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Miss Lily Hopkins has:

1) Drip!

2) Swagger!

3) Steez!

4) A beautiful smile!

5) A cute voice!

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made to be groomed by mocca

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Mocca can't even shower he's so depressed, how's he gonna groom the frog?

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Lily Hops! (Girl girl!)
Cutest girl! (In the world!)
She's so pretty! (And so smart!)
Lily's smile! (It's like art!)

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-pop- -pop- -pop-

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But Lily is an adult, anon, she's too old to be in Mocca's strike zone.

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What's that popping noise?

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How late do you think little sis slept in this morning? I passed out halfway though her stream last night

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True too, if anyone it'd be Lily locking him in her basement banging on the door and begging to get his prostate milked

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Lily's freckled butt in my face
Also, why didn't anyone tell me she streamed the Twewy demo

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Speaking of, reposting this masterpiece

Sorry about not making a thread for it, but at least we have 2 archivists making sure no more Lily VODs disappear

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Very pog.
Hope the peeing one gets colored too

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Golly, thx anon
Right after these cheerios, sure

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That devious look is so sexy, I just want to tweak her nipples and make her squeak

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I don't care about your tranny fetish, that's par for the course here, but fuck off with your namefagging.

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Lily is a vivacious, video gaming vixen

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Yes. How can you say you love your little sister if you won't suck her dick?

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stop saying darkie words using my daughteru (male)

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I would love to catch Lily's stream.

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I’ll pound him in the ass whether he likes it or not

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Just be straight with me bros . Is she a tr.. not trying to cause shit just need some peace of mind

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She just has a really big bean

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Bend over.

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Gutsy went down on her, are you calling him gay?

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She said apparently in some forum that she's super stealth. Personally I dont think it matters if a anime va is trans if you like the character though.
Lots of people screetched rrat every time this was brought up a few months ago, I'm glad people realize lately that it doesn't really matter.

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What do you think Lily's panties smell like and would you steal them out of her laundry hamper when she's out hunting bugs in the yard?

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>Is she a tr..

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Dried cum and maybe pee. Of course, it's a time honored tradition to steal your little sister's dirty panties and use them as an onahole.

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no, the dudes that say yes are two guys samefagging that shit up every thread

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I dont know but some of the games she's played scream "its a dude", or it could be that her big brother was in his mid teens when she was little and inherited his taste.

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Actually, Lily is grooming Mocca.

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Who the fuck is mosca?

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What ever happened to the dude who made a Koikatsu model of Lily? Did he cum himself to death?

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Got any more?

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No, sorry. I can dig up the card he posted if you want. I don't have Koikatsu but I might get it to play with the model

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I'd appreciate it, and it'd keep the thread alive for a bit longer

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Here you go, it's a really cute model I was surprised he didn't post again after that

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Thanks pally

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Lily is a cheerful, cuddly, cutie-pie

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Who's more dishonest: Lily's fans or Lily herself?

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Hehehe, yuo have been le tricked XDDD

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You mean a man can sound like that?

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Which do you prefer, Lily thread? Lake or Ocean. Personally I have a deep fear of swallowing ocean water so I would probably choose the lake just because I'm not afraid of the water there

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>Is she a tr..
Her minecraft gamertag history revealed she once had a male name.

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all bent outta shape on the past when the present lily hops is a perfect specimen
god I just wanna hold her soft little hands and pat her head

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Lakes for swimming and fishing, Oceans for long walks, collecting seashells, and catching crabs

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I wish Lily was my daughter so that I could ground her for being too pog.

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