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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

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Sorry but I’d have to disagree on that one. I never liked her.

>> No.6153338

I seriously hope the new captcha goes back to the drawing board. Sometimes it just fails without being wrong, had to refresh the tab and redo the OP.

>> No.6153353

slightly better version

>> No.6153428

Sex with Elira!

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>> No.6153453

Her tits are so big I love it.

>> No.6153462

Haha imagine how stinky and sweaty she would be after some hot and steamy sex

>> No.6153464

She is so fucking cute. If she eventually does ASMR she will fucking slay hearts by the hundred.

>> No.6153466

Elira is the top?

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>> No.6153506

what is with vtuber fans and trying to assign parents to them?

>> No.6153512

I remember her having trying asmr as one of her future stream plans.

>> No.6153525

People younger than 20 having parent problems

>> No.6153532

I love Pomu and the new captcha

>> No.6153567

>Superchat reading turns into impromptu Q&A
I love this Dragon

>> No.6153578

Gonna start watching this vod now.

>> No.6153584

I blame deadbraps, they think their "meme" is funny and try to force it into other vtubers even if they don't have a similar personality to Mori

>> No.6153609

The dad stuff was obviously a holo thing, but Finana said at the AX panel that when she saw Elira's design she thought she was going to be a motherly type.

>> No.6153622

I even see it in JP vtuber chats sometimes though.

>> No.6153677

Elira freaking out over the anime mom from JJK and none of the fujobait... wtf anons you told me she was a fujo?

>> No.6153693

She's not full fujo, but she is one

>> No.6153727

Has she revealed her power level yet?

>> No.6153755

vt doesnt know what fujo means

>> No.6153760

Yea I too have seen JPs calling JP vtubers there ママ. It's not just a Deadbeat thing.

>> No.6153763

Elira is about to be murdered by Jojo fans

>> No.6153764

Only in small batches

>> No.6153783

That's not a meme, that's a fetish thing. Dad is a meme, mommy is a fetish. Japs will call vtubers old men if they act creepy as a joke though.

>> No.6153796

I'm so glad Pomu is playing Shantae

>> No.6153798

Sad I wanted to make another soundpost but catbox is down and I'm too lazy to use another host.

>> No.6153802

It’s her own “bizarre” adventure of sorts.

>> No.6153813

Old twitch meme for streamers that has unfortunately propagated onto youtube and lost its original meanings.

>> No.6153837

How come she says consume in a weird voice?

>> No.6153844

Pomu love!
Hiromoot hate!

>> No.6153854

It's a meme

>> No.6153855

Because it's fun

>> No.6153877

God I love this stinky sweaty fujo dragon so much bros...

>> No.6153950

If she hasn't stated her ships then she isn't a fujo, just a stinky female weeb.

>> No.6153957

It's funny just going from that debut tastes list I don't think I would have expected her to know, talk about or have done half the stuff weeb related stuff she has brought up in her streams that came after.

>> No.6153961

This day just got a lot worse

>> No.6153982

>a stinky female weeb.
Works for me

>> No.6153983

Wonder when she’s going to go full fujo and tell us about her otp and which shota boys she ships together and all that kind of stuff.

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>> No.6154013

Elira stopped streaming

>> No.6154018

Guys, Chii-chan is playing Apex! Come watch!

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>> No.6154037

When chat started calling her one the other day after Pomu called her "a bit fujo" she went with the I'm not saying anything type of response.

>> No.6154040

Too soon for that. That’ll shoo away the “normal people” that watch her. It’s better for her to keep her power level hidden for the most part.

>> No.6154063

Why do I always see people going on about Elira's hidden power level?

>> No.6154080

Was looking through a few of the images on Elira's mama's pixiv page, and saw that they did actually use those eyes before.

>> No.6154107

Does Elira's mama tweets or joins Elira's streams like Pomu's mama?

>> No.6154129

Because she is hiding it to a degree. Going full fujo this early in the game will only seriously slow down her growth which is not only bad for her but also for the rest of Lazulight.

>> No.6154139

Not a single other vtuber parent is as dedicated as Pomu's mama

>> No.6154152

Not that I've seen. They're active but don't seem terribly social.


