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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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>Elira isn't sweaty

>> No.6205844

dragon not sweaty

>> No.6205847

Incoming sleeping ASMR

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>> No.6205874

>Elira considering Apex or morning karaoke
stream addict

>> No.6205886

>no more stinky sweaty dragon

>> No.6205898

We were so fucking close to her pulling an hero bros, real fucking shame it did not happen. Elira and Finana would finally be free of this deadweight.

>> No.6205900

Look at this sweaty stinky dragon
This musky hot dragon
This moisty smelly dragon
This drippy funky dragon
This sticky wet dragon
This odorous muggy dragon
This steamy soaked dragon
This fragrant damp dragon
This aromatic weeping dragon
This dewy odoriferous dragon

>> No.6205924

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.6205939

Pomu had fun playing Minecraft, sorry.

>> No.6205990

Boy, all those APEX JOKES sure were funny,

>> No.6206012

Anon, I...

>> No.6206021

>Elira is going to play today for like 15 hours no break

>> No.6206030

Can't wait for Apex in an hour.

>> No.6206040

What a shame. But worry not, brother. We're gonna be free of this bitch coming August, at least for a few days. It's better than nothing I guess.

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>> No.6206056

She's gonna be sweaty as fuck after that marathon

>> No.6206065

Elira kissed me goodnight.

>> No.6206077

I'm sad Pomu didn't get to go to Kanae's discord sleepover...

>> No.6206091

I love Pomu

>> No.6206098

Don’t reply to bait anon

>> No.6206109

Wasn't Pomu planning to tell her boss about part-timing last week?

>> No.6206111

Good luck with the dead hours anons

>> No.6206113

That just means she'll have to host her own sleepover once she's free of the wagie life.

>> No.6206116


>> No.6206123

Elira LOVE

>> No.6206133

>once she's free of the wagie life.
So never?

>> No.6206145

so are you guys excited to see pomu collab again with the world renown artist, Da Pomky tomorrow?

>> No.6206148

That was fun getting to watch all three girls consecutively. But with that comes dead hours, see you at the next stream.

>> No.6206149

If you consider a serious opinion bait, you're the problem, anon. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies and unity. Fuck this bullshit.

>> No.6206171

Stop samefagging and take your meds or I'll come find you Carol.

>> No.6206189

Instead of messing with bait during dead hours, you can watch Hada suffering in Mario! She's absolutely shit at it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKMI4rriLmA

>> No.6206196

Get the fuck out of here newthreadfag, you're quoting people with different IP. Go take your meds.

>> No.6206205

New EN-subbed JP clip on the Nijisanji English Official Channel!


>> No.6206214

Nobody wants that flattie, Pomu literally lost genetic lottery

>> No.6206231

Unity! Tribalfags hate to see it!

>> No.6206238

rumao nah, fuck that fairy bitch, i'll be watching my dragonwife ELIRA all day

>> No.6206271

The CHAD Finana vs the beta redditor:

>> No.6206276

Shellin has such good chemistry with girls, how does he do it

>> No.6206279

The unity I want only has Elira and Finana in it. The deadweight can go die from her cancer from all I care.

>> No.6206281

Why do you keep changing your IP Carol? Your boyfriend is gonna be mad when he finds out you got his VPN banned from 4chan again. Do you really think such a simple trick would convince anyone you're not samefagging?

>> No.6206304

Please stop replying to bait, the shitposters reply to themselves and each other enough. :(

>> No.6206327

Three three are so great together, looking forward to more collabs

>> No.6206340

How the fuck Carol becomes Pumi-anti anyway? What did Pomu do?

>> No.6206346

she def found a warosu page

>> No.6206363

To be fair I think she posts on reddit the most out of all of them.

>> No.6206366

yeah, one of the first posts is someone saying how much they wanna fuck pomu's thighs
no surprise there.

>> No.6206373

Pomu's the one who reported her to the FBI and got her groomer Discord shut down.

>> No.6206386


>> No.6206399

Nothing Pomu did herself. Tripfags in /wvt/ were posting Pomu pics and Carol took offense to it.

>> No.6206433

I love these three!

>> No.6206442

Got a screenshot? And by Carol you're talking about that pedophile right?

>> No.6206489

Carol is what each and every anti pomudachi/pomu is called. God knows if the real Carol lurks here or not since that audio posted here a couple days ago is quite old.

>> No.6206533

that guy that did those group illustrations of 1st and 2nd gen JP in formal dress did a nice Elira

>> No.6206631

Holy smokes this is great

>> No.6206646

imageboard, post the image my friend

>> No.6206681

Dragon thighs... hidden dragon chest...

