> No.6232681

<> 50 bits - remove the pineapple

>> No.6232687

Already have antis trying to restart the hate arc of a certain chuuba

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>> No.6232740

It's my first time watching Nyaru and I'm in love

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>> No.6232849

That third digit is scaring me.

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>> No.6232882

Don't worry about it

>> No.6232924

Bear plays Alien: Isolation and will totally not get scared at all!

>> No.6232960

>thanks for including me.
As I said before, it's randomized and I'm trying to be fair. That been said I did go the extra mile for this one so I'm glad you saw it. Since most chuubas hang still in the /back alley/ I assume most of those featured don't even know about the strip and I wasn't sure you wouldn't miss it. I had this idea some time ago while thinking how would I include you when the RNG hits you and I have been looking forward to eggxecute it ever since.

>> No.6232995

Viewers of the thread, have you ever put an oshi mark on your Twitter page?

>> No.6233004

bro most people just keep both tabs open and have a preferred shitposting location lol

>> No.6233018

>oshi mark

>> No.6233037

I have 3, and they're all for the same person (reincarnated twice)

>> No.6233038

No, mostly because I'm cringe and I don't want to give my oshi a bad name

>> No.6233045

the blue heart and star

>> No.6233092

I don't have a twitter

>> No.6233113

>As I said before, it's randomized and I'm trying to be fair.
Fair enough I never really eggspected the rng to actually hit me.
>I assume most of those featured don't even know about the strip and I wasn't sure you wouldn't miss it.
I watch both threads, in fact you've included a few of my replies to your posts in the chatbox before!

>> No.6233124

No. I don't say who my oshi when I'm not anonymous

>> No.6233126

I can't wait for Tiredsquidds next stream. I know she's working really hard on her networking reps doing a collab with the green bunny everytime they/them request a collab and I think it's really working on taking her where she wants to be in Vtubing. I know all of her recent efforts are really spreading her thin but I really think she'll be able to start sticking to her twitter schedule again. I really believe she will do a stream and I can't wait. I'm so ready for a Tiredsquidd stream and I know her efforts weren't in vain. I know her recent networking reps while they may have exausted her and made sick that it will pay off. I believe it!!!!

>> No.6233150

corpse will be going live with some DS3 cinders in about 10 minutes!

>> No.6233170

I genuinely don't know how

>> No.6233296

I don't have a Twitter page

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>> No.6233402

Who are fated to never ever becoming a chicken?

>> No.6233426

the ones we lost...

>> No.6233463

Do you know what weakness is? Not going to every electric pole and stamping a poster advertisement to it advertising your chuuba. Not going to every public bulletin board within 80 miles and posting a advertisement for your chuuba there. Not going to every abandoned building party in the getto and toasting your chuubas name. That's weakness.

>> No.6233481

Why does everyone have a Hydrate redeem but no eating redeem?

>> No.6233525

Same reason the vtubers don't put on a shidding redeem.

>> No.6233535

Tonight! Alice turns into a car, Leon goes on a tangent, and Alice rages at the game. Join is for Yoshi's Island!

>> No.6233539

the people who never get talked about with pictures of them posted

>> No.6233548

checking foreign quints

>> No.6233558

Me probably

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>> No.6233614

Ban_Anya does

>> No.6233637

isn't she also a jew or something? I need to check her streams out some time

>> No.6233667

Since femboy arc is over and the one or two fans have stopped posting them completely, reda will probably never hatch.

>> No.6233671

only in my sub account

>> No.6233682

I'm still not sure what the chicken sub actually means

>> No.6233742

Do you like fighting games?

>> No.6233789

It means she has you on her list

>> No.6233794

I have the mark of my oshi in my name and multiple other oshi marks in my bio for chuubas I support very strongly but aren't my one and only oshi.

>> No.6233889

>multiple oshi marks
lying whore

>> No.6233953

There's a clear hirarchy, I plead "not guilty".

>> No.6233957

If you have watched a vtuber progress from a 2 view to a 500 without ever ghoslining or supporting does this lump you into the fan ctegory?

>> No.6233988


>> No.6234114

Eggsceptionally based

>> No.6234162

Almost all of my viewers would fall under this category. Although I’m not at 500 yet.

>> No.6234176

Will you choose correctly?
Or will you fail the most fundamental of tests?

>> No.6234228

2 koragis?

>> No.6234248

I choose none

>> No.6234271

>still not on tiger's list
feels great

>> No.6234357

Fuck the chickens

>> No.6234379

Gee anon, how come you get to watch 2 Koragis?