>> No.6154162

You mean the schizo? No. It's hard to find someone with a mama/papa like that.

>> No.6154169

I just don't understand your fascination with it.

>> No.6154259

It seems like they follow her and what she is up to and even watch the streams sometimes going from the tweets/retweets being almost entirely about her since her debut. But yeah I guess some people won't want to be in the spotlight so much like Pomu's.

>> No.6154289

Not that anon, I just want more fujo chuubas

>> No.6154311

pomu mama is a creep and should fuck off

>> No.6154318

Not that anon, but I just really have a thing for smelly fujo girls and Elira checks a lot of my boxes

>> No.6154329

It was never a “fascination” as you claim.
Remember that this is the first generation and they’re representing the entire Nijisanji brand (being part of something greater than themselves) to a bigger audience. Elira in particular is essentially the leader. There’s some semblance of an image to maintain.
>I just don’t understand
Have you ever had a job before or joined an organization?

>> No.6154341

It seems a bit unprofessional to me for an artist to be so attached their chuuba but I can get behind him marrying Pomu.

>> No.6154357

I'll just stop bothering you because you're kinda weird. Enjoy this cute Elira image.

>> No.6154360

what he should do is give birth to more vtubers so he could spread that seemingly overflowing love evenly across them and that way he stops being so fixated on pomu.

>> No.6154386

I'm happy for the guy for having created such a great design, but he does seem to check all the boxes of weird fans streamers in general, not only vtubers, like to avoid.

>> No.6154396

You’re clearly a child or never had a job if you consider that as “weird”.
It’s essentially how the real working world works.

>> No.6154402

Elira LOVE

>> No.6154405

>This was shared by Elira's mama
Even he knows...

>> No.6154445

Holy shit, fish streamed for 6 hours? How?

>> No.6154457

pomu mama is going to become a V

>> No.6154490

What if it turns out that he's a she with a cute voice

>> No.6154495

During the Minecraft gruella stream Pomu entertained the idea of collabing with her mama. He was definitely watching...Pomu's mama is her most dangerous schizo....

>> No.6154498

He will join NijiJP and he WILL collab with Pomu!

>> No.6154499

All of a sudden everything ok because it's a woman.

>> No.6154509

This guy is definitely at risk of killing himself when Pomu takes a break because of her procedure.

>> No.6154527

Just like ayamy-sensei…? Not a bad idea if he feels brave enough to jump into the fray himself.
He can just pull a life-sensei and just be a babiniku with a female Virtual body.

>> No.6154587

btw they are rolling out new 3.0s


wonder how long its gonna take for en to get theirs...

>> No.6154600

Honestly I'm really confused that new talents aren't just launching with 3.0

>> No.6154609

Talks about not playing games much, also imported consoles from Japan. Lists a bunch of shonen jump in her debut and then brings up things like macross and nodame cantabile in casual chatting.

>> No.6154653

I can imagine the perspective that it would be unfair to all the talent that have worked at the company for years if a bunch of newbies get better tech than them.

>> No.6154722

I don't really see the issue until Pomu's attitude towards him says otherwise. It's his first vtuber and he's always had a soft spot for cute anime girls.
And with how much he watches her I can't wait for Pomu's next outfit. There'll be a lot of love put into it.

>> No.6154731

since its decided by a loterry, they should make it something like 3 jp, 1 id, 1 kr, 1 en, for a single 3.0 wave

>> No.6154753

Bro that's kinda gay...

>> No.6154765

Finana said its ok to be gay anon get with the times

>> No.6154781

What's the voice program they use?

>> No.6154799

They weren't using any voice programs anon...

>> No.6154821

Yeah, no, he's a schizo. He's easily the weirdest mama/papa I've ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a new vtuber with his design from a big company anymore. But of course, that's my assumption. I'm dumb to think I'd find a person doing anything vtuber-related normal. Also, I don't believe Pomu's attitude towards him would just change from one way to another, that's something only a sperg without social aptitude would do and she doesn't seem like one.

>> No.6154838

They use sawcon

>> No.6154854

Here's hoping Pomu's mama doesn't act like Gibara's (former) mama in the future.

