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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

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>> No.6227622

>Finana joins Minecraft in a few hours
>"Hi Pomu...where did you get that elytra?"

>> No.6227637

whats up with that retarded pol tourist trying so hard to bait?

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>doesn't actually relay her mom's greetings
what the fuck Elira...

>> No.6227719

Dragon mom!

>> No.6227720

v. v. v. cute

>> No.6227730

I've done that so many times.

>> No.6227762

I can't believe the fish has been watching me horny post all this time.

>> No.6227779

Is Elira's dad dead or something? She never talks about him.

>> No.6227809

Hey Finana, have you finished stalking the archives yet?

>> No.6227828

What? Dude his dad is Duke Nukem there's some clips about him man

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>> No.6227837

>PomuRainpuff joined the game

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>> No.6227842

Holy shit
Pomu joined at 5PM on the fucking dot

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>> No.6227853

How do you think Pomu and Elira bonded?

>> No.6227858

Pomu is fucking PISSED

>> No.6227872

in their previous life

>> No.6227874


>> No.6227883

She talked about him last week

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>> No.6227898

She's fucking stylin'

>> No.6227910

Why is pomu so angry? Is it that time of month?

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>> No.6227924

one google search anon

>> No.6227931

I want Pomu to punch me in my crotch

>> No.6227935

Imagine the smell

>> No.6227942

Pomu is so pissed

>> No.6227960

elira killed her sheep

>> No.6227964

Eli killed her pink sheep

>> No.6227983

Elira's father is black, he went for milk

>> No.6227985

I can't take angry Pomu seriously at all so I'll never know when she's actually angry, I could even take pouty pissy Finana seriously, but just not Pomu

>> No.6227996

where's pomu did she just angry leave

>> No.6228044

Pomu so angry she built a nice path to Elira's portal

>> No.6228063

If any of you seriously think she is angry, go check for the tism.

>> No.6228112

Pomu is hide your pain Harold

>> No.6228115

Zombie smacked her butt when she went past him

>> No.6228118

Pomu is angry because Elira said that 5 million weren't enough and then spat on Pomu's knishes, not cool, dragon

>> No.6228130

Pomu is in a constant stage of rage, this is exactly like the mountain stream. Pomu is literally planning to murder certain lazulight members.

>> No.6228171

Is Elira nation of islam?

>> No.6228187

so she's Lzulight's Pekora. BASED

>> No.6228200

Small chat is actually Kino, get a message read a day by EN girls, feels good to my heart.

>> No.6228218

Go take a look at the thousands of indies with 50 viewers or less

>> No.6228228

Senpai's enchantment...

>> No.6228230

god will cower the day that pomu finally unleashes the wagie ragie

>> No.6228262

>doesn't know what arthropods are

>> No.6228280

I'm glad that vtubing exists as a career path because some of these girls are kind of dumb as a brick otherwise....

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>> No.6228285

>When Pomu doesn't actually read my question but just answers it
It feels good..

>> No.6228287

Do the others also have an elytra

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>> No.6228335


>> No.6228336

Taka has a taste for milkers. Based man.

>> No.6228357

I don't think any of them, except maybe fish, even knew what elytra was before Taka gave it to Elira this stream

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>> No.6228441

Why isn't Pomu in VC? Is she that mad?

>> No.6228476


>> No.6228479

When I get home from wageslaving I just want to not talk to anyone for a bit. I can project she’s the same

>> No.6228494

her throat is fucked

>> No.6228501

Prob just tired from work and wants to take it easy before her stream

>> No.6228504

She just said her throat hurts so she's probably drinking tea and trying to rest her voice.

>> No.6228508

I just got BTFO, she said her throat hurts.

>> No.6228511

I don't catch NijiEN that often due to timezones, but I will say, it is indeed nice when I do due to this reason.

>> No.6228560

The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is talk to people. I need my alone time to do my own thing to unwind.

>> No.6228561

>plays minecraft obsessively
>still using iron armor
why wont pomu invest in herself?

>> No.6228618

Unironically, the fastest way to get diamond armor would be to farm villagers.

