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Tsunderia Gen 3 auditions are open. Applications close August 7th 11:59PM PDT!

>Teamup schedule
>Jetri schedules
>Hoshino Char
Gunpla extraordinaire
>Inukai Purin
Mesugaki dog
>Yazaki Kallin
Certified chuuni bat
>Matsuro Meru
Sweetest person alive, high energy
>Nini Yuuna
The embodiment of chaos, bread crumb sized braincell
>Miori Celesta (NEW)
DLC addition, great singer
>Umiushi Urara
Garbage bin waifu, savior of Tsunderia
>Clip Twitter:

Tsunderia Re/verse coming July 24th, 2021
>Amemachi Hanabi
>Orla Gan Ceann

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Mio Convenience Store is live now

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I love Purin so much! I wanna snuggle up to Purin while watching gun videos with her, and I want to nurse Purin back to health whenever she gets sick, and I REALLY want to fill Purin with puppies! I'll turn her into a puppy factory! We'll move out into the countryside, and raise a happy family away from all the hustle and bustle of civilization!

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Just wanna jam it down that gullet.

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Her roommate was shy though, the difference is she had more of a crutch because she had other people initiating their collabs. She joined Tsunderia with the purpose of having genmates and specifically having management help her where she lacked. But she was just basically left on her own. What are you supposed to do when you literally don't hear from your manager in months? Plus, with her and the other girls all being shy and having a hard time reaching out, she really couldn't do much. Also, in her graduation stream, I don't remember if it was Urara or Char, but one of them said that when they interviewed her they should she'd be the most unhinged, probably because she went in there with her roommate's energy, but she was more herself and low-key as Ria. I'm not saying she's entirely innocent, nor am I saying that it's completely Tsunderia's fault she left. Yes, she probably did stretch herself too thin between keeping both lives active, but she also didn't get the crutch she wanted from joining the company. She was clearly sad to leave Tsunderia, and maybe she could have tried harder to make it work. We'll never know the behind the scenes but I dont feel she was this cold self centered bitch people make her out to be. I could be completely wrong but she never came across that way to me, even how it all ended.

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She got fired for breaching contract.

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I think Ria is with Nijisanji EN now one of them sounds a lot like her.

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What? We know who those three are and none of them souls like Ria/Miki.

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*sound, fug.

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fuck off rat simp, it was obvious how little she tried and how she didn’t fit in with the rest of the girls. you’re only able to feel this way because of her lack of personality lol

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Who do you think will apply for tsunderia? What designs will we get? Any guesses?

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Probably some tiny, tiny indies. Any decent indie these days runs numbers similar to Tsunderia.
They've also taunted a lot of males into applying even though it's clear they have no plans to produce a dude.

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Aren't we salty.

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Coco and Lulu are already confirmed for MyHolo next gen so no dice.

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I think you're underestimating how many indies there are

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oh hey papaholo

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Not giving up on the Tiger rrat just yet

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Already got a couple views on my vid. Get the feeling that they're not getting tonnes of applications if they got to mine so quickly.

I haven't got much in the way of vtuber experience but I got to the second stage of another group once before. So gonna keep hopeful.

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Reminder to pronounce Orla's name correctly

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Orla Gag Alro
Nnaec Nan Ceann

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>What designs will we get? Any guesses?
more girls in tech jackets
Arachne when?

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>orla already extremely memeable
oh no no no zoomer wolf...

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They can increase their meme potential by opening up Marshmallows

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Alex Ahad for a third gen papa! Do it!

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God I love Miori I want to tie her up so bad

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Orla needs the meme buff to balance out the non-standard design debuff

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She came off like a cold hearted bitch the whole time what the fuck are you talking about?
If you can't see that, then you need to reevaluate your judgment of character. coming off completely different in her interview only shows how easy it is for her to be fake bro.

She only decided to start pretending to care the last week to save face other than that she never once showed she wanted to lift a single finger for Tsunderia or her coworkers.

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Is she meant to look like a prostitute?

