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How can we end the rampant bully culture within Nijisanji?

>> No.6204000

gangbang the fish

>> No.6204283

Send the Zhangs after them

>> No.6204370

By saving Pomu from wageslavery...

>> No.6204477

Hololive rejects? Hololive rejects

>> No.6204594

It's all for them to decide

>> No.6204669

better than Cocock's Reddit memes.

>> No.6204785

First actually funny Vtuber-related meme I’ve seen from Twitter.

>> No.6205031

Holy fucking kek, this fucking fish.

>> No.6205060

Based feesh

>> No.6205067

qrd on these discount holos?

>> No.6205107

Why would she retweet this though? Isn't calling Pomu a wageslave putting nijisanji in a bad light?

>> No.6205192

She replies to porn of herself constantly and also made a "we should all graduate" joke during the week of Lulu and Coco. She doesn't give a shit.

>> No.6205244

Pomu works full time outside of Nijisanji. Also, someone did SC this at Finana yesterday, but she didn't know how to read it and mispronounced "wagey". Probably someone will try it again now that she's seen the meme rhyme in written form.

>> No.6205249

Pomu being an OL has nothing to do with Nijisanji and everything to do with her upcoming surgery
Besides she's already retweeted this in the past so I doubt they care about whatever she does if it doesn't cause controversy

>> No.6205267

have a qrd off a cliff, fag.

>> No.6205292

you don't

>> No.6205332

Pomu is known to be a wage slave and often laments that she has to work in the morning. Finana and Elira are NEETs.

Nah. Pomu is the one who complains about being a wageslave.

>> No.6205367

Don't forget domestic violence

>> No.6205368

Fuck off carol

>> No.6205574

>Finana and Elira are NEETs.
NijiEN is employment.

>> No.6205742

kek that is based

>> No.6205855

Nijisanji rejects? Nijisanji rejects

>> No.6205873

Do you have the tomoe whipping chaika one?

>> No.6205903

not yet, but there is this

>> No.6205971

no but here's abuse of manlets, showing a bias against things people can't control

>> No.6206039

Reminder that he did this on a Disney karaoke stream.

>> No.6206698

Absolute Chad

>> No.6206906

There's no end to it. Embrace the bully culture.

>> No.6208714

Kill them

>> No.6208731

Was the surgery serious or rrat? I know mint used to talk about her healt but idk it warrant any surgery? What's her illness?

>> No.6208789

This will age poorly if the surgery doesn't go well. At least we know who might be about to get canceled.

>> No.6208919

Bad genes, high chance of getting a certain type of cancer so she is getting preventative surgery next month. Has to keep her wage slave job for health insurance for the surgery.

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>> No.6209111

They are not human

But im also glad we have nijisanji as a contrast to hololive, rather this than the vshojo creatures

>> No.6209157

Nijisanji is not bully! Nijisanji is wholesome!


>> No.6209253

I'm Pomu? I'm Pomu

>> No.6209314

Looks like they are safely serving polarizing content against globohomo.

>> No.6210031

Double dubs of truth.

>> No.6210116

>nijisanji in a bad light?
You were under the impression that Nijisanji had a good reputation?

>> No.6210147

and that's a good thing!

>> No.6211582

It's not an impression, it's a fact.

>> No.6211757

>The post at the end.
Gets me every time.

>> No.6213099

>Hololive rejected Pomu
mistakes were made.

>> No.6214693

>it's a fact

>> No.6214803

End Nijisanji.

>> No.6214950

Sasaki need to be taught a lesson with my dick

>> No.6215225

Nijisanji girl bullying some autistic kid...

>> No.6215452

this is what not being Pomu does to a person. many such cases.

>> No.6217079

Why was he talking like a nigger?

>> No.6217311

Terminal case of being a K*rean.

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