>> No.6154866

windows movie maker

>> No.6154890


>> No.6154906


>> No.6154956

I can't see Pomu going through as drastic a change as Gibara to cause that, and he doesn't seem like enough of an asshole to be that upset anyway.
Gibara started off as a seiso Cinderella type, but at some point gave that up completely and revealed she was really a weird degenetate who sometimes makes ape sounds. Her artist made the design for the first type of character, and so even though she became much more popular because of the personality change he went full schizo over it. It went far enough that he got replaced for her last outfit (shortly before her graduation).
(This is half second-hand info, so someone more knowledgeable correct me if I'm wrong.)

>> No.6154959

You're overthinking it. Kiara's papa was just as dedicated towards her in the early days that she was streaming. If Pomu was bothered by her mama's attention she could always simply stop giving him it like she doesn't give attention to the actual schizos in her chat.

>> No.6154989

I've come to this thread to say one thing:
I am quite infatuated with this fucking adorable fairy. She makes me smile a lot.
That's all.

>> No.6155005

Oh hey Pomu mama, we were just talking about you!

>> No.6155024

I can't find his posting harmful. It's cute.
>made like 200 posts today and just now got the slider on quick reply

>> No.6155028

Your info is somewhat correct, but Gibara's mama (who is also Warabeda's, Alice's and a few other liver's mama) got fired because of a NDA breach

>> No.6155054

Then we're working under different assumptions. I don't think he has done anything to warrant calling him a schizo when there have been ample cases of people that shouldn't be allowed to interact with vtubers.
All of Lazulight seem happy interacting with him, so I don't mind either.

>> No.6155055

It's more like he made a couple of vague tweets that were unhappy about it as far as I remember rather that "full schizo". I think they were even professionally fine after that though. He was later let go because of a breach of contract and hence had to be replaced for her and several other members of Nijisanji.

>> No.6155112

Just to add context as to who Ichiso is, he/she has caught flame in the past for entering a KanColle illustration contest with plagerized material and self-upvoting themselves on pixiv. But that was a literal decade ago.

>> No.6155126

I can't help but suspect Ichiso is a crazy lesbian instead of some otaku guy despite zero signs towards it. It's just this feeling.

>> No.6155134

Not all schizos are harmful anon. In fact, you're starting to sound like one.

I've done questionable shit around that time, completely reformed now. People change for the better.

>> No.6155149

fuck off trannies

>> No.6155152

I know how you feel..

>> No.6155160

I didn't realize Utako had any interest in straight romance. Sponsored stream perhaps?

>> No.6155174

I agree with giving them the benefit of the doubt. I thought it’s worth mentioning that Ichiso isn’t exactly known for being a saint either, as much as we’d like it to be.

>> No.6155180

Pomu said that

>> No.6155190

Just seems like late stage needless concernfagging to me. Pomu could just stop giving it attention if she was uncomfortable or even talk to management.

>> No.6155209

Ahh, ok. Thanks for the corrections, then.

>> No.6155215

Maybe she just likes cooking.

>> No.6155226

I love Finana! Mermaid love! Her Medium stream was great. She was really into it.

>> No.6155247

I mean she had a whole song about wanting to get married but since she's also happy being a fujo it doesn't bother her that much

>> No.6155302

Fuck me I was laughing when she got scared of that one jumpscare with the blood tub or whatever but then felt like an absolute piece of shit when she was actually crying

>> No.6155316

Definitely looks like a healthy cooking game to me. I wonder if the ENs will ever play eroge in the future, I can see Finana giving it a shot.
I was just listening to that earlier. Funny how she's such a good singer and yet she uses her talents singing about her otaku perversions.

>> No.6155328

afaik they haven't listed their gender on any site, but people also assumed argued that walfie was a girl for over a decade on /jp/ before he made a tweet about it.