But outside of that, I don't think the girls go on extended mining sprees to even get enough diamonds for armor.

>> No.6228623

Some people just build pretty things. Others are min maxers and beat the dragon while living in a dirt hut with an enchanting table.

>> No.6228664

its either that, or be a house wife by arranged marriage

>> No.6228738

Based Elira looking out for EU.

>> No.6228743

Thanks god

>> No.6228763


>> No.6228779

>wasn't sure if she'd wake up in time
>stream started at 3pm her time
Elira you smelly neet you...

>> No.6228825

I really appreciate it.

>> No.6228855

>Fish stream starts 6pm yesterday
>Still oversleeps

>> No.6228878

She went to sleep at 7am bro

>> No.6228890

>Elira dropping her whole inventory on the ground
>Pomu on fire
>Zombie chasing after them
>Creeper exploding
And yet the lived

>> No.6228945

they're adapting

>> No.6228948

How mad do you think the NijiENs are that IRyS has already beaten all of them in subs despite not even having debuted yet?

>> No.6228971


>> No.6228980

I wish PIKL talked more in streams

>> No.6228988

Isnt doing yesterdays supas before starting the game kind of a >numbers killer for streams?

>> No.6229017

go back dayo

>> No.6229030

watch mints graduation stream and you'll find out what she's like angry. She literally threatened to end her stream because of concernfaging over the IRS

>> No.6229046

Yeah I don't really have anything to say I just want to post Pomu

>> No.6229047

Fish in 15 minutes!

>> No.6229065

yes, pomu, lava burns
in the next episode, she'll discover that water is wet

>> No.6229071

Is Elira going to end the stream when fish starts?

>> No.6229073

inb4 argument about water not being wet

>> No.6229079

Depends on the kind of content the girls want to produce. I think ALL of their zatsudan streams have been amazing so starting off with sc reading is fine. I'm sure its a little grating for people who come for the game being streamed but there's a chance they awaken to how good zatsudans can be.

>> No.6229116

gura has 3 mil subs but cant cut at least 500k viewers?

>> No.6229124

Honestly I wish elira would stream to this time slot more often.
Fish is talking about moving back to her 8PM EST slot probably because she overslept this week
Which means were going back to triple overlap with pomu at 8pm, finana at 8pm and elira at 9pm.

>> No.6229132

if you reply to this post after >>6229017 you're a faggot and need to kys.

>> No.6229155

I hope not

>> No.6229181

I hope fish keeps this slot, with Elira in this slot there would still be overlaps all the time because she streams so much longer, so only chance to reduce overlaps is when she starts later. And she got most asian fans so it is better for them

>> No.6229184

God Eliras singing voice is pure sex

>> No.6229219

Cute stream thumbnail

>> No.6229221

She said she would earlier, and she got an endurance stream scheduled later

>> No.6229272

It'd make sense to since she's doing Jump King later. I'm ready for the greatness that is Jump King again, I can't wait.

>> No.6229335

I hope not. It is not like her numbers are better this stream than usual, and with Elira in the early slot it would just end with all of them overlapping with her streamhours. So it would only kill Finana and Pomu with no gain for Elira

>> No.6229337

She won't. It's way too early for her.

>> No.6229381

No thanks. I’m not Yuro and I don’t care about them.

>> No.6229491


>> No.6229615

I would have to drop her so I hope not

>> No.6229637

Fish bros...

>> No.6229647

>Dropping instead of watching vods
Fucking weak

>> No.6229667

They are already going to overlap at least with this time slot we could have Elira at 3pm, Finana at 6pm and Pomu at 8PM

>> No.6229672

Or you could just watch vods. Seems silly to just stop enjoying her content just because you can't watch her live.

I don't want her to move to this slot though but if she does, I'm not going to just stop watching her.

>> No.6229687

God I wish I was Kazuha

>> No.6229704

>> No.6229705

elira is GAMING

>> No.6229766

What did Finana mean by this? Lazulight car decals?

>> No.6229773

Eating stream LET'S GO!

