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Everybody point and laugh. Our superiority has been shown without a doubt.

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only holokek care about number

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hahahah cope nijiniger

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Thanks for the free advertisement for our dragon. She can sing too, btw.

>> No.6215131

these are all preparatory support. It's now up to her to retain that support

>> No.6215134

134,000 is a very good number as well.

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>Everybody point and laugh. Our superiority has been shown without a doubt.

>> No.6215166

Nijisanji is still better

>> No.6215169

She's cringe, get over it

>> No.6215175

Lots of coping Nijiniggers in this thread.

>> No.6215187

I feel sad for the nijiniggers

>> No.6215191

Lazy bait

>> No.6215224

Is it bait if it's true?

>> No.6215232

Who cares about numbers, I just hope she’s really good at singing and has a fun taste in English songs. IRyS is unlikely to have a better voice than Gura, so she needs to have an insane level of skill to not appear mediocre by comparison.

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Can't wait to fap to Irys porn.

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Stop shitting up this board with your low IQ.

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>> No.6215289

Don't care, still watching Elira

>> No.6215292

Explain how pointing out facts is low IQ.

>> No.6215313

Nijiniggers bros ,does youtube already fixed her nuked subs yet? Irys nuked subs got fixed day 1 btw

>> No.6215318

Youre low iq enough to care

I was obviously joking and VENTING like high IQ people actually do in this board

>> No.6215329

Just stop posting.

>> No.6215335

thread highjacked

>> No.6215348

A true high iq simply spills his opinion, no bias towards nontribalism OR tribalism, kill yourself you beta low iq subhumans

Also fuck nijiniggers youre obviously low thats why your resort to the worse entertainment company(not the actual worse that would be vshojo)

>> No.6215357

As the poetess once sung: "Becoming a VSinger, sleeping all the day and, when waking up, having 100k+ subs." (Or something like that.)

>> No.6215361

she doesn't have the most subs, but she's the best.

>> No.6215391

McDonalds VS Shake Shack

>> No.6215404

Stop shitting up this board with your Nijifaggotry

>> No.6215407

tribalfags >>/out/

>> No.6215412

Elira has a big payday to look forward to for her 3D, it's fine.

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>> No.6215429

>only low iq people resort to tribalism
>let me be tribalistic btw

>> No.6215450

You see Cover?? You got the power to win the west, don't let niji scoop the male market and get yourself overseas homos now!!!!

>> No.6215455

She likes Pekora, but I guess you have to dislike her cause "other company bad".

>> No.6215477

I hate that the Niji intern is shilling Doragon instead of her.

>> No.6215486

Always been.

>> No.6215501

Fuck off soo min park

>> No.6215506

This is why Pomuniggers will be exiled like the Lulufags soon. They can't just compliment her, they have to shit on her friends in the process.

>> No.6215516

Why does Elira wear a glove? is it for guerilla prostate exams?

>> No.6215576

I will laugh so hard when this bitch dies.

>> No.6215580

She doesn't have that much of a JP fanbase. Tomoe and Fuwa's was mostly in Yen. NijiEN fans are Holofans, but I doubt they'd send that much money for their 3D when they could just throw them at HoloEN's 3D debut.

>> No.6215625

she'll get her 3D either way, and she already made friends with Kanae so she isn't doing that bad.

>> No.6215626

Nijishit isn't even worth the thread.
Surpassing a nobody is irrelevant.

>> No.6215632

According to holoniggers Ninja is the best streamer in the world

>> No.6215649

nijifag here, i think i speak for all nijibros when i say that we admit defeat and recognize hololive as the superior so please don't bully our oshi

>> No.6215685

/vt/ logic: Anya Melfissa is better than Pomu

>> No.6215732

They're literally just retarded trolls. There is no logic.

>> No.6215734

yes look at the sheep mentality of the average holofan

>> No.6215746

I welcome your honesty, therefore I will leave the thread in peace.

>> No.6215776

Now this is the real test, beating nijibois is hard in JP, beating them with overseas homos will be big for cover

>> No.6215778

she is only good NijiEN

>> No.6215849

Even Pomu got a pic, give ma' fish some love too!

>> No.6215876

She is though?

