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Hololive Global

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Anyone else find it weird that Gura can't even get 30k people watching any of her solo streams? Her stream viewership is so low, even compared to some Nijis and a lot of HoloJPs.


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off topic

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Please give it up already.

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Picture is off topic, not a vtuber. Reported.

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You don't find it weird that a 3million vtuber got less viewers on her birthday stream than someone who only has a million? Be honest. Gura even has the advantage of speaking English, so a worldwide audience as opposed to a mostly-JP audience.

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That might be true but Gura still has a number advantage on anything else.

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Honestly, the downfall of vtubing wouldn't be a yab from our chubas, but the retarded fanbase being retarded.

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I love this special needs child!

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that's more than 30k, Subaru got boosted by guest

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I love Marine's

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is there anything more cancerous than people in offline chat that fucking try their hardest to be a """chat celebrity"""

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>offline chat
what are you talking about?

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Don't mind me, just fucking a tako and wasting an imageslot.

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Finally I can post Marine's weird facial expressions

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I was happy that the other thread ended but holy fuck it seems all the dramanigger schizos moved to this one already

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I mean, i dont think ive ever spent a single second in a offline chat, but birthdays faggots will always grind my gears

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I love Mori!

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Usagawr Pekogura

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free chat on upcoming streams? i dont know what they call them

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I want to lure her into my van and tell her there are numbers inside

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Cool robot, dude.

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I love Gura!

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we did it 4channel !

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people metaposting about it in those threads

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It will be about a doxx scandal.

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I hope you have your Airplane mode on phoneposter.

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Why did Iofi do it?

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I don't

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Will Kiara's shill stream manage to improve the thread quality?

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vtubers died a long time ago, they are no longer the virtual characters they were supposed to be, they are just normal twitch streamers now

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I love Gura too!

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I am going to kiss Gura’s tummy like there’s no tomorrow

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Please vote for 他のバイオ so we might finally get a Holo playing RE4.

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All me

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A risu stream !!
risu risu risu risu risu risu risu risustreeeeaaammmm

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Numbers and math in general were a mistake.

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who is this bitch?

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Ryona with canceled airplane watchalong

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[Pirate news] Marine is NOT ok

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Someone doing it on an anonymous imageboard.

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I miss Kuzuna Ai grudge poster

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SEA hours, please understand

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Pekora is going to watch The Mask in ~30 minutes

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lol no

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>Gura even has the advantage of speaking English, so a worldwide audience as opposed to a mostly-JP audience.
Yeah thats why Gura has way more vod views, nice try though.

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right there Ayamefriend!

>> No.6119820

Doesn't even bother translating, unsubscribing from this bitch

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>That slight buttcrack
Holy shit Yuna

>> No.6119823

Jesus Marine can scream

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Quality? No
Quantity? Yes.

>> No.6119826

bless you maririn

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By that definition, vtubers died with Kizuna Ai.

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It will at least be put out of it's misery faster by virtue of being an EN stream.

>> No.6119835

Reine and Choco have some absolutely golden dork energy

35p i kneel
(it was T-2 threads btw, cut it close)

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There's only room for one nigger in holo

>> No.6119840

Live again? more like leave again

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I love Aqua

>> No.6119843

Now I know why Ollie and Marine had a collab holy christ

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the ultimate integer fiend

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It's going to be doxxfags running rampant to the point where it becomes impossible to be a vruber. I'd actually be surprised if the NA girls manage to survive the next year unscathed

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Retards from /v/ are coming to shit up the thread

>> No.6119855

Scratch my earlier statement, I don’t miss SEA at all

>> No.6119859

>out all day yesterday doing Burger things
>missed the panel and any other streams
What'd I miss? Any YAB questions, or was it all relatively harmless fun like the prior day's panel?

>> No.6119861

Isnt that same color as Pekos?