>> No.6229777

I love Elira's laugh so much

>> No.6229788

the least amount of overlaps is with Elira last, because then not many of the 8h of streams will overlap.

Fish 6pm Pomu 8pm and Elira 10-11pm will only see like a combined two hours of overlap.
Elira at 3pm would just see her stream through all of them to no gain

>> No.6229789

its over bros... somebody gave her garlic bread. someone AKA her BOYFRIEND who she has S*X with

>> No.6229800

So many jars seamen

>> No.6229816

Probably merch designs and she'll put a png of one of them in the game

>> No.6229828

even if true why would you care? It's Nijisanji. Also garlic bread is delicious

>> No.6229843

it is not like this stream does better than usual with supas and viewers so why fuck over your usual viewerbase and pomfish "just cause"

>> No.6229852

It was me, Shindo Raito.

>> No.6229856

Good for her.

>> No.6229860

Damn, seriously?
I want some garlic bread...

>> No.6229887

Finna found the Pomu Jar...

>> No.6229892

Mate if you're not into NTR Nijisanji might not be for you.

>> No.6229893

Don't look up the jars guys.

>> No.6229901


>> No.6229908

Shes a neet living with her family chill jesus

>> No.6229920

More like its great she has understanding roommate(s) / husband/ boyfriend.

More people need to be understanding of streaming culture or just internet culture in general.

>> No.6229926

LMFAO What are you on about you delusional screw.

>> No.6229935


>> No.6229953

I mean, she could be living with her family like Fish but I doubt it considering how she talked about her mom and her little brother.

>> No.6229959


>> No.6229980

W-where is my jar guys?

>> No.6229987

Elira mentioned living in the dorm I think

>> No.6230021

What? Don't tell me you don't imagine your oshi being fucked by all the male livers she interacts with.

>> No.6230026

"I have food waiting for me downstairs".
"Mom says to say hi to finana and pomu"
Big house and the type of conversation you would only have when meeting around the house

>> No.6230057

Why does she keep converting the timezone to PDT? Everyone knows she lives in CST.

>> No.6230064

Sounds unhealthy and obsessive desu

>> No.6230065

God I wish I was a fat ugly bastard.

>> No.6230079

You are all cringe and I hate you

>> No.6230102

>It was always XIV and not fishdad

>> No.6230115

Who are you talking to, at least give some context

>> No.6230117

I can feel the love emanating from this post.

>> No.6230130

i love you too anon!

>> No.6230147

>Everyone thought it was fishdad forcing Finance to stream for 2h
>It was Ecks Eye Vee all along

>> No.6230154

Don't hate You! You Love!

>> No.6230165

>X Eye Vee was the real fish dad along

>> No.6230175

LOL. You're right.

>> No.6230183

Does it have dailies or some shit?

>> No.6230198

The first quote is whatever but the second quote kinda confirms it. There's still the possibility that her mom messaged her and Elira responded with "I'm streaming with Pomu/ Finana".

I don't know, I didn't hear the second quote so I have no context. Two neets and a wagie though. What a dynamic.

>> No.6230205

Don't know exactly but I think it has something similar where you can only grind once per day or something.

>> No.6230216

tfw XIV is more important than us

>> No.6230239

daily ERP

>> No.6230250

Horny mermaid love! I want to marry Finana!

>> No.6230278

She says she's doing savage and that shit is hard. You need premade groups for this with really decent players. So it's probably just high end guild raids.

>> No.6230295

Yes. Though they aren't the same kind of dailies where you're punished heavily for not doing it daily.

>> No.6230319

Oh god Finana's situation with Japanese is the exact same as mine. Nobody to fucking practice speaking with.

>> No.6230322

isnt doing a 50 min sc reading before the game a pretty good way to get lower numbers than usual?

>> No.6230323

Finana should just get her boyfriend to do more raids for her like that guy said she did in the past

>> No.6230346

you should akasupa her your nr, you could help each other!

>> No.6230354

>Savage raids
To name a few. Then you have Finance's daily ERP and maybe some fishing here and there

>> No.6230368

tfw not in fish's ecks eye vee savage group

>> No.6230379

will elira be streaming 15h today?