>> No.6234403

Two Koragis, finally goslings can have one and Bag can have the other.

>> No.6234420

Subscriber privilege.

>> No.6234421


>> No.6234476

I still can't believe they literally put male chicks in a meat grinder at birth, holy fuck...

>> No.6234496

And the ducks

>> No.6234509


>> No.6234510

They produce nothing of value

>> No.6234525

Speaking of which, tiger is on.

>> No.6234601

>everyone's on
>can't multi track drift
how do i attain this power?

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>> No.6234656

Any male western vtubers worth watching?

>> No.6234676


>> No.6234705

The miko male is probably the funniest thing on this general

>> No.6234830

>miko male

>> No.6234943

I popped in on Callie's stream. I noped real quick at that movie they're watching.

>> No.6235019

>implying there's only one

>> No.6235034

colt and bessie beat Portal 2 together they fuckin

>> No.6235043


>> No.6235081

Actually, no, no one implied thay

>> No.6235095

Weak bitch
But don't worry, they're starting another movie really soon and it definitely won't be as disgusting as the last one

>> No.6235156

Don't worry I understand, we are watching some harder to stomach movies today but our next feature won't be as bad. So as a heads up to chat in general, we are about to move on to Wolf's House next!

>> No.6235181

What movie?

>> No.6235228

It was just like a poorly animated movie from the 60s. I didn't see any gross stuff.

>> No.6235259


>> No.6235269

The first was Voyager Violence
The second is Wolf's House
It must suck that you can't appreciate actual good cinema

>> No.6235411

Doesn't mean you need to literally grind them in a metal machine one day after birth, fucking hell man

>> No.6235424


>> No.6235452

we're watching vtubers who the fuck cares about old shitty movies

>> No.6235483

check out my channel if you wanna support a home grown 4chan vtuber

>> No.6235498

It's not old! It was made in 2018!

>> No.6235507

true, realistically though what else would you do with them? at best, you could raise them for meat and cull them later in life, but it would still be less efficient than raising only female chicks

>> No.6235995

She gives duck subs too? Ive only got the chicken sub from her.

>> No.6236219

Who is a good artist. That makes little bros for streams?

>> No.6236341

I had a sub gifting war with her, eventually she got me though...

>> No.6236374

Back alley is a real fucking shithole right now, it's kind of heartbreaking to see people like Eira refuse to leave that place.

>> No.6236393


>> No.6236451

Plucked Chimken nugger, sell the eggs before they hatch, balut, just... anything better than modern culling.

>> No.6236457

She posted here recently, eventually you'll all see I was right

>> No.6236492

>sell the eggs before they hatch
if you can invent a way to sex chicks before hatching, you will become a millionaire easily

>> No.6236547

more like assassinated in your sleep as deep chicken agents take the technology for themselves

>> No.6236577

...What? It's actually pretty ok and there hasn't been any schizo on sight other than that one guy who wants people to hate Lapin (most likely Rin or someone falseflagging has Rin) but even yet that guy isn't loud at all.

>> No.6236596

what day is best to bully vtubers with subs bro?

>> No.6236627

i used to make threads for her back when she was on youtube, if i'm remembering correctly!
might not be the smartest idea with all of the other threads hate /wvt/ now

>> No.6236641

you good bro? there's nothing even happening right now
if you're that sensitive just leave this site altogether

>> No.6236653

It's being looked into, it doesn't exist, but that's realistically the way forward. Please pray for this technology

>> No.6236668

the stream before their big event. because they'll want to tell you not to donate and save it for the big event stream (but they can't say that on stream because then they'll come across as ungrateful), but you also want to donate enough that the random stream makes more money than their big event, or everyone is already subbed so it loses all its impact.

>> No.6236682

I got a our rebelearthsky life gift from her. It was so cute. She even donated $5 to watch him kill a deathclaw. Shimoneda tiger is awesome.

>> No.6236693

The individual /vt/ threads dedicated to her?

>> No.6236760

All other threads always hated /wvt/, doesnt matter that there is a very active schizo shitting up /vt/ the last weeks.
Just make good posts.

>> No.6236809

Gift subs to their boggest antis

>> No.6236870

The back alley is the worst thing to happen to chuubas and when I find out one goes there it's an instant drop

>> No.6236871

bog antis

>> No.6236888

Not /wvt/ itself just western vtubers. People target these threads because it's about western vtubers, hell they even target HoloEN because they are ENGLISH SPEAKING WHORES to give you an idea of how much part of /vt/ hates anything western related.

