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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber unit, LazuLight!

Niji EN

Pomu Rainpuff

Elira Pendora

Finana Ryugu

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:https://teamup.com/ks1nymurwq8u6ngmhn

To watch streams at the same time:

Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
you only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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>> No.6095990

love Pomu!

>> No.6095999

I like Elir

>> No.6096016

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.6096020

I like (you)

>> No.6096044

fish where

>> No.6096051

sweaty dragon joined Pomu!

>> No.6096054


>> No.6096057

joining in ten

>> No.6096068

Buying more Doritios

>> No.6096072

soon brothers

>> No.6096073

unity love!

>> No.6096075

love fish!

>> No.6096083


>> No.6096092

SO true bestie!!

>> No.6096101

Will she join after cumming

>> No.6096117

Seems like Pomu still hasn’t fixed her audio issues...

>> No.6096119

Pomu gonna crash into the water

>> No.6096132

gotta finish a quick ERP session

>> No.6096140

The difference between the Nijisanji and Hololive AX panels is like a microcosm of the difference between the two groups/companies. The Hololive one slapped 5 people with low chemistry together and forced them to rehearse for a safe, soulless company-mandated script, having a no-fun asshole (a host this time, but usually their managers) police them the entire time, while they promoted themselves as a "product" while hypocritically trying to push themselves as a "big happy family". The Nijisanji one was pure kino Nijisanji in a nutshell, giving the talents complete freedom to do whatever they want and promote their company for its actual content and people instead of toys, and showing what a true big happy family is by demonstrating their natural chemistry together. It was SOUL.

>> No.6096155

God her sleepy voice is pure sex

>> No.6096180

i wanna fuck the dragonschizo

>> No.6096200

>I'll come soon
hehe haha

>> No.6096210

Why is eli so quiet?

>> No.6096213


>> No.6096231

i wanna fuck the anti Pomu schizo

>> No.6096266

She was sleeping

>> No.6096274

Who's the anti Pomu schizo?

>> No.6096284

sleepy, but also pomus audio is fucked since she got new audio gear

>> No.6096301

I am. https://vocaroo.com/1dvgwjAi09Td

>> No.6096303

Can some numberfags get metrics on how many attendees LazuLight got vs Holomyth?

>> No.6096309

Not me, I love Pomu.

>> No.6096311

Who built the roller coaster?

>> No.6096316


>> No.6096327

Ask the numberfag thread.

>> No.6096340

I’ve never being into ASMR
But something about this just soothes me, her model also works so well here

>> No.6096350

>> No.6096371

Which server are they in? World server?

>> No.6096396


>> No.6096398

this is fun

>> No.6096408

I must have busted ten times to this by now

>> No.6096410


>> No.6096424

Elira's cart landed on Pomu.

>> No.6096467


>> No.6096471


>> No.6096485

Doesn't Pomu need to go to work tomorrow or something? For how long will she stream today?

>> No.6096521

Elira LOVE

>> No.6096523

Did her audio die

>> No.6096550

Burgers have a three day weekend because of a national holiday

>> No.6096570

fucked since she got new equipment

>> No.6096585

myth: 9999999999 billion
lazulight: 5 people, but they liked it

>> No.6096616


>> No.6096651

This fag spamming in chat...

>> No.6096672

Damn Pomu, you SHIT with that ass?

>> No.6096693

What the fuck

>> No.6096709

i have seen that fag in Eliras prechat before always spamming about hololive collabs

>> No.6096748

Obvious here shitposter. Could be (you) screencapping your own posts.

>> No.6096784

I love Pomu

>> No.6096797

it is gonna take a week until Pomu fixes her audio issues, right?

>> No.6096804

now that there are some decently cute EN streamers I no longer have any reason to do my reps or pretend I'm Japanese

>> No.6096837


>> No.6096843

A week is probably generous.

>> No.6096850

Why do they collab so much?

>> No.6096860

You will continue to do your reps and you will support their senpais that will inevitably collab with Lazulight in Japanese, don't be a weakling

>> No.6096862

Wait until Elira starts collabing with the JPs

>> No.6096870

>axolotls on a leash

>> No.6096889

they enjoy each other's company

>> No.6096895

Japanese is too hard. I can't blame him for quitting.

