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This thread is dedicated to Nina Saotome.

Stream link: http://twitch.tv/ninaninin
Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninanininvt

Interested how Nina sings? Check her last Karaoke: https://ghostbin.co/paste/d6vxwq

>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie vtuber who is a variety streamer playing a variety of games from typical kusoge, retro, rpgs to touhou and sings karaoke once a month.
She is well known for her hard work, wonderful singing and her support for other indies.

Also known as the CEO of Seiso.

Friendly threads: /koopa/ ; /africat/

Pastebin of VOD timestamps for clippers (if you make one and post it ITT I'll add it): https://pastebin.com/sbMyTDne

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Mega folder!

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You weren't thinking about watching somebody other than Nina, were you, anon?

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While she's live? Never. She wouldn't get mad if I watched other chuubas when she's not streaming though, right?

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Motherfucker got a laugh out of me

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I didn't notice lmao

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I missed the snack redeem part, what a joker

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Today I learned about this thing called cute aggression from some thread. Do you suffer from it? Because I sure do. I want to pinch both Nina's cheeks at the same time while playfully moving her face muscles against her will. Then ruffling her hair and shaking her head real hard until she becomes dizzy!

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There are lewds in this I haven't seen. Too bad they're all shit. When is Nina going to get some quality fapping material, damn it!?

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Yandere Nina's frustrated sounds hit a little different, don't they?

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D-does it matter if it's a male streamer? H-he's a total bro, I swear!

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Gently escalating horseplay with Nina!
Listening to her nervous giggles!
Manhandling her more and more roughly till she's scared and aroused!
Slapping Nina around until she moans involuntarily!
I love Nina!

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Nina is worryingly good at being yandere

>> No.6053325

She seems to have fun with it. I wonder what sort of repressed urges are at the root of such a convincing performance...

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I kinda want to see more himedere and GFE, those are being heavily unused, and that's honestly surprising

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If her new model wont do it, I have bad news anon...

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Just came out of secluded cultivation, how's the stream going?

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Very high numbers, great collabs, acting is really good, generally a success I think. Could use much more redeems though.

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I'm kinda planning on asking some stuff after karaoke, can't do much because currency conversion is a bitch

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>secluded cultivation
This could mean many things. What were you cultivating? Crops? Good habits? Cultural appreciation?

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I'm tempted to make her do impressions of the gorls while they're on

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Oh, you foolish soul

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So, Troopas ITT, its your time to shine!

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Do it

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Is the bad news that nobody wants to lewd her cause she's too pure? Because that's bullshit!

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I kinda meant it, if the new, sexier model wont get her lewds, then I dont know my man.

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Observations until now
>mommy nina is just normal nina but saying sweetheart
>gfe nina is on low demand
>tsundere nina is cute but when the inner arnold show up it just fucking slaps
>yandere nina is scarily good
>himedere nina has shown up one time only
>nina's impressions are surprisingly on point and it shocks people

>> No.6054117

Need suggestions for lines to say

>> No.6054176

>we only have 5 more hours of stream
Jesas time flew by

>> No.6054194

When she's doing a specific character impression that she's practiced before, she's really good. When she's trying to do a general character type, she's not nearly as good, except for the yandere one for some reason.

>> No.6054290

>chair clattering

>> No.6054328

Aras are like yawns, they're contagious

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Tanya's cat sounds
Koopa impression saying "get in line Troopas"
Maybe just a pasta

>> No.6054366

Not gonna sound apologist, but she often was distracted - she had fantastic moments with Alice/Moriko. I'd say yandere is fantastic - but its also a bit a lhigher contrast to her other personalities hence it stands out.

>> No.6054703

>gorls on stream
>immediate chaos
As usual KINO chemistry

>> No.6054861

Yeah, I meant more the ones she already knows, random impressions are obviously harder

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>3 people with the manual
>can't pass the first puzzle

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all 3 make almost average IQ

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I'm pretty sure Nina is smarter than all three of the others combined, yes. It's a wonder those girls can even figure out how to stream.

>> No.6055149

$4 well spent

>> No.6055226

>nina doesn't understand simon says
I think they total at least 50 together...

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I'm not sure how Nina does it but in every collab today she always positions herself to really make the guests shine. Makes a good leadership figure.