>> No.6236945

So salty
I bet you haven't even read a full thread at the back alley, it's better than this /asp/ie circlejerk shithole

>> No.6236984

i'm always lurking both threads! i just tend to post there more.

>> No.6236992

Back when I was a proto ninabro I would get hate mobbed for making nina threads. I can totally understand where you're coming from.

>> No.6237046


t. back alley chuuba

>> No.6237064

meds onegai....

>> No.6237069

Can you assholes stop the meta-disscussion and talk about western vtubers and the streams that are currently on?

>> No.6237082

t. /asp/ie 2view

>> No.6237104

I hope Opposing Force is as fun as the base game

>> No.6237110

instead of more meta bitching why don't you post a stream you're watching?

>> No.6237114

I just finished showering and have to work so I'm not watching anyone

>> No.6237153

Opposing force is even better is certain ways. Harder though too.

>> No.6237172

I'm watching a gosling get murdered live on stream for whatever that's worth

>> No.6237189

What stream?

>> No.6237220

>/asp/ not even mentioned before this

>it's better than this /asp/ie circlejerk shithole
omg fucking /asp/ies, /asp/ies this, /asp/ies that, fucking /asp/ie circlejerk shithole, /asp/ie discord fucking secret club discord /asp/ie fucks, omg fucking /asp/ies circlejerking in their shithole /asp/cord, omg fucking /asp/ies circlejer

>> No.6237222

Ok then, is this allowed? Won't she get in trouble for streaming like this?

>> No.6237267

She will but since she's a small streamer and she will nuke the VOD she will be fine. It's only problematic if someone reports her or clips and those get DMCA struck.

>> No.6237287

hei, is it true that they erp there?

>> No.6237293

If there's no VOD, it's like it never happened, unless a japanese business man that isn't into ntr got cucked really hard and is seeing red

>> No.6237305

already have :)

>> No.6237309

/asp/ie seethe

>> No.6237354

/asp/ie cope

>> No.6237416

Share it, nerd

>> No.6237418

https://www.twitch.tv/maroony rrat is GOD

>> No.6237426

western vtubers SUCK

>> No.6237431

/asp/ie indifference

>> No.6237443


>> No.6237471

I want her to give me a blowjob every morning and evening

>> No.6237501

"murdered" was kinda overselling it but there was certainly a happening at least over on Corpse's stream.

>> No.6237503


>> No.6237550

are you mad?

>> No.6237556

Wouldn't you like to know?

>> No.6237591

are you ?

>> No.6237623

are ?

>> No.6237651


>> No.6237656

Gael, what the fuck are you doing?

>> No.6237683

this is what happens when you tell him to take off the trip and you can't filter his bullshit out

>> No.6237698

the chuuba sexual preference tierlist is pretty neat actually its great to see bichads rising up and taking over as the majority
also multithread drifting front, back, and /asp/ is fun

>> No.6237705

Gael calm down.

>> No.6237826

seems like i'm the only viewer left
*opens bag of chips*
*cronch, cronch, crunch, smack, crunch*

>> No.6237841

I'd rather have mystery Gael tbH desu

>> No.6237879

Did you guys know that there's a Niji streaming on Twitch right now and she has raids enabled?

>> No.6237888

not yet

>> No.6237892

>tune into chuuba
>pull a will smith, do a 180, and drop it like it's hot

>> No.6237940

Are they western?

>> No.6237974

Drinking of course

>> No.6237978

NijiEN, it's the fish

>> No.6238008

Yeah, but I dont care since I am watching yuusha karaoke vods

>> No.6238088

I'd rather get a blowjob from Maru, sorry.

>> No.6238113

>> No.6238137

chuuba featured on ironmouse's deepdive is doing a karaoke thing

>> No.6238370

this voice is sex

>> No.6238530

>maroony wheeze-moaning every time something happens

>> No.6238573

No. I have an identity outside of vtubers.

>> No.6238598

The fuck? Did Global break? What would cause such a drastic pre-/vt/ shift?

>> No.6238688

Gonna be playing Broforce for a bit...

>> No.6238798

It's most likely just a very vocal minority of shitposters trying to start shit.

>> No.6238906

>front desk
>more concentrated chuuba discussion and sharing
>feels good

>twice as fast
>99% shitposts
>barely any chuuba discussion, just clique shit of the same 30 chuubas we already watch often

Why yes, I am in fact going to be smug about how much better my thread and viewer count is

>> No.6239103

What are you talking about? Despite being splitted between two boards and a million of individual threads they are doing pretty well.