>> No.6096902

pomumama is going to be upset at missing another pomu stream..

>> No.6096907

Do your reps so you can keep up when they interact with their senpais

>> No.6096909

She sounds fine? Nobody but autistic audiophiles find anything wrong with it.

>> No.6096930

>do my reps or pretend I'm Japanese
Do people really do this? I thought it was a joke.
I literally never watched non English speaking vtubers

>> No.6096933


>> No.6096937

They keep trying to kill themselves when Finana lets them loose.

>> No.6096948

you shouldnt get worse audio when you buy new equipment

>> No.6096969

There is some kind of metallic echoing sound after everytime she speaks.

>> No.6096972


>> No.6096973

Anon, I...

>> No.6096999

You should get your ears fixed, her current setup is much worse than her previous one. She sounds like a robot and it echoes like she’s in a cave.

>> No.6097012

>he add to his nickname to KFP smth number
obviously here

>> No.6097018


>> No.6097030

Pomu really had to look up "crafting table" in the crafting guide, I remember BACK IN THE DAY, how REAL MEN played minecraft

>> No.6097042

Please tell me someone is recording

>> No.6097048

Elira's mom knows Nodame Cantabile

>> No.6097051

This is correct, but you REALLY to post this in /hlgg/. You know, they should know the truth!

>> No.6097052

these people deserve death

>> No.6097073

Elira has great taste.

>> No.6097075

Stop posting any time

>> No.6097085

Also Elira confirmed for dirty room.

>> No.6097086

stop screencapping yourself no one cares

>> No.6097088

I'm just waiting for Finana to ban them.

>> No.6097091

Just block him.

>> No.6097092

it is probably (you), he spams them all several times a week, clearly shitposting

>> No.6097094

It's one guy and he's done it in multiple streams, he's almost certainly a shitposter from here or hlg

>> No.6097125

Don’t care, stop giving retards attention

>> No.6097140

You might not be him, but I'm not taking any chances here. The meidos will hear about this insolence.

>> No.6097148

Just report the chat spammer. Don't acknowledge them.

>> No.6097151

I'm recording

>> No.6097153

Holobronies are a scourge

>> No.6097155

rip iwata

>> No.6097175

Thank you based archivist anon

>> No.6097181

Based anon

>> No.6097195

Elira did a flip!

>> No.6097196

Elira fell straight down while screaming.

>> No.6097204

Anyone clip the Pomu moan or………..

>> No.6097207


>> No.6097227


>> No.6097236


>> No.6097247

elira screams...

>> No.6097259

Ever since Pomu mentioned watching HoloEN at AX at the beginning of the stream they’ve been saying “collab with HoloEN” the whole time.

>> No.6097261

that difficult very difficult was a harry potter reference wasn't it

>> No.6097262

What's with all the clip beggars today

>> No.6097282

elira's screams makes me wonder how her throat would feel.

>> No.6097286

Just the usual unarchived experience

>> No.6097293

In what way?

>> No.6097306

nah that dude have been doing that, if with a bit less spam intensity, for several streams

>> No.6097311

because there are a lot of good moments

>> No.6097325

>harry potter reference

>> No.6097335

God, I hope so...

>> No.6097344

So clip them yourself?

>> No.6097352

Elira saving Pomu's audio settings!

>> No.6097354

based dragon saving bestie

>> No.6097362

Thank you elira

>> No.6097363

live tech support!

>> No.6097364

god bless Elira

>> No.6097376

I'm not a clipman, I'm just telling you a valid reason

>> No.6097377

I can now hear Elira without having Pomu blasting.

>> No.6097385

Why would Pomu buy an expensive piece of equipment and not even research how to properly use it

>> No.6097387

Because Pomu said she might I unarchive because of the shit audio.

>> No.6097395

Based dragon

>> No.6097412


>> No.6097413

she got it just before her karaoke yesterday

>> No.6097417

It's a falseflagger. Just report and block.