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Slugma, please come back.

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I looked at this multiple times before I saw Kallin.

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Are there any artists in Tsunderia? I’ve been wanting to get into them

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Art streams aren't that common in Tsunderia, but Yuuna, Meru, and Purin make art somewhat regularly.

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Purin and Yuuna hold art streams but their art skill isn't as developed as Hanabi or Meru.
Meru has a unique artstyle but doesn't stream it since she's not confident in herself yet.
Hanabi will probably become the art streamer of Tsunderia.

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Purin's doing a thing on Discord again.

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I wonder if I can tell which Discord users are anons.

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>I love loli
>Loli is like my favorite thing
Purin is incredibly based

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Purin's laugh is such a blessing.

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Purin is actually an angel.

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Bread collab w/ Shizukou, Maia, Fiwi has been live for a while

>> No.5988828

Dute bread is playing Grounded with Maia, Fiwi, and Shizukou. Only on Fiwi's channel because Twitch is being a shitty platform

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I thought the rooster was part of Purin's BGM for the longest time...

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>go back to your country
purin is BASED

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what the fuck is going on with that model?

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Imagine Purin's tiny hands trying to choke you out...

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Orla's eye tracking seems really good at least.

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Guys Orla is conversing with Meis she’s Slugma’s friend follow her. Her design and voice are milf heaven.


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>I was already following her
Hold on, somethings weird.

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Did you follow her when Urara interviewed her?

>> No.5991728

Oh, thats probably it.

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Is she gen 2 dlc?

>> No.5992408

Purin is listing how much she has stalked all her viewers...

>> No.5992442

I actually wanted to ask in Char's AMA channel if they keep track of their bigger simps as a marketing thing but figured that'd be too creepy.

>> No.5992622

It's apparently a personal thing for her, she's clingy

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No she’s just Slugma’s best friend irl she’s gonna be indie. But they will probably collab a lot so she might as well be tsunderia DLC

>> No.5993597

So when you say stalk they like look at their social media’s and stuff like that?

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She sees you are in other vtuber discords if she's also in them, yandere vibes

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Collab in four hours!

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>> No.5993935

So who's going to drop out last second?

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Gambare Meru...

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Urara please proof read your tweets.

>> No.5994554

>Got the month wrong for the outfit announcement
Tsunderia moment

>> No.5994688

Seems like something fitting for her, and we'll finally be rid of all "hurrr is this Korone" posters

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Military outfit? LETS FUCKING GO.

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Who is the duet with? The silhouette doesn't really look like any of the other members. I hope it's Char

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I'm thinking Char too. She's the only one that has ribbons/betls coming off her outfit like that.

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Jingo Jungle cover come on please

>> No.5995164

Yeah that would make sense, she has kind of a military theme too right? Imagine if it's a military anthem kind of song, lmao.

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Slugma can't into dates

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Being manager is suffering

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the new girl looks like sodapoppins vtuber

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Why are you like this

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>Purin showing up on 7/10

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Military Purin would be the cutest thing

>> No.5996544

Thats for Moon Jelly.

>> No.5996747

short for twitter followers

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>Howdy, my name is Inukai Purin. I'm a 19 year old filipino Ameriboo VTuber.
>Today is the day I start my journey towards obtaining an American Green Card. If all goes well I will move in with my cousin who lives in Texas.
>I received my hunting license 3 years ago, and since getting it I have gone to the range every week. Even if the only guns I can own are black powder guns, cowboy shotguns and ancient bolt actions.
>I have bought so much ammo and gunpowder since then the police regularly show up to my condo because the frequency and quantities of my purchase set off alarm bells.
>When I get to America I want to fire an AR-15, I want to go to Nevada and fire a pre-1986 fully automatic rifle. I want to drive in a lifted truck, I want to shoot hogs.
>One day, when I become a citizen I will make sure to open and conceal carry all the time whenever I can.

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I'm praying. Have my energy, Meru's internet!

>> No.5997015

Meru shilling Purin's new cover and outfit.
She's a sweet mail

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Bat has seen Bread booba...