>> No.6239199

Anon, this is a library.

>> No.6239235

Please DM me, I will reciprocate.

>> No.6239264

Cadence is doing a collab with blonde dickbat

>> No.6239280

Was thinking that the only way that a completely 180 to the dogfucker attitude would require that globalgen be torn asunder by something, considering it was literally born from sheer UNITY energy, even for "filthy ENs".

>> No.6239357

Have some Nina karaoke.


>> No.6239397


>> No.6239465

stop colt already

>> No.6239485

>i want you in my harem colt


>> No.6239643

is cadence anon okay?

>> No.6239734


>> No.6239753

>Castle Crashers
Always fun to see newbies struggle in this one.

>> No.6239792

Ayylium is very clearly trans MTF, the voice sticks out like a sore thumb.

>> No.6239819

Even not /here/, it just don't stop.

>> No.6239826

>back to the trans Cadence timeloop

>> No.6239873

I was reading through a drama thread and a post there said that the western indies side of this board has deluded itself into thinking that you can "make it" through hard work. Is this true?

>> No.6239917

It's not even up for debate like mocca lol, they're trans. Simple as.

>> No.6239946

what makes a chuuba a dickbat cadenceanon?

>> No.6239962

>my dms are always open to you colt


>> No.6239979

Sucking hundreds of cocks is hard work.

>> No.6239990

Not really. To make it as a twitch streamer takes a shit ton of luck, but some people have gone years as a 2view and suddenly blow up to be super successful. Vtubing at this scale is a really new thing, so it could take a while, and no one knows what the scene will look like 2-3 years from now, but to assume no indies are going to make it is pretty dumb.

>> No.6240037

you gotta define what "hard work" means first

>> No.6240069

Another one under Colt's belt

>> No.6240159

its a rrat one or two anons are trying to spread

>> No.6240201

That's the twitter sphere with their weird positivity.
Males here for example know very well they are NGMI.

>> No.6240215

deer must be seething

>> No.6240445

>check Twitter of a chuuba
>even on Twitter Bunzel has visibly succeeded in grooming the cute chuuba
Groomzel... I fucking KNEEL...!

>> No.6240510

Did Cadence get raided or are there actually 20 people interested in watching her?

>> No.6240523

Hey! That's my pasta!

>> No.6240532

I love this dog like you wouldn't believe

>> No.6240545


>> No.6240556

Same... Paperbag is so freaking lucky, he doesn't even realize how lucky he is.

>> No.6240578

someone requested the ultimate fuckboy the other day

>> No.6240626


>> No.6240851

I mean, he did have his russkiy femgosling for a while, and he literally didn't do anything other than help with the technical problems a broke slav inevitably faces.

>> No.6240957


>> No.6241060

Paperboy living the dream we all want

>> No.6241146

how did colt somehow get all three other vtubers to all want to fuck him

>> No.6241150

I can't imagine why anyone would simp for such a clear as day tranny

>> No.6241182

hes just charming

>> No.6241201

20 people there for Colt and Cadence flirting

>> No.6241236


>> No.6241944

its supposed to be dickbat 1 and 3 combined

>> No.6241995

telling the truth isn't a narrative

>> No.6242095

We're reading the rest of the Stranger in 10 minutes. After finishing we'll discuss the book zatsudan-ish. Join me if you like

I messed a bit with mic-settings and should be louder now. Hopefully not too loud.

>> No.6242108

>Colt likes futa
It all makes sense anons

>> No.6242117

I'm not even calling them a faggot, just use your ears. They're using the prototypical trans voice to the HR-T.

>> No.6242154

its still a rrat, the anon thats spreading it keep saying cadence openly announced she is a tranny but no anon will ever provide proof of this happening

>> No.6242198

Anon... your tranny radar reps... please for the love of God....

>> No.6242222

how could you not grasp this from the colt x deer shit before callie ntr'd deer

>> No.6242276

I've heard real women with deeper voices
provide proof of cadence saying announcing she is a tranny

>> No.6242300

>callie ntr'd deer
explain, I'm not up to date on my /asp/ie lore

>> No.6242323

Colt also likes femboys

>> No.6242365

isn't he here though, he can provide the evidence himself. Until then, I will respond with >her.

>> No.6242380

Anon I swear to God talking to you is like talking to am autistic child.