>> No.6206783

I have sent Super Chats and chats to so many Vtubers and never had a problem sending a message. Even if it was cringe, I just accepted it and didn't let it bother me. But I am genuinely intimidated by Elira for some reason. I don't know why, but she's just so confident and has this energy to her that just intimidates me. I'll type something out and then delete it immediately afterwards because I'm worried about how she'll take it. I don't understand, she's not even my oshi.

>> No.6206811

The two most likely candidates for EN2 are Sachimu and Fuzuki Miki. The third one's a wildcard, though I doubt it's Hazard Hornet.

>> No.6206883

HH reincarnated as a babiniku with a horrible voice changer. He isn't Wave2.

>> No.6206884

I can see Miki but wouldn't Sachimu be a bit popular? 1 million youtube subs. No idea how popular they were as a streamer though.

>> No.6206887

Which one is the closest to being Mito/Pomu tier?

>> No.6206892

you can rest assured, faggot Honert became babiniku now

>> No.6206928

> Sachimu and Fuzuki Miki
I think they will be holoEN2 if anything

>> No.6207160

Of those two? Miki.

>> No.6207166

Shachimu's graduation is recent so HoloEN2 is more likely.

>> No.6207195

Sachimu, maybe, I don't know her stuff well enough but 1mil seems like a ticket into Holo.
But Miki, I disagree. While she is cute and a bit entertaining, she doesn't have anything that elevates her to Holo-tier. She's just decent at some games, not really an artist, can't really sing, nothing that makes he really stand out like HoloEN1 has.

>> No.6207227

so, like watson?

>> No.6207259

>She's just decent at some games, not really an artist, can't really sing
That's just Gura.

>> No.6207286

Ahhh yes, the "years of experience" that amount to nothing if you're talentless...regular employers sure like that shit

>> No.6207327

You guys think they'll announce something on the spicy noodles stream?

>> No.6207341

Ame has a lot of experience and is a tech wizard, and comes up with many new and unique ways to entertain a crowd.
Plus, there weren't too many indies in the EN scene with experience back during HoloEN1 auditions. Nowadays, there are a ton of EN indies who have been streaming for months, so nowadays you would need more than just streaming experience to stand out in Holo auditions.

>> No.6207352

Pomu's death

>> No.6207354

Memberships probably

>> No.6207391

They'll announce that they need water______________ The writing on the ceiling of my room told me so.

>> No.6207392

Maybe they have been teasing big plans for a while. But I doubt it would be any huge company driven type announcement in a stream like that. Perhaps membership like already suggested.

>> No.6207460

Finana hinted that they had something to announce when asked about using Lazulight decals on her truck, but wasn't sure if she could talk about it. Sounds like their memberships are ready and will come with professional stream layouts and logos and stuff.

>> No.6207500

Probably memberships. At this point I've given up on the gen 2 announcement.

>> No.6207513

2 months for the shit that should've been unveiled in the first month while the iron was still hot. If only fairy bitch didn't drag the team down NijiEN could have been so much bigger now...

>> No.6207554

They weren't waiting for 100k to do memberships. They were waiting for emotes and layouts to be finished. According to Pomu/Finana their stuff is done but they're waiting for Elira. Blame the sweaty stinky dragon for commissioning busy artists I guess.

>> No.6207593


>> No.6207632

Did any of them actually explicitly say they were waiting for her? I've heard Pomu say they were waiting until everyone was ready a while back but I don't remember her mentioning Elira.

>> No.6207679

Finana also said she was waiting for everyone else while Elira hasn't addressed it. It could be they were just waiting for the 100k celebration to announce, it's just funnier to blame Elira. It's obviously not actually her fault even if her artist was behind schedule.

>> No.6207692

Cuddling with Elira! Playing with her little ear wings! Kissing her before you both fall asleep!

>> No.6207699

they'll try but the spice will reduce the announcement down to a incomprehensible gargle

>> No.6207708

Finana said her stuff was done too. So they've been waiting on Elira.

>> No.6207716

Who do you want to be in Nijisanji's Male Division?

YDCB + Siri but I dunno if he would have the same chemistry with his coworkers as Lazulight does.
I really hope they don't go for fujo pandering or BFE

>> No.6207733

Did you get banned? Thank fucking god.

>> No.6207741

No I want BFE.

>> No.6207747

smooth announcer voice

>> No.6207765


>> No.6207843

Still hoping for papa macchia

>> No.6207846

I don't really follow much male English content that would work in a vtuber context. I'll be happy if they are just genuinely entertaining, funny and have tolerable voices though. Wouldn't mind if at least some of them were good at singing. Some of the guys in NijiJP have great covers.

>> No.6207895

kek I was right >>6206171

I don't really have any opinions on specific people I want in Nijibros but they should definitely go for guys that are good at singing and aren't autistic gamers. I'm not sure how Kuzuha does it but most people aren't attracted to dudes who spend 12 hours a day raging at mobas or whatever. Ideally someone that has more interesting hobbies than an average Twitch streamer.