>> No.6097419

Cam on fishdad let Finana play!

>> No.6097423

Elira's scream sounds like it could be used as a stock screaming sound effect in movies and cartoons.

>> No.6097429


>> No.6097442

Look at this sweaty stinky dragon
This musky hot dragon
This moisty smelly dragon
This drippy funky dragon
This sticky wet dragon
This odorous muggy dragon
This steamy soaked dragon
This fragrant damp dragon
This aromatic weeping dragon
This dewy odoriferous dragon

>> No.6097450

But with Elira's screams

>> No.6097451

was pomu talking to elira when she said come here stinky

>> No.6097455


>> No.6097468

I love lililira

>> No.6097471

I don't know and it's a bit frustrating. This is her chance to fix the audio issues she's had since debut, maybe she's too proud to spend more time on it? Anycolor is also at fault for not making this part of the pre-debut setup at this point. Thankfully Elira at least has experience and is kind enough to help her out.

>> No.6097530

To be completely honest, I just think she got baited by the GoXLR meme. It's not a bad equipment by any means, but there are great stuff out there for the price range.

>> No.6097546

they really should fire her, this is so not ok

>> No.6097554

Sleeping in the same bed as Pomu and Elira!

>> No.6097568

What kind of dedicated autist would spam YouTube chat just to annoy the retards here

>> No.6097570

Stop replying to yourself

>> No.6097574

I just think she took the rec from Elira, because Eli got GoXLR

>> No.6097614

Didn't sound like Elira had one. She sounded like she was describing it from memory as if she used to.

>> No.6097620

why are u such a loser?

>> No.6097636

>left hand makes an L

>> No.6097637

did you see the dumb aussie superchatting "hey /vt/" "4chan broooos" and shit to Elira yesterday. Spergery knows no bounds

>> No.6097640

I can see how my first post looks like the schizo's writing but I'm not him. I've been critical of Pomu's (and Finana's) audio since the beginning and it's frustrating because it's a solved issue, they just need to put the effort into it.

>> No.6097642

How do you not know your left and right without thinking about it

>> No.6097643

jesus christ, pomu and eli are ACTUAL retards.

>> No.6097645

If that's the case it's fine then, but she should've asked for Elira's help as soon as she got it if it was her recommendation. Well, at least it's getting fixed now.

>> No.6097646

Holy shit they're so fucking stupid, I love them so much

>> No.6097650

Come on Finana, go play with your genmates.

>> No.6097654

Is this a bit?

>> No.6097656

>left hand makes an L
wait what?
right is right and left is left how is that hard?

>> No.6097665

Because you share this board with people like this

>> No.6097668

is it the same retard that broke containment in a superchat?

>> No.6097670

is it a female thing?

>> No.6097684

Where were you when she got you in Pomu's chat?

>> No.6097688

No, it's already perfect as is.

>> No.6097691

Fish what the fuck? I am getting blueballs

>> No.6097703

You guys make fun of Elira but I watched her favorite male liver, Fuwa yesterday and he didn't know which way was east and which way was west...

>> No.6097707

that just makes them cuter

>> No.6097709

I think someone here said that Elira still has her goxlr in the box.

>> No.6097730

Pomu made sure that finana couldn't play when she gruella'd minecraft

>> No.6097736

streamdeck was in the box for weeks not goxlr

>> No.6097756

Same desu

>> No.6097805

just block him, dude.
I'm sure pomu already did herself

>> No.6097812

i want pomu to climb into my urethra

>> No.6097827

did i miss anything kino? i just joined. also what is all this talk about it being unarchived?

>> No.6097842

Elira's sleepy/real voice at the beginning was pretty sex

>> No.6097852

>> No.6097857

Yup you missed sleepy Elira who didn't realize Pomu was streaming
Pomu decided to archive the stream so don't worry

>> No.6097870

She knows what she's doing.

>> No.6097874

So which Lazulight is if they are Bochi anime?