>> No.6230390

She has all of nijisanji now.

>> No.6230397

>Ywn impress Finance with your big fat Damage

>> No.6230428

>tfw you will never erp with Finana
Why even live bros?

>> No.6230431

Surely you have at least one friend that also wants to learn japanese. Yeah yeah, you're on 4chan so you can't have friends but jokes aside, you just need to practice with your friend(s).

>> No.6230458

Good idea.

t. Finana's boyfriend

>> No.6230459

This stream she commented her mom would tell her to say hi then later ask her how the meeting was but never ask if she said hi for her

>> No.6230483

Get in the /djt/ thread on /jp/ bro and we can not learn Japanese together.

>> No.6230534

Only just getting into the stream now but I can completely understand if Finana has been raiding with a group for years and she wants to keep running with them.
Now I just wonder if her static gets together to watch her before their raids.

>> No.6230548

She lives with her BF. He got her water during the karaoke stream.

>> No.6230555

You think her static even knows that she streams?

>> No.6230611

I made sure to give her a nice glass with lots of ice

>> No.6230655

Finana about to tattle tale on her senpais!

>> No.6230723

>they kissed

>> No.6230728

Elira just gave me, Pomu, a kiss. Later nerds

>> No.6230749


>> No.6230778


>> No.6230805

>Just happened right now in 4k
What the fuck? Women friendship is so weird bros.

>> No.6230817


>> No.6230826

In the end she ended up responding my question about who they had the collab in discord lol It was worth it

>> No.6230831


>> No.6230839

Wait did finana already finish playing genshin, or has she not even started yet?
I honestly can't tell.

>> No.6230843

Me in the back.

>> No.6230849

Eli I need that Halo playthrough

>> No.6230877

>Pomu playing flight sim
I guess it's only possible after she stops being a wagecuck.

>> No.6230879

did Fish just spoil poms endurance stream?

>> No.6230880

your lying

>> No.6230902

Who'd she say?

>> No.6230912

Fuck, I'm gonna miss da pomky's stream because I'm too tired from work to stay awake

>> No.6230923

I think she has a legitimate problem

>> No.6230927

I'm not but if I post proof the jannies will ban me so do your archive reps

>> No.6230948

Chigusa and Kanae from JP and then like 6 senpai each from ID and KR

>> No.6230951

Hasn't started yet, reading the superchat from yesterday

>> No.6230953

>tfw you will never hold Finana's tiny fish hands

>> No.6230960

I want to enable the fairy into Neetdom.

>> No.6230970

I hate XIV so much. Not because of the game itself, but because it sucks up so much free time

>> No.6230971

She's addicted...

>> No.6230985

Pomu enable sc on the prechat, you miss out on the ten dollars or whatever that dude always prechat donate to all lazulight every stream

>> No.6230987

Boy I am quite excited for today's stream.

>> No.6231013

MMOs are a black hole for your free time.

>> No.6231016

Uh bros????


>> No.6231021


>> No.6231028

Time to do some chores so I can be ready for Jump King. I'm sad I can't stay for the after stream talk.

>> No.6231037

what did he say I missed it?

>> No.6231038

Do you guys actually watch the cursed chatting portion?

>> No.6231048

with fish doing the supareading this way and starting the game much later, we will probably get our first three stream overlap in quite some time

>> No.6231068

That's good then, I'm not against her warming her stream up with previous stream super chat reading. Just wouldn't expect it to be an hour
and it's more kino than genshin would be

>> No.6231070


>> No.6231071

>It's real

>> No.6231073

oops wrong link https://twitter.com/PomuRainpuff/status/1392645070713622528?lang=en

>> No.6231075


>> No.6231091

MMOs drain you of all your free time. If you like doing anything else during your free time, don't play MMOs

>> No.6231097

only if something special happened, not usually do not really like the humor in the supareading

>> No.6231115

Bitch please, if you're gonna meme, at least keep it 2434-related.


>> No.6231125


>> No.6231131

Can I have, uhhh, unity?