>> No.5997377

You think Bread was able to resist grabbing Bat's badonkadonk?

>> No.5997437

More powerwashing

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Kallin probably panini pressed Yuuna under that thing

>> No.5997893

Is she really /k/? If so I'm subbing.

>> No.5997993

Yes, she talks about her favorite gun in her debut and she has a channel in her Discord server for talking about guns.

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She is. Speaking of Purin, has she just been in her Discord rambling non-stop for hours? I had to leave for a while.

>> No.5998055

Yes, she's been on stage for like 4 hours.

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>> No.5998767

When the outfits come out faster than your new Gen.

>> No.5998848

Where are the voicepacks this is easy money come on!

>> No.5998917

Would there be demand for these?

>> No.5999012

Only one way to find out.
I'm sure the cost of production would he minimal.

>> No.5999068

Purin confirmed turbo virgin /k/ gf


>> No.5999600

What sort of voice packs would you like?

>> No.6000388


>> No.6000886

Purin whispers the Wikipedia pages for various guns

>> No.6001074

Slugma get this on a bandcamp, STAT

>> No.6001165

Visiting Yuuna in the hospital after she fell down the stairs for the third time that week

>> No.6001431

Purin is teaching your gun safety class

>> No.6002605

Going shopping for a gamer chair with Kallin because hers finally gave out

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Urara asking for your money and becoming increasingly desperate

>> No.6002902

Start with the basic stuff. System sounds, alarms, situation voices (If X was your Y) voice files.

>> No.6003013

Urara spitting on me.

>> No.6003027

Char berating me for doing a poor job repairing her mecha.

>> No.6003204

Char interrogates you to find out who added ketchup bottles to the mess hall tables.

>> No.6003316

Bread as my personal culinary mentor.

>> No.6003398

Purin sperging out about the C96

>> No.6003424

Kallins henchmen PSA

>> No.6003998

>miori will never beatbox for you
why even live

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Collab is live!

>> No.6004806

You guys think Yuuna's boyfriend is jealous of Kallin?

>> No.6004941

They probably broke up after Yuuna realized no man will ever compare to Kallin's fat ass

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This collab is so fun kek

>> No.6005666

Well Anon has long as you believe that. But I think we all know.

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>next collab is a drinking collab
Oh boy.

>> No.6007469

>collab ends
>"It's so quiet"
>"I feel so empty now"


>> No.6007688

100/100 decibels tsunquest did the group training montage in a sports anime and now they work together like a well oiled screaming machine

>> No.6007803

fun and screaming/10

>> No.6007837

Tinnitus/10, I really love how well they all get along, I hope they all get to stick together for a long time

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>> No.6010088

How badly will it go?

>> No.6010243

Kinda sad only 20 questions have been asked.

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purin awoo from today

>> No.6012954

I'm so glad Purin exists

>> No.6013482

Thank you for existing Purin!

>> No.6015949

>Your wife Purin wakes you up.mp3
>Your daughter Purin wakes you up.mp3
>Your childhood friend Purin wakes you up.mp3
>Your dog Purin won't stop barking until you get up.mp3

>> No.6016554


>> No.6016851

It's probably because they haven't put any public links to the question submission. Most people are NOT gonna be arsed to join someone's discord just to ask questions/watch a stream. Good filter for trolls though.

>> No.6018354

And then you play all of them at the same time

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File: 1.41 MB, 147x183, SmartSelect_20210703-030651_YouTube.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just wanna KILL.

>> No.6019312

Take your meds, Meru

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File: 2.56 MB, 320x251, SmartSelect_20210703-002028_YouTube.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got lost in the mail. Maybe in another 5~7 business days.

>> No.6019760

Can't believe we've had Purin for almost a year already...I love Purin so much.