To be honest I grew up in Europe, with access to internet and I didnt know about it until I was 20 years old... my impression its just not a thing here, at least not outside of UK

>> No.6055373

>no simon says
>red dot thing instead
Oh this is going to be another explosion

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Someone redeem GFE I want Nina get cozy with the girls

>> No.6055575

I'm guessing you didn't have much exposure to American culture then, whether it be through movies, cartoons or whatever, 'cause I'm from Europe and have known about it since I was a kid in the 90s...

>> No.6055972

>wrong instructions
>it works out anyway

>> No.6056041

shit, didn't mean to reply

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>a massive rrat

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they try and that is what it counts

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>Koopa, I will trust you because I value your opinion- and it's wrong

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The opposite - them being very good at the game, would be less entertaining

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That's kinda nice

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that gfe was kinda nice

>> No.6056731

Yeah it was nice, sure the GFE wasn't for us but still nice.

>> No.6056746

it's nice because the bomb's timer can align with a 5min redeem

>> No.6056770

>Africats in charge of bomb defusal

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>sure the GFE wasn't for us
It never is

>> No.6056786

someone do yandere

>> No.6056882

You'd think they would be better at it considering how many IED they'd have to deal with.

>> No.6056896

I think her whole idea of inviting people to collabs is to have those unique interactions for us - pure entertainment.

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I don't know, I couldn't help but feel a slight pain as it happened.

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>for us

>> No.6057059

Why couldn't these 4 be a group?

>> No.6057224

As much fun as they have together and as much as >we happen to love them all, I don't think their chemistry makes for great general-appeal streams. It's mostly [excited girl noises]. Then again, Yokomeshi is a group and they probably aren't going to collab much beyond the launch stream. The question is, what benefit would they get out of the 4 of them forming a group?

>> No.6057324

i'm dead drunk what did i miss?

>> No.6057358

Them being cute

>> No.6057381

Not sure about your comment regarding chemistry, what do you think great chemistry looks like? Because that is it, I don't know what better chemistry can you achieve desu.

>> No.6057382

That depends, how many hours of the stream did you miss?

>> No.6057384

I like less collabs desu

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>> No.6057523

There's two kinds of chemistry on stream: the entertaining kind and the personal kind. As I said, it's nice that they all get along well, but unless you enjoy people talking over each other and giggling and not much else, I wouldn't exactly call it entertaining.

>> No.6057582

I hate the fact that I'm sitting here with a big ass shit eating grin like a fucking idiot just because some girls all over the world do dumb shit together.

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>> No.6057649

I can't say I agree with you, I think in this particular case the personal chemistry translates fantastically into entertaining chemistry.

>> No.6057671

Wait, what did Tanya say that was so yab?

>> No.6057750

>Soon all four of the designs in this image will be outdated

>> No.6057758


>> No.6057814

I don't even watch Tanya and I still miss her sleeveless granny dress.

>> No.6057819

until right now i tought being drunk would dull lthe pain and it work so far soooooo

>> No.6057864

stop posting and drink some water anon

>> No.6057894

/fit/ reps with Nina are something else

Also, I might just say fuck and leave the paypal account under my name

>> No.6057906

Time to comission an update.

>> No.6057908

Well, all we've gotta do is draw the picture again but updated. I hope the original artist has done his art reps so that he improved as well.

>> No.6057942

Someone that isn't a poorfag give her $23 for a yandere mommy Arnold impression.

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don't shit on the party anon i had a nice night for once and nina is coming back let me have this

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Time to sleep, enjoy the rest of the stream Ninabros

>> No.6058156

>sleeping right before the karaoke

>> No.6058180

Goodnight anon, be sure to check the vod for the karaoke!

>> No.6058262

Rest assured I'll be doing my vod reps first thing tomorrow

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>> No.6058779

If there is karaoke would a vod exist????

>> No.6058877

anons archive it

>> No.6058897

fate is uncertain..

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>Good Neighbor again
None of you better fap to this.

>> No.6059203

You know I can't promise that

>> No.6059205

I already have the oil and tissues ready.

>> No.6059234

200gb should be enough

>> No.6059280

anon, you should use water-based lube, using oil is gross

>> No.6059424

>not wanking with your own precum

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Nina's sheer enthusiasm for this song is more hot than the lyrics.

