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Is anybody filtered by how much Pomu talks about Nijisanji in her streams?
I know that sounds weird but hear me out. I watch Pomu for Pomu. She got shilled a lot on this board by NijiEnma I'm guessing and I liked her so here I am. I don't care about Nijisanji. I'm sure a lot of Pomudachi are in the same boat and whenever you watch her streams the chat references Holo memes like bottom left so you can tell most of her audience are Hololive fans like me. But she just goes on and on about whatever Mito, that tranny pointy-eared dude with the maid outfit, CrossSick or whatever were doing before her stream. I mean her voice is cute and all so I'll listen and it was fine when she talked about Lulu graduating the other day because come on, it's Lulu - but I really don't care about these LGBTQBBQ literal whos she insists on blabbering about constantly. Do you think she'd listen if I sent her a Marshmallow asking her to tone it down?

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Stop making bait threads

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I'm serious. I really could not give less of a shit about that tranny maid outfit guy.

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wow that's a 200 word essay no one asked for

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Oops I meant is anybody *else filtered sorry.

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You don't deserve her. Go back.

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No she won't listen and it's about time you realize you are following a nijisanji member and not a fucking hololive member. Your mindset should adequate to the vtuber of the agency you are following, retard.

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I'm filtered by her being in Niji.

People should have realized by now after Lulu shared her reason for graduating that Niji is a shitty company to work in

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Please return to Hololive.

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Kill yourself.
Shion has been public about her experiences with stalking about harassment on her roommate account. Lulu made it clear that Anycolor's help helped several of her stalkers get arrested. She's graduating because the process of getting stalkers continually arrested disrupts her stream time. You can't stop stalkers from coming into existence, it's hardly an agency issue.

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If it's filtering you then it's working as intended.

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God I fucking hate Pomuniggers.

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Pomufags are the cancer of /vt/, imagine saviorfagging a western whore.

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No one would feel that way unless they were making stuff up for (You)'s. If you like Pomu you'd be happy to see her gushing over talents she looked up to long before joining.

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I want to teabag Pomu so fucking much, bros.

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Sure is a strange coincidence that the filename for OP follows the same structure as the regular nijianti threads and the mayuzumi dox one that was left up for the best part of 24hrs. Obviously falseflagging as Pomudachi.

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It's a phoneposter. Not as big a lead as you might think.

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I think you're trying to make people dislike Pomu's fans and Pomu by extension. Fuck off and go falseflag someone else. Pomu is great. I mostly watch Hololive but I respect that she likes Nijisanji and does her best to represent her company.

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>It's a phoneposter.
That's one of the most damning pieces of evidence of all

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You say that like OP has watched even 10 minutes of an actual Pomu stream instead of LARPing

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I really don't see what's so wrong about wanting a streamer to talk about shit their audience can actually understand but okay.

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If you're still watching enough to complain instead of just fucking off, you're not getting filtered hard enough.

She's a literal Mito child. Nijisanji is in her blood.

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Then go watch one of the myth girls. You got 5 of them.

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But I like Pomu.

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I stopped watching NijisanjiEn when they kept playing Genshin Impact. I get too many ads of it. I really don't need to watch streams of it for the rest of my life.

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I don't believe you. I think you like her because she's a hot new toy and you're mad she's a different brand than the rest of your barbies.

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Please... you can stop already. Stop making hololive fans look bad. Some of us too, love Pomu and learning about Nijisanji is pretty fun. /vt/ console wars is tiring at the end of the day, give it a rest.

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this is a bait false flagging thread but on the off chance that it's real please send the marshmallow so that it could be read live and get laughed at

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yes how dare she actually like the company she works for.

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Well you're free to have your headcanons but I have my reasons to like her.

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I get what it is. But when it's nearly every single time the exact same it starts to become a pattern. All those "PSA" threads with the image about how vtuber companies other than hololive are trying to push some LGBT agenda on you same structure, the doxx threads highlighting an LGBT member same structure, the LGBT bait image same structure. The OP of this thread also going out of its way to bring it up too.

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Not OP but that's an exaggeration.
It's a 178 word essay no one asked for.

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Daym son, just be patient. You'll get your new 5 toys soon.

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I'd believe this is the same phoneposter, probably so he can evade bans, but the filename isn't enough reason.
She'll probably either ignore it or just politely say she's in Nijisanji because she likes it and that's why she talks about it, desu.

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it really is a console war

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Imagine if the mods cared enough about /vt/ to make an actual rule against it. If only.

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ever think that a world exists outside hololive?

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Yeah, it really is console wars in that consoles are for plebeians.
Indie master race.

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>CrossSick or whatever were doing before her stream
Based Pomu.

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Maybe there should be a downvote button so you can hide things you don't like and a permanent downvote counter tied to everyone's account so we can see people that do this sort of thing.

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So this is the power of a lesbian...

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>Rules are reddit
Ok faggot shitposter. I know trolling is the only thing that makes life worth living for you, but maybe you'd be better off killing yourself in that case.

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Trolling outside of /b/ is a bannable offense

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Based dom queen literally killed the ugly drag elf.


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Chaika is a straight man, he's just a pervert.

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he's living the best life

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do pomuniggers really?

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Bump for great justice

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Why did you like Pomu before she put on the Pomu where were you back then you flying faggot?

Do you even know what she did before she became Pomu?

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Pomu loves Nijisanji and she wants to spread the appeal of Nijisanji's other talents to ignorant people like you. If you just want to stick to Pomu only, that's fine. But don't shit on her efforts. She's making a tremendous effort, the west knows almost nothing about Nijisanji and Pomu is taking the initiative to teach them about it. That's something to praise, no criticize.

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She will beg to be fucked by Mito's fat cock in her 3D debut and you will like it.

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Good for you. Watch whatever you enjoy.
Also let others watch what they enjoy no matter if it's some Holo, Niji, Indie or whatever chuuba.
Char of Tsunderia is actually pretty cute and you should totally watch her if you enjoy cats and mecha
This includes letting Vtubers watch what they like. Do you seriously expect some girl employed by Nijisanji to talk about Hololive girls over literal fellow co-workers?

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>Do you seriously expect some girl employed by Nijisanji to talk about Hololive girls over literal fellow co-workers
Yes? That's what her audience wants. If she cares about money at all she'll do as people want.

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Mito is graduating. I wonder how will Pomu feel about ending up in a company run by male talents she doesn't watch with all her oshi gone.

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>If she cares about money at all she'll do as people want
>t. never saw Pomu before
She unironically does what she wants and what she enjoys. Always has and always will.
Also she's already NijiENs top earner by superchats, even before that endurance stream which made her go through the roof for a moment

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>If she cares about money at all
She oftentimes turns off her SCs even when she doesn't have to and she's only a wagie for health insurance.
She doesn't need money. Vtubing is a passion for her. And she's most passionate about Nijisanji.

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Then she's an idiot.

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Op is a larping fag tourist, take ur meds

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>be Pomu
>do, what you enjoy
>earn money while doing so
>try to communicate with your audience as much as you can
/vt/: "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE why doesn't she care about my Hololive oshi?"

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Just cause he is a maso doesnt mean he is gay anon. Are you 12 or something?

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Not everything has to revolve around making profits. Because if it does, then you're just wasting time browsing this board instead of spending every second of your life thinking about adding more pennies into your wallet.

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Came to the bait thread to post how much i love Pomu

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Kill yourself iToddler

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I hope she keeps doing it

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This is poor bait OP, how am I supposed to work with this?

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You're already working with it

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Working alongside Pomu!

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