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Wow! Even Better Than Mama! Edition

Yesterday proved to be slow as expected. Congratulations to Zen for raising 5k for St. Jude's on an unannounced charity stream while Froot and Haruka hung out. Vei made her grand return, and should hopefully be back regularly again. There's certain rrats going around based on someone who followed some people on Twitter but they're just that. rrats. I'd say it's more likely it's in preparation for an upcoming collab than what everyone else is saying. And finally Mouse proceeded to radicalize everyone in her chat thanks to a video she was watching, before raiding T-Pain, who I didn't even know streamed on Twitch. She doubled his viewers for the night which was surreal and I want to believe it will eventually lead to a collab the same way Pikamee did.

But that was last night! The big fucking news today is the sequel to last week's drinking stream. If you weren't there then check out this summary of that day's events >>5772927 Momo, Haruka, Zen, and Froot got drunk out of their minds a week ago and screamed at Halo and Pummel Party. It's Sunday so they're doing it all over again, except the game this time is Phasmophobia and maybe more? Maybe it'll be more subdued than last week thanks to game choice. Maybe it'll be more outlandish. We can't know, but it's definitely something many of us are looking forward to and is the only known stream to be happening today so be ready for it to carry the whole day. Thankfully after this another vacations is coming to an end so we'll be back to normal schedules and could possibly hear about the charity stream again.

Brace yourselves because today's stream could be a long one, and let's hope that nobody goes overboard. Do your best to keep the thread comfy by ignoring bait, and being excellent to one another.

VShojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo
Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy
Haruka: https://www.twitch.tv/harukakaribu
Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo
Bunny_GIF: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif
Anny: https://www.twitch.tv/anny/

Previous thread: >>6042087

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Apparently Froot said Zen's hair when not in a ponytail looked like a Christmas tree last night so it inspired a couple fanarts

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mousey cute

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I cant believe my revolution leader is so cute

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Thank you for making those summaries, its comfy to read.

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Vei is streaming for 6 hours now and all of it its Apex

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Anyway schedule today

Live right now:
Vei - Didn't expect that it's been awhile since I've seen her actually on at EU hours but she's playing Apex https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Later today:
Mel - I totally forgot Mel added a stream today when writing the OP oops. But yes she added a date today since Anime Expo Lite is happening Monday instead of over the weekend.
Drunk as fuck stream - Zen, Haruka, Froot, and Momo. Seems like Bunny has something else scheduled this week but I assume all 4 of them plan on streaming their own POV's so you can watch it unfold from whoever's POV you like.

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She’s having fun.

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Nyanners is so cute

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I miss her bros, wheres my girl?

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preparing to join vshojo. the announcement will be made during anime expo lite by way of another sealed letter.

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That would be dope, but I thought she didnt care about the whole "Branding" thing
Shes just doing this for fun and to survive comfy, not to blow up

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is Mouse gonna be the first Vuber to hit 1 million followers on Twitch? She is climbing hella fast with no sign of stopping the momentum.

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taking a vacation and getting a new model

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Unfortunately for her she’s blowing up anyway. She doesn’t need vshojo. She’s already got one of the best models with incredible tracking.

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rebranding into a femboy bovine Vtuber with a 12 inch horse cock

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Unless Snuffy keeps growing at her unsustainable rate.

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Snuffy is at 200k and her growth is good but nothing too insane. Mouse is almost at 600k and gained 100k followers in a span of like two weeks.

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Is she growing faster than nyanners?

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FUCK THIS BITCH. We gave Snuffy a ride home from Anime Midwest 2019, and she pissed and shit all over my backseat when we wouldn't buy her Burger King. She got poop in the cupholders, between the seats, even in the cassette player. We had to pressure wash the whole interior while she hitched another ride from cokeheads. Of course, now that she's famous, that car would probably be worth a fortune if we'd just left it as is.

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In the chest area.

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Thats fair.

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Bunny sounds like such a hick and I fucking love it.

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Her simps would have paid you to let them lick it clean. I guarantee.

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Gawd, I bet Froot's roommate probably does have an its bag

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significantly so, yes.

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Would rather not numberfag desu.

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then why even bring up Snuffy and her numbers, fag?

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Mousey streams damn near every day, is very active on social media, is friendly with everyone except Connor, has a cute voice with a sexy avatar, smol and Latina, can sing very well, and genuinely has a love for what she does. It makes sense that she’s popular and growing.

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I will impregnate Nyanners.

Mods will be forced to watch.

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bahroo is at 837k

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You can’t impregnate Nyanners because she’s already carrying my child.

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>vei gets monke raid

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I think the sentiment was REAL Vtuber. If Ninja gets a Vtuber avatar tomorrow will we all congratulate him on being the biggest Vtuber in existence too?

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to not have the "what is a REAL vtuber" argument, I only count followers a person got while using an avatar

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then you're a retard.