>> No.6119864

pretty tame

>> No.6119870

Watching Marine run for her life because zombies want to take a bite out of her humongous ass, playing through Leon's side of Resident Evil 2. She's quite easily startled and this has some legit scary moments so there will be plenty of Marine shrieks today.
While Suisei, Debi and Inui from Nijisanji and Siro (holy shit it's Siro.) are taking each other on in various minigames of Mario Party. You can catch that over here, although it's probably nearing completion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3PJanMArGA
While Tiny Choco and Tiny Reine show each other how great they are at Apex Legends, by missing point blank shots and getting lit up with bullets like it's no one's business. At least they're having fun with it.
While Moona's got black panties around her head today as she finally jumps back into playing Yakuza 0. The panties are there for protection apparently as she beats the shit out of other yakuza members.
While Nenechi's brought out more soulful drawings today during her cuter than usual supachat reading after her Minecraft stream.
While Miko made it to 1.1m Subscribers during her singing stream and big congratulations to her! She's currently reading through supachats and also shilling her new cover.
While in a few minutes, there's going to be a rare Shien singing stream and I highly encourage you all to try to catch it as he has INCREDIBLY amazing karaoke streams.
Did you know Kanata's finally released the Soran Bushi remix she has blasting during the beginning of her stream? Can you do the dance as good as Kanata and Nenechi? Go check it out and become the greatest fisherman out there Anons.
Miko also released a cover today. Actually one of the most perfect covers for her and I'm surprised it took her this long to cover it. She sang Akari is Here, and Akari's already the cutest vocaloid so Miko singing this song is such a great feeling. Seriously go listen to it if you haven't, it's fantastic.
So friends, where we at? 22.5 Hours until my oshi returns to streaming.

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It was better than the first panel but still just whatever

>> No.6119877

I can't wait til George Soros dies so I can post "Soros Soros say goodbye the end" to this thread.

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Me too!

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>> No.6119889

Kiara slapped Ame in the face right in front of the host.

>> No.6119890

pretty boring desu. some people tried to stir up some shit because calli and gura's questions were from gachikois. actual questions and answers themselves were nothing new.

>> No.6119891

Hey, regular streamers also deal with that shit but it doesn’t end streaming as a whole, not even after some streamer got killed next to her brother

>> No.6119893

They flipped the order & asked Ame first. Meanwhile, Ame is high as fuck.

>> No.6119902

Aren't Lamy's thumbnails way too lewd lately?

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>> No.6119904

No yab questions, but we did get a "6 MILLION" mention from Kiara.

>> No.6119905

Mysterious friend....

>> No.6119906

the faceless ayamefriend.....

>> No.6119908

the telepathy game was a lot of fun
host relaxed a bit and didn't interrupt anyone (was still kinda shit at dealing with dead air)
questions were honestly less boring than expected
absolutely nothing yab, obviously, they reharsed for hours with management oversight

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She's ovulating

>> No.6119924

>regular streamers
as opposed to?

>> No.6119926

>> No.6119927

>some streamer got killed next to her brother

>> No.6119934

I'll take Boring over Yab Political or vocal SJW shit any day of the week, so that's a relief at least.
Thanks fellas.

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>> No.6119937

The ID twitter intern is numberfagging...

>> No.6119939

Vtubers are at a slightly lower risk than normal streamers, even with the dox shit. But yeah dox shit is actually retarded and every doxfag needs a death sentence

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I just woke up from a dream where Pekora had invited me into her bedroom to listen to her play piano. She had me sit next to her and she was so short the top of her head only came up to my armpit.
She unbuttoned my shirt and stuck her face inside it and started sniffing like a bunny, clearly enjoying the smell.
She got so distracted by my smell that she pulled out my cock and started blowing on it, because she didn't understand what a blowjob was. I was too embarrassed for her to correct her so I just let her do it for a while. I woke up diamonds anyway.
Kinda wish she'd played the piano a little bit at least.

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>> No.6119961

right here [???]friend

>> No.6119962

How do blowjobs even work with buckteeth?