>> No.6242439

What do you want? A picture of her vagina? Even if she says anything you wouldn't believe her. Get a grip you insecure wierdo

>> No.6242442

colt and callie started flirting on twitter before one of the many collabs deer and colt do
then the collab happened and colt was not there and they haven't collabed since

>> No.6242488

She's given me a revenge duck sub before

>> No.6242506

Fucking lmao, can't believe Colt skipped out on a collab
Did he at least apologize?

>> No.6242592

Go back to the Holostars threads Astel, you will never be English.

>> No.6242596

>open Cadence stream to see this tranny shit
>sounds like a normal woman just one that smokes alot
you EU anons are stupid as fuck and you're probably the same person that thinks carmine sounds french

>> No.6242666

>EU anons
its 6AM

>> No.6242697

Carmine has a French accent how does he not sound French

>> No.6242707

if anon doesn't want to provide evidence of this announcement then its a rrat she sounds like a deep voice female

>> No.6242723

I wonder what Paperbag thinks of her collab with Lexi?

>> No.6242743

>What do you want? A picture of her vagina?
Yes, got any better ideas?

>> No.6242773

Paperbag is a Corpse gosling he probably doesn't care.

>> No.6242854

it wouldn't be the first time someone accused of being a tranny would post their coochie for everyone to see though i don't think the front desk got to experience that one

>> No.6242932

no, the front desk didn't get to experience that, meat curtains bro
But, didn't she delete everything afterwards

>> No.6243090

Do some of you actually advertise yourself here?

>> No.6243112

The effort in this is fantastic thank you so much for your hard work!

>> No.6243118

Can I just say it's nice that Cadence is getting more than 10 viewers, but it's not nice that it's just Gyaru talking to Colt and filling the chat with responses to him.

>> No.6243124

no, no one here advertises themselves because this is a viewer thread.

>> No.6243137

Post her voice again I already forgot it

>> No.6243172

No, most of the time I have to post those autists

>> No.6243188

I'm too shy so I'm always glad when others do it

>> No.6243208

explain I'm new

>> No.6243268

Americlaps are this stupid

>> No.6243324

vocaroos expire after 3 months anon... this happened in december....

>> No.6243325

its the same anon that says odette sounds like carol with a voice changer

>> No.6243384

>26 viewers
>no one but deer talking
whats happening here

>> No.6243393

>> No.6243474

Everyone is probably intimidated by seeing one person fill the entire chat, there was that one guy trying to talk but he probably stopped because he wasn't getting responded to and also being weird.

>> No.6243626


>> No.6243637

they're talking about octopus sex and flirting with colt in the collab

most people in chat probably wont have anything to say about that

>> No.6243641

The /asp/ies that normal would have talked were either in their own streams or watching lance and Callie collab.

>> No.6243650

To the anon that asked me to "sell her" I won't exactly do that.
But here's what I like about the Cute Chimera.
Self made and self rigged, fairly new to streaming (around 2 months) but it's really good at keeping near 0 dead air.
Cute voice. Decent singer that has a lot of potential. Her first plan was to upload covers on youtube but shifted her mind because of big vtubers.
Don't gosling please https://www.twitch.tv/xxchimeraixx/clip/GoldenInventiveYakFreakinStinkin-tPyGQ_0FwdlhSEEG - Lullaby / If you are a Gosling, don't click! - https://www.twitch.tv/xxchimeraixx/clip/HandsomeBelovedVultureWTRuck-v0KoBSo9yBIZJX1I
She also sang "Off with their heads" but the VOD is now gone, it was amazing!
She's not /here/ and hopefully will not discover this place for a while, I've seen what this place does to people, sometimes for good, others, you should already know. Not /asp/ so it's the closest thing you will experience to someone pre-/vt/. It's her own unique thing. I feel like some /asp/ come with something that makes them feel less genuine sometimes.

Lastly, she has the IDOL DREAM. Her birthday is coming soon and she is preparing something special. Come, keep her company in the meanwhile. https://www.twitch.tv/xxchimeraixx

>> No.6243708

>callie watching in silence while cadence takes colt from her

>> No.6243755

are /asp/ies just an incestuous in group constantly fucking each other?

>> No.6243823

twappi is /here/?

>> No.6243829

It's just the trannies and colt/kenji

>> No.6244015

I never chat when the streamer has too many in-jokes with their chat

>> No.6244030


>> No.6244097

colt is just fucking all the /asp/ies one by one, kenji is old news now

>> No.6244114


>> No.6244134

I am trying to cook dinner! And Colt is a fine fella but Gyaru can be his buttslut!!