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All your Vtuber achievements are nonexistent guys. Holo, Niji, Vshojo, VOMs, Indies? Pewdiepie and Pokimane used a Vtuber avatar so they are the crowning achievement of Vtubing. You can't compete, better just give up.

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that is fair.

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Pog... I guess

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>Vei is still live
Never understood how people can sit behind a computer for so long, let alone play games

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ironmouse is my waifu

>> No.6081481

Don't wanna jinx it but it feels to me like she's making up for lost time. Cause seriously 8 and a half hours starting at 4 in the goddamn morning in the US is ridiculous for her. She also reiterated she wanted to do a 24 hour stream at some point yesterday so that could also be in the future.

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Ironmouse is everyone's waifu and not in a hoeing way

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We're 1 step closer to being able to have a "giantess edition" thread.

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gotta regain that lost cash somehow

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She’s not my waifu.

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I like her, but I won’t cheat on my waifu.

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Incoming! *FART*

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If you wanna be technical some stuff like >>6077854 or pic related could probably be considered giantess even though they're probably not intended to be size fetish works.

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How many Vshojo fans are 14 year olds who think the streamers are their girlfriend?

Not an insult. I say this as a fan.

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Same as Hololive or indie.
Stupidity is universal.

>> No.6082233

we're married

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Vshojo don't really go in for GFE stuff, always feels more nerdy friend you hang out with, at least to me.

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Kinda hope chaos squad invites a 4th member for phasmaphobia

>> No.6082454

The extra 1% is the Vshojo members themselves

>> No.6082458

bahroo is as much of a vtuber as nyanners now

>> No.6082669

Momo's going to be #4.

>> No.6082687

Female streamers attract lonely delusional men, no matter the form they present themselves in. The best way to avoid it is to be open about the boyfriend/husband, but ofc then they're losing the simp money, and almost noone wants that, so we get /vt/ as it is

>> No.6082705

As much as I like the guy we can start talking about it after it's been 6 months at least and Bahroo still uses the avatar.

>> No.6082726

>Female streamers
bro, good thing you don't know the core base of popular male Vtubers

>> No.6082853

Well, that anon asked about VShojo, and they are female. Yes, Zen counts too, despite being an enigma.
Fujos are they own different breed, and I don't even want to know how much rrats and schizos male VTubers have because of them.

>> No.6082946

>popular male Vtubers
They're a slim minority.

>> No.6082992

Zen is online

>> No.6083384

Niggaz really be watching text to speech for entertainment.

>> No.6083561

Afaik Zen is a normal dude that sometimes dragged his girlfriend to pretend it's also her project while in reality it's just him and Vshojo fanbase is somehow fine with it because they have no standards.

>> No.6083596

you would be surprised how many there are. A lot of them are on Ollie level at least. With certain ones like Kuzuha or Kanae being real whales.

>> No.6083625

she will grow right untill the end no doubt, doesn't have many other options really.

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And, in a way, I am glad they did, because it can either shut down these stupid discussions or it will just make the numberfags seethe and rage. Either way, it is entertainment and stability.

The only numberfagging I do is watching their progress and growth to see if their careers are healthy, stagnating, or in decline. And I only do that because I care about their happiness in success. Comparing or contrasting with others is unimportant and stupid tribalistic bullshit.

>> No.6083629

Eh, Zen is fine, but i'm mostly in it for when Froot gets fucking wasted.

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Now that I'm seeing it more clearly I can confirm.

Zen does in fact look like a Christmas tree with her hair down.

>> No.6083696

She’s still got a long life ahead of her

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>> No.6083872

what about the whole lewdness gimmick?

>> No.6083883

Just gotta get her one of those Quarian enviromental suits so she can go outside.

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You look like you need to hug your gecko.

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Screaming racial slurs and swear words that little kids think are funny while streaming Minecraft and overreacting to jump scares in Unity games?

>> No.6083951

there is a difference in numberfagging and celebrating people's achievements in the medium and growth and impact in it and outside of it as well as medium's growth itself. Some grifter or trend chaser coming into the medium and dunking on it and then their fans trying to diminish all of the above does make me seethe, I admit. Offtopic: the Vei pic is so punchable I don't even know why.

>> No.6084031

Different from GFE though.

>> No.6084081


>> No.6084127

Wait, what male Vtuber is doing that?