>> No.6208003

someone like kaida would be great
nice voice, plays guitar, great reactions, and fun to bully

>> No.6208036

You guys are probably gonna shit on me for this, but what the hell is up with Elira's laugh sounding like Kiara recently? I swear to god she did not sound like this last week. MAKE IT STOP I hate that bitch.

>> No.6208044

Kuzuha grabs the guys attention by being responsive to chat when playing, being decent at what he plays (minus mobas funnily enough) and not being overly gay (that's delegated to the gay channel). He grabs the girls attention by being endearingly retarded and doing business teetee.
I feel like an EN Kaida would be received extremely poorly, bully-able male English streamers are usually bold and retarded not meek

>> No.6208048

>Ideally someone that has more interesting hobbies than an average Twitch streamer.
Yeah, I have to agree with you there. YDCB's E7 videos were god-tier but it's not like he can pull off edited videos on stream and his typical streams are quite average.
I don't think singing should be a big deal though. I watch NJ for a lot more freedom in what they can talk about and their interactions with each other.
I watched every single one of their collabs when I can't say the same for HoloEN even when they were the only ones on the scene.

>> No.6208195

The thing about good singers is for some reason they're really endearing. It's one of the few talents that can make people instantly fall in love with you regardless of looks or anything else. It's not so much that I'm interested in singing content but if you want to break the barrier of EN male vtubers it'd be ideal to grab someone that can sing well so people like and respect him as something more than just another NEET gamer streamer.

>> No.6208204


>> No.6208313

Which JP will be the first to have a one on one collab?

>> No.6208331

I'm not sure if you can apply twitch streamer standards to them. Popular JP facecam streamers are mostly hype commentators but JP male chuubas who make it are more diverse. Avatar shifts the appeal. NijiEN will have to invent what it means to be an EN male chuuba as they go probably.

>> No.6208347

Not one on one but Amamiya introducing LazuLight to the JP Minecraft server.

>> No.6208371

I don't know any male vtubers, but I want someone to cover the car niche who would talk about Initial D, car mods, JDM and such, and another guy to be a high level gamer at fps, fighting games, or rhythm games.

>> No.6208405

Oh I'd love that. Broken Mya english

>> No.6208488

Dunno anything about western Vtubers in general. I just don't want any of those anime dub faggots or twitter monsters trying to get in.

>> No.6208507


>> No.6208567

Yeah that thing, no thanks.

>> No.6208646

Speaking of male vtubers Bonniver is going to be streaming soon

>> No.6208647

but anon... I want BFE...

even better if it leads to a fish collab where they basically fuck on stream...

>> No.6208649

I hope we can get one or several bishonen designs instead of obsessively making male design as nonconventional or quirky as possible. I have no idea why some people think "manlier"/more bara design or weirder ones will be more successful.

>> No.6208666

At the current rythm, probably none

>> No.6208702

i brought up kaida since he's skilled (in both music and voice acting) and he has quite a large female fanbase.

also i don't know anyone in niji who's both bold and also good at singing.
maybe joe? but i don't watch him other than when he's mc-ing so im not sure

>> No.6208722

Sometimes I wonder if Elira is a dragon or a chicken. But there's one thing I know for sure. She's cute. https://streamable.com/7mbwzz

>> No.6208744

Still waiting for demo_d or sseth to join. They’re both kinda autistic and have niche interests but they’re funny af.

>> No.6208761

Man, people are full on attack to nijien today with the vsinger announcement. Why holofags care so much about numbers and to put nijisanji down? The NijiEN girls are doing great in their own pacing but they really act like a war or some shit.
I wasn't here until half 2020, was it that bad before or is this just 4chan being 4chan?

And can someone help with this terrible captcha lol

>> No.6208772

This dude: https://voca.ro/1hvSrV0CYo7R

>> No.6208826

Why do you care about what's happening in their threads anyway?

>> No.6208836

I just heard 4 seconds of it and I already want it.

>> No.6208848

Pls anon...

>> No.6208860

It's funny because they don't even watch their existing VSinger, AZKi. All of sudden VSinger is a big deal when no one has even heard this girl sing yet.

>> No.6208868

You know I used to be all happy and excited thinking in upcoming vtubers.
But lately it's pretty much impossible for me to feel like that again, I gave up on them. I no longer have expectations.

Not long ago I did a list of things I would like for these new chuubas to have: Interesting designs, great voice, good taste, type of content, talents, streaming schedule, etc.
And I also did a list of shit I would hate, things of reasons for me to either not bother or drop them. Then I tried to make a mix: Would I enjoy a vtuber if he's a cool dude, does not fuck around, streams a lot and has a chad design but has the ugliest wimpiest of voices? Or would I enjoy this fuckboy that plays everything I like but can't stop spamming twitch cancer in chat or make abhorrent tweets?