>> No.6244145

I don't think he's done anything with the other men has he? Is it just the femboys troons and girls?

>> No.6244251

Would you go on a journey with me and just IMAGINE the succulent aroma of this rrat?

>> No.6244317

Thanks Koragi for the raid but I can't imagine why you would choose Teru

>> No.6244328


>> No.6244389

Can I get some feedback on why dance content is not popular? It's very high effort and amazing when done right but the appreciation it gets is disproportionate to the effort put into it. It seems as though people prefer humor over spectacles. I also have a theory people are lonely and just want to hear someone talk. Any advice is also appreciated on how to bring dance content to the top.

>> No.6244437

MMD content dried up back in 2015 and people use pre-built dance routines and just swap out model, so it's not even high effort.

>> No.6244458

I'm talking about actual dancing with motion capture.

>> No.6244502

then it's because your dancing is shit and MMD content dried up back in 2015. just because you took the high effort route to create the same end product as MMD videos doesn't mean shit if the entire internet has already moved on from that type of content.

>> No.6244540

There was the wester shooter collab he did with symmy, Kaji, akashi, Cocobungus, feef, and that one other aspie with a mohawk; pic related

>> No.6244583

Unironically what the other poster said, but if you're good at it or can make it look really fancy (like YFUBABY), it can work. You honestly kind of have to be a bit of a trashy hoe to pull it off (like YFUBABY).

>> No.6244640

why did you cuck gyaru

>> No.6244670

I know kanaruru does dance videos and mocaps hololive characters over them and gets pretty good attention on the videos so I don't think it's impossible to do well with it but also I think it's more a lot of people just can't dance

>> No.6244722

I've seen people who dance better than YFUBABY and pull in less views. But I must admit YFUBABY has more than just dancing going for her and it's the community she built around her personality and music. I'm wondering how to achieve rockstar status like YFUBABY but dumping ALL the skill points into only one entertainment piece.

>> No.6244787

I guess it's because I must continue the cycle : (

>> No.6244797

I just dug out some subs. I wonder who will get some next week lads? What do yall think. Reg rules.

>> No.6244866

You seriously can't, YFU is big because like you said, she's more than just a dancing machine, if you want to hit that level you have to be a personality and do more things. The backup dancer may be better than the lead singer or at dancing, but they're still in the sideline and the lead singer is still the star of the show.

>> No.6244880

$100 worth of Corpse skebs

>> No.6244901

I watched Josabelle for the first time earlier and was immediately captivated, she is a true semen demon.

>> No.6244918

kenji is streaming right now with a bunch of goslings in his chat he's not old news

>> No.6244933

I want them to go to bodega_rrat!

>> No.6244936

oh jesus Dirk, I don't want to keep doing this to you

>> No.6244944

wheres the games to buy on steam sale list

>> No.6244946

another dice roll for the rat

>> No.6244989

rrat it is, also dirk you madlad

>> No.6244999


>> No.6245038


>> No.6245051

Damn didnt see it,but will do lad. Also fuck this captcha!

>> No.6245093


>> No.6245163

He collabed with Kaji in Guilty Gear

>> No.6245187

he apparently had a 6 hour drive that day and didn't make it back in time for the collab.

>> No.6245214

> wheres the games to buy on steam sale list

>> No.6245272


>> No.6245433

Well this was a very scuffed stream, but we kinda salvaged with some good ol' singin'. Oyasumi fellas

>> No.6245493


>> No.6245494

I'm not trans btw
nah he's in my harem, not vice versa :)

>> No.6245516

It was fine! There's always the next one.

>> No.6245564


>> No.6245573


>> No.6245603

Thanks, at least this time I managed to raid Chimera chan

>> No.6245679

Would it be frowned upon to use a premade vtuber avatar that has a free license to use, and switch to a custom one at a later date? I know people say "use a png" but I don't have any artistic abilities to make even a 2d picture.

>> No.6245695

don't see why not

>> No.6245696

>Went live just for gift subs

>> No.6245737

Isn't that what Feef is doing but without plans to change it out in the future

>> No.6245738

There's LulunaRina who uses a free to use, and Miyabun who uses the exact same avatar. Feef is a premade avatar bought from Booth. You can use whatever you wish.

>> No.6245751

I’ve known some deep-voiced femchuubas before, got a story or were you born with it?

>> No.6245752

no one's really going to care if you buy one off the shelf or a default one if you're fun, feef bought one off the shelf and people like him

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