>> No.6084216

>Some grifter or trend chaser coming into the medium and dunking on it and then their fans trying to diminish all of the above
I wonder who this could be referring to

>> No.6084217

he means Pewdiepie anon.... the anon is baiting and a retard

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I agree with your first part. Milestones are fine, especially if the streamer cares about it and it makes them happy / emotional (Mouse). I also don't mind observing the overall health of the medium. That's all well and good. The second half is where you lose me, tho. I mean, you can just disregard Bahroo, Ash on LoL, Pewds, Soda, and Poki all you want, but remember that our girls welcomed all of them with open arms. The Pokimane situation got a lot of support from Mouse, Silver, and so forth, while it was the smaller EN Vtubers who seethed (for no reason). The thing is, Pewds making a vtuber avatar, even if it was just a joke and he was having fun at the time, was monumental and helpful for a few reasons. All the fucking hate he got for it, not necessarily from the vtuber community, but from EVERYBODY ELSE revealed just how much the toxic streaming fanbase / community at large hates vtubers. It was insane to see so many people react to it so negatively. XQC's comments during the Rust game sessions just emphasized how much some people are so appallingly elitist about it, and when you go back to Mel's debut pissing off the camgirl community, you start to realize that we're all alone here in this community. The rest of the streaming world hates us. Thus, anybody with the balls to put on an avatar and push back against that shit, even unintentionally, is okay in my book.

Off topic: you really want to fuck Vei badly.

>> No.6084475

I only caught the last hour of Zen's stream yesterday what the fuck is this Prayge shit it keeps making me laugh cause of how TTS pronounces it.

>> No.6084504

Seems Zen wussed out of Apex after hearing it got hacked?

>> No.6084555

it's mostly their fans I have an issue with not the person themselves. Mostly. Don't even want to talk about Pokimane. I know /our/ girls welcomed her but she is still a piece of shit grifter who got into it for a quick publicity stunt.

>> No.6084585

they started a cult in her offline twitch chat while she was streaming on youtube

>> No.6084619

I don't know exactly how it started, but one thing people don't realize about Twitch is that even if the streamer is not active their chat is and you can go in there and have fun. So, while she was streaming on YouTube and the YouTube chat was being rather wholesome for the most part, because Zen was tied to Twitch chat and her Twitch channel through streamlabs and her OBS you could still go into her Twitch channel and do the normal chaos with bit donations and the noises. Believe me, it confused me for a long fucking time when I saw the TTS alerts during a YouTube stream and I did not see any links or anything to how you can do that. Once I figured it out it became hilarious. But by the time I got there, the prayge stuff was in full swing. I think, tho, it started when the girls talked about donating to the charity if they won and someone said (Haruka I think) it would take a lot of prayers for it to happen. It devolved into a bit of a combat between YT chat and Twitch chat over who was more toxic and more pure and eventually Twitch Chat took on monk like attitudes with prayge, declaring themselves pure and clean of soul, body, and mind.

>> No.6084689

Offtbrand but any of you anons got a link to watch NijiEN Expo presentation like yesterday with Holo girls?

>> No.6084785

Oh their fans can fuck right off, no argument there.

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Yes, quite offbrand, thank you very much.

>> No.6084918

Anon, there's a link in the NijiEN general...

>> No.6084962

none of them work...

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We did it boys! We got through to her!

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Silver is growing obsessed.

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File: 285 KB, 1920x1080, E5eZ8cZUcAMA5yr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You'll be back, soon you'll see
You'll remember you belong to me
You'll be back, time will tell
You'll remember that I served you well

>> No.6085572

I hope she had a nice break, or at the very least she was working on those Minecraft sounds.

>> No.6085591

Was kinda hoping that she'd join for drunken hijinks tonight.

>> No.6085971

>how much the toxic streaming fanbase / community at large hates vtubers
Sometimes I wonder if this was part of the reason Mousey made streaming with Connor a regular thing. Since if I remember right, that whole Twitch Rivals Among Us thing happened before their first collab. At one point during it she got so fed up with the chat insulting them and calling vtubers cringe that she went on a rant about that bullshit being why vtubers don't often interact with normal streamers.

>> No.6086037

thats one goblin slayed. so many fucking more to go.

>> No.6086153

Mel live on CB

>> No.6086301

Not a chance, but that would be so nice.

>> No.6086420

Holy shit, 9k viewers. How is this more popular than twitch? (Yes, I am new)

>> No.6086461

CB's numbers are kinda bullshit

>> No.6086464

Those are her real fans

>> No.6086466

It's where she built her core audience, and CB numbers are artificially inflated by embeds

>> No.6086472

she used to get ~12-15k.

>> No.6086569

Remember that one time she hit 30K during her prime?
Pepperidge Farm remembers

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>> No.6086677

used to be more miss, the nyanner head gif and pepefrog spams.

>> No.6086770

>The best way to avoid it is to be open about the boyfriend/husband
But what if they don't have one?

>> No.6086793

Oh God you responded....

>> No.6086803

Then it's kinda sad

>> No.6086815

Then you get girls like Nyanners and Mouse.

>> No.6086906

>The rest of the streaming world hates us
Who gives a shit what normalfags have to say. If they don't like it then they never will.

>> No.6087074

I think nyanners is still with her bf and shes just hiding it desu.