>> No.6155350

can't beat the cock

>> No.6155391

I mean there’s less cock here than usual in get content

>> No.6155518

Wait what? she got scared so bad she started crying? damn

>> No.6155551

Surprising, since she seems to be the best at horror of the girls

>> No.6155602

I hope you Ryuguards shower her with care and supas so she doesn't feel bad for this

>> No.6155647


>> No.6155663

2 of 3 of the biggest Nijis have already noticed the ENs
What's it going to take for Tokyo Ghoul to say hi

>> No.6155686

Kuzuha would have nothing to say about them, he isn't a chronic egosearcher like Kanae nor is he anywhere near as social.

>> No.6155727

He doesn't care and neither do they seem to care about him. Maybe if one of the next waves has a full time epe addict they will get some Apex event interactions.

>> No.6155738

not sure if he even knows they exist

>> No.6155743

I dunno, she seems to recover fairly quickly

>> No.6155770

This isn't crying, not even a real sniffle. You've never heard a girl be shocked at something and go "uu huu huu that scared me" afterwards as fake crying? Vtubers do it all the time too. Even at sad things or extremely cute things. Like "uwahh it's so cute I'll cry"

>> No.6155935

I do wonder if Pomu mixed Kanae's & Kuzuha's personality up. Cause she said that Kanae's bad at small talk which isn't true at all.

>> No.6155998

I suspect she's mainly an English clipfag seeing as her Japanese isn't the best so it wouldn't surprise me

>> No.6156009

What's there to be afraid of? You can barely tell what happened?

>> No.6156138

Does fish have a wheel?

>> No.6156356

>Tokyo Ghoul
fuck off

>> No.6156392


>> No.6156427

>would put you in a chastity belt and milk
>would bounce on any willie available. No discrimination.
>size queen. 10+ inches charred beef sausage only

>> No.6156493


>> No.6156498

>10 inches
>9 cm
This kills the Pomu.
Also why wouldn't she just shrink down a bit. A 5 incher is basically a 10 incher if you're half as big. Fairy size queens got it easy.

>> No.6156516

Don't reply to bait.

>> No.6156568

I want to give her lots of headpats.

>> No.6156577

Pomu's perfect for my small dick huh.

>> No.6156580

Etna is surprisingly good at art

>> No.6156604

>not thinking fish is the size-queen

>> No.6156606

huh, remind me of asanagi, esp the eyelash & cheeks

>> No.6156653

>thinking Fish would say no to a dick with how sexually frustrated she is

>> No.6156978

That game Elira is playing today I think it's only like 30 minutes long. Wonder if she will do anything else.

>> No.6156995

Knowing Elira expect at least 2 hours of zatsudan

>> No.6157272

Question to Niji's. Do you think Niji did a bit of a mistake making the NijiEN girls so similar looking? The color pallette for their characters is so close together.

>> No.6157305

I wanna give her headpats but with a hammer haha

I think it's fitting for a unit called Lazulight. Would be weird to have a redhead there.

>> No.6157455

Why would it be weird? Is there some thematic significance to this Lazulight? I mostly mean just how dominant green/aqua colors are in their characters. It sort of mentally blends together.

>> No.6157489

Have you heard about a unit literally called Blues?

>> No.6157580

No, whats that?

>> No.6157626

True, I still find it amusing his she constantly gets sidetracked and goes off on tangents because she can't help but talk during the donation reading.

>> No.6157648


The unit name is a reference to the gemstone Lapis Lazuli which is typically dark blue in color but can vary to be turquoise or greenish blue in color which is why they are all various shades of blue and green.

>> No.6157664

This is why i really like their superchat readings, it's basically a zatsudan.

>> No.6157751

>Fish vod is 6 hours

>> No.6157816

Nitpick incoming: Blues may be all blue, but their designs existed before the unit name was made, like how everyone in Mesher's had hair highlights before they called themselves that. Lazulight name came with the unit debut.

>> No.6157882

Elira came up with lazulite -> LazuLight based on their designs. She talked about it.

>> No.6157923

Elira cute.

>> No.6157960

They're kinda blue and share the same teal eye color

>> No.6158004

Any guess for what Pomu's "super long" endurance stream next sunday will be?

>> No.6158041

This sunday I mean

>> No.6158102

I see, that makes sense. Though i wish they had stronger accents, or something like that for my personal tastes. Maybe instead of commiting to the general major color as being green/blue they shouldve made it into an accessory that shares the trait. Like a pendant or something.