>> No.6020371

I feel kinda bad that I only found out about Purin 3 months ago, I missed out on so much of her growth. At this rate I'll never deserve her

>> No.6020463

Some of the more defining moments I remember from her early days are the Tsunderia collab she had playing Fall Guys with Kana and Char. She was in a really rough spot there and almost gave up, but her fans cheered for her. The other is probably the first time she called out someone in chat for being an asshole in a guerilla Monster Hunter stream. She used to be a lot more fragile when starting out, I'm glad she's toughened up.

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File: 1.59 MB, 1131x1079, 1617915419229.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Purin!

>> No.6024316

I don't know why Kallin's push for affiliate has mostly consisted of Power Washing Simulator at ungodly hours, but whatever works I guess

>> No.6027197
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Woke up too late to catch Kallin's guerrilla and too early for scheduled streams. Guess I'll go back to bed.

>> No.6029860

Is this a diss on Tsunderia or was this the rrat poster all along https://twitter.com/AyaneHylo/status/1411244071604084741

>> No.6030140

That's just fucking rude.

>> No.6030183

great value Korone

>> No.6030227

CyberLive all around looks like a joke. Stealing the vshojo trailer, one of them using "nyahello" as their greeting, they're going to be a fun dumpster fire to watch.

>> No.6031882

>Hanabi plans to stay seiso
>Around TsunQuest
Tags: Corruption

>> No.6031996
File: 669 KB, 833x1000, 1607344299985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hanabi plans to stay seiso

>> No.6032407

This plan is going to last max 2 weeks after debut

>> No.6032690

I'm pretty sure she's memeing about being seiso in any capacity. I mean, this is the same funposter who retweeted a Twitter page called "fags of our fathers". I'm pretty sure she'll be more yab than Purin.

>> No.6032705
File: 572 KB, 1080x1003, 1625337510617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes I worry that I'm really retarded or in too deep with vtubers but then I see shit like this.

>> No.6032711

The talent will be ok the company will be a disaster

>> No.6033200

I kind of like the idea of all of them having a little sister to influence.

>> No.6033280

Actual parasocial relationship instead of the usual concernfag meme

>> No.6033584

Whos going to break her? I'm betting Kallin.

>> No.6038426

Yuuna is the Great Corruptor of Tsunquest, Hanabi won't last a second around her

>> No.6039378

Purin's on Discord stage again.

>> No.6040069

You heard her, artists. Get on it.

>> No.6040202

This dog is out of control...

>> No.6040567

I want to be Purin's pleasure stick...

>> No.6041673

Would you buy Purin's snot shirt?

>> No.6041838

I don't use discord, what does she want?

>> No.6042129

Horsefucking art. But it was just a prank bro haha wouldn't that be crazy tho haha

>> No.6043463

Curious how the slave role on her server is dark brown...

>> No.6044264

Don't draw any pregnancy art either haha just a joke she didn't say to do that haha

>> No.6044460

Hahaha imagine if Purin had said she wanted to be a puppy factory

>> No.6046332

>This roaring constant laughter
I feel so blessed.

>> No.6046992
File: 201 KB, 894x1024, miori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Skit, a VTuber clipper with nearly 60k subscribers who recently started clipping PriPro intensively, just uploaded a short Mio clip to his channel
Could it be that he also started clipping Tsunderia as well?

>> No.6047025

I can feel the incline... this time for sure

>> No.6047410

When he gets his hand on yesterday's collab the floodgates are gonna open.

>> No.6047530

Purin bingo night is amazing, fuck.

>> No.6049202

I love Purin so much!

>> No.6049374

While I hope Tsunderia gets a boost of viewers if he does start to clip them frequently moving forward, I am also worried about the kind of people it'll bring around.

>> No.6049783

Next week, I'm gonna win in bingo for sure.

>> No.6050963

Char AMA is live! on discord!

>> No.6051546

Why does Urara choking on her water get me hard?

>> No.6052070

The way Char said she wants guys in Tsunderia makes me think she’s horny.

>> No.6052123

She invites male mods and vtubers over to her place often.