>> No.6087122

it's true, our relationship is strong

>> No.6087267

When Nyanners mentions liking a girl it's "ooooh shit look at those thick thighs and boobas"
When Nyanners mentions liking a guy it's more abstract qualities and comes off as more genuine, even if her tastes in men are dangerous/shit.

>> No.6087310

What’s dangerous about her taste?

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File: 2.06 MB, 1925x1075, 1595234607307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

secret karaoke stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohxfbyXEE1Q

>> No.6087371

all women do is lie and eat hot chips but good try, Nyanners

>> No.6087409

Why is this even a topic? They are healthy (mostly) girls in their 20-30, of course they would have boyfriends. And the person who should be worried the least about that is (You), anon

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File: 1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 1613470520967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope the nuggies stay as part of the background from now on

>> No.6087460


>> No.6087466

I’m healthy and barely had a girlfriend during my 20s.

>> No.6087496

How the fuck is that relevant?

>> No.6087582

This. Anons here are in love with the anime girls anyway, not the roommates.

>> No.6087676

Because people between the ages of 20-30 can be healthy and not have a significant other.

>> No.6087804

Haruka is 26 and never had one.

>> No.6087969

Nobody tell this guy about deadbeats.

>> No.6088009

Ok, poor Haruka, but that's not the point. The point is, their personal life shouldn't matter to the viewers, especially the amount of sex they have and their relationships. It's just weird

>> No.6088037

this is true except for nyan's vr adventure stream. when she got to the aquarium i didnt know i could gosling that hard.

>> No.6088073

and children shouldn't starve to death yet they do. World is a weird cruel place anon.

>> No.6088097

Never thought I'd hear someone do Darude Sandstorm karaoke

>> No.6088099 [DELETED] 

Ok but she’s actually hot

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File: 1.03 MB, 1238x692, 1612326673532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the most beautiful rendition of the star spangled banner I've ever heard

>> No.6088606

It does matter, to simps. If vtuber will say she has a bf her donations and subs will strangely decline.

>> No.6088641
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>cassette player
What the fuck?????

>> No.6089100

They are just really good friends.

>> No.6089156

sure. you can tell they just dont want to make it public because then her sympathy bux will dry up

>> No.6089209
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>Nyan getting horny over song with a music video that has jiggling boobs and a girl whose boobs keep popping out of her bikini

>> No.6089237

Can Mouse just marry Connor and stop teasing us all?

>> No.6089320

did froot ditch again? didnt they have a collab today?

>> No.6089356

it's real, anon

>> No.6089614
File: 1.65 MB, 1248x701, 1596147075932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how the fuck was this video allowed

>> No.6089696

The past was truly degenerate and libtarded

>> No.6089779
File: 1.02 MB, 1245x693, 1604109877757.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has just become "nyan gets horny at old music videos" how drunk is she

>> No.6089865

I think Nyan is a raging lesbian, guys.

>> No.6090106

lol the stream made it to the anti thread and they're getting a lot of clips.

>> No.6090477

Oh no, they might see Nyanners having fun, so incriminating

>> No.6090596

so is Conner cucking all of Iron's simps?
>imagine having a slut for an Oshi

>> No.6090677

I want to be pink cats spotter

>> No.6090754
File: 32 KB, 1232x691, 1599368031520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6090912
File: 491 KB, 877x487, 1614522315485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait it's back what the fuck lol

>> No.6090956

turns out its not lmao.

id forgotten how increadibly horny music videos were back then i wonder how many teenage boys cranked it out to that single frame of nipple.

>> No.6091036
File: 1.27 MB, 1068x1077, 1595297852548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit. This is why they stream on Twitch, Nyanners is literally too powerful for YouTube.

>> No.6091057

KNEEL before your corporate overlords
How dare you listen to a fucking song

>> No.6091157

>Having fun watching a sexy girl in a video
>Guy shows up
>immediately gets upset

>> No.6091433

This is literally the first time I've seen YouTube DMCA someone right during the stream like that. I even thought it was a bit, but Nyan's reaction says otherwise.

>> No.6091507

Oh no, just watched the clips of the house bit.

I might have to watch the whole thing. It's fucking surreal.

>> No.6091516
File: 1022 KB, 1280x720, obamouse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mouse leaked her "stage" is almost complete last night on stream
>tweeted out asking who should be her guest

it's happening bros...

>> No.6091680

Kinda hope she can do a Graham Norton format, have a bunch of guests together.

>> No.6091756


Hm. While this might seem like an innocent wishing of 4th of July from Silver, is it also a hint at what her special surprise is for tomorrow?

>> No.6091808

a washed up ex-president of the USA

>> No.6091853


>> No.6091915


>> No.6092004


>> No.6092025

when memes become reality

>> No.6092066

It's definitely a swimsuit outfit

>> No.6092082

That would be cool. I think she has the personality to pull that off

>> No.6092099

its pretty hilarious. these people live in a different universe. cocaine is a hell of a drug. mouses chat were practically radicalised commies by the end of it.