>> No.6059578

>not fapping with your own spit
natural solutions for natural urges

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Only those who have been awake for Nina's entire stream so far are allowed to reply to the thread beyond this point.

>> No.6060328

burger here

it's been perfect for us ngl

>> No.6060354

That's because Nina loves us in particular. USA! USA! USA!

>> No.6060455

I'm glad she's pandering to us burgers for her time slot but I hope she doesn't actually get in trouble for singing and being loud at 4am again.

>> No.6060561

>gets evicted again
>another two week break

>> No.6060589

You'd think she'd have explicitly asked if her singing would be a problem in this new apartment, right? Otherwise she'd just be gambling with her own living arrangements.

>> No.6060676


>> No.6060747

i came without even touching myself to it

>> No.6060764

I'm surprised her voice is only cracking this much considering she has been talking for 9 hours

>> No.6060824

>It's been 9 hours
holy shit they didn't lie this girl can timewarp

>> No.6061054

I didn't think about that, but you're right. Still, it's interesting how much of a difference that rest and preparation makes in her singing ability. When she prepares beforehand she knocks every song out of the park and sounds like an angel. Impromptu like this, she actually sounds kinda scuffed. Though she still mogs most other amateurs who do karaoke.

>> No.6061457

Considering professional concert is like 1.5 hour, I think 9 hour singing at 5 AM after being awake for so long...

>> No.6061563

Well, you have to add in the impressions that take a toll on the voice in the long run, how little she hydrated, there is a bunch of stuff. Magia was actually not bad, and that sustained note was pretty nice, her voice is basically tired
>her singing ability
It's for anyone really

>> No.6061805

You're right, there are a lot of factors at work here. It makes me wonder how much professional singers need to train until they're less affected by tiredness.

>> No.6061974

It's all muscle work, the more you use it, the stronger they get, the longer they can stand the "exercise"

>> No.6062036

I don't think I've ever posted in a Nina thread. But, Nina is honestly the only person I watch on Twitch. Maybe for about 4 or 5 months now. I don't get to chat much, because I am usually working while she's streaming. I work from home, so I always keep it on in the background. But, Nina is such a talented streamer and I always enjoy watching her streams. She has been awesome today.

>> No.6062179

I'm gonna be honest, Nina's choice of songs is filtering me.

>> No.6062234

It's mainly chat picking

>> No.6062261
File: 90 KB, 256x256, nina_love.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad to have you in the thread, Ninabro. If you ever need to gosling or say anything else you'd be afraid to in chat, this is the designated area.

>> No.6062262

sorry, that was me.

>> No.6062381

this goof...

>> No.6062386

Which ones didn't you like? Her song choice is usually pretty tailor-made to her vocal range. Also some of these aren't her own choice for this stream.

>> No.6062464

that wasn't how i remembered it from last time

>> No.6062665

>season 2 is next week
>tsunderia's launch is only two weeks later
I guess the rrat is kinda slayed

>> No.6062780

We've been played like a fiddle!
I think the writing is on the wall for this one. I think Yuuna lost interest in Nina as well. Nina never shown interest in joining that company verbally I guess too

>> No.6062875

Counterpoint: Tsunderia announced all members two weeks before the gen launch
Yuuna literally raided Nina on her last stream...

>> No.6062882

I didn't like the Rihanna song. Rap was never my thing. Magia was also a strange song and I don't like the original that much.

I'd like to hear her sing the popular hits like Country Road and I want it that way so I can add them to my playlist. But maybe another day.

>> No.6062921

I missed all of that then huh

>> No.6062951

Just realized this is the first time she can actually raid Ironmouse

>> No.6063020

She sang country roads but in a lower key (it was pretty interesting), but you're better off asking on Discord so she adds to the setlist for karaoke

>> No.6063062

I would rather have the other way around

>> No.6063635

Is it possible to lower the music volume? It's very overpowering

>> No.6063974
File: 57 KB, 187x187, 1603480430602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how are you holding up bros?

>> No.6064027
File: 1.52 MB, 1893x1440, 1600851983319.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine at least i'm not pretending to care kek

>> No.6064301

>pretending to care
wait what? I don't get it

>> No.6064374
File: 290 KB, 365x469, 1596939373119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nina bro she is losing it

>> No.6064436

No wonder

>> No.6064510
File: 263 KB, 352x447, 1615378573884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is going to kill everybody stop her

>> No.6064512
File: 2.16 MB, 2315x2265, 1609247105326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6064747

Why stop her?

