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>one of the last Lulu song posted today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s64oPgfJ_g [Embed] [Embed]
>the unit's name Rein:Carnation'S3 (静凛・桜凛月・鈴原るる)
>Lulu name is 3rd in oder, the S3
Lulu gen 6 confirmed

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would be more sensate if she reincarnates in phacon

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No. Lulu needs to have the biggest tits

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It wouldn't make any sense since she left because of stalkers. Why would she make plans to come back so soon?

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It's just an excuse for her to quit niji

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I will welcome her with open arms when the time comes

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Her design is horrible

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And i'll keep reporting your shit as spam.
Abayo Nigga.

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Cover won't accept her because death treaths will follow her.

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And i'll keep reporting your posts as spam.
Abayo Nigga.

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You can try, I didn't nothing wrong tho

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Ogey schizo, Lulu has had enough of vtubing thanks to the stalkers, plus she started developing glaucoma, she's gone for good.

Also this.

Stalkers will easily be able to tell she's her and the threats won't stop coming because of it, even more so because she'd be considered as a traitor for them.

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