>> No.6092125


>> No.6092159

whatchu talkin about?

>> No.6092210

I'm no commie, but I wanted to drop-kick that asshole off the roof of that house. It isn't just about indulgence, but the fucker's attitude throughout was intolerable.

>> No.6092239

Post the clip please

>> No.6092314

OP made a brief mention of it but last night Mouse watched a video of some guy giving a tour of the biggest house in the world. Some monstrosity that's like 500 million dollars and the exorbitant wealth on display was so disgusting you could watch chat's distaste for the guy growing more and more as it continued.

>> No.6092333

The One:


Mousey watched all 3 parts last night and was just having a conniption about the thing the whole time. She wasn't alone. There is a point where decadence just becomes hedonism and that guy passed it $450m ago.

>> No.6092387

Arcadum joined Zen for the Halo session.

>> No.6092434

"Clip"? Mouse spent the latter half of the stream watching those videos last night. You have to watch the whole thing to just see her going off on how retarded that house is.

>> No.6092448

Technically she watched 2 and a half parts lol. She survived the first 2 parts but the guy talking about how this house was going to change the world in part 3 was too much for even her to bear. Haven't watched this but Best of Ironmouse is usually a good clipper so have this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kcn-aCbxWw

>> No.6092460

Have some highlights. There was a lot more weird shit though and Mouse's reactions were great.

>> No.6092528

>radicalised commies
a house like that would be a staple of authoritarian communism. You have to go back anons.

>> No.6092550

Oh well yeah obviously shit is stupid atm, only a cuck would think otherwise

>> No.6092556


>> No.6092703

Anon I don't think actual commies call themselves "radicalised commies"

>> No.6092785

you dont get it man, hes going to change the world. that house will become the prime boxing venue (as opposed to just building a purpose built venue for some reason) with holograms and youll fly there is his 'god plane' while learning about sustainability. baggies of cocaine are included in the gift basket.

>> No.6092921


This really does look like fun, but I am not going to buy an AE ticket just for this. I love my girls, but I can't justify it. Now if this were live and we could go to AE in person and watch this, then yeah for sure.

>> No.6093021

Tweet's gone. What was it?

>> No.6093072

>literally one of the principles of maoism

>> No.6093169

Meowism? What the fuck is this potatonigger talk?

>> No.6093194

Feels a little to try hard, i'd rather watch them talk in a 3D cafe about stupid things and chilling

>> No.6093201

This pie chart is fucking retarded.




>> No.6093203

Literally just "too rich fucker" attitude. When you get that amount of money, you stop caring about your fellow and everything is about you. Like Kiara, though she's not even rich.

>> No.6093243

just telling people about the AX vod tomorrow, but they got the date wrong in the tweet

>> No.6093270

*too. I need sleep

>> No.6093309

Oh, why did they delete it? Maybe they got the times wrong. It was about the VShojo event tomorrow and it was playing a video showing the girls in their 3D VR Chat bodies during the event basically little highlights of what went on and what kinds of things to expect.

>> No.6093367

Hopefully it goes back up soon they were so excited by what they'd recorded I've wanted to see it for like a month now.

>> No.6093390

>Oh, why did they delete it?
are you retarded

>> No.6093538

It's back up https://twitter.com/VShojoOfficial/status/1411806483252133893 Looks fun. I like how scuffed Nyan's model is and it looks like they've got HighGai to do hosting again. He's basically an honorary member of VShojo after VShowdown, this, and he was the guy under the tablet in Mel's date with Shibuya Kaho

>> No.6093635

couldnt help but laugh at how broken up he seemed to be about her. from first meeting to divorced all in the space of 8 months.

>> No.6093670

No, not this guy. Rich people do not act like this. This is like some car salesman cult leader type jackoff. Like, you'll sometimes see people's rich kids get like this or rock stars or Hollywood actors, but not normal rich people. Most normal rich people wouldn't bother doing this kind of interview in the first place.

No, this guy is a piece of work on a lot of levels and not just because he has money. Considering he was a B-movie producer at one point, he has the stank of Hollywood still on him. Props to him for selling two 30-40m mansions to guys like P Diddy, and so he's made his money, but this house is so far above his head he can't crane his neck far enough to see it. The worst part is he knows it. He knows it's too much. He knows he purposely made this thing not to actually sell to anybody but just to prove he could build it. He's just an asshole.

>> No.6093826

so its just irl numberfagging?

>> No.6093940

>vaccinate the world
>give 10k to every american household
tell me this isnt satire

>> No.6094040

>normal rich people
Exactly. I was talking about the "too rich" fuckers. Generally the rich people I've read/seen about care about continuing to make their money grow.
>just to prove he could build it
I still don't understand the problem. Not that different from people that do impossible challenges in vidya, this one only attracts revulsion from poorfags because it needs an exorbitant amount of money.