>> No.6052144

- they hire talent first and design character together with them, taking into account their desires
- they try to theme generation together if possible
- re/verse decided on their own gen name
- first gen originally had storybook character theme but they changed it partway into video game characters
- Tsunderia does off-stream hangouts regularly
- they played jackbox with gen0 and 2 and PPP is apparently really funny
- uwawa slapped herself to the point of bruising on debut stream from nerves
- char still hasn't absorbed how nervous she is
- char actively wants more guys to join and more diversity
-- wants people who push limits
- urara was friends with char first and joined tsunderia when she saw char was dying
- urara - char and her and everyone else got scammed into joining by PPP
- PPP has anime protag level luck
- urara officially graduated school now

>> No.6052198

Char is literal tomboy that likes hanging out with boys more. She builds gundams for fun for pete's sake

>> No.6052401

>financially tsunderia is doing fine
thank god

>> No.6052487

Thank you oil barons who buy painted rocks...

>> No.6052667 [DELETED] 

Only just realized from this, Tsunderia has no rests because they just lay it all out there anyhow.

>> No.6052737

Only just realized from this, Tsunderia has no rrats because they just lay it all out there anyhow.

>> No.6052920

They don't even name Ria lmao

>> No.6053601

- uwawa got stockholmed into the company by seeing all the love members have for each other, especially purin saying she felt loved
- char mentioned wanting to do future content including voice packs
- ideal management arrangement is one manager per gen but naturally they don't
- company is doing well financially
- urara wants angel investors, CLIPPERS, and chocolate shake
- not a solid 5 year plan but PPP is committed to producing vtubers
- purin asked PPP for green card during stream
- urara considers tsunderia to be the most transparent company - being transparent dings the company but she prefers to be more open - char agrees
- char feels like tsunderia is a family now
- Hires are made with awareness that some employees will not stay. urara and char both still want kana to do well
- tsundera operated as a startup, ready to pivot according to market. PPP had more say about content and presentation early on. Slugma has cracked down on some things for TOS reasons but real crackdowns only happen off stream. on-stream crackdowns are always a joke
- all staff watches audition videos (not talent)
- quickbooks and excel are used for accounting stuff, plus automation from platforms and an accountant they hire
- DLC members are ad-hoc and not planned out
- Orla wants a banshee sister
- they look more for raw talent and potential for growth and expansion than long experience
- urara will upgrade chars overlays and graphics during hiatus

>> No.6053661

>- company is doing well financially
thats good to know

>> No.6053744

Thank you anon, I'm not in the discord so that helps a lot. I'm glad Tsunderia seems stable and that everyone is having fun!

>> No.6053806

>- urara wants angel investors, CLIPPERS, and chocolate shake
FFS Slugma, if you want free clippers you need designs that bait clippers and can create good clickbait thumbnails, otherwise you're going to have to commission them. There is the option of hiring one as a vtuber for next gen.

>> No.6053829

Purin is tsundere but with Meru she not afraid to say she's thinks she's perfect! PRECIOUS INTERACTION

>> No.6053946

>There is the option of hiring one as a vtuber for next gen.
Would it be too weird if someone in gen 3 was a super-fan?

>> No.6054182

uwawa whisper karaoke...

>> No.6054270

>Try not to coincide with debuts

Yeah we can see that.

>> No.6054478
File: 114 KB, 567x746, scream ghost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>- urara considers tsunderia to be the most transparent company - being transparent dings the company but she prefers to be more open - char agrees
This is true, is Tsunderia best traits
>- Orla wants a banshee sister
Good taste, can we please can we get that monstergirl gen. PLEASE.

>> No.6054498

>m*les and diversity
I guess it's not like I have to watch them.

>> No.6054545

thank you for the summary anon

>> No.6055243

I'd honestly watch some TsunBros. Anyone who fits in with these chaotic dweebs has to be a fun guy.