I think this is much better. The accent is there but overall theyre much more diverse and contrasting, only one has it as a major color.

>> No.6158109

filming yuri hentai with elira and finana

>> No.6158213

It's for her birthday so it's probably just a variety stream. Some games, some karaoke, fan submission reviews, a countdown zatsudan. Maybe a watchalong. Probably a bit early for a totsu segment. She talked about it needing to get approved by mane-san though, so it could be something more ambitious.

>> No.6158216


>> No.6158327

Hada shouldve debuted as part of EN. She would have so many more viewers...

>> No.6158476

Hurry the fuck up Elira, I want to membership lazulight.

>> No.6158807

hopefully they open memberships on spicy noodle day

>> No.6158960

I think it depends on if Elira has gotten her emotes and shit. Pomu said she was ready like a week ago and fish said yesterday that she had it all done

>> No.6159087

Lazulight member streams:
Finana member's ASMR where she eats Doritos, teases chat, and reveals some of her favorite tags.
Pomu member's zatsudans where she vents her wagie frustrations and develops a very tight-knit community with her members.
Elira member's ??? where she ???

>> No.6159149

Healing ASMR and dad jokes

>> No.6159241

Elira's streams will be 120 min sweat talk a week

>> No.6159277

Eli bodyfluid GFE

>> No.6159357

I will be a tiny bit sad if Pomu doesnt do any VN playthroughs

>> No.6159370

How do we fix Elira's shitty sleep schedule?

>> No.6159395

A mengen VN playthrough would take like a year.

>> No.6159428

Weekly smell reports...

>> No.6159477

It’s over old man, Fish daughter has established dominance

>> No.6159506

You only say that because you imagine him as a cute girl. Imagine him as a buff 6'3 man. Not so cute anymore is it?

>> No.6159519

Why are so many people looking for membership?
Is membership a good thing?

>> No.6159633

paywalls poorfags, underage and most undesirables
in turn, it enables more obsessed schizos and gatekeeping paypigs
it's a double edged sword, I hope none of them have tiered membership or at least have content locked behind the higher ones

>> No.6159801

Not every VN is 90h

>> No.6159883

Some nijis do long-ass member streams quite often

>> No.6159928

Some fans just want to spam member limited emojis

>> No.6159960

For most it is just a "support me" button, maybe some watchalongs or games with members and shit, nothing really essential. This thread wants lewd ASMR GFE, day one, dont know if there really are normal chuubas that does that kinda thing in mem streams.

>> No.6160006

I don't even want members only content, I just believe that supacha is bad civilization.

>> No.6160069

Hisui is a miracle

>> No.6160080

Hisui's a lonely hag that does pretty random long streams in general

>> No.6160258

Some are just retards that care about nothing else than getting a green name

>> No.6160506

someone needs to marry and impregnate her

>> No.6160538

I can’t believe one of those girls will take my first member virginity

>> No.6160762

uhm, bros?

>> No.6160922


>> No.6160940

Understandable. I would personally like to work at a job like hers, but Pomu is definitely not very good at climbing corporate hierarchies, so I doubt she gets much fulfillment from her job.

>> No.6160982

Why haven't you funded Pomu's early retirement yet?

>> No.6161047


>> No.6161084

Pomu hates being a vtuber?!

>> No.6161155

She only keeps it for the health insurance, doesn't she?
She could quit if she wasn't in America.

>> No.6161187

If i was in her position i'd feel like that too, i hate my job and would love to stream games for 3-6 hours a day

>> No.6161529

>Ichiso isn’t exactly known for being a saint either,
What do you mean?

>> No.6161591

No Pomu tonight. Itisiomama on suicide watch.

>> No.6161775


I want to pull her sweater down while her ovealls are still up and give her side-pazuri and cum under her tits and make her pull the sweater back up and then stream like that all night....

Is that weird?

>> No.6161829

Me too Pomu me too

>> No.6161858


>> No.6161914

Wasn't Ichiso one of the official illustrators/designers for kancolle? Why would they plagiarize? I thought only amateur artists do shit like that to cover up their lack of talent.