>> No.6097887

This gave me an erection when I heard it live

>> No.6097890

they are pretty low energy, so it has been more chill than the chaotic other minecra collabs, but I kinda like these chill ones

>> No.6097895

Pomu let out a really lewd moan when a zombie attacked her when they were checking the rollercoaster

>> No.6097898

same but with finana

>> No.6097942

The superchat baiting is getting old honestly

>> No.6097961

They took the superchat bait as naturally as they breathed

>> No.6097962

Elira is just doing it because Pomu did it to Elira when she hit 100k

>> No.6097964

Why do you care, you draining your wallet?

>> No.6097967

Finana fell asleep...

>> No.6097968

At least tell them to use streamlabs instead if you're going to bait them...

>> No.6097972

Fuck you Pomu! Based Elira is forcing you to have a long superchat reading.
That's what you get for bullying the dragon!

>> No.6097978

this is payback for Pomu telling people to superchat Elira

>> No.6097981

i finally got out of work
so how did the expo go?
also what have they've been doing in minecraft

>> No.6097998

that's different from left/right dude
unless we're talking about maps

>> No.6098004

Holy shit, Pomu

>> No.6098007

I see the curse runs on the family

>> No.6098008

The curse stops for no one...

>> No.6098010

Pomu's curse...

>> No.6098015

they would get 5% as many streamlabs. Half the thing with supas are these easy supa trains that start rolling, that doesnt happen with streamlabs

>> No.6098017

I've watched so much minecraft since this new update.

>> No.6098019

Isn't it TOS to tell people not to use google services

>> No.6098045

Damn I think that story needs more context Pomu

>> No.6098053

Pomu that's bad

>> No.6098060


>> No.6098062

In a 2D game it's basically the same thing.

>> No.6098100

Work has kept me away from the internet for a few days. Why is everyone pulling >2k viewers now? Not that I don't like the incline.

>> No.6098111

is it really posible to break your spine and dont end up being vegetable? or is pomu just overexagerating?

>> No.6098113

Why would a 2D game differentiate West and East?

>> No.6098118

she is already a week behind, truly evil

>> No.6098162

prob injured but not broken, she said they were still doing it

>> No.6098176

Dude was playing Deltarune. Game told him to go east, he went west. Chat got on his case about it.

>> No.6098184

elira cpr when

>> No.6098186

You can have a fracture of your spine without damaging the spinal cord

Old people do this all the time

>> No.6098193


>> No.6098198

Speaking of collabs, I hope any of the current/upcoming talents gets inducted into the SKB club

>> No.6098235

I googled are you paralyzed if you break your spine and the first thing that came up was that you usually aren't.

>> No.6098237

Finana doesn't have to pay for rent and cancer-b-gone pills so I'm not too worried about her growth, and she's obviously growing comfortable into her role

>> No.6098254

>loli cat or bird answering marshmallows about sex
Yes please.

>> No.6098308

Should you do japanese reps even if you oshi primarily speaks english?

>> No.6098320


>> No.6098346

Thank you for introducing me to Pomu, Anons. I really like her and today was the day I finally subscribed

>> No.6098353

Vtubing will always be a Japanese invention and filled with Japanese personalities

>> No.6098357

Learning a language is always good

>> No.6098362

pomu isnt paying attention to chat shes going to miss mama

>> No.6098366

didnt you just ask this? Is this the new weird spam bait or something?

>> No.6098377

Has Pomu said when she'll post her schedule?

>> No.6098402

on saturday

>> No.6098417


>> No.6098420

they should turn that into an actual stream eventually, or a clickbait clip video on the official channel, let me talk to my anykara contacts, they're gonna love this

>> No.6098428

I can see Pomu falling in that lava with my third eye.

>> No.6098430

she posted it at the start of the stream. All Genshin all week

>> No.6098466

The industry has shifted twords the western market. From now on, there always will be good EN vtubers

>> No.6098489

This is like watching an adventure anime.

>> No.6098503


>> No.6098515

Why are you like this? Why are you lying?

>> No.6098527

We don't even have a proper western vtuber company

>> No.6098562

JP and EN vtubers aren't really alike at all. I still watch a decent mix of both. By remaining an EOP you're cut off from like 80% of vtubers and the EN market will never replicate what JP offers because of the cultural differences.