>> No.6094047


>> No.6094066

>Rich people do not act like this
Mostly true, but people just see faggots like Ricegum with more money than brain cells, hear about "the 1%", and extrapolate from there

>> No.6094130

Kinda, yeah. I think he legit believes he can sell this thing for $500m to someone, but, like, anybody who could afford that could build their own house for $500m and not have it be a logistical nightmare. I don't even know if the place is built in a prime area other than it being Bel Air. But there are a shit ton of other mansions in Bel Air if someone had $500m they could afford.

>> No.6094136

I doubt the maker of that graph even knows the biggest chunk of rich people's money are non-liquid assets

>> No.6094150

I think we can all agree the guy in the video is a douchebag and discussing anything else about it should probably go elsewhere.

>> No.6094221

ok mall cop

>> No.6094368

>Not that different from people that do impossible challenges in vidya, this one only attracts revulsion from poorfags because it needs an exorbitant amount of money.
A vidya game accomplishment doesn't stand up on a hill taking a shit ton of resources that could be used for a thousand other things and is now over $100m in default because the dumb son of a bitch who built it had no concept of reality in putting that stupid thing together. Even rich people look at that and shake their heads. Hell, the Bel Air home owners association didn't want that fucking thing built.

>> No.6094629

>mall cop
Yes. Now back on topic. Silvervale is gorgeous!

>> No.6094631

Mel live on Twitch

>> No.6094939

I'm drawing a parallel. Look at this.
Would the guy that did this could've, dunno, spend his time better than in trying to do this?
The rich fucker is someone with the means and stupidity. If he had done something similarly autistic but not nearly as expensive, nobody would've cared. But because it involves money, it's suddenly a problem.

>> No.6095036

I'm not at home, when is zen live?

>> No.6095043

i am not an ass guy but i would eat silver's ass

>> No.6095089

Has been live for 4 hours now

>> No.6095091

Already live. Not sure when Froot, Momo, and Haruka are joining but as far as I know it isn't canceled. She is playing Halo 3 with Arcadum right now.

>> No.6095107

Is this nyanners stream legit? Why is it on youtube and on this account?

>> No.6095161

Nyanners is alive i can't wait

>> No.6095175

She just explained it. She likes doing these secret ones when doing karaoke because having too big an audience makes her nervous. Considering she's got 423 viewers on YT right now compared to 10k on Twitch

>> No.6095177

Appreciate it gents. I gotta wait till dinner is over and weasel my way out of this familial hell.

>> No.6095257

Wait Froot has just joined. Don't think anyone's started drinking yet I assume that'll be saved until they start Phasmo and Haruka + Momo are here but we're getting closer.

>> No.6095288

Where is live nyan.

>> No.6095293

Is there a reason why it's starting later than last time?

>> No.6095301

ah, thanks. I ended up talking to family and missed the explanation.

Also: Anyone got vshojo reaction pics? My folder on this pc is mostly hololive and I don't want to give the wrong impression by posting one of those.

>> No.6095326

It's a secret.

>> No.6095379

read thread

>> No.6095429

I've got loads of them.

>> No.6095440

Pocket Mel!

>> No.6095452

vshojo hate doesn't go both ways, hologirls are based

>> No.6095466

Don't let him have them

>> No.6095501


>> No.6095525

gonna put her up my ass

>> No.6095537


>> No.6095552

make me

>> No.6095554


>> No.6095603

Drop it, coon

>> No.6095604

Nice, homies. Thanks.

Glad to hear it. It's been a hell of a fun and comfy time on the vshojo side.

>> No.6095605

You'll never take me alive

>> No.6095690

you're welcome

>> No.6095698


>> No.6095717

Is Mouse seriously not gonna play Detroit because of Connor's name being attached to it?

>> No.6095746

Nyanners a best. A BEST. Im in my aunts bathroom watching nyanners instead of eating overcooked chicken and brats.

>> No.6095755

If that's so, then she's definitely tsundere for him. She should just shlick to him already and get it out of her system.

>> No.6095761


>> No.6095819

Who knows. Sometimes she just says shit to keep up a bit.

>> No.6095845

it's over

>> No.6095870

>some of us are isolating ourselves in various ways but being united by vtubers
It's fucking beautiful.
eating children isn't good for you anyway.

>> No.6095919

>not eating overcooked chicken and brats
Fuck, I'll take it then. I haven't had overcooked chicken and brats in months.

>> No.6095968

I have the high ground, anon. Don't try it!

>> No.6095994

I heard a rrat that someone in vshojo is responsible for these threads and they don't post late at night because they're asleep, how true is this?

>> No.6096005

I don't think so

>> No.6096031


Moose has arrived.