>> No.6231141


>> No.6231164

One Unity, coming right up!

>> No.6231180

That lewd superchat wow.

>> No.6231182

https://twitter.com/PomuRainpuff/status/1412837850597498880 is the real one.

>> No.6231204

it's the best part

>> No.6231205

ah yes, my daughter-wife

>> No.6231217

tsun tsun

>> No.6231232

I will never ever stay for a dono reading. Ever

>> No.6231249


>> No.6231257

Imagine skipping SC readings when it's the best part of vtuber streams.

>> No.6231268

You are missing out, Elira's supa chat readings are comfy kino

>> No.6231289

He was spamming something weird I don't know the context not even shitposting about holotrannies

>> No.6231290

Wait, some of you actually care about the game they're playing?

>> No.6231291

I love Lazulight. Unity!

>> No.6231295

Pleb, the readings are the real content.

>> No.6231309

so is Pomumama a parasocial schizo for real or is it just shitposting?

>> No.6231315

>Destiny 2

>> No.6231331

>Dragon likes pineapple on pizza
And I didn't think I could fall in love with this stinky sweaty fujo more...
Elira LOVE

>> No.6231341

Obviously, some games make better zatsudan backgrounds than others.

>> No.6231344

Wait, what happened? How do you know something happened to him?

>> No.6231359

do you not watch collabs? not even their one month anniversary?

>> No.6231363


>> No.6231379

Elira LOVE

>> No.6231382

I saw (this message was deleted ) 7 times in a row from him

>> No.6231388

I saw someone saying Elira referenced a hololive meme "glasses are really versatile" mid stream without anyone sending it. Is that true? Why is she that retarded to bring up this?

>> No.6231411

Elira CUTE

>> No.6231427

Oh damn, I forgot fish was streaming Genshin. i thought it was just a zatsu

>> No.6231436

I just started watching them like 2 weeks ago. I still have a lot of vods to catch up on

>> No.6231445

A vtuber referencing another vtuber she follows on twitter. Why is she that retarded to bring such a thing up?

>> No.6231452

I couldn't watch any stream yesterday, did Fish buy microtransactions in euro truck?

>> No.6231453

I can't believe it was a 4 hour stream, time sure flies when you watch someone you really like.

>> No.6231483

I didnt see her stream today, but it is not like they have to pretend hololive doesnt exist at all, and dropping a joke is nothing. I mean Elira´s favorite chuuba is Pekora, and it is no biggie

It was like in Finanas muse dash stream and the fubuki song came up, she just played it said she liked it and that was that

>> No.6231506

Because she's not part of hololive, she's part of nijisanji. Isn't that simple? How many nijisanji references you see in hololive? I watch both and I barely see it.

If they keep bringing up this kind of thing, they will lose their identity as a nijisanji member and reinforce the vision that already exists that they are just another part of Hololive. That's the worrying part.

>> No.6231545

Someone requested Weather Hackers on Elira's unarchived utawaku and she had no idea what it was. Dropped the subject after she looked it up and moved on.

>> No.6231607

She brought that up out of nowhere, unlike Finana who had to talk about it because it appeared on the screen.

And not mentioning hololive as if it doesn't exist should be the normal. They don't mention nijisanji or other agencies all the time on holoen either. If Elira wanted that kind of thing, she should have gone to hololive.
Honestly, that's why this bothers me even though I like them and why Hana is so much better than Lazulight. Even if she joined without knowing anything, at least she knows it's not her place to be mentioning holos and their memes to not mesh up her own identity to another agency. And holos know this as well because they do the same thing except in collabs.

>> No.6231614

their collabs are really great so I recommened every one except the second apex one. Their one month anniversary was a devour stream but it also had an hour of zatsudan collab and it was pretty kino. But know that I think about it the like 10 min pizza discussion might have been during Elira and Pomu´s call in to Finana´s birthday.

>> No.6231649

There's a huge difference between mentioning them and singing their songs. That would probably cause trouble.