>> No.6064783
File: 2.98 MB, 2315x2265, 1593976685646.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6065709

Ninabro can't handle 12 hours on a w-e KEK

>> No.6065780
File: 280 KB, 1041x282, slave nina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6065802

my punishment is sleeping through the best parts

>> No.6065806
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>> No.6065928

Your punishement is not watching now

>> No.6067300
File: 244 KB, 420x420, 1622575364051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate the stream!

>> No.6067365
File: 27 KB, 514x536, 1554126184899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nina's enthusiasm with the yandere redeem is mildly concerning / 10

>> No.6067390
File: 2.73 MB, 4416x4512, 1615922523063.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10/10 though I was hoping people would raid her and she would get a bit of a breakthrough tonight but being Nina is so difficult..

>> No.6067401

PiCKY is fucking wasted kek

>> No.6067479

I'm glad Nina is back / 10
I think all but a handful of people fell asleep at some point just because of the ungodly hours she managed to pull on this one. Did I miss anything in the last two hours or so?
t. fell asleep

>> No.6067506
File: 146 KB, 238x216, watame_kusa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's literally drunk hiccupping like out of a cartoon, holy shit

>> No.6067713

Missed Nina.

Just some chrono trigger and a short zatsudan, nothing important.

>> No.6067792
File: 339 KB, 680x383, 1615432468331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's taking time and slowing me down but i will WATCH everything out of her come back i missed a bit but i will WATCH IT!!!

>> No.6067826
File: 273 KB, 614x570, nina_pray.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goodnight /nina/. Let's all enjoy freedom day and get ready for Nina season two next weekend. Bless.

>> No.6069730

I only watched the first 3 hours and went to bed because I'm a wageslave and will watch the rest of the vod after I finish my shift/10

>> No.6070280
File: 156 KB, 614x570, 1621588074922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fell asleep 30 minutes before the end of the stream. Couldn't save the vod before getting muted. Hopefully the other anon had better luck.

Now I will fucking sleep some more

>> No.6071065

What's the timeline looking like for Nina's upcoming 2.0 debut?

>> No.6071385

From the looks of it, next saturday

>> No.6071829

>Nina 2.0

>> No.6072197
File: 180 KB, 420x420, weekweekweek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, have the unscuffed version of that image where I didn't leave the transparency on

>> No.6072847


>> No.6074916

They're a group in our hearts

>> No.6075517

Is Nina a hag?

>> No.6075573

Hag (25)

>> No.6075747

Was anyone able to grab the Karaoke before it was muted?

>> No.6076026

Was it the entire karaoke? I feel like it was only one song

>> No.6076123
File: 254 KB, 352x417, one does not simply Nina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So anons, did you like her stream format?

>> No.6076148

Naah, it was only one song (Rihanna one [in general this song and the waiting screens got muted]) but still, she'll take it down soonish and it'd be nice to have someone archive it

>> No.6076458

I fell asleep as it was ending, slept two hours, download the vod (with muted parts), and went back to sleep two more hours, it download normally, but it's 21gb just for the last part

Also, a happy Nina is a great Nina

>> No.6076541

>didn't write downloaded both times
Brain please...

>> No.6076657

It was really fun, definitely a worthy substitute for karaoke.

>> No.6076954

As in giving money? Yeah, but I think she should've set some goals since that makes people want to donate even if they don't want any acting.
Overall, I liked the style, Nina is branching out and finding what she enjoys, it was pretty fun overall, the collabs got better because of the silliness.
But by God Nina can't handle a single PC setup

>> No.6077108

Didn't she speak about not wanting this stream to be a begathon/subathon? Might be why she didn't do anything else and just kept a theme.

>> No.6077281

It depends on what defines a donothon/subathon, I believe it's the "extending the stream by giving more money/subs" that makes something be a donothon/subathon but it's fair if you consider the rewards/milestones as part of the concept I guess.

>> No.6078214

Schedule on Monday fellow Ninabros!
Saturday Season 2!
Good time to be a Ninabro.

>> No.6079827

Any ideas as to what'll be on the schedule this week?