After so much thinking I eventually decided in 3 things I would like to see in the next EN wave (Or any future vtuber): No twitch cancer culture, no twitter faggotry and no political bullshit.
That's all I ask. You can be boring, have a god awful voice, have the most cursed content, stream in the worst hours, etc. But if you don't any of those 3 things I mentioned I'll be dropping money often.
And well as you can tell this is impossible nowadays.

>> No.6208874

Sometimes 4chan puts a reality check to me I guess and makes me down to like nijisanji vtubers. I'm maybe too autistic over it.

>> No.6208881

It’s 4chan just ignore them. 90% of this board is Holo and the rest are indies and Niji.

>> No.6208893

Jesus just saw Fish's retweets of those waggie and Pomu missing the collab memes. Fish really is an introverted NEET to the tee. She can't read the room at all.

>> No.6208898

sseth as a vtuber would be based

>> No.6208927

funny I just watched that "Golden Voice" guy last night and it still blows me away.
He stays on his words as if they were a platform though doesn't he. Is that a voice acting trick?

>> No.6208942


>> No.6208950

I like both of them on their own but as a vtuber they'd be dogshit especially under a brand.

>> No.6208983

If you're part of a holocult you're obliged to hate anything nijisanji related and have to pray to a number god

>> No.6208998

Did Elira say who they played card games with? It's probably with indies no? Since she didn't mention any names.

>> No.6209005

She's clearly been a kusogaki from a start

>> No.6209029

Holofans are aware that many of the most utterly craven, subhuman antis to their brand are Japanese niji fans and associate them with us very strongly. Even though basically all of us have nothing at all to do with them. Basically just guilt by association. It'd be like asking them to stop hating China for Coco.

>> No.6209048

Finana said it was with Niji JP, ID, and KR, and also mentioned Kanae by name. Also mentioned Gartic Phone and I think something similar to Scribblio.

>> No.6209051

Both Finana and Elira said they were senpais, so it was niji livers. Finana also mentioned Kanae and that it was a mix from JP, KR, and ID.

>> No.6209056

Haha imagine liking Elira but being in EU so most of her streams are in the dead of night for you so you can't catch them and then the archives are so long you barely have time to go through them... haha couldn't be me...

>> No.6209130

Do you think not getting stickies for EN wave 1 and Lulu is better than getting them? The meidos here are clearly biased towards hololive, but it may have helped not attract unwanted attention

>> No.6209136

Ohh that's nice, good to know that they play with other branches even if it's not streamed.

>> No.6209154

Stickies are cancer.

>> No.6209163

Makes me wonder if there is another international collab in the works.

>> No.6209166

If Pomu really had a problem with Finana doing that, she would have told her and she wouldn't be doing it. Same with Elira always bring up Pomu's job and lack of time to stream. They are good friends and Pomu most likely knows that they don't mean any harm in it.

>> No.6209170

Yeah, and that's why Pomu was feeling so down today. This is the third international interaction she's had to miss out on due to having to be a wage slave...

>> No.6209180

>be Hololive fan
>one of my favorite vtubers gets harassed into graduation by shitty antis
>later get into Nijisanji
>get blamed by the same fanbase I was a part of because they want "revenge"
It's all so tiresome, all this blind hate. I just want to enjoy vtubers.

>> No.6209193

Japanese niji fans aka 5ch anti thread dwellers? Right.

>> No.6209197

Honestly most people demanding stickies are just falseflaggers. Nijis getting stickies in a board with 90% Holo traffic is just begging for threadshitters. Not worth it at all.

>> No.6209214

She's doing EU friendly stream today tho

>> No.6209229

Pomu is sleeping. I'm sure she will be ecstatic to see these considering she's been eating her heart out about this all day and was clearly upset during Elira's Minecraft.

>> No.6209241

Alright faggots tell me if I started yesterday but should I drop this or not right now? I'm making a parody video of this:
I want to believe you guys are familiar with this shit before you flame me
>I'm replacing Wojak with Pomu
>Changing all the McDonalds shit with OL related stuff.
>All crypto is going to be replaced with discord invites and DMs talking about collabs or playing minecraft
>Music might be swapped to some emotional anison instead
So you guys think this might end up being offensive instead? I thought this was a good idea to have some giggles and shit but the more I work on it the more I feel that maybeeee I don't want to do something that could potentially hurt Pomu or other gals man I'm dumb that's why I'm asking in this mongolian basket waving club

>> No.6209245

I have more or less adjusted to my changed sleep schedule now. Sleep after work until streams start.