>> No.6161965

>> No.6162280

pomu sweat
pomu piss
pomu farts
pomu shits
pomu spit
pomu grool
i want to swallow it all

>> No.6162564

>implying elevens get that tall

>> No.6162715


>> No.6162901

You sound like one of the sanest posters here

>> No.6163168

Why are half of you bodyfluidfags? And why is lil fish spared from it?

>> No.6163256

Finana is seiso so it's expected Ryuguards are also seiso.

>> No.6163320

fish smell kinda gross to most people. even elira said pomu probably smells really nice.

>> No.6163481

This smelly fish can only be appreciated by those who love the most foul and pungent stench

>> No.6163818


>> No.6164485


Elira wtf

>> No.6164598

I love this lil’ fish, even if she smells of dorito and sexual frustration.

>> No.6164772

I like how she had the fangs out for the CBT talk.

>> No.6165080

S Elira is everything I’ve ever wanted in a vtuber. A cute teasing dork that can escalate at a moment’s notice

>> No.6165299

Sea creatures are so fucking cool holyshit.

>> No.6165350

Pomu is for slow, intimate, loving sex primarily for impregnation. She'll wake up next to you with a smile in the morning and you'll take a shower together.
Elira is for sweaty, passionate, intense sex all night, where eventually you'll be unable to keep up and she'll take full control.
Finana is for rough, carnal sex where you can do anything you want with her. Slap her, choke her, she'll keep smiling and asking for more.

>> No.6165383 [SPOILER] 

Consider following: >pic related
also consider this: POMU LOVE

>> No.6165455


>> No.6165535

Holy based

>> No.6166070

>primarily for impregnation

>> No.6166142


>> No.6166454

Pomus barren irradiated womb..

>> No.6166518

Damn, i want Elira to edge me for hours and then tell me that she'll make me spray in exchange for one of my nuts

>> No.6166776

She wants your seeds, anon.

>> No.6167647


>> No.6167916

Oh oh, if she doesnt post anything she might get an army of haters

>> No.6167932

She has wageslave work today anon, it's Tuesday. She'll tweet when she gets home.

>> No.6167947

Must suck for Pomu to always end up being late or missing out on things because of her full-time job...

>> No.6168095

I work part time and it's already enough to make me want to kill myself. Can't even imagine what that poor fairy is suffering right now.

>> No.6168224

Dead hours so I'll just leave this here, get your APEX reps in with captain https://www.twitch.tv/banhada2434

>> No.6168465

poor fairy being held hostage from the good life by the dogshit US health system

>> No.6168473

Also Hari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qALpsWJ4Mg4

>> No.6168570

What are the odds of Euro truck sim tickling lil Finana's tism brain just the right way, and she becomes a fulltime euro truck streamer?

>> No.6168609

I hope someone will upload all their membership content to Nyaa. Gotta help out the poorfags.

>> No.6168615

>implying she wont crash

>> No.6168681

What if she becomes a full time trucker?

>> No.6168696

fart stinky fart fish fish brap farty fart fart fish

>> No.6168749

outstanding post

>> No.6168753


>> No.6168767

>Implying her lil feet would reach the pedals

>> No.6168780

It's just an excuse for her to use her fake southern accent she likes to do so maybe she'll turn it into a character with a clipart trucker hat and everything.

>> No.6168820


>> No.6168853

She could get one of those joystick-driven ones.

>> No.6168876

Tiny hat fish is at the top of lazulight content, so I hope you are right

>> No.6168946

>Hasn't watch her since she created Twitter

>> No.6168963

conceptualise the aroma

>> No.6169087

>Gotta help out the poorfags.
But why? They always brag about spending no money on their girls and beg endlessly

>> No.6169094

Just another way to support Lazulight while having a bit of fun in chat with emojis. Just hope they don't do tier exclusive shit.

>> No.6169481

...is now out of her meeting.

>> No.6169656

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.6169736


>> No.6169791

Didn't Pomu say that she's gonna tell her boss that she's quitting? I'm guessing she'll be doing part time jobs next month?