>> No.6215877

The definition of a holofag: has no vtuber, but has a number and is perfectly happy with that

>> No.6215880

This is now a NijiEn love thread
Unity Love!!!

>> No.6215904

Since when did Holofags become a bunch of numberfagging smoothbrains?

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>> No.6215924

>why would anyone join this BLACK company?!
Here you go.

>> No.6215928

How new anon?

>> No.6215956

You should say that to your own kind nijibro

>> No.6216008

Unity Love!

>> No.6216042

The fact that Hololive breaks the record in subs growth before debut each time a new generation is announced, regardless of branch, is evidence that Hololive keeps growing altogether and consistently.

>> No.6216122

Lulu's good. She makes the elitist seethe. Anything that makes the elitist seethe is good. Thank you.

>> No.6216276

Lazulight's clip interactions with Kanae seem to be gaining steam, and they're pretty fun as well.
I'll probably watch some of their clips.

>> No.6216318

> thinks Holofags even know about NijiEN

>> No.6216628

she looks cute, sadly I'm too invested in Hololive to jump ship. Keep on supporting her!

>> No.6216775

Nice brand power.
Is she herself as good as Elira, though? Oh wait, you don't know that because she put out LITERALLY 0 CONTENT.
Yes, I am mad. I've been into niche stuff for upwards of a decade now. There are countless gems out there that don't get the exposure they deserve because of weak branding or lack of love from the algorithm and you concave-head shit-for-brains motherfuckers are flaunting this bitch who gave NOTHING just because she has enough brand power to get a gorillion free subs from devolved monkeys whose neurons activate the moment they see "Holo."

I have nothing against her herself, but fuck you're not making it easy to not want for her to get Aloe'd just so the channel could be as dead as the subs.

>> No.6216817

vsinger thread? vsinger thread.


>> No.6216938

How to spot nijifags
>w....who cares about numbers

>> No.6216998

she sings and sounds strangely erotic and cool, then she speaks and sounds dorky

>> No.6217017

Subs don't matter. For all of Gura's subs she still can't beat Pekora

>> No.6217049

...You don't have to "jump ship" to watch both

>> No.6217059

I'm subscribed to all hololive members, but honestly, I believe Elira will be more entertaining than IRyS. Bet.

>> No.6217080

in singing mode her voice is pure sex, then she just messes around when chatting.

>> No.6217139

honestly true. I love this dragon though. She's the kind of EN Girl we needed at this point in time since Hololive doesn't have EN Version of Okayu yet.

>> No.6217154


She has a really good voice, but I hate when she tries to add "flourishes" to her singing, I am completely ignorant to singing so dont know the term, but her singing "adlibs" like "wooowowo" "aiaiaooo". I think it just makes her sound like a really bad RnB singer. So when she sings "straight" I love it, but she loses me so quick when she tries to add cream to it.

>> No.6217168

I'd like to see them try

>> No.6217171

and she plays games as long as Korone, she's honestly my favorite EN by far. Then Pomu, but the dragon has it all for me.

>> No.6217189

On one hand, they combed through countless auditions to pick ONE girl that they thought was the best for the Vsinger. On the other hand, I feel like she may end up being boring and her singing might be generic. I hope she's good like Elira is.

>> No.6217217

numberfags will always be numberfags. let them be. once you're done posting in this thread remember to take a deep breath <3

>> No.6217219

This is actually kind of sad. What was Nijisanji thinking? NijiEN was a mistake. Only contrarians who think they are cool for hating things that are popular watch them.

>> No.6217267

she messes around when doing karaoke, here is elira doing 2 diff voices in the same song:


>> No.6217283

Her design really bothers me (reminds me of high school emo shit). Which is a shame because her content is fun

>> No.6217353

>it just makes her sound like a really bad RnB singer
kek it does make her sound a bit trashy. Still like it and her

>> No.6217380

because Gura is the most popular hololive girl ever with currently basically DOUBLE the amount of subscribers of the 2nd place. Of course you'd see a lot of numberfags around. Cumbuds even numberfag against other holomembers. Glad I'm not a devout Cumbud, maybe i should unsubscribe to Gura at this point.

>> No.6217438

142k with 0 videos is pretty damn amazing.
imagine how many subs she would have when she farts on stream

>> No.6217471

what an embarrassing company, i honestly feel bad for their livers they deserve so much more than this

>> No.6217614

Holy Nijicope. I'm not going to shit on any Niji vtuber though. I just feel sad that they ended up in there instead of Hololive.