>> No.6119963

Gura feet…

>> No.6119964

She's been doing this long enough, restrictions are coming loose.

>> No.6119966

Ame called anime conventions stinky

>> No.6119967

Kiara is actually going forward with her intervention idea
At this rate she will become comparable to actual talkshow hosts when it comes to repertoire

>> No.6119969

>actual questions and answers themselves were nothing new
you're just gonna pretend Kiara didn't announce a new recurring project?

>> No.6119970

>> No.6119975

Kiara is a Macrosschad and Ame is very familiar with con stench

>> No.6119978

Choco is relapsing...

>> No.6119980

I love Rushia!

>> No.6119984

I'd delete and repost but nah I'll just live with that L until the next thread. I'm too tired right now.

>> No.6119985

still remembered she was the first one who shouted out coco

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>> No.6119992

Fucking East Asian primetime.....

>> No.6119995

Its an old idea with an unclear date for when shes actually doing it.

>> No.6119997

>wow Gura this morning you demolished the 3 million mark! pretty soon you're going to eradicate the 6 million!
based if true

>> No.6120001

Does that mean swimsuits are coming back?

>> No.6120008


>> No.6120012

I can’t wait for each new stream to have greynames in chat wondering why there is a small Gura in the jar

>> No.6120014


>> No.6120019

She does seem rather adamant about actually going through with it, I think Coco helped light a fire under her ass

>> No.6120021

i bring small factoid for those who care about chammers

>> No.6120027

lmao, so you did get whacked for avatarfagging

>> No.6120028

Fun fact: You can't speel China without Ina.

>> No.6120030

Why doesn't Mori stream

>> No.6120032

they aren't, that's a dumb blanket statement. I'd argue it's the opposite because most big vtubers are women who are much more likely to post selfies. You have Etho, a "regular streamer/youtuber" and nobody online knows what he looks like.

>> No.6120033

JP primetime when im about to go to work. being a wagie is suffering

>> No.6120034

>Kiara is a Macrosschad
and yet she never sings Macross songs in her karaoke

>> No.6120040

> assured her they will collab once she comes back
now that's a death flag

>> No.6120045

Lion... Ikenai Borderline...

>> No.6120047

who was the first one ?

>> No.6120050

Gura should pee in the jar, as a joke.
Wouldn't that be so funny, haha

>> No.6120051

They graduate Akai Haato with no ceremony and they'll never find the body

>> No.6120056

You can keep using that term but it won't make you correct. I'm just a retard.

>> No.6120057

I'd think Mori is in more risk

>> No.6120058

Ayame is crying because ayamefriend forgot about her

>> No.6120059

This is a good thing. I'd rather she have lower viewership and, if I'm being honest, she probably does too.

>> No.6120060


>> No.6120063

Just work from home like I am. I'm reading SOPs/PSPs on my work laptop while watching marine and about to tune in to ko'one

>> No.6120064

>in everyone art tag

>> No.6120068

Nice desu ne

>> No.6120069


>> No.6120070

I saw some TL that she mentioned Ame being creative, did she say much else, like which stream she was referring to?

>> No.6120073

So how long until Kiara joins another convention?
It's some of her better content honestly
In fact I would go as far as saying that Kiara shines the most when collabing outside of hololive due to her suffocating aura pulling in everyone else into becoming her fan

>> No.6120077

Ame then Kiara.

>> No.6120078

missingno friend. . .

>> No.6120080

If Apex is so much fun, why don't they play CoD, BF, or even, Titanfall?

>> No.6120081

why do you get so worked up when someone calls a spade a spade?

>> No.6120085

They are archiveable so why would she sing them in unarchived?

>> No.6120091

Botan played all of those

>> No.6120092

Right here, Ayamefriend!

>> No.6120093

[IMPORTANT] Bossu is singing!!!!

>> No.6120094

Anon, just give us a straight answer so we can put it to rest. Are you female?