>> No.6055294

as long as they're female its fine

>> No.6055522

- urara was almost Gen2
- on investors: they prefer you throw your 3 fiddy at the talents
- streams are focused on youtube because of better archiving and consistency between members
- youtube stream "image" is more planned and formal streams, twitch more casual content
- slugma acapella intermission while char pees while forgetting that the audio will be archived and preserved and immediately paniks
- they are aware of the other companies debuting and do try to avoid overlapping where possible
- they have received Gen 3 applications, didn't say how many or the quality but they have some they want to interview
- char's prime motivation is helping people to become vtubers and chase their dreams. Prefers corporate gruntwork to performing
- they want to do 3D but still very much work in progress and no details available
- char's hiring process - "Just show up"
- everyone in tsunderia has wide shoulders
- PPP in the one in charge of collecting and forwarding fan mail. Tsunderia pays for customs charges out of their own pockets for overseas shipping to talents
- auditions with pre-existing characters - prefer if they are flexible about appearance. Judgements are made on the individual, the performer, not the avatar.

>> No.6056355

>- all staff watches audition videos (not talent)
I dont fully get this one.
Did you mean to say "Only staff watches audition videos" ? or "all staff watches audition videos (not just talent)"

>> No.6057041
File: 581 KB, 598x484, 1623715793324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meru post mortem

>> No.6057123

- no set number for Gen 3. Not 11.
- advantages of being US based - they don't need to ask permissions from companies as much as Japan
- auditions - don't talk about yourself and what you can do, SHOW what you can do and who you are. Streaming is like a presentation, and presentations have structure. Try to structure your audition
- time zones are not a factor for recruitment
- No Tsunderia megadiscord ever, too much potential for culture clash and likely have to crack down
- all mods communicate with each other and are aware of what happens in other servers
- PPP really wants to do more Tsunderia games
- country of residence for auditions is a factor only in so far as practicalities for shipping stuff and law restrictions
- red flag for auditions - reusing the same audition video for different companies - double red flag if you don't even reupload a fresh copy
-- they do not review any information you don't include in the application (like social media)
-- make social media links easy to copy and paste or clickable links

>"Only staff watches audition videos"
yes that's what I meant

>> No.6057196

Urara shouted out Kallin and Meru streams tonight

Good marketing reps, slugma

>> No.6057365
File: 45 KB, 343x424, 1624918275817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kallin minecraft

>> No.6057390

Was there anyone asking if auditions are supposed to be in character or you as a individual? I'd like to have it answered desu

>> No.6057811

- re: preparation for new recruits - much more strict for gen 2 than 1. gen 2 gets "homeworks" from slugma
-- staff helps with figuring stuff out like audio, slugma got a lot of help herself on that
-- company focuses on handling the logistics stuff and letting the talent focus on streaming
- a lot of the girls are Very picky about art except for mio
- yuuna called out for sending in "lines" today - she sent them in
- they see a weakness as lack of offline content - ie covers, prerecorded stuff, etc


>> No.6058542

I found out about the Q&A too late :(

>> No.6058704

I have a feeling this is the guy that was spamming friend requests and invites that one time she played Apex

>> No.6059190

>Char has no idea about the scene outside of her waifus
>Staff doesn't have the talents do any self promotion
Dear God PPP please hire me so I can market your people.

>> No.6060339
File: 11 KB, 285x133, tsunderio btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking kek, what is the context for this

>> No.6060836

>be meru
>have nightmares for weeks
> schedule horror game night
i love

>> No.6061111

God Meru's mature voice is sex.

>> No.6062227
File: 29 KB, 128x128, ria_cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe the rrats are true...

>> No.6063117

I think it's more because Ria leaving didn't change much but of course everyone wanted to know if losing their talent that at the time had 20x more subs than the rest of them killed potential growth for Gen 1.

>> No.6063400

The rrats are obviously true
It doesn't take a genius to see

>> No.6064021
File: 140 KB, 330x275, 1621922925077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mio cursed snacks asmr

>> No.6064624
File: 501 KB, 2479x3508, 1616126213793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

char fishing

>> No.6064664

>don't talk about yourself and what you can do

Welp, I fucked up. I knew they were looking for people that could probably pull double shift on skills. I got through to interviews with another company doing the same thing.

