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Vtubers with confirmed ages?

The only ones I know is Sora being around 20 and Hachama being 18

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Korone seems to be in her late 20s with her choice of games

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I know lots of them but hotpockets is a fag so I won't post them and tell you to fuck off.

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Sora is 32

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This hag is in her late 30's

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Marine is 27-29

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I never got why she RPs as a hag when she's not even the oldest in her gen

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I've nothing to confirm it but Mio radiates mature lady energy

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It's called a joke, anon. Idols are supposed to be pure girls in their late teens, early 20s. Marine has made it obvious that she's an older millenial, and chat made fun of her for that and she ended up riffing on it, so here we are.

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Aloe was 19.

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Korone is easily in her 30s, didn't she talk about playing famicon games when she was a kid.
I think everyone from Gamers (Korone, Oka, Mio) are in their 30s. Weren't they all friends before joining Hololive or am I thinking of someone else?

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they do all have ages

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Nah I think you're right. Everyone knows Okayu and Korone go way back and I've heard the original reason behind Gamers was to get Mio into Hololive, so there's a very good chance.

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can anyone confirm it?

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Yeah Fubuki brought in Mio, who brought in Korone and Okayu.


In her past lives Korone has been active since 2009

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Vtubers or roommates?

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Didn't think so many would be 30+ but I cant think of much to refute it

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Gura is 23
Mori is 25
Ame is 26
Kiara is 26
Ina is 28

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Fubuki is turning 21 this year, she said on her last unarchived stream that she will finally be of age to drink alcohool later this year and will do stream about that.
Read the translation if you don't wanna watch the stream.

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Damn, I never noticed that AZKi is Nayu-tan.

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Not sure exactly how old Pekora is but she's said she's quite a bit older than most of the others, so I'm guessing early 30s maybe.

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