>> No.6231671

Meds. The whole point of niji is that it has more freedom than korbolive. If they held back from making minuscule harmless comments they would be cucking their identities. But you don't really care that much do you, you're just here for the replies.

>> No.6231689

I saw the faggot holofag spamming that shit and got himself banned for that yeah you know who

>> No.6231692


>> No.6231702

>they will lose their identity as a nijisanji member
I would agree with you if we were talking about the JP branch but there's a difference here. The overwhelming majority of EN community that is interested in EN branches of Japanese agencies know Hololive memes even if they're not necessarily into Hololive, just because they're so prevalent. There is absolutely no harm in referencing a popular thing when 100% of your audience knows it and expects you to know it too. It has nothing to do with identity.

>> No.6231709

My Fish has arrived

>> No.6231789

I'm not here for replies or trolling, seriously. This constant mention of hololive bothers me and it's a risk to their own identity to a complete different agency. No other branch has this problem with so much holo mention.
And as I said before, I also watch holo. If they had the same problem with mentions of other agencies all the time, I also would complain about it.
Lastly, it's not really good to be promoting another agency like that when those girls are there to promote the vtubers of their own agency in the first place. It really makes me wonder what Anycolor think about all of this and how those girls are a Hana Macchia 2.0

>> No.6231790


>> No.6231802

kek, I love Finana's dakimura.

>> No.6231813

Don't bother, he's made the same post every time they've referenced the other company in passing for merely brief seconds.

>> No.6231827

Make sure not to feed her doritos past midnight

>> No.6231846

Or let her near water

>> No.6231852

I wanna give this girls a try, can I get a quick rundown on them please?

>> No.6231863

what will you do with her

>> No.6231871

Fish is creaming her pants right now. Hope you guys are ready for a genshin whaling stream soon

>> No.6231894

Honestly if I was Yagoo I'd spank the everloving shit out of Matsuri for being an honorary nijisanji. She won't stop showing up in nijisanji streams and even participated in the nijisanji-only apex tournament. Who does this brat think she is damaging the name of the company that brought her up, pathetic, niji literally doesn't even have an equivalent they're willing to let us borrow so we can have a dual hostage situation going on.

>> No.6231902


>> No.6231934

Cute suffering waggie
Horny fish neet
Stinky sweaty fujo

>> No.6231975

Are you bros getting concerned? I feel like all their viewer counts have either stopped going up or even have started going down. Sub rates also seem lower.

Will HoloEN 2 be the death blow for NijiEN?

>> No.6231989

fish truck sim was great, hope she does more.

>> No.6232013


>> No.6232015

I'm only concerned why you are shitposting in the thread, love Elira, love Pomu, love Finana.

>> No.6232019

Go back

>> No.6232025

>fish is gonna spend a 1000$ and get 300$ in supas
>elira is gonna spend 300$ and get 1000$ in supas
>pomu is gonna have a stroke

>> No.6232031

Pomu is a mega weeb and the oldest of the group. IMO she also has the best sense of humor.

Elira streams the most and is pretty chill.

Finana is the youngest of the group and her main gimmick is that she's soft spoken which gives the impression that she's seiso, but she's actually the biggest degenerate of the group by a lot. IMO she's great in collabs but kinda boring solo.

All three of them seem to gravitate towards horror games for whatever reason, as well as the standard Vtuber staples and some FotM stuff.

>> No.6232034

She should drag others into it too.

>> No.6232036

Hard forced consensual sex in the missionary position

>> No.6232050

Stop replying. They don't care what you say or if you send "haha bad bait" or whatever, they got your reply, that's all they want.

>> No.6232051

except im not trolling or anything. It's concerning the amount of hololive references and mentions out there be it by them, by that retard who keep asking them for collabs or by the person who asked for coco's original song. When I go to a nijisanji stream, I don't want to see holo and vice versa.

>> No.6232065

Found me some new phone locked screen art of the stinky dragon!