>> No.6096035

yeah it's me, i'm gunrun

>> No.6096061

About 0%

>> No.6096070

not that anon, but I have bbq'd ribs and chicken to share. Also pepsi, grape soda or lipton tea.

>> No.6096123

I bet Gunrun pays people to post in this threads honestly something feels of about them.

>> No.6096178

Eh, if /ogg/ and /bbg/ were a thing, it wouldn't surprise me.

>> No.6096199

They feel off because they aren't shit-talking Vshojo for a change, like everywhere else on /vt/

>> No.6096208

Your options for food are elite. Your options for beverages insult me and I expect you to be on on the hill at dawn with a pistol for our duel.

>> No.6096221

What is Froot's accent? That's not like a straight British accent, even when she isn't as quiet and shy she still sounds like something else, like south African or something. Is it really straight-up British? Where does she live?

>> No.6096229

I'm the OP and you caught me. I do work for VShojo. All of the girls peg me to work off stream-related stress and it's the most fulfilling job I've ever had. Making these threads is just a bonus.

>> No.6096281

NORF Bri'ish.

Stop replying to dumb bait.

>> No.6096286

She lives in northern England. Remember, there's thousands of different accents in Britain, and the accents most commonly attributed to the "British accent" by the rest of the world is from southern England.

>> No.6096330

I mean, given how quickly that stream link up there was posted, and that it required a sub to even have seen it, it seems more likely that there's just a decent amount of people who like Vshojo and will post when the thread isn't shit

>> No.6096342


>> No.6096357

>That's not like a straight British accent
There's a different accent every 5 miles here

>> No.6096413

Is Mikey secretly every waifu

>> No.6096418

It's more likely that these threads don't exist at night because Vshojo has a much smaller fanbase (especially here) and usually only one of them or their friends are streaming when it's nighttime in the US, so there's not as much to talk about, plus the Vshojo fans here don't seem as obsessed to need to talk about them all of the time.

Or maybe you're right, who knows.

>> No.6096427

You mean the secret Nyanners stream? You can get access to her "sub-only" Discord with channel points that you earn by watching her streams. Subbing is just a quicker way to get in.

>> No.6096468

Honestly it's probably more the chat being insufferable than anything else.

>> No.6096473

Sure, I've been there, you guys move next door and have to make up a whole new accent just to fuck with guests. But I've heard "Norvern" accents and it's not like anything I know. Where for instance would I encounter that accent?

>> No.6096475

i'm sorry, i saw the opening and i went for it

>> No.6096490

can i see the raid link

>> No.6096493

the pixels, anons...

>> No.6096500

How exactly? It's not like GFE have a strict definition and horny is probably main reason why man seek girlfriends in the first place, Melody is successful not because her porn is on the highest level or that she's the best streamer I don't even mention gaming skills... no people are attracted to her because she does everything that a girlfriend would including dirty stuff.

>> No.6096501

How can froot so cute?

>> No.6096506

You get nothing, I asked for a link and I was told to scroll the thread. Now I'm here with dry chicken and shitty pork sausage.

>> No.6096511

>You can get access to her "sub-only" Discord with channel points
Partially correct, you can get access to the discord with points but the link was in the sub only part of the discord where you have to have an active subscription to see it

>> No.6096553

of fucking course, no wonder this general feels astroturfed, because it is astroturfed

>> No.6096561

Pretty much this. When nobody's live there's less to talk about without resorting to rrats to pass the time

Holy shit how the fuck did that happen

>> No.6096604

You realize every fucking western streamer and youtuber has their own Discord at this point, right? Jrtma, Vinesauce, Shroud, every fucking Vtuber on this side of the globe, all of them have a Discord.

>> No.6096623


>> No.6096636

Honestly it sounds... sorta local to me, but maybe not quite, i've not heard enough of it.

>> No.6096644

you saved the preview image instead of the actual image from the thread you took the image from

>> No.6096661

eat shit you astroturfing faggot, /vt/ is right to hate you

>> No.6096698

ok schizo

>> No.6096706

Can you explain what you mean? Not trolling but what are you trying to say?

>> No.6096707

The retard in that anti thread where the OP rrat comment was posted from was actually somewhat apt when he said "we are afraid of SEAfag autism". It's not that we're "afraid" of it, we just don't want to deal with it. It just shits up the thread unprovoked and uncontrolled because the other overnight SEAutists can't not bite on the bait and let the thread get shitted up. So, why bother having a thread overnight for spergs and schizos?

If our early morning Eurofags, late night SEAutists, or Aussiefucks want to have a VShojo+ General for their time periods, they're perfectly allowed to make one and it'll just carry over into the next day. They're just too lazy to do it themselves, proving that there's nothing but schizos and threat shitters during those hours who only want to fag up threads and try to farm (you)s.

>> No.6096714

I don't know what that would prove but here's a timestamp https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1076121695?t=02h42m25s He's being mad as a joke when she first does it then says he's joking and isn't actually mad.