>> No.6098567

Almost certainly

>> No.6098605

yeah top down games use the same system pretty much

>> No.6098624

So whose tunnel is this?

>> No.6098657

They're going to be lost.

>> No.6098666

The writing is on the wall. The western market is both richer and more numerous than japanese. Just wait another six months and you will see that I am right.
Also japanese is a dying language. It would be more pragmatic to learn Spanish or something.

>> No.6098674

Hey me too!

>> No.6098680

Somebody in the chat said they think it was one of the KR members
Didn't specify who though

>> No.6098681

Elira really likes her twitch emotes.

>> No.6098685

Why do all the western companies fail and only the japanese ones with english branches succeed then? A phenomenon based on japanese culture started by japanese people for people with japanese interests will be more popular than western imitations.

>> No.6098707

wait she broke a spawner block?

>> No.6098711

>the EN market will never replicate what JP offers because of the cultural differences.
Yeah how could we ever replicate ummm ear licking ASMR and (checks notes) uhhh summer festival streams (oh no oh dear starts flipping through notes faster) uhhh lesbian baiting and and saying curse words in languages they don't know!

>> No.6098724

Yes anon, I'm sure an American company will spawn out of thin air and overtake Hololive and Nijisanji just like that within 6 months. And hell will freeze over too.

>> No.6098727

>mah japanese culture
Yeah... You people are insufferable.

>> No.6098739

a half slab

>> No.6098745

>the dying language meme
LMAO. You're dying faster than the Japanese language is. Your children/niece/nephew will die before the Japanese language. Just because the population is slowly declining doesn't mean that there will be a lack of Japanese speakers any time soon.

>> No.6098764

i could listen to dragon and fairy just shit talk all day

>> No.6098769

It's amazing how much they're on the same level with each other.

>> No.6098770

Reminder to shut the fuck up.

>> No.6098784

>Elira Naruto BGM
This is fucking amazing.

>> No.6098791

Has she said anything about her twitch channel since making it?

>> No.6098792

>Never seen the Titanic

>> No.6098809

hari pls wake up and collab with them

>> No.6098821

it's like they are really in the cave!

>> No.6098825

Show me the open western lolicon and shotacon vtubers. Show me western vtubers doing quiz shows like Gwelu. Show me western vtubers putting on full concerts. Until every unique aspect of Japanese vtubing is replicated there will always be an audience for it.

>> No.6098844

make me

>> No.6098854

This is a website centered around Japanese pop culture. Fuck off if you don't like it.

>> No.6098860

Elira's really nice with the tech support

>> No.6098864

pomu wtf

>> No.6098869

omg you're pomu I love pomu!

>> No.6098874

Pomu is more special than I thought

>> No.6098878


>> No.6098888

I think you should learn Japanese because learning a new language is fun :)

>> No.6098893

And you will never be more than a tourist.

>> No.6098895

I don't remember if it was Pomu or Elira but one of them said twitch was meant for contingencies (bans and whatnot).

>> No.6098904

What kind of vibrator does finana have

>> No.6098913

I don't need to be Japanese to enjoy their entertainment.

>> No.6098931

Based and checked

>> No.6098932

Now they are seething, great...
I believe that as the time passes, the Indies will rise. Thinking of vtubers needing a company is an outdated believe.
As more people are introduced to the vtubers, the more powerful Indies will become.

>> No.6098941

bad dragon largest one

>> No.6098944

Probably the Hitachi Magic Wand, I imagine she put research into it and bought the most powerful and expensive one like her pc.

>> No.6098951

A big one

>> No.6098953

nobody cares what you think.

>> No.6098954

so what will elira do if the apex hack lasts into tomorrows stream?
and what will happen to the apex gremlin?

>> No.6098986

She will be rehabilitated

>> No.6099007

Anon you made the claim that in six months the western vtuber will overtake the Japanese one when there is both no prominent western vtuber company to begin with and Pekora and Kuzuha still dominate in terms of views. It's not seething to point out that there is simply no way at this pace that that prediction's coming true.