>> No.6120096

Kiara tweeted at her when basically no one did.
I forget, what Ame did?

>> No.6120099

"big ups to Jacob Rothschild"

>> No.6120105

me too!

>> No.6120106


>> No.6120109

sometimes I concernfag about Ame and Gura and I can't think on a solution that isn't marrying both of them

>> No.6120111

Thanks for linking it, their voices mesh so well in Lion.

>> No.6120112

some kinda repentance holo when

>> No.6120114

so this is the face of Aqua antis huh
is he just a nijinigger?

>> No.6120115

Please gather for delivery! Bossu is singing.

>> No.6120116

Yes, even FBKing played BF for a bit.

>> No.6120117

fucking tourist I swear

>> No.6120122

Why is she so sexy

>> No.6120123

All the censored gore in JP RE2 looks so dumb especially considering that these cutscenes are specifically designed to show it (The guy getting ripped in half that Leon pulls out and the other guy who had his face sliced open by the licker)

>> No.6120129

Avatar fagging implies repeated posts with the same or similar images. What they're doing is ritual posting which at least 20 people do in this thread.

>> No.6120130

Canceled Airplane

>> No.6120132

Kenzoku you here? Give me a cute Towa please... I need something to cheer me up...

>> No.6120133

abayo niggot

>> No.6120134

She easily get 1mil views on some of her videos though. Gura just drew audiences from people outside the streaming world who only watch videos.

>> No.6120137

Taiwan and China should be nuked

>> No.6120139

Ayamefriend is too young to get that reference.

>> No.6120142

Because she looks exactly like a child!

>> No.6120144

You know why.

>> No.6120145

Right here, Kaonashibro!

>> No.6120149

I'm not watching supachats. You'll have to check the VOD afterwards or wait for the inevitable clip.

>> No.6120150

There ain't no way in hell any of them would play this and would be autistic enough to make any significant progress.

>> No.6120155

I can't believe we are finally getting an onahole bros.

>> No.6120156

Sent her viewers to Coco when she about to finish her stream.

>> No.6120157

Isn't there some hacker fucking up the game for everyone? Even Apex got hacked almost a day ago

>> No.6120161

northernlion will join holostar en

>> No.6120162

>Ai Oboete Imasu Ka
It's about time a holo sings this song.

>> No.6120164

She's too busy producing music,except that she isn't competent enough to do that and she knows it

>> No.6120165

>marine runs past "dead" zombie
>sceams so loud it overtunes

>> No.6120171

I don't find her sexy at all and frankly everyone who does belongs on a list!

>> No.6120178


>> No.6120180

Yes, that's why Titanfags had had enough and hacked APEX to send a message to the developers to fix their outdated shit.

>> No.6120181

Poopoo game is probably too yab for idols
Also they'd play it too normally and not think of busted interactions to abuse

>> No.6120183

I don't want to watch someone more competent than her produce music. I want to watch her produce music.

>> No.6120185

E-celebs don't belong in holostars, only Autistic boys we can saviorfag over.

>> No.6120186

>Unarchived member stream.

>> No.6120191

When Gura growled in her latest stream I became extremely sweaty and frightened; being reminded that she is truly an apex predator was eye opening

>> No.6120192

Hm? That wasn't after the yab, right?
Anon and I were talking about shoutouts after the yab. There was the Kiara tweet, then Gura karaoke.

>> No.6120195

Didn't they remove that combo?

>> No.6120198

cloud chuuba...

>> No.6120201

Unironically "Operation Blue Shark" sounds like a FBI sting operation to catch pedophiles.
And you fucking glowies lurking here should do it.

>> No.6120204

moving goalpost aren't we?

>> No.6120207

She could like, gobble up your pp in one bite.

>> No.6120208

Yeah titanfall 1 has been fucked by one single hacker for over a year now making the game unplayable, it also has a hackers problems even before it was brought on steam but despite all that EA and respawn still sold it knowing how fucked it was. Some guy got fed up and hacked the apex playlist servers.