>> No.6081284

Maybe a continuation of the challenge, with small changes to better fit a shorter stream time. As for content itself, not sure, games are pretty much a no if she's only with one PC. There is a chance we might get only two streams this week, tuesday a big zatsudan for the challenge and saturday "Season 2 + announcements", I feel like one week is a bit short to build hype but Idk

>> No.6081319

Don't forget to share your thoughts with Nina btw

>> No.6083316

I have the karaoke unmuted

>> No.6083548

I remember the stream as if it was yesterday... great times really do go by fast.

>> No.6083576
File: 94 KB, 443x540, 1602512544422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I watched Nina today

>> No.6086470

Pst, hey bros

>> No.6086577
File: 37 KB, 488x271, ehehehe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh yes

>> No.6086617

I'm having strange thoughts and I like it.

>> No.6087659


>> No.6089030

I don't think I'm comfortable with this.

>> No.6089428

Great lewd art usually helps to get more regular art!

>> No.6089623

Now post it under her lewd tag

>> No.6094362

Idk who commissioned, can't steal their thunder

>> No.6097838

Does anyone have the individual catbox links for the last karaokes (drunk and the one before that)? Ghostbin is not coming back so soon I believe

>> No.6097906

Only last polished karaoke is in the op not sure if you saw it

>> No.6097940

Try clicking on that link...

>> No.6098490

holy shit im a retard ill show myself out

>> No.6098695

Why not?

>> No.6099083

I don't have Twitter, go ahead.

>> No.6099270

I don't have that courage nor a Twitter
I hope someone can do the favor

>> No.6099305

Finally, a good shot of her butthole

>> No.6101218

sound only

Killing me softly
sound only

Quiet's theme
sound only

Sera was never
Sound only

Ranskalaiset korot
Sound only

sound only

Holy driver
Sound only

Land of confusion
Sound only

Paper boots
Sound only

Sound only

Still alive
Sound only

Tabi no tochuu
Sound only

Way to fall
Sound only

Sound only

>> No.6101462

Scuffed toxicity https://files.catbox.moe/4zfsib.mp4
Ramnstein amerika https://files.catbox.moe/mbgyd3.mp4
Sound only https://files.catbox.moe/uc9hzq.mp4
Scuffed Mulan reflection dutch https://files.catbox.moe/ma5tok.mp4
Sound only https://files.catbox.moe/p3eqo3.mp4
I'll make a man out of (you)
Sound only https://files.catbox.moe/9e2sou.mp4
Sound only https://files.catbox.moe/wgfafu.mp4
Bloed, zweet en tranen
Sound only https://files.catbox.moe/rptc60.mp4
Rasputin scuffed spic edition https://files.catbox.moe/e712rn.mp4
Sound only https://files.catbox.moe/q89xc5.mp4
Wish i had an angel https://files.catbox.moe/2kecqv.mp4
Sound only https://files.catbox.moe/lfqy3f.mp4

>> No.6101736

Fuck spam protection fucking shit rules

>> No.6102477


>> No.6102888

there is a bit more song but the spam protection is fucking with me

>> No.6102945

this way then

>> No.6108329

I typed the last ones out, hopefully no mistakes, Hakuna Matata had the same link though. Added everything on a pastebin for an easier time sharing it since ghostbin insists on being dead...

>> No.6109723

Ow fuck i made a mistake remade the hakuna matata video https://files.catbox.moe/nun50z.mp4

>> No.6109957

Okay, new link for real now (guests can't edit is pretty stupid)

>> No.6109991

I just noticed I don't have the Karaoke #8 full VOD, I don't remember deleting it though, I'm pretty fucking mad because I wanted to check something there...

>> No.6110457

if no one will post that art on twitter i will, do i need to mention who drew it, or just saying it was a commission from someone is enough?

>> No.6112157


>> No.6116602

Is her eye ok?

>> No.6117602

>> No.6119196

nvm the artist made a tweet already\

>> No.6119496

>ywn go on a date with her on a rainy day and share an umbrella

>> No.6119592


It is truly the season of meguka. I'm so confused is she going to be a magical girl or not AaaAaAaaa

>> No.6119743

What do you mean? She IS a magical girl...