Did include some examples of what I've done though.

>> No.6064703

"Stop asking me questions about male vtubers please"

>> No.6064767

or just hire vtubers that are good at shilling for next gen

>> No.6064876

>- PPP really wants to do more Tsunderia games
He has to make that part of the companies brand since thats what it was inspired by

>> No.6065482

Purin running around in Minecraft with like a hundred dogs behind her is really adorable.

>> No.6065758

Maybe it's because she had a lot different exit than Kana. Seeing as how she not only kept going on to keep using her roommate, and then retiring that one too. And is currently no longer streaming. I'd like to hope it's because of that and not because of, let's say, more shitty reasons.

>> No.6066497

what the fuck is mio doing

>> No.6067331
File: 214 KB, 360x360, 1617332529034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do people actually like hearing girls gag and puke?

>> No.6067517


>> No.6067572

I'm not sure who the dude who joined Char's stream is, but he's throwing off the vibe

>> No.6069603

I'm so glad there been weekend content for once.

>> No.6070191

I like hearing any noises Purin makes.

>> No.6072224

Do girls actually like people hearing them gag and puke?

>> No.6074386

I don't know about hearing, but some girls like the feeling of gagging, not necessarily puking tho.

>> No.6076801

Yuuna didn't mention her either when the subject came up

>> No.6077199

Meru is live about to start some LoL

Sick Purin is live playing VR chat

>> No.6077351

Purin...you weren't supposed to stream until you're better...

>> No.6077533

dumb dog

>> No.6077742
File: 80 KB, 675x675, 1623833914541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6077811

Meru playing League and trying to keep the toxic at bay

>> No.6077924

Purin and I just got married, cya later virgins

>> No.6077967

I hope you make her happy, she could really use someone to love.

>> No.6077986

That loading sound is so fucking awful and loud holy shit what were they thinking

>> No.6078525

Nina in Meru's chat.

>> No.6078641

She's been hanging out in all the Tsunderia streams lately. Would be nice to see a collab with her. She'd fit in well with anyone

>> No.6078774

I am truly sorry, but my memes have the power to bend reality

>> No.6078871
File: 546 KB, 674x791, 1607625663331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6079094

Always paying back a gifted sub, she's really nice.

>> No.6080905


>> No.6080944

Short hair Miori...

>> No.6081254

Meru with the cute and funny buff will be unstoppable.

>> No.6081384

Hope you got her that green card anon

>> No.6081654
File: 121 KB, 1920x1080, New Outfits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6081769

I hope they debut the outfits before Re/verse gets released.

>> No.6081832


I can feel the power increasing already

>> No.6081843
File: 772 KB, 1000x2000, Et5MH5pXYAEHdPS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>twin braids bread

>> No.6081893

New outfits to generate hype for Gen 2? Sasuga Slugma... smart move.

>> No.6081972

Actually, all the new outfits + gen 2 debut + the song all while gen 3 auditions are going on doesn't seem like a bad idea, maximize exposure to get the best girls possible.

>> No.6081988

What was the original tweet

>> No.6082040

You think meru gets white angel wings or black crow wings?

>> No.6082073

They are white wings.

>> No.6082079


>> No.6082171

Outfits are on the 10th, right? Thasts exactly 2 weeks of hype for gen 2.

>> No.6082385

That’s just purin
Waiting on schedule for gen 1

>> No.6082615

I wonder If they can squeeze in another cross-company collab in between that time like:
Prism gen/Tsun

>> No.6082680

they're better off avoiding that drama minefield for the moment, until cyberlive becomes more stable. Although given Char's almost pathological penchant for supporting the underdog I wouldn't put it past them to do a collab.

>> No.6082775

After what Hylo said about Ria, I'm pretty sure Cyberlive is completely ruled out.

>> No.6082831

The talent has nothing to do with the drama going with the company. Plus, there's potential for new DLC.