>> No.6096737

Well I don't know where you live so that doesn't tell me anything. Name a town or something. I've only been to your goddamn island twice.

>> No.6096750

Hold up. Maybe we can work something out?
They're all I have and not my first choices. What do you want? I also have water and maybe some gatorade somewhere... Oh, and Minute Maid fruit punch.

not the anon that told you that, but isn't that enough help, given where you are? The thread isn't big and all you had to do is search for 'youtube' or 'karaoke'.

Not only that, you have to give your phone number to discord in order to access her server in the first place.

>> No.6096758

I approve!

>> No.6096783

>Not only that, you have to give your phone number to discord in order to access her server in the first place.
No you fucking don't, hell you don't even need a phone to use discord

>> No.6096785

when will veibae start dancing again? she should do that instead of youtube react shit

also does she call her own subscribers? thats based if the case

>> No.6096800

To be fair, most of the girls are streaming during NA friendly times, so making a thread for the odd early Vei stream isn't really fruitful.

>> No.6096807

The highest security level of Discord servers can ask that as a requirement. I'm not in Nyan's but I am in Mouse's and she has that same requirement.

>> No.6096817

>giving shitters (you)s

>> No.6096829

I dunno about being that specific, but to me it sounds more west-midlands than actual north. But we're considered north by certain types.

>> No.6096831

I'm in both and I haven't given a phone number. Is this a new thing?

>> No.6096834

>Not only that, you have to give your phone number to discord in order to access her server in the first place.
they told me I had to send them feet pics

>> No.6096864

Mom mom left my dad for sending Silver $1000 a moth on Patreon.

>> No.6096887

Maybe. I joined Mouse's a couple months back and remember being surprised at that being a requirement since I hadn't seen a server require it before. Haven't even tried Nyan's I'm just assuming since I know it's a thing that can be required.

>> No.6096901

>Hold up. Maybe we can work something out?
The time for discussion.... IS OVER... a few beers at a pub.

>> No.6096931

Right as we hit autoprune Zen stops playing Halo 3 and Haruka has been online for a few minutes. Assuming Froot will also go online soon and Haruka's tweet about the stream didn't have Momo on it so maybe she forgot or Momo won't be joining after all.

>> No.6096940

Anon I tried joining her server last month and it says I need to give my phone number in order to unlock the server. This is even after I redeemed stream points and read her rules.

Some discord servers have been requiring phone numbers for quite a while now.

I hear even Google, Twitter and many other websites now require phone numbers to sign up. The internet ain't what it used to be.

>> No.6096974

i did figure that out once i turned my brain on, but i suspect you weren't the one telling me fak u. hope ur holiday is going well anon-san.

>> No.6096998

I suppose the rason why they are having that as an requirement can be found if you look outside of this thread.

>> No.6097005

Oh yeah no I agree we don't bother making another one after Mousey or Silver are done streaming because they're usually the latest night people (unless Hime does a stream). I'm just saying if the overnight folks want one, they can make a new one. Like we could stop them anyway. Last night would have been prime for one because Veibae came on at 2 AM my time out of nowhere. I see a Veibae thread went up, which immediately became a shitter thread, but if actual Vei fans wanted to talk about Vei they could have just made a new VShojo+ General and talked about Vei here.

Maybe people just haven't figured it out yet, but any VShojo related thread on /vt/ that isn't the general is a shitter thread, period. Or gets turned into one because the mods don't care.

>> No.6097053

I mean, two factor isn't the worst thing in the world. The issue of hacking being driven by zombie bot armies is a factor.

>> No.6097079

Haruka reawakened my fetish for women with deep voices

>> No.6097090

Bunny_gif accent is always changing. It sounds really fake and I’m unsure why she is doing it. Back when she was Bunny Ayumi she sounded completely normal.

>> No.6097101

Someone doesn't watch Ange Katrina

>> No.6097145

Nobody was telling you "fuck you". We're not going to link a subscriber only thread here on 4chan /vt/ because it is for subscribers only. Posting a link to it would do nothing but benefit the shitters and Nyan antis that infest this fucking board. Thus, if you're a subscriber and a member of her Discord, you can find it yourself easily.

>> No.6097171

Actual OP here and yeah I always say if there's not a thread when I wake up I'll make one. I just tend to wake up before anyone's streaming so I've been doing it for awhile now because I like writing the summaries. Today being a huge exception cause holy shit Vei was up at 4 am my time.

>> No.6097172

>when will veibae start dancing again?
are you fucking retarded

>> No.6097180


Momo has arrived!

>> No.6097194

it was literally linked in this thread

>> No.6097216

I hope Vei will start doing VRChat streams agains when her new model arrives. The McDonalds date was comfy strangely enough.

>> No.6097219

Might bust out the spirits tonight

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