>> No.6119796

As in if she is getting magical powers back, be able to transform etc I wonder where the direction is going

>> No.6119953

I'm fairly certain that she said "I will recover my powers..." but Season 2 is her "Cosplaying as her old self".

>> No.6125055

Bumping so we can talk schedule here

>> No.6126622

Did anyone inform Nina of the nsfw art? It's so uncommon she might not check the tag

>> No.6128525

She replied to it, she liked it and appreciated it!

>> No.6129052

The Chad power of this Mahou Shojo

>> No.6129092


Also, let's discuss

>> No.6129152


Do you guys think her model will be better this time around? I'm a bit worried

>> No.6129265

It's the same rigger from what I remember, and it's not a random artist either, Idk, I think the model will be nice

>> No.6129434

>New chapter of my story

>> No.6130004

>Tsunderia ENTER
>Nina gives us a nice kayfaybe story but nothing too overbearing (she promised to keep the kayfaybe light)
>She joins VShojo/Niji
>She stops streaming games entirely and focuses on creative content
>She stops streaming
>She starts streaming full time
>Anything inbetween

My attempt anon

>> No.6130009

Need an opening for Nina Season 2.

>> No.6130094

Listen to Nina and Mocca at the same time Collab.
Nina heel turn, becoming the eternal CEO.
Nina is actually wields apocalyptic powers and using her fan base to restore her magic and drain the planet.

>> No.6130114

>She stops streaming
Shut the FUCK up

>> No.6130737

I will try to find clues

>> No.6131839

When is "Season 2" scheduled?

>> No.6131914

See >>6129092

>> No.6132201

I guess I need to start Dark Souls 3 now so I can avoid spoilers from the stream. Also, I fucking hate Twitter, the fucking shitty site doesn't even load half the time.

>> No.6132425

Is anyone else going to miss the old look? I hope she doesn't abandon it completely.

>> No.6132516

I think general consensus the old Nina look was a massive debuff for her, so we will see it sporadically. She did mention it wont be retired 100%.

>> No.6132665

>Miori liked Nina's tweet
That's all I could find wtf

>> No.6132759

dumb pekoposter

>> No.6132795


>> No.6132885

what made it a debuff? I thought it was a pretty nice model, if a bit plain. Even then I thought the plain, clean look was a good fit.

>> No.6132945

People always said too plain, easy to ignore, not standing out in the sea of vtubers, not inclining anyone to click when featured in a clip, list goes long man..

>> No.6133005

there have been a good 15 flags for a month now, just yesterday she visited merus stream and meru began to talk about how she lurked ninas stream and how amazing nina is. ok, that one was just a coincidence that i got to hear that, but for example her debut stream is on the same day as purins new outfit and if my memory serves right, the original day was the 24th...which so happens to be the debut date for gen 2, right?
there is nothing to really stand on, but its these little things...and there have been a lot lately.

>> No.6133062

If anything being plain makes it stand out more.

>> No.6133680

I love Nina and she's the only streamer i've spent like $50 on and don't feel like a retard and regret it

>> No.6133888

Based, she puts all that money back into her singing and the stream..

>> No.6134934

Meru is very sweet, wish she kept vods to witness that though
But yeah... there can't be so many coincidences

>> No.6135284

I don't know why I joined the discord. Now I can read what Nina says but at the same time I can't just gosling over her at the same time. It feels like some weird form of torture

>> No.6135389

For me, being a gosling is a group activity, can't gosling without my buddies here

>> No.6135588

>Nina in Slugma's stream

>> No.6135921

>modded in chat

>> No.6136012

the rrats grow in power...

>> No.6136069


>> No.6136862

>> No.6137624

Nina is truly powerful. Not only was she on Slugs stream but she was also on the Moneybirds stream.

>> No.6137673

Karaoke easy to multidrift and appreciate both!

>> No.6137696

And shill herself at the same time as well :^)

>> No.6137761

Nina shilling? Impossible

>> No.6137882

What did she do?

>> No.6137924

>Bird is doing Karaoke
>talks about a song she'd like to sing
>Nina swaggers in
>"Oh yeah, I've already sang that song"
>"You can find it in my archives"
[I'm slightly paraphrasing because I can't go back in chat that far]

>> No.6137987

You missed an important part where she said she wanted to listen to her sing it...

>> No.6138021

What else was she supposed to say? "Nah senpai, I'm good"?