>> No.6169799

Oh god, did she finally talked to her boss? Poor Pomu.

>> No.6169813

Working corporate sucks, man

>> No.6169837

I think she wants to continue on the job that she is currently on as part time since apparently it is not easy to replace her.

>> No.6169977

She's just like the christmas cakes in my japanese animes

>> No.6169996

She said she mostly answers calls and stuff in a stream a while ago. She's probably a secretary or something, which can be hard to replace on short notice. Makes sense she'd stick around part-time to train her replacement or something for a while after.

>> No.6170005

I think Elira is the only one that has actually specifically mentioned wanting to try ASMR. But I think I would be fine with whatever she did. Could do games with members or something like that seeing as she likes to include her audience in the stream in a participatory way where possible. Just more chatting would be fine though.

>> No.6170142

It really must suck watching your genmates sleep in, play games whenever, communicate and forge bonds with other Nijisanji members, etc... while you have a strict sleeping and work schedule, and are stuck behind a keyboard filling out spreadsheets and answering phone calls, missing out on all of it...

>> No.6170254

you know generally speaking there's just 1 thing that worse than working and that's not working
at least for the common man
I'm sure our office fairy is doing fine

>> No.6170373

imagine how much wagie rage she has pent up

>> No.6170492 [SPOILER] 

time for our meeting, fairy secretary

>> No.6170527

Not Pomu, I'm just some Euro office guy who also hates his job because this is mandatory when you work in an office

>> No.6170754

Being a NEET is actually the best thing ever as long as you don't live with your parents or others who will try to emotionally abuse you. I don't know how anyone can hate being free to do whatever they want all day every day unless they're a literal NPC that just can't be happy unless they're being exploited by Shekelstein. I get way more pleasure out of achieving a milestone in a video game or doing art/writing reps or whatever than I'd ever get from being a wagie slave.

t. NEET for 12 years

>> No.6170814

It's not limited to office work, everyone hates their job. Some people are just in denial or are the power-tripping smalldicked middle manager that makes other people hate their job.

>> No.6170834

This. The HikkiNEET life isn't that bad. I miss it more than working

>> No.6170857

Lazulight please play Dark Souls so EOP's can watch...its always the Japs that play it.

>> No.6170941

Do they have permission or do they just turn off monetization?
Either way I'd love to see Pomu play Dark Souls or Nioh 2 since she seems like the worst at video games.

>> No.6171034


>> No.6171075

No monetization.

>> No.6171076

I think they can just turn monetization off, though Hayama has it enabled for Dark Souls 2 so maybe it's certain games? I think she had it turned off for bloodborne.

>> No.6171094

bros... we're failing her
we cant save her

>> No.6171104

Marin is retarded, she's probably going to have to delete the vod
you can watch her and practice your japanese since she peaks very plainly

>> No.6171124

Pomu said she’s lonely Bros permission to give her some dick?

>> No.6171138

SC is disabled. You get the "show your support" button because you are not a member.

>> No.6171183

I dunno if it's different depending on the country you're in, but I'm still free to do what I want, I'm free to do more now because I've actually got money to spare for once, I've got a whole month's worth of free days off from work I can take without question whenever I want during the year, and that's not including "sick" leave and all the free public holidays, and spending time away from the computer honestly made me significantly happier and more appreciative of my spare time, unlike being a NEET where I was just miserable 24/7 because I spent all my time around the doom and gloom of the modern internet and not motivated at all to bother working on hobbies. It's technically even better now because I haven't gone into the office a single time post-kung flu so I'm even more free to slack off and get paid for it.

>> No.6171184

I guess it just depends on how you're wired. I enjoy working more than I ever did while NEETing because I'm passionate about the thing I went to school for (finance). Personally, I just hate the feeling of financial and personal stagnation that comes with NEETing.

>> No.6171204

>not a single funny picture sent

>> No.6171205

Oh I saw the money symbol and assumed super chats were enabled but it's just membership. She's a cute retard though, but unfortunately I can't be bothered to learn a dead language.