>> No.6120211


>> No.6120212

>> No.6120213

Poor Kiara will probably have to play through the game with English voices when it releases for shilling reasons...

>> No.6120214


>> No.6120220

Was not a member stream.

>> No.6120223

>Reading through the 5ch archives during Ame's karaoke
>They're all losing their minds over this image
truly the japanese are the supreme numberfags.

>> No.6120227


>> No.6120229

your only real hope is Beatani joining Hololive

>> No.6120230

How fucking new

>> No.6120231

Man, Bossu's singing is pretty nice

>> No.6120232

Shot her in the head and she will be dead

>> No.6120233


>> No.6120243

If you're talking about hololive, that was 1 month after every debut lmao.

>> No.6120244

Coco's internal-company graduation announcement happened months before the actual graduation.

No way Miko would be talking with haachama like this (and shouting HAACHAMA I MISS YOUU) if she knew things were final.

>> No.6120245

Look at that body, good god.

>> No.6120247

Anon, the game hasn't been patched in over a month.

>> No.6120249

I don't think it's too yab considering this
maybe not enough interest or requests, there's a good chance they'd only play once though so it wouldn't get too interesting

>> No.6120250

Tokyo Ghoul...

>> No.6120257

>everyone is live

>> No.6120261


>> No.6120263


>> No.6120266

Kenzoku? more like KenzoSUCK am i right
Towa? more like ToFART am i right

>> No.6120267


>> No.6120269

Is Ame's "singing" to them what Yoko Ono's is to us?

>> No.6120271

Have any of the girls ever figured out that you can kneecap the zombos to stop them from moving and conserve a lot more ammo than shooting em in the head 4 or 5 times

Admitedly I probably would have never figured that out myself either if I hadnt played RE4 all those years ago

>> No.6120272


>> No.6120276

what was this place reaction when this happened? something like this surely wasn't ignored. Did Gura addressed the issue?

>> No.6120278

[Apex News] Reine and Choco are on their third "last game"

>> No.6120280


>> No.6120283

is his model so stiff on purpose or is it just shitty rigging again

>> No.6120284


>> No.6120285


>> No.6120286

Go Ramy, go!

>> No.6120293

Anime new network has a channel in japan?

>> No.6120296

Haachama is no way near as responsible as Coco.

>> No.6120305


>> No.6120306

Reine did that in RE8.

>> No.6120309

Member is not even existed yet...

>> No.6120312

Let's see what chaos Risu will bring.

>> No.6120314


>> No.6120316

Nips are terrified too.

>> No.6120320


>> No.6120326

Not Kenzoku but I got you

>> No.6120327


>> No.6120329

Risu baby...

>> No.6120336

Yeah, you need to get to wacky endgame synergies for the game to really get fun to play and watch.

>> No.6120341

She cant make any music by herself

>> No.6120343

The guy that makes those nice Ame 3d animations is being a doxxbeat on twitter...

>> No.6120344

This makes me want to protect her so badly. Why?

>> No.6120347

Mori is the safest
>No gfe to breed stalkers
>no idolfags
>doesn't live in America so no swatting
I genuinely don't see anyone caring enough to fuck with her. Yeah, she stands out in japan a bit but her only in-country antis are the ones that thought she was "making trouble" with the atlus begging stream.

>> No.6120354

she sounds like a child

>> No.6120358

Do Nips clip anything other than Gura.

>> No.6120359

>"Last Game" with Choco

>> No.6120361

My wife is about to sing! Please watch her!!

>> No.6120365

nice thumbnail treerrat

>> No.6120368

I dunno but they fucking love love it. Despite Lamy streaming at the same time there are actually more people talking about Ame.

>> No.6120373


>> No.6120374

Your dusty womb yearns for seed. It's only natural.

>> No.6120385

Global was unusable for weeks.