>> No.6099046

>MC autist donating $20 superchats to talk about minecraft

>> No.6099053

Half of the posts replying to the retard is samefagging, but the other half is on you, you dumbasses

>> No.6099060

Think of the 2view indies that all jumped on the vtuber bandwagon during last year, wasted half a thousand dollars for a shitty model and realized having a vtuber avatar won't make them popular because they don't understand how to replicate what made vtubers popular.

>> No.6099107

That makes me think, was any vtuber streaming apex when that happened?

>> No.6099141

especially as she is in collab mode and not really looking at chat, only seeing every fifth supa before the dono reading. But mc spergs will be mc spergs

>> No.6099153

Pomu is really fucking dumb, huh

>> No.6099161

Kuzuha has been playing for the past 8 hours.

>> No.6099182

why do you care?

>> No.6099219

Fuck I didn't even want to argue with you
>mah japanese culture faggots
I just posted my thoughts and you started seething. Just how insecure are /jp/s this days?
Fuck off and watch the stream. Nobody REALLY cares about JOPs outside of "here".

>> No.6099230

I don't, just that he's done it enough times to be noticed

>> No.6099251

I think pomu is cute

>> No.6099261

So you admit you were wrong and lost the argument. Let's all watch Pomu and sleepy Elira now.

>> No.6099273

>No argument
Go cry about it on your blog.

>> No.6099295

>elira singing that song
is it HER? Has she finally returned?

>> No.6099316

pomu's response to hold on spider monkey was so cute

>> No.6099358

>bullying fish
is this really ok?

>> No.6099423

damnit elira always reads my messages

>> No.6099440

They also mentioned they might need it for certain events, as well as potentially using the multi-streaming thing on it

>> No.6099473

they really make me want to play minecraft but i know its just going to be boring alone

>> No.6099499

Pomu your spelling reps.

>> No.6099503

with the timing of it, I am almost sure it is a backup plan. Fish got fucked by susan during a collab the day before they announced the twitch account

>> No.6099504

>stealing from the dead

>> No.6099505

2400 viewers for a gruella MC stream is quite a lot but I imagine it's because other company's EN branch aren't streaming? I guess we'll see in 30 minutes if Pomu's still streaming. Still I'm happy for her that she's inclining.

>> No.6099511

I started a new world like 5 times already because of them and it's never as fun as they make it seem

>> No.6099538

>Things Holobronies will never understand

>> No.6099547

I love how you can get away with things involving Pomu by just allowing her brain to jump to a different topic

>> No.6099548

Not impossible that's the reason, but I think it's more that anything minecraft tends to attract a lot of randoms.

>> No.6099567


>> No.6099581

Eh, she streams minecraft pretty consistently 2-3 times a week and I don't think she's ever done this well.

>> No.6099583

If you're playing solo, it's best to do modded Minecraft. The vanilla game is too bland on its own.

>> No.6099593


>> No.6099598

she is very scatterbrained, and often taking like 5 sec to think of a specific word

>> No.6099613


>> No.6099663

so cute!

>> No.6099687

She's the only one streaming from Lazulight + Elira gruella collab. She averages around 1.6k-2k for minecraft.

>> No.6099726

elira in crisis worker mode

>> No.6099734

Elira CUTE

>> No.6099804


>> No.6099897

Elira is the cutest dragon in the world, dare I say!

>> No.6099923

Daring indeed, but I must agree with your conclusion

>> No.6099959

People like this don't appreciate how quickly japanese is dying. It's not dying because Japan's population is declining. It's dying because young people refuse to learn Kanji. It's dying because we live in a world where important new terms for things are being coined every few weeks and Japanese has no system in place for incorporating new words into its obtuse writing system. There's no kanji for blockchain. There's only "Buroku chein"

Any japanese person under 30 communicates in 80% english words written phonetically in kana and then shortened. There is no longer a core japanese, just an anglicized creole whose only actual japanese words left are the basic platitudes, participles and numbers. Welsh is more alive as a language than nihongo right now.