>> No.6171246

She asked for funny pictures not dicks

>> No.6171257

If it's one thing about being a NEET is that it kind of teaches you how to not spend money so feverishly. I spent more money when I was working than when I was a NEET

>> No.6171502

I want pomu to squat over me whilst i place my lips directly around her butthole and suck to create an airtight seal. I then want her to loose all of the dirty shit she has been building up for days at her office job where she gets too nervous and stressed to actually poop. I want her sloppy shits to start filling up my mouth as I get a good taste before swallowing it down. It's OK if it starts to overflow and it starts to leak out through my nose.

>> No.6171613

fairies dont do that

>> No.6171654

Meds. Now.

>> No.6171676

Hey, did you guys know that Chii-chan has been playing Apex for 11 hours? Insane, right?! Come watch!

>> No.6171679

Been thinkin' bout Elira all day long...

>> No.6171752

Noor here, just wanted to say that you are DISGUSTING. I will advise the girls to not come here anymore.

>> No.6171852

Hope Pom copes with some gruella silent micra, so I don't have to wait til tomorrow for her

>> No.6171856

You advised them to come here before?

>> No.6171868

But I've been watching Hada play apex!? Cute sneezing fit btw.

>> No.6171955

Isn't that just because your true nature makes you miserable though? No one said you're forced to sit around in front of the computer all day if it makes you unhappy. You can still do shit like going camping or joining a hobby group or hanging out with friends despite being a NEET. The fact you only socialize out of some employment obligation suggests you're probably the type of person no one would willingly socialize with anyway though, sorry if that's true. I know plenty of normies that are like this and need their job to socialize and every time it's immediately obvious all their work friends want nothing to do with them outside of work unless it helps them climb the corporate ladder. Office politics is such bullshit.
The money thing seems kinda dumb to me. I mean I understand people need money to live but we've reached a point as a society where there's enough excess wealth being siphoned off from wagies that society could be entirely reworked to give everyone a UBI while robots automate 99% of jobs and people would be significantly happier. We already saw this during the pandemic lockdowns where people spent the government stimulus money to enrich their lives or pay their bills and were significantly less stressed compared to when they were wagies. It's probably worthwhile to separate your job from the money you get from it when considering if it makes you happy. If there were another way to have a secure income without a job then it's worth pursuing that over pushing people to continue working.

>> No.6172014

not your blog
dead hours are a mistake

>> No.6172019

I'm sorry that none of you are able to comprehend the sheer eroticism of Pomu Poops.

>> No.6172023

Imagine all of the stress of being an OL leads to constipation how does that make you feel?

>> No.6172074

Stop reading then retard, no one's forcing you. Go ahead close the thread and go back to /hlg/ or whatever shithole you came from faggot. You won't be missed, I promise.

>> No.6172183

Nta but you sure get asspained when called out for being off-topic

>> No.6172226

I'm gonna have to make her take a triple dose of laxatives. The danger of choking or drowning may increase but it will be worth it.

>> No.6172240

then stop posting off topic shit and abusing spoilers

>> No.6172259

>Pomu tweets about wanting to quit her job and become a NEET constantly
>Anons discuss NEET/wageslave life
Why do you people never even watch or pay attention to the vtubers you shitpost about?

>> No.6172286

Go ahead and keep posting. The discussion is interesting we are in the dead hours anyway. Fuck those guys.

>> No.6172313

Yes, that's intentional and no secret.
You should check that Hana's birthday stream where she got fanart from Etna as a present and the pic's preview got twitter cropped she immediately thought Asanagi dropped porn in her feed.

>> No.6172323

Pomu battle to be close as possible to neetdom is beautiful. I hope I can manage something close to it too.

>> No.6172363

Etna's a fan of Asanagi and sentai shows? That's a very dangerous combination....

>> No.6172457

>Blogposts and doesn’t mention a single Niji liver or even a single vtuber at all
Why tie your preaching and amateur psychoanalysis into the NijiEN topic? Blogs are much better places for lukewarm takes. No hate or emotion, just an observation.

>> No.6172509

There's really not enough coop vtuber playthroughs of souls, maybe it could happen this time. Sure it pads the playthrough but playing it with a friend or two is always more fun than alone.

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