>> No.6120386

Why does she sound like a child

>> No.6120388


>> No.6120390

As much as I'd like to see someone play it I can't even imagine starting Isaac from scratch in its current state. Or you need to be really into roguelites, but if you were you'd probably already have dumped hundreds of hours into Rebirth/Afterbirth.

>> No.6120392

I love this image alot, thanks watamate

>> No.6120393

Yes, but rarely.

>> No.6120394

They actually understand the concept of gosling.

>> No.6120401


>> No.6120405

Friends, your oshi is streaming with my oshi, does that mean that we are?

>> No.6120407


>> No.6120408


>> No.6120416

>RE2 won
Holy fuck you goddamn retards. Watch one of the dozens of other RE2 playthroughs. I just wanted to see a holo play through RE4 that's not on her roommate's account.

>> No.6120427

No, they also see it as cringe infinitely close to kino and enjoy it.

>> No.6120432


>> No.6120434

New York...I'm gonna saviorfag...

>> No.6120435

Don't worry anon I'll love her twice as much for you!

>> No.6120436


>> No.6120437

[Senshou news] She screamed.

>> No.6120439

The fact you feel the need to defend yourself every time it's brought up is telling how you know what you're doing is not fine

>> No.6120442

The smol one that Ame is currently using?

>> No.6120443

Doog is singing for you, come join

>> No.6120446

>"Apex is a disease"- Anya Melfisa, 2020

>> No.6120447

Didnt Korone play it before

>> No.6120448

Bossu's definitely practiced this one, it sounds better than the last time he sang it

>> No.6120449

Reddit spacing tho

>> No.6120450

>No gfe to breed stalkers
>no idolfags
Please watch streams, deadbeats are the most creepily obsessed fanbase.
Like have you seen the number of "I'm moving to Japan after the coof restrictions lift" SCs?

>> No.6120452

Lamy Live!

>> No.6120453

it's christmas again, apparently

>> No.6120455

>Yab Political or vocal SJW
Funny that you say that since one of the panels before EN went up was discussing american politics and anti-asian racism.

>> No.6120458

nah, the aniamtions that look like holo graffiti

>> No.6120459

It's KORONE time

>> No.6120461

>The Mask
Go back to /tv/

>> No.6120462

That's it. I've had it. If I can't have Ina, no one will. Enjoy and savour the next couple of streams you have left takos, I have a plan to fulfill.

>> No.6120468

>Normies go away
Ah yes, burn them, burn them all, Risu!

>> No.6120470

Wtf, I thought 5ch liked every HoloEN that wasn't Kiara? Weren't they sugoi, kakkoi and kawaii? Why are they seething over numbers all of a sudden?

>> No.6120471

Wait is only Watame streaming this? Operation Tanigo is one of those co op games where you need both perspectives in order to make for an enjoyable streaming experience

>> No.6120481

We got him.

>> No.6120484

>deadbeats are the most creepily obsessed fanbase.
Wake me up when deadbeats have their own truckschizo

>> No.6120485

>anti-asian racism
Not the race of the actual offenders though, I imagine.

>> No.6120486

cat is sleepy and cute

>> No.6120488

CHAMPION! Fucking barely holy shit

>> No.6120489

I mean karaoke is practically the national past time there. They probably know more about just going to a booth, getting shitfaced with friends and singing some anime theme song with full soul.
Like I've said, EN girls need to stop treating it like a concert to prepare for.

>> No.6120491

from a quick youtube search I found that Korone, haachama and Rushia all played it although I guess the vods are gone

>> No.6120493

About to watch the mask 1994 with the numbersagi at the usual place

>> No.6120494

How did 5ch react to Ame canceling Airplane?