>> No.6082912

>black crow wings
that would be a clever idea but its most likely an angel Meru

>> No.6082928

May want to replace CyberLive with Heavenrend seeing as how Meru just raided a Heavenrend chuuba

>> No.6082971
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, E5cPhlTVkAA9TD6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The next TsunPRISM collab is coming very soon, sort of...
Based on the left character's silhouette and her ahoge, which doesn't match anyone in PRISM, and the fact that Miori retweeted this tweet, I came to the conclusion that Aoi's next song will be a collaboration between her and Miori

>> No.6082979

Yet the talent keep on yabbing about shit that should be left for management
The company is a dumpster fire already

>> No.6083007

Good detective work

>> No.6083043

Where did that tweet go? Did she delete it? fucking kek

>> No.6083063

Is it just me or does everyone have berets?

>> No.6083079 [DELETED] 

Really? I have no idea. I only aware of the coampnay and managements mishaps

>> No.6083105

Meru looks like she's wearing a tech jacket too

>> No.6083140

Really? I have no idea. I only aware of the company and managements mishaps

>> No.6083189

Fuck. Yes.
The most powerful singers in their respective companies teaming up will only showcase them both even better

>> No.6083243
File: 82 KB, 229x198, mio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Based on the left character's silhouette and her ahoge
good eye

>> No.6083248

Yeah, she did. Would do anything to know how that conversation went.

>> No.6083882


>> No.6083947

>slugma acapella intermission while char pees while forgetting that the audio will be archived and preserved and immediately paniks
I need this

>> No.6083999

Based dog

>> No.6084482
File: 81 KB, 1050x600, 1599895648743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Slugma sang and I missed it.
I'll never forgive discord.

>> No.6084806

I want to hug everyone in Tsunderia

>> No.6085730

this, but with my dick

>> No.6085827

She's on the website so they didn't complete unperson her. But yeah I don't get the impression she left on the best terms with the other.

>> No.6086436

You could hear her singing a bit in the background of the cursed collab too

>> No.6086579

>missed meru and purin
guess ill commit sudoku

>> No.6086626

you want to hug your dick?

>> No.6086651

Not OP but I want to hug my dick

>> No.6086667
File: 54 KB, 1066x227, 1625429000022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6087504

First time checking out Purin. Where has this mesugaki been hiding? What a qt. What is that accent that some times slips through or am I imagining it?

>> No.6087873

She's the most powerful race

>> No.6088082

>Kallin streaming every day this week
Just like PPP said, TsunCoin to the moon!

>> No.6088180

>- streams are focused on youtube because of better archiving and consistency between members
I understand the sentiment, but I dont think splitting views between twitch and youtube is such a good idea. For tsunderia youtube is actually viable though, unlike the small indies. They are still in the range where they profit from raiding and networking, though...
>- char's prime motivation is helping people to become vtubers and chase their dreams. Prefers corporate gruntwork to performing
>- char's hiring process - "Just show up"
>- auditions - don't talk about yourself and what you can do, SHOW what you can do and who you are.
>- PPP really wants to do more Tsunderia games
Hyper based
>-- they do not review any information you don't include in the application (like social media)

>> No.6088275

Virgin Char
>they do not review any information you don't include in the application (like social media)

Chad Slugma
>If you don't retweet this post you are automatically disqualified.

>> No.6095363

>yuuna called out for sending in "lines" today - she sent them in

>> No.6095837

We're not sure what the lines are for yet.
Presumably voice lines for some promotion they're doing.

>> No.6096867

Voice packs, baby

>> No.6096880

big booty judy dead by daylight

>> No.6096896

When asked about voice packs during the AMA, neither Urara nor Char seemed to know what they were.

>> No.6099056

>kallin wants the crown
>finds it
>bullies the last survivor then lets her live
>loses the crown

>> No.6099121

This all makes me think Nina would be perfect for them

>> No.6099353

>Urara not knowing about probably one of the simplest ways a chuuba can make extra money

>> No.6106300

Are they the first of the ENVtuber startups to receive alternate outfits?

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