>> No.6209269

Do it

>> No.6209273

>Why do shitposters shitpost?
Yes, I wonder why? Especially on this board which is the breeding ground for the lowest of the low. Most people who actually enjoy things don't partake in shitflinging and numberfags are hated everywhere. Not like even this thread is safe from comparing branches and companies. Doesn't it feel good to "stick it to the man" and be the winning underdog? I understand that mindset even if I don't agree with it at all.

>> No.6209293

they arent aware of shit, 99% of this board cant read japanese
its all a greatly exaggerated boogeyman
the biggest holo antis are holofans themselves

>> No.6209298

Do it.

>> No.6209329

why do these fairies always have such a huge problem with minecraft addiction...? Seffyna (the Nijisanji K-Fairy) is playing minecraft right now.


though i don't know how the other nijisanji fairy, Eli Conifer, feels about minecraft so hm...

>> No.6209332

If Anikara wants more attention from here they know who to find. Or well, rather at the very least Pomu has connections, absurdly lucky ones.

Really though actually s.meido knows us more than we give credit for I think. He probably didn't feel like aiming the crushing supermajority of Holo fans of this board at Niji like a damn laser in a sticky. NijiEN probably was being really-really closely considered but people here really did not want it and nobody was really certain how big or not they'd really be since prior to EN, Nijis here were an extremely small fraction of discussion, less than 1%, and it was unknown at the time how many passerby Holo fans would take an interest in these debuts or just use the sticky to throw tomatoes.

Now though, now things are a bit different, Lazu got its foot in the door for real and isn't Holo-tier amazeballs but is still decently successful, actually very successful for having none of the clipfag viral infrastructure set up for the company that had buffed Holo in the West for well over a year prior to their ENs. So NijiEN2 may be a possible sticky target. We will see.

>> No.6209382

Elira has the best singing voice, it's pure sex. I like Pomu but Elira is something else. And this was an unplanned stream after hours of Apex.


>> No.6209392

yep, and a majority of this board are EOPs as well. That includes me.

>> No.6209398

Seffyna Pomu collab when?
Oh wait she missed that group call so probably never.

>> No.6209409

It's okay, 4chan niji fanbase hates EN with passion too.

>> No.6209431

Whenever KR actually go on the World server again, which is likely not going to happen for a long while since their own KR servers have quite a lot of projects right now and everyone there is content to just chill there.

A song cover collab would be really neat though...

>> No.6209462

Stop ban evading Carol

>> No.6209473

Elira has just the type of voice that I love. But the real selling point is her going WHAT in the middle of a song when she encounters lyrics she doesn't remember. Actually her going WHAT is funny no matter what stream it is.

>> No.6209489

She's always like "I can't do high notes" and then she does stuff like this:

>> No.6209496

Two vtubers enter, one leaves...

>> No.6209497

You don't say. I began with kizuna, mirai akari and many of the ogs. Watched for two years, stopped, came back with holo in 2019, began to watch nijisanji in 2020 and now in 2021 I'm fed up with holo fans in general with how everything goes back to holo. I really only like mostly the older holo fans who don't watch just hololive and tried other jp vtubers, but most of the newer holo fans are really insufferable.

There's problems with the niji fanbase in the west but at least most from what I saw are more into other vtubers in general and know the scene.

>> No.6209515

You guys know what time it is.

It's time for your daily dose of APEX anon!


>> No.6209519

>/nijisanji/ having enough energy to hate something with passion
Please at least try to make your falseflags believable.

>> No.6209526

Gambatte Chii-chan

>> No.6209557

I really really wanted them to say with who they were playing. Even sent a superchat about that lol

>> No.6209583

Of course they are not going to tell you man, what they do in their private lives does not concern us.

>> No.6209614

Nah they just hate (You)

>> No.6209654

you can pretend to hide behind the Carol posting but we know it's you Carol

>> No.6209672

Bringing people up like that when it doesn't really have much relevance to anything is just creating bother and maybe even a little unprofessional I think. You are going to get people constantly bringing up the people you mention in your chat asking when you are going to collab with them and people who even go across to their chat to being like I heard you played with X off stream.

>> No.6209685

Have you been in the /jp/ threads around EN announcement at all?

>> No.6209713

pic related is minecraft thumbnail

>> No.6209764

I don't think it's the right place for it to be to begin with. We get more posts in this thread in a couple of hours than they get in a couple of days. It would just be EN overtaking their thread.

>> No.6209769

/jp threads
well there is your problem bud

>> No.6209825


>> No.6209838

Posting "EOPs were always a mistake" a couple of times doesn't constitute hating with passion. That entire thread is 90% links to streams, twitter and art and the only spikes of activity they get are during event streams and when shitposters start samefagging.

>> No.6209873

Kek how did I miss this shit. Maybe I should start watching Apex...