>> No.6217714

Oh go fuck yourself, Niji is as guilty as Holo when it comes to this shit.
There's no way Ibrahim's 3D deserved the audience it got.

>> No.6217771

1 hour of gambling and he made a ton of money, 100% deserved.

>> No.6217806

>Is she herself as good as Elira, though?
Yes, she is in Hololive which automatically makes her better. Hololive is the big leagues and if Elira was good enough she would be in Hololive too. She couldn't hack it though.

>> No.6217808

She could easily coast to 500k on brand power alone even if she never debuted or posted any content at all. This is definite proof of Nijisanji's inferiority as a company, and it boggles my mind why anyone would still bother with their vtubers after this.

>> No.6217816

When will she play drakengard 3

>> No.6217855

She's a huge Nijifag, though.

>> No.6217880

>having a preference means insulting the other girls
For a cast as large as Niji has, this mentality is retarded.

>> No.6217912

I honestly find it hard to believe they would pick Kiara over Elira or Pomu

Elira is so much better it isn't even funny.

>> No.6217951

meanwhile here is Kanae with 700k subs. Poor guy, not even at 1 mil.

>> No.6217957

none of lazulight had any content creation experience at all when holoen had auditions

>> No.6217960

And? I'm a big fan of my local minor league baseball team but if given the chance to play for them or the New York Yankees I think the choice is obvious.

>> No.6218005

Since gen 4 debut

>> No.6218056

>our superiority
This is your mind on corporate dicksucking. Sad.

>> No.6218061

I don't know enough about baseball, but comparing Nijisanji to anything "minor league" is pretty stupid even if you're a tribalist.

>> No.6218152

The numbers are right there, you tell me whose are bigger. And I don't give a fuck what you call me anymore. My tribe is beating the shit out of yours and it's beautiful.

>> No.6218196

please don't, I'm not ready to audition yet

>> No.6218272

Dude numbers! Endagme is the best movie ever and Twilight is the best book ever! Numbers don't lie after all.

Tribaltards are beyond hope holy shit.

>> No.6218283

I was told Nijisanji was not relevant.

>> No.6218299

Oh boy, I want to listen to some Irys's songs right now, oh wait...
If her singing is amazing, I will definitely give her a sub. At the moment, it's brand loyalty and bandwagon nonsense

>> No.6218316

That's... that's like the weakest cover of Ikenai Borderline I've ever seen

>> No.6218336

It's more like there is Niji and Holo and then everything else being not even close if we are talking about overall companies. Like the next biggest agency last month after Niji earned 10% what they did superchat.

>> No.6218362

How do numbershitters cope about literal nobodies raping their entire corporation?

>> No.6218377

Both Hololive and Nijisanji streamers:
>plays the FOTM game + minecraft
>do random member-only shit
They're all the fucking same thing, jesus christ. Tribalfags are fucking cancerous.

>> No.6218384

Maybe Manjisanji should have released some EN males instead, I'm sure they would have been more popular considering how much Manjisanjicucks love to watch males

>> No.6218407

So by your logic Nyanners is better than 95% of Hololive?

>> No.6218412

I don't even get that, I saw that and it's literally nothing special, bad karaoke tier. Risu is literally 10x better.

>> No.6218429

of course it's a fucking male, kek

>> No.6218496

Stop posting on 4channel Risu.

>> No.6218811

NijiEN is unironically playing a lot of games Holos never touch. Fina's The Medium stream was her best so far.

>> No.6218859

Silence, numberfag

>> No.6218893

>Not EuroTruck Sim
It was one huge woman moment and it was hilarious.

>> No.6218894

But the numbers! They're higher! That means she's literally better!!!!!

>> No.6218927

nijiniggers can't catch a break

>> No.6218936

>literal nobodies
You just said it yourself. Irys will destroy your luckshitter indie's sub count before she even debuts, and Hololive's views combined far surpass anything she's put out. She'll never have Hololive's relevance no matter how hard you seethe.

>> No.6218950

Anya soul>>>>>pomu souless

>> No.6218979

I don't even get it. It's just a stupid anime song, and that version of railgun sucked dick.