>> No.6100006

>Any japanese person under 30 communicates in 80% english words written phonetically in kana and then shortened
No but I see that's your way of coping with not being able to learn japanese.

>> No.6100080

Dead hours bros....

>> No.6100081

>intentionally fucking with the minecra spergs

>> No.6100098

>Imagine not having a proper and simple alphabet.
Just learn any European language. Christian monks worked their ass for couple of centuries to make tham good and usable

>> No.6100116

You know what to do

>> No.6100125

that's a weird vibrator name

>> No.6100129

I still have 7 hours of Elira's VODs to finish.

>> No.6100151

do jannies look at these threads?

>> No.6100168

I had fun with you guys too! except the weird people who were talking about politics.

>> No.6100202

>not immediately hiding offtopic posts

>> No.6100213

Based, have fun!

>> No.6100223

u actual inbred, its almost like languages change and japanese itself isnt a creole version of another long lost language. the caribbean is more than enough of proof of this

>> No.6100243

>making stubs

>> No.6100259

Pom is still streaming for a bit more

>> No.6100260

I was watching Pomu's stickmin archive before this started. Don't really get why the game is so popular though.

>> No.6100297

why not? the sole reason why i decided to learn english was to have the ability to consume more content that i find interesting, then applied the same logic to learning japanese. if you find that it will be useful for you, go for it. besides learning it purely for your own convenience, knowing several languages is a very valuable skill too.

>> No.6100304

ah bakarina... anime is good, but I like the light novel better. Though the manga was pretty good as well...

>> No.6100323

This post is both kinda correct and kinda wrong. Linguistics is subjective anyway.
>u actual inbred
But this insult is based.

>> No.6100329

Did you go through the formal classes method or did something else?

>> No.6100331

>we're not weaboos
>then why are you here?
I feel Pomu's used this a lot before. She even sounded annoyed when saying that.

>> No.6100337

Just a reminder about dead hours. Hada will be streaming soon!


>> No.6100338

Hey that's me

>> No.6100343

its an oldschool game from like 2009. prob nostalgia

>> No.6100344

I think seeing japanese girls say the words and seeing weird western references is cute, especially since video game impaired girls can play it.

>> No.6100353

Kuzuha is streaming RIGHT NOW.

>> No.6100366

And to fill that gap between this and that, we also have Kuzuha playing APEX as usual!


>> No.6100373

no, i learnt english on my own and im doing the same with japanese.

>> No.6100389


>> No.6100396


>> No.6100402

Korean branch is always there to comfort us during dead hours.

>> No.6100428


>> No.6100443

>the shills are here again
Don't care, I have NijiEN VODs.
Time to leave this place

>> No.6100445

Did you missed the Zelda streams?

>> No.6100468

Why do Pomudachi hate other Nijimems so much?

>> No.6100506

watch fish apex vods

>> No.6100514

Despite their lewd designs Niji's KRs arent comfort girls

>> No.6100560

I thought Pomu said she added mod status everyone in Nijisanji? Did she only add the JPs?

>> No.6100566

pomudachis are still watching pomu..

>> No.6100567


>> No.6100579

I just finished playing Helltaker, so now I can finally watch Eli's vod.

>> No.6100601

Oh right, what did NijiEN talk about in AX

>> No.6100641

>Rai's channel doesn't have a check mark
Nijisanji ID...

>> No.6100654

She said YouTube bugged out and didn't let her add anyone else

>> No.6100657

she added too many at the same time so it bugged out

>> No.6100736


>> No.6100763

All male wave confirmed

>> No.6100768

Elira's 3 sizes

>> No.6100774

Pomu...the God Knows supachats...

>> No.6100795

As long as you're not a pushover, you have the power to shape what kind of people becomes your audience. Why would someone like Pomu want a chat full of normalfags that balk at her when she talks about her genuine passions?

>> No.6100805


>> No.6100807

No Pomu tomorrow...

>> No.6100844

More stuff coming up really soon according to Pomu.

>> No.6100848

Some based anon recorded it.