>> No.6209877

I love this dumb stinky dragon so much bros

>> No.6210002

I understand now, although I still got kanae, but it makes me wonder why they bring it up if they know it's going to instigate curiosity

>> No.6210018

I love my trucker mermaid wife! I hope she streams the game again.

>> No.6210072

Elira talked about it because the chat mentioned it and the chat knew about it because Finana went on details and the chat asked Finana because Pomu told everyone what (little) she knew.

>> No.6210120

do you think they are the people who spam this board with shitty baits and anti threads

>> No.6210178

"I'll reply to replies on this tweet until I get sleepy"
"I'd like to see you interact with NIJISANJI_EN"
"I'll think about it"
(i just translated all that using DeepL)

I can't wait to see Ojou and Finana bond with their crippling gambling addiction!

>> No.6210211

She has been in Finana's chat before when she was playing Genshin.

>> No.6210242

Is the EN branch popular in Japan?

>> No.6210285

It's not "my problem" because I don't have one with EN branches, but the long standing vtuber threads do. "Western twitch ethots" have always been looked down upon by all three threads. I'm bringing this up because board culture doesn't equate to personal tastes and making blanket statements about fanbases is peak retardation in this case. And shitposters aren't liked anywhere.

>> No.6210304

Ojou and Finana...that would be awesome.

>> No.6210317

Only Elira, barely. I'll consider EN as a whole as popular in Japan when Japanese fanartists actually start drawing more than just Elira.

>> No.6210345

5ch anti thread loves pomu

>> No.6210367

... what? why though?

>> No.6210399

Because who doesn't love Pomy?

>> No.6210410

Legit worried she'll permanently damage her brain or get DVT for playing that much.

>> No.6210454

Yeah they don't want a repeat of what happened to /jp/ in 2019-2020 in their thread and it makes complete sense unless you were completely comatose or willfully/blissfully ignorant of what happened then.

>> No.6210479

before the kanae saga, probably only fuwa listeners know that they exist.
jp niji fans don't really check out foreign branches much.
Elira is an exception because she's fluent and does jp-streams

>> No.6210496

Actually I remember checking when they did the dice game and they seemed to love it that she screamed all the words. Although I remember reading a post thinking it was cute that Elira was more embarrassed about it too.

>> No.6210540

I hope the 2nd EN wave has a loli.

>> No.6210554

Honestly I think brand name alone will carry them no matter who they get

>> No.6210555

You already have Finana

>> No.6210732

I saw these comments in that Kanae/Lazulight clip translated into JP.

>> No.6210809

Don’t expect existing talent. It’d be way too obvious.

>> No.6210843

I want a charismatic guy who can banter with them, I need more guy shepherding brainlet girls kino that Nijisanji always delivers

>> No.6210896


>> No.6210968

I know, I was the one who asked about it on Finana's stream.

Guess they didn't expect pomu to talk about it on chat

>> No.6210977

Kaida mentioned them but I think he edited out the section where he mentioned Finana because I can't find it, plus the clips got deleted.

>> No.6211005 [SPOILER] 

are you pomu, anon?

>> No.6211028

I found something similar on twitter

>> No.6211041

Kaida didn't want him talking about his fetish for Finana's ears clipped so as fo not make her uncomfortable (I think he edited it out of the original stream) and a clipper did it anyway which landed them in some hot water. It got deleted for that reason.

>> No.6211047

This reminded me I'd love to hear Pomu sing Kuroi Uta.

>> No.6211060


>> No.6211217


>> No.6211234

Hmm I don't think so, will the real Pomu please stand up?

>> No.6211260

I'm Pomu!

>> No.6211269

Expect it to be an older man trolling her and she…actually falling for him.

>> No.6211321

Finana's bf premiere soon

>> No.6211343

To me it's always seemed like it's the males that are more cautious around this kind of stuff than the females. I don't know guess they worry about angering the females fans if they overstep or something.

>> No.6211358

Tags: DILF

>> No.6211401

I think it's much easier for a guy to come off as a bit of a creep isn't it. Male rejecting unwanted female advances is funny all around but female rejecting unwanted male advances just makes the guy look like a creep.

>> No.6211449

Meant to put also at the start of that. Just adding an extra thought to the previous post.

>> No.6211494

A girl lusting over a male/female coworker is cute
A guy lusting over a female coworker is creepy
A guy lusting over a male coworker is funny
Thats how the world works

>> No.6211511

That and the possibility of angering any crazed unicorn. As for Fish, she’ll probably be after one of them while the guy tries to pull a Belmond and tries to avoid spicy scenarios with her.
Scenario B: The guy is essentially an older broken man and Fish goes “I can change him” with the power of her feminine wiles. Turns out he’s a wage slave like Pomu so he ends up with far better chemistry with her.

>> No.6211530

NTR fish...