>> No.6120497


>> No.6120498

You won't murder suicide Ina before I murder suicide Ina

>> No.6120504

Hurry up with the finished picture Chiyami

>> No.6120505

Friend is also streaming

>> No.6120510

>readability is reddit
I swear you guys sound so fucking dumb sometimes

>> No.6120514

Malicious thoughts fill my mind

>> No.6120515

also im gonna get blasted tonight and i want a mori stream to rewatch, thinking about tiara’s session

>> No.6120531


>> No.6120533

it's twitch time now

>> No.6120535

go back

>> No.6120538

>operation Tanigo
God I love Watame so much bros

>> No.6120547

Does Airplane even have japanese subs?

>> No.6120548

[Apex News] Reine and Choco are on their fourth "last game"

>> No.6120549

Mori is busy right now, anon.

>> No.6120552


>> No.6120553

5ch is full of Nijiniggers

>> No.6120554

>Shiranai ojisan

>> No.6120556

If you love her so much why don't you marry her, NEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRDDDD!
lol gottem'

>> No.6120557

Gura cute!

>> No.6120559

I'm still waiting for Rainforest to continue this game

>> No.6120578

anonchama, you fucking idiot, look at the schedule
she has a stream tomorrow

>> No.6120581 [SPOILER] 

busy with ___me___

>> No.6120582

I think I have to see a doctor or something. I can't fucking get my oshi out of my head. My mind won't stop fucking thinking about her and its driving me nuts. I can't even work properly anymore. What the fuck is going on?

>> No.6120585

I do not care
I want a mori stream or a rewatch suggestion

>> No.6120586

>sort by viewer count
>top 6th stream
What the fuck

>> No.6120588

I can't even imagine trying to explain Airplane jokes in JP.

>> No.6120596

vtubing born and died with kizuna ai by your definition

>> No.6120599

Happy Fox!

>> No.6120600


>> No.6120606

>no stalkers
Oh how wrong you can be.

>> No.6120613

give her time to get her true power anon

>> No.6120615

Why you crop out feet…

>> No.6120616

this timeslot considered as deadhours

>> No.6120619

I rewatched tiara's stream recently and I had a ton of fun.

>> No.6120620

Jesus, you deadbeats know that Mori had to practically pull midnight shifts for AX right? You might not like AX but she did a lot for it just due to timezones. Let the girl have her rest.

>> No.6120623

Sasuga NUMBER rabbit

>> No.6120625

They'd get the concept of them, though. Visual cultural gags, lots of puns and figure of speech play. Japanese and American humor can be weirdly alike in style.

>> No.6120628


>> No.6120631


>> No.6120632

what the fuck is this

>> No.6120633

Your boy has got you covered! *Schedules Inunaki Tunnel*

>> No.6120641

No, Lamy just stopped caring if they complain at her about it
what are they going to do? If they tried to punish her in any way they'd be torn limb from limb

>> No.6120643


>> No.6120647

Go rewatch her DOOM streams in preparation for next week, then.

>> No.6120648

It was ONE GUY!

>> No.6120649

I just linked my Amazon Prime to my Twitch account so that I could gain a free subscription to my favourite Twitch streamer Usada Pekora! You should do the same!

>> No.6120658

>middle of the afternoon for yuros
>before afternoon for burgers
Only asians are at home right now and they don't watch twitch

>> No.6120662

Make sure to refer to your oshi as 'the demons' and you'll get help

>> No.6120663

>Muh Boogeyman
It always was retarded and you will always sound retarded

>> No.6120664

why is pekora streaming on twitch

>> No.6120665

>Why are they seething over numbers all of a sudden?
>believing a claim without any proof
Anon use your common sense reps. Don't believe anons just because they posted an unrelated image. This shit is how rrats spread...

>> No.6120668

If Hololive wholesale moved to twitch, it would dominate almost the entire site.
Imagine Gura unarchived karaoke numbers on twitch, without the youtube "bug".

>> No.6120671


>> No.6120676

yes? not the first time it happens, same with "roguelikes" (Spelunky)

>> No.6120680

Wait, these numbers are supposed to be bad? I don't know shit about twitch viewer counts but I already find this impressive

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