>> No.6100894

Didn't she say she wasnt going to postpone the stream and she would try to get it all fixed!?

>> No.6100899

What kind of stuff?

>> No.6100919

Wave 2 by the end of the month.

>> No.6100928

song with wave two in late july?

>> No.6100944

thank god cause i will be fucking busy

>> No.6100960

Pomu read my comment in chat twice today, I feel so good right now.

>> No.6100977

>you're my senpai, you're allowed to shoot me
Rai's gonna blow his loud onto Pomu.

>> No.6100980

Rai drops his spaghetti whenever he's called senpai...

>> No.6100993

but ZEA....

>> No.6101011

She didn't specify she was just being suggestive.

>> No.6101086

Can't watch now because I'm at work

Just give me the deets

>> No.6101113

POMU (pomu)

>> No.6101154

I love Pomu so much

>> No.6101158

lmao pomu

>> No.6101169

Bros, the echo is so fucking hot...

>> No.6101170

I am going insane....

>> No.6101178


>> No.6101201

>Kuzuha says "tasukaru" right after Pomu says "draggin deez nuts"

>> No.6101215

I love her laugh in the echo

>> No.6101235

poor mama

>> No.6101249

That echo laugh made me hard

>> No.6101326

They briefly introduced the concept of vtubers, introduced themselves, and nijisanji, talked about the auditions that are currently ongoing, mentioned their 100k spicy noodle challenge and then answered a bunch of questions.

>> No.6101408

That makes it sound a lot more professional and boring than it was

>> No.6101443

sasuga, nijisanji...

>> No.6101525

True there was plenty of goofy lazulight fun in there too.

>> No.6101592


>> No.6101710

Did they have a giveaway for their Q&A like the Holos?

>> No.6101812

they were pretty nervous and just had a skeleton script. So lots of rambling back and forth between them. It was mostly like a wonky zatsudan collab for the most of it. I have no idea how that came across for non lazulight fans though.

>> No.6102017

Thanks Pomu getting us a guerilla collab stream instead of a dead day. Very cool.

>> No.6102061


>> No.6102140

I saw a Japanese comment on a clip explaining why the ENs tend to just call Kanae "Kanae" rather than adding a -san or -senpai. I wonder if that's something people would actually get angry at them for or if it's just concernfagging.

>> No.6102489

Yeah I would say they barely passed in regards to the panel's objective.

>> No.6102548

Anyone who wouldn't enjoy that wasn't going to enjoy their streams anyway.

>> No.6102731

Yes it is a problem for the japanese if you don't use honorifics, usually you only quit that if you and the other person are already close.

>> No.6102892

i think they almost always do anyway

>> No.6102900

Kanae himself said he doesn't really care.

>> No.6102942

oh it's something they get angry about alright, at least the fans, Hisupi is still hated by some rabid fans to this day because of it, but it doesn't matter since the people involved don't actually care and even Mito herself BTFO'd all those guys anyways.

>> No.6103107

I figured they might be let off easy because Japanese isn't their first language. I know Finana in particular tends to just call him Kanae so I hope she doesn't get flamed for it in the future.

>> No.6103149

Japanese don't have any cultural expectations of foreigners, like at all. That's why weebs get "nihongo jouzu'd" for even the most basic level japanese.
Even Riku probably found it really funny that Pomu called him Tazumi-senpai.

Now if you're a JP and get your honorifics wrong...god help you....

>> No.6103181

Bros... tired voice Elira.... I can't handle this

>> No.6103327

Well Kanae is one person and he is certainly aware of the cultural difference. I was speaking more about general japanese, but most nijisanji livers are chill so it shouldn't be too much of a problem even if fans can be retarded sometimes.

>> No.6103442

I just found the comment I don't even think that is a Japanese person looking at the English they used in another comment on the same video. The clip literally starts with them all calling him senpai so I don't really get why he felt the need to explain it.

>> No.6103483

What do you guys watch during NijiEN dead hours?
Currently watching Pina Pengin's gruella MC stream and getting annoyed at her pausing every 5 mins to thank that lwdgng fag for giving her more money.

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