>> No.6218992

that's why cover gotta beat them with EN homos, show them who rules the west

>> No.6218998

Imagine being proud about having a million dead subs.

>> No.6219111

yeah imagine...

>> No.6219143

If I cared about subs i'd be watching the awful shark instead of Pekora

>> No.6219159

Why is it always latam cuntries

>> No.6219230

Shonenshit and endless civil wars burned their brains.

>> No.6219321

I'm glad in a way they're more niche, less faggots shitting up the live chat

>> No.6219340

EN Nijiguys will blow up like Dream or Corpse Husband, and Cover will forever seethe that they didn't make EN Homos first.

>> No.6219387

The fact that Kiara has 1 million subs is proof that sub numbers do not represent quality whatsoever.

>> No.6219474

Correct, I can't believe she only has 1 million when she shoud have like 10 million.

>> No.6219479

>1 million subs
>10k average viewers

People just sub to Hololive then don't watch anything except for 2 minute clips.

>> No.6219483

The fact shit threads like this even stick around is embarassing.
It's no different to shitty fanboy threads on the likes of /v/.
Fuck off tribalfuckers.

>> No.6219484

I hope the 3 nijiENs never blow up so their chat stays amazing like it is right now.

enjoy your "HI HONEY" and chang spam and other garbage.

>> No.6219526

Only assblasted nijiniggers bitch about tribalchads. The holo tribe is winning on every metric, and it feels amazing to be on the winners' side. If Niji was on top, you'd be the exact same.

>> No.6219542

>OP tries to bait all the tribalfags
>it is nijisanji tribalfags who show up on this thread
really makes you think

>> No.6219546

>only low iq people resort to tribalism
I didnt say that you stupid retard, you cant even read words

Youre literally low iq

>> No.6219566

>winners side
you have accomplished literally nothing, you are a fan of a virtual shark or whatever the fuck.

>> No.6219567

Press F to dab on the Nijikeks

>> No.6219571

Stupid nijiniggers piss me off, mentally disabled, low iq subhumans, cant even read

>> No.6219588

Especially considering that Holo-anti threads get deleted within 50 posts, but Niji-anti threads like this one regularly hit the bump limit. I don’t get why the “no flamewars” rule seemingly applies only to /v/, considering every other board has them.

>> No.6219682

I said fucking HIGH IQ give their opinion >>>>>REGARDLESS<<<<< OF APPEALING TO TRIBALISM OR NOT

Holy shit you dumb low iq retard you cant even fucking read Im absolutely pissed

>> No.6219706

Anyone became nijifag after they got rejected from hololive

>> No.6219765

I support the company that dabs on yours. I'm contributing to something I'm invested in. I don't need to be the direct beneficiary here to feel like a winner, and when your oshi graduates because of us I'm gonna love knowing how much you'll feel like a loser.

>> No.6219776

How much money did the holos make today, btw?

wait, i'll show you.

>> No.6219779

>> No.6219806

"because of us"

Hololive hasn't done that. However...Aloe...oops!

>> No.6219877

I'm so glad I picked the winning team. Holochad for life. I can't imagine resorting to watching Nijisanji.

>> No.6219898


>> No.6219952


>> No.6219955

believe me, we're very happy you don't shit up the chat. now go fuck off and spam KUSA and YAB in your chat that you can't even understand.

>> No.6219978

right? join anykara means being stalked till graduation

>> No.6219982

no, this is funny.

>> No.6219983

Hololive indirectly causes graduations in Nijisanji. "I've achieved everything I set out to achieve" is code for "my vtubing career is stagnant here, I made a mistake in my choice of companies". Holochads also stalked L*l* out of Nijisanji. These are victories, not things to be ashamed of.

>> No.6220024

How are Coco and Haachama doing these days, or Shion? Hey, maybe Ayame might stream 12 times this year.

>> No.6220030

good you know that only jp nijis are worthy, en failures will never get a 3D

>> No.6220061

>rejected from hololive
She's the only NijiEN who wasn't, actually.
Pomu and Fish are the Hololive rejects, though that says more about Cover than them. Imagine picking Kiara or Mori instead of Pomu.

>> No.6220075

It's very relevant, for fujos.