>> No.6211633

I'm not really sure I expect anything all that conspicuous to happen along these lines. I mean even in Nijisanji there's what maybe a handful of male female ships with any real cause for them to actually exist.

>> No.6211762

It’s just a couple of hypothetical scenarios. It’s very unlikely anything will happen right away. Too early.

>> No.6211854

>Turns out he’s a wage slave like Pomu
Oh my god please give male-Pomu to Elira so she can bully him into oblivion, m/f manzai is great but it's even better when the guy is the boke.

>> No.6211905

Elira on twitch watching Hada's stream

>> No.6212073

Elira oversleeping her EU stream, lets goooooo

>> No.6212093

How filtered will you all be if a NijiEN male fujo panders?

>> No.6212123

>Elira drops akasupas every stream

>> No.6212155

Real fujobait is strong male friendship. They just have to be good friends and comfortable with each other while live to capture the fujobux. All CNR teetee clips are just them hanging out

>> No.6212164

Probably not at all if what people consider fujobait in Nijisanji currently is the level they would be at.

>> No.6212166

If he’s noticeable older, she’s probably going to be the one who gets bullied. Especially if he refuses to call her “senpai” due to lore or whatever reason.

>> No.6212191

Kuzuha topped their funny rabbit recently and they were butthurt

>> No.6212202

Pomu look how hard i can pee!

>> No.6212272

I want to hug a fish

>> No.6212334

Define fujo pandering. If it's a guy with a bishounen design who hangs out with other guys I don't care as long as they are entertaining. I would probably get filtered by blatantly gay dudes regardless of their content but I don't think that's what most fujos want in their chuubas either.

>> No.6212566

imagine not wanting Kuzuha to top Pekora baka

>> No.6212619

jun aint a cuck. kuzuha will pay.

>> No.6212726 [SPOILER] 

if they are blatant and in your face about it, you can just ignore them and let the western teen audience take them like they have with the homostars
if they're just playing it up and not a major selling point to make up for their lack of other talents, then it's fine
imagine being gay being your entire personality

>> No.6212888

What does the dragon smell like?

>> No.6212920

Apex boxes and Genshin crystals

>> No.6212933

Pomu said blueberries.

>> No.6213020

IRyS already has more subs than Elira...

>> No.6213108

Fuzuki Miki reincarnated into Prism project https://youtube.com/watch?v=Oowd2VzrREc

>> No.6213187

That's Posy.

>> No.6213238

you sure? i can't hear her voice in this

>> No.6213254

Doesn't matter, still watching her

>> No.6213344

Poor Pomu, she's stuck at an 8-5 job she doesn't like very much, just like... 80% of American adults.

>> No.6213476

Sweat and shampoo

>> No.6213520

I think it'd be funny but others in here are going to be pretend mad at you once it releases

>> No.6213584

don't you fucking do it, stop this shit man

>> No.6213971

I respect Pomu for wanting to break free from waggie and I get it being a waggie myself but how long will this Vtuber thing last? 5-6 years? She'll never be truly well off because she's not an indie and doesn't get the full cut. And those years of not working normie jobs will look real bad on the resume after this bubble pops.

>> No.6213993

Pomu's mama got verified...the follows may have helped!

>> No.6214051

Smells like sour creame doritos
Smells if sweat and blueberries
Pomu probably smells of wood

>> No.6214052

verified before Pomu. Pain.

>> No.6214179

I *am* the fujobait audience

but anyway if you watch "fujobait" nijimales like chronoir and togabito you'll realize barely anything different from normal collabs. males don't actually slobber each other to pander to fujos, fujos are content with just normal bros interacting

>> No.6214564

Do you expect absolutely nobody to watch streams by 2025 or something? Bubble popping would be relevant to chuubas pulling ridiculous numbers and to corporations trying to expand, not to people a step above literally whos.

>> No.6214679

Omg your tits are so big let me feel them! I would so totally have sex with you
Gotta call my bro on Discord since he overslept for the stream.

>> No.6214925

Because it's 4chan and it's fun. Imagine taking anything seriously in this god forsaken board.

I watch Elira from time to time and I still join in the NijiEN falseflagging and the shitposting because it's entertaining. You should try it sometimes.

>> No.6215062

>You should try it sometimes.
Nah I’ll just continue calling you a faggot

>> No.6215065

>I watch Elira from time to time and I still join in the NijiEN falseflagging and the shitposting because it's entertaining. You should try it sometimes.
I can hang out and laugh with you faggots but that doesn't mean I gotta start sucking cock all of a sudden

>> No.6215114

Any ally who gets their kicks fostering division and hate within their group is just as bad as the enemy.

>> No.6215233

Ironic shitposting is just as bad as any other kind. Off yourself.

>> No.6215509

you're a tard and I don't even know where to start with your post.

