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After Coco's graduation, do you prefer prerecorded or live graduations? Or does it just depend on how it's done?

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Number is answer

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The ending was live wasn’t it?

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Firstly, I don't want graduations. Even the ones I don't like have this amazing thing where I don't have to watch them.

Following that, if someone does decide to graduate or is forced into that situation, I want them to do it the way they feel is best. If I respect them I'll accept it no matter what way they choose, and if I don't I'm not going to be bothered about it.

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it was the only way to get all the hololive girls into a video under 2 hr. a lot was edited so that everything will go well.

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Prerecorded is much better, though i love seeing girls break down and cry which happens more in non prerecorded, so its hard to choose. Live is just chat full of superchats where you can't even talk so what's the point anyway?

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None because all Vtubers are shit

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prerecorded for the subs

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It depends on how it's done. Prerecorded ensures nothing goes wrong and it takes less effort to seamlessly cut between sections. From a viewing perspective, there's not really a downside to prerecorded, but I prefer knowing it was done live. Similar to a concert style graduation, it's great to watch and everything but I've always found ending with a huge event weird. When someone goes, I don't want a huge funeral where people who didn't really give a shit come by to watch the spectacle. I'd rather they stream mengen and say their goodbyes to the people who regularly watched them.

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Pre Recorded was the path because there would be too much crying...

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Live has more soul

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Have certain segments be prerecorded, but not the last segment

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What's the point of live when you won't understand a word they are saying? I understand if the Nip audience complained but you anons are just a bunch of EOPs.

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You do not want to watch a live show with all the technical issues and delays trying to schedule everyone live. To do what they did live would of been a logistical nightmare to pull of smoothly. I imagine that took a week or so put together. I loved what they did. It was a great finale and I’ll miss her.

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Prerecorded. I know, we guys, liked live streams because we thought that it was really "real", like the other person saying that live has more"soul" into it. However, this event is very important, important enough that it must be perfect in accordance with the schedule. If it was live, then, surely, there'll be inevitable and unnecessary happenings that might ruin the stream. The graduation might also be unnecessarily prolonged if ever this might happen that the viewers will might get feel disappointed. Nevertheless, the last part (concert) was live, so I really don't see a problem here. You guys just wanted to make rrats because you'll miss Coco and cannot make any rrat about her from then on.

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>Or does it just depend on how it's done?
It really depends on who

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I was going to say more or less this.
Live is preferable, but some things are not amenable to live: coordinating 40 people across a gorillion time zones, who already all have crazy upside-down sleep schedules... to all appear in lockstep? As we saw with Gura oversleeping even limited groups can have that issue. Now imagine on any given day that at least 1 of the 40 are going to have a technical issue.

It's not impossible to do live graduations of many formats, and I would prefer it in principle, but there are situations where I am fine with it, as it is the only practical way.

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You could do it part prerecorded and part live, depending on what works or conveys the best.

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Imagine the amount of backlash the member would get for missing the graduation, Look at how many people who were ready to crucify Gawr. Also if they had to miss the graduation for an appointment or something their mental health could take a huge hit.

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