>> No.6138093

Anon, I was in this stream, don't make shit up. She was prompted before she told her she sang it.

>> No.6138313

It's funny you wanted me to believe that the girl who doesn't even use her partner badge in chats most of the time would do this

What the fuck is this shitty captcha

>> No.6138508

I think she only uses the badge in other big streamer chats

>> No.6138812

And? She still managed to plug her stuff. It's even better if it's prompted since that way it wouldn't alienate the viewers.

>> No.6138869

Same. I'm fine chatting and cracking jokes on stream but I have nothing to contribute to the Discord.
>shitty captcha
Seems like the old style of captcha.
The superior style. Fuck clicking images.

>> No.6138921

It was a normal conversation they had on stream no need to shit the thread up with it

>> No.6138936

I will stop calling it shitty when I can go back to using 4chanX and the mobile app is not fucked, I already got used to it

>> No.6139068

Your post came across as if you were shitting on Nina, that's it, it was a misunderstanding between anons

>> No.6142564

What's your band called?
The vtuber colonizers?

>> No.6145994


>> No.6153385

Gorls frontline

>> No.6156807


>> No.6159026 [SPOILER] 

surely i am seeing things

>> No.6159651

Honestly, yeah

>> No.6160075

>Is anyone else going to miss the old look?
According to her, it's not gonna be the end of it

>> No.6160477

It will probably be a rare redeem, like koopa's classic koopa model

>> No.6161637

Why are you even allowed to mention using Discord here?

>> No.6161679

anon just wanted to share the anxiety of sharing the same room as his oshi

>> No.6162232

>Nina joins tsunderia
>in the marketing team and not as a talent

>> No.6162336

>Nina joins tsunderia
>as a PR person
>proceeds to shitpost all day

>> No.6163541

>It will probably be a rare redeem
Wait wait... There is a 50k redeem to summon Neener. I bet she'll have the older model.

>> No.6167389

She's a magical girl, right? Maybe the old model is just her civilian form and her new design is her magical girl form.

>> No.6168680


>> No.6168937

>Nina doesn't join yokomeshi because she wants to join art oriented group
Tsunderia has Yuuna for drawings, Miori for singing, and i guess Char for handicrafts? I might be reaching with this rrat.

>> No.6169041

I forbade it but no one listens.

>> No.6169198

>I might be reaching with this rrat.
You are absolutely right, except you forgot to list a lot. Meru is also good at drawing and singing. Kallin can sing. Purin can sing and draw. The new wolf girl apparently draws too.
Even slugma does overlays and animations.

>> No.6170241

Slugma's art is spreadsheets

>> No.6172220

Less than an hour till her final season1 stream, bros. Are you ready to enjoy your final moments with OG Nina?

>> No.6173024

I want to say i am, but it's also hard to part with older Nina. Will we get those faces?

>> No.6173110

I too am curious to see how her new model is rigged and what expressions it will make. I hope we get to keep some of the old ones.

>> No.6173340

It's the same rigger so I think it won't be that different

>> No.6174140


>> No.6174356


>> No.6174374

>stream starts
>Shimada drops a hundo
Somebody stop this high-rolling Tiger! She can't keep getting away with it!

>> No.6174480

I'd try to spend my money as well if there was a real possibility of me just dying every day.

>> No.6174550

The best time of the day is here

>> No.6174615

Yes. Nina time.

>> No.6174709

>Nina is a nuclearchad

>> No.6174900

As expected of someone with the CEO's IQ

>> No.6174996

Based Tiger.
Tiger + Nina collab when?

>> No.6175079

When they're both in Tsunderia

>> No.6175214

I would like to make a drum backing for her one day if she ever needs one, or perform jazz together! It's a bit of a dream of mine, but regardless I'll keep supporting her as a fan

>> No.6175223

That's it, i am gonna become a dentist.

>> No.6175238

>nina talking about licking fingers
Nothing unusual here

>> No.6175260

Latex, it's finger licking good

>> No.6175278

...in the Netherlands?

>> No.6175320

>Tiger playing jazz instrumental backups to Nina's singing
Don't let your dreams be dreams, chuuba.

>> No.6175352

How did you know?

>> No.6175415

I am no Nina, but i wouldn't be surprised to see her being kind of excited at the concept.

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