>> No.6215571

Speaking of trios with good chemistry... Sanbaka is on

>> No.6215820

They should drop by Kanae's birthday stream

>> No.6215822

What the fuck, his superchats are going crazy

>> No.6215879

His chat is going crazy as well

>> No.6216134

Don’t think she’s Miki her voice is different and her English is too good t b h kek

>> No.6216256

How the fuck did that rumour even start, they sound nothing alike?

>> No.6216361

Its his birthday and the new overlay is supacha bait

>> No.6216935

Probably has something to do with the Birthday endurance stream.

>> No.6217010

Could be membership. Or collabs she was talking about. Or that Nijiscenario stuff that got memoryholed. Too much things to be guessing really.

>> No.6217042

>> No.6217073


>> No.6217093


>> No.6217117


>> No.6217140


>> No.6217387

>Looked through the threads I missed while I was asleep.
You guys should know better than to reply to the shitposter

>> No.6217515


Pomu congratulating Hoshikawa for something...interesting

>> No.6217702



>> No.6218010

Sasuga Hoshikawa

>> No.6218058


>> No.6218178

>HSKW will never think of you as living garbage
Cut my life into pieces this is my last resort

>> No.6218345

>tfw missed the Minecraft stream because I left after Pien

>> No.6218538

>leaving before the stream actually ends
Some people never learn.

>> No.6218726

>staying for the cursed chatting portion of the stream

>> No.6218845

NTA but yes, don't you want to hear about filling up a jar with "sneeze juice?"

>> No.6219831

I can’t imagine why any famelira would want to miss the best part of the stream

>> No.6219845

Hada is finishing her long day with singing on twitch

>> No.6219856

Elira LOVE

>> No.6220188

I just noticed that finana is the only one with a genshin stream this week. Are they finally free?

>> No.6220207

Based dragon worshiper
I need more art like this.

>> No.6220228

I just want to say i love elira's voice so much in this song, I metaphorically got a boner in my heart


>> No.6220265


>> No.6220296

no Elira sadly loves the game. And she will 100% be back for every gachafag thing. And genshinfags complain to them every week without genshin so Pomu will probably also play it again next week.

>> No.6220511

Elira will fart really loud

>> No.6220681

Finana will never be popular with Japs, she's the most EOP friendly chuuba in Nijisanji.

>> No.6220803

Yea they said they wouldn't mind if EN graduated the next day.

>> No.6220814

She has kazuha on 2 (two) acounts

>> No.6221403

Hada doing karaoke on twitch


>> No.6221560

Good lord why

>> No.6221564

Genshinfags only care about gacha. If Pomu is not going to roll then there is no point streaming the game.

>> No.6221569

Yeah, Fujo's are incredibly easy to please for baiting.
the word "friend" in fujo means "I'll suck your dick"

>> No.6221607

She was considering falling for C2 meme on top of it.
Elira is way too deep to quit, it's just genshin has a huge content drop in about 2 weeks so that's when you'll see the streams spike up.

>> No.6221647

Elira being an early bird today.

>> No.6221652

Are Finana and Pomu even far enough in the game to get Inazuma content?

>> No.6221739

she is doing it after her valorant stream for the coreans

>> No.6221799

Unsurprisingly she's doubled her viewer count since she stopped playing that turd and starting singing instead.

>> No.6221828

>More sleepy Eli
I need this

>> No.6221841

Pomu hasn't even done liyue content but she'll still end up playing it then realise how far behind she is to the others. That might make her quit.
I'd expect Finana to be able to, she'll probably do a good chunk of liyue story this stream if she focuses on it. It won't matter much though since I'd expect you're able to travel there without having to finish all the story first.

Kino would be collab stream where they all join a world and explore Inazuma together in co-op. But they won't.

>> No.6222280

Does the game still have the stupid limitation of no story content in coop? And it would suck big time if you won't be able to skip at least some Liyue story. I'm in the same boat and thought about coming back for Inazuma but I've got no not-China story done

>> No.6222664

This week: Spicy Noodles Challenege
Next Day After That: Lava Diarrhea Collab Zatsudan

>> No.6222783


>> No.6222878

I would akasupa for that.

>> No.6222908


>> No.6222920

Pomu is trying a long endurance stream the day after. It is going to be a disaster

>> No.6222939

isn't it her birthday one? They should move the spicy to next week then

>> No.6222978

It was already moved from last week.
She should be fine. She said that she won't force herself to eat if it will get bad.

>> No.6223034

she says that but it's Pomu... chat will egg her and she will do it

>> No.6223061

More like chat will concernfag the entire time.

>> No.6223068

Pomu's going to shit herself on stream LET'S GOOO

>> No.6223216

if Pomu actually had NSFW artists we would be drowning in Futa Pomu shits herself art by now

>> No.6223426

Jiyu was literally on the world server like a day or two ago.

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