>> No.6220077


>> No.6220089

Everyone, this is why nijiniggers are failing, hololive are futurists and innovators while these losers are short sighted.
Nijiniggers, keep living on that well that you've put yourselves in.

>> No.6220107

why are KFP like this?

>> No.6220113

why isn't Pekora getting many akasupas lately?

>> No.6220120

>picking healthy people instead of a girl with expiry date
seems based

>> No.6220123

Holotards are the equivalent of PewDiePie or Jacksepticeye fans. I don't understand why you'd unironically be proud of watching normie-tier streamers

>> No.6220173

>Mori and Kiara
Not in ways that truly matter.
There's your mistake. They don't.

>> No.6220175

Will be back better than ever.
Will be back better than ever.
About to hit 1mil subs without even streaming. Lemme make you a list of all the nijis capable of the same.

>> No.6220184

>behold! our fanbase is made up of faggots and roasties
is this the power of niji?

>> No.6220190

Imagine being such a brainless sheep, that you subscribe to a channel not because you like the streamer, which you know nothing about, but because of the brand. Not only that, but actually being proud of it as well.

>> No.6220199


>> No.6220222

>just consume brand and enjoy brand
it's literally iSheep and Applefags.

>> No.6220257

>n-not in ways that truly m-matter
is this how nijibronies cope about your dying whore?

>> No.6220266

blame holofags, they're fucked in the head

>> No.6220275

Mori & Kiara have experience in content creation, Pomu have what? Breast cancer?

>> No.6220294

blame nijiniggers, they are mentally ill

>> No.6220336

Look at you, seething over the winning brand. You think you're so righteous, but everyone's laughing at you, joyless nijinigger.

>> No.6220337

177 posts, 77 ips. makes you think.

>> No.6220421

no one thinks at all on this board

>> No.6220464

i bet only 2 of them are niji while the rest are falseflagging for shit and giggles

>> No.6220465

it's true, thats why you get favela dwellers who think they "win" with a bigger sub count, despite the fact there are 5k indies that are better than the fucking chicken who is awful.

>> No.6220655

>making fun of cancer patients just to feel better about your favorite cartoon anime girl
Is this really what Hololive fans are like nowadays? I don’t remember them being this toxic a few months ago.

>> No.6220735

Neck yourself, tribalfag

>> No.6220744

Nijis always get 3d after hitting 100k. All EN will have 3d.

>> No.6220817

There's even better chickens when you look at the ones lower down.
Kuku is amazing and the fact that she doesn't even have 100K after nearly a year and a half is one of the most compelling arguments against numberfaggotry that I can think of.

>> No.6220890

>Hasn't debuted
>Hasn't posted
>Know nothing about her
>Blindly sub
What the fuck is wrong with thrle hololive fanbase?

>> No.6220915


cope harder fucking faggot lol

>> No.6220927

Cool insinuation nijinigger, but okay, we'll be like that if it helps soothe your inferiority complex. We'll throw a party when your holoEN reject croaks, and you can blame yourself for it.

>> No.6220944

>inb4 she's some fucking japanese shitty bitch that has "DO YOU RRRRRIKE IT" accent

hololive faggots will like anything the chinese overlords at clover will shit in their throats

>> No.6220969

nijiniggers, kneel!

>> No.6220990

>get toxic replies after making toxic comments
you are a retard anon

>> No.6221001

How will that work? Are they going to fly all the girls out to JP?

>> No.6221013

speaking of chinese overlords, how much cum did your oshi gargle today from bilibili?

>> No.6221014

this entire board is pretty shit anon
I expected nothing less

>> No.6221018

that Hana 3D looks really good huh, overseas branches dont get 3d with exception of vr cause they are own by b2

>> No.6221024

No, I would say the same for a "Nijinigger" also, judge them before subscribing fools.

>> No.6221042

>wanting someone to get cancer over disliking a company
this board hits new lows every day. And no, Pomu doesn't have cancer.

>> No.6221076

go back to your hugbox

>> No.6221077

Why does this matter?

>> No.6221085


probably not as much as all the fans worshipping literal slaves who are not even allowed to say certain words and have absolute fake personalities lol

enjoy ur great fabricated streams

>> No.6221087

hugbox? you want someone to die because you dislike nijisanji?

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