>> No.6232083

just watch some of their full collabs to get a taste for them

>> No.6232087

unless of course there's a holo or nijisanji collab. But otherwise, why keep mentioning holo memes? What's next? Bottom left references? Yagoo's dream? You give an inch and then they bring more

>> No.6232088

Neither of the other replies really stated much about Elira so I'll add that she's also a great singer and a dork who loves to banter with chat, she'll get stuck having conversations for hours during all of her superchat sections of her streams. She's got major cute girl-next-door vibes

>> No.6232106

Elira LOVE

>> No.6232131

Dragonbros...did we get too cocky?

>> No.6232161

I love this sweaty dragon too!

>> No.6232162

Tribalshitter AND a concernfag, amazing.

>> No.6232168

If any of you reply to the above bait, I swear to God

>> No.6232171

Ah and I forgot but that retarded was began to spam and was banned because elira mentioned the glasses meme. That's what I mean when I say that saying those kind of things will incite the viewers to do that type of shit.

>> No.6232195

Jesus, fish's GI stream is hard to watch. The backseating is out of control. To make it worse, it's a lot of bad or unnecessary advice by overly cautious retards.

>> No.6232213

Fuck off.

It's not tribalism to want vtubers to respect their own vtuber etiquette and to not bring mess to the chat like own guy who was banned today.. as I said, when you give it, more people will think it's acceptable to do that kind of thing.

>> No.6232258

Would you spread your ass cheeks for Finna?

>> No.6232270

>martin gets banned and try to shit up the thread instead

>> No.6232296

I want Elira to step on me!
I want her sweaty stinky feet on my face!

>> No.6232299


>> No.6232302

No, only for Pomu. I don't trust Fish's expertise

>> No.6232319

I'm not Martin. Why I would even do something I hate in the first place?

>> No.6232320

That's gross.

>> No.6232327

It's kinda obnoxious today but you can just close the chat so you have to look at less of it.

>> No.6232346

Wait you mean the guy that was spamming the girls about hololive got banned?

>> No.6232372

>You will never have Elira's stinky sweaty feet all over your face.
>She will never bully you while you sniff them
Why even live...

>> No.6232409

Yes, he was spamming "glasses are very versatile". As in, literally spamming that shit many times in seconds. His messages were deleted and all.

>> No.6232412

Elira's streams have a kind of flow to them that makes time fly by so fast. Maybe it's just her being chill and giggly but her reactions seem natural, sure she overplays some of her humor but mostly when it's expected of her. As someone mentioned above "effortless" is a good way to describe it.

>> No.6232436

Yes, but only after cleaning properly. I want her to give me pooper a good licking.

>> No.6232449

I require more of this art. I need it for my... Eh... Dragon research!

>> No.6232452

so that's why the thread had a bunch of concernfag troll posts come up
the glasses mention by Elira really triggered him, huh?
I'm really glad I never have chat open and have to suffer people like him, I feel bad for the girls though

>> No.6232458

I don't feel like that at all with Elira. Only with Pomu. Elira is the only one I skip because her streams to me feel like they never end.

>> No.6232485

Why does Pomu so often have her prechat demonetized?

>> No.6232497

You want the streams to end? What does that even mean? Just turn it off if you don't wanna keep watching, but to drop someone altogether because you feel they stream too much is ridiculous.

>> No.6232499

Elira is adorable, literally the perfect vtuber.

>> No.6232505

You are replying to the person who's "concernnfag troll" lol Anyway, I alraedy explained why I think this isn't something good.

>> No.6232508

I wish they never ended so I could watch her live all day long.

>> No.6232547

I keep doing fish, might as well make some stuff for Pomu and Elira. Any suggestions

>> No.6232548

I mean that with Pomu the streams go faster, with Elira I feel they go slower than they are.

>> No.6232557

>never ending dragon streams

>> No.6232586

I dont she has, atleast not super often. Her last real stream had supas shut off, so she just forgot to add them again. And for the couple of other times it is when she has turned off supas when doing dono readings and forgotten them for the next stream.

>> No.6232591

Pomu soon. I'm ready to watch.

>> No.6232592

less 10 minutes left to go until he returns
i hope you guys aren't going to miss out on watching one of the greatest artists of the millennia live

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