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do you think her and connor will date and he'll fill spic pussy sperm

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She would literally die

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connor has a disease where his dick is the size of a coke bottle so he'd tear her in half if he tried to stick it in

he basically can't ever have sex and it's pretty sad

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Well, connor did try, but after finding out her condition, he just mocked her. Fucking bitch

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She's Puerto Rican, be nicer to her.

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so are western idol fans cool with her cavorting with men

also connor's taste in anime pisses me off, fucking giga normie

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Who said anything about idols?

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It's gonna end exactly like Sundome.

Where she gets hospitalized, he whisks her out of the hospital at night to a beach, and she dies while he fucks her corpse

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Fucking hell I remember that was totally fucking HOT

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He’s so different on stream and when playing with her than when he’s on trash taste, it’s like a different person it’s strange.

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What’s the difference?

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>being a latina
>can't fuck
Holy shit, poor mouse

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and didn't he get like a pee fetish in the end or something

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it's more like his experimental/perverted side from his time with kurumi lived on

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OP if they can get her immune system to the point where going outside won't fucking kill her nothing will save Connor's pelvis

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He’s a voice actor so i imagine he knows when to play up a character when needed

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jesus vt is worse than clippers

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Idk but connor is a bitch faggot

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shes an annoying little spic. cringe

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I need them to start a family and have babies so I can live and reproduce vicariously through them

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Trips of sympathy.
Ironmouse has been very open about having CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficiency) which is a genetic disorder whose symptoms are not unlike AIDS. The difference is that hers is a genetic disorder and not the result of an STD.
If caught early and treated with high-level medicine people with it can live normal lives (for the most part) but before becoming a vtuber Mousey was poor as shit and had to go for months on end without getting treatment which caused her to develop a lung disease that will eventually kill her.

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Connor is in Japan and she's in the US bedridden anon...

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Canadafag here. Is Puerto Rico a state or one of your imperial holdings?

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Imperial holding/territory, but they regularly vote on their status and have